Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Radio hosts are referring to the conflict between Ann Coulter and myself as a CAT-FIGHT. I am trying to turn the other cheek and let Coulter hit that one, but in case you are wondering, MSNBC's Keith Olberman just labeled Coulter as "the worst person in the world" for posting my family's private home number on her website (and refusing to take it down after repeated requests). Apparently she did this in retaliation for an article I wrote.Click here to read my original Ann Coulter article at BRAD BLOG
Now in my view, Olberman's words a little extreme, even for satire. But Coulter also posted my personal e-mail address on her site. I have been getting hate-mail and death threats from Coulter fans -- and a strange man even came to my front door. My children almost opened the door, but I caught them in time. (More details in the "Death Threats blog below.) I have written politely asking her to take my personal info off her site, but she has ignored me. Most of the mail I get is amazingly supportive though. It makes me even more convinced that I'm on the right path -- because good people would not retaliate with such ugly venom. But I will not live in a spirit of fear. Honestly, the way to talk to Coulter, O'Reilly... is to bless them and pray for them. Prayer has amazing power, if only we'd really have faith in it. All our doubts arrest God's work through us.

On Thursday night I did Doug Basham's progressive talk radio show in Vegas and we had the BEST time! He is one of the most passionate, thoughtful hosts! And he writes brilliant essays, psychoanalyzing the wing-nuts. Another of the best radio hosts I've ever talked to is Steve Kelly on KPSI NewsTalk 920 (an ABC affiliate in Palm Springs KPSI News Talk 920 He is able to really dig deep and get people to open up. Kelly really does his research and is so insightful and progressive -- you should really tune in and listen to him. Our interview aired Monday, December 5. Also did the David Allen show which was delightfully non-combative. But I guess it's not very sexy to have a show without some vicious callers and some combat. I apologize for that, but my mission is to be a peace-maker and bridge the divide between Republicans and Democrats. We have all become so militant toward each other, and I know why Coulter is such a shock-jock -- it's "political porn"; she gets a lot of attention for "calling for the killing of liberals". But she shouldn't go around calling herself a "public intellectual"; she is actually a performance artist. I just wish she didn't have the power to sway public opinion.

The main thing that Jesus severely warned against over and over -- the thing that annoyed him the most, were the religious leaders - the Pharisees. I just spent a week reading all four Gospels to my children. Above all else, we are supposed to love each other, love our enemies and those "sinners" who seem so vile to many church-goers today. I had a letter from someone who said, "You probably would pray for prisoners!" As if that's not Christian? What on earth do you think Christ came here to teach us? That everyone is worthy of redemption -- in fact, he hung around with the sinners & prostitutes -- they were the ones who most needed help and forgiveness. Christ taught mainly that we are to love one another. And we are supposed to leave judgment and vengeance to God. We are to return love for hate and bless those who persecute us (and those who are unlovable, those who offend us). Why do fanatics obsess about abortion and homosexuality, but never mention divorce - the one thing Christ himself actually mentioned as being wrong? Why don't they try to abolish divorce? By the way, no Democrat or sane person is pro-abortion or likes abortion. It's wrong of Coulter to call Democrats "the abortion party." This is horrible that she does this. We just don't believe that the government has a right to become like the fascists and control a person's own private body and their intimate relationship with God. There's a reason the womb is encased in the separate private body of an individual woman: it is between her and God, and her soul suffers the decision, as we are really spiritual beings, all connected to each other, all children of a loving God -- and all the wars are within ourselves. This is probably too metaphysical to understand but the key is inside us. Go rent WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW? The miracle in the water... The point is, we - a nation born of dissenting opinions - shouldn't be coming to blows over religion. And no government should impose their concept of God on others.

If you could step into our shoes for a moment, you might see it from our point of view. And when I say that line (the comedy line in the article "I never mix religion with politics, but .... don't they know that Jesus was a Democrat? ...) " it's a play on words, I am making fun of myself for combining religion with politics, which earlier I say I never do -- so please try to get the frustration in my voice. Here is what I mean: Jesus spent most of his time caring for the poor and the sick and the sinners, the ones many Pharisees think are too immoral or dirty to touch. He sat on the ground and washed the feet and the sores of the lepers. He told us to leave judgment and vengeance to God. And I admit I am being judgmental when I judge our president for lying to rush us to war. Did he lie? Well, I guess we have to let the courts decide. But when I looked into his eyes during the election, I did not see a man of God, a Christ-like man, had done everything he could to prevent our precious young soldiers from heading off to a tribal hell-hole. Love casts out fear, but I saw Bush operating from fear and retaliation, not Christ-like principles. It's one thing to declare war, but to use God and Christianity as your justification, is abominable. Every cell in my body knew this was wrong. I admit I am stubborn, judgmental and sometimes obnoxiously righteous and I hate that about myself. If I've offended anyone here, I am sorry. I hope you'll forgive me so we can move past this primitive level to the spirit of what I am saying.

Normally a person like Coulter wouldn't bother me so much, it's like watching South Park - but she has actual power to sway elections, or at least she did in the last two. This means she had friends in high places of inflluence, and this scares me that we have now inflamed the world against us for some evangelical mission that was never Christ's intention. Creating violence to bring on Armageddon faster? Are we living in the Dark Ages?

"How has my life been made more loving by my faith?" If it isn't making me a lighter, better, happier more generous person, then maybe I should try to see where I am clinging to the text in the wrong way. The key is hidden in plain sight. A great start is Emmet Fox "The Sermon on the Mount." It liberated me! "Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly!"

I did 8 radio shows across America last week. Aside from KPSI, David Allen Show, Radio America's Battle Line with Alan Nathan, an early morning Florida show all over the east coast, plus the other night in Tennessee with Harrell Carter. I will be on Doug Basham in Vegas tonight at 11 p.m. and with the Young Republicans of Georgetown University this Friday, rush hour drive time from 3-4 p.m. Yesterday, Tuesday, December 6, I did 3 different radio shows -- including KPQ AM with Ken Johanssen in Washington State and Leo Nadequ in Connecticuit. He doesn't like the Democrats or the Republicans. We had a great time talking about peace.

Here is a letter that really encouraged me:

Hi- I called you earlier today and left a voice mail message (Well, I tried, but I think my message got lost- I got static and a few beeps on my end). I kind of felt afterward like I had violated your privacy in calling, even with a supportive message, so if I did, I'm so sorry.

I just wanted to say that I read your posts and I think they're great. I SO agree with you and it's high time that the "Christian left's" existence be known. I, like many others, am a liberal BECAUSE I'm a Christian.

I feel badly for you that Ann Coulter did what she did- I Wish she would wake up and realize that the way she behaves is totally lacking in class, morality, or any hint of Christianity. I just don't understand how she became so full of hate. But, instead of hating her, while I already know that she wants me and some of the people I love to meet a brutal death, I will pray for her, as I know that you are.

I admire your class and thank you for speaking up. I grew up watching "Too Close for Comfort" and it's so nice to see an actress I liked as a young girl become a woman that I admire for her convictions. (I'm not too much younger than you, though- I'm 33)

Please keep writing- You have a gift for getting your point across and showing what REAL Christian values are.

Love you all and God Bless you Ann Coulter!! Lydia