Saturday, July 14, 2012


 Listen to Lydia's PSA recorded at Coto de Caza Country Club during Pat Boone's Golf Tournament to raise money for his grandson's charity Ryan's Reach. Pat Boone's grandson Ryan accidentally fell off a building and suffers from traumatic brain injury. But great strides have been made in his recovery and that of many others, due to the charity High Hopes Head Injury Program, and Ryan's Reach.

Lydia Cornell invites you to the Eric Marienthal & Friends Jazz Concert at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach THIS SUNDAY, July 22, 2012 to raise funds for children and victims of traumatic brain injury High Hopes Head Injury Program & Ryan's Reach.

** Please note the change of date: it is JULY 22, not July 29.

JAZZ GREATS who have appeared in the past include: Johnny Mathis, Lou Rawls, David Benoit, David Koz, Al Jarreau, Debby Boone, Pat Boone, saxophonist Eric Marienthal and many more.

For tickets and more info:
High Hopes

Ryan’s Reach is a supporting organization organized under Internal Revenue Code section 509 (a)(2) that seeks to aid brain injured individuals and their families by providing financial resources and promotional support toHigh Hopes Head Injury ProgramThey are committed to expand the programs, services and outreach of High Hopes Head Injury Program to more effectively address the financial, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of Traumatic Brain Injury victims and their families.

Concert is on Sunday July 22, 2012 

at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
1107 Jamboree Rd. Newport Beach 92660

Purchase your General and VIP tickets below

Past Special Guest Performers


VIP Tickets Get You;

Dinner with celebrities

Open bar during dinner

Preferred seating

And early preview of auction items


Or call (949) 733-0044 to order tickets
2012 Eric Marienthal Concert Flyer 


  1. "Stupid Girl"

    You pretend you're high
    You pretend you're bored
    You pretend you're anything
    Just to be adored
    And what you need
    Is what you get

    Don't believe in fear
    Don't believe in faith
    Don't believe in anything
    That you can't break

    You stupid girl
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    What drives you on (what drives you on)
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    A million lies to sell yourself
    Is all you ever had

    Don't believe in love
    Don't believe in hate
    Don't believe in anything
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    You stupid girl
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    Can't believe you fake it
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    Don't believe in fear
    Don't believe in pain
    Don't believe in anyone
    That you can't tame

    You stupid girl
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    You stupid girl
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    You stupid girl
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    Super cool......mannnnnnn!!!!

  2. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Gee another one of the trolls blatant attacks on Lydia calling her stupid girl in her own blog.

    What a class act this one is.

  3. Anonymous12:08 AM

    We know who you are Bronze...
    And we remember the Night Rider.

  4. Nothing to do with Lydia.

  5. Agent Smith:

    Have you ever stood and stared at it, marveled at it's beauty, it's genius? Billions of people just living out their lives, oblivious.

    Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world. Where none suffered. Where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops were lost.

    Some believed that we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world. But I believe that as a species, human beings define their reality through misery and suffering.

  6. Anonymous3:20 PM

    The One Who Thinks People Are as Dumb as His lies said...

    "Nothing to do with Lydia."

    And if you believe that folks, he's got some great vacation property for sale near Niagra.

    : |

    A nice suspension bridge too.

  7. Mook mook still stuck on a ten year old celluloid fantasy as his pretend grip on reality.

  8. Anonymous6:59 PM

    This is just his way of insulting Lydia. There's no reason for him to post this entire song on here to take up the entire first page of the thread. He is constantly saying similar things to her as you see in that song, mocking her faith, mocking her belief, questioning her intelligence. He does it all the time.

    This is just a way for him to call her stupid while maintaining a dubious degree of deniability.

    He does it all the time.


    Its his "Eddie Haskell" routine.

    Eddie used to constantly insult Mrs Cleaver while carefully gilding his insults in ambiguous compliments, like;

    "gee Mrs Cleaver, I love what you've done with your living room. Its amazing what one can do on a budget, even with such a small house".

  10. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Every time I try to look for the good in these two cretins, they go out of their way to remind me that there is none.

  11. Well they can keep on being deceptive and negative. It sucks to go through life like that.

    Me I would rather be open and honest, accept science and reality. Makes me a happier sentient being.

