Wednesday, October 01, 2008


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1. Short-selling ban still on until October 17. Senate voted to pass the revised Bailout Plan... now called Rescue Plan, which will create optimism and stop the bleeding! This is a good thing, BUT we wish the majority party, the Democrats, would have made this bill their own, and really protected the homeowners. I also hope this bill is a living, elastic document that can be changed. Or I hope Obama will bring forth a new bill when he is president - that will help pay back the taxpayer by taxing stock market speculators and punishing CEOs with golden parachutes!

2. For once Bush is right and Liberals are wrong. The Rescue plan is an absolute necessity! And there will be great optimism once the bleeding is stopped. In fact, European and Asian markets are up on the hopes of the Rescue plan passing. We should pass the new plan, on the condition that we will look at other options to pay the American people back and save their homes. We can look at Tom
Hartmann's idea of taxing speculators in the stock market 1.5% across the board.

2. Money Miracle: How to stay calm and be at peace even if you feel you are losing your life savings: Trust a higher power. I did and money came to me. Don't panic, sit still.

3. CBS News! Massive Voter Roll Purges Underway in At Least 19 States!


I was talking to my girlfriend, an anal-abusive psychotherapist, the other day. She believes in dissecting your problems, as most therapists do.
I said to her, "I think I'm going to let go. I'm going to stop worrying and stop analyzing my problems — and see what happens."
She snapped at me, "Are you crazy? You have to analyze your problems or they might go away!"
To which I said, "Exactly."

MONEY MIRACLE by Lydia Cornell

One time I was so broke they were going to repossess my house and I had no place left to turn. I let it go and took a leap of faith. I acted “as if” there was a benevolent force. I prayed for the willingness to believe in a power greater than myself. I already knew that the same loving force that rescued me from death and despair before would take care of me, and the power of my belief or faith itself was creative. It takes our belief to activate the force of creativity — we have to believe it before we see it. And the minute I did this, the strangest thing happened. The State notified me that I had over twelve thousand dollars in an old bank account that had been collecting interest. I don’t remember having this bank account. It was surreal, but this was the exact amount I needed to bring three months of my lapsed mortage up to date.

I began to wonder, what is this key that unlocks the door and enables someone to ‘let go?’ What is the metaphysics of surrender? I had to know how this spiritual concept worked. I mean it’s not that easy to just let go when you’re in the grip of pain, whether emotional or physical.

Scientists have also discovered that enthusiasm and courage actually change your brain waves. Your brain activity produces waves that are measurable according to your level of serenity or agitation. We radiate energy. Can these waves radiate outward, affecting our outer circumstance?

Are thoughts really things? Absolutely. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "This is a spiritual universe and thoughts rule the world." When you expect the worst, you get the worst. When you expect to be sick you often fulfill the prophesy, but when you're too busy or excited to notice you often forego pain. When you keep seeing the good in someone, they will reflect good back to you. This makes absolute logical sense to me, now that I understand that thought has tangible power. To me, this means you can be attractive even if you’re not “good looking” because if you radiate love you attract people.

As a culture we put so much emphasis on the body: on cellular substance of the fetus, the death and burial of a corpse, the saving of an unconscious sack of flesh that contains no life force or spirit, as in the case of Terry Shiavo, the brain-dead woman in Florida. We are focused so exclusively on the letter, not the spirit; the style, not the substance; the right hat, not the heart — the flesh which can be wiped out in an earthquake or tsunami — that it must make one wonder: is the flesh really man’s most important quality? Doesn’t this begin to seem silly – all this emphasis on the body, when it can be snuffed out so easily? That’s why I think cars should be made of fur. There would be less catastrophic accidents.

At the risk of sounding like a crackpot, I have to say here that I no longer believe in the physical universe as being primary. If you write the number “3” down on piece of paper, then burn the paper, does it destroy the number 3? In other words, the things I know are valuable and real are the things I can’t see with my eyes – the invisible qualities of love, truth, wisdom, soul, harmony, compassion, beauty, strength and character – things that cannot be physically touched or scientifically proven. “As Emerson said, this is a spiritual universe and thoughts rule the world.

When I found my brother’s body, it became so obvious to me that flesh is not life. Spirit is life, and we do not need to keep focusing on an 'afterlife' when we have all the ingredients to create heaven on earth right here, right now. But so many are obsessed with an afterlife, they haven’t yet lived this life.

Look around at this incredible universe. It would take a slug not to see magic everywhere — in the whimsical creatures from polka dots on giraffes to the stripes on a zebra to the velvet scent of a rose with her mysterious petals and folds. I was at a peacock farm chasing peacocks and I tell you, in the design of those feathers, you see God’s artistry. In the wings of a Monarch butterfly you see divine calligraphy. And in a baby’s face — you see a snapshot of heaven.

