Friday, August 22, 2008



On Friday night I asked readers to please post their choices and opinions in the comment section: will Obama's Vice Presidential pick be Biden, Clinton, Richardson, Bayh, Nunn?

I think it will be Joe Biden - which is GREAT! But I am still holding out hope that it will be Hilary Clinton.


I believe our primary purpose in this existence is to learn to love each other. First we have to love and accept ourselves and then transfer that love and acceptance to others — because you can't give what you haven't got. Spirituality for me means smashing the ego. It’s about human kindness, seeing the good in others no matter how bad they look. It’s not sitting on some mountain top in a self-centered quest to find God. But the only solution to personal agony is to start focusing on love, which is a power greater than yourself. But everything has to be taken with a dose of humor.

After my TV series ended, I went to hell and back. I really went through some terrifyingly dark days, years. When I say I found God, I mean a supernatural force literally lifted me up and installed into me a peace of mind I never thought possible. When I gave up alcohol, drugs, worry and fear — a veil of anesthesia lifted. Amazing coincidences started happening; I found a key to the door by simply surrendering the intellectual habit of being arrogant. You have to become as innocent as a child to let this gift in.

I want to clear a few thing up that I said about religion. I’m not putting down fundamentalists — but many of the most vocal ones do not act very Christian. Christ taught never to judge others or to fight and take vengeance on others. The idea that Christ would ever condone war is laughable. His law of love is a spiritual law. It is difficult to grasp this kind of love with the limited human mind. But we must love our enemies as much as we love ourselves, because we are all one. We must meet hate with love. How can fundamentalists condemn gays? And how can they murder abortion doctors and call themselves pro-life! Is killing pro-life?

All the most important things are invisible to the conscious eye: love, beauty, joy, thought. If we only believed in what we could see, then we would still believe the earth was flat — and not spinning. Galileo, who was condemned by the Catholic Church for saying that the earth revolved around the sun — and forced to state that it stands still, muttered, “Nevertheless, it does spin!”

Between animal and angel are several levels of ascension. In the animal stage, man is ruled by his sex drive, ego and childlike behavior. Extremely immature, he lives in a state of craving and wanting. But when he awakwens and realizes life is about getting rid of the ego and serving others -- he begins to fall under the law of Grace. But once he gains a conscience, there is no going back.

No matter what is going on in your life, stop for a moment and breathe deeply. Inhale love, exhale fear and focus on what you have to be grateful for.


  1. Given a few other clues like this flight plan and the fact Joe Biden is gathering his family, you might be right Lydia.

  2. Put me down for a yard on Joe.

  3. The return of that plane could very well take the Biden Family to Springfield ill tomorrow.

  4. Biden is a likable guy. He's got the experience, and he's got the know how, but he's also got the likability factor and that combined with Obama's points to us actually starting to heal our international relations.

  5. The best part about Biden is he can smile and seem nice while inserting the political knife in an opponent, and he knows a hell of a lot from the time he spent in DC and possibly a little more then Mitt Romney who most probably is McCain's pick.

  6. I would like Obama to pick Biden.........I dont care for Bayh, or Clinton at all and dont really care for Nunn either.............besides Biden would be the BEST at dismantling McSame and his VP while Obama takes the high road.

    Obama needs an enforcer someone strong that can do his dirty woek and allow him to remain above the fray.

  7. Interesting evening if you think about it;

    Obama has the nations total attention about who he is going to pick as his VP

    While McCain tries to remember how many houses he has and where they all are.

  8. Andrea Mitchell is reporting the Sen Bayh and Kaine have been informed they are NOT the nominees.

    Its looking better and better for Biden.

    I'm kind of prejudiced here, because I like Joe Biden. I think he's a smart guy who has the ability to say what he thinks, instead of reading talking points.

    Theres an honesty about him that I gravitate towards, so that probably plays a role in why I think he'd be the best pick.

    But you're right Mike.

    McCain wants NO PART of Biden.

    Biden and Obama together equal so much brainpower they'd blow McCain off the stage.

  9. Now watch.

    Just like in 2004, the republicans will "pull something" to take the away some of the DNC convention, and the Obama announcement.

    I wouldn't be surprised if 20 minutes after Obama's vp pick is announced, if McCain comes out and announces his.

  10. bart, That would destroy the McCain campaign's ability to try and steal the Friday news cycle right after Obama's historic speech accepting the Democratic party's nomination for president,

    I don't think Rove's minions would allow the senile old guy to blow it that bad.

  11. BTW for what it's worth Steve Clements says it is definitely is Biden.

  12. Well they'll pull something.

    You watch.

    They can't let Obama have a good moment.

    I mean, can you beleive voltron was in here last night actually parroting the stupidest of right wing talking points that it is a BAD thing that the international community actually "loves" Obama?

    They were GREEN with envy when he stood in Germany with a throng of 50,000 or more, cheering and waving and just loving him.

    They were furious when he drew 75,000 people in Oregon and tried to paint it as a fluke.

    I almost feel sorry for volt.

    Imagine, how embarrassing it must be to have to come in here and say stupid things like its a negative thing for people to like a president.

  13. I see Biden as well.

    I don't often blogwhore, but I am so pleased and thrilled by the latest award Reconstitution received that I must share it. This award was given to ME, personally, to boot!

  14. Wow Lydia.

    I just read the rest of your article. You wrote this one yourself. It's a good one. Moved me a little.

  15. Lydia said..

    I believe our primary purpose in this existence is to learn to love each other

    Well, I'm trying with Voltron but I've still got a lot of "learning" to do.


  16. Thank you!

    Several liberal friends of mine have bolted the Dem party and have joined PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) because they wanted Hilary. I thought it was a joke, but they are seriously going to vote for McCain.

    I honestly think if we had Hilary on the ticket we would sweep America and true change would start.

    Biden is very strong with women on women's issues. He is a great compromise and a strong candidate -- and I've always admired his "shoot from the hip" honesty.

    But I honestly feel we can't afford to lose all those Hilary supporters - and it feels wrong that in a modern nation with more women than men -- we are so archaic we don't have a woman in the highest office.

    Hilary's health care plan is the best ever. I just hope Obama appoints her to another position.

    I can't believe

  17. Lydia said..

    But I honestly feel we can't afford to lose all those Hilary supporters -

    Sure we can. They're not concerned about America, if they were they wouldn't even consider voting for a senile warmongering old man who is hell bent on launching World War III.

    Let em go.

  18. Besides. Think of all the people who hate Hilary so badly that thye wouldn't vote at all if she was on the ticket.

    Note they wouldn't turn traitor, like the Clinton supporters are threatening to do, and vote for the opposition.

    They'd just not vote on principle if he picked her.

    So we make up for it that way.

    Besides Lydia, Hilary is NOT going to be the candidate. AP is reporting that she was not on the Vetting list, meaning she wasn't ever in consideration.

  19. It's one thing to say you won't vote for Obama, Lydia.

    It's another thing alltogether to vote for the opposition, just out of spite.

    Those people are self centered, worried about their own preferences over that of the country.

    Look, you all know how I feel about Obama's yea vote on HR6034.

    I wrote an entire blog threatening to not vote for him.

    But I never even suggested voting for John McCain. Never even HINTED at it. I wouldn't THINK of purposely damaging my country, just out of my own self centered little spite.

    I'm not thrilled with Obama like some of you. HR 6034 left him in a bad light with me. But I will still probably vote for him, just to vote AGAINST McCain and the republicans who have RUINED this country for the past 7 years.

    I mean, what planet are these people living on? Did they not notice the last 7 years of republican rule literally DISMANTLING our democracy?

    Did they not notice all the DEAD BODIES?

    Did they not notice the BANKRUPT ECONOMY?

    If these "Pumas" want to hurt America by voting for McCain out of pure spite, then screw them.

    They're not true Americans, they're just little spoiled children concerned with their own selfishness rather than the country.

