Monday, May 31, 2010


Israel faced a diplomatic firestorm Monday over its deadly attack against a protest flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Pray for our troops all over the world, veterans, active military past and present. These are the people who have our backs, and give the ultimate sacrifice.

Regarding the Gulf Oil Cleanup. I cannot linger in the blame game much longer, or I'll keel over from anger. My throat gets tight and blood rushes to my neck and I want to scream and jump out a window I get so angry at BP and the big conglomerates and the mining companies and the lawmakers who approved deregulation of the safety regulations, banking regulations, methane gas regulations... as well as those who think unions are socialist. This is unconscionable. this is corporate socialism. People are more important than a corporation's bottom line.

Anyway, I have a very strong sixth sense, an intuitive feeling that won't go away: VITAMIN C POWDER CRYSTALS DUMPED IN MASSIVE AMOUNTS WITH HAY BAILS WOULD DISPERSE AND DE-TOX THE GULF OIL SLUDGE. Hay and lemons too. Does this sound crazy?

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From Los Angeles Times- May 31, 2010

Reporting from Jerusalem Israel faced a diplomatic firestorm Monday over its deadly attack against a protest flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Foreign leaders and protest organizers accused Israel of using excessive force in the raid in international waters, but Israel defended its actions, saying that soldiers were ambushed with knives and metal bars, as well as handguns wrested from the commandos.

Israel's military said nine protesters were killed in the late-night raid, which occurred about 40 miles off Israel's coast. Protest organizers put the death toll at 16. Dozens were wounded, including seven Israeli soldiers.

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Video of the attack released by the Israeli military, Turkish television and other media sources depicted a dramatic high-seas brawl in which Israeli commandos rappelled from helicopters onto a ship and immediately clashed with activists on board.

Responding to the brewing crisis, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cut short his visit to Canada to return to Israel and canceled a much-anticipated White House visit with President Obama.

U.S. officials expressed regret at the loss of life but stopped short of criticizing Israel until full details of the incident were released.

Elsewhere, however, international leaders condemned Israel's interception of the pro-Palestinian convoy, which was attempting to break through Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip and bring food, medical supplies, clothing and constructions supplies to the impoverished territory.

As the United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting, French President Nicolas Sarkozy criticized Israel's "disproportionate use of force."

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for a "thorough investigation" into the violence, saying he was "shocked" by the reports.

Turkey, a onetime ally of Israel, recalled its ambassador to Israel and warned of further actions.