Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Here's wishing you all a happy, prosperous, peaceful New Year.

I felt a shift yesterday on my way to a meeting. A shift in my own consciousness, and the words came very loudly: "This is finished. You are now free." I'll expound on what this means later, but I feel that a dark cloud has lifted and hell is over.

This is a thought universe. Consider the material world as the clay which the artist works with, to make of it something beautiful or ugly. We need not fear material things, which are neither good nor bad in the moral sense. There seems to be no active force for evil — outside of human beings themselves. Humans alone can have either evil intentions — resentments, malevolence, hate and revenge — or good intentions — LOVE and GOODWILL. This is God: the energy of love. We can make something beautiful out of the clay of our lives. It's up to us. But avoid fear as you would a plague.

Shed peace, not discord, wherever you go. Try to be part of the cure for every situation rather than part of the problem. Try to ignore evil, rather than to actively combat it. (This diminishes it.) Always try to build up, never to tear down.

We hope 2007 will be a year of peace and love in your homes and throughout the world.

May each of us endeavor to express compassion, understanding, integrity and honesty in all our dealings with our fellow man and in all our activities.

If we are wrong, if we have made a mistake or offended anyone, let us admit it promptly, ask for forgiveness and make amends.

Let us keep Love (God) foremost in our thoughts and prayers, pray daily for guidance, and be willing to take
whatever human footsteps we need to take to improve our lives, our relationships, our fnancial situations, our talents, our mental and physical health.

"Progress is the Law of God," and we pray that you experience much progress in your daily lives throughout the New Year and always.


PRAYER CHANGES THINGS. Prayer is focusing so completely on the good, that good becomes all you see. We have to become willing to put on a new pair of glasses and adopt a new point of view.
Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real. Love (God) casts out fear.

This is an open thread. I will add to this post later today.