Sunday, March 01, 2015


For women in Hollywood, it is very difficult to sustain yourself and stay above water. Women and girls are judged much more harshly than our male counterparts.

In a face-to-face sit-down with a new agent and manager, I was just told, I can't play older than 35-39 years old. But this doesn't help as an actor. You still can't get roles when you are up against actual 35 year-olds. Being a public figure means that the whole world knows your birth year. This is unfortunate because I will never be my so-called age. I am as curious, inspired and excited as a child. Some of us will always be that way.

I don't believe in aging. I don't believe in sickness, disease, or age. I don't look older than 39 or 40 and have never had plastic surgery.

I also don't buy into any limitation in life.

Photos taken February and March, 2015

Lydia Cornell, Jim Bullock, Deborah Van Valkenburgh (my costars from Too Close for Comfort)