Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Remember, take the mind off the body; we are not a collection of body parts, aches and pains. Turn your thoughts to a higher Source of spiritual, Divine energy. 

Look UP and everytime you feel a pain in the back, claim your dominion over your body. Also, rout out any emotional "back" pain -- anything in the past, behind you, "in back of you" that you are holding onto. Old resentments, give them up to the universe and ask out loud to be FREE. 

My sister had a problem with her back and her feet -- and she worked with a metaphysical healer and homeopath on all this stuff. Now she does slow stretches in Yoga class and prays for the world, helps others, gets her mind off self and it's working. She had "arthritis in the feet" when she lived upstairs from a cruel neighbor who hated gays (my sister is gay) and suddenly realized she was "walking on eggshells" and her feet were affected!