Wednesday, January 27, 2010


FINALLY OBAMA is right. He is the moral conscience of our country. Thank God he brought up the sickening game of politics and the horrifying Supreme Court reversal of a 100-year-old decision, which will now allow lobbyists from the wealthiest corporations, foreign agents, terrorists or anyone with money to buy politicians. This kind of corruption cannot be legalized. 

Thank God he said GAYS must be allowed in the militiary - a civil rights issue, and EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK for WOMEN!!

It is a shame that the greatest nation on earth is at a standstill — unable to move forward and create new wealth, jobs, green industries — while China, India and Germany rush forward into the new millennium without a Republican obstructionist party spewing lies and fear, a party that cares more about getting re-elected than it does about the American people, enabled by a timid bunch of Dems, who are equally afraid of the bullies.

Thank God we have a president who gets it — an intelligent, moral, reasonable and compassionate man who is humble enough to see his own faults clearly. At first I thought he had been threatened by the Powers-that-Be. I almost believed the conspiracy theorists who believed Obama had been threatened with assassination by a triumvirate consisting of the military industrial complex, the banking empirate and the pharmaceutical mafia.  Rumor has it according to Norman Solomon -  that the Military industrial complex was responsbile for the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., JFK and Bobby.  

But his State of the Union speech gave me hope that Obama is finally seeing that he can't negotiate with Republicans. A man is worth nothing if he doesn't stand for what's right. Bullies can't win and might does not make right. 


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  1. He definitely hit the republicans on the mark by calling them out on their obstructionism.

  2. He did mention gays in the military and, yes, that was good. I just hope that he actually does something about it this time. Rhetoric is good. But it needs to be followed by action.

  3. I tink what Steempy iz trying 2say iz thet his fellow Dems wont fall in2 line, so he needs the Repubs to cover heez marxist azz

  4. Eets kinda hard to b obstructionist when u dont hav the power to stop anyting

  5. Marxist?


    I think you need to tighten the tin foil a bit more.

  6. we have Marxism in America?

  7. For a Marxist President Obama sure is a obliging one.

    I don't ever remember seeing a President do what President Obama did today, throwing himself into the lions den as it were by allowing himself to be interrogated by the republicans, his sworn enemies, live on television.

    What the hell was that???

  8. That sure put a rest to that "he needs a teleprompter" nonsense, huh?

  9. This one guy who've they've been bashing and working to destroy since he was sworn in, single handedly kicked every one of their asses.


    On camera.

  10. It looked like Jesus and the Pharisee's.

  11. Did you see Mike Pence's face when he was questioning him? lol ...reading his question from a folder?

    His face was red as a beet.

  12. Voice all shakey...trembling as he tried to lie directly to the mans face.

  13. And did you see Boehner?

    He looked like he was gonna lay an egg.

  14. ...wo unto you scribes....Pharisees, ....hypocrites!


  15. All that crap we've had to listen to from the trolls about his needing a

    Well we all saw today who needed the teleprompters and it was the republicans, trembling in his presence..reading their weak lies that dissolved entirely in the wake of his non-teleprompted responses and rebukes.

    You don't see this everyday.

  16. Whether or not I agree or disagree with him in the future one thing is for sure. I can't call him timid anymore.

    I know I wouldn't have had the courage it must have taken to go into his enemies camp like that and take questions on camera. No way. I wouldn't have even thought of doing it.

    I mean they had written prepared questions, traps, trip ups, media presentations, etc and he's there just responding on his own to all these people.

    This was Jimmy Stewart like.

  17. Mr Smith finally came back to Washington.

  18. Say what you want about this President but what he did today took courage.

  19. Gee, the poor trolls have been silent all night on this one. I can imagine.

    They just saw the entire sitting GOP get spanked by the President they've been working like rats to defeat.

  20. Gee, day two and no troll revisionism yet. Looks like he really left a mark this time.

  21. And gee, where's President Obama's moderate supporter Will?

    He came in long enough to voice his "concerns" over the State of the Union address and the President's commitment to his speech, but now that the President has confronted his enemies in their own camp and made fools of them, Will.

    He must be too choked up with emotion.

  22. Hey Ghost, nice web page

  23. I haven't seen CRusty for a while now

  24. Thanks Teeluck.

    Feel free to leave a comment on it or here. I'm always up for a philosophical discussion.

    Yea, looks cRusty and company are busy helping Mike Pence and the rest of the GOP Senate find their nuts.

