Saturday, December 03, 2005


God Bless the mothers who have lost children -- and the wives and children who have lost their beloved husbands and parents. We have to hold them in constant prayer. Support our troops by bringing them home! We can't lose another precious American life to these terrorist monsters. I wish that people who are not in favor of this war, were not smeared as "unpatriotic". I have the flag flying outside my house; we are the most patriotic people I know. Just because you cannot fathom this war, doesn't mean you don't SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. I have never seen a military with more courage than this one. God Bless you and keep you.

Here's an excerpt of a letter I got (there's another one that really touched earlier in the week, posted in the prior blog):

"Keep fighting the good fight. Ann Coulter is one of the meanest people in American politics, and she seems to care nothing about little things like facts and truth. She's an embarrassment to sane conservatives."

I want to publicy say that I was wrong about Stafford Jones, the Chairman of the Alachua Republican Party. He's a good guy working very hard down in Alachua County, and Lord knows he's had his share of troubles. He left a very thoughtful message the other night. We have each extended an olive branch to each other in this Ann Coulter mess (read blogs below). I apologize for not giving him the benefit of the doubt. I think we were both suspicious of each other, coming from opposite ends of the spectrum. Actually, we have a lot in common - we both want a safer, better America. We have the most magnificent country on earth, and we have to join together and stop this bickering between the parties.

Have been on seven radio shows across the country this past week, including Radio America and others from Florida to Tennessee to California. I will be on in Las Vegas next week, pluus several right-wing shows coming up -- including Georgetown University Radio next Friday from 3-4 p.m. They're pretty conservative too. I'll attach links to these in the morning. Just wanted to update you.
Luv xoxo