Wednesday, July 26, 2006


"Condoleeza Rice has never worked so hard at faking facial expressions of concern and compassion. Remember, wars don't just happen, WE HAVE TO MAKE THEM HAPPEN!" Heard this in between station ids on Randi Rhodes show today. Thank God for PROGRESSIVE TALK and Randi Rhodes and Al Franken! I cannot stop laughing (in between crying.)

"Democracy in Crisis - An Exclusive BRADBLOG Interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr."

"CNN's Lou Dobbs: This Congress, This Administration, I Cannot Fathom What They Are Thinking"

A MUST READ: "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?" Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Rolling Stone The issue has started to heat up.

Brad Friedman's The BRAD BLOG has been covering this surge of interest in our voting system. Robert Kennedy Jr. has been joined by Lou Dobbs of CNN who has started a series on his nightly newscast called "Democracy at Risk."