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Let me start by saying that I don't know anyone who likes or condones abortion. The term "partial-birth abortion" does not exist in medical terminology. It is a political term deliberately designed to foment anger by sounding exceedingly gruesome. 

'Partial-Birth Abortion': Separating Fact From Spin NPR

Myth Of "Partial-Birth" Abortion ~ Media Matters

There is a reason the womb is encased in the separate, individual body of the woman. A woman is an individual human being.  The word 'woman' comes from combining two words: 'womb-man.' In the United States of America, a woman's womb is not community property.  As far as I know, there are no public womb farms with rows and rows of external wombs planted like rows of cabbage and protected by armed guards. This is not a state or government issue. No bureaucrat, government agent, policeman, moral judge, religious tribe, fanatical fundamentalist — or any other human being has the right to dictate what a private citizen does with her private parts.  They can legislate things like suicide, but it's hard to convict a suicide victim for taking his own life. It's hard to put a dead person in jail. 

By the way, in the USA, we live in a secular society that does not mandate a particular religion. We are not a religious nation with Sharia Law or Christian Law. We are a secular, civil society. 

And if you are a Christian, at least know this: that the bible is God-inspired, but it is also history book about the tribes of Israel. It is about their journey out of the bondage of slavery from Egypt. From the macro to the micro, it is about the Israelites' journey from captivity, their search for a spiritual homeland, and the soul's search for salvation. The whole point of the Bible is the soul's journey toward freedom, salvation, and finally uniting with God. 

But the choices we make form our character.  We are not robots. Every adult human being in a civilized and secular society must have the right of free will — or there is no point to the journey or lessons in the bible. These are CIVIL RIGHTS. You can't legislate what someone does to their own body. Self-inflicted coat-hangar abortions and bathtub gin abortions have killed too many young women. 

FREE WILL means each person can choose to make a mistake (for which her/his soul may suffer the consequences) and they can then grow from this. The weapons are not carnal but spiritual. Every story in the Bible concerns deeply flawed humans who made terrible mistakes, but were forgiven and redeemed if they turned to their Father, God. Without free will, they could never have this journey or learned these lessons. The whole point is love, forgiveness and redemption.

The ONLY thing that concerned Christ was human kindness. He only cared about how we treat one another. Christ's most important law is the Golden Rule, or how we treat our fellow man.  But before you say "How we treat a fetus is more important than how we treat living, born human being" this is not what the Great Peacemaker taught. He did not focus on the flesh but the spirit. 

To Christ, the only 'sin' was unkindness. He had no opinion about sexual sin or anything to do with the body; it wasn't even on his radar. But sexual sin and what other people do with their bodies — seem to be the only kind of sin certain Christians think about. When the townspeople stoned the adulteress woman, he said: "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."  Jesus did mention divorce, but oddly I don't see my fellow Christians lined up at Courthouses protesting divorce.  

This seems to be a blind spot. Political modern-day Christians judge their fellow man and obsess about sexual matters, yet stock-pile guns out of fear, and promote war against enemies, completely ignoring Christ's admonition "do not fight your enemy. Disarm him with love."  

In all of Christ's teachings, he only cared about how we treat each other: The Golden Rule. In every one of his Beatitudes, he taught the laws of love. "The meek shall inherit the earth." Life is not about flesh, it is spirit. The soul is not located in the material body or in fetal tissue. The spiritual values of love and compassion are the only things Christ cared about.

Is flesh really man's most important quality?  It is absurd to think that a piece of prenatal tissue that may or may not be viable, and that is the genetic result of a supremely private act between husband and wife (or tragically, between rapist and victim) -- and is part of a distinctly separate human woman with free will, living in a land of freedom, a civil and secular, non-religious society — with privacy rights and civil rights  - the "Land of the Free" — to think this is worth killing a born, living, breathing,  human being over is the ultimate evil. 

For these pro-death extremists who support the death penalty and love 'war and guns,' yet call themselves "pro-life" who think that a "potential life" that is ensconced within the separate, free, individual body of a woman, a private citizen — is more important than a living being, or the mother's own life — I say they are not practicing Christ's commands. This is against everything Jesus Christ himself taught. 

Yet with the same breath, they think nothing of retaliation in the archaic Old testament ways of "an eye-for-an-eye" "a tooth-for-a-tooth" and defending the right to 'stand their ground' with an AR-15.  They think nothing of war or the death penalty or the victims of our illegal  bombing campaigns, our soldiers, the Iraqi children, the homeless, the poor, the orphans, the destitute or even one's enemies, even an abortion doctor like Dr. Tiller — is un-Christian, immoral, and against everything Christ himself taught.

After all, is killing 'pro-life?' 

Shock and Divide Media 

Somehow we love to be horrified, scared, shocked, upset, and angry. 

I've been thinking about the root of hatred lately —  and it's obvious that "evil" is always the same regressive, self-centered fear-based bigotry that Christ and Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy fought against and that has been here since the beginning of civilization: the ancient dark force of fundamentalism. There is, of course, no power in fear  — but this is our main enemy — the primitive hateful force that was behind the Inquisition, the Salem witch trials, the Ku Klux Klan, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the slaying of abortion doctors, the killing of Matthew Shepherd, the illegal invasion of Iraq, the campaign of Bush-Cheney, the obsession with automatic weapons, the fear of Muslims, the fear of immigrants, the fear of helping the poor, the fear of free medical care, the fear of peace and the crucifiction of the Great Peacemaker  — the force that is most represented right now by the extremist political right wing in our country. And of course their messengers and propagandists.

It has always been the same force of evil, it just keeps changing its name.