    We'll win without them.

  20. This article you wrote today Lydia is probably the best thing of yours I ever read.

    Better than the Coulter article.

  21. The PUMAs are funded and encouraged by our old friends over at the RNC. Quite frankly, that makes me wonder how many of them ever would have voted for even Clinton.

  22. Yes, in fact JR, they were instrumental in driving the wedge between the democratic party.

    We all were talking about back at the beginning how the RNC was going to the polls and voting for Hilary Clinton just to make it harder for Obama.

  23. Lydia said..

    No matter what is going on in your life, stop for a moment and breathe deeply. Inhale love, exhale fear and focus on what you have to be grateful for.

    I needed to hear something like that today.

  24. It should also be noted that Hill scored her biggest vote percentages in places that would never, ever have voted for her in a general election.

    Yeah, she took Kentucky, and Texas, and West Virginia. But wtf is the point?

  25. Well Wonkette thinks the pick is Jack Reed of Rhode Island a West Point graduate who doesn't USE his service as a crutch like McCain does.

    another good choice.

  26. BARTLEBEE said...
    It's one thing to say you won't vote for Obama, Lydia.

    It's another thing alltogether to vote for the opposition, just out of spite.""

    EXACTLY ANYONE who would do such a thing is beyong IGNORANT and i say good riddance!

  27. Jolly Roger said...
    It should also be noted that Hill scored her biggest vote percentages in places that would never, ever have voted for her in a general election.

    That's because republicans in those states were told to vote for her. There was a thousand stories about this all over the blogs and internet back then.

    Some of our resident trolls in here even acknowledged it. Their orders were to vote for Hilary, and drive a rift between democrats.

    And they did.

  28. Mike said...
    EXACTLY ANYONE who would do such a thing is beyong IGNORANT and i say good riddance!

    You probably remember back when folks were mad at me for criticizing Obama.

    But I made it clear that I would never vote for McCain.

    At the most, I said I would just not vote.

    Voting for McCain to spite the DNC is cutting of your nose to spite your face.

  29. No.............I seem to remember much more vividly people being mad at me for critizing Hillary.........i even toned down my blogging because i felt i was wearing out my welcome on many blogs.............But like YOU i threatened to not vote but NEVER even considered voting for McSame.

    Thats insane, its like a bunch of women lobbying to overturn abortion or drug laws and when they dont succeed just deciding to go out and get pregnant and have an abortion or use drugs themselves it makes no logical sense.

  30. And I think it's unconscienable of Hilary to steal Obama's fire AGAIN, and this time at the DNC Convention, less than 3 months from the general election.

    But you guys might also remember I predicted this.

    I predicted Hilary would not "go quietly into the night".

    In fact I got banned from Daily Kos for saying that and not being willing to say Hilary had conceded the election, which she never did.

    In fact, don't be too surprised if she doesn't try to pull some stunt at the election, with McCain and Obama so close in the polls.

    I don't agree with you on that point Lydia, that is, that Hilary would make a good vp.

    If she's this selfish now, imagine how selfish and scene stealing she'd be if she were the veep.

    The night Obama won, Hilary wouldn't let it go.

    She stole his fire the night of his win, and his news cycles for the next week.

    Most experts agree this "hobbled" him right out of the gate.

    And now, here we are, in a neck and neck race, and finally his big night is here where he gets the nomination, and she STILL wants to steal his fire, and take his spotlight.

    And that is unconscienable.

  31. Hilary should have no place at the convention, but she blackmailed the Obama camp, her and her "PUMA" group.

    Sure, Obama's people are making sounds about it being "in the party's best interest".

    That's because they were strong armed by the Clinton people into doing it.

    These people don't care about America. They care about their preferences.

    Obama is not my first choice. He's not even my second. But he's the nominee, and Hilary Clinton and her followers either need to get behind him, or get out of the way.

    Either support the DNC candidate, or go join Joe Lieberman and fools who follow him.

  32. Because that's who they're like. The fools of Conn who voted in Lieberman, thus thwarting a strong majority in the senate, and putting in someone who has consistently voted with the republicans on every vote.

    By putting Lieberman in, Connecticut helped the Republicans stonewall every bill that's every passed through the senate, for the past year.

  33. By the way Mike. I actually liked Biden as a Presidential candidate a while back, you might recall.

    Picking him as the VP will make it so much easier for me to vote for Obama.

  34. I liked Biden too............course I also liked edwards and that wouldnt have worked out too well!

  35. Lol, yea. I knew he was a horndog.

  36. This is going to sound shallow Mike, but when I saw him playing with his hair like that when they caught him on camera, I knew he wasn't ready.

    I also noticed him doing a publicity stunt, I think it was "Habitat for Humanity" where he was photographed with a shovel digging in the dirt.

    He went out of his way to not get dirty, and I constantly caught him shaking his hair into place, and posing for the camera.

    He's a nice guy, but he needs some seasoning. .

  37. Well, we'll know tomorrow morning.

    Campaign: Obama's VP choice to be announced Saturday

    CNN) updated 30 minutes ago--

    Sen. Barack Obama's choice for running mate will be announced to supporters in a text message Saturday morning, senior Obama campaign officials told CNN on Friday night, and a senior party official said it won't be Sen. Hillary Clinton.

  38. Larry King reports the US secret service has dispatched a detail to Joseph Biden's residence, which is about a certain as we can get.

    The secret service will not play a political stunt, they only protect real candidates.

  39. Everything is adding up to Biden being the pick.

    The Secret Service wouldn't send a detail unless they had confirmation Biden was Obama's choice.

  40. clif said...

    Larry King reports the US secret service has dispatched a detail to Joseph Biden's residence, which is about a certain as we can get.

    The secret service will not play a political stunt, they only protect real candidates

    Yup. That cinches it. If the Secret Service is there then we have our new Vice President.

    Joe Biden.


  41. Bart they are also reporting Biden's people are still at work at midnight .... nobody else's like Hillary or Bayh's people are working late this night

  42. Also they report Biden has vbeen asked for people who can "vouch" for his staff to expedite their getting clearance and merging Biden's people and Obama's campaign

  43. And a right wing talking head says that McCain will be pushed to pick Mittens to counter the Biden pick.

  44. You know the republican Mr Nice Hair Flip Flopper, whose five sons were doing their patriotic duty helping Mittens flip flop on a national stage, from the primaries.

  45. Washington Post Blog;

    Veepstakes: Process of Elimination
    UPDATE, 11:20 p.m. ET:

    A report by ABC News that Secret Service agents had been dispatched to Biden's home to begin protecting the Delaware Senator seems to affirm the sense that Biden would be the pick

  46. Clif said...



  47. Biden brings something St Johnny better watch, he has been in the US senate since 1973, and knows very well how the game inside the beltway is played especially the MSM game with the beltway bloviaters.

    The other good point is how late at night they Obama campaign kept the suspense, sort of dominating the news cycle for two days before they dominate the week with the convention.

  48. Clif said "The other good point is how late at night they Obama campaign kept the suspense, sort of dominating the news cycle for two days before they dominate the week with the convention."

    I thought the same thing Obama dominated the news cycle for the last two days and will for the next week as well.

  49. One thing that gets interesting is who takes Joe Biden's place because he was running for his seat in the US senate after dropping out of the presidential race.

    Things could get a little more interesting there, or does he pull a Lieberman, which I doubt.

  50. That's right Mike. Biden is well liked and well respected and he has the foriegn policy experience to shore up Obama.

    If McCain is dumb enough to pick "mittens", who has no real foreign policy experience, then McCain's through.

  51. Yea, that's a good point clif.

    He'll probably keep his senate seat for a while I imagine, just because the elections so close.

  52. CNN calls it for Biden with two sources.

  53. You know I'm really impressed with this pick from Obama. Biden is a somewhat gutsy pick, given as Lydia said it will piss off Clinton supporters and also because Biden is very outspoken.

