Friday, July 14, 2006


We are on a Windjammer Sailboat, island-hopping in the Caribbean. Went to Bimini, where Hemingway lived for a while and wrote Islands in the Stream. Did he write "The Old Man and the Sea" here? I don't know. The bar he hung out in is now burned down. More below, but first this:

KayInMaine said...
If I hear Bush one more time say that the current aggression in the Middle East is Lebanon's fault because they fired rockets at Israel, I'm going to scream and bang my head against a wall! The current escalation started a few weeks ago when Israel killed a bunch of Palestinians who were on the beach. Of course, Israel is blaming everyone but themselves on why those people died! A few weeks goes by and Palestinian soldiers capture two of Israel's soldiers in retaliation for what Israel did to them. Did Israel overreact to that? Yup!!!!!! In my eyes, it is Israel who is provoking madness right now. I put most of the blame on them, because if you think about it, why couldn't Israel just hand over a few Palestinian prisoners in exchange for their soldiers back? I mean, really, that would have been the diplomatic solution to this, right?

After careful consideration I've determined that the Bush White House is telling Israel to push forward with force (but of course, the exact opposite is leaving Bush's mouth in public) and to use the reaction to it as a reason for America to invade Iran and Syria! But of course.

And remember....Bush always puts the blame on the country he wants to invade and occupy. Case closed. No further comment or explanation needed here." (from commenter KayInMaine)


Around the world, people are watching in fear and horror as the Middle East sinks further into violence. We are witnessing human rights violations and civilian deaths on a massive scale in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. And now, the conflict has escalated with added violence between the Lebanese Hezbollah and Israel. All of this comes on top of the chaos in Iraq caused by the unjust and ill-considered U.S. invasion and occupation.

Progressive Democrats of America asserts that any remedy to the escalating conflicts involving Israel and its neighbors must begin by addressing the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and the consistent violence, humiliation and brutality the occupation entails. In the absence of this fundamental assertion, the violence will no doubt continue.

* CHEERS TO VALERIE PLAME and HER HUSBAND JOE WILSON!! Thank you for your courage in combatting the evil triumvirate CHENEY-ROVE-AND WHOEVER THE THIRD GUY IS who supports the most corrupt administration the United States has ever had.

* Also, I urge you all to read the brilliant book Devil's Game by my friend Robert Dreyfuss. The book will be out in paperback in August.

Some reviews: “A fluent tour de force—Dreyfuss skillfully documents the misguided stratagems of generations of statesmen whose attempts to use the Islamic right to Western strategic advantage have helped make political Islam the formidable force it is today. He makes a convincing case that the U.S. government inadvertently played a central role in building up the forces that struck New York and Washington on 9/11, and questions whether some current U.S. policies and actions are not still strengthening rather than weakening enemies of our country. Dreyfuss’ carefully researched and well-written story will be a revelation to experts on the Islamic world and a shock to concerned Americans.”
—Chas W. Freeman, Jr., former assistant secretary of defense and U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1989-92

Dreyfuss's thorough research on the subject involves extensive interviews with former officials as well as the study of published works. The result is a stunning summary of missed opportunities and signals ignored. Highly recommended. —Library Journal

“’The enemy of enemy is my friend’ is usually considered unsophisticated, tribal thinking. But Robert Dreyfuss shows how, during the Cold War, precisely this principle led the United States to support anti-Communist Islamist movements throughout the Muslim world—nurturing the whirlwind we are reaping today. His book is judicious, fascinating, and deeply grounded in a little-know history that stretches many decades back from the CIA’s support for anti-Soviet forces in Afghanistan. He is wise enough to know that all the strength of fundamentalist Islam can’t be blamed on American bungling, but the amount that can is appalling.”
—Adam Hochschild, author of Bury the Chains and King Leopold’s Ghost

WINDJAMMER TRIP: Went to two uninhabited islands, with the most amazing beaches and clear crystal water. A small storm (mini-hurricane) caught up with us and we almost capsized in the launch. But most of the time we've been snorkeling and diving with the kids. Saw a scorpion fish and got to pet some wild stingrays; they're so amazing with these big round eyes. They remind me of our puppy dog. Also saw a shark in a cove. This trip was a gift/payment for hosting the World Travel Awards, courtesy of the Really Spectacular Company. We are at the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise island right now.

We met the most wonderful people on this boat; can't wait to sail with them again. And we are all madly in love with Captain Fernando!

I teach my sons to have the deepest respect for the office of the President of the United States, but we must remember it is an elected office, and the president is a politician. When one political party does not have the best interest of honest Americans at heart, it is our duty to take notice, speak out and earnestly seek the truth. Most of all, we cannot have this lack of fundamental trust. The minute George W. Bush was "elected" to power, I knew something was terribly wrong. We need full disclosure of the motives and deeds of this corrupt regime. This does not feel like the America of my childhood. Maybe we are not jaded enough, but I believe in the American dream of our forefathers. I am heartsick at this administration. The American public deserves to know what the government is spending our money on. If they are wasting American taxpayer money hacking into bloggers and regular American citizens who are merely expressing their opinions on blogs and newspapers, this is the worst form of censorship. It is criminal.

Back in a week.
Love xo
OPEN THREAD - let's talk about Beirut and the Valerie Plame lawsuit!!