Thursday, March 24, 2016


Kate, a woman at a 12-step meeting, was describing the day her dog Rufus died. Rufus had been suffering and she was not sure whether to put him to sleep or not. She finally agreed with the vet that this was the best course of action. 

But after she and her husband put Rufus to sleep, Kate was full of fear and doubt. She couldn't stop crying. She asked the universe, God, her Higher Power ~ for a sense of peace, a calming thought or a sign that she had done the right thing.

She went to work at the Body Shop in the Glendale mall that evening. An hour after she got to work, her husband called her, sounding frantic and bewildered. He asked her, "What is this dog doing on our couch? Did you go out and get a new dog?"

She said, "What dog on our couch? What are you talking about?"

The husband looked at the dog tags and the saw the name of the dog: "Rufus." This was the name of their precious dog, the dog they had just put to sleep. He called the number on the dog tag and discovered that the owner was wondering where her dog was. It turns out that the pet sitting place dropped the dog off at the wrong home. Apparently the housekeeper who had been working at their house that day, let the dog inside.

Kate hadn't used that pet sitting place for three years. And on this night, a dog named Rufus was accidentally delivered to their door. 

The pet sitting place had obviously mixed up the addresses they had on file for two dogs named "Rufus." The person dropping off the dog, took it to the wrong house.

Kate and her husband immediately knew this was a godshot: a glimpse of uncanny, beautiful synchronicity. It was as if Rufus was saying "Hi, I'm okay! I made it over the Rainbow Bridge to the other side!" They had no doubt that Rufus was letting them know he was okay. 

They laughed out loud and knew that everything was going to be all right.