Wednesday, April 09, 2014


The other day, I was on an adventure, exploring a hidden area with some co-workers for a show we are creating. We wandered through the canyon and shared horror stories, but then it became clear that the mission was much deeper. Sorry for being so cryptic but I can't reveal what we were up to yet, but I can say this: What presented itself was an opportunity to share love and to help someone wake up. Every human being needs to be heard and understood. The human heart  is healed by love. When you actually stop to help someone, your chemistry changes. The airwaves change. That day, in this place of death, I felt a shift happening. It was a resurrection -- as if a hundred years of hell was suddenly reversed by one change of focus. And at that moment, a butterfly flew over our heads and circled around us. The butterfly is a metaphor for transformation and renewal. All we need is love.

Pray -- hold love in your heart for the victims of the stabbing at Franklin Regional High School in Pittsburgh and for every human being on earth who is suffering from loss, grief, financial loss, depression, war, trauma, illness or injury.

Something is happening. It's a hardening of our society - a crass materialism where how you look and what you wear and how you pose is all that matters.

I used to say that we were snowballing toward excess and chaos — but it had to happen this way..  that the insane greed, porn and violence in this country have gone so far over the top that there is only one way to go: UP.  We have made the taboo all too thrilling (and profitable) because of our Puritan ethic. We are a nation of masochists: criticizing each other, shaming each other, chastising each other for our "sins" and lusts —  which helps sales of porn and guns and the taboo.

Death has become sexier than sex, as I wrote in my article about 'extermination speaker' Ann Coulter.

But it had to happen this way. We had to reach a chaotic, criminally insane breaking point. And it might get worse before it gets better. We are so immature; we thrive on style over substance. And though we've had too much too soon, reason and sanity are returning, despite appearances. The physical picture, the so-called "reality" we see with our senses has very little to do with reality. Like the software inside a computer, it's what's invisible that counts: the underlying harmony, love and hope we all hold in our hearts. Our desire for justice, equality, peace and the common good. These are the principles that hold mankind together. These are spiritual qualities. It's a "thought universe" and thoughts make the world, as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it. 

After all the sex, drugs and rock and roll.. after all the crap and materialism -- where else can we go but up?  
I have experienced miracles firsthand. I know of many others who have had these experiences and in fact, there is an abundance of good happening in the world. but the key to seeing it is to believe it in advance. If you are a doubting Thomas you won't be able to see these things called miracles, which are actually natural laws. 
Every day, focus on the good around you and if you are suffering expect a miracle. Miracles are actually natural laws. God is LOVE, not an anthropomorphic (man-like being) sitting in the sky. Prayer is the invisbile transfer of love to another. This has nothing to do with religion. Religion can be soothing and kind and wonderful, but it's still a man-made institution that is flawed and corruptible. But GOD is in every heart. The Kingdom is within you. Love one another. There is no power greater than LOVE.


  1. Worf, are you girding up for World War 3?

    The stage is being set for this. Russia's the bear on the move, and things will escalate out of control.

  2. Bible prophecy predicts these things in the Book of Revelation

  3. Global warming, earthquakes, horrific winters, tsunamis, and of course the state of Californicate, where sin originated...LOL

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Russia's simply doing what it saw George W Bush do and that is invade and occupy a sovereign nation just because he could. We all knew 10 years ago (and I said it in here) that he'd mimic Bush's invasion of Iraq somewhere. Russia always has to demonstrate equal might. I'm surprised it took him this long to act but its definitely a stupid move, just like our invasion of Iraq.

    And like our invasion of Iraq, its criminal.

    And like our invasion of Iraq, he'll probably get away with it too., ...for a while anyway.

    We can't start WWIII over Crimea, although if Russian Jets keep trying to buffalo heavily armed ships like the Donald Cook, we'll probably end up helping one set down in the ocean. In which case who knows?

    I doubt the people on either side are going to support a war though that would in fact, annihilate all life forms on the planet. Kind of hard to win a war where no ones left standing.

    Like I told you years ago under your other moniker, watch the movie "On the Beach". Not the original, watch the 4 hour remake with Armand Assante as the Submarine commander. Even you could learn a little wisdom from that movie.

    There are no winners in an atomic war.

    Just a dead rock, spinning around the sun with a bunch of other dead rocks.

  5. Anonymous4:20 PM

    But I doubt anything will come of it. Russia's got going for it the fact that a large pro-Russian movement in Crimea and throughout the Ukraine sets the stage for civil war, which things are moving towards. That takes pressure off Russia for being a conqueror more than a "liberator" of the people who want to rejoin Russia. He also has going for him that Crimea was once part of Russia. So I doubt things will go too far. Obama's problem is he's just like Bush, and just had to run his mouth at Putin spouting off warnings and threats, mostly to appease all the right wing detractors calling him weak, and now of course he has to either back off his threats and warnings and listen to the right wing trash him, or follow through on them, and listen to the right wing trash him for that.

    Whatever Obama does one things for sure.

    The right wing is going to hate it. Whatever it is.

  6. Anonymous4:24 PM

    But he should have moved more cautiously originally, and let the international community make the statements. I'd have let the UN address it, and reign Russia back in. Then if we had to step in we'd be the hero, backing them up. Just like we were in WWI and WWII. We didn't just jump in, we let the world handle the worlds problems, and then when they came to us and said help, we came in and ended the wars.

    Putin's wrong here, but not nearly as wrong as we were in Iraq. So I'm not sure how far we can take the "holier than thou" thing here.

    At the end of the day though, I think it'll all probably just blow over and fizzle out. That's what I'm praying for anyway.

  7. Anonymous10:35 AM

    All those professing to be Christian, should be praying for peace now. Those who are not praying for peace, are not Christians.