Friday, November 14, 2014


We are back together: Lydia, Nick and T'y on

How can the TMZ  get away with this? Please LISTEN as we discuss my Secret Agent stalker, predators, help for women with cyberstalkers.. AirBNB, Interstellar, Portlandia and turning tragedy into comedy; net neutrality, politics by accident; The Girls Scandal Lena Dunham and our road trip to NEW ORLEANS!!  The truth is about to come out -- all about the criminal mind who stole my sanity and inserted himself into our case against organized criminals. This convicted felon/stalker/predator actually sued Kelsey Grammer and used my name for publicity -- convincing the press that I was suing Grammer — when I NEVER SUED KELSEY GRAMMER!  Because of the hardship, fraud and losses I was going through -- in addition to the gag order I had received from my own attorney — I was unable to talk about it until now.

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