    Seems they dropped them when the President met them face to face.

  25. Where has "THAT" Obama been for the last year.............if we had, had that same guy we saw last Friday health care and many other inniatives would have gotten passed.......he was so good i actually watched him twice!!!

    He was fantastic he exposed their lies, hippocrissy and obstructionism and he did it with a smile and witty barbs as well as the facts..........he made the repugs look like the slimy ignorant parisan obstructionist hacks they really are.

  26. I loved it when he mocked the knuckledragging morons for their stupid Socialism/Marxism/death panels talk when he basically said how do you take people seriously that try to portray an inniative to give people affordable health care as some kind of Bolshevik plot to install government "death panels" to kill old people.

    Same thing with the budget......the repuggies keep trying to say Obama quadrupled the current budget when GWB actually tripled it before Obama even took office.

    letting lies go unchallenged is very dangerous because if people here something repeated often enough particularly by some suit on tv who "LOOKS" credible they tend to believe those lies......and people have been sold some real whoppers lately like

    1) the "liberal media" when the truth is the media is OVERWHELMINGLY conservative.........conservatives have a virtual monoply on the radio most newspapers and magazines are decidedly conservative and most tv stations frame everything to the conservative view point, almost never challenge or discredit conservative lies or dishonest talking points and almost always have WAY MORE conservatives on than progressives or liberals.

    2) Conservatives are fiscally conservative while liberals like to tax and spend..........this widely accepted talking point couldnt be more false over the last 50 years it has been the conservatives who have run up the biggest budget deficits mamely GWB, Reagan, Bush fact the conservatives dont have ANYONE over the last 50 years they can point to who actually was fiscally conservative they ran up budget deficits almost 2-3 tmes bigger than democrats their job creation was less than half of most demacratic administrations and yet...............we keep hearing this urban legend about how ONLY conservatives are good for the economy and can control the budget and create has that Orwellian ring to it kinda like when the repuggies say ONLT THEY CAN KEEP US SAFE FROM TERRORISTS.........when they are the very ones who failed so completely to do that very thing and actually keep us safe from terrorists.

  27. Ren_Höek said...
    I tink what Steempy iz trying 2say iz thet his fellow Dems wont fall in2 line, so he needs the Repubs to cover heez marxist azz"

    Oh look Volty is spewing the inbred knuckledragger talk from yet ANOTHER sock puppet........newsflash little troll you cant try to portray him and the demacrats in Congress as a "socialist" or "Marxist" at the same time your trying to portray them as corporatist establishment people who are in league with the big banks, big pharma and insurance companies and their lobbyists it just doesnt make sense.

    If you morons had half a brain you would be trying to portray them as in league with the banks and insurance and drug companies and beholden to their lobbyists..........but you guys arent that smart and whats left of your base is a a pretty dimwitted demographic that will believe anything you morons tell them.............goodluck convincing the rest of the country in the next election that you clowns who have been dead wrong on virtually EVERYTHING over the last decade are the solution rather than the problem.

  28. Ren_Höek said...
    Eets kinda hard to b obstructionist when u dont hav the power to stop anyting"

    Another example of just how knuckledragging ignorant and/or dishonest this little troll is..........the repugs have stopped virtually EVERYTHING over most of the last year.

    he's spewing half truths and urban legends AGAIN the repugs threaten to Fillibuster EVERYTHING and the Dems DONT have a 60 seat majority Joe Lieberman is as foul or fouler than most repugs and most of the Conserva-dems are worthless and are nothing more than repugs in drag.......the dems need to grow spines like Obama did and ram the will of the people through with a simple majority as is the norm in this country.......they need to tell the repugs to put on their pointy hats and go sit in the corner if all they want to do is obstruct the process.

  29. A 60 vot magoritie iz enuff 2 overide a fillibooster,

    so ur prblem iz wit teh Dems not teh Repubs, no?

  30. I like u, ur dumber then Steempy

  31. Hey "genius" pay attention there NEVER has been a 60 vote majority because there arent 60 real dems in fact genius there werent even 60 members of Congress CALLING themselves demacrats...........thats a lie the MSM and repug clowns like you keep trying to push for some mysterious reason.

    But again like I said having 60 members that robotically vote in unison is a moot point........the REAL point that needs to be focused on is that the majority NEEDS to find the stones to defeat the pathetic obstructionism of the minority partyu and those dems in drag that are fellow travelors with the obstructionist repugs that put the will of the corporate lobbyists over the will of the American people.