I have often felt like I’m on a two-lane highway going in opposite directions. The theme of my life has been merging my lower nature with my higher nature . Just as I could no longer cope, I surrendered my will, my worries, and my fears. And a miracle happened.
(I will go into the specific details of how this works next week.)

Lydia Cornell

Back when I was cheap, I couldn’t bring my Louis Vuitton bag into the beauty shop because then the hairdresser would think I was rich even though the purse was a fake, and then she’d expect a bigger tip. I couldn’t wear my authentic Burberry raincoat that my mother bought me twenty years ago when it only cost $60.00 because today it costs $900 for the exact same raincoat and I don’t want people to feel bad that they can’t afford one, so I never wear it!

And whenever I entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes — I was convinced my entry would never be chosen because my return address was in “Beverly Hills.” So I would always write “Apt. A, small, tiny apartment” on the return envelope next to my Beverly Hills address.

I used to be a cheapskate until I realized that abundance is a mental state and the more you give, the more you receive. And the quicker you let go of your fear of losing money, the quicker money comes to you. I mean money actually comes to you, when you stop worrying about it! In “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" and the author says that if you're jealous of the rich — and you spew anger, venom or gossip toward others, you will never become rich. This is in line with my belief in the law of attraction: you attract to yourself poverty or riches according to the thoughts you think about others and yourself. Or to put it another way, you can be attractive even if you’re not good looking because if you radiate love, you attract people! More about that later. But first let's discuss some things that helped bring about this economic collapse.

One of the things that bothers me about America is that it’s hard to find a good sponge mop. I can never find the right replacement sponge when I need one. It’s like the shell game; the manufacturer is constantly changing the mop design. Not that I usually mop the floor, but when I do, I always have to re-buy the mop — which costs a lot more than just a replacement sponge. Is it just me, or is there a conspiracy of sponge mops? Myabe I just wait too long between moppings.

Aside from a conspiracy of sponge mops, I think women are being held down by dark nail polish. It chips and cracks, and keeps us prisoner in our homes until we can soak it off or pay to have it soaked off. It slows us down. We are prisoners of fashion, and all these fashion “style shows” are just to keep us hostage to someone else’s ideal of perfection. It's so stressful being cool. 'Cool, hip people' are actually conformists who are too busy following a dictator or copying someone they think is hip. I'm sick of trying to get people to like me, who don't like me, whom I don't like. Anyway, I can’t function or get anywhere on time with this dark chipped nail polish. And it takes a long time to get it off with nail polish remover.

I am also deeply annoyed at commercials during movies, commercials on cable television, and commercials that get louder in the middle of TV shows! Is it my imagination, or wasn’t this against the law a few years ago? When did it all change? I thought that by paying the price of a movie ticket, I wouldn’t have to be subjected to another soft drink commercial or five.

And furthermore, why are there only 3 Haagen Daz ice cream bars per box?! If you have two to four kids, you always have to buy two boxes. You can’t just buy one! How clever of the Haagen Daz company. Message to Campbell’s Soup Company and Top Ramen: you aren’t fooling anyone by hiding the MSG in fine print. After all these years, how can you say Campbells is “good for kids’ when it’s loaded with MSG? I now have to spend more money to buy your “natural” brand.

And I find it unconscionable that every product from Wheat Thins to soft drinks to hot dog buns is loaded with corn syrup sweetener. I always wondered why American junk food is so addictive. I wrote a movie called Venus Conspiracy (the larger movie will be produced in the next year, although I have released a 27-minute version) about a plot to keep women thin and insecure. In the initial version, my lead character was investigating the corn-syrup industry. This was around the time I discovered that Archer-Daniels-Midland had a monopoly on the corn syrup industry and had been fined over $300 million dollars by the Federal government for price-fixing. It suddenly explained why every American food contains this highly unnatural gooey stuff called high fructose corn syrup. It’s in everything: cokes, bread, cereal, ice cream, ketchup and candy. This explains why Americans are becoming obese, and why the diet industry was booming. Maybe they’re all connected? For me this was an eye-opening lesson in the effects of greed, hyper-consumerism and capitalism run amok.

Back when I was a cheapskate I purchased movie tickets for Spiderman online. I wanted to see Spiderman with my kids, but I didn’t want to part with the money. I wanted to keep my money and get everything for free. I admit I was greedy. Sometimes it’s really hard to let go of a dollar, even when the church basket comes around. I’m not always in the mood to give to the poor. Besides, I may need the money for a trip to Vegas. I used to get jealous of rich capitalists, but that’s just because I wanted to be one. I used to be one, but I didn’t share the wealth, so I lost it. There is nothing wrong with money, it’s the obsessive love of money to the point of hoarding it that’s immoral. We have to keep it circulating; we have to share the wealth.

