Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wisdom From The Past Guides Us Now!

Guest post by Mike

Certain core principles and tenets are classic and timeless, Such as the freedoms and liberties enumerated in the U.S. Constitution and the Golden Rule..........The amazing visionary and prophet Edgar Cayce gave us such core tenets in the wake of the looming Nazi threat and shadow of WW2.

Cayce warned over and over again that the only obstacles to peace and prosperity were imperialism, racism, religious zealotry, and the greed of self serving elites...........I read this warning from the Great Edgar Cayce and it was like he was screaming this warning to our society from the grave.........GWB says EVERYTHING changed after 9/11, I say beware of snake oil salesmen who say "Everything Has Changed" or "Things Are Different This Time", for they usually NEVER are, particularly for core principles and tenets that are classic and timeless.

Like Detective Columbo, I'm a little slow on the uptake at times, so hopefully you guys could help me put together the most recently divulged facts from the Attorney gate saga.

Lets see now, The Attorney for the President, and the President's Chief of Staff both go to the hospital, BUT allegedly NOT for the man they work for The President but as he CLAIMS for a completely different branch of government .......(cough cough) the spirit of bipartisanship. Now mind you Bush and his counselor have shown nothing but contempt and disdain for both Congress and for bipartisanship, not to mention Congressional over site and the checks and balances ......but I digress.

Where were we, oh yeah, the Chief of Staff and the attorney FOR President Bush went to the hospital bed of a man in intensive care who was incapacitated to get him to sign and authorize an illegal unconstitutional spying program of President Bush's that he refused to authorize and stated was illegal when he WAS of sound mind and health............

Now the plot thickens so bear with me here, because as it turns out the Attorney General John Ashcroft, KNEW he was not fit to perform his duties and make critical decisions when he became ill, so he appointed James Comey as Acting Attorney General and lo and behold President Bush and his cronies tried to get Comey to approve his illegal spying on American Citizens Program and Comey ALSO refused stating it was unconstitutional.

So, AFTER Ashcroft did not approve Bush's illegal spy program and then mysteriously became ill, Bush and Gonzalez attempted to get Comey who they obviously KNEW was acting AG to approve it, THEN when Comey ALSO refused to approve the illegal program FOR BUSH, The Presidents Chief of Staff AND his Attorney KNOWING full well that Ashcroft was incapacitated and Comey was the real and legitimate Attorney General and the ONLY one who could legally approve the program at the time, illegally tried to pull and end around, and get the incapacitated Ashcroft to sign and authorize President Bush's illegal and unconstitutional program illegally, knowing full well that he was not the legal AG and lacked the authority to authorize such a program not to mention was not of sound mind.................

Oh and lets not forget of course that although Gonzalez's boss GWB was obsessed with getting the illegal spy program rubberstamped and was attempting to do everything in his power to do so both legal and illegal, and although he claimed on many prior occasions he would continue the program regardless of the legality or of Congress's disapproval.........

Gonzalez had the audacity to claim that he went to Ashcroft's hospital bed with authorization document and pen in hand NOT for his boss GWB who was adamant and obsessed with getting it authorized but instead as a bipartisan ambassador of good will for a COMPLETELY different branch of government despite the fact that he has never showed this benevolent bipartisan spirit of cooperation before or since.

Now my head is spinning from that last paragraph from all those illegals so I could use some help here people...........does it sound the least bit plausible or logical that two of the presidents most loyal henchman would illegally go to a sick mans hospital bed NOT for the man they worked for who was moving heaven and earth to try and authorize his illegal program that both legitimate AG's denied authorizing because they stated it was illegal and unconstitutional but rather for a separate branch of government that they have shown NOTHING but contempt for.

What kind of man could go to an incapacitated man in intensive care's hospital bed and try to get that man who was not of sound mind to illegally authorize an illegal program Gonzalez KNEW he lacked the legal authority to authorize in the first place.......further picture how nefarious, ill intentioned and untrustworthy Comey and the FBI would have to deem this man to think it best NOT to allow him to be alone with Ashcroft without FBI supervision.

Do you think this man, Alberto Gonzalez merits the trust to remain Attorney General and head of our Department of Justice when not only has he tried to compromise and infect our justice system with partisanship, but every action he has committed has show his disdain and contempt for honesty, equal justice for all and the rule of law..........this man must be ripped from the levers of power and the fabric of our nation like a cancerous tumor!

We must keep Cayce's warning in mind when we evaluate the actions of Gonzalez and the Bush Administration, for it is a benevolent voice of reason screaming a warning from the grave.

Image by Stephen Pitt Cartoons