Friday, October 06, 2006


Lancaster County in Mourning. The Amish are the most amazing people. If only the whole world were like this, we'd have peace on earth. "I was thinking... of how these people who do absolutely nothing to bring attention to themselves are now a candle on the hill for the whole world to see. It's an impressive thing to witness." - comment from the Daily Herald of Utah.

Blessed are the peacemakers. This is exactly the reaction that Christ would have had in this situation. What happened here is a lesson for all of us. In light of the recent tragedies in the one-room schoolhouse, with ten little girls shot and five murdered by an outsider, the fact that members of victims' families actually went to comfort the murderer's father and wife — is astonishing. They forgave the family of the murderer. This is a supreme example of Christ's power of forgiveness.

I believe this incident is an example for us to follow; it's as if God had no other way of getting our attention: this is the way we are to treat our enemies, this is how we must behave in the wake of "terrorist attacks." When will we ever get it? (And me included?) Hatred, retaliation and revenge only cause more of the same, as we are learning in Iraq. True forgiveness of one's enemies, heals all.

"This isn't surprising. It is common for the Amish to invite car drivers who have killed one of their community members to the funeral. Such a compassionate response reveals a belief that each individual is responsible to counter violence by expressing comfort - a sort of prayer in action. After Monday's killings, the grandfather of one of the slain girls went to the home of Roberts's father, consoling and hugging him, pouring forth a love and innocence of the kind remembered of the girls in the school. "He extended the hope of forgiveness that we all need these days," said a Roberts family spokesman, the Rev. Dwight Lefever of Living Faith Church of God. "'God met us in that kitchen." - The Christian Science Monitor

"The Amish are exhibiting what all the Giant religions that surround them talk about but for some reason have been unable to magnify... I pray for myself that I can magnify forgiveness in my life to the degree that the Amish have made part of their daily existence." - comment from Daily Herald.

And this comment: "Some of us outside of the Amish community have had horrific things happen in our families and chosen to take the high road because of the desire to live our religious beliefs-- we've chosen forgiveness instead of lawsuits and revenge." And although I will be the first to admit my flawed character, I've had the opportunity to forgive placed before me by something huge happening in my life, and I like to think I passed the test. Please give some credit to at least a portion of those people who belong to the "giant religions" out there. They aren't all hypocrites. Are they?"

Now if only America could pass that test. Imagine the beautiful repercussions. We as Christians should be modeling this behavior in our everyday lives. I know that I personally need to be better at this myself. I know that my first reaction is to get mad when somebody does something to me that I do not like. Instead of getting mad, I need to follow Christ’s example and forgive. [...]

And then there's MOBY, pop music superstar who has sold more than 15 million records, unapologetically follows the true Christ. Moby’s willingness to also walk the walk – evident in his ongoing commitment to simple living and so-called “Robin Hood-style philanthropy” – are indeed a unique representation of seeking, while in the spotlight, to follow Jesus – whom Moby sees as “essentially a homeless anarchist.”

"Everything is Complicated" Listen to Part I of the Moby Audio Interview at MOBY SOJOURNERS INTERVIEW

From Sojourners: "Although Moby had his 1999 smash Play listed as one of Rolling Stone magazine’s “500 Greatest Albums of All Time,” and generally found worldwide success, he has never quite fit into the typical boxes of celebrity. For this former punk-rocker turned underground electronic music phenomenon, being up front about his ideals isn’t a problem – even when they're diametrically opposed to those typically seen from the rich and famous.

Moby’s album liner notes (which cover everything from the Religious Right to veganism to global warming), and his outspokenness in venues ranging from the Grammys, MTV, and panel discussions on faith and politics, are a handful of examples of his willingness to “talk the challenging talk.” Given his success (Go: The Very Best of Moby is set to release later this month on Mute Records)....

On a windy September afternoon in New York City, Moby talked with Sojourners about the ways in which his faith and ideology affect his lifestyle, art, and activism. Sitting on the roof of his Little Italy apartment, he grappled with being a “clueless Christian,” how his thoughts and work have changed throughout his career, and seeking God’s will – even while being scared of it. What follows is the first in a series of exclusive SojoMail podcasts featuring Moby on various topics, the first of which centers around his faith journey. - John Potter is executive scheduler at Sojourners/Call to Renewal.

From the PADutch website, "In a clash of two completely different cultures, an armed man entered a local Lancaster County school on Monday, October 2nd, tied up 10 innocent children, and killed five of them before taking his own life.

Loss of any innocent life is devastating. Unjustified. Inexcusable. But the contrast in this particular shooting is striking because this was an Amish school and the Amish are about as non-violent a people as there are.They have even earned the nickname "the Gentle People".

All of Lancaster County mourns the loss of these young girls and terrible affect this has had on so many lives. We request your prayers for the families of the children who died, as well as those children and adults who have lived through this terrible ordeal. We also ask your prayers for the wife and three young children of the man who committed this senseless act. They, too, will have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

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