Friday, October 02, 2009


Safe Passage provides extreme lifestyle makeovers to abused women and their children.

For Immediate Release

“Cut It Out” – Los Angeles Area Businesses to
Donate Free Makeovers to Domestic Violence Sufferers
Friday, October 2, 2009
Giuseppe Franco Salon

Beverly Hills CA- In honor of October being named National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), the country’s best beauty experts and physicians have partnered up with Los Angeles based non-profit organization, Safe Passage, to provide complete makeovers to five local domestic abuse survivors. These businesses will join a national campaign designed to “cut out” domestic violence by offering victims a “new look” on life.

Author, actress and radio host Lydia Cornell will emcee the event, and introduce Trish Steele, the founder of Safe Passage and Women of Brilliant Achievement Honoree 2008.

DVAM is a time for collective action, to celebrate survivors of the Movement, raise public awareness, and remember the millions of lives lost, as a result of abuse. For many years, Safe Passage has sought to make a difference in the lives of Angelenos by providing amazing life transformations.

With these makeovers, Safe Passage is hoping to help heal the emotional and physical wounds these five women have endured. One woman is constantly reminded of the day her ex shot her by the appearance of a large scar where the bullet entered her shoulder. Another woman has burn scars that cover over fifty percent of her body. And still a third has significant facial scarring. These physical injuries are ever-present symbols of the past, which until recently, they relived every time they looked in the mirror.

For the last few weeks the women have undergone their own personal extreme makeovers, on the way to beginning their new lives. On October 2, 2009 between the hours of 12 and 2 PM, these women will finish the last phase of their new transformations at the Giuseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills.

To help with these dramatic makeovers, Safe Passage assembled a Dream Team of volunteers. Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Fardad, founder of Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group, and Dr. Bruce Vafa of Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, donated multiple cosmetic, reconstructive and dental surgeries. Actress and exercise coach, Natalie Raitano will be providing ongoing fitness training and maintenance; Giuseppe Franco will provide haircuts and color on the day of the event; and makeup artist Ruby Polanco of NYX Cosmetics will be doing participants’ makeup. Finally, fashions donated by “2 Chicks” will style their new looks. The Miss California Latina and Miss Teen will be inspiring the ladies to walk the walk and talk the talk!

Following these makeovers, the women will be feted and reintroduced to the world at a luncheon given in their honor at Beverly Hills restaurant, Mulberry Pizza Street. According to Keiara, “This is a dream come true and for the first time I know that I am loved. God has sent me Angels from Safe Passage to restore me!”

The experts are equally enthusiastic about the opportunity. “I am honored to work with Safe Passage, and the other volunteers in participating in this life-changing event. These beautiful women have taught us more than we can ever teach them. I cannot wait to see their big reveals,” says Dr. Fardad.

Interested community members can do their part to stop domestic violence by contributing tax deductible donations like: gift certificates, beauty aids, laptop computers and money to Safe Passage or domestic abuse prevention charities like it.


About Safe Passage

Mrs. Steele was a successful model, makeup artist, and wardrobe stylist in the entertainment industry for over 25 years and is now Founder of “Women Crowned In Glory, Inc. a non-profit organization and Safe Passage that is helping women of domestic violence to regain a “New Life”. Before the hit show “Extreme Makeover”, Trish was already performing extreme makeovers on survivors of domestic abuse. Her organization provides shelter, job replacements, makeovers and their own place to live. In addition, Trish is a survivor of domestic violence and has overcome countless hardships and overwhelming handicaps of hearing and speech impairment as a child.

Trish has achieved so much in her life through her perseverance to make a difference in her life and others around her; winning the 1987 California Gold Coast Pageant, 1st Runner up of Beauties of America, published her own book entitled “The Compelling Life Changing Stories of 12 Women”, and formed a non-profit charity (WCIG) to inspire women worldwide. She also has received recognition and awards from various groups; Southern California Motion Picture Council, Beautiful People Awards, LA Family Housing, Tolucan News, Celebrity Society Magazine, L.A. Times, Studio City Sun, Amazing Woman’s Advocacy, and honored by Council Members of Los Angeles Dennis Zine and Wendy Greuel.

Trish Steele is a real social entrepreneur who is extremely motivated, with a pure heart and turning dreams into reality and insecurities into self-assurance. Her cable talk show had won 2 “Angel Awards”, which she hosted and interviewed women and men who shared their stories of the miracles in their life. Today she is working toward her goals to establish the “Stepping Stones To A New Life Program” in all of the shelters in the Los Angeles area and a TV Series about Safe Passage.