    That and the fact I just found out I'm gonna be a grandpa.

  12. WORFEUS11:04 PM

    No kidding Clif.

    Congratulations you old man you.

  13. And I know what you mean about being honest with yourself and accepting facts and not kidding yourself in life.

    I don't really understand the attraction to party loyalty and the self deception involved in indoctrinating oneself in ideology when the truth is so much simpler.

    Harder to deal with perhaps, but definitely easier to keep straight in your head.

    Republicans today seem to operate on pure hate and an unfettering devotion to ideology.

    Which is why I guess when confronted by an independent they have to try and paint them as an ideologue too. I guess its easier to accept their own ideologies if they keep telling themselves the other guys just an ideologue too.


    Its kind of like when Voltron insisted that it was the war that turned the economy around in the great depression and not the CCC, the NRA (the original NRA, not the gun nuts), and all the labor programs, the New Deal, the strengthening of US banks via legislation and federal oversight, etc.

    The facts are long before the war began the country had turned itself around. The business index DOUBLED in FDR's first term. He had to then deal with the drought and the dustbowls and still managed to turn the country around.

    Hoover with his "rugged individualism" and "belief in the free market to turn the economy around" stood fast to his republican ideologies just like these republicans do today and what did it get him?

    Took a recession to a depression in just a few short years. By the time of the election the people had had enough of his republican ideology crap, and wanted real action. CHANGE. Hoover claimed that federal regulation wasn't the answer until finally backed against the wall he started to try in the last year of his term, but it was too late.

    FDR came in and instead of ideology and bullshit, brought in a team of financial experts and started enacting sweeping legislation to reform the system and bring stability to the markets. And of course to put people back to work.

    Just like Obama has tried to do.

    But there was one difference between FDR and Obama.

    Do you know what that difference was?

    The difference was, back then Republicans still had functioning brains, and in FDR's first 100 days in office, the republicans signed into law every bill he put before the house. The republican house leader said "the house is on fire so lets give mister Roosevelt whatever he needs to put it out". And they did.

    Contrast that to the republican ideologues of today who refuse to give Obama anything to help get the economy moving forward.

    Rather than acknowledging that it was government intervention that has ALWAYS worked in the past, from FDR's banking holiday, work programs and legislation in infrastructure and agriculture, banking reforms and federal oversight, etc, to George Herbert Walker Bush's federal intervention in the S%L crises. Time and again we've seen doing something works.

    And time and again we've seen sitting on our hands and saying "the market will correct itself" does not work.

    So rather than focusing on WHATEVER works, republicans focus on IDEOLOGY. They sit back, talk about belief in rugged individualism which is just a fancy term for "every man for himself", and attack any attempts at federal intervention as "socialism". They did the same thing with FDR back then, even though the republican congress originally worked with him.

    In fact, the conservative farmers originally back when Hoover was still in office tried their own method of driving up agriculture prices by committing armed hijackings of produce trucks going into the city, dumping much needed food and milk on the ground at gunpoint while Americans were starving everywhere, just to try to get a few extra cents for their own produce. And guess what they referenced when doing so?

    That's right. A "TEA PARTY".

    They haven't changed. These people are the lowest common denominator this country has.Dull witted, do nothing good for nothing armed bums.

    Not like the republican that was Teddy Roosevelt, who actually BUILT THINGS and DID THINGS. No sir. These republicans today are unrecognizable to the sort of republican that Roosevelt was.

    They're fanatical ideologues and would rather the country burn to the ground than grow under the opposition party.


    "Every effort to confine Americanism to a single pattern, to constrain it to a single formula, is disloyalty to everything that is valid in Americanism."

    -- Henry Steele Commager

  16. WORKEUS11:34 PM

    We need to get past these ideologues who wouldn't even give President Obama the one basic tool ALL PRESIDENTS in modern time have been given, and that is the ROUTINE raising of the debt ceiling, and get on with the process of making things work again.

    These Tea Party LOONS, nutcases and idiots that they are, are the ones tearing this country down.

    We need people who aren't ideologues and instead are just interested in making it work again.


    Oh my, my sides hurt!



    Oh ouch...

  18. Oh and Worfy?

    It wasn't Voltron who claimed that it was two economics professors at Berzerkely of all places.