    It shows Obama is confident, and not afraid of a taking a risk, something I was worried the he might have problems with.

    Biden is a wonderful choice.

    I actually feel a little more hopeful tonite.

  54. Of all the choices touted by the MSM talking heads Biden was one of the best.

    Given that and the clueless McCain "I don't know how many houses my wife has bought". Obama has had a good week with a much better week next week.

    McCain can't dominate the week before his convention like Obama did.

  55. The media is meanwhile working against Obama. CNN is running a headline story on Yahoo about Obama's half brother living in a Kenyan slum, complete with pictures and interview, criticizing Obama for not helping him more.

    And FOX news polls are all over the cover of my Yahoo home page showing McCain winning in a "gut check" vote.

    The media has turned into the propaganda arm of the right wing.

  56. I doubt very seriously that they are that close in the race.

    These polls are fabricated and manipulated. Not just the Fox ones, but most of them right now.

    Where I live I haven't seen ONE SINGLE MCCAIN BUMPER STICKER. Not one.

    But I see Obama stickers everywhere. And this is a redneck state.

  57. EE said...
    You know I'm really impressed with this pick from Obama. Biden is a somewhat gutsy pick, given as Lydia said it will piss off Clinton supporters and also because Biden is very outspoken.

    It shows Obama is confident, and not afraid of a taking a risk, something I was worried the he might have problems with.

    Biden is a wonderful choice.

    I actually feel a little more hopeful tonite."

    I agree completely.................Biden is the pick i wanted and i feel more hopeful now as well...........I think it was clearly the right choice.

  58. Bart the Media thrives on controversy and drama ...............they want to make this APPEAR close............because close equals better ratings.

    One thing I think the MSM isnt factoring into their biased polls is alot of the young people supporting Obama ONLY have cell phones while the poles are conducted via landlines..........therefore a fairly large demographic of Obama supporters are not being counted in these polls.

  59. Damn Mike. Looks like things finally are looking up.

    The best thing about Biden is his BIG FAT BRAIN.

    Together they can get the country back on its feet. I feel pretty confident about that.

  60. Mike the pollsters only came close 27% of the time in this years primaries.

    I don't rely too much on them.

  61. BTW with Biden in VP and Edwards in limbo for a long time, it looks better for others for State, Def, AG .... any ideas?

  62. Richardson at State?

    He has the best credentials and seem productive when he is given a chance.

    It would be a big step up from condi

  63. Sam Nunn at def?

  64. Another thing I think picking Hillary would have been a disaster........she and her cult of rabid followers have shown they are me first rather than team players they have used strong arm tactics from day one...........just like you NEVER give an opening to or feed a blackmailer or con person same with them if Obama showed weakness and gave in to her strongarm tactics and made her the VP would be a decision he would regret...........he's shown class and given the Clintons roles at the convention any further acquisessance would have been a sign of weakness on his part.

  65. Well i'm at a loss for two innitial picks both had scandals that discredited them.

  66. Could Obama bring Patrick J. Fitzgerald from the Chicago US attorney's office to the department of justice to clean it up?

    They have had to work with each other at times.

  67. How about Jonathan Turley.........someone who actualy knows something about and values and respects the US Constitution!

  68. Given that Obama's major was constitutional law he probably knows many people we would never think of.

  69. I'd like to see Wesley Clark as the national security adviser ..... and Richard Clark brought back as the anti terror czar.

  70. What i'm looking forward to is all the Right Wing stooges at DOJ, SEC, FCC etc getting FIRED!

    Same with the Pentagon!

  71. I wanna see the FCC install a truth in media clause and viciously fine any Media company and person who lies or misrepresents the facts on the air.

    instead of fining people or stations for showing boobs............we need to fine these boobs for lying and deceiving.

  72. Given that mike, Fitz as assistant AG could be very helpful at rooting out the remaining wingnuts.

    Could you see the rats jumpin' ship if they saw Fitz comin' to DC full time?

  73. Speaking of Right wing stooges looks like one of them got taken to school fairly recently...........go figure!

  74. The media is meanwhile working against Obama. CNN is running a headline story on Yahoo about Obama's half brother living in a Kenyan slum, complete with pictures and interview, criticizing Obama for not helping him more.

    I guess Barack shoulda taken a page from Cindy's book, and passed himself off as an only child.

    Isn't it funny how the MSM seems to know NOTHING about Cindy and her half-sister?

  75. Mike said...
    Another thing I think picking Hillary would have been a disaster........she and her cult of rabid followers have shown they are me first rather than team players

    Exactly Mike.

    At one point we all need to look at the greater good, even Bartlebee.

    These guys, the "PUMAS" and the other die hard Hilary fans are not capable of making that stretch.

    Nor apparently is Hilary.

    Any speech she makes, no matter how supportive, is a farce, because she has no place getting on stage at the DNC convention.

    She did not win.She is one of the "also rans".

    Other people lost too, and they're not blackmailing the DNC nominee for air time.

    Someone needs to tell Hilary, and her "PUMA's" to shut up and sit down.

  76. McCain's campaign is trying to use the Biden pick against Obama, sucks to realize your worst fears came true eh Johnny?

    Also Biden knows when McCain has erupted and what sets him off.

    Biden was in the senate when McCain was a freshman, and probably knows a lot more about the Keating 5 scandal then McCain would like let out.

  77. If Obama picked Jesus Christ as his running mate the McCain camp would try to use it against him.

    No matter what he does McCain will criticize it.

    Which is conclusive proof of their unyeilding dishonesty.

  78. Outstanding!

    What a great choice.

  79. Attorney General is easy Mike.

    Professor Jonathan Turley.

  80. Who better to defend our Constitutional rights than a Constitutional Scholar?

    Particularly one who RESPECTS the Constitution.

  81. I feel like I have been AWOL! I think we have a great team now! Joe has a tendency to foam at the mouth but I believe that can be controlled!
    The right is already using Biden's words saying Obama is not ready to be President against him and Obama but if the Democrat's had half a brain amongst them they would already have turned the tables on the Republicans as they would do to Democrats!
    Obama should be saying you Republicans are slow! Biden now knows I have what it takes and has gotten behind me. You better too if you want a future! What Obama has done has taken out life Insurance and I now believe the election that is a runaway being termed too close to call so it can be stolen a third time will be!
    The alternatives are much worse! There is no way in hell I can see the Right quitting their agenda or allowing the Presidents abusive power in Democrats hands. no way! what is going to happen next?

  82. Joe Biden does NOT "foam at the mouth".

    Biden says what he believes, which can get anyone in trouble.

    Just look at me.

    He will have no problem adapting to his new office though.

    Biden is honest, articulate, intelligent and experienced.

    The "too wordy" stuff is just hype fanned into flames by the right wing.

  83. By the way Lydia, why since Obama picked Joe Biden as vp, do we have a HUGE picture of Hilary Clinton on the cover, and a TINY one of Biden?

    For that matter, why is Hilary on the cover at all?

    She LOST. Frankly I am SICK of hearing about Hilary Clinton.

    She is a bad loser, a bad sport and she is still stealing Obama's fire at every opportunity she gets.

    Why patronize her?

  84. A lot of other people lost too.

    But you don't see them making demands on the Democratic Candidate.

    Yet her she is, making demands.

    By what right?

    Because she "came close"?


    Lots of other people lost. What makes her special?

    "Almost winning" is still losing in politics and poker.

    She lost, and thats that.

    She needs to get out of the Candidates way, BEFORE she does ANY MORE DAMAGE.

  85. Please, I implore you, take her picture down.

    Hilary didn't win the election, and she doesn't have 11 million followers.

    She has a handful of people funded by the RNC to divide the democrats and a few more dumb enough listen to them.

    Its Obama and Biden's hour, and Clinton is still cutting into it.