"We suffer & go through catastrophes so we can understand the suffering of others. We are here to help & love each other." Lydia Cornell


  1. No Voltron I didn't get caught up in don't ask don't tell because I was MEDICALLY discharged before Bill Clinton was elected, so YOU lied again Voltron, like you usually do.

    Nice try at covering your stooge widdle will who seems a little dense on how the US government really works.

  2. LOL, I wasn't even going to suggest it Clif.

    What are you, the thought police?

  3. Sorry but your sock puppet cosmiccowboy did last thread, or are you LYING by pretending it ain't you again son?

  4. Sorry Cliffy, I should have read the previous thread first.

    Then I would have known what you were fantasizing about.

  5. It would seem that after the Bart incident earlier this year that YOU GUYS are the ones with all the sock puppets...

    And yours all seem to have a TCFC connection to them, Jackie, Sara, etc.

    So why wouldn't someone with "Cosmic Cow" in their name be another one?

  6. Maybe Bart isn't the only one Larry doesn't like.

  7. Palin’s bookers are said to be asking for $100,000 per speech, but an industry expert tells Page Six: “The big lecture buyers in the US are paralyzed with fear about booking her, basically because they think she is a blithering idiot.

    Many big lecture venues are subscription series, “and they don’t want to tick people off,” said our source. “Palin is polarizing, and some subscribers might cancel if she’s on the lineup.” Other lecture buyers are universities, which have a leftist slant, and corporations, which dislike controversy.

    “Palin is so uninteresting to so many groups — unless they are interested in moose hunting,” said our insider. “What does she have to say? She can’t even describe what she reads.

    DAMN they think she is a blithering idiot,

    Heck of a job caribou barbie, heck of a job.

  8. Sorry voltron, but cosmiccowboy was a sock puppet of yours from last year

    Just like crusty had to register as two people with a similar handle, rustyridesagain and returnofrusty for some reason, all in April of a very contentious election cycle.

    Seems they are connected in some way, unless you wanna claim I am crusty now.

  9. You guys really are afraid of her aren't you?

  10. BTW crusty's sock puppet handles only post where you do son.

    Sorta like cosmic cowboy has also done, always defending the deluded personalities who project reich-wing lunacy all the time.

  11. Clif, I know thinking makes your head hurt and all but why on earth would I even need a sock puppet?

    I've never shown any fear of insulting you or anyone else under my own handle.

  12. No, I ain't the one who refuses to book the wasilla hillbilly son.

    Seems her triumph of idiocy is becoming a drag on her greed.

  13. Damn son are you really that stupid, it makes your echo chamber seem populated with people beside you freedum fraud and widdle will, which is why you had the eddypuss sock puppet there, or who ever registered two crusty sock puppets also used the sock puppet Col Frank Slade, a movie character, not a real person.

  14. Damn you really ain't that bright a bulb are ya boy?

  15. Well gee Cliffy, we met posting here.

    AND we seem to be on the same side politically so why wouldn't Rusty and I talk to each other on MY board or Will's?

    Should I assume that since you and Bart and Mike talk to and argue for each others points you're all sock puppets too?

    As to CosmicCowboy, he only posts here that I know of, and his latest insult was directed at BOTH you and Will.

  16. You use sock puppets for the same reason freedum fraud is claiming 50,000 was really 500,000 people; to make you all seem a larger group of idiots then ya really are son.

  17. And as far as I know "eddypuss" was a unique individual. AND he didn't really seem all that interested in politics.

    I do kinda miss him because he had a good sense of humor evidenced in his second post to me about Microsoft.

    And I don't believe Mr. Slade has ever posted on my board.

  18. why would crusty need two handles?

  19. And as far as I know "eddypuss" was a unique individual.

    Right Sybil

  20. Well Cliffy, I believe we'll see who the bigger idiots are next year, and in 2012.

    I'll give you a hint: If it's you guys there will be a large turnover in congress and Oblahblah will be a one termer.

  21. And I don't believe Mr. Slade has ever posted on my board.

    There is no Mr Slade, it is a sock puppet by whom ever registered crusty's two handles, pretending to be the fictional character Al Pacino Played in the movie Scent of a Woman

  22. Nice deflection from the sock puppets somebody who argues your reich wing idiocy has been using since April 2008.

    Nice way to avoid the truth son.

