Tuesday, November 05, 2013


EQUALITY NOW: Ending violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world


I've written extensively on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and will re-post the articles here shortly. We must see this through. It's time, past time for EQUALITY NOW!

Joss Whedon, Lydia Cornell

Last night at Equality Now at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills I met several feminist icons and girlhood idols: I was leaning against the wall alone when Gloria Steinem walked right up to me and reached out her hand. I have always wanted to meet her. She was so warm and lovely. I told her she was my inspiration. 

Then we heard the inimitable Joss Whedon speak. He is also one of my son's favorite creators. My son loves Firefly; I love Buffy.  Then I met Lily Tomlin, Gloria Allred, Donna Deitch, and Jessica Neuwirth the founder and president of Equality Now.   Jada Pinkett-Smith and Yasmeen Hassan spoke eloquently; Alison Hannigan introduced Joss Whedon; Colby Caillat sang her hit songs. (What a great performance.) Also in attendance were Paul Reiser, Jay Leno, Jane Fonda, Maria Bello, BlogHer creator Lisa Stone, and many more. 

Gloria Allred, Suzan Hughes, Gloria Steinem

During the dinner, three amazing young women stood on stage and performed true stories from the lives of girls who have been tortured and abused. My friend, the stunning, generous entrepreneur Suzan Hughes hosted several of us at her table: Samantha Faulkner, Gloria Allred and Janice Dickinson. 

I listened to stunning (and horrifying) statistics: more women and girls have died since 9/11 as a result of sex trafficking, abuse, gender violence, rape, domestic abuse -- than men have died in all the wars combined. 

Check out my Getty Images page which has over 400 photos from when I started in show business. :)) lol some of these are hilarious. Below are the newest ones from the red carpet. 

Lydia Cornell, Gloria Allred

Getty Images by Mike Windle 
Lily Tomlin, Lydia Cornell, Gloria Allred, Suzan Hughes
Earlier this week at the Women of Power luncheon at the Jonathan Club hosted by Covington Capital Management as a guest of Michael Smith. Above: Lydia Cornell, Phu Styles, Jen Egan. My old friend Hunter Drohojowska-Philip, Smithsonian curator and author of "Rebels in Paradise" about the 60s art scene, spoke at the event on the value of art investing.

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