    And since PROFESSORS said it it must be a fact. You know, un-debatable...

    So please just accept it and move on.

  19. And Cliffy?

    I know it sounds cool to be a grandpa and all that, but with the economy the way it is welfare just can't take the hit right now...

  20. Never seen Volt cackle that hard!

    Congratulations Cliffy on being a grandpa.......guess that makes you an old fart now.

    : )

  21. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I don't care if it was two hundred dancing bears from a Tea Party circus slim.

    Its a fact that the economy turned around long before the war.

    When Hoover was in office sitting on his hands preaching "rugged individualism" the streets were full of the impoverished and unemployed and of course the lines of depositors withdrawing their money from the banks causing them to fail left and right, in the famous "run on the banks".

    That's FACT, not opinion asshole.

    And when FDR took over, and instituted sweeping legislation it took the young men out out of the cities and put them to work, job creation returned, the banks were stabilized by his legislative actions which also brought back foreign confidence in the US dollar and the country returned to prospering.

    By the time we entered the war, nightlife in the cities went from Hoovers food lines to lines at the theaters and movie houses, restaurants and pubs.

    And that's fact, regardless of your inbred, uneducated tea party home schooled nonsense or articles you found that don't seem to know that most of this in ON FILM.

  22. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Of course what can you expect from a halfbaked tin foil hat wearing twit (or his little ankle dog moo moo) who thinks NASA is a liberal conspiracy trying to turn us all into communists.

  23. Anonymous6:31 PM

    As for the laughter, typical laughter you'd find in any insane asylum, which is where you Tea Party twits belong.

  24. Anonymous6:39 PM

    In fact, one of the major causes of the depression was the stupid self righteous ideologues (evangelical protestants) who thought imposing prohibition of alcohol sales would somehow help the country.

    It didn't.

    What it did do is killed the economy as MILLIONS lost their jobs in pubs, restaurants, bars, brewery's, bottling plants, transportation, etc.

    Stupid republican "moral majority" half wits.

    When FDR ended the stupidity of prohibition, more jobs and wealth returned.

    But the facts don't mean a thing to these two tea party stooges.

    They're out listening to clowns like Michelle Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh telling them Obama's a "secret muslim".

    Now that's funny stuff.

  25. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I just wish I could get on their preferred vendors list for aluminum foil.

    I'd make a killing.

  26. but with the economy the way it is welfare just can't take the hit right now...

    Yo Voltron, my daughter is serving in the US Army

    No welfare involved.

    Nice to see you still slither the same way you always have

  27. You better read up on prohibition Worfy, it was enacted over a decade before the great depression began.


  28. Glad to hear it's the US Army Cliffy, I just figured she'd followed her fathers footsteps...

  29. And as for your theory about the causes of the great depression Worfy, you're not even close to any recognized legitimate economists theories...

  30. I get the impression you're just pulling material out of your arse again. As usual.

  31. Just out of curiosity Cliffy, is she going to fulfill her commitment, or take a chapter 8?

  32. Anonymous7:43 PM

    That's not a theory.

    It's history....because it happened.

    Clearly in the trailer park you where you were home schooled they didn't teach about prohibition or the mass loss of jobs and industry caused by it.

    Again though, what can I expect from a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut who was homeschooled in a trailer park by the same?

  33. Anonymous7:47 PM

    "I get the impression you're just pulling material out of your arse again"

    No, actually just watched an interesting film on it from the 1950s where they pointed out the damage done by prohibition and the industry and jobs that repeal played on the depression.

    First FDR started with light beer (3.2) and wine. Then when that proved a success he opened it back up.

    Again, more facts that I can't expect to penetrate the multiple layers of tin foil covering your head.

  34. Anonymous7:51 PM

    And of course because you're not interested in facts. Just "your facts". Not history. Just your opinions of it. Not science. Just your opinions on it.

    Because you're a card carrying buttlicking ideological puppet, like the rest of the goons in your puppet brigade.

    Some day you may figure out what it means to be independent and think for yourself.

    For now, seig heil little trollboy, seig heil.

  35. Anonymous7:54 PM

    And Clif served asshole. So is his daughter. You however are a coward who boasted and bragged how you were going to sign up, and now 6 years later are still are still in here running your mouth. Never having made good on your big talk.