Why is it that we only define success in America by how much money we make? Why can’t success be defined as a person who has conquered self; overcome adversity, overcome depression — or evolved from a selfish, materialistic egomaniac to a public servant who helps the poor? Why can’t success be defined by how much a person has given up materially and how much they do without? Or by how much they give away?

The answer is obvious: because we are a hyper-capitalist society and we never look within. But the new enlightenment is coming, and many are going to be forced to find a new paradigm, a new way to look at the world. I saw a man today, a well-dressed businessman, who stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to watch a squirrel climb a tree. The man was smiling and really taking a moment to be aware of the beauty around him.

I believe the arts will rise and creativity will replace greed. All the driven money-obsessed bankers and employees of Lehman Brothers God, inner peace or a higher power. They are forced to look beyond the dollar or a shiny new toy to fill them up. That hole in the soul looks much larger when you don't have a new suit to cover it up. Or a new car, TV, exotic vacation. You have to eventually find out what you're made of, what is inside you that connects you to others. Maybe the arts are the healing force that will counteract this primitive, faithless money-worship. But for now, we are convinced that money, not love, makes the world go round. That's why it's unpatriotic not to worship Coke, Lays and junk food in America.


CBS News: New Study Details Massive Voter Roll Purges Underway in At Least 19 States

CBS Has Noticed, Why Hasn't Obama or the DNC?

Tuesday's CBS Evening News finally covered what may well be the November Surprise that we've been trying to warn about for months here at The BRAD BLOG: Massive voter roll purges being done in secret, with little or no oversight, and often under federal Justice Department cover, in states and counties around the country.

And the Democrats, who likely have the most to lose via such secret purges, are doing little or nothing about it...



  1. Great article Lydia. I agree. The only thing I worry about is the lost wealth and wasted time getting a bill passed.

    Its like Keith Olbermans guest tonight said this won't cure everything but it will plug the holes.

    All we're trying to do is plug the holes so the ship doesn't sink, but everyone wants to play politics and so many people as we've seen in here are buying into it. Its good for the democrats if the economy falters prior to an election because the incumbent president is of the opposition party.

    Fortunately some of them seem to be trying to get this done so we can plug the holes and keep the country afloat.

  2. But many democrats successfully turned the country against this bill, making them think it was just for "the rich".

    so now the bills full of all sorts of add on pork but thats fine. Just get the thing passed and get the country stable.

  3. Lydia you've really been writing some GREAT articles the last month or reminds me of the first two years of the blog.

  4. Bart, maybe Congress "IS" playing politics on this but I dont believe ANYONE including the trolls in here would put partisan politics over losing a very big portion of their life savings and suffering possible job losses and National Depression.............I think ANYONE who opposes it genuine believes it either wont work will be harmful or BOTH.

    Now What you just posted above I can agree with, like you I think we NEED to pass a rescue plan to prevent a run on the banks and a possible economic implosion.................that SAID the MAIN and overwhelming reason I opposed this plan is because I think it wont work, first I dont think its enough and secondly I KNOW it wont work UNLESS you also help homeowners and try to stop forclosures and and stabilize housing values...................Thats not because i'm playing partisan politics and want to be negative or kill the plan its because i KNOW this plan is going to have harmfull side effects for the middle class ie inflation and if we have to endure those side effects I at least want it to be effective and do what it was intended to do.

    Look I lost over $50,000 My parents lost over $300,000 so far I dont want to lose my life savings out of partisanship or so my guy has a better chance of winning............its absurd to suggest aNYONE in their right mind would do big fear/opposition to this plan is that we'll dump 700 billion in an 3-6 months later the same thing will happen after unemployment and forclosures go up and then we'll need a trillion or more then 1.5 trillion in another 6 months....................Look I just want it to work and not have the same clowns holding out their hand for another TRILLION in a few months saying the sky is falling....................think of it this way if you had a close relative who got themselves in financial trouble and owed the mob lots of money for gambling or drugs would you just fork over money if you KNEW he'd be in the same situation in another few monthys or would you ONLY be willing to do it if you KNEW it would solve the problem and NOT happen again.

    Look I think we NEED to pass a rescue Bill soon or things will get REALLY ugly, and i see you REALIZE that this plan will buy us time and allow the ship to stay afloat a little longer and in that vein I can pretty much tolerate it although I would GREATLY prefer a plan i KNEW had a chance of working.