  23. Attacking widdle will doesn't prove your not reich wing sock puppet since ending don't ask don't tell is NOT a reich wing meme, and it is the most important thing for widdle will for now.

    Attacking that imbecile while he screeches his lunatic ideas on how obama can undermine the military law and good order, is not proof you are not a reich wing sock puppet. just that even you see what an idiotic foole widdle will really is

  24. Well Clif, since I don't really care what you think anyway I'm going to find something else to do.

    Ta ta.

  25. Oh yeah and before I forget, YOU'VE had a sock puppet or two haven't you?

    And didn't ONE of them keep frickin hammering Bart and Mike about being too moderate on some issues?

    How long have you and Larry been working together?

  26. Congratulations on that one.

    I really didn't think you were bright enough to pull something like that off.

  27. Doesn't seem quite fair though helping drive Bart off when he was the one who pointed you here.

  28. Sorry Sybil, but I never used any sock puppets except to prove it is possible to mimmic you clowns.

    Thomas is not me,

    Col Frank Slade is not me,

    Sara is not me,

    Nicholas is not me,

    MCH is not me,

    Jackie is not me

    none of the crusty sock puppets is me,

    nor is cosmic cowboy, but you already know that,

  29. You seem to be trying too hard to deflect on this one Sybil,

    I guess I hit a nerve, eh Sybil

  30. LYING again as usual eh Cliffy?

  31. LYING again as usual eh Cliffy?

    Yes it seem you are lying again as usual Sybil

  32. BTW I thought you were leaving, that nerve must sting eh Sybil.

  33. I guess you need to find a way to deflect how much col frank slade, crusty's two obvious sock puppets and cosmic cowboy really have in common with you sybil.

    Otherwise your game of pretending people actually agree with ya is as fake as the 500,000 claim by freedum fraud was.

  34. BTW how is hippyjoe doing Sybil?

  35. Clif, you AND Nicholas are both wrong on this one. The President can use an executive order to halt this discrimination for the entirety of his Presidency. It's a fact, Clif/Nicholas.

  36. So, Clif, are you saying that President Obama is powerless against these big, bad, generals? Gee, that sucks. That'll probably mean he'll cave on the 40,000 extra troop request, too. Can you say quagmire, Clif?

  37. Umm will i am not registered as nicholas, and have never posted as nicholas here or anywhere else on the tubes.

    And you are wrong, the president can't over rule everyone who judges a service member violated article 125 of the UCMJ with out destroying both the idea of rule of law in the military and morale.

    BTW the rule of law in the military and moral are both requirements the president has try to keep up, your fantasies ain't son.

    But keep blowing as much smoke outa yer arse on this one as Sybil does about his sock puppets.

  38. Gee, those "conservative" generals must have majorly pissed at old "Give 'Em Hell" Harry - him having the audacity to try and put black people into the military and all.

  39. No will I am not saying he is "powerless" just that he knows the brain dead approach you suggest incessantly is politically unfeasible in both the higher command structure and congress, and it cayuses more problems then it seeks to solve, go back to reporting about your fake failed dates widdle one.

  40. Yes, Clif, he can. He could stop it today if he wanted. Man, you better be careful there, Cliffy, your homophobia is coming out in spades tonight.

  41. He has a huge majority in Congress, you idiot. And did you or did you not say that this was on his "to do" list?

  42. Sorry stupid by Harry Truman didn't try and put black people into the military and all. as you so incoherently stated it.

    Damn are you ignorant,

    African-Americans have served in the US military since the revolution, they have just been segregated, remember the buffalo soldiers of the wild west, red ball express in WW2 Tuskegee airman in WW2, seems you really do OT know what the F*&K you are talking about again son.

    Harry Truman INTEGRATED the units under his command, and yes some officers and military colleges fought tooth and nail against that one also.

  43. Seems widdle will is really worked up for this one, however his factiods are as bad as crusty illogical delusions are.

  44. Don't thunk the racists still hate the integrated military?

    FBI Enters Citadel Race Case
    December 01, 1986

    CHARLESTON, S.C. — The FBI announced today it has started an investigation into racial harassment at The Citadel because of possible civil rights violations at the 144-year-old military college.

