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From Clif, Gulf War I Desert Storm Commander disabled Vet:
I stood in the desert after the end of combat in 1991 and looked around at the death and destruction that we had done to so many of saddam's troops, one scene still haunts me, It was where a low ranking enlisted soldier had been captured by an Iraqi republican guards officer and senior enlisted, they shot the soldier in the back of the head, and almost immediately were killed by some sort of US cluster bomb. I thought it was ironic that they killed a man for trying to escape the Hell that is war but ended up being killed almost in the same moment, I thought it was poetic justice until I remembered Pvt Eddie Slovic from WW2, something changed that day, I started seeing the ghost images of the "enemy" in their fighting positions, the caves they dug in the ground to escape the bombing by the US Air Force, the bomb craters next to tanks where they died, I could imagine in my mind the horror they must have felt being bombed from the air but if they tried to get away they would end up shot.
As bad as the pics of Abu Ghraib look the horror is much greater because the camera never was focused in the interrogation chambers where the real horrors are done.
I have no patience for the chicken-hawks who shill for others to go into these corners of Hell so they can be safe in their minds, because that is where their fear lives.
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clif also said...
If you believe that this current (Bush) government is so interested in freedom take a LONG look at the pictures of the Abu Ghraib prison and ask your self a few questions... What are these prisoners accused of? Are they being charged or just detained? Do they have any "civil rights" if they are in the custody of the US military? Is the treatment of these prisoners in line with the spreading of freedom?Hint almost every person in those pictures has been released, so their crimes must not have been that extreme, so what justified their treatment?( Keep the answers based upon the spread of freedom and the US does no wrong, not flaming about 9-11(these prisoners weren't there), or terrorism, they can't be terrorists because WE invaded their country and destroyed a large section of their society. We do more damage in a month than was done here on 9-11, and we have been there for 35 months. Remember the anger over 9-11 here, YES THE ANGER IS AND WAS JUSTIFIED, but try to imagine the anger some Iraqi's have for what the US arny, US Marine Corp and US Air Force has done to their country. These people did not sponser 9-11 Osama Bin Laden did (he's Saudi) and 15 of the 19 Highjackers were also Saudi, the base of Bin Ladens operation was Afghanistan NOT Iraq. In 1990 Osama offered the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia his services to defend the kingdom against Saddam, but the King chose the US military, and so to Osama's mind slighted him. Osama's real aim is to topple the Saudi monarchy and reestablish the muslim chiaph(sp?) and the agreement bewteen Washington and Riyahd for the US military to defend the Saudi monarchy stands in his way. That is his beef with us. We defend the Saudi monarchy in excahnge for them stabilising the world oil markets. Since this administration is so consumed with 9-11(their justification for everything) why did they remove the only Special Forces team that was fluent in the local dialects from Afganistan and move the unit to Iraq to hunt for Saddam, the SF unit that was the replacement is fluent in spanish, makes you wonder where their real priorities are.

URGENT from Lydia: These shameful pictures of Abu Gahrib somehow seem worse than before; my heart is breaking; I feel overwhelming sadness for America and what we've become. These are human beings first and foremost. No matter what color, race or tribe, we are all brothers on this planet. We must hold bush & co accountable for whatever he is doing. We must get this mad man out of office. We cannot ever allow torture of detainees or "enemy combatants" - or whatever word he uses to circumvent the Geneva Convention. How can we ever be proud of ourselves as a nation again? This is unconscionable. As Darth Worfeus said: "Its a sad day when the industrialized nations of the world we share, who have always looked to the US as a bastion of good, and freedom, now look to us with quaking fear, of our abomidable and unspeakable crimes against humanity."

I am so sick of right-wing so-called "patriots" who dare to think the left are "traitors" because we value human life and abide by deep moral imperatives. We know the difference between right and wrong. You have sold out America for a quick anger fix. Only very primitive people would take the bait, and I guess these are the ones leading our country - Lydia

The guiding principle is the Geneva Convention built from the expierences of the allied prisoners of war at the hands of the NaZis and to a lesser extent the Japanese. What happened was a Nazi or Japanese tactic in WW2 for treatment of POW's and now we are doing it. The simple test for the question of "Are the actions proper"" is does the reversal of the roles: put the prisoners in charge and the soldiers in the prisoners place, how would you feel and do you want US soldiers treated this way? If the answer is no then the actions are wrong. If we don't want it done to our troops then we don't do it to theirs plain and simple.

