Friday, January 05, 2007


The red and blue states are having a hard time becoming purple. But since Halle Berry is perfectly blended, why aren't we? She's the most beautiful combination of black and white, which goes to show that we are not meant to be divided. We are meant to be integrated as a nation, for the whole is better than the sum of its parts. This is a metaphor and I'm not speaking literally about integrating the races, though I do think we need to become color blind.

At least Nancy Pelosi wore purple on her first day as the first female SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. I believe she meant this as a sign of uniting red and blue, but she may have worn purple for a specific reason: it's the color of the Suffragette movement.

I could not believe Tucker Carlson was playing so dumb the other day, saying "I don't understand the big deal about Nancy Pelosi, why is everyone saying it's such a big deal that she's a woman?"

"This is an historic moment - for the Congress, and for the women of this country. It is a moment for which we have waited more than 200 years. Never losing faith, we waited through the many years of struggle to achieve our rights. But women weren't just waiting; women were working. Never losing faith, we worked to redeem the promise of America, that all men and women are created equal. For our daughters and granddaughters, today we have broken the marble ceiling. Nancy Pelosi

Why I Am A Liberal And A Progressive And A Democrat by digby
I am a liberal because it is the political philosophy of freedom and equality. And I am a progressive because it is the political path to a better future. And I am a Democrat because it is the political party that believes in freedom, equality and progress.

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