  86. It's your blog, you do what you want of course, but I just don't see how it helps Obama and Biden to beat John McCain by putting a big picture of Hilary up there when she wasn't even in the running.

    (we learned that last night when we discovered she was never even vetted for the slot)

    Hilary Clinton is the worst thing that could have happened to our chances of beating McCain.

    Her "healing" speeches do nothing more than take the spotlight OFF Barack Obama and onto her.

  87. Wanna Bet coulterguist wishes (s)he never said this one in 2004?

    ANN COULTER: ... a kept man. He lives off the money made by other men and left to their daughters or wives.

    ..... cause it fits John McCain to a T

  88. Well, well, well it seems the lobbyist who helped Georgia start their war was a central figure in PNAC and a vaunted liar helping to start the Iraqi War;

    Buchanan accuses 'McCain's neocon warmonger' of treason

    According to conservative commentator and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, Sen. John McCain's chief foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann is a 'dual loyalist,' 'neocon warmonger' involved in activities that 'none dare call treason.'

    Scheunemann's former employer, Orion Strategies, is a lobbying firm with strong ties to Mikheil Saakashvili's administration in Georgia.

    Since Georgia attempted to retake South Ossetia by force, triggering a sharp, violent rebuke by Russian forces, Sen. McCain has been by far the most strident advocate of US support for the former Soviet state. And his top adviser,[Randy Scheunemann] says Buchanan, may well be the next Henry Kissinger or Zbigniew Brzezinski.

    "He is a dual loyalist, a foreign agent whose assignment is to get America committed to spilling the blood of her sons for client regimes who have made this moral mercenary a rich man," he wrote.

    In his recent history, Scheunemann was a key member of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which lobbied President Clinton for war with Iraq for years before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. He was also a signatory on a letter to President George W. Bush, just days after the terrorist attacks, demanding an invasion of Iraq and threatening political consequences if the president did not comply.

    In addition, Scheunemann served as executive director of Ahmad Chalabi's group, "The Committee for Liberation of Iraq," a pro-war organization formed in 2002. Chalabi, once dubbed the "George Washington of Iraq," has since been accused of providing false information to US authorities and is currently under investigation.

    "Most important, Scheunemann's former lobbying firm, Orion Strategies, received at lest $800,000 from the government of Georgia between 2004 and May 15, 2008, when Scheunemann finally severed his ties -- officially, at least -- to the firm," notes The Nation. "Before that, between January 1, 2007, and May 15, 2008, Scheunemann was officially on the payroll as both Georgia's lobbyist and McCain's top adviser, during which time Georgia paid Orion and $290,000 and McCain paid him $70,000."

    A neo-con war monger who is in the middle of more then one war in this decade, and we are supposed to follow Washington blindly because of war criminals like HIM?

    RIGHT .................

    When the people who pull the strings of the politicians can NO LONGER make more money promising the blood of US troops for their NOT our cause the claim it is our national interest falls Flat on its face.

    The US foreign policy shouldn't be driven by AIPAC, or any of the other PNAC neo-con goals which run totally counter to real security for the citizens of the United States because it keeps putting their sons and daughters, mother and fathers in harms way for somebody else.

    And when the blow-back comes the neo-con AIPAC lobbyists are counting their ill gotten gains, while the rest of us pay the bills, in both the blood of oyr troops and the collective national treasure, which by the way we are forced into borrowing from the Chinese because the politicians who allow their strings to be pulled by such war criminals don't want to pay the bills either just pass it off to future generations.

    Why anybody is still willing to listen to these modern day snake oil salesmen is beyond me.

    Oh right the bought and paid for talking heads of the corporate owned media which has parroted the lobbyist string pulled political line since 2001.

    No wonder why Karl Rove is still smiling.

  89. A US warship moved into the port of Georgia this morning.

    The ship, the USS McFaul, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer was carrying humanitarian aid and guided missles.

    Those missles can be conventional or nuclear.

    2 more US warships are moving into the region this week.

  90. I have to agree with Bartlebe here the Right Wing morons have their NEW talking point and they are all parroting in robotic unison the Clinton got cheated, she was treated unfairly, she wasnt given the respect she deserves crap and that Hillary's supporters arent supporting Obama...........Rudy 9/11 turrets Guilanni said this Voltron has an idiotic new article up trumpeting this............and where did the Right Wing get this strategy you might ask.........I say they saw an opportunity created BY THE CLINTONS>

    Ask yourself this if ALL you cared about was becoming President, if that was your obsession above all else and you didnt give a crap about your country and the Demacratic party what would you do??????

    I'll tell you if it was me, and i KNEW I couldnt win the nomination in 2008, i'd divide and polarize the demacratic base by running a divisive, slimy rovian smear campaign............then when i lost the primary i'd "PRETEND to support the Demacratic candidate while trying to undercut and upstage him at EVERY opportunity so he loses so i could run in 2012 and run against 4 more years of repug misrule that would be easy to defeat.

    I honestly see the Clintons laying the groundwork for this plan now..............all their minions in the MSM are trumpeting how Hillary is doing SO MUCH to help Obama, what more can she do they say...........while in the same breath they are undercutting Obama saying he hasnt shown the Clintons enough respect, he hasnt done enough to retire and payoff THEIR DEBT, the Clinton supporters dont like or trust Obama and wont support him, etc.............

    Further Chris Mathews stated what I have both stated and noticed for a LONG TIME............Bill Clinton has not campaigned with Obama at all and there is bad blood between Bill And Obama..............I heard Bill Clinton say a few weeks ago he is angry the Obama camp portrayed him as a rascist but he wont SPEAK OUT on this till January..........doesnt sound like a guy that supports Obama and wants him to win to me.

    It looks to me like the Clinton plan is to divide the demacratic party so Obama loses.............have McSame make shambles of and destroy our country and economy while using their many minions in the MSM to shape public opinion that they were actually loyal teamplayers trying to help Obama when that couldnt be further from the truth..........then run in 2012 after the repug brand name is even more in the toilet than it is now.

    I see the Clintons using the MSM to burnish her image as a loyal teamplayer while cunningly trying to undercut Obama and it makes me sick...........the groundwork is being laid for a run in 2012 and in order for that to work they want Obama to lose i can feel it in my bones.

  91. And Lydia as for people being angry/disapointed that "A" woman didnt win they need to consider that discrimination based on gender, race whatever is deplorable but reverse discrimination where you ONLY want someone to win based on their race, gender, religion just as deplorable.

    To vote for the other candidate just because yours didnt win is beyond ignorant.........what it is is ignorance of the magnitude of the 20% backwash of America that has supported Bush after all the crimes he has would think that after 8 years of treasonous misrule people would be smart enough NOT to allow the treasonous war mongerers to steal another election because they are throwing a selfish tantrum because their person didnt win.

  92. No doubt Mike.

    I understand people being "disappointed" that they lost.

    But "upset"? "Angry"?

    Over what?

    In fact, they broke the rules for them and they still lost.

    The learning to get along stuff is fine, but it seems to me that the ones not being willing to go along with the rest of the party are the ones who have the lessons to learn here.

    Sitting back, stomping your feat and demanding this and that is not the way adults are supposed to act when they lose.

    It's starting to look like we have a REAL CHANCE of losing this thing come November. I don't know how, honestly. You look at the crowds Obama draws, then compare that to the PUNY crowds McCain draws, and you have to wonder what's going on with these so called "Polls".

    But the polls apparently say that they are neck and neck, which is unbelievable, but if true, then we've probably already lost.

    The republicans have the edge of being in control of the Diebolds and that coupled with their usual election day shennanigans pretty much ensures McCain will win.

    Unless of course this Hilary Clinton crowd grows up and votes, as well as the fence sitters.

    They need to grow up. Shut up. And get behind the party if they want to win.

    Of course, sounds like half of them are planning on voting for McCain anyway so their motives are clearly in doubt.

  93. I guess these people like 5 dollar per gallon gasoline.

    I guess they want their kids drafted.