    I can tolerate the banks getting bigger we can always breal them up and regulate later once they are stable same with prosecuting the reckless and criminal CEO's............look I just want to help so we DONT have another GREAT DEpression................another thing the OVERWHELMING reason I am saying we NEED to help homeowners is NOT because I am anti Wall Street or Anti business or liberal............its because I KNOW we NEED to do that for it to work just keeping the banks solvent while letting MORE forclosures happen that further cause those mortgages to be revalued lower is like bailing water out of a boat without fixing the hole or like trying to put out a raging fire with a garden hose while the arsonist is still pouring gasoline on it.

  5. I REALIZE something needs to be donr SOON.............but at the same time JR is 100% right as a society you CANT spend your way to prosperity by going in debt thats insane...........we NEED to start investing in infrastructure and energy independence if we wish to be competitive and NOT become a 3rd world Bannana republic.

    I realize that stabilizing the financial system is ctritical but when I see us squandering trillions in a war based on lies and NOT investing in energy infra structure, or not putting enough money into solving this crisis properly and not doing enough to help the middle class.............I have to agree with JR there are no simple solutions and its inevitable that we endure a severe recession and make big sacrifices if we want our kids to have any semblance of a decent life style and not live in a 3rd world country.

    There ARE NO SIMPLE or GOOD SOLUTIONS here we need to start thinking longterm and for the good of society not for the good of the greedy few elites.

  6. Mike you are still acting like the passage of the bill in whatever form procludes those things from being handled too. I agree those things are important but they could have tacked those on as riders and passed it but the house repubs played politics and they did some real damage. We were bleeding and they needed to patch the wounds and instead they let the wounds bleed.

    A lot of people haven't felt the pinch yet, or lost money but those of us who have understood what needed to happen and WHEN it needed to happen. If they pass it in the House Friday that will help but it won't be as powerful a move for investor confidence as if they had passed it last week, THEN passed another bill to deal with the other stuff.

    If the ships going down you don't argue about seating arrangements in the life boat.

    You get IN the lifeboats, and get safely away from the sinking ship then you can worry about seating and rationing, etc.

    We needed this bill last week. As for "fixing things" my position was not that it will "fix" things. I never said that. I did say it will help, and if they had done it last week the market could have helped fuel a rebound but that moments past.

    It won't fix things but it will plug the holes.

  7. Mike said...
    I REALIZE something needs to be donr SOON.............

    No, things needed to be done ALREADY.

    Soons too late.

    What you need to realize is giving the banks money helped you. And if you and the rest of the country had let them, we'd not be where we are this week.

  8. Yeah, but I'm upset about the pork! I can't believe the Republicans got away with adding corporate tax cuts to a bill that is caused by corporate tax cuts!!

  9. BARTLEBEE said...
    Mike you are still acting like the passage of the bill in whatever form procludes those things from being handled too. I agree those things are important but they could have tacked those on as riders and passed it but the house repubs played politics and they did some real damage. We were bleeding and they needed to patch the wounds and instead they let the wounds bleed."

    I'm coming around to your point it appears you are also acknowledging my points..............i'm leanings towards saying that we should just pass the bill even though its sorely lacking because as you say it keeps the ship afloat and buys us more time............but at the same time I also realize that a larger comprehensive multiproged plan would be FAR MORE EFFECTIVE.....................this doling out resources to meet each crisis and buy a little time is weal and no were near as effective.

    I actually HOPE i'm dead wrong on this and this plan saves the day................but mark my words in 3-6 months we will be in this same position except this time we might need a TRILLION to prop things up.

  10. Lydia, Bart...............the pork was NO WHERE NEAR as eggregious as you guys or the MSM is making it...............they gave tax breaks to alternate energy companies and gave tax cuts to the middle class so the AMT didnt hit 24 million people...................taking out the relief for home owners was far MORE eggrgious and was pandering to the right far more.............those tax cuts would have been passed anyway............the AMT relief gets passed EVERY year.

  11. I have to say though I feel your pain with the financial losses.............Lydia, i'm sure your taking some hits and Bart i'm assumimg your getting hurt in Real Estate............Let me just say this Mondays losses were ugly and things could get really nasty possibly a DOW 8000..........but as bad as Mondays losses were the psycholochy was FAR WORSE and there was MUCH more panic in August of 1998, April 14 2000 and after 9/ just felt hopeless and there was complete panic...........while monday was the biggest loss ever it was only the 17 largest percentagewise and it was a kneejerk reaction to the bailout NOT being passed and there wasnt the fear, panic and hopelessness associated with those other days that I remember VIVIDLY.

