Monday, May 02, 2011


Heartstopping, historic!  The most secretive team of Navy Seals, Elite Team *6* 

HISTORIC: Obama's amazing ability to multi-task tornado devastation, jokes at Correspondents Dinner and nail-biting Osama Situation Room.

Report: No one knew, before going in, if Osama Bin Laden was even actually inside the compound at the moment of attack.  The CIA was sure he was there, but others were not so sure. The President listened to all sides from his Secretary of Defense, Special Ops commanders, and advisors. He weighed all the outcomes and options. Then he made a decision to invade.
It could have gone either way. Sunday in the Situation Room was a nail-biter! 

Question: Could it have been done remotely with a predator drone?
Did Special Ops drop a listening device onto the roof or remote-controlled viewing device? 

Did the CIA use Remote Viewers?   

Wow, I am really impressed with our President. Obama had the cool calm ability to multi-task several events the past weekend from visiting the devastation of tornado ravaged States, to making jokes about Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner, to taking decisive action in storming Osama Bin Laden's mansion compound, and monitoring it all from the Situation Room on Sunday. During this nail-biting Special Operation led by an elite team 6 of Navy Seals in coordination with the CIA, Obama remained poker faced, cool and calm. 

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