Monday, January 17, 2011


It is a spiritual law that in the midst of love, everything that is unlike love, must come up for healing. In other words, all the ugliness we are seeing right now in the world, is erupting in order for it to be purged, healed and done away with.

Despite catastrophic events such as the Tuscon shootings, school shootings, BP Oil spill, wars and catastrophes — good things are coming, and are actually here. We have to open our eyes and see that in the midst of turmoil, actual change for the GOOD is taking place. But it takes our connected, joint vision — our progressive belief in a better (more fair) world, that actually CREATES it. 

Love, God is an interactive force, just like the environment. It needs our collusion, belief, and leaps of faith to activate change. Miracles happen as a result of our belief in them.  

 In a diverse society, the only moral tenet we need to practice is the Golden Rule. God is love and prayer is the invisible transfer of love to another.  By taking leaps of faith, I've somehow been able to transform the deadening illusion of "reality" by changing my viewpoint. (Reality is actually beauty, goodness, love, truth, harmony.) We can physically change our experience of the world by changing our view. The key to this is to simply stop rehearsing turbulent thoughts, and to be grateful for the good in our lives.

The past two years have been brutal, full of tears and prayers for the world, young people committing suicide, and even my own marriage. I've succumbed to hopelessness at times. But I've been experimenting with new thought again. For example, whenever I have a fear-based or depressed thought I stop in my tracks and instantly reverse the thought — see the other side. See the beauty in the present moment, relax and realize the sky is not falling. It helps to think of others first, to reach out and help a friend or a stranger. I find that when I have genuine compassion for the suffering of the human race, and I really put myself in the shoes of my friends who are struggling and homeless, I totally forget my own problems. The past two years I have brought women in to sleep on my couch, rescued a domestic abuse survivor from a predator, and gone to help several women who had no food or Christmas gifts for their children. But there is so much more to do. In my own home I have also confronted demons. People who take advantage of kindness.

It's important to find humor anywhere you can find it. There is abundant good in the world and it becomes visible the more you choose to see it. 

The picture in your mind is your reality. Change the channel if you are getting a bad picture.