    Typical for your sort though.

  36. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Thinking for yourself means looking for the good wherever it may reside.

    Looking for truth and casting off ideological principles for the nonsense that they are.

    A great President was Teddy Roosevelt, because he built things, stood up to tyranny and helped create domestic progress.

    Another great President was George H W Bush, who confidently and decisively met tyranny on the battle field while rallying the world together to stand against it and who also confidently and decisively confronted domestic economic collapse with smart effective government legislation.

    In other words, he did something.

    And he never, ever "beat his chest" about it, like you big mouthed chest beating braggarts who do nothing and think that makes them men.

    I look for the best and throw out the rest, and I don't care what party or ideological corner it comes from.

    And when I see a bunch of lying, ignorant lunatics waving signs and guns and tearing down our country for their own childish hate and ignorance, I call it what it is.

    I don't care which side of the aisle it comes from.

  37. US Army Cliffy, I just figured she'd followed her fathers footsteps...

    She did,

    My father served in the US Army, Korean War 50-52;

    I served in the US Army Desert storm 90-91;

    She serves in the US army Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004-2005

    keep slithering it is the only thing you got left


    America Heading Towards a Collapse Worse Than 2008 AND Europe! Says Peter Schiff

    By Jeff Macke | Breakout – 7 hours ago

    1. Get Out of Treasuries
    The U.S. dollar is going to get trashed in Schiff's scenario. Locking in a yield on a government 10-year bond of 1.5% is a paltry return in the first place. Should inflation tick up to even 5%, a level much lower than that seen in the early 1980s, bond owners would have 3.5% less buying power at the end of every year. If they go to sell the bond, they'll only find buyers at a much lower price than what they paid.

    2. Own the Right Stocks
    With bonds and the dollar bearing the brunt of the pain, Schiff says stocks will outperform dramatically, provided you own the right ones. Exporters and multi-national corporations will benefit from a weak dollar. Better still would be to buy foreign stocks and avoid the U.S. entirely.

    3. Buy Silver and Gold
    Schiff says the recent weakness in these precious metals is just a pause as we wait for the other shoe to drop. Most of those on Main Street haven't even taken positions yet in gold or silver. Once they start dropping bonds and looking for a place to hide, the price of these metals will soar.


    Yea, lets all listen to a failed republican hack who's only goal is to crash the economy so he can blame it on Obama. Peter Schiff for those unfamiliar is a failed republican candidate for senate in Connecticut, and a right wing radio host. He makes his money by driving business out of the united states and overseas. And as usual here he is predicting doom and gloom while simultaneously advising Americans to do those things which will help bring about that doom and gloom.

    1. Take your money out Treasuries.

    2. Buy FOREIGN STOCKS and invest in MULTI NATIONAL Corporations.

    3. HOARD, by GOLD and SILVER and HOARD IT. This is the antithesis of driving an economy, and he knows it.

    I don't care who you vote for this November but one things for sure. INVESTING in America, not "slashing spending" is the only way out of a recession or depression. Just ask FDR and the all but 2 states that reelected him in a landslide in his second term, because his first term of INVESTMENT SPENDING brought back the economy and ended the food lines. It takes money to make money people. And if you start "SLASHING AND HOARDING" then nothing's moving forward. This clown Schiff is advising Americans to NOT INVEST IN AMERICA. He's saying take your money out of US Stocks and bonds, which is the most unamerican and stupid thing a "strategist" could tell you. This is a formula to do one thing and one thing only. Cause a crash.

    Just like in the Great Depression, when depositors took their money OUT of US banks the banks crashed and the recession turned into a depression. The people voted Hoover (REPUBLICAN) out of office because he sat on his hands and did nothing, telling Americans to "suck it up" and that "the free market is the best way out". Well it wasn't. And so the people voted in FDR (Democrat) who DID SOMETHING. He INVESTED in infrastructure and job creation. He enacted sweeping reform legislation for the banking system that led to Glass\Stegall which in turn brought back foreign confidence in the US Dollar. Like Teddy Roosevelt (Smart Republican) he built things, like highways, bridges and tunnels. He created federal work programs like the CCC and the NRA (not the gun group) and repealed prohibition (republicans prohibited liquor sales which helped kill industry). All this brought back jobs and the economy and ended the food lines. People went back to work and after work they went out and spent money which in turn drove the economy. In his first week in office he enacted the "banking holiday" which ended the "run on the banks" and then got on the radio and told Americans to stop acting like cowards and pulling their money out of US Banks and industry because that leads to even further collapse. Instead he told them to put their money back into US banks, stocks, and industry and to spend, NOT HOARD. And it worked. Which is why 4 years later EVERY STATE IN NATION except for two reelected him along with a democratic congress. Because what they did, WORKED.

