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  1. Dear Mr President. Please keep us safe by removing our liberties, our decency, our humanity and our laws, rights and customs. Please turn us into a choking police state where no terrorist (or tourist) would dare come. Never mind that only 3000 of us have been killed by terrorists in the last 20 or 30 years. Never mind the millions of us killed during the same time period by other means like car accidents, illness, disease, crime, exploding oil rigs,..vending machines landing on our heads…., no never mind all that. Because we like those deaths.

    We don’t mind getting killed by some drunken moron with a handgun, or a drunk driver behind the wheel of a hummer. No sir, those things are fine with us. In fact we’ll line up for them because those deaths somehow hurt less.

    All we’re worried about is the very scary evil terrorists.

    So we gladly sign over our freedoms, liberties, decency, humanity, and anything else you’d like to take from us in order to just keep our precious mocha latte drinking Nindtendo playing mini van driving butts safe.

    We’re your sheep. Lead us well.


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    Thanks, dude! That explains it.

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  16. We are indeed in a police state.
    If you do not believe me, just go to any airport or football game.
    We have lost so much of our freedom because no one in government really understands the words ...
    "By the people and for the people."
    In other words, this country belongs to the people, but over the years, things got turned around.

    George Vreeland Hill

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