  12. Lydia I also believe it was them DEMS that added those tax cuts to sweeten the pot for the repugs.............but like I said THOSE would have passed ANYWAY.

  13. Mike said...

    also realize that a larger comprehensive multiproged plan would be FAR MORE EFFECTIVE.....................

    And if it gave gold nuggets to poor it'd be far more effective too but you dance with the date you brought not the one you want.

    We're stuck with these republicans and we're stuck with these weak willed democrats. We need to save our banks and we need these knuckleheads to get along well enough to pass something to do that so if it means pork and if it means cuts for business whatever.

    Just pass it, and if we win in November we can fix it in January.

  14. Mike - did you say they took out homeowner protections and help for homeowners in foreclosure?

    I hope not.

    And can this bill be worked on -- I mean Paulson said in the beginning that it's a living document, learning as we go. If some genius comes up with an amazing way to pay for this via taxing the stock market, or letting all of us have shares of stock in this or some lottery replayment, or tax the CEO's -- can that still be applied?

    I would think we'd need more time to come up with payback plans.

  15. And don't worry about where I'm getting hurt Mike. I don't discuss my finances in a blog. I just pointed that out because its important that we understand real people are losing real money. And you're next.

    The democrats played you this time, just accept it and move on. They've played me plenty of times.

    They played a lot of people with that "bailout the fat cats" crap and people bought it. The dems wanted an economic stall because it gives them the win. I don't know if they expected it to get this bad though and maybe the republicans knew that and are making them pay. But one things for sure. The democrats are benefiting from it as we see Obama climbing in the polls as moderates leave McCain\Palin for the security of Obama and Bidens big fat brains.

    In a presidential election and during an economic slump history shows us Americans tend to vote out the incumbent party so the dems have a stake here.

    But they also know that if they do nothing they'll get voted out of congress so they hopefully have played this card out enough and will get on the ball here and help get things going enough to stabilize this economy. Nothing major will happen until Jan anyway, right now this bill is just designed to keep us afloat until then.

  16. Lydia Cornell said...

    I would think we'd need more time to come up with payback plans

    We don't have more time. Why can't people get that?

    This bill doesn't have to be the last Bill congress ever passes again. All it is is a bailout to keep our banking system from collapsing. Each day more banks are slipping away. We need to pass it now.

    We can fix the other stuff as we go but time is not a luxury we have. This thing should have been passed last week.

  17. Besides. Wouldn't you guys rather see a bill passed to help homeowners and tax payers under a new Obama presidency that he helped develop then something these knuckleheads are going to write?

    Whatevers in this bill as long as it gets things going a little we'll be ok until Jan, then we can see some real change and get some bills passed that can do some good.

  18. Lydia Cornell said...
    Mike - did you say they took out homeowner protections and help for homeowners in foreclosure?

    I hope not.

    And can this bill be worked on -- I mean Paulson said in the beginning that it's a living document, learning as we go. If some genius comes up with an amazing way to pay for this via taxing the stock market, or letting all of us have shares of stock in this or some lottery replayment, or tax the CEO's -- can that still be applied?

    I would think we'd need more time to come up with payback plans."

    Yep they sure did take the help for homeowners out of the Bill to pander to the repugs...........thats why i WANTED it to fail Monday and thats why I think it WONT work now even if it DOES pass.............and for the record I agree that a small tax on speculative short term trades particularly in commodities like oil would be a good idea.................I think Obama should keep the dividend and long term capital gains tax low for those making under $250,000 though to encourage saving.

  19. Actually The democrats could have got it passed Monday if they would have wanted to, they just wanted the repugs to provide cover so they couldnt paint this as a democrat bailout of Wall Street.

    I think like 40% of the dems voted against it.............dont worry though after Monday lots of people that lost money in the markets angrilly called the Congress people and i think it should pass now.

  20. I'm not gonna lie, it's comforting to know that Mike and Worf have solved the countrys economic problems over the past week.

    It's truly surprising both of these economic wizards were'nt called to Washington to help put the bailout together.

    I guess they are just true patriotic americans who would rather not be recognized for their efforts but would rather remain in the background.

    A hardy job well done to both.

  21. Where would this country be without two true americans like Mike and Worf.

  22. Where would this country be without two true americans like Mike and Worf.

    Don't know but I know we all would be better off lookin' at your sorry ass being planted for good.

  23. Updated the blog on the financial part at top. Please listen in the archives to radio show. It is riveting the past week.

    When Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin about the gay issue, Palin said that her friend who is gay made a choice to be gay -- I'm paraphrasing.

    Wouldn't it have been great if Couric had then asked Palin: "So when did you make a choice to become heterosexual?"

