Monday, March 16, 2009


Letter from Jim Hillis, my gifted friend and angel who puts into action what we all should be doing - giving and caring for our neighbors:

Dear Lydia,
Funny how things come full life, the love, no beginning...and no end.

I've written a couple of stories for CNN that they took. Some about family, politics, God...and the sins of greed...and the joy of little cherished things that we take for granted.

Thank you for starting my the very beginning (with a lot of patience and a lot of love) to a clear open mind...eyes wide open...not jaded...just aware...watching and experiencing the joy of God's blessings (his gifts) to us. I'm fully aware...but I will always somewhat maintain an innocence.

I lost my grandmother in my arms a few months was just as amazing as how I lost my sister. In my heart...I would never grieve so bad that I would deprive her of what she worked so hard for (95 years)...the gift of heaven.

I would like to let you read my story sometime. Anyway, back to "the full circle" thing. I have been blessed with so many people in my life...including you...that unconditionally loved me...had faith in me...gave me many chances...and believed in me so much that you guys picked me up and dusted me off again and again...and pointed me to my journey on the planet.

I've been set onto yet another come full circle and help someone that helped me immensely.

My "Aunt" Inez was my neighbor in Beverly Hills. She lived in the city from 16-81. When her apartment was acquired by a new "greedy" owner...he illegally evicted seniors and 2 disabled people. They didn't know their rights. They didn't know it was illegal (at that time) they didn't know the resources they were eligible for...They were banished from their kingdom...the only place they the streets with a promise of $ 5,000.

My friend worked until her mid 70s. She was an old time switchboard operator at a hotel...and then for almost 40 years as the elevator operator at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel...She was rewarded 600.00 in retirement. She didn't know about SSI, Medical, Prescription coverage...or anything. She sleeps in a sleeping bag on the floor in a shoe box room on South Croft Ave...East of the Beverly Center. You can't remove an 86 year old woman from the only place familiar to her. Her rent is close to $ scares me to think where she got the "extra" to help her cover her bills.

I came from Boston to help. Not for accolades...not for points...just for the only "right thing to do". No one else would help. I do a lot of work for the people who can't, won't or don't know how to. I have a lot of doors slammed in my face. So, God bless her, my grandmother taught me to either open another door OR if there are no options...kick it down.

My friend now has SSI...medical insurance...prescription insurance...and someone to check in on her. Now she has some vitamins in her...and she has come "full circle" from the dark of face in the Sun.

Seniors paved the way for us. They worked so hard for everything we have. They always did the right thing.

Seniors are now discarded, dismissed and forgotten.

I kicked down some doors.

On this journey, I won't forget what I've seen and learned...and I will never be the a good way.

Sorry to reference my grandmother again...but, she raised me...she raised 4 kids during the depression...single handedly when her wife beating husband walked out. She maintained her faith in God...and Mom's are survivors...she relied on God and Faith...and she always did the right thing...

Here was her simple rules to life...

God does not have many demands on us.
He wants us to do the very best we can.
Love one another.
Enjoy his blessings on HIS planet.
Always do the right thing.
And when your journey is complete...he will take to home.
As, we are all heirs and heiresses to God's Kingdom.

I LOVE you Lydia...I follow your writings. You have helped to empower me to do the right thing.

If it weren't for you mailing me the "Golden Key" by Emmet Fox while I was in the "nut house" I never would have made it out alive...I would never have Tom...I would never be able to follow my mission here...and I would never be writing this letter.

I have no false illusions.

I hope you and your beautiful family are safe and well.
I wish you prosperity in God's blessings.
I hope you are still enjoying the fruits of life.
....and I hope you are still always doing the "Right Thing"...

Full circle.
Full circle.

PS...You must now know I kind of write in Prose...and little ellipses...I hope you get's the only way I know how to express my heart.

Above: Tom


We went to hear a spiritual healer speak the other day.

Anyway, he told us how he had a huge lump on his upper lip, a tumor -- and was tempted to keep looking at it, and verifying it in the mirror, but caught himself and went straight to Spirit first, knowing that "flesh and matter" cannot give us our identity. Appearances are deceiving and there is no opposing force to good. (There really is no power in anything but good, there is no power in "evil" until we give it power with our thoughts.)

As he was driving to his office he became less focused on self and more focused on LOVE for his patient who was waiting for him in the office. As he entered the office, he was overcome with such love for the patient, love for humanity, he completely forgot himself. He accidentally reached up and felt his lip -- and the lump was gone.

Love really does heal.

We do not heal by manipulating "matter" but by turning away from the physical picture - and raising our consciousness above matter, above the flesh and focusing on LOVE, or God -- the good all around and within us.

TENT CITIES (Digital Journal Adriana Stuijt)

Top-educated, middle-class American families have become poor so rapidly that it's a full-time job just keeping up with all the tent-cities which are mushrooming all across the United States as these families take their camping equipment and turn them into permanent homes - where-ever they can find an empty spot. California, the Golden State is now being hit hard by the recession. In February it had the highest number of repossession filings - 80,775 - of anywhere in the US, up 51 per cent in a year according to the website RealtyTrac. Auction sale notices almost tripled to 18,831. Thousands of families now are out on the streets, with no place to go, and find themselves setting up tents wherever they won't get chased off in a hurry - empty parking lots, public parks, beaches.
"I know there are some who believe we can only handle one challenge at a time. They forget that Lincoln helped lay down the transcontinental railroad, passed the Homestead Act, and created the National Academy of Sciences in the midst of Civil War. Likewise, President Roosevelt didn’t have the luxury of choosing between ending a depression and fighting a war. President Kennedy didn’t have the luxury of choosing between civil rights and sending us to the moon. And we don’t have the luxury of choosing between getting our economy moving now and rebuilding it over the long term." -- President Barack Obama
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