Thursday, February 23, 2006


I have a strangely hopeful feeling that the world will not annihilate itself. (see below) We must put our thoughts on the good in people, even in our "enemies". We can't spiral downward into fear or it will consume us. On that note, I am beginning to think Bush is secretly Muslim. Woudn't that explain his strange actions? Even Michael Savage is up in arms: "Something is wrong with a nation that will sell anything for few billion bucks."

WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY, SAYS GET OUT OF IRAQ NOW!! Arch-conservative, founder of The National Review, and brainiac, says we must admit defeat and get out of the way of the Civil War, which we caused. No wise leader would have taken the bait after 911 and involved our great country in a middle-east war. In fact, wasn't it Dick Cheney himself who warned never to get involved in the chaos of Iraq, back in 1991?

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Dubai reminds me of the alien bar scene in STAR WARS: a place where international crooks, thieves, arms dealers, jet-setters, billionaires and the CIA all meet to play. And I think Michael Jackson too. It's a modern-day Casablanca. Dubai represents everything glitzy about capitalism in the Arab world; I wonder why AQ & OBL leaves them alone? I heard tonight that Osama gets paid off a lot of money NOT to attack Dubai. His family is not so estranged; they all take care of each other.

I'm posting an amazing essay by Wayne Dyer about how we must try to empathize and understand our enemies, no matter how evil they seem. They are human beings. Do we really wonder why more and more "insurgents" hate us so much, they are blowing themselves up ? Would it be natural if a madman invaded us and we didn't try to fight back, even to defend our own leader, no matter how much we hated him? He may be an evil despot, but he's our evil despot! We're on their soil, trying to force them into our form of democracy!

Errol Morris' THE FOG OF WAR interviews Robert McNamara about the lessons we didn't learn from Vietnam. To this day, the Vietnamese whom we fought to liberate, view us as enslavers. We have never learned our lesson: that communication, really listening to the needs and point of view of the other side, could save countless lives & destruction. To be hell-bent on war, saying the insurgents envy us because of our freedom is a total lie and cop-out. We just don't care to look at our part as enslavers, invaders. That's how we'll be remembered by the Iraqi people. A little girl was blown to bits after her famiily's apartment suffered its 3rd bombing. How on earth have we improved matters and protected our homeland by this heinous war?

To me it always seemed that 911 happened because Osama was getting back directly at the Bush-Saudi-Carlyle relationship. I'm not blaming Bush directly for it, I'm just saying the Bush family has been in the global oil business with the Saudis for many years. See Clif's posting about James Baker, here in the comment section. Are we going to inflame passions against us even further by doing another big deal with UAE? As I said, Michael Moore was right; and I don't know if anyone thought this at the time, but I have always suspected this : Doesn't it seem odd that no one has mentioned that 911 happened directly BECAUSE BUSH WAS IN POWER? Bush and the Carlyle Group/UAE Saudi business dealings were the "thorn in Osama's side". Osama had a "daddy complex" just like Dybya. Osama waited to do his biggest attack until Bush was in power, as a double whammy: getting back at both his home country and their capitalistic interests in U.S. oil companies, mainly Bush Co. BECAUSE of his Saudi connection. Craig Unger's book "House of Bush, House of Saud" seems very timely now.

Heard about a great book written by Reagan Republican Bruce Bartlett: "Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy"

Remember the movie "The Year of Living Dangerously"? I was having thoughts about wearing khaki and going to Indonesia or the Middle East when it was mysterious and exotic. What is the cause, what's responsible for the rise in Fundamentalist extremism in the Middle-East?

All this chaos in the world is happening to bring us closer to our spirit, our humanity. We have been snowballing toward excess, materialism, style over substance, violence, porn, for years. There is never enough blood, guts and sex and drugs to fill us up. There is only one way to go: toward healing, the kingdom which is within us. The more we focus on the good in others, even our enemies, the more the good increases. This is a law of the universe, and it's the only real way to pray.