  24. Lol, thats a good one Lydia. I'm sorry I didn't think that one up.

    That interview with Sarah Palin showed McCain and the RNC to be completely and utterely a JOKE.

    Palin is a JOKE, so McCain picking her makes him a JOKE. And the RNC endorsing it makes them a JOKE.

  25. The woman couldn't provide ONE SINGLE NEWSPAPER. Not ONE.

    Thats because she reads the Wasilla Hog-n-Holler Gazette, and didn't want to say that on television.

  26. Its reported that Palin switched to the University of Idaho to finish her journalism degree after realizing one afternoon following an extremely difficult seer coil swap out on an 80,000 BTU two stage Rheem furnace that the there wasn’t a Journalism dept at Matanuska-Susitna College, and she wasn’t doing research on a story about the HVAC industry for it.

  27. What were the last words that Sarah Palin said prior to her departure from Matanuska-Susitna University?



  28. What were the last words were that the Dean of Matanuska-Susitna University said to her as she left the campus?


    “Mam, you’ve got to leave the toolbox”

  29. You said it Bart..............ALL Biden has do do to put a stake through that imbecile's heart is look smart and competent without appearing condescending, pompous or disrespectful................if Biden throws out lots of facts and nuanced and intelligent policy and Palin babbles nonsense and RNC talking points it will show she doesnt belong on the stage and is completely unqualified for the Office of Vice President.

  30. Its like a football game If Palin DOESNT score a touchdown tonight to keep in the game, the game's out of reach.

  31. If Palin Flops I predict Obama gains in the polls 3-10 points within a week.

  32. Not ONLY could Palin NOT name a single newspaper she couldnt name a single Supreme court case, she was asked to name a Supreme Court case OTHER than Roe VS Wade and she started babbling nonsense about Roe Vs Wade.......................that idiot is a disgrace.

  33. Hey, folks,

    Make the best of the VP debate tonight. Palin Bingo!

    Get your cards at...

  34. I'm on pins and needles. I can't watch the debate, I have to go to my son's "Back to School Night" so I'll TIVO it.

    But I'm kinda nervous.

    We have to be careful. She could have rehearsed so well and she could do a great "surface" job tonight -- just enough to sway doubters.

    I just hope she is asked a nuanced question that will take a great deal of thought - something deep, such as "If you were president and Karl Rove or Dick Cheney told you that you had to push the button to drop nukes on Iran, but you had a scheduled flight to Iran to try some diplomacy first - and time was running out, and your infant had an emergency and had to be rushed to the hospital that night -- would you:

    a. Cancel your flight (putting off diplomacy which could avert nuclear war)
    b. Rush your child to the hospital.
    c. Just get it over with and push the button, because you didn't have time to read the Security reports so it was just easier to listen to Rove, et al?

    Or something like that...

  35. If Biden wants to win all he has to do is ask Palin questions.

    Just ask her questions and let that marvelous, magnificant brain of hers take it from there.

  36. The bar is set so low for Palin tonight, that all she has to do to win gales of victory cheers from the right wing is not crap her pants on camera or throw up on the podium.

    Also if she can stick to the English language or some other recognized documented language then that will be a plus for her too.

  37. Biden on the other hand will have to be Mark Twain, Socrates and Winston Churchill all rolled into one.

  38. Biden CANT lose to that imbecile..............the way I see it its just a matter of it being close like the last debate or Biden absolutely crushing Palin.................this is like comparing Filet Mignon to dog shit...............WHO in their right mind besides a blindly loyal koolaid drinking goosestepping repug is going to pick the dogshit?

  39. Its a matter of whether its a split decision or a crushing knockout!

  40. "...this is like comparing Filet Mignon to dog shit...............WHO in their right mind besides a blindly loyal koolaid drinking goosestepping repug is going to pick the dogshit?"

    Obama picked him Mike.

    And you really should give Biden a little more respect than that.

  41. He "Can't" lose Mike?

    Biden. Never did know when to shut the hell up. I love the guy, but he just doesn't know how to stop making gaffs.

    When he said "when Obama's making all the hard decisions I'll be in the room", he mispoke of course, implying he had to be there when Obama makes a decision. (hinting to Obama's inexperience).

    He also passed up opportunity after opportunity that Palin gave him. When she said "John McCain doesn't say one thing to one group of people and another thing to another group of people", Biden should have responded, "no, he says a different thing to the same group of people on different days'.
    When she spoke about McCain being for regulation Biden should have been adamanet about his support for deregulation. More than he was. When she called General Mckeirnen General "McClellan" he should have corrected her, particulalry since he kept bringing him up, although not by name. When she accused Biden of being "for something before he's against it", he should have responded "you mean like you and your bridge to nowhere, which you were for, before you found out the public was against it?... you mean like that govenor?"