    Bill Nettles, the head of the FBI's bureau in Charleston, said his agents are looking into the hazing of former black Cadet Kevin Nesmith. The inquiry focuses on an Oct. 23 incident in which five white cadets burst into the room of Nesmith, shouted racial insults and burned a paper cross. The whites were dressed in Ku Klux Klan-type attire--sheets, pillow cases and towels. Nesmith, 17, resigned from The Citadel shortly after the incident and his family and the NAACP have indicated that they will file lawsuits in the case.

    Hmmm 1986, long after you claim Harry Truman solved the problem?


    Charles Foster became the first African-American cadet to graduate from the Citadel in 1970, long after Harry Truman solved the problem according to widdle will.

    The first African-American cadets were admitted to VMI in 1968. Long after Harry Truman solved the problem of integration according to widdle will.

    Hell Texas A&M admitted African Americans before that in the very early 1960's but still long after Harry truman solved the problem.

    BTW just soooo's widdle will knows each of these schools are major commissioning schools for the US military.

    Facts suck don't they widdle will?

  45. Integrated was what I obviously meant, you asshole. And, yes, there WAS resistance. That's the whole point here. Truman had the testosterone to take on the military establishment.....One can only hope that Mr. Obama has a similar chemical make-up.

  46. And I NEVER said that there still wasn't racism in the military. That one you just frigging pulled out of thin air/that paranoid dysfunctional brain of yours. God, you're a walking strawman, dude.

  47. You start off by saying that "only Congress can get rid of "Don't ask, don't tell". When that gets blown out of the water, you go to some pathetic argument about the generals "not liking it". When that gets blown out of the water (Truman not at all deterred by it), the only thing you're frigging left with is strawman bullcrap. Absolutely pathetic.

  48. I never said "only congress can get rid of don't ask don't tell" numbskull.

    But in fact it is LAW also, son;

    Pub.L. 103-160, which congress enacted in 1993.

    I said IF President Obama trys to rescind don't ask don't tell WITHOUT congress changing the freakin LAW to wit article 125, the situation REVERTS back to pre 1992 situation where the military is free to ask the question

    Are you gay?

    They take legal action after the answer violates article 125, or refuses induction into the military because of the answer received.

    The comprimise of don't ask don't tell enacted in 1993 got the armed forces to no longer ask recruits about their sexual activity and/or orientation, or investigate any serviceman or servicewoman's sexual activity and/or orientation without solid evidence (thus preventing witch-hunts), and self-identified homosexual servicemen and women agree that they will not engage in homosexual sex acts, or do anything that announces that they are a homosexual, i.e. public statements or participate in a same-sex marriage openly.

    That is the current law, which means the witchhunts and open investigations based on rumor can't be done any more.

    ONLY congress can change the LAW, your brain dead idea would make the whole situation much worse cause it would be used by the reich wing and the compliant media to undermine Obama and the attempt he is making to move this country back on track from the reich wing inspired nightmare, Reagan started us down .....

    So the president can't change the LAW, something Harry Truman never had to try to do son, quit being sooo dishonest about what Truman actually did.

    He never tried to change a LAW to integrate the military just change accepted practice of the time which had never been formalized by legal statute. (Unlike the state Jim Crow laws which did legally formalize discrimination by law).

    Funny you refuse to admit that son.

  49. Funny you NEVER researched EXACTLY what don't ask don't tell really is


    Enacted by Congress .... as a compromise, to the desires of Clinton to life the ban the military had on gays serving, and hate filled bigots from the reich wing hate filled christofacsists who hate gays, and the congress critters who get elected by them.

    So either the US courts can declare it unconstitutional; something the supremes with their five reich wingers are loath to do, thanks to programs pushed by chrisotfascists, and enabled by Bush, his poppy, Reagan, ET Al.

    Or congress can change the law.

    good luck with that one son, they can't HONESTLY debate health care, and you thunk that fighting to openly allow gays in the military wouldn't have the tea baggers, birfers, beck, Limpballs O'lielly, hannity, malkin, Coulter, faux noise, ET AL all going batsh*t crazy over board lying 24-7 (like they have done on the health care debate) to gin up opposition to scare the ball-less blue dogs to fight to prevent the change in the law.

    Congress has to change the law, that is about all that can LEGALLY be done about the LAW.

    Hyperventilating about what Obama is doing, when he LEGALLY can't change the LA, is insane and ignorant, two things you happen to excel in.

