Sunday, November 27, 2005

Death is Sexier than Sex (to Ann Coulter)

I was thinking about the narcissism of Josef Stalin and Ann Coulter came to mind. Click here to read my new article at BRAD BLOG! More about narcissism, charisma and the cult of personality in "How to Talk to Ann Coulter and Other Hate-Mongers IF YOU MUST" Countering the Machinery of Political Porn. I am collaborating on this book with the inimitable Brad Friedman and Dan Borchers. The most ground-breaking place to find out the secrets they don't want us to know is It's the best site for investigative news the mainstream media keeps hidden from us. Below I have posted more in-depth writings on peace, war and faith. My mission is unification, finding the common ground between opposing forces.

Some of you have mentioned my hypocrisy in having these vintage sexy/FHM-type photos on my website. Well the truth is, I'm in withdrawal from cleavage. I'm not spiritually evolved enough yet to stop dressing like a hooker, but I did try on a turtleneck the other day. Some of you may not realize that's a joke; I've written a whole book and produced a comedy (Venus Conspiracy) on this humiliating phenomenon -- the objectification of women (and men and FLESH) and how hard it is to extricate oneself from cultural & corporate addictions. It's materialism run amok. Most of the bikinis/sequined bathing suits are shots from the 80's that fans collect. With 3 boys to raise, these photos don't represent my politics or mood anymore, but as a tribute to fans of Too Close For Comfort, they are staying on the website. The film "Venus Conspiracy" -- which I wrote about a plot to make women into IDIOTS with big boobs and noodle bodies -- is about the struggle of a woman who knows better but can't quite give it up -- because you can't get a job in Hollywood without "lap dancer" on your resume (and that's just the screenwriters.)

This website was owned by a celebrity "broker". After buying back my name, I have yet to put up all the new stuff because my web designer is not responding, and I don't have time to learn Dreamweaver! DVDs of the new films and comedy I wrote will be for sale soon too. Proceeds go to children's charities.

America has an embarrassing history of dropping bombs on people, but always assuming everyone knows we’re really still the good guy. This is how I act with my family: I try to control them and hurt their feelings, then say I'm sorry (thank God for the 12-steps; at least I try to see my part in the conflict). But secretly they think I'm a wacko. In the words of Stuart Smalley, "It's easier to wear slippers than to carpet the whole world."

Hope you all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I have to remember that the antidote to depression is generosity. Love to Mom, Chuck, Kath, Jack, Paul, Kevin and Chazzie...and my brother and father in heaven (which can also be a state of mind). And God Bless all the people who are desperate for kindness, all the people displaced by the hurricanes... and God Bless our troops!