    Clearly Biden was afraid of offending women, and was trying to not appear mean. But it made him weak and inneffectual.

    And you know what the worst gaff he made tonight was?

    When he f@$king CRIED!!!



    The LAST image you want to send to the men of this country is a man, running against a woman, standing there BLUBBERING!!!!!


  42. Hey, who knew he identified with being a single mother that strongly?

  43. I think Biden won DECISIVELY...............Obama sqeaked out a 60% to 40% victory............Biden won by 75% to 25% he was on point he actually addressed the questions and he quoted plenty of facts and figures and seemed smart.............Palin while she didnt implode failed to address at least half of the questions, lied, got faqcts wrong and rambled and babbled like an idiot quite frequently.

  44. He may have just touched his female side...

  45. Let's just hope she doesn't file charges...

  46. You'd KNOW all about being a koolaid drinking goosestepping repug Volt and dod shit too.

  47. Mike,

    I think Chris Dodd is spelled with two "g"s...

    Oh, and he's one of yours too.

  48. Biden actually addressed all the questions on point and looked intelligent and competent quoting facts, figures and history...................While Palin failed to even answer at least half of the questions asked of her,She got the name of the general in Afghanistan wrong and lied and said General Petraeus said the central battle with Al Qaeda is in Iraq rather than Afghanistan she lied that Obama voted to raise taxes on those making $42,000 and was going to raise everyone's taxes, stated Obama voted against funding the troops when McSame voted the same way, couldnt answer if Cheney was part of the Executive Branch, and stated that Cheney's circumventing and stifling oversite and his power grabs were a good thing...........and in general she just rambled and babbled like an imbecile for much of the debate.

  49. Looks like Duncetron just had his Dan Quayle moment............typical idiot repug trying to smuggly correct someone else when he's dead wrong himself..............Mice try Einstein!

  50. "....Mice try Einstein!"

  51. Sorry to burst your frickin bubble Voltron, but the Wacko from Wassila got her frickin tail kicked like all over the podium tonight.

    It like wasnt even frickin close, it was like 100/0, Sara The Twit Palin got owned.

  52. Voltron said...
    He may have just touched his female side............................."

    Uhh dude, better frickin remember mcLOSER blubberin like a frickin bitch at the religious goon debate before ya go throwin rocks at Biden.

  53. Hey, who knew he identified with being a single mother that strongly?

    No Duncetron, single FATHER ... just because YOU dress up in drag all the time, don't mean the rest of us do.

  54. Voltron said...
    Let's just hope she doesn't file charges..............."

    Uhh dude, I frickin hope your blow up doll dont file charges either, have like any of you troglodyte LOSERS evfer gotten laid?

  55. My,my,is'nt this interesting,it seems old Mike watched a different debate then the rest of the country.

    The vast majority of political pundits on cable news and NPR,except of course the BHO network MSNBC have said Sarah Palin in fact won the debate.

    Now unfortunatly there is no way to actually score this type of debate versus a school debate but I think I'm going to agree with the pundits.

    They also pointed out that Biden was in fact a bit liberal with the truth on a couple of his answers.

    I'll give Hairplugs credit for not again saying Roosevelt was president and TV was available in 1929.Good for you Joe.

  56. Screw you you frickin goon, that twit got her tail kicked, she got frickin blanked it was like 100/0.

  57. I'm glad to see some feel Biden won. I did think he easily trounced her on the facts, the problem I've seen lately though is the facts no longer seem to play a role in the voters minds. Its more a "do I like em or not" mentality.

    Biden crying was a huge mistake and he should know better by now, and he also let a lot go that he could have nailed Palin on if he had been a little more agressive and less nervous about appearing to bully her, but other than the one gaff he was reasonably sound.

    Palin was aggressive but she was also smug and arrogant, condescending to Joe Biden on his concern for Israel and she also gave a lot of incorrect information, like repeatedly linking McCain to regulation, which he's always and still is, against.

    Biden let these and so many opportunties go that it really made me angry, but I don't see Palin as having won anyone over other than the "joe-sixpack" she kept ranting about who she already has the vote of. She was frightening, when she spoke about how they planned on expanding the powers of Vice President to some sort of unterfuhrer henchmen role.

    Palin clearly believes her own bullshit. She clearly believes she's called by God to this and she clearly believes that that "calling" supercedes the need for any actual knowledge.

    It is frightening that someone so utterly unqualified could ever become the governor of Alaska much less a candidate for Vice President.