    I guess they like a bankrupt economy, unemployment, and the ire of the entire world.

    Guess that's what they want.

  94. Well, so much for my Caroline Kennedy prediction

  95. Democrats Strive to Reunite Ahead of Convention

    Published: August 24, 2008

    perhaps the biggest challenge for Democrats will be reuniting a party strained by the months-long primary battle between Mr. Obama and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is to speak at the Democratic National Convention here on Tuesday.

    Indeed, the campaign of Senator John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican nominee, did not hesitate to take advantage of those raw feelings

  96. Frankly I am sickened by the fact that the BIGGEST obstacle right now keeping us from being saved from 4 more years of NEOCON rule, is Hilary Clinton and her followers.

    PUMA is a disgrace.

    The Clintons are a disgrace.

    And chances are, we'll lose in November, like Mike said, so Hilary can have another shot in 4 years.

  97. MCH said "Well, so much for my Caroline Kennedy prediction"

    She was on the selection Committee.............I dont think she had the experience and i'm also not sure if she could have stood up to the Right Wing attack and smear machine like Biden can...............Biden will roast mcSame and ANY VP that moron would pick!

  98. What I think MANY are failing to grasp is this isnt merely about Hillary not supporting Obama ENOUGH or her followers being stubborn and ignorant...............what MANY are failing to see is that the Clinton;'s actually WANT Obama to lose.........they just want to create or manufacture the "appearance that they support Obama..........this isnt a guess or a hunch..........i'm CONFIDENT i'm right!

  99. And Lydia, I think you said you have some friends and aquaintances who are PUMA's..........well i have some Aunts that say they will vote for McSame because Hillary didnt win.........i've called them ignorant as i said before it doesnt mattedr WHO says or does something its the act itself that is right or wrong.

    And ANYONE who could put selfish sexist or rascist personal self intersts above the good of the country is a moron an idiot and they sicken me.

    These same people that weant a woman at ALL costs are too ignorant and stupid to realize they are perpetuating the same rascism that they claim to be opposing.

    I'm assuming that women or African Americans would like their candidate to have the same opportunities as any other candidate, to blindly support your candidate merely BECAUSE of race or gender is perpetuating the same biases they claim to oppose............If all the men here were voting for Obama because they wanted a man and couldnt tolerate a woman..........The women would be howling at the moon.

    We need to vote for the BEST candidate not blindly support a candidate because of race, gender,, religion etc............I would have thought we should have learned that crucial lesson after the last disasterous 8 years of misrule.

  100. Hey Bart............if my candidate Obama loses, I think i'll throw a tantrum like the Puma's and become a Neo Con supporter and Right Wing Blog Troll....................Sound like a plan, i'll spread Neo Con propaganda and lies, derail and disrupt left wing blogs and lie and spin how great perpetual war and torture are and how we should sacrifice all our freedoms and liberties for the empty hollow promise of safety and lets not forget the tax cuts for the super wealthy and the big oil companies.

    I mean up is down and black is white so if "MY" guy loses I may as well support the opposition right?

  101. I mean if Obama makes sense for all his supporters to support the opposition in 2012 right............i'll have to ask Voltron if i can get a paying gig as a Neo Con blog troll..........i know McSame was hiring em a few months ago.

    I mean it makes "perfect" sense in an Orwellian kinda way to support the opposition right, kinda like a bunch of rabid Right Wing anti abortion lobbyists deciding to get pregnant and have an abortion when they cant get Roe VS Wade overturned and have abortion outlawed...........I mean if you cant beat em join em right...............course Hillary wouldnt like that too much if Obama's supporters Voted for the Neo Con in 2012 because they were angry their guy didnt win.

  102. Well some good news Mike.

    It seems like Hilary may be actually feeling the heat a little, and finally yeilding somewhat.

    CNN is reporting Clinton is FINALLY releasing her delegates to Obama.

    Thus, any fears of her trying to steal the nomination are thus quieted.

    It's a step in the right direction, but unfortunately for Obama, and the rest of us, it may be a day late and a delegate short... so to speak.

  103. BARTLEBEE said...
    Well some good news Mike.

    It seems like Hilary may be actually feeling the heat a little, and finally yeilding somewhat.

    CNN is reporting Clinton is FINALLY releasing her delegates to Obama.

    Thus, any fears of her trying to steal the nomination are thus quieted.

    It's a step in the right direction, but unfortunately for Obama, and the rest of us, it may be a day late and a delegate short... so to speak."

    Actually Bart that news doesnt reassure me a bit..........I ALWAYS thought it much more likely that she would try to sabatage him than try to steal the nomination.

    at this point deception, subterfuge and cunning are her tools of choice..........consider her PUMA's reaction after being teased with and promised a "Catharthis" by letter Hillary's delegates have a roll call at the Convention and now being denied that by "alleged" pressure from Obama.

    This is just the subtle coniving act need to stir up Hillary's rabid cult like supporters into NOT ssupporting Obama...........couple this with all the mutterings in the MSM by Hillary minions of not helping pay of Hillary's debt, not respecting her, not giving her a big enough role at the convention, not seriously considering her for the VP slot.................i see a concerting effort to manipulate people and shape public opinion by the Clinton loyalists and the MSM.............I guess i'm the only one who does???????

  104. Yea, I guess you're right.

  105. To me thats not good news at all looks like a first step in the Clinton plan to sabatage him and divide and polarize the demacratic base so he loses substantial support and loses the election................Clinton WANTS Obama to lose................WHY PEOPLE REFUSE TO SEE THE OBVIOUS IS BEYOND ME.........i guess its easier to put your head in the sand and remain hopeful.

    Me I see right through those manipulative slimy Rovian tactics.........these slimeballs are as transparent as can be.

  106. I don't know. It seems to me she's trying to salvage herself, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Maybe she still has a surprise in store. Who knows.

    I wish she had just conceeded that Tuesday night and left the stage like all the other contenders did.

    I mean, she lost.

    That was it.

  107. The sad part is we had this thing was ours to lose and we are being defeated from within by a pompous greedy selfish coniving witch who puts her OWN selfish self interests over those of the country and the party and people refuse to see whats right before their eyes.

  108. Mike said...

    WHY PEOPLE REFUSE TO SEE THE OBVIOUS IS BEYOND ME.........i guess its easier to put your head in the sand and remain hopeful.

    uhh Steady Mike. I'm not putting my head in the sand. I just said it sounded like a little good news.

    I was afraid she'd try to steal the nomination or force a 3rd party run. Seeing her release her delegates will clear one of those worries, thats all.

  109. BARTLEBEE said...
    I don't know. It seems to me she's trying to salvage herself, but maybe I'm wrong."

    Answer me this "IF" she's just trying to salvage herself and do the "right" thing.........then WHY all the talk right before this of a "Catharthis" for having her delegates counted at the convention and framing it as a showing of respect to Hillary and to women voters?

    I'll tell you why she was planting a seed that this was needed and creating expectations that this was needed, expected and the right thing to do..........she wanted her rabid supporters to feel that this was "OWED" to her and anything less was unacceptable and a sign of disrepect.

    So that now that it isnt happening it is the fuel and tinder to work her rabid supporters into a rage while she sits back and pretends to be the nice loyal supporter saying we have to put this aside and support Obama..........KNOWING full well that will NEVER happen.

    Consider WHO in the MSM have been planting these seeds that this "Catharthis" was owed Hillary and it was her due and that Obama has not respected her by giving her a big enough role at the convention, paying off her debt or seriously considering her for VP..............its been ALL hardcore Clinton loyalists like Carville, Lanny Davis, Paul Begala etc.....saying this in a concertive effort in unison just like the repugs all parrot the exact same talking points.

    Mark my words here this isnt some lunatic conspiracy theory..........its as plain as day to me........i've been right about most everything i've said in here the last 3 years.........Clinton WANTS Obama to lose of that I am sure!

