Wednesday, January 21, 2015


On January 16, I attended a Red Carpet screening of two amazing short films written by the talented Ralph Odierna, and produced by Redhead Said Productions, a phenomenal new production company founded by Tetia Stroud. This company actually gets things done!

 "We Have Ten Minutes" is a riveting, chilling film that leaves you breathless. Odierna, both the director and writer on this one, manages to bring grace and subtlety to a subject matter not for the faint of heart.  It stars the incomparable Kim Webster; Alyssa McCourt, Bryant Boon; Aaron Stall; Holger Moncada Jr.  It is shot beautifully by D.P. Frank Buono and edited by Damian Matorana. Camera: David Jean Schweitzer. Produced by Andreas Wigand, Tetia Stroud, Ralph Odierna of RedHead Said.

We Have Ten Minutes 20 years of silence and 20 years of pain and shame. At the exact location and time, 20 years later, two people meet again in the park. Marcia demanding the truth and Cal holding tight to the lie.

I had the honor of directing Odierna's more light-hearted film "It's My Decision" — a comedy mystery shot at Carmine's famous Italian Restaurant in West L.A., famous for being a Frank Sinatra-Dean Martin Rat Pack hangout. This was so much fun —  and the script was brilliant! I got to work with a gifted, hilarious cast: Joel Bryant, Tetia Stroud, Johnny Cosmo, Bernard Underwood, Deborah Baselice, Bob Dean, Jeanine Kirk, Sam Scott. 
It's My Decision One decision leads to another. As Sam decides to make a change and stand up for herself, her husband Eric fights against this change and his wife's new found strength.

The PARTY and screening on the Lot at Formosa Studios was amazing. Tetia Stroud of RedHead Said Productions has such grace, style and elegance — and really knows how to throw a party. I had a blast and stayed out at Craigs, Formosa Cafe and Dan Tanas until 2 AM with the cast and crew. Haven't had a night on the town like this in ages. Looking forward to many more films to collaborate on with this incredible production company that actually GETS THINGS DONE!  Thank you for letting me be part of a great filmmaking experience. 

I want to give a shout out to my amazing team: my First AD Damian Matorana and my script supervisor Sarah Garrettson. And Production Coordinator Karla Esquivel.