  50. My lord,you two kids are giving everyone a friggin headache.No one cares....get one gives a shit.

    Sweet Jesus...Palins book is a best seller before its even on the book aint that somrthing.

  51. Every lib hates Palin
    yet they are still scared of her.
    What the hell is with that?
    She's dumb.she's eye candy,she's out of touch....why be scared of her?

  52. My goodness Sarah Palin is the former governor of Alaska.Why should anyone be scared of her?
    Why does Letterman continue to bring her name up.
    Why do left wing blogs continue to degrade her?Why?She's a FORMER governor.She's out of the spotlight.Why are left wing loons so scared of her?

  53. There's got to be a honest...what is it?

  54. This so called former soldier
    refuses to answer.That only confirms....he is a coward.

  55. Reporting what a Rupert Murdoch paper has said is NOT being afraid no matter what your mommy tells ya Sybil.

    PS the page six reference is;

    for the NY Post....Rupert Murdoch's newspaper !

    Yes Rupert Murdoch is calling Sarah Palin a blithering idiot. not me, Sybil.

    So go screeching about your delusions as suual, however it seems even Rupert don't want another clown like Bush near the White House, and we all know Bush thinks she ain't never gonna be ready for that job.

    Why do repubies seem to deride the wasilla fraud?

  56. The Palm Center ia a unit of the Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research at The University of California at Santa Barbara. They've contributed articles to virtually every social scientific journal of import. And, yes, they've studied the "don't ask, don't tell" policy inside and out. And according to them, "The executive branch has the authority to suspend discharges without legislative action." SUSPEND DISCHARGES! So, no, Cliffy, it wouldn't go back to 1992.

  57. So, Cliffy, when Obama said that HE was going to get rid of "don't ask, don't tell", was HE being ignorant or was HE being diengenuous. Got to be one or the other, no?

  58. Are you saying that those humungous Democratic majorites in BOTH houses of Congress wouldn't be able to pass ant-discriminatory legislation? Wow, what a bunch of losers.

  59. No, Truman didn't have to change a national Jim Crow law. Duh! But we were clearly a racist country and, even as you have implied, the military wasn't an exception. He therefore faced just as much (hell, probably far more) internal opposition as Obama would if he simply signed that executive order. And, really, Clif, would you be willing to make these same idiotic arguments in front of some gay rights groups? I would LOVE to see that. You think the town meetings were bad? LOL


    Only for a group of people who violated article 125?

    Nobody else?

    Only if they said they did it because they were gay.

    But not for heterosexual sodomy conduct?

    Isn't that special?
    Actually that IS special treatment, and that is NOT what a president is supposed to do as commander in chief.

    Your brain dead idea is STUPID both from a legal standpoint, and for moral and good order.

    Will you are an idiot, if you think that is a good way to solve the problem that congress created by passing laws, designed top prevent gays from serving, and limiting them from admitting they were gay if they wanted to enlist.

    And it is never going to happen because the generals will tell Obama that is is a bad idea, and remember he IS supposed to listen to them for advice.

    Sorry but your turn key low level ignorance is showing again.

  61. Are you saying that those humungous Democratic majorites in BOTH houses of Congress wouldn't be able to pass ant-discriminatory legislation?.

    Yes because mostly southern blue dog more conservative congress critters will do exactly what they have been doing in the health care debate and vote their inner republiscum.

    Sorry but that is really why your personal crusade this year is failing son.

    The democrats you claim to ADMIRE, are the ones who would vote against changing the LAW.

    Why do YOU admire the democrats who vote against what you claim to want?

  62. This wanna be Sgt.York still refuses to answer a simple question,he just refer's to someone else's words or opinion.
    Lets try this again.....if Sarah Palin is just the former gov of Alaska,a dim bulb,eye candy and out of touch why are the libs so damn scared of her?Perhaps the soldier can use his own words to answer the question.

  63. I would be astonished, Clif, if Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, and David Pryor voted to keep "don't ask, don't tell". Ben Nelson I would be less certain about. But like I said before, Obama could stop the discharges for the duration of his administration with an executive order.

  64. Yes, Clif, using an executive order to end discrimination is a very good use of executive orders. And if I'm being ignorant, then the scholars at the Palm Center must be ignorant, too. This, in that they totally agree with me. And let me ask you something, Clif. What if you were a member of some group that was being discriminated against, would you want the President to take the longest route possible to correct your grievences? I'm kind of thinking not so.