    It takes money to make money people. And if you listen to right wing losers like this Peter Schiff clown, who's only goal is to see it crash and burn so he can blame it on Obama, then it will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

    If you want the US to succeed, then the LAST person you want to listen to is a right wing clown who is telling you to invest in FOREIGN stocks and bonds and NOT the United States of America. He's unamerican, and anyone who listens to him is working for our country to fail.

  40. Anonymous8:33 PM

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    If this guy knew what he was talking about, he'd be telling people to look at "ARNA".

    My feeling? Anyone buying now at 11 dollars a share should see a nice return on their investment over the next 6 to 12 months.

    (Stock trading involves risk. No warranty or guarantees of profit or loss avoidance is assured or implied)

  42. EPIC FAIL from a right winger as usual.

  43. Hey worf, I think I found Voltron


    So he graduated from hand molded Tin Foil to an aluminum colander with a chin strap?


    I should have known he'd go high tech.

  45. If he wants to worry about something;

    This might be it;

    On Drought, Food, And Global Insecurity

    The national Drought Monitor recently declared [abnormally dry conditions or] a drought for almost 80% of the contiguous United States, ranging in intensity [up] to “drought-exceptional.”

    Five days ago, the U.S. Department of Agriculture followed by declaring disasters in 26 U.S. states. This is the largest national disaster area ever declared.

    But while the drought is obviously a serious concern for the U.S. (historically, droughts are the nation’s most costly natural disaster), it also has worrying implications for other countries that are tied to the U.S. through the global food market. Coupled with other recent extreme weather events across the globe, the U.S. drought could have a globally destabilizing influence...

    Record-breaking droughts, and an uncertain climate future

    The conditions of this drought are abnormal. The drought happened suddenly - what is called a “flash drought” – because it has occurred over a matter of months, rather than seasons or years. It is associated with record-breaking temperatures, and has been labeled among the worst droughts in U.S. history.

    Collective impact of crop failure across the globe

    It is also important to consider that the drought and crop failures in the U.S. are not happening in isolation. In recent years, extreme hot and dry weather has forced Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to reduce their harvest forecasts (and two studies explicitly link the devastating Russian heat wave of 2010 to climate change). European Union wheat yields this year will be smaller, in part, because Spain is suffering from the second worst drought in fifty years. North and South Korea are facing the worst drought in a century. Shifts in glacial melt and rainfall are threatening crops in Pakistan. The proliferation of locusts throughout West Africa is threatening household food security. Recent floods in Japan, India and Bangladesh are threatening rice crops. Argentina’s soy crops were severely depleted because of a shortage of rain. And in Mali, drought combined with other factorsled to a major humanitarian disaster in the region. The list goes on.

    Many of these conditions are record-setting, or the worst of their kind in decades and sometimes centuries. And climate projections threaten to make matters worse. What this means is that it is possible that the global food market is about to witness an unusual amount of stress. It is not entirely clear if the market is prepared for it, or even if nations have the capacity to adequately respond.

    A very large part of the Arab Spring uprising were linked to a doubling of food prices. This doesn't bode well for places where governments stay in power by using food to quell the local populace anger. A large part who are the client states of US based international corporations, or the center of world oil supplies.

    But of course Global Warming is a BIG conspiracy. Tea baggers will speculate liberals are using wiccan spells to create the drought and floods that are shrinking the worlds food supplies as you read this ...... (Before they accept the actual science that is.)


    We've been here before too. Conservative mindsets of "trash and destroy" when it comes to the planet (like drill baby drill) had them stripping the trees in mass logging, which led to soil erosion and when the rains came, washed away the good Oklahoma top soil, which in turn when the drought came turned into the dust storms and decimated the region.