  32. Until Obama took office a simple majority was all that was required to pass a bill in the Senate this crazy notion that 60 votes are "REQUIRED" to pass a bill is unprecedented and its from repug obstructionism...........and THATS what we need to focus on not your dog and pony side show that is nothing more than a deflection and dishonest repug talking point that 60 votes is required to get anything passed.

    lets not forget troll that you repugs rammed your stupid tax cuts for the wealthy through with a simple majority by using Reconciliation!

  33. Did you see the repuggies When Obama said he wanted to make the Banks and Wall Street pay back the American people for saving their ass with the bailout..........they looked like they were at a funeral dirge or wanted to lay an egg.........the demacrats were clapping and cheering while the repugs sat there like it was a funeral.

    I guess the repugs are against Wall Street and the Banks paying back the the American tax will be "interesting" to see if the "obstructionist Party of "NO" has the stones to actually vote against this.

  34. Whats wrong sock puppetron cat got your tongue?

  35. Reconciliation...we should use that everytime, we don't have any hope of getting any repugs to smarten up and do something for the American people

  36. Hey guys, visit my blog... it's new but I think you would like it, lydia likes it too.

  37. You know it Teeluck!

  38. Anonymous12:15 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. Anonymous12:27 PM

    There is nothing wrong with our country.

    There is nothing wrong with our economy.

    There is nothing wrong with the world.

    There is something wrong if you THINK it.

  40. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Nothing lasts forever.

    Nothing is permanant.

    And this too shall pass.

  41. Anonymous

    R U saying thet teh problems wit teh economy and medical care an global warming iz onlee


  42. Hey Steempy

    Howse thet glo-bull warming treetin ya?

  43. Hmmm, lets see. When I was a young man scientists warned us then about Global warming.

    They said that as sea temperatures rise, so will "PRECIPITATION EVENTS", including rain, sleet, snow and hail.


    Looks like they were right, even if the inbred halfwit here is too stupid to understand that global warming doesn't mean its just going to get warmer.

  44. And you are an inbred halfwit.

    The illiterate content of your comments proves that.

  45. They were right...I had a blizzard yesterday in New York...

  46. The irony here is this is 3rd grade science.

    Remember how we all did the "vapor" experiments back in grade school?

    What did we learn?


    The sad part is the republican party has become essentially a collective embodiment of Cliff Clavin.

    Idiots like this "Ren_Hoek" here (cRusty) are too embarrassingly stupid to even know the basics the rest of us learned in grade school.

    Climatologists have been warning for years that global warming would bring massive increases in precipitation, including rain, sleet, snow and hail.

    Yet when we get those massive increases in rain, sleet, snow and hail, the bumbling bumpkin that is cRusty\aka\Hoek stumbles in and declares "see, lots of snow so global warming is wrong".

    Thank you Cliff Clavin.

  47. So,let me get this straight....if its cold and snowing,its caused by global warming and if its warm and sunny its also caused by global warming.

    What if its just partly cloudly?

    Or perhaps a light rain?

    Thats a pretty convincing point you've made there sport.

  48. Don't hurt yourself there Clif Clavin.

    You need to be at least as smart as a 3rd grader to wrap your peabrain around it.

  49. When you graduate second grade and move on to third, you'll get to do fun little experiments with heat, bunson burners, the works.

    And one of them will show you how warmer air holds more moisture.

    32 degrees is not cold for February in DC. Its usually much colder.

    The warmer air holds more moisture.

    That means more snow, rain, sleet and hail.

    I know it hurts your stupid little head Cliff Clavin, but don't worry.

    Inbreds have rights too.

  50. The climatologists told us there will be massive snow storms due to global warming.

    And we see they were right.

    So the idiot republicans like this twit here play politics with science because as this moron here just demonstrated, they're too stupid to actually understand it.

  51. The republican party.

    The collective Cliff Clavin's of our time.

  52. And you wanna hear the irony here?

    The moron who played Cliff Clavin is a republican and a teabagging one to boot!


    I guess this is what they mean by "Typecasting".

  53. My,my,what a small bitter man you are.

    Because of your insecurities you feel compelled to call an actor who played a part in a comedy sitcom a moron.

    At least he accomplished something in his life...unlike you.

  54. Cliff Clavin?


    He wasn't acting.

  55. Poor,poor small man.Insecurities abound.

  56. Poor stupid little neocon waterboy.

    Knows I'm right which is why he has no response.