  110. I'm not saying "YOU" put your head in the sand..............i'm just saying I cant believe I'm the ONLY one seeing this...........this isnt something I think could be possible..............i'm confident just like wse were that Bush was politicizing the Justice department or rigging/steraling elections.

    this couldnt be clearer to me............dont know how closely you watch the news but if you have been listening to what the Clinton loyalists in the MSM have been doing and saying over the last month it would be pretty clear.

  111. Mike. I've been writing about how disgusted I am with Clinton, and how she's been dividing the party for a long time now. I just wrote about it tonight.

    I wrote an extensive blog in my own blog about her damage to the party.

    What is it you think I don't see?

    I see. I see. I see all too well.

    All I was saying is it looks good that she's releasing her delegates.

    But I also said it was "a day late and a delegate short".

    I get it.

  112. I just dont' want to offend Lydia or her Hilary loyalists "too much".

    After all, I don't want to work against unity either.

    I just wish they'd grow up and accept loss.... well...hate to say it... "men".

  113. But believe me, I feel the pain.

    They just don't get it.

    They'd rather throw out the baby with the bathwater than accept their loss like adults.

  114. I guess what i'm wondering is if you or anyone else sees the way her minions in the MSM are manipulating this, reread my 10:26PM my opinion anyone who saw things in that light wouldnt think it was a good thing that she conceded having her delegates counted at the convention............I KNOW you see her divisiveness and some of the manipulations.........but what i'm saying is after building the expectations that having her delegates counted at the convention was a "Catharthis" and it was somehow owed and neccessary............anything less will now be unnacceptable to the Hillary minions.

    Yanking the rug out from those expectations is the tinder to fuel the wedge bwetween Hillary supporters and Obama...........sure Hillary will say its no big deal and we need to unite behind and support Obama.........while her loyalists in the MSM inply that Hillary conceded having her "Catharthis" of delegates counted from "alleged" pressure from Obama's camp.

    Hillary's minions in the MSM have been planting seeds to manipulate public opinion for over a month now and i feel like i'm the only one seeing this Rovian tactic.

  115. Well I dont want to offend Lydia or make her feel uncomfortable either, and i'm not trying to be divisive either...........but I see the Clinton's torpedoing Obama to set the stage for 2012................and I think its a mistake to keep quiet.

    I'm planting seeds myself...........If Clinton DOES sabotage Obama to run in 2012...........i'm planting seeds now so she CANT claim to be a loyal supporter.......i'm laying out what i see going on because i KNOW Clinton is gonna claim she did all she could to help Obama and is innocent of him not winning over her supporters..............hell her minions in the MSM are ALLREADY CLAIMING she is doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to help Obama.

    I'm a pretty loyal person and i despise dishonesty and sabotage.......i didnt like it when the right wing minions and Coulter trolls were attacking Lydia and trying to sabotage her........and i dont like it that the Clintons are trying to sabotage Obama and our country for their own selfish interests.

  116. Watergate Summer plugged your blog. Your name was familiar from another life.

    I should disclose I'm a Trotskyist, and I'am hostile to the Democratic Party. I see it as the graveyard of social movements.

    Rightist blogs are expecting a big rift involving Clinton supporters at the Democratic Party convention. I think that is ridiculous. Hillary will not let it happen, simply because she has nowhere else to bolt to. She is not joining the Republican Party. If she allowed a disruption of the convention, her future would be none. In addition the GOP opposes choice, and is on the wrong side of everything else.

    Most honestly I believe Clintonism, was a continuation of Reaganism. Look at what Clinton did on welfare for example. He had Dick Morris as an advisor and on purpose.


  117. Renegade Eye said...
    Watergate Summer plugged your blog. Your name was familiar from another life.

    Rightist blogs are expecting a big rift involving Clinton supporters at the Democratic Party convention. I think that is ridiculous. Hillary will not let it happen, simply because she has nowhere else to bolt to. She is not joining the Republican Party. If she allowed a disruption of the convention, her future would be none."

    NOT if she shaped the public opinion that she DID EVERYTHING SHE COULD to unite the party and herp Obama....................Thats what people arent understanding she's having her minions plant seeds to and manipulate her supporters to hate Obama so she can "APPEAR" to be the nice loyal democrat trying as hard as possible to promote party unity and support Obama.............its smoke and mirrors and things arent as they appear.

  118. Well I'll shut up now.............I dont want to make Lydia uncomfortable or hurt the party unity any more than it allready is being hurt.

  119. No, keep talking Mike.

    People need to hear it and you may very well be right. After all it is odd that suddenly she's handing over her delegates after hanging onto them this long.

    I see there is also the possibility she was just hanging onto them until there was no more hope to steal, but your theory does sound extremely plausible.

    She could want Obama to lose. After all, if he loses, she can say, "See, should've picked me".

    Keep talking about it.

    I was just saying I get it. I'm not sure what her motives are for relinquishing her delegates but no one can deny the damage she's already done.

    She may have already cost us the election.

  120. In fact, now I don't know what to think about it. CNN just CHANGED the headline to "Clinton LIKELY to release delegates.

  121. You know, it isn't funny but when man was first developing, his mind, his sex drive, ego and childlike behavior, was what got him to this point and was his best friend. Today at this point in his development it is his worst enemy! Man is his own worst enemy!

  122. Biden might help Obama's chances in winning Pennsylvania in the general election, but I can't see him doing much more to help the ticket. If Obama couldn't stomach Hillary, he should have picked Evan Bayh, who could have boosted Obama's chances in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, which appear to be up in the air at the moment. Also Bayh has executive experience as a state governor, which would have added "gravitas" to the Donkey ticket.

  123. This comment has been removed by the author.

  124. Mike said...
    Bayh and Clinton were two of the WORST choices out there I cant stomach EITHER,,,,,,,,,,,Biden was a great choice and he was the Right choice!

  125. Michelle Obama's speech has destroyed the reich wing MYTHs about her and Barack.

    Good luck to the reich wing goose steppers in trying to foist more lies about either of them ...... cause they have a much harder job spreading Rovian lies and dishonest spin about the next President and First Lady of this great country.

    The POW should just tell his rich trophy wife keeper to accept she is a multi millionaire so she really don't need to live in DC for four years at 16oo Pennsylvania avenue.

  126. Your right Clif, Michelle Obama and ted Kennedy smashed this one out of the ballpark.

    The Dem Con looks like a friggin rock concert with like 70,000 enthusiastic people of all ages and types, the conservative con will look like a funeral with like 3000 old geysers.

  127. Hey dude how come your tryin to second guess Obama's VP selection on the night of the Convention.

    Donkey ticket huh?, I think not dude, I think mcLOSER is the only frickin Donkey ticket there is. Interesting that you only have like 1 post and 2 people have like viewed your profile but you come in here on the night of the convention trying to make the Dem ticket look bad with your subtle quips.

  128. Jeff Davis, you were as wrong in your assessment of Barack Obama's VP pick as the namesake you claim was in fighting against the United States of America in the 1860's.

  129. "...3000 old geysers."

    Proof that too much porn affects your mind...

  130. If anybody would know from personal experience how porn destroys the mind it would be a gutless right wing hypocrite like you dolt.

  131. You one of those 3000 old geysers dude?

    I think you need to lay off the Viagra pops its affecting your frickin mind!

    That is if you still got one you frickin goon.

  132. I meant geysers, i meant old republican geysers the kind with a bottle of Viagra in one hand and male escort in the other.

  133. I'm wondering if the little conservotard snake runnin his forked little tongue knows how frickin stupid and ignorant he actually sounds.

    Here's a little advice honey, keep yer mouth shut and dont actually say anything, you'll "LOOK" smarter that way!

