Wednesday, January 27, 2010


FINALLY OBAMA is right. He is the moral conscience of our country. Thank God he brought up the sickening game of politics and the horrifying Supreme Court reversal of a 100-year-old decision, which will now allow lobbyists from the wealthiest corporations, foreign agents, terrorists or anyone with money to buy politicians. This kind of corruption cannot be legalized. 

Thank God he said GAYS must be allowed in the militiary - a civil rights issue, and EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK for WOMEN!!

It is a shame that the greatest nation on earth is at a standstill — unable to move forward and create new wealth, jobs, green industries — while China, India and Germany rush forward into the new millennium without a Republican obstructionist party spewing lies and fear, a party that cares more about getting re-elected than it does about the American people, enabled by a timid bunch of Dems, who are equally afraid of the bullies.

Thank God we have a president who gets it — an intelligent, moral, reasonable and compassionate man who is humble enough to see his own faults clearly. At first I thought he had been threatened by the Powers-that-Be. I almost believed the conspiracy theorists who believed Obama had been threatened with assassination by a triumvirate consisting of the military industrial complex, the banking empirate and the pharmaceutical mafia.  Rumor has it according to Norman Solomon -  that the Military industrial complex was responsbile for the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., JFK and Bobby.  

But his State of the Union speech gave me hope that Obama is finally seeing that he can't negotiate with Republicans. A man is worth nothing if he doesn't stand for what's right. Bullies can't win and might does not make right. 


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