  57. Apparently Cliff Clavin is Chronic Cowboy's idol.

    Makes sense. Since like most republicans Clavin is a babbling idiot spouting nonsense about things he knows nothing about.

    He's the perfect republican role model.

  58. I think Chronic Cowboy wants to teabag Cliff Clavin.

  59. And the manatees in Florida are dying because the water's too cold......Look, I suspect that there IS some global warming. I'm even frigging open to the fact that man indeed may be causing some of it. But to say that only one side of this argument is throwing the anecdotes around is ridiculous.

  60. Who cares what you "suspect"?

    We have the international community of climatologists, scientists across the globe, the climatologists and meteorologists at NASA, etc to tell us what's going on.

    We don't need some know nothing partisan pinhead in a blog to lecture us on matters of science or try to steer us to the handful of bought and sold scientists who shill for the republican party.

    When you get your PHD in a climate related field and work 10 or 20 years in the field researching the subject, let us know. At that point we'll be happy to hear what you suspect.

    Until then when we want the opinion of a know nothing hack we'll turn on the Glenn Beck show.

  61. Ladies and gentlemen,...I give you..., ..Cliff Clavin.

  62. " its a little known fact that yer uhh ...typical Manatee uses store bought mustache he does this in order to make his mustache appear larger...thus inducing the uhh.. female of the species to know...find him sexually more veracious and uhhh stimulating . in the uhhh masculine sense of the word.. and where to know...conjugate the uh..the walrus-ship....., as it were...."

  63. Cliff Clavin.

    Fun to have a beer with but not someone you want to be getting scientific opinion from.

  64. It seems this worfeus blogger has a PHD in a "climate related" field.Either that or he's the local weather girl.

  65. Who exactly are these "climatoligist" he keeps refering to? Maybe his brother in law.

    And just where the hell has Al Gore been hiding during the past month?

    Tipper.....dont answer the door...let the machine pick it up.

  66. Once more, when we need a blithering idiot to give us their opinion on the science NASA provides us with, we'll let you know.

    Until then the Cliff Clavin look-alike tryouts are being held at the next Tea Bag convention.

    Good luck.

    You've got my vote.

  67. Cliff Clavin said...

    It seems this worfeus blogger has a PHD in a "climate related" field.

    No he doesn't. And unlike you he doesn't pretend to.

    Instead he simply relies on what The National Academy of Science and NASA report on the subject.

    I could listen to an babbling idiot like yourself I suppose, but then I'd have to be a babbling idiot too and one in the room at a time is enough.

  68. " when the male manatee has finished er....ingratiating the female of the species upon full twitterpation he removes himself thus freeing him for other duties.....little known fact many go on to teach Navy dolphins on the proper method of detonating a sea mine..."

  69. " fact I was offered a wrangling position at the Naval Dolphin and Manatee diving school.

    Course I turned it down to serve in the US Postal service..."

  70. now gee...who should I listen too.....the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the National Academy of Science, NASA,.. ?


    Or a Cliff Clavin replicant in a blog desperately trying to convince everyone to believe he and his party know best about matters of science?



    Tough call.

  71. Manatees need water to be at least 68 degrees in order to survive. It's currently under 50 (this, according to CNN - I don't listen to Glen Beck, you lunatic) down in Florida. And, yes, because of this FACT, 5-10% of the manatee population has been dying off. Does this prove or disprove global warming? No, it does neither. I just included it to see how a stark raving mad partisan would spin (or possibly ignore) it. And, yeah, I totally found out. Not well.

  72. No one said you did listen to Glenn Beck you lunatic 2.

    I said when I want the opinion of a know nothing hack I'll turn on the Glenn Beck show.

    Learn how to read.

  73. Ladies and genitalmen.

    I give you Cliff Clavin and the Manatees.

  74. The Republicans point fingers at Obama and the Democrats when it is the GOP that put us in this economic mess.
    It will take more than one year to fix things, but the Republicans are already calling their mess Obama's failure.
    I hope the voters start realizing that.
    We don't need the Republican Party in charge of things again.
    As far as equality, President Obama wants equal rights for all people.
    It does not matter if you are gay, black, white, man, woman, or whatever.
    We are all the same.
    We are people.
    Obama knows that.
    Too bad the GOP does not.

    George Vreeland Hill

  75. New post is up.



    (SORRY I've been away.)

  76. look at the troll brigade

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