  134. Isnt it frickin disgusting that LOSER mcain makes jokes about a woman getting raped and finds it amusing.

    Also didnt the LOSER also have a fundraiser associated with his campaign that said women enjoy being raped, why does this ignorant, deranged, warmongering chauvanist get a free pass with the media, he should be in a strait jacket in a looney bin or Alzheimer's clinic rather than a frickin presidential candidate.

  135. Yea these clowns are real news professionals;

    Soggy News Day

    A Fox News crew setting up to cover the DNC in Denver got an unexpected shower early Monday after a sprinkler system discharged its water all over their equipment.

    Sprinklers went off in the Fox Network convention broadcast booth as the crew was setting up its equipment.

    Firefighters who responded believe the news crew’s broadcast lights were too close to the sprinkler heads and set off the system.

    The incident was caught on tape.

    The booth is now back up and working after the soggy incident.

    So freakin' professional;

    they don't know to keep their HOT TV lights away from the heat sensitive sprinklers......

    as amateurish off the air as they are on the air .........

  136. Leave it to the right wing to TRY to settle an election this way;

    Obama assassination plot fears as armed men arrested

    US police are investigating whether they have foiled an assassination plot against Barack Obama after four people were arrested near the Democratic convention in Denver in the possession of high powered rifles.

    One of the suspects told police they were "going to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using a ... rifle ... sighted at 750 yards," Denver television station CDS4 is reporting. Police have told the television station that one of the suspects "was directly asked if they had come to Denver to kill Obama. He responded in the affirmative."

    The suspects were arrested on Sunday when local police arrested a man , identified by the television station as Tharin Gartrell, 28, who was driving a rented pickup truck erratically. CDS4 is reprrting that in his truck police found two high powered rifles with telescopic sites, as well as camouflage clothing, walkie-talkies, a bulletproof vest, a high powered spotting scope, licences in the names of various people, and the drug methamphetamine. One of the rifles is listed as stolen from Kansas.

    When police accompanied Mr Gartrell to his hotel in Denver a second man, who was wanted on a number of arrest warrants, jumped from a window and was injured in a six-story fall. He broke his ankle and was arrested shortly afterwards. Sources told the television station that he was wearing a ring with a swastika, and was thought to have ties to white supremacist organisations.

    A third man, associated with Mr Gartrell, was also arrested and told police that Mr Gartrell and the second man arrested "planned to kill Barack Obama at his acceptance speech."

    A woman has also been arrested.

    Denver police refused to comment on reports that they might have foiled an assassination plot, but have scheduled a press conference for today.

    Mr Obama, who will accept the Democratic presidential nomination in Denver on Thursday, has been under Secret Service protection for over a year after receiving credible death threats.

    Leave it to the right wing to think they have the God given right to STEAL an election from Americans this way.

  137. "I'm wondering if the little conservotard snake runnin his forked little tongue knows how frickin stupid and ignorant he actually sounds."

    Well, like dude, I know like the frickin difference between a "geyser" like frickin 'Old Faithful' in Yellowstone, and a "geezer" for like one thing dude.

  138. Yo dolt, she means OLD geysers running around WITH Viagra, like Rush son.

    Think REAL HARD about it son, it will dawn on ya eventually ...............

  139. There's a keeper

    The POW ought to print a billion so people don't "ferget" too soon.

  140. Well Clif, IF that's what she meant then my porn comment was spot on wasn't it?

  141. No son because the right wing don't do it as PORN but a way of LIFE

  142. The right wing way of life IS porn to the rest of the planet,

    but NOT sexual porn son.

  143. Cutting taxes on the rich and using the Social Security tax raises of Reagan and the right wing, top pass the bills to the middle class, and future generations,

    Fighting a war of choice long after any pretense for it has been discredited .....

    SH*TTING all over the environment to the detriment of the rest of the planet and future generations,

    Yes, the right wing way of life is PORN son,

    Not just the X rated porn the right wing hypocrites cry about so much.

  144. A broomstick could beat McCain. Bush's program is hated.

    I'm glad to see Obama is going after that piece of garbage, who produced a commercial linking Obama to Bill Ayers. Obama asked the Justice Dept to investigate the funding of that commercial, made by SwiftBoaters. I knew Ayers in the 1970s, and his ideas were rejected by the antiwar movement. I thought of him as a rich kid having a temper tantrum against his parents, then returned into the fold.

    Clif: Why look to a reactionary like Pat Buchanon for analysis? He was Nixon's speechwriter. There is nothing progressive him.

    This analysis at my blog, is what I think is accurate and useful.

  145. Clif: Why look to a reactionary like Pat Buchanon for analysis? He was Nixon's speechwriter. There is nothing progressive him.

    Because the TRUTH isn't right wing or left wing BUT the truth.

    And on this one Pat's right.

    Besides I have rejected much of Marxist theory and analysis because it compartmentalizes and distorts too much of the complex world into pre-set centuries old simple truths and then demands strict adherence in such analysis.

    I am far more independent then any Marxist structure allows.


  146. Voltron said...

    Well, like dude, I know like the frickin difference between a "geyser" like frickin 'Old Faithful' in Yellowstone, and a "geezer" for like one thing dude.

    Gee I dunno.

    McCain's an old geeser, yet he's sort of like an old geyser too.

    Full of hot air and always blowing his stack.

  147. Breaking News:

    This news just in: All of the Wal-Marts across Alabama sold out of ammunition as of yesterday. A reliable source said that one of the purchasers commented that while Russia may have invaded Georgia, they sure as hell ain't doin' it to Alabama.


    Police investigate possible plot to assassinate Obama.

    The Rocky Mountain News reports that the Secret Service, ATF, and the U.S. Attorney’s office are investigating a possible plot to assassinate Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL)


    Denver's CBS affiliate reports that "at least four people are under arrest in connection with a possible plot to kill Barack Obama" and one of the suspects reportedly told authorities that they were "going to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using a ... rifle … sighted at 750 yards."

  149. Bart look upthread

  150. Freaking right wing nutjobs.

  151. Oh I see you got it Clif. Sorry.

    Just saw it and couldn't believe it.

    So sick of this crap.

  152. However with out a LOT of practice 750 yards, almost 1/2 mile is NOT a possible shot.

    So unless one of them is a well trained sniper, who practices regularly, they were not gonna succeed.

    It is good to see the law enforcement on the ball.

  153. Whether he could make the shot or not it still sucks.

    The right just cannot stand the idea of Obama as president.

  154. Bart it is just a continuation of Rush, Colulterguist and O'Rielly's call for violence against people who disagree with them, and by extension the right wings claims of the moral right to attack countries which they disagree with.

    The same mind set that lied to get the Iraq war also enables people like these low life losers.

  155. Or Doltron's call to exterminate any Muslims who refuse to convert to right wing Christianity. (cause you know he denies the non right wing's claims to legitimacy.)

  156. Once you claim the right to KILL for political purposes out side the country, and the right to threaten people who disagree with you, this is what follows.

  157. Good lord, they were neo nazi's and skinheads. Hardly your typical "right winger"...

    Obama will do himself in politically at least. And he's got Bidet and the Clintons help.

  158. The Iraqi War is just right wing inspired mass murder, for political gain by a certain sect of this country.

    All their patriotic bluster is just cover for their illegal immoral aggression.

  159. Good lord, they were neo nazi's and skinheads. Hardly your typical "right winger"...

    Bullcrap dolt, they are only SLIGHTLY removed from your claim of the right to MURDER hundreds of millions of Muslims who REFUSE to convert.

  160. Cry the crocodile tears elsewhere son, you already exposed your murder muslin porn wishes here son.

  161. Wow, you guys are even more deranged than I thought you were.

  162. Sorry but the only difference between them and YOU is the targets you wanna shoot at son.

  163. No derangement son, YOUR the one who posted your murder the Muslims fantasy son.

  164. Which makes YOU the deranged one foole.

  165. Yes, it's a real shame to shoot at people who shout "death to America" because that's your battle cry too huh?

  166. Don't LIE doltron you wanted to kill ALL Muslims even the ones who serve in the US Military if they REFUSE to convert,

    but NICE attempt at creating a straw man argument AGAIN son.