    The country was up in arms. People were marching on Washington demanding change.

    They booted out the do nothing Republican President Hoover, and elected FDR.

    FDR's "Civilian Conservation Corps" not only took the young men off the streets, but cleaned up the damage and helped reverse the ecological damage and in turn helped restore America and the economy.

    Just listen to the men still alive today who were members of the CCC and how it not only saved them from the food lines, but saved the country from the destruction wreaked by the trash and burn mentality of the lowbrows.

    The truth is on film, regardless of the mindless right wing tripe spread in here by the tin foil hat wearing loons.

  47. WORFS COLANDER CAP REPAIR SHOP ("We Patch the Holes To Keep the Brain Waves Out")5:52 PM

    One can't watch that film without going away moved at how effective FDR's CCC was in restoring American Farmlands as well as taking so many Americans and putting them to work, feeding them well and giving them back their confidence and self respect.

    Of course Voltron probably can't watch it though.

    Being its PBS and we all know PBS is just a secret liberal communist mind control weapon so his aluminum lined Colander cap would likely keep the mind control waves from getting through.


    Which would naturally make the image just a blur...

  49. Here's probably the biggest story the corporate owned MSM are almost totally missing(for the bea-och slapping contest that is our political campaigns)

    The enormous levels of bad weather affecting food production world wide;


    A very large section of North America (including most of the grain growing areas), northern Brazil, in Russia, Australia and Ukraine, in India, in both Koreas, in Spain and Portugal, the UK...

    Add to this floods in parts of Minnesota, China, Japan, northern Europe...

    Given the historically low levels of grains and food stocks we have now I cannot see all the planet getting all the food they need this fall forward.

    This can only spread the supposed Arab Spring in the middle east, and of course spread the problem of poor hungry people revolting against the elites in many other places.

    It would seem this doesn't bode well for anybodies national security or the way outsourcing has made us vulnerable to problems in very poor slave wage areas where wall street has seen fit to send the former good paying jobs the middle class lived off of.

    But the Obaney-Romama slap-fest/spin-cycle is still news distraction #1 today, instead of actually presenting REAL facts that affect real people like the MSM could do if their corporate masters wanted to.

  50. Well, Cliffy Poo, since we all agree that the majority of global warming and bad weather is not man-made perhaps you could get down on your knees and kindly ask/beg your God/Narcissist to stop being so apathetic towards the ant-farm........Lydia indicates that He exists 100% and hears prayers so there shouldn’t be a problem........right!?

    I mean a God has to take some kind of responsibility!!!

    Unless, of course you’re an Evil Genius/Psychopath who enjoys manipulating the climate so as to enjoy watching humans both suffer and starve?


    Isn't it amazing? I mean the way Johnny just continues playing the aloof concern troll?

    NO one "agrees" that it isn't man made.

    In fact Clif and I both posted actual quotes from actual agencies saying the exact opposite.

    Yet Johnny just keeps spinning yarns merrily along, acting as if he'd never seen them and we'd never posted them.



    Here Johnny, or should I say "concerned troll"?

    Again, IN YOUR FACE.

    Right off the very top of the page at NASA's official site.

    Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the "greenhouse effect.


    And again, so you can't "pretend" to merrily skip along not seeing it.

    Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the "greenhouse effect"



    The exact OPPOSITE, of what the piece of fecal matter calling itself moo moo, just said.


    So the fecal matter moo moo says "we all agree that the majority of global warming and bad weather is not man-made", ....yet both Clif and have always stated the exact opposite.

    And of course the majority of scientists "agree" the exact opposite.

    See how the little dingleberry troll works? See how he does that?

    He just slips in his little lies into a sentence as if they were already agreed upon facts.

    He does this to try to establish right wing anti science lies on climate change as just "accepted" when in fact they're the exact opposite of what's actually "accepted".

    So again, the little troll is once more exposed as the neocon concern troll hack, we all knew he was from day one.


    And by the way fecalboy, if you actually would read the bible sometime instead of denouncing it, you'd see it states we are stewards of this earth and are responsible for how we take care of it.

    It also states that when the master returns, we'll be held accountable for that stewardship he entrusted into our care.