  65. Sorry but since I was a military officer, I know a little about that culture, I know how your brain dead idea would be received. Not very well, but keep blowing smoke son, cause the people you claim know, don't

    Sybil GFY

  66. BTW widdle will, progressives don't goose-step in unison like reich-wingers do.

    Which might be why you think I have the same opinion as all the other people you thunk are progressive.

    I personally don't really care about don't ask don't tell at all. Not a big concern for me. deal with it son.

  67. You don't care about the Federal Government discriminating against U.S. citizens? Glad to know where you stand on this one, Cliffy.....P.S. I told you I was very "liberal" on certain issues.

  68. Well you finally discovered I think the health care issue, climate change, economic collapse, overt militarization, peak oil, Israeli lies and deception about their apartheid system and nuclear weapons they illegally possess, illogical demand of the neo-cons to control the middle east, is MORE important then your special issue, good for you you can learn something can't you?

  69. I'm very concerned about healthcare, Clif. And I also think that my positions on pre-emptive war and civil liberties has been made clear enough over the past few years. Oh, and, yes, I'm for gay-marriage, too, Clif.

  70. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Did it ever occur to anyone here, that when Mike is absent, so is Worf.

    Mike and Worf are the same.

  71. Poor Lydia. She does a very thoughtful post on domestic violence, and so what do Clif and I do? We ruin it with an off-topic pissing contest. I apologize for the both of us, Lydia.

  72. Did Dave Letterman ask that staffer he was boinking to wear a Sarah Palin wig?

  73. I would have. Seriously, I think Palin's hot. Politics schmolitics

  74. dolty drooled,

    You guys really are afraid of her aren't you?

    Is that how you rationalize your worship of an idiot? Damn boy, think with something besides your schlong once in awhile.

    I want her to run. I would be ecstatic to see a Palin/Bachmann ticket in 2012, as it'd be the coup de grace for the Rushpubliscum Party. You Klanservatives would find yourselves without a vessel.

  75. Lets try this again.....if Sarah Palin is just the former gov of Alaska,a dim bulb,eye candy and out of touch why are the libs so damn scared of her?Perhaps the soldier can use his own words to answer the question.

    I'm not, sir. I get a lot of enjoyment out of every new move of hers. I hope she continues to seek out the feeding of her Narcissism.

    The "libs are afraid" meme is a load of bullshit, with all due respect, sir.

  76. Alright, I'll take the bait. 1) I DON'T worship her. 2) I didn't, and probably never would, vote for her, and 3) I was just having a little fun, for Christ. Take off the straight-jacket of that anger of yours on occasion, would you?

  77. Take off the straight-jacket of that anger of yours on occasion, would you?

    Kettle pot time for widdle will again.

  78. I laugh at everything, Clif. I even laugh at Democrats occasionally.

  79. Well widdle one the rest of us laugh at you.

  80. "Us' - you and your many handles.

  81. Don't have handles son, that is your buddy's style.

  82. BTW, they laugh at you behind you back

  83. I find it interesting that many health insurers define domestic violence as a "pre-existing condition" and refuse to pay for treating someone who has had the caca beaten out of them.

    Gosh, the teabaggers are RIGHT!!! Why, how could you develop a better system than this one?

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. To make themselves feel better, conservatives have decided to edit the Bible to take out all the liberal passages

    Like this one;

    8 Exclude Later-Inserted Liberal Passages: excluding the later-inserted liberal passages that are not authentic, such as the adulteress story ie, John 7:53-8:11

    You know the one where Christ commands, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."

    Interesting, they feel the need to re-write the bible also, cause it don't say what they want it to say.

    Like humans don't have the right to kill those they have judged, only God has that right.

  86. Anonymous2:45 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  87. Finally some signs of life out of the demacrats............if that shill for the insurance lobbyists Baucus wont at least support preventing a filibuster then strip his chairmanship and boot him out of the party, his BS so called "reform" bill is a disgrace it looks like it was written by the insurance industry to benefit the insurance industry not the American people.

  88. its about time Obama and the Demacrats started playing hardball and busting heads if they REALLY want REAL healthcare reform, its a flat out disgrace that they are letting a bunch of inbred knuckle dragging MORONS frame the debate and twist the discussion to a bunch of lies and fearmogering nonsense talk rather than an honest debate of the facts..........SHAME ON THEM for letting a pack of fools bought and paid for by the insurance lobby and the repug party of "NO" brainwash the American people to vote against their own self interests.

