Saturday, July 22, 2006


Last night I had dinner with an amazing soldier who flew reconnaissance missions over Lebanon last week from Israel. Though he lived in Israel for 21 years, he has also lived in the United States for over 30 years, and made his fortune here. He's was a sharp-shooter in the Israeli military but still flies missions. I believe he's in their National Guard. Last week he used rapid-fire to shoot Hezbollah on the ground from his plane.

He enlightened me about many things: he said that every Israeli soldier is indoctrinated — practically brainwashed — on the importance of saving civilian lives, and going out of their way to NEVER hit civilians. This is drilled into them from the beginning of their training. This is of the utmost importance and they go to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties. For example, regarding yesterdays attack on the Mosque: they used close-range satellite technology to see inside the Mosque, and saw that bombs were being stored there. They first dropped leaflets announcing to all civilians to get out of harms way. Only then, did they attack.

He also said that every Israeli thinks now is the time to once and for all get rid of Hezbollah. No Israeli wants to back down. He also said my information is wrong regarding Israelis holding children as prisoners, and that the only prisoners they are holding are terrorists.

I deeply honor and respect this soldier's position. I pray for Israel's success.

But on a higher level, the spiritual level which I know is the solution to everything — this is the Way: only by disarming our enemies with the shock of non-retaliation can we ever have true, lasting peace. No one has ever tried it before. I don't mean grumbling with hatred while avoiding confrontation like cowards. I don't mean FEAR-BASED avoidance.

I mean truly going out of our way to NOT REACT, to be still. We and the Israelites must stop giving our enemies so much power by fearing them. We must change our thinking about our enemies. But this takes a huge leap in consciousness to come out of the primitive, archaic religious thought into the New Thought. We must lead by a new, enlightened path. Don't react. Trust God before reacting with force. An eye-for-an-eye only makes us blind.

Just like in this blog: when an angry person doesn't get a reaction he has nothing left to fight. In fact, when I asked this man if he thinks Hezbollah will be annihilated through a catastrophic bombing campaign, he said no. The evidence is that retaliation just breeds more of the same: they will proliferate like cockroaches and embed themselves deeper into civilian communities.

I truly believe the only way to fight is to send our prayers (meaning: change our consciousness toward our enemies by seeing them as children of a loving God. Though ignorant and spiritually sick, Love (God) can truly heal them.) and pray for our enemies, the way the Great Peacemaker instructed. Love disarms the worst evil.

Every time I have an enemy, when I change my thought about him, he changes too.

To Newlyweds Stacy and Ned: Congratulations! (A good friend of mine, Stacy, spent her honeymoon in Israel, after having lived there for several months in separate quarters from her fiance. The couple is from California; they got deeper into their faith prior to marriage. God Bless them.

To the HACKER who has broken a pipe on this blog and prevented people they disagree with from commenting. We have launched a full-scale investigation. I will be on several radio shows this week letting people know how our government wastes tax-payer money by hacking into blogs to stop the truth from coming out. There is an agency above the one you work for.