  57. Well, Cliffy Poo, since we all agree that the majority of global warming and bad weather is not man-made

    Mook mook quit pretending your rectal searching is agreed by all.

    It isn't.

    Most of the warming post 1850 IS MAN MADE,

    So I do not agree with your corporate pushed right wing propaganda talking point.

    perhaps you could get down on your knees and kindly ask/beg your God/Narcissist to stop being so apathetic towards the ant-farm

    Anything except for doing what would work eh mook mook?????????

    Being a corncern troll pay THAT well????

    Comdemn you own daughter to the bleak future most scientists who actually study the problem predict will face for your 30 shiny coins???????

    Must suck alot when you look in the mirror, or do you avoid that now a days?

  58. Scientists like;

    Dr. James Hanson, who wrote Storms Of My Grandchildren,

    Mark Lynas, who wrote Six Degrees: Our future on a hotter planet,

    Mark Hertsgaard, who wrote HOT: Living through the next fifty years on earth

    Henry Pollack, Ph.D who wrote A World Without ICE

    You know people dealing with the reality based world, not some celluloid fantasy over ten years old ....... ;)

  59. Phoney Fake Worf previously said.......

    "Why would you state that "man made emissions are only a tiny fraction" of the global warming problem, when in fact they account for over 1 THIRD of global warming in the United States? "

    ........BUT NOW HE SUDDENLY INDICATES that global warming is almost entirely man-made by saying......

    "Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the "greenhouse effect."

    100% hogwash and Worf is genuinely full of super hot, soft, liquid shit..........LOL!

    Like, Helllooooooooooooooooooo!

    1/3rd is the minority Einstein and these are your own words.....try to be consistent please!


    Notice Clif how the troll takes direct quotes I post from NASA's website and calls them my words?

    This is another one of the trolls methods of trying to spread his right wing anti-science bullshit.

    NASA says it, but Johnny claims "worf said it".

    More lies, from a far right wing neoconservative anti science loon posing as a concern troll.

  61. Anonymous5:51 PM

    ....and speaking of fecal matter, ...excuse me for a moment.

    I gotta go take a moo moo.

  62. Anonymous6:13 PM

    okay I'm back...sorry it took so long, ...had to wipe my voltron.


    Here's the actual quote, the part of it the Turdmooster left out.

    Power generation from coal and other fossil fuels produces more than a third of U.S. global warming emissions, contributes significantly to air pollution, and has costly and adverse effects on public health. -

    So actually it wasn't a quote on all global warming, it was a quote on the impact of burning specific fossil fuels by the UCS.


    Now, directly from NASA's website.


    "Scientists have high confidence that global temperatures will continue to rise for decades to come, largely due to greenhouse gasses produced by human activities."

    See the little quotations there turdboy?

    That means its a QUOTE. I didn't say it.

    NASA said it.


    And again....

    "Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the "greenhouse effect" "


    See turdboy?

    "Worfeus" didn't say it.

    NASA did.

  67. WORFEUS PURVEYOR OF FINE FOIL LINE COLANDER CAPS6:30 PM, perhaps I could interest you in a fine handmade foil lined Colander Cranial Cap?

    Guaranteed to keep out secret government mind control waves including librul xray benders, spread spectrum communist "coddlers" and even those powerful narrow beam global warming belief rays up to 5ghz.

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    Or your money back.


    ...we're running a special you know.

    Buy a three pack and we'll throw in a free set of chin straps.

  69. Anonymous11:24 PM

    I love Jazz but I regret that I cannot make it because of other obligations.

  70. Hey mook mook as usual YOU ignore facts to pick on trivial details.

    Try the FACT that since 1850, the human race has burnt through almost half of the total supply of fossil fuels, you know hundreds of millions of years of sequestered carbon reserves. that is ADDING to the normal carbon cycle that NORMALLY (before human intervention) used to be in the biosphere.

    IE we added all that EXTRA carbon, which is the main driver of global warming, with out our unearthing all that sequestered carbon it wouldn't be unleashed into the biosphere like it is heating the planet with the effects the books I listed discuss is detail;

    Try reading one of them with an OPEN MIND if that is possible for you.

  71. Anonymous6:34 PM

    He'd have to cut a hole in the tin foil first.

  72. Anonymous6:35 PM

    A pin hole for his pin head.

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