  89. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize,

    Now the wingnuts have something to complain about, because it is a bit premature .........

    However it is sort of karma-tic for him to win the Peace prize right after the reich wing came all over themselves when the Olympic committee awarded the Olympics to Brazil, the first time in over 100 years the Olympics will happen in South America.

    Sort of poetical justice in a way.

  90. Clif and Mike, I'm sorry you've had to put up with those anonymous comments from the resident meanies.

    I've been posting about the Peace Prize on Facebook.

    I am so proud of Obama. He sponsored the Luger-Obama bill way back when he was a senator.

    I miss you guys!! Am finally in the home stretch and will be starting the whole new site soon.


  91. If by a “Liberal” they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people — their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties — someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a “Liberal,” then I’m proud to say I’m a “Liberal.” ~ John F. Kennedy, 1960

  92. Alan Grayson is my new hero! He is amazing, simply because he is honest and is not afraid of the evil.

  93. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I think negative self-fulfilling prophecy, and arrogance is dooming this weblog.
    There used to be hundreds of messages left at this blog, but now hardly anyone remains.

  94. Anonymous12:46 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  95. Hey Lydia, what about Lindsey Graham? He put a beatdown on Glenn Beck and is currently working on a climate bill with Senator Kerry. I mean, I know that you'd never vote for him but, hey, I think we should at least give him credit for these 2 things.

  96. Oh, and kudos to President Obama, too. He's actually starting to put "don't ask/don't tell" back on his front burner. Hopefully, he'll follow through on it this time.

  97. Negative prophecy certainly.

    Self fulfilling? Hardly.

  98. Oh, and ditto's on the arrogance.

  99. Not a lot of compromise, either (though, yes, I was very encouraged to see that Mike was interested in reading Dr. Emanuel's book - that,I thought, was a positive sign).

  100. This IS funny;

    Both wally world and are discounting sarah's craylon scrawl, before it is officially released.

    Yep fer $9.00 a copy.

    add newsmax to the $9.00 a copy for a book not even released yet.

    Discounting a book even before it is released, helps sell books maybe but doesn't sound good fer makin' money.

    I wonder if the publisher likes how the book is bein' so severly discounted? (69%)

  101. Speaking of scrawls, what's a "craylon"??

    An alien related perhaps to a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica?

  102. That is the TWIT's spelling numbnuts,

    Too bad her book will soon be in the penny bargain section where anny tranny's always ends up (after the reich wing astro-turf bulk buys to gin up sales dumps them there).

    A supposed best seller at a penny a piece is how the reich-wing hides the fact nobody wants to actually buy the crap they peddle.

  103. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Clif, why are your nuts numb?

  104. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Clif, is a hands on balls type of guy.

  105. Cause I play with my balls so I should know

  106. Hey Cliffy,

    Wait until after 2010 before you start the party ok?

    I'd hate to see you disappointed.

  107. What party foole?

    His analysis is much closer to the facts then you, your insane clown patrol, or fake noise has ever been.

    damn son always attack the messenger NEVER accept the truth of the message especially when the truth reveals how wrong you have been all along

  108. Wait till after 2010 till you start the funeral and dirge for the repug party duncetron!!!

  109. Did you see how ONLY 20% of America admits to being a repug..........looks like you Idiots are down to only the true inbred knuckledragging Volksturm.....the real dregs of society good luck winning another election with that!

  110. Hell, dolty is probably the part of the reich wing in the GOPer party rooting against the republican candidate in NY 23 ....

  111. Please check out the new video I'm in, filmed on Monday, and leave comments on new blog.

    (Have been revamping website.)

    Sorry I've been away; have been helping 2 friends escape torture and domestic abuse - extreme abuse this week in coordination with the police.

  112. The Republicans, if they could ever get their act together, are in a position to make some solid gains in 2010. But that's the major question, will they ever get their act together?

  113. Is'nt it interesting that the Clifster mentions New Yorks 23rd where conservatives are mounting a campaign against Scozzafava in favor of Hoffman.
    I ask.Does he find his comments just a bit hypocritical after his ilk threw Joe Lieberman under the bus when he ran against Ned Lamaont?Does that count as hopocrisy?I'm guessing not in the eyes of the last american hero.

  114. Isn't it interesting duncetron thunks he is foolin' anybody with his cosmic-clown sock puppet routine?