  167. YOUR wanted to give them a chance to convert then kill those who refuse.

    And you specified all Muslims son.

  168. So NOW your trying to lay it at the feet of the minority of living Muslims you ever saw chanting that.

    Nice try at diverting YOUR unhinged HATE son.

  169. BUT you claimed the desire of killing all the Muslims who refuse to convert, and NOT all Muslims want to destroy America,

    Keith Ellison, and Zalmay Khalilzad are two Muslims who don't want to destroy America and NEVER chanted death to America son, BUT you made NO provision for them.

  170. You just don't realize how much your claims and their actions have in common son.

  171. that's your battle cry too huh?

    No son, have NEVER said what YOU just LIED and dishonestly claimed I did.

    I loved this country to offer to serve it for 13 years until I was disabled.

    Another strawman argument I never made,

    bart was right when YOU got NADA you roll out the lies and distortions.

    Like YOU just did.

  172. Have to divert attention from the FACT you and them have a LOT in common just like Coulterguist, O'Rielly, Limpballs, Savage Ingram your talking heads heroes also have done.

    They TALK about killing and attacking people they disagree with and CLAIM they are Traitors and unpatriotic both charges which some feel need the death.

    BUT to point that OUT is deranged right?

  173. TO point out what these criminals have done is act out what many right wing fringe radio freaks have hinted at and "joked" about for years, is what you can't stand.

    Cause the truth is it points out you fringe right wingers are more alike under the skin then you wanna admit.

  174. I am reading your thread and all I can say id "terrorists tried and convicted" ferret them out!

  175. Voltron said...

    Good lord, they were neo nazi's and skinheads. Hardly your typical "right winger"...

    I wasn't aware there was a difference.

  176. Voltron said...

    Yes, it's a real shame to shoot at people who shout "death to America" because that's your battle cry too huh?


    I wasn't under the impression that we had been given some right by the UN to shoot people in foriegn lands for words that they say.

  177. Lydia, I thought I would drop by and remind everyone what a great comic actor your old co-star Ted Knight was. I loved him in Mary Tyler Moore and Too Close for Comfort, and he was a great screen presence in Caddyshack. It's hard to believe that we lost him 22 years ago today. It doesn't seem like that long ago he was making us all laugh.

  178. This will really irk you: Lobbying Nato to go to war for Georgia, Mccain's Lobbyist and that is the least of it!
    Who is Randy Scheunemann?
    He is the principal foreign policy adviser to John McCain and potential successor to Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski as national security adviser to the president of the United States.

    But Randy Scheunemann has another identity, another role.

    He is a dual loyalist, a foreign agent whose assignment is to get America committed to spilling the blood of her sons for client regimes who have made this moral mercenary a rich man.

    From January 2007 to March 2008, the McCain campaign paid Scheunemann $70,000 ­ pocket change compared to the $290,000 his Orion Strategies banked in those same 15 months from the Georgian regime of Mikheil Saakashvili.

    What were Mikheil's marching orders to Tbilisi's man in Washington? Get Georgia a NATO war guarantee. Get America committed to fight Russia, if necessary, on behalf of Georgia.

    Scheunemann came close to succeeding.

    Had he done so, U.S. soldiers and Marines from Idaho and West Virginia would be killing Russians in the Caucasus, and dying to protect Scheunemann's client, who launched this idiotic war the night of Aug. 7. That people like Scheunemann hire themselves out to put American lives on the line for their clients is a classic corruption of American democracy.

    U.S. backing for his campaign to retrieve his lost provinces is what Saakashvili paid Scheunemann to produce. But why should Americans fight Russians to force 70,000 South Ossetians back into the custody of a regime they detest? Why not let the South Ossetians decide their own future in free elections?

    Not only is the folly of the Bush interventionist policy on display in the Caucasus, so, too, is its manifest incoherence.

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates says we have sought for 45 years to stay out of a shooting war with Russia and we are not going to get into one now. President Bush assured us there will be no U.S. military response to the Russian move into Georgia.

    That is a recognition of, and a bowing to, reality ­ namely, that Russia's control of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and occupation of a strip of Georgia cannot be a casus belli for the United States. We may deplore it, but it cannot justify war with Russia.

    If that be true, and it transparently is, what are McCain, Barack Obama, Bush, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel doing committing the United States and Germany to bringing Georgia into NATO? For that would commit us to war for a cause we have already conceded, by our paralysis, does not justify a war.

    Not only did Scheunemann's two-man lobbying firm receive $730,000 since 2001 to get Georgia a NATO war guarantee, he was paid by Romania and Latvia to do the same. And he succeeded.

    Latvia, a tiny Baltic republic annexed by Joseph Stalin in June 1940 during his pact with Adolf Hitler, was set free at the end of the Cold War. Yet hundreds of thousands of Russians had been moved into Latvia by Stalin, and as Riga served as a base of the Baltic Sea fleet, many Russian naval officers retired there.

    The children and grandchildren of these Russians are Latvian citizens. They are a cause of constant tension with ethnic Letts and of strife with Moscow, which has assumed the role of protector of Russians left behind in the "near abroad" when the Soviet Union broke apart.

    Thanks to the lobbying of Scheunemann and friends, Latvia has been brought into NATO and given a U.S. war guarantee. If Russia intervenes to halt some nasty ethnic violence in Riga, the United States is committed to come in and drive the Russians out.

    This is the situation in which the interventionists have placed our country: committed to go to war for countries and causes that do not justify war, against a Russia that is re-emerging as a great power only to find NATO squatting on her doorstep.

    Scheunemann's resume as a War Party apparatchik is lengthy. He signed the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) letter to President Clinton urging war on Iraq, four years before 9/11. He signed the PNAC ultimatum to Bush, nine days after 9/11, threatening him with political reprisal if he did not go to war against Iraq. He was executive director of the "Committee for the Liberation of Iraq," a propaganda front for Ahmad Chalabi and his pack of liars who deceived us into war.

    Now Scheunemann is the neocon agent in place in McCain's camp.

    The neocons got their war with Iraq. They are pushing for war on Iran. And they are now baiting the Russian Bear.

    Is this what McCain has on offer? Endless war?

    Why would McCain seek foreign policy counsel from the same discredited crowd that has all but destroyed the presidency of George Bush?

    "Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence ... a free people ought to be constantly awake," Washington warned in his Farewell Address. Our Founding Father was warning against the Randy Scheunemanns among us, agents hired by foreign powers to deceive Americans into fighting their wars. And none dare call it treason.

    Copyright Creators Syndicate

  179. Please leave comments in NEW THREAD:
    Why Would a Hilary Supporter Vote for McCain?????

  180. To clarify for Sara, I used the term "Donkey ticket" because the Democrats have used that animal as their symbol since God-knows-how-long, just as the GOP uses the elephant as its symbol. Your skin is a wee bit too thin!

    For further clarification, I never vilified Biden in any way or second-guessed Obama's choice, but merely hypothesized that Bayh would have improved his chances of getting elected. If Biden and Obama get into the White House, they both have my congratulations. But thank you for characterizing my quips as "subtle."

    Regarding my namesake, you should read about the extraordinary measures that Abe Lincoln took against the civil liberties of all American citizens, Northern and Southern. He made W look like a libertarian anarchist!!!

  181. Sorry, Jeff, but as a Hoosier who is acquainted with Bayh and had lunch with the man, I can guarantee that he would have been a drag on the ticket. He is about as bland as they come and once many Democrats learned about the man, he would have lost us some voters. Not only was he in favor of the flag burning amendment, he supported the war in Iraq until just before the presidential election process started. He may have been an Indiana Attorney General and governor, but the best Senator to ever come out of Indiana was his father Birch Bayh. Huge difference. Birch would have made a great president.