Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Soldiers Point of View

Please read the following letter I received from a soldier who is on his third tour of Iraq. He is scheduled to return back home in August. I'm praying he will make it back safely. This is from a soldier who knows the truth of what is happening in Iraq.I am not including his name for his protection.



I read your blog of the ten service members that were killed in country.
The one that stood out was the mention of the one that was on his third
tour. This is my third tour here as well. I came back from a injury that
had me unable to walk for 90 days. I had my tendon repaired and my nerve
dissected and repaired on my left foot. I came back to Iraq after

If I can try to explain why...

1. We don't have to believe our leaders but we have to believe in our
Country. Our love for our Country and our service is something we take
pride in. Whether Foreign Policy is screwed up or not we have to protect
our Country for whatever threat. Now, this comment can raise a few
arguments I know BUT if I believe in my Country then I am willing to
defend my Country. Notice, I believe in my Country even if my leaders
are slightly off center.
Being in the military we are not allowed to discuss our political views
and I will respect that and I don't think it's important on whether I am
a Republican or Democrat (even though I am sure you know which I am). I
am paid to be a medic, to save lives, not to get into a political debate
with my Commander-In-Chief.

2. We continue to come over because we know others wont. This is an
ongoing situation. We have folks that go AWOL and vanish on their units,
we have folks that claim "conscientious objector" status after they
somehow woke up one day and said "hey, I'm not going to war", and then
we have the National Guard men and women who claim the "I only joined
for college". We also have entire Guard units that for some reason are
able to jockey their way out of deployments, but they and their
personnel are able to remain in the Guard.

3. With being here three times you have experience. You want to share
this experience with the younger soldiers or the "virgins to war". At 35
years of age I see it as my part to help those here and to ease their
worries and to help them relax know that at any moment thing can and
will go down hill fast. If you can learn from those who have been here
before and if it helps you to stay alive and to do you mission then that
is a success.

4. For some of us, like myself, being here is being able to support our
families. Thanks to a poor job market or a job that only pays the status
quo, by coming over here with the extra pay and the like we can keep our
heads above water and make sure our families can survive. I am married
with 3 beautiful children and I know that if anything does happen to me
then they will be taken care of. I hate to think of anything happening
but I am not the dictator of my time on earth. In the civilian side I
would not be able to give my wife of 13 years and my children as good a
life as they have now. Once I get back to Alabama after this tour, I
return to the job I have and take a huge cut in salary. And once again I
look forward to the prospect of having to work two or possibly three
jobs just to stay afloat and to continue to provide for my family.

5. Family history. I come from a long line of military blood. I have had
family in every major conflict since the Civil War. And due to my German
heritage, I have had family on two fronts in two World Wars. Our
dedication to Country and service is a way of my family saying "Thank
You" to a Country that allowed us to cross the water and enter and to
allow us the chance to make our lives better, brand new. From
Grandfather to father to brother to sister and uncles and cousins (one
cousin - William Wayne Seay gave the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam and
was awarded the Medal Of Honor) we have all given our time to our
Country. At one time over here my sister, my cousin and I were all in
theatre together. Some were raised to be actors, doctors and lawyers and
these are noble professions. My family - Deane's and Steiner's - see our
calling differently. Some 44 years ago a great man told us to ask not
our Country could do for us, but what we could do for our Country. I
have never nor will I ever ask of my Country to do for me, I simply give
to her without question.

6. Faith moves mountains. I have Faith in my God. And I know that if
anything should happen I will look forward to being in His arms and
standing with Him. There is a greater place and my Lord has a place for
me in it. My family will miss me, yes, BUT what a glorious day when we
will be reunited in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Faith keeps me going.

7. My family trusts and believes in me and that is all that matters. As
long as I can look at my children and my wife when I get home and know I
did the best that I could do and they love me, then that is all that I
am after. I have nothing to prove to anyone but to my wife and babies.

This is my last tour. I will volunteer for no more. I once told my wife
one day that as long as I believe that we are helping these people and

SPC (name withheld)
(Operation withheld)

"Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly" - John F.


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