Monday, February 06, 2006


Personally, I think Cheney, Bush, Rove used the secrets they found spying in order to blackmail and intimidate good people like Richard Clarke and Scott Ritter so they would be less ready to talk. I wonder how many others....

Questions: what do you think the possibilities are for impeachment, based on the spying program, if it's proven to be illegal? How about the Jack Abramoff scandal? Valerie Plame? The United Nations plane incident when Bush was overheard suggesting they paint the plane in U.N. colors?

I am opening this forum to hear from Recovering Republicans. You can leave anonymous messages if you don't want your identity leaked. I'm quite serious. I used to be a Republican, then I got sober on September 11, 1994. It's as if I woke up. I suddenly started looking at the world around me and put myself in others' shoes. I literally grew a new heart: did a turnaround on the death penalty, and stopped judging and fearing others. I also gradually started being less self-centered. I started giving things away. If we all just took care of our own side of the street and started nurturing those less fortunate instead of judging them, we could build an amazing world. We're all the same color and the same tribe.

Stuart Smalley is right; "It's easier to wear slippers than to carpet the whole world.

Remember, Sadaam was the one assurance that Osama Bin Laden's Al Quaeda would never get a foothold in Iraq. They were enemies and polar opposites: Sadaam was a secularist; Osama a religious fundamentalist.

There were many more creative ways to keep Sadaam from functioning. As long as we were "inspecting, hovering, talking and questioning the WMD program, we could have played this card until we smoked him out of his bunker. With our precision satellite technology -- you don't think we could have eventually made a surreptitious direct hit or contact? Or at least kept him in his luxury underground bunker for a few years, paranoid of coming outside? What good would he be then? With proper CIA plants, we could have made friends in the underground, won them over with ideas -- there had to be one or two Iraqis who eventually would turn against their leader. With satellite photos, we could see any WMD action, trucks leaving large facilities. It's one thing to bomb inanimate objects if you absolutely have to, but to announce to the world that you are going to assassinate a human being, even if he's an unofficial dictator, is not only UN-CHRISTIAN but gives the enemy a heads-up and makes us look like malicious invaders. No wonder more terrorism was created! The more we fight these guys, the more of them we create! It's like Lynn Woolsey said the other day, if you shoot at a worm, he splits in two. Wouldn't you get your cousins, aunts and uncles together to fight an invader who carpet bombs your city, and destroys schools, universites and the sewage system, to say nothing of creating toxic chemica air and a few "civilian casualties now and then." This is BARBARIC and we can't possibly be hearing the whole story. Are all the Iraqis really grateful to us as liberators? No wonder the whole world hates us. No human on earth of sound mind, thought this was a good plan! We must get together and pray for Bush to gain wisdom (which is compassion WITH intelligence.) And pray for the good in people to rise. Maybe it would be wise to understand our enemy: Al Qaeda was a fringe group, not a majority of Muslims. Not all Muslims believed all non-Muslims should be wiped out. This was not the part of the Koran normal people followed. Osama had a personal vengeance and a rinky-dink operation: terrorist hits on the WTC is not the same as missles. But now he has more friends: we've given the fence-sitting Muslims actual cause to hate us.

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A CALL FOR A TRUCE: I want to open up a dialogue with people who support this war. I sincerely want to know why you believe this war in Iraq is a good thing. From the bottom of my heart, I am pleading for real answers, not vicious attacks. We are all Americans here, and we have to bridge this chasm. We cannot be enemies anymore. Fopr my part, I am a mother with two sons and I never want them to fight in a war like this -- against people who are willing to blow themselves up and who "eat nuclear waste for breakfast" as I said in a prior blog. I cry almost everyday for the precious lives of our brave soldiers. These are just children we are sending off to die for a cause I honestly don't think is guaranteeing our freedom at all. Please reassure me that there is a good reason for this. Thank you and God Bless.

Regarding Iran: It is absolutely possible to prevent a world war. We must be vigilant, and you may not be ready to accept this, you may not believe me, but prayer tangibly changes things. Prayer is putting your thoughts on the good in people so intensely, that fear and negative influences are driven out. This is a "thought-universe" and what we focus on grows. Prayer is not begging some anthropomorphic (man-like) god for favors. It's actually dwelling persistently on the good, love. If you try this, you will see miraculous changes in your own life.

Commenter Moo Moo -- I've been writing two books and didn't mean to ignore you. You questions will be answered in these books and blogs coming soon, I just haven't had time to read all these comments yet as I'm raising children and am overwhelmed with work lately. Also getting ready to do standup comedy opening for Paul Rodriguez show -- with Destiny, my girlfriend. I'll keep you posted on this and our Vegas calendar.

Listen, seek and you shall find. If you're really interested in spiritual growth and the secrets of the universe, you will find them. I haven't begun to share with anyone what I absolutely know to be true yet -- but I will. But many others have: read Wayne Dyer, "You'll See it When you Believe It" Also, the BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ ABOUT THE TRUE CHRIST IS: EMETT FOX "The Sermon on the Mount" In very simple terms, he tells us how to get results from prayer, and the real meaning of Christ's mission. It is a crime what the current believers (Pharisees) have done to pervert Christ's real mission. I also love Mary Baker Eddy (very advanced spiritual thought, but it is absolutely the truth) and I love the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know". Please Google "The Miracle in the Water" and study this amazing way to put your thoughts on love. If love can change a water molecule, and we are 95% water, this is something to think about.

Thoughts are things. You say I haven't answered your questions, but if you read all my posts more will be revealed. Why don't you ask me another question, I'm not sure what it is you want answered. I will say this: I do not believe in a man-like God outside of ourselves. It's WITHIN.

I am talking about consistently taking the higher ground, resisting fighting, learning the key to life: that what we focus on expands. You don't need to fight your enemies if your thoughts are focused on your own business and the good in the "other". Charity involves stepping outside your own view and having real empathy for others' suffering. Breaking the grip of fear and depression takes a shedding of doubt, and a leap in consciousness. You can't see it until you believe it.