Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Here are some pics of Sunday when I put medals around the winners of the Triathlon at Los Alamitos Beach during the Special Olympics World Games.

Friday, July 10, 2015



I told my friend, who's a psychoanalyst, "I think I'll stop worrying and analyzing my problems and see what happens."
She nearly bit my head off. She said, "Are you crazy? You have to analyze your problems or they might go away!"

For me, having a pity party is the fastest way to hell. Instead I like to look up, see that the sky isn't falling, and realize it could be worse. Then find a way to laugh at yourself.  This too shall pass.

Take a deep breath and accept that this is what is happening for whatever reason, at this moment.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and wiser.  We don't have control or power over other people's screw-ups or pathology, lack of morals or unkindness. We only have control over our reactions.  We can choose to think good thoughts even about our enemies, and not resist anything going on at any moment.  Disease and stress (which creates biochemical pathways to disease) are created when we are in resistance to the moment: when we are wanting something that is not happening or trying to prevent something from happening, or not being in agreement with reality.  Acceptance is the key to serenity. 

Thoughts have substance, and we manifest those things that occupy our thoughts. "What you think about grows, so be careful, watch what you allow into your mind.  We have the power to reverse our circumstances by reversing our thoughts. Surrender to the moment. Accept whatever is happening, no matter how "bad" it looks or feels. Acceptance is the key to serenity.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


CEO Dan PriceTook Pay Cut to Raise Salaries

When CEO Dan Price raised the minimum wage to $70,000 at his small business in April, the story went viral, and Gravity Payments, a Seattle company that processes credit card payments, became an overnight household name. 
Price dropped his salary from about $1 million to $70,000 in order to increase pay for many of his employees. 
In the weeks that have followed, Price has received hundreds of messages — some from CEOs who followed suit with similar moves and others from critics who feel the decision will destroy Price's company. 
Of all the notes that he has received, the most striking to Price was a stack of 33 letters — delivered by mail — from a class of sixth graders at Woodbury Elementary School in Irvine, California.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Lydia Cornell, Ray from American Gladiators
From our host Monte Cook: "Thanks to everyone that make the inaugural Race around the Marina a success. The sun came out for the event the first time in June. The sponsor cocktail party had 40 on board Mer Sea enjoying my wife's gourmet appetizers and plenty of libation. The race had over thirty racers from all over the southland. We had fifteen vendor booths (all sponsors listed at Celebrities and public officials enjoyed a ride on the fire dept boat during the parade. El Torito served up lunch to all in attendance. If you believe in the cause please donate at ( new site just launched) and encourage others as we have a long way to goal to buy the first home for our homeless Veterans. Have a happy summer solstice."

Jerry O'Brien founder of Networker on Wheels

Jerry O'Brien of Networker on Wheels

I want to thank the wonderful, generous Monte Cook III and his wonderful wife for hosting us at the Marina del Rey event on Saturday, June 20 to raise awareness and funds to build homes for homeless veterans.

This was the 1st annual Marina del Rey "Race Around the Harbor"

Cynthia DeJesus, MS. WHEELCHAIR CA. President

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SEXISM: Rose McGowan's Seven Bold Tips for Fighting Sexism in the Film Industry

From Indie Wire

Here are a few actions you can take to improve and change the role of women in film and the role of film in society.
--Just because a writer or director "succeeded" at something before doesn't mean they should do it again. 
--If you know certain directors (men) behave reprehensibly, fight against their hire and offer up alternatives. BE BOLD. If someone is a known dickhead, stop their hire. If they are misogynists, stop their hire. These are not the people we need to reward. Stand up and stop perpetuating the cycle. We are responsible. Stop protecting evil. We didn't join the Mafia when we joined this business. We owe no one our vow of silence.  
--Suggest traditional men's roles be turned into ones for women. It will instantly make your work more layered. Anyone from the lead to the sidekick to a character with one line -- turn them into women. It is imperative that we start seeing women on film in other roles than The Wife or The Sexpot. How boring. Let's reflect on film what society ACTUALLY looks like: 50% female. Women are in all kinds of jobs and have complex lives, so put that on the screen. I'm curious about the plumber who says two words on film if she's a woman. What's her story? How'd she get there? People love relating to othe rpeople onscreen. So why aren't we women allowed to relate to our own lives? Where is our representation? Let's take action to change these tropes. It is time. 
--Put female writers and directors on the TOP of your lists. Do it every time. If asked why, say why not, smile and walk away. Give them something to think about. It's about time to see women in films as equals. This is a simple way to start. Remember: Just because it's been done a certain way doesn't mean it should still be done that way. The sad fact is, Hollywood is out of date. Let's bring our town into the modern world. Dwindling ticket sales are a reflection of how largely passé Hollywood films are. Let's be better, let's do better.
--Stop rewarding males that do half-ass jobs. Hire women instead of men. Be bold when you hire. Go with your gut. Go with someone interesting and not someone "safe." 
--If someone yells at you or puts you down, stop them in their tracks. Retrain them. If someone says your name wrong, you correct them, so why don't we do it when mistreated? Correct bad behavior as it happens. If Scott Rudin throws a phone at your head, throw one back and throw it harder. No one gets to abuse you. If someone is a misogynist, an abuser of talent and crew, or worse, DO NOT LET THEM GET HIRED.
--Finally, please stop viewing film and TV as product. It is not product. You and I are making documented history. We are creating a time capsule. Choose what you put in it wisely. 
We can be the change we want to see. Let's go, let's have an agenda, and let's do this.