  58. Early Snap Polls: Biden Won Handily

    The first round of snap polls give the debate to Joe Biden, by sizable margins.

    CBS polled 473 uncommitted debate-watchers, and found that 46% say Biden won, 21% say Palin won, and 33% say it was a tie.

    While both candidates saw their images improve, 98% saw Biden as "knowledgeable" after the debate, while only 66% saw Palin as knowledgeable, an admittedly high number, given what folks thought of her before tonight.

    Meanwhile, CNN's poll of debate-watchers found that far more thought Biden did the best job in the debate (51%) than Palin did (36%).

    And here's a really key number from CNN. While a startling 84% said Palin did better than expected, it still wasn't enough for her to clear her basic hurdle tonight: Only 46% said she's qualified to serve as president, up only four points from before the debate. And a clear majority, 53%, say she is not qualified.

    It's not wise to put too much stock in snap polls. But if this bears out, it'll confirm our earlier argument: Palin's disastrous interviews raised expectations for her tonight, in the sense that the pressure on her to prove she's ready for the job was even higher than it otherwise might have been. And she didn't prove it, at least according to these early numbers.

  59. Palin tried to be slick, and acted like she was educating Biden when she kept referring to the General Biden was quoting, as "McClellan".

    Problem is, his names not McClellan.


    Its Mckiernan.

    So she couldn't even get her facts right when she was trying to be smug.

    Too bad Biden let her go on it. Clearly he was afraid of coming on strong.

  60. Palin was an idiot for the most part, chosing to instead of actually answer the questions, but make mini speeches about her visions for the new reich.

    She sounded glib, arrogant, aloof, and uneducated. Bumpkin is the word that comes to mind.

    She looked crazy eyed in the camera and used more filler words than facts in her zany, wacky speeches.

    I'm mad at Biden that he didn't handle it better but she by no means won.

  61. Bart - What planet are you on???
    This is the best debate of Biden's life and when he got choked up, it was the most honest, pure moment. Everyone went through the roof rating him as the highest score possible on that point.

    Nothing is more compelling than a strong man who is in touch with his feelings. It was natural and makes me trust him. I do not trust men who cannot be touched and vulnerable. I am so sick of loud-mouth posturing and ego-driven peopl.

    You can tell who is the real public servant. Not the one who is ambitious for all the wrong reasons. So having 5 children and running Alaska isn't enough? Does she really think she has anything to offer the world by being Vice President?

    At least you agree that Palin sounded like a robot hick with her corny Joe six-pack dialect in which she dropped all her "gs."

    Biden hit home hard and really slammed McCain. Biden connected with the American people and was dignified and perfect with his facts.

    AND FINALLY SOMEONE MENTIONED - BIDEN MENTIONED- THAT McCAIN VOTED AGAINST LOW INCOME CHILDREN'S HEALTH CARE!! Although he didn't put it in the firm way I put it. If the public heard it said this way, they'd be horrified at McCain.

  62. Have you looked at the reviews? Other than on left wing sites?

    I'm seeing mixed reviews at best.

    As for the crying thing, while some women may have liked it I can tell you there isn't a man in America who liked seeing that at that moment.

    I don't think it was a strong performance for Joe at all. Not a terrible one mind you, but just sort of a wash.

  63. Palin on the other hand sounded like a complete nutjob, constantly breaking into these little mini speeches about the new world order she and McCain were going to usher in.

    She freaked me out.

  64. Problem is, other nutjobs like her, which make up a large part of the voting block are going to like that kind of kooky world view.

    They think being smart is bad and of the devil. They think she's there with Gods wisdom and her momsy folksy down home know how is all she needs to run the country.

    Its terrifying, it really is.

    When she started talking about battling evil, it was like seeing Bush in drag.

  65. She failed to answer most questions posed to her, choosing instead to offer rehearsed answers to OTHER questions not being asked.

    Its like me asking you to name the first 5 Prime Numbers and you responding that 2+2 equals 4.

    2+2 does equal 4, but thats not what I asked you.

    She did this all through the debate, which made her look smart to stupid people, who don't listen to the questions or review the answers because they're stupid. They just want to see her say "some smurt stuff" and they're happy. Just let her say a few fancy words about anything while looking the camera in the eye and walla. She's a hero.

    But she said nothing all night. Nothing of substance. Half of what she said was untrue, the other half was just empty rhetoric about nothing.

    And she just never answered any questions, which shows she's an empty vessel. Nothing more.

  66. Sorry forgot to tell you guys, I put up a new blog thread late last night with comments from hardblogger -- on the debate.

    Also, Bart - the dial went straight up, both men and women, when Biden had his heartfelt moment. The ratings dial zoomed up to the top.