I don't think our troops welfare is really high on the thought process for the neo-cons both in and out of the Bushco admin, otherwise the fiasco of not enough armor both personnel and vehicle etc wouldn't be happening here. The "support the troops" makes a good campaign-slogan but hard if you have to put money in the troop protection, VA, and support to the returning Guard and reserves, instead of Halliburton, Defense weapon industries that cannot even be used in an insurgency style war, if that is what Iraq is now.

Bush, Rumsfeld don't want to listen to anything as to why the battle in Iraq is not going like they want us to believe. They ignore any historical perspective on the situation: even Churchill realized in 1919 that Iraq as well as the middle east -- was not going to be conqured militarily by any western (christian from the arabs standpoint) power: not Iraq, not Afganistan, and they got out. Also no military power has ever been able to defeat an insurgancy if the insurgants were also the native population, from the American Revolution where Washington et al were the insurgents through vietnam where Ho Chi Mihn and Giap were the insurgenta against the Japanese, French and the US. The only way to defeat an insurgancy is what we did in the 1800's to the american Indian, whole sale slaughter and putting the rest on reservations( in WW2 we called them interment camps) , hopefully we can't even think of trying that, but as the days go by I'm not sure how far the Neo-cons would go to control the energy resources of this planet.
Wow, we had over 680 comments on the last post (below). Thank you for all your brilliant ideas; we could solve a lot of Bush's problems with your help (but maybe not Cheney's.) Also, this blog was nominated for 2 Koufax awards. Voting starts soon; details below.

I have a feeling Cheney's initial coverup of this shooting incident was because he didn't want anyone to know that Mrs. Armstrong, the owner of 50,000 acre "quail ranch" is a Washington lobbyist giving Cheney a perk for some reason. I don't know, what do you think?

I am so sad that Paul Hackett dropped out of the Ohio race for Senate; I believe he is EXACTLY what we need and I pray he runs for President in 2008.

Many of you know about Skull and Bones, but last week I was deeply disturbed about even darker secrets I discovered about the secret society that Bush Sr. and Jr. are both members of, as well as John Kerry. I'll post here soon; I have to find it again. I always wondered why Kerry didn't fight the election results; something eerie was afoot and now I realize what it is: Skull and Bones. But what is the nature of the pact they made? What are the vows they take in that windowless tomb? So many missing pieces of the puzzle (including who runs the global economy) are found by looking into Yale's "Bonesmen". These people have very little interest in the lives of ordinary Americans.

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Just got this from my friend Garth Bishop ( It's a letter he wrote to the Guardian:

"Ironic to have to read U.S. General Peter Pace's comments in a UK newspaper re Bush administration plans for a "Long War."

This following sentence struck me as odd since Bush created the war himself through the most colossal strategic blunder in history (directed by Karl Rove and V.P Dick Cheney). To quote: "The message from General Peter Pace, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, was apocalyptic. "We are at a critical time in the history of this great country and find ourselves challenged in ways we did not expect. We face a ruthless enemy intent on destroying our way of life and an uncertain future." (my emphasis on "we did not expect")

The Iron Curtain fell more than 40 years after Pres Truman's containment strategy was launched, and any rational intelligent being would have followed the same course to stem the flow of anti-western influences. But it seems that sinister people bent on taking over power permanently have created a "war without end" to accomplish this purpose."

Garth Bishop
Los Angeles

*Outed CIA officer was working on Iran, intelligence sources say*

*Larisa Alexandrovna*
Published: February 13, 2006

The unmasking of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson by White House officials in 2003 caused significant damage to U.S. national security and its ability to counter nuclear proliferation abroad, RAW STORY has learned.

According to current and former intelligence officials, Plame Wilson, who worked on the clandestine side of the CIA in the Directorate of Operations as a non-official cover (NOC) officer, was part of an operation tracking distribution and acquisition of weapons of mass destruction technology to and from Iran.

Read the rest here: