Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Had the most beautiful time with the kids on Spring Break. Even though they're preteens. At any moment we can start over, put on a new pair of glasses and see the world from differently. Stop wallowing in guilt, shame, anger, worry and pride. It's time to move forward.

Clif, I am deeply sorry for the sudden shock of your father's passing. We are holding you and your family in our prayers. Everyone on the blog sends you love. May peace be with you and God Bless you. Please Let me know if I can do anything. (Both my father and my younger brother each passed away suddenly, but they are alive more than ever now in my heart.)

We're in Sedona, Arizona for Spring Break and just left the Grand Canyon. These are among the most beautiful places in America. We'll be back after Easter. We spent one whole day at the Crescent Moon Vortex with the kids, where the Indians found a source of spiritual energy. For our family, it was life-transforming. We picked up long Gandalf-sized staffs to walk with, and hiked along a creek until we reached a red rock plateau, a lake and a mysterious beach full of rocks stacked into pyramid-towers. People come from all over the world and silently stack rocks in temple formation. We made several towers and prayed for harmony in our family and peace for the world. There are no cell phone waves in the air and you can't believe how soothing and regenerative the energy is. We spent the day in silence; there was no need to speak to each other. Especially since I was so angry at my husband for cutting our dog's beard off without consulting us first. Now Chazzie has a pointed chin and doesn't look like a Shitzu anymore. I was so upset I thought of getting a fake beard to put on him, but realized this was kind of petty. I am probably just trying to put my anger at Bush onto my husband. The kids hopped across rocks in the rapids and found their own island where they made a raft. There was a hanging rope swing for jumping into the water. Our dog Chazzie was a wimp until he saw another dog, leaped into the water, suddenly realized he was in the water and panicked. It was such a funny example of how fear is an illusion. The Grand Canyon was too unbelievable to comprehend. So majestic, it doesn't look real. If there existed an anthropomorphic God (which sadly certain wingnuts secretly believe) the Grand Canyon looks like God left his knuckle and fingerprints here, as he rested his hand on the earth. My son walked out to a dangerous ledge and I almost fainted. We got up close to wild elk and visited the historic lodge El Tovar. It's amazing that the government owns all this land and runs the lodges so well. They even serve gourmet food at very low prices, so middle class families can actually afford a vacation! More later.


I'm paraphrasing but Tall Texan implied that there is no internal "knowing" or truth, that one's gut intuition, which I call the voice of truth, doesn't exist without outside verification. But I beg to differ, for when you follow the law of love (the Golden rule) -- by expressing compassion and understanding instead of self-serving interests -- when you quiet all external defenses that clamor for position (pride, racial chauvinism, self-centered fear, worry, greed, one-upmanship, elitism, machismo) you find there is nothing left to fight about. There is nothing left but love, and we are commanded to love one another. How can there be hatred or fear when you empty yourself of all these material contrivances? Wars are fought over territory, resources, religious righteousness, fear of an "enemy". But everything is based on FEAR: fear of not getting what we want or fear of losing what we have. Love is what we're made of. And from this place, it's quite clear, that if we were to actually try to see our enemies as human and AT LEAST try to understand why they hate us, they would have less reason to fight us. This may sound naive, but if Israel gave land to the Palestinians and graciously treat them as fellow humans, maybe, just maybe, peace would begin. Each tribe feels so persecuted by others. But no one will let their pride down and just listen to each other. Christ said that if someone sues you, give him your cloak, give him what you have, make peace with your adversary quickly. Did Bush, who claims to be a Christian, ever read a single word Christ said? How can he call himself a Christian? And by the way, it's up to the more evolved civilized nations to set an example. Israel needs to go first. The U.S. needs to show the world the way of advanced peacemakers. I read Cenk from Young Turks' new post "If You Like the Iraq War you'll Love the Iran War" at HuffPo; it's brilliant. Guess what? The insurgents can wait us out BECAUSE THEY LIVE THERE! They have all the time in the world and nothing to lose. But these "insurgents" which we consider our worst "enemy" don't view themselves as evil; they veiw us as evil invaders and consider themselves Freedom Fighters. Wouldn't you, if an army blew up your home? Everyone needs to feel "heard" and understood -- not categorized as an "evil-doer"; it gets us nowhere in this day and age but dead. We would have had Sadaam like putty in our hands if we had just flattered his ego a little. I mean when you build mega statues of yourself all over town, it's not hard to figure out your Achilles heel. If we had been clever and come with an oil deal or golden i-pods, Hummers and diplomacy....while being "wise as a serpent..." I'm being somewhat satirical but everyone knows you get more flies with honey than with vinegar. We could have handled Hitler in this way early on too -- before it was too late. (Think Trojan Horse.) Megalomaniacs all have a weakness, which is usually a preening ego. Trouble with the head honcho in this country is that we don't know what drives him. Sociopaths in sheep's clothing are the most dangerous of all. Also, those who have never suffered in life and have no idea what it feels like to be the "common man" should never be leaders. Unless by their fruits you can tell their character, meaning this: what good have they done for mankind? Have they created clean air, prolonged the earth's life, fed the poor, given tax breaks to the most needy, raised the abominablly low minimum wage so families can survive? Or have they given the rich all the advantages, including "corporate welfare", making it impossible for the little man to set up shop next to a CostCo or Home Depot? As governor of Texas, Bush had a shameful record of casually signing death warrants without examining each case carefully for mistakes. By their fruits you'll know them.

Tall Texan, regarding Iraq: how can anyone deny the truth? It's no accident that most people looked into our president's eyes and knew he was lying. No one, not even Bush, believed that we were in imminent danger of nuclear attack, and that invading Iraq was a last resort! There was no imminent threat of being annihilated by Saddaam Hussein. We were hovering over him! There was plenty of time to just wait him out. Why did Congress go against their gut and vote for a war they knew in their hearts was NOT VITALLY NECESSARY! This is the truth I'm talking about. It's our duty to know these things internally. Facts and statistics are now twisted and manipulated so there is no other truth but the truth inside ourselves....IF we come from love.

"It's easier to wear slippers than to carpet the whole world." - Stuart Smalley (This is one of my favorite quotes. Guess who said it?)

Elaine Boosler: "Gay marriage should be Liza Minelli." - Where has Boosler been? She's one of the best! Heard her sit in for Stephanie Miller on Progressive Talk recently.

Really think about the "slippers" quote above. The only thing we have control over is our own attitude. It's the essence of Alanon of course; take care of your own side of the street before you start fixing other people's problems. If you are pointing a finger at someone, take a look at your hand: you have 3 fingers pointing back at yourself. But when there is so much corruption that our children's lives are endangered, we must balance this by shining a light on bad behavior and corruption -- especially in our own leader. Only then can we clearly see what our hearts have been aching to change. Silence in this case, is complicity. To me, taking from the poor and leaking an undercover CIA agent's name for political purposes is a thousand times worse than what a person does with another consenting adult.

God Bless Ellen Degeneres for her amazing spirit in raising over 10 MILLION DOLLARS for KATRINA VICTIMS from her fans! Ellen says that real Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, are really not against gays, are not tainted by the loud-mouthpieces of the haters. Never thought I would say that certain "religious right-wingers" would be the most feared people in America. But the death threats and hate mail I got for simply pointing out Ann Coulter's hate-speak came from "CHRISTIANS"! It is too insane to grasp. Of course there are actual Christians that would never do this sort of thing. We have to be wary of the bizarre religious cults such as the "Dominionists."

After watching Scott McClellan squirm and try to get out of lies this morning at the White House Press Briefing, I realized I had a choice: laugh or cry. Freedom Fan will be glad to hear I didn't say, "Love or Fear". Although the analogy fits. Mort Sahl said the other night, that you have to turn everything into comedy or you'll go crazy. And laughter opens people's hearts so they can hear you. Of course non of us are perfect, but hasn't the Bush team learned by now (after Clinton) that it's the LIE that gets you in trouble? I guess since there are so many lies they don't know where to start being honest -- and since stonewalling has worked so far, that's what we're going to get. I loved it when the redheaded woman White House reporter tried to get the truth out of McClellan, but he just talked right over her. Her face said it all.

This will go down in history as the shame decade. But worse is the powerlessness we all feel. In a few years we are going to kick ourselves for not stopping the train wreck. I feel sorry for Democrats who are still paralyzed with anger. We have to raise our consciousness now and find solutions. But we must change our attitude: it's going to take HOPEFULNESS instead of cynicism. We have to stop our constant carping, and go forward with imagination and VISION.

"Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation so difficult that it seems like a long drawn-out crisis; we cannot solve it; there is no way to escape. Such a problem will occupy our thoughts continually...until we are engulfed in despair. This is the moment to get very quiet and try to hear the still small voice within. Look around: the sky is not falling. Breathe deeply in gratitude for the good in life, and it will appear to you. "Thank you God, I can now see that thorns have roses." (From "One Day at a Time in Alanon, April 7)

John Stewart is doing his job, but now its time for the peacemakers and other great thinkers to unite and put aside party politics. It's time to stop fighting and bickering. We will never be defeated by an EXTERNAL enemy. I've noticed on this blog that the minute I offered peaceful solutions and forgiveness, the fighters backed off. The ratings weren't as high, and it wasn't as sexy, but maybe it's a good lesson in peacemaking. A DIVIDED AMERICA WILL NOT STAND.


  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Lydia, you speak the TRUTH. It is so beautiful to hear an enlightened soul actually state things in such a calm way that makes us feel safe. You would be a great leader. Like someone said here last week that you have all the qualities needed to run this country or something like that. I wish everyone felt the way you do.
    Thank you.

    God Bless You!

  2. NBC News and news services
    Updated: 4:34 p.m. ET April 7, 2006
    WASHINGTON - The White House on Friday declined to challenge assertions that President Bush authorized the leaks of intelligence information to counter administration critics on Iraq.

    Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., citing Bush’s call two years ago to find the person who leaked the CIA identity of Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, said the latest disclosures means the president needs to go no further than a mirror.

    In July 2003, Wilson’s accusation that the Bush administration had twisted prewar intelligence to exaggerate the Iraqi threat “was viewed in the office of vice president as a direct attack on the credibility of the vice president, and the president,” Fitzgerald’s court papers stated.

    Part of the counterattack was a July 8, 2003, meeting with New York Times reporter Judith Miller at which Libby discussed the contents of a then-classified CIA report that seemed to undercut what Wilson was saying in public.

    Separately, Libby said he understood he also was to tell Miller that prewar intelligence assessments had been that Iraq was “vigorously trying to procure” uranium, the prosecutor stated. In the run-up to the war, Cheney had insisted Iraq was trying to build a nuclear bomb.

    The conclusion on uranium was contained in a National Intelligence Estimate, a consensus document of the U.S. intelligence community. Libby’s statements came in grand jury testimony before he was charged with five counts of perjury, obstruction and lying to the FBI in the Plame probe.

  3. Lydia : BEST POST EVER!! :O

    I suggest cutting out the anonymous posting altogether. Its quite clear some foul mouthed individuals dont appreciate your very kind website.

    Furthermore, I do suggest you report this latest Spam over to the authorities.

    Should this IP address be located anywhere in Ontario, I will donate $1000.00 to your favourite charity.

    However, should this IP address not prove to be Canadian then Worfeus, who loves to manufacture scenarios for his own personal gain, will agree to pay $1000.00!

    I offer this proposal to the big mouthed, talks too much, bully of the site? Im tired of his abnormal, neurotic, and dictating behaviour. I am insulted by his naming me as a possible suspect in spamming.

    I was the first one ever on this site to point out overly long posts and was scolded for doing so. I gave up trying to read 10 giant the time I was done reading them there were another ten; I simply found it extremely diffucult to respond.


    I dont agree with everything you say Lyd, but I aint no phony and have stood by your side countless times. Worf simply ignores my good posts/qualities. Why?? Also, be careful of anyone who agrees with you consistently!

    P.S.S. Kudos to FF!

  4. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Yea it is really going Good in Iraq(if you live in Washington in a big house with 24-7 personal protection that counts as many as 1000 individuals at a time)...

    but if you live in Iraq life kinda sucks....

    At Least 71 Die as Bombers Hit Mosque in Baghdad

    BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 7 — Three suicide bombers, including at least one woman, exploded in a sea of Friday worshippers at the main mosque of the most powerful Shiite political party in Iraq, killing at least 71 people and injuring at least 140.

    Two of the suicide bombers, both men, managed to enter the mosque before setting off their explosives, and the third, a woman, blew herself up at the building's entrance, witnesses said.

    A man injured in a suicide bombing of a mosque is taken to hospital in Baghdad.
    Shiite and Sunni leaders called for restraint, fearful that the attack would unleash a wave of sectarian violence like the one that left hundreds dead following the bombing of a revered Shiite shrine in February.

    The attack came as the American ambassador, Zalmay Khalilzad, said in an interview with the BBC that, if a unified government is not formed soon, a sectarian war could erupt in Iraq and that such a war could engulf the entire Middle East.

    The explosions at Baratha Mosque, in northern Baghdad, took place right after a prominent imam, Sheik Jalaladin al-Sagheir, delivered a searing speech demanding that the incumbent prime minister step down. The blasts scattered pieces of flesh across the courtyard, decimated stalls of vendors selling religious texts and ripped turquoise tile from the walls. The mosque loudspeaker blared a message beseeching people to donate blood, while police commandos piled charred bodies into pickup trucks. A white blanket covering one body was so soaked with blood that someone tossed a black cloth over it.

  5. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Wow great post Lydia.
    This is true, comedy is king!

  6. Anonymous4:34 PM

    And here,

    10 Are Killed in Bombing Near Shrine Holy to Shiites

    BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 6 — Striking at the heart of Shiite Islam, a car bomb ripped through a crowd of worshipers and pedestrians near the Imam Ali mosque in Najaf on Thursday, killing at least 10 people and wounding 34, hospital officials said.

    The bombing, which comes at a time of increasing violence between Shiite and Sunni Muslims in Iraq, struck a crowd of pilgrims and merchants at the entrance to Najaf's cemetery. The site is just a few hundred yards from the mosque, which is one of the most important Shiite shrines in the world and draws pilgrims on Thursdays and Fridays. The bomb exploded on a street connecting the mosque and the cemetery, a route along which Shiites from around the country carry relatives' bodies for burial.

    Iraqi security forces immediately sealed off the neighborhood, which is at the center of the Shiite holy city and contains the headquarters of the powerful cleric Moktada al-Sadr and Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the country's most revered Shiite leader.

    After the blast, lieutenants in the Mahdi Army, the militia loyal to Mr. Sadr, gathered in Al Hay mosque in Najaf and urged their foot soldiers to be patient pending further guidance from their top commanders.

    The bombing in February of another major Shiite holy site, the Askariya Shrine in Samarra, triggered a burst of sectarian violence that left hundreds dead and drove the country to the brink of civil war. Most of the victims were killed by Shiite death squads determined to avenge the shrine attack, and since then the country has been caught in a vicious cycle of sectarian killings.

    Car bombs are rarely detonated in Najaf, which is tightly controlled by the Shiite religious authorities and by Shiite militias, who supplement Iraqi and American security forces there. On Aug. 29, 2003, in one of the first car bombings in Iraq after the invasion, an explosion outside the Imam Ali mosque killed nearly 100 people, including Ayatollah Muhammad Bakr al-Hakim, one of the most prominent Shiite clerics.

  7. After watching Scott McClellan squirm and try to get out of lies this morning at the White House Press Briefing, I realized I had a choice: laugh or cry. Freedom Fan will be glad to hear I didn't say, "Love or Fear". Although the analogy fits.
    -Lydia Cornell

    Actually for Republican men, every moment represents a choice between thinking about sex or thinking about what we're really supposed to be thinking about. Let's just say that the majority of "deprived wives" are proly Democrats.

  8. Anonymous4:52 PM

    That's pretty funny FF. But Lydia is married to a Republican, I heard her say on a radio show

  9. Johnny, you're a funny guy.

  10. Actually FF, I don't think you can claim that as a republican only capability. Men in general think about sex on the average, every 8 seconds.

    I personally prefer to never stop thinking about it. My brain uses a hyperthreading method to accomplish this.

  11. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Lets see, Bush wants to spread democracy, so he sends troops to Iraq where they invade and occupy the country. Then the pentagon allows COMPLETE chaos reign for a summer, and bush does not complain. The Commanders on the ground and US official in charge allow the enemy army to walk home without identifying them and let them KEEP their weapons, and Bush does not complain. The pentagon has NO plans to secure the weapons and ammunition of the enemy army, but do protect the Ministry of OIL and oil fields, and Bush does not complain.( In fact he declares MISSION ACOMPLISHED)

    The US controllers set up an election but with their incompetence they have alienated a significant portion of the population who chooses to ignore the elections(sort of like he ignores those he disagrees with here). This elected group, (representative of 80% of the country, 2/3rd of the major political forces) writes a constitution for the country, which is not completely done or ratified (In final form)... and Bush thinks voting on a constitution that is in a working not finalised state seems OK along with Cheney Rumsfeld...wonder why? They use the constitution, that is not finished, to hold an election for a government in Dec 2005, but in April 2006 no such government exists, and BUSH DOES NOT COMPLAIN. Wonder if he thinks how a democracy IS supposed to function.

    Seems that Bush thinks a democracy is about voting not the results of those votes. We know from his own words he thinks 51% is a mandate, lots of political cap[ital, which he wasted like he wasted the financial capital in the companies he ran before Daddy Bush's friends bailed him out. Now we have an elected government in Iraq based on an incomplete and unratified constitution which is not functioning and the people on the street are dividing upon sectarian lines and George W Bush calls this a success? No wonder he got a C+ out of Yale....they were merciful. But his barely passing in college just resulted in three failed companies that Daddy's friends bailed out, (no harm no foul?). This time his incompetence and lack of cognitive abilities to deal with the situation HAS resulted in way many too many soldiers coming home with severe wounds or even worse not coming home at all.

    Yes we spread a "democracy" to Iraq(that doesn't seem to work. And our occupation is allowing the country to slowly slip further and further into chaos, along with incredebly high unemployment, destruction of the infrastructure, (along with whole cities at times).

    While we changed the word which we describe their government with we have destroyed their way of life and physical country in which they must live. So I say again, Yea it is really going Good in Iraq(if you live in Washington in a big house with 24-7 personal protection that counts as many as 1000 individuals at a time)...

    but if you live in Iraq life kinda sucks....

  12. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Lydia, like Pork Pie Johnny, I don't appreciate being named by Worf as the spammer either. Pork Pie (I love that name) made a good point in suggesting that you should be wary of people who agree with you all the time.

  13. Whether the majority of deprived wives are Democrats, I have no knowledge of.


    While Im sure there are a few Republican males who may be somewhat capable of satisfying a deprived Dem woman on a minimal level, they are no match for the ice cold, hot lovin, of a Canadian snow champ.

    My own research has shown that all American women wish to have their buns firmly planted in the snow by a Canadian Male.


  14. Cliff:

    Don't forget Cheney said on Meet the Press that Iraq is in the last throngs of insurgency and of course Bush always says that things are great.

    Don't forget the press only covers the bombings and killings, kidnappings and beheadings, they never cover the good things.

    He is right. If there are any good things going on in Iraq, they aren't being covered because the press can't get out of the green zone for fear of - Bombings, killings, kidnappings and beheadings.

  15. First of all, I'm offended that Worf only likes brunettes although I'm a brunette at heart.

    Johnny, I love the smoking baby! And the Canadian snow-buns idea sounds fun. Pork Pie is a very funny name! But I kind of miss moo-moo. Did you say you live on a farm?
    How about Pork Pie Moo Moo?

    Tall Texan- you are actually turning out to be kind of okay. I thought Worf actually defended you about the spamming earlier.

    send me pictures


  16. Oops, didn't mean to spam and interrupt the Cheney topic.

  17. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Do the BOZO"S running the government KNOW what a background check is?

    DHS Background Check Questioned

    The Department of Homeland Security official arrested Tuesday on charges of seducing a minor over the Internet faced disciplinary action at his previous workplace, Time magazine's Washington bureau, for misusing company equipment to download pornography, friends and former colleagues said.

    Federal officials would not say whether the incident came to the attention of federal investigators who conducted a background check in 2004 on Brian J. Doyle, 55. Originally hired as a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration in 2002, he was detailed to Homeland Security the next year and became deputy press secretary cleared to handle top-secret material in November 2005, a department spokeswoman said.

    Doyle was in a Montgomery County jail yesterday. His attorney, Barry Helfand, said he received an anonymous allegation about the incident but could not comment until he had a chance to investigate and speak with his client. Doyle, of Silver Spring, has not entered a plea but has waived extradition to Polk County, Fla., where undercover detectives conducted the computer sex sting operation, Sheriff Grady Judd said.

    Three people said in separate interviews that, between 1999 and 2001, Doyle viewed pornography on Time's computers, was caught and faced discipline, and that bureau colleagues circulated a petition or letter in his defense.

    Although U.S. Office of Personnel Management investigators interviewed Time supervisors and co-workers, an OPM official would not say whether they uncovered the incident or whether it would have been grounds for rejecting Doyle.

  18. TT I think I might owe you an apology for my comment yesterday, i might have mistook one of your comments for the anonymous troll's, however having said that I still find it rather fishy that you would berate Clif a bunch of times about the long cut and pastes then the same day do an enormous cut and paste about a totally irrelevant toppic.

    As for your comment about being wary of people who always agree with you, in some ways that can be true like if you are kissing up to and always agreeing with people in power in order to get something, but regarding people on this blog I felt somewhat frustrated and isolated like I was the only one who saw the horrible things this administration was doing, I was frustrated no one was holding them accountable or calling them on all the corruption and human rights attrocities as well as the assault on our Constitutional rights. This blog has given me a chance to discuss key issues and bounce around ideas with others who share my views as well as others who dont. Worf said basically the same thing. For the most part I do agree with Worf, Lydia, Clif, Kirk, James 97% or 98% of the time but thats not because I have any kind of agenda, its because they have similar world views, beliefs and values and are kindred spirits. What I find really interesting is that Worf and I were both turned off to the type of religion the Right Wing is pushing as are I believe Clif, James and Kirk, and all of us have never registered with a political party dems or repugs and have never spoken out or been politically active till now, and I think that says a lot, I'm not some hardcore partisan, and I dont have a problem with good republicans just the evil megalomaniacs that are in power now. BTW I find it a little insulting that you are trying to cast aspersions on who or how much I can agree with someone while barely knowing me, your the guys agreeing with the corrupt crooks in power, and I find that highly questionable but I still say you have a right to your opinion even if I feel it is very misguided and deluded.

  19. Anonymous7:53 PM

    George Bush...I’d like to know if somebody in my White House did leak sensitive information. As you know, I’ve been outspoken on leaks. And whether they happened in the White House, or happened in the administration, or happened on Capitol Hill, it is a — they can be very damaging

    Bill Clinton.... “I did not have sex with that woman” ?

    Both dishonest, both with questional ethics, but at least Clinton does not have the blood of over 100,000 deaths and the total destruction of a foriegn country along with a skyrocketing debt of $8,300,000,000,000 as a presidential legacy just a blow job......and Hillary seems to have forgiven him, wonder oif all 100,000+ dead souls have told GOD they have forgiven Bush yet?

  20. You are right about one thing: comedy can save the world. Case in point: M*A*S*H, All In The Family and yea, even Too Close For Comfort (love the Cosmic Cow segments, god bless Ted).

    Cliff is right on the money with his thoughts about Bush and the "war in Iraq". Now if you look back to 2003 when all of this you-know-what started, Bushgate once said that his intentions to end Saddam's reign was because "he was the guy that tried to kill my dad". Plus, you have thousands of dead bodies as a result (2,321 of them were our troops).

    And, as the great Sonny and Cher would sing, "the beat goes on". Things are not getting any better out there, friends.

    Let's not forget about the wiretapping controversy.

    Anyway, to return to the original point of what Lydia said, comedy does help many of us get through the rough times that all of us in this world are experiencing.

    Q: What's the difference between Bush's brain and a goose egg?

    A: Nothing.

    In the words of the late great Linda Sobek -- God Bless.

  21. Anonymous8:32 PM

    I'm late,I'm late,the circle jerk has started.Can I hate Bush?Please tell me I can hate W?

  22. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Mike,did you up the dosage?

  23. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Robert said,

    Q: What's the difference between Bush's brain and a goose egg?

    Beg to differ, the goose egg probably wasn't "pickled" for 22 years or so from somewhere around 1964 (date he turned 18)until around 1986(date of his last admitted drink), along with the cocaine he won't discuss.(Why couldn't he take his physical after the Air Force started drug testing as part of it) Long term alcohol and drug abuse has been proven to produce cognitive difficulties and that may be part of poor Georgie boy's current problem, toooooo many flash backs into "acid" land. (There was a lot of acid around in the late 60's and early 70's in Georgies party days) (It would explain the incoherence and illogical fallicies of many of his statements and positions)

  24. Anonymous8:34 PM

    They got a new one,Robert.Robert do you hate the president?

  25. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Robert,you are so on top of issues.I for one am impressed.

  26. Anonymous8:36 PM

    The reformed drunk chimes in.

  27. Anonymous8:40 PM

    In a study released today,20% of the males in San Francisco are gay and 25.8% are infected with H.I.V..
    Do you guys live there?

  28. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I see neither of you mooks have mentioned impeachment tonight.Whats with that?

  29. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Anonmoron, are you such a loser that you have to come here to get attention or does Richard Mellon Scaife pay you to troll as he paid people back in the early 90's to produce lies back then.....

  30. Dont even legitimize the loser by talking to him.

    He did Say he works for Scarf last night if you can belive anything he says.

  31. BTW Clif, I loved Kerry's comment today that if Bush wants to find who the leak was he should look in the mirror.

  32. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Mike,dont be late for the shock treatment tomorrow.

  33. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Bush can't look in the mirror because he probably can't stand his own reflection because he is looking into the eyes of somebody he KNOWS is incompotent and inadequate for the job, he can not l;ie enough so he can believe it that is why he and KKKarl work so hard to keep the truth away from him, it helps in his denial of the pathetic loser he knows that he really he would just make funny faces and laugh himself silly, until Pickles made him stop and put hiom to bed...

  34. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Clif,attention from you three freaks? not on your best day.Just have some time to kill and like screwing with you mamalukes.

  35. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Working for Scaife anonmoron you must KNOW about a Drunk don't ya boy...

  36. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Just have some time to kill and like screwing with you mamalukes.

    Where is that GREAT life you always rant about...5.15 does not buy much so you have to work overtime....

  37. Anonypuss,

    Don't you and Clif have a date at a biker bar?

  38. Anonymous8:58 PM

    You can go back a month on this blog and you guys just say the same thing over and over and over.If either one of you had an original idea the world would stop turning.

  39. Anonymous9:01 PM

    You friggin dopes there were 211,000 jobs created in March,the unemployment rate is 4.7%.

  40. Anonymous9:01 PM

    In 1990 Scaife quit drinking alcohol. In 1991 he married his longtime companion, Margaret "Ritchie" Battle Scaife, who has influenced the giving pattern of the Scaife foundations and made the couple active in the social and cultural life of patrician Pittsburgh.

    On December 27, 2005, the Pittsburgh Police Department responded to a call placed by Richard Scaife reporting trespassing at Scaife's residence in the prestigious Shadyside section of Pittsburgh. They arrived to find Ritchie Scaife, his estranged wife, pounding on doors and peeking in windows of Richard Scaife's mansion. Mrs. Scaife refused to leave the property, and was arrested and charged with defiant trespass. "Tribune Publisher's Wife Charged with Trespass.

    Has the "BOSS" thrown her out like HE threw away most of the rest of his family over the years?

    Must be bitter to be that old and THAT despised so the only way to get somebody to pay attention to you is by how big their bank accout is, puts Your and FF's desire to get a lot of money in perspective doesn't it............

  41. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Even Mike could get a job.

  42. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Clif,your point is?

  43. ...the only way to get somebody to pay attention to you is by how big their bank accout is

    Gee Cliffy, why do you assume that my bank account is the only thing big about me?

  44. Lydia, don't be offended.

    I was just feedin the trolls.

    Clif, you're a freakin machine. I mean a machine. We could use 100 more like you.

    And you're right. Right now Bush is in the exact same spot Clinton was in, whether our resident trolls want to admit it or not.

    But the difference is Clinton was there for what I consider a somewhat positive act. I mean, make love not war right?

    But like you said, Bush is in this position because he lied about something so much bigger.

    Whether or not Bill and Monica bumped uglies, was between them, Bills wife, and their God.

    It was NOT the publics business, regardless of whether or not they think it is.

    You don't know the President's schedule today do you? You don't know exactly what he does for recreation, and relaxation. Oh sure they leak tidbits, but most of it you won't hear till the disgrunteled staff aide's book comes out.

    So if the President's schedule included "BJ in the Oval Office, 3:00PM" what would you care? If he wants to take 15 minutes to relax do you really give a crap??? Oh I know it offends your (not you Clif, the righties) chaste sensibilities, but really what does it matter in the scheme of things to us?

    Bush lied to send our sons and daughters off to fight in a war on foriegn soil to get gain.

    He sent them out to kill 100,000 + people, and to lose 2500 of their own. He sent them out like pawns in a chess game so the Vice Presidents firm, and his daddies, could REAP the profits.

    Hot sandwiches and portable showers. Truck drivers and clerks. Computer analysts and construction workers. Money here. Money there. Money all around.

    It was a lie for murder. Murder to get gain.

    And thats the greatest, and one of the oldest sins of them all.

  45. Did you get beat up alot as a kid anonypuss?

  46. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Uh oh, wufuss is back from the make believe dojo.

  47. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Mike,trun out the lights and lie down.It will be alright.

  48. Anonymous9:11 PM

    You have NO life, you hang out on a blog where most of your posts are juvenile and disrespectful, and you spew so much bile here at people you must hate yourself as much as Scaife hates contribute almost NOTHING, and worship money and power of those you work for shows a hollow core, actually it must be sad to be you when you have to be alone..sort of like BUSH-BOY in the white house, so self-important, works so hard to impress everyone he lives in NIXON's territory among the reviled pretenders of the thrown instead of actually working to make peoples lives better.........why do you feel so inadequate?

  49. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Clif,that double wide must be closing in on you.

  50. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  51. Well, maybe 100,000 sperm died Mike, but I think you meant to say "didn't" there, right? LOL.

  52. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Life must be pathetic to be so vindictive and unforgiving as this...

    In his own small world in Pittsburgh, Scaife is known as a man who wants to be in control, who wants employees who say "yes," who is capable of bearing grudges for years. Once, it is said by knowledgeable sources, he compelled the Mellon Bank to fire a newly hired attorney in the bank's legal department because the lawyer was the son of a former employee Scaife had turned against.

    Scaife has broken off relations with numerous friends and associates, waged a bitter, prolonged divorce battle with his first wife, has strained relations with his son and no relations with his daughter. He and his sister haven't spoken for 25 years

  53. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Clif,you should think about adopting Mike.He's on the edge.

  54. exactly Worf, 100,000 people didnt die from Clintons blow job, people werent being tortured when Clinton was in office, they were not recording our phone calls or monitoring blogs under clinton, and the world did not hate us under Clinton

  55. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I find it comical that you guys have such a difficult time accepting anyone whose ideas differ from yours.Are'nt libs supposed to include everyone?

  56. Ok. All y'all relax. Take yo shoes off (except you Mike).

    May I fix y'all a drink? I have a sassypirilla for Clif. Seegar?

  57. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Anonmoron your sure and Bush aren't related they seem so like each other both petty pretend kings who can't stand being shown they aren't always right and only tolorate yes-man sychophants, of course what does that make you ......

  58. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Sorry,you do include everyone.You've got Cynthia McKinney.

  59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  60. Anonymous9:20 PM

    No wonder you come here to spew such bile it relieves the tension of always having to KISS the bosses ass doesn't it anonmoron.

  61. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Wufuss, who was talking about your Lydia fixation last night?

  62. Anon said "I find it comical that you guys have such a difficult time accepting anyone whose ideas differ from yours.Are'nt libs supposed to include everyone"

    show me an idea you came up with fool??

  63. I think that last one is pretty important.

    The world didn't hate us.

    Oh sure the usual fanatics and radicals did, but so many people "loved" the US. We were the Ivory tower, the knights in shining armour. His tireless peacemaking efforts in Northern Ireland saved many lives, and helped heal two nations.

    Now Bush's NO Diplomacy policy and apathy has allowed that to deteriorate. And Clintons last act in office, tirelessly staying awake for 3 days without sleep to bring a truce to Israel and Palestine.

    Bush's first week in office he publically said he when asked if he was going to continue Clintons Peacekeeping efforts in Israel, no, I don't see any reason to. I prefer a more "hands off" approach.

    And we all saw how that worked out.

  64. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Anonmoron have you ever worried the brown may NEVER come off your nose, or do youy just plan to move to the next insecure reichwing impotent pretend king and plant the nose again....

  65. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Mikey,put the lotion away,take a Paxil,turn the lights down and go to your happy place.

  66. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Wufuss,you have been eating mushrooms.Your memory has created fantasies,kinda like that dojo.

  67. Anonymous9:25 PM

    We are the all powerful Oz.

  68. you see Bush slither off after his speech to avoid answering questions, he was afraid he wasnt smart enough to fend off real questions.

    Its impeachment time.

  69. The Bush administration is not an administration plagued with trouble.

    It is not simply a bad administration, or a corrupt one.

    It's a trainwreck.

  70. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Mike,what time is impeachment time? Who leads it?

  71. A complete disaster.

  72. Anonymous9:28 PM

    His history read similar to georgie boy's, insecurity, and self loathing leads to drunkness and like Georgie boy he used his families money to cover it up and throws away people when they are no longer useful to him...

    To make his mark on history, Scaife had to overcome long odds. In his youth he seemed star-crossed, even to many of his friends. He grew up in a household dominated by his mother's alcoholism, in a family whose members specialized in "making each other totally miserable," in the rueful words of his sister, Cordelia Scaife May.

    Yale University suspended him for drunken pranks, then kicked him out entirely before he could complete his freshman year. At 22 he caused a car accident that almost killed him and injured five members of one family, who won a large legal settlement. He had a drinking problem most of his adult life, finally getting on the wagon in the early 1990s. He has feuded bitterly with friends, employees and relatives. He has no relations with his daughter, and hasn't spoken to his sister for 25 years.

  73. In fact, I cannot think of one single smart or good thing Bush has done since he took office.

    Not one.

  74. Bush isnt even smart enough to face the press he ran and hid just like he did to avoid the war and let scotty or is ir snotty boy face the press

  75. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Its the economy stupid!!! James Carville said that.

  76. Anonymous9:30 PM

    America does and always will vote with the pocket book.

  77. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Look out the window the economy is booming.

  78. Anonymous9:31 PM

    What's the matter Anonmoron the boss doesn't look so good right now, does he, just another pathetic loser with a lot of moneyt but little internal fortitude or a soul, pathetic and hollow, hates himself so he spews hate through out his surroundings, he doesn't understand he is the problem NOT THOSE around him, and until he does he will remain bitter ans vindictive, but you will still have a place to keep your nose won't ya.

  79. Wait, I just thought of one.

    nope...never mind...

  80. ok, well there was the time he....

    nope, forget that.

  81. Anonymous9:33 PM

    You idiots really think Joe Blow average american gives a rats ass about Valerie Plame,Joe Wilson or whose phone gets listed to.Take a breath of air.

  82. Bush will most likely be impeached within the next year, but regardless he wont serve out his term.

    no one is afraid of these clowns anymore, Karl is selling Cheney out to save his own hide, scooter is giving up Bush and Cheney, the people Bush is apointing to keep us safe are busy molesting children or getting arrested for molesting children. The house of cards is imploding

  83. Anonymous9:35 PM

    You morons preach to a small minority who dont control squat.

  84. The Right wing screws up EVERY chance they get, nothing but a bunch of stupid idiotic bumbling fools.

  85. Anonymous9:36 PM

    You guys might think about an intervention with Mike,he's close to climbing the tower.

  86. "And Clintons last act in office, tirelessly staying awake for 3 days without sleep to bring a truce to Israel and Palestine."

    Gee, and I thought he stayed awake for 3 days to pardon criminals who donated to his library. -OH! and don't forget the coke dealer who he knew from his Mena airport days....

  87. Ok, heres one good thing Bush has done since he took office.

    Well, actually its over 50 good things he's done.

    He's taken over 50 vacations since taking office.

    Thats a good thing.

  88. Bush's approval rating will go lower than Nixon's was his day is over.

  89. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Mike,hurry,go get a cold towel and put it on you head.

  90. You remember Mena airport dontcha worf? That's where the Clintons ran their drug smuggling operation when he was governor of Arkansas....

  91. Maybe he could just take one long one. Like 3 years.

    That would be a good thing.

  92. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Voltaire,you forgot about Mark Rich.

  93. Could you imagine that simpleton Bush being cross examined on the stand, he's not smart enough to fool anyone, he'd crack like an egg.

  94. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Mike,look quick.Is hair growing on your plams?

  95. No I didn't. He was one of the ones who donated to the library.
    (well, through his wife of course)

  96. ah cronyism, something near and dear to you guys that vyou can relate to.

  97. Wow, gee, you're right Volt.

    Clinton was just as bad as Bush.

    Shucks, why didn't I see that before.

    Ok, go back to committing genocide and and pissing on our Constitution.

    I'm on board. :|

  98. voltaire, are there any leftwing trolls in rightwing blogs, just curious???

  99. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Mike,get a paper bag,breath into it.

  100. Anonymous9:45 PM

    anonymous said...

    Look out the window the economy is booming.

    Don't tell the LAID off employees of Ford, GM, Enron, Tyco, the Airlines, Worldcom, at wal-mart, resturants, and the government are actually hiring....(that is where the bulk of the jobs are coming from)

  101. Mike,

    I don't know. Don't hang out at many. It's not a whole lot of fun when everybody agrees with you....LOL

  102. Hold on while I straigten my armband.

    There. Thats much better.

    Lassen Sie uns gehen.

  103. Anonymous9:46 PM

    You guys loved it when you could just circle jerk with each other.Well guess what,the times they are a changing.

  104. so your admitting that repugs all think the same like a bunch of brainwashed stepford wives??? LOL

  105. Besides, I've kinda made it my mission to bring a breath of fresh air and sunlight to your dark world of conspiracy and paranoia....

  106. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Clif,news flash... people get laid off every day.Of the 211,000 jobs created the VAST majority were private sector.

  107. Clif's right, all the good paying jobs are moving overseas to the cheap labor, our manufacturing is evaporating as we speak.

  108. No actually they don't exactly think alike. Simillarly but not alike. Kind of a matter of degree. Some are almost as blind as you guys.

    Me, I'm somewhere to the right of Ghengis Khan....LOL

  109. Wir sind das neue Vorlagenrennen.

    Wir sind die neue tausend Jahrherrschaft.

  110. Anonymous9:49 PM

    The markets up,the sun is shining.

  111. jobs at mcdonalds or walmart cant replace jobs at ford or GM.

  112. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Mike,I dream of the day you'll have something rational to say.

  113. Anonymous9:51 PM

    voltaire said...

    You remember Mena airport dontcha worf? That's where the Clintons ran their drug smuggling operation when he was governor of Arkansas....

    During the Clinton administration, there were accusations that Clinton, during his time as governor of Arkansas, was involved in some way with alleged smuggling of drugs and weapons to the Contras through the airport in Mena, producing a "mini-scandal" that attracted the interest of Clinton-bashers and conspiracy theorists See: Barry Seal

    Several separate press reports later emerged that Beechcraft King Air 200 airplane with FAA registration number N6308F - Serial Number BB-1014 which was owned by George W. Bush had previously been owned by Barry Seal, "the airplane that once belonged to Barry Seal and is today used by Texas Governor George W. Bush," (see Why Does George W. Bush Fly in Drug Smuggler Barry Seal's Airplane? by Daniel Hopsicker and Michael C. Ruppert, October 1999).

    Through discovery, Dalton's investigation gained access to the contents of the trunk of Barry Seal's Cadillac on the night he died, and discovered that before the FBI did turn it over they had obviously ransacked it first. Even so Dalton stated "they had missed a few things that indicated just how valuable that trunk was. Because that's where that phone number was. That's where we found George Bush's private phone number...they were regularly talking to each other very seriously over what was probably a secure phone...Barry Seal was in direct contact with George Bush (George H. W. Bush).

    Lewis Unglesby, an attorney in Louisiana who represented Barry Seal in 1986 agrees that Seal was in direct personal contact with then Vice-President Bush. Unglesby claims he was initially skeptical of some of Seal's sensational claims and Seal gave him a phone number, and according to Unglesby he "dialed the number, a little dubiously, and a pleasant female voice answered: 'Office of the Vice President.'" "This is Barry Seal," Unglesby said into the phone. "Just a moment, sir," the secretary replied. "Then a man's voice came on the line, identifying himself as Admiral somebody, and said to me, 'Barry, where have you been?'" "Excuse me, Sir, "Unglesby replied, "but my name is Lewis Unglesby and I'm Barry Seal's attorney." Unglesby says the Admiral immediately hung up, but this incident helped him gain trust in his client (Unglesby later learned the office of the Vice President did have an Admiral on it's staff).

    Obviously Voltair you have the wrong President don't ya boy...

  114. And speaking of "brainwashed stepford wives" have you actually read this blog lately?

    I haffta look at the name to see who I'm responding to cause ya'll sound alike....

  115. Mike, Clif.

    Job growth is huge...if you're a DoD contractor.

  116. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Ford,GM and the UAW deserve each other.

  117. the markets up because of the phony inflation the fed is trying to hide via the hedonics sham.

  118. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Oh my goodness,Clif crashed landed on the grassy knoll.

  119. Anonymous9:54 PM

    "phony inflation?" What the hell is that?

  120. Its all blood money.

    Murder for gain. Murder for hire.

    Blood, and more blood.

  121. voltaire, are there any leftwing trolls in rightwing blogs, just curious???

    Lord, grant me the serenity to ignore the trolls, the courage to debate with honest opponents, and the wisdom to know the difference.
    -LittleGreenFootballs "prayer"

    When you call someone a "troll" just because he disagrees with you, you look like a coward attempting argumentum ad hominem.

  122. Anonymous9:55 PM

    anonymous said...

    Clif,news flash... people get laid off every day.Of the 211,000 jobs created the VAST majority were private sector.

    HEY I included wal-mart and resturarents, didn't I?

  123. see the fed is using hedonics to say inflation is anout 2-4% when it is really closer to 6%, this is inflating both GDP and the stockmarket beyond what it should be, but like you guys say markets are efficient and self correcting and gold smells this administrations phony bogus numbers thats why it has run up to almost $600.

  124. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Wuruss has traveled to Mike land,murder,money.Wow, thats kinda out in space.

  125. FF I wasnt calling you or voltaire trolls just asking a real question, i'll never admit this again but I enjoy butting heads with you at times, I'd miss you if you left LOL. :D

  126. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Mike,what alien told you inflation was 6%? A Klingon perhaps?

  127. Anonymous9:59 PM

    anonymous said...

    Oh my goodness,Clif crashed landed on the grassy knoll.

    No brown nosed one just some info drunk richard probably didn't have when he started the lie about Bill Clinton,

  128. see we are reliving the 1970's we have a war, an oil crisis, trouble in the middle east, inflation, rising gold, a president about to be impeached, and a long term bear market.

    If I had to guess we are right in the 1973 rally right before the vicious bear market and the impeachment of a disgraced president the following year.

    How does that saying go, "those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it"

  129. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Oh, pardon me Clif.I realize Clinton was the last president you guys elected since LBJ.

  130. Their times about up.

    Did you see Pugnosed Mclellan this morning bobbing and weaving?

    Whats funny is the right wingers don't realize they are a joke to everyone except themselves.

    The whole world and most of the country is looking at the right as a fringe, religious lunatic cult. No one believes a word they say anymore.

    Their credibility is done. Kaput.

  131. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Mike,this is a BULL market not bear.

  132. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Are you guys listening to the John Batchelor Show? It's very informative and middle of the road.

    Listen online at:

  133. That little dance Scotty was doing this morning?

    They call that the Potomac two-step.

  134. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Mike,break open the change bottle and get in the market.

  135. Anonymous10:07 PM

    You forgot Carter and Gore(he had MORE votes)And if Katherine Harris hadn't illegaly violated about 50,000 peoples civil rights Gore would have won Florida by about 49,650 votes too, BTW see how thw repug led denial of the voting laws in Cleveland has resulted 3 of them being indited and how the New Hampshire phone jamming scam led to 4 repug officials pleading guilty....

  136. anyone that knoes anything about hedonics and track rising commodity prices knows inflation is vastly understated, the fed knows this as well but they want inflation to be vastly understated so the economy and stop market bubbles stay inflated and so they can fund the war and other debts. the fed is really raising rates to defend the dollar more than to fight inflation although they will never admit this.

  137. Anonymous10:07 PM

    You guys are really lame tonight.I was expecting your A material.I'm gonna go watch King Kong.

  138. Bush wasn't elected.

    He seized power.

  139. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Mike,how did the board of directors of the Fed miss you? You should have replaced Greenspan.

  140. Anonymous10:09 PM

    More cards of the repug house of scams are falling wonder if Tommy the bug Delay will flip as fast as Libby, Abrarmoff, Scanlan, Cunningham, et al did....they have NO honor at all....if ya can't do the time don't do the crime.

  141. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Clif, you guys really dont count Carter,do you?

  142. I'm fully invested in the market right now, and my portfolio is up 600% in the last 4 years yours???

    see i've been betting on repug stupidity and mismanagement of the economy and i've been rewarded handsomely.

  143. Like rats leaving a sinking ship Clif.

    Rat bastards that is.

  144. Trust me when they start to squeeze delay, he'll sing like a canary.

  145. Worf said "Bush wasn't elected.

    He seized power"

    thats exactly what the little dictator did.

  146. He'll be singing a toon as sweet as Abramoffs, just as melodic as Libby's.

  147. Anonymous10:12 PM

    600%!!!! Damn man you're smarter than Lor Dobbs.Start a mutual fund,at a 600% retun I'll invest.

  148. Put him, Abramoff and Libby together you've got the makings for a pretty good Barbershop Quartet.

  149. Scooter reports directly to cheney doesnt he??

    if so, then the only fall guy/patsy for Bush can be Cheney??

  150. All they need is a baritone.

    Now lets see, who could they get for that???


  151. Well, I hear Condies got a pretty deep voice.

  152. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Oh yea,yesterday it was the leak,each of you said "this is huge," this is it,impeachment is here.Dopes.

  153. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Jimmy Carter has more integrity and a hell of a lot more christianity than the entire Greedy Old People convention does. Hell yes I count him and am proud of him, he had answers to the oil crisis unlike depends ronnie did.( and he didn't have to runs guns or druigs to fund a bunch of murders in latin america. He also respected around the world, unlike the boy wanna be king who won't be able to go very many places after he gets sent back to crawford.

  154. Deja vu:

    ...I got news for you buddy, the cpi stats have been as phony as a three dollar bill since they started using hedonics to calculate the cpi...

    they claimed the cpi was only like 1.8% last year, I dont know about you, but everything I buy has pretty close to doubled, most of the econimists and financial pundits that I respect say inflation is really running at at least 6% if calculated the same way they were prior to the great hedonics lie.


    Hedonic regression, or more generally hedonic demand theory, in economics is a method of estimating demand or prices. It decomposes the item being researched into its constituent characteristics, and obtains estimates of the value of each characteristic. In essence it assumes that there is a separate market for each characteristic. It may be estimated using ordinary least squares (OLS) regression analysis. ...
    It is commonly used in real estate economics and consumer price index calculations. In consumer price index calculations hedonic regression is used to control the effect of changes in product quality. Price changes that are due to substitution effects are subject to hedonic quality adjustments.


    I guess we respect different economists. The ones I respect say the CPI is sound. Here's a little quiz: If inflation is really raging and we were being told the "hedonics" lie throughout the 90s, what would the price of gold be doing? Right, going through the roof. Instead, gold fell throughout the 90s and only recently has rebounded to the level it attained in 1988.

    But I agree that "hedonics" is a great lie, at least the way you describe it.

    -Freedom Fan

    Don't believe you ever addressed this observation Mike. You just keep repeating the same drivel.

  155. Anonymous10:16 PM

    You guys are like that other dope Chris Matthews,everything is HUGH,this is the story,this is it!!! Oh my god our time is here.

  156. Well, Cheney's got a nice deep voice too.

    I suppose he could make up the fourth.

    But I would be looking for him to be doing a solo.

    He'll call it, an Ode to a Shrub.

  157. can you picture Bush being cross examined i'd pay money to see that simpleton crack like an egg.

  158. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Mike,did you hit your head really hard when you were a kid?

  159. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I can hear georgies daddy now ,,...."boy I only disgraced my self, you had to go and disgrace the party and the country"

    Poor bubble boys reply will be "at least I did better at one thing didn't I poppy?"

  160. Bush will see the sweetest song of them all when his turn at the mic comes.

    It will be his "swan song".

  161. I hear he'll be playing the banjo too.

  162. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Rove will throw Cheney under the bus after the election so as to place his next horse in line for the office, Bush is done for KKKarl so he needs a newe ride (in more ways than one)

  163. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Hey Anon, not only is this HUGH, but very SERIES as well. Thanks for the laugh.

    FR forever!

  164. clif,

    It doesn't really matter. ALL OF THEM, even the Dems too are Bilderburgs and Trilateralists. (and MASONS)

    I saw a map of DC once where they show how the Masons laid it out as a pentagram....

  165. You know if Clif.

    Thats why he brefriended Bill Clinton, Dubya's worst nemesis next to Gore.

    That said volumes for what Daddy thinks about lil George.

    I bet he fells like the elder Herod.

  166. FF hedonics wasnt introduced till the mid 1990's imflation was low till the last several years.

    What i'm saying about hedonics is that they say computer speed has gone up 400% over the last 8 years so therefore the price of computers has dropped 50% a year (a slight exxageration possibly) they then use this to off set the rise of food, gas that we use everyday, most people eat and spend money on gas and electricity every single day while they only but computers every 5 years and tv's every 10 years.

    see if you would have posted the rest of my post where I made the point that they are using this hedonic sham for things we buy every five to ten years to off set stuff we buy dailt that is far more relevant and important then you would have seen my point.

  167. Question guys.

    Who the hell is HUGH?

  168. Guess I missed something....

  169. The Washington monument is at one point of it. It's a phallic symbol. It was (pardon the pun) erected as a tribute to satan...

  170. The election (both Presidential elections and all the governorships and state elections) were stolen from the Dhimmicrats.

    This is our rightful President.

  171. No it wasn't Voltaire.

    It is a Phallac, however DC was laid out like Paris, with an emphasis on Roman Architecture.

    The monument was to counter the Eiffel Tower, and they went with a common theme in Roman Architecute.

    The Roman Obelisk.

  172. Anonymous10:31 PM

    DC was designed by the same archetic that designed Karlshure Germany ....look it up, the orginal cities have much in common as far as design is concerned. I have this tidbit because in the 70's I was stationed outside of Karlshure.

  173. What blog was that in FF???

    And BTW, gold has run from about $255 6 or so years ago to almost $600 you said rising gold signifies inflation ergo inflation, see I never said there was inflation in the 1990's but I did say there was the last 6 years and the rising gold price proves it, even by your own admition, but feel free to quibble away and use more out of context posts if it makes you feel better.

  174. I don't know all the details Clif, but I grew up and live in DC, and for the most part it is laid out like Paris. In fact, take a look at Connecticut Avenue NW, down by K Street.

    Identical to Paris streets, with the divided frontage strip. The buildings, the architecture. Look at the Old Executive Office Building and look at Paris architecture. DC was heavily influenced by Paris.

    The Washinton Monument however was based on a simple Roman Obelisk design.

  175. I hafta relearn the link thingy again...LOL

    but here is the Mason DC thing

  176. Anonymous10:36 PM

    And Worfeus the washington monument was started before the civil war(It was designed by Robert Mills, a prominent American architect of the 1840s. The actual construction of the monument began in 1848 and was not completed until 1884, almost 30 years after the architect's death, due to lack of funds and the intervention of the Civil War.) the eiffel tower(At the time of its construction in 1889, the tower was the tallest structure in the world, a title it retained until 1930) after

  177. And BTW, gold has run from about $255 6 or so years ago to almost $600...

    Thought you said this "hedonics" animal started in the early 90s. But okay say it started in the mid-90s -- why did gold continue to fall reaching a low in 2000?

    Your "hedonics" obsession is lame.

  178. Volt. I know about the Masons and their influence in politics.

    In fact, why do you think so many Mormons are rising up in power in DC???

    Remember Bob Bennett? Jake Garn?

    Orrin Hatch? Now Mitt Romney could be the favorite of the RNC.

    They like the Mormons cause they both share similar theologies, and have similar rituals.

  179. In fact, the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, was himself a Freemason.

  180. Many Mormons, particularly rich or powerful ones, become Freemasons.

    Power, secrets, deeds done behind closed doors, money and wealth, and all manner of corruption blended in.

    Its kind of a stew.

  181. Worf,

    Did you check out the URL?

    It's a fascinating read....

  182. Many Mormons, particularly rich or powerful ones, become Freemasons.

    Power, secrets, deeds done behind closed doors, money and wealth, and all manner of corruption blended in.


    My Dad was a Mason -- a Sojourner in fact. Also a life long Democrat, WWII vet, 25 year military officer, and decent guy.

    Sure Masons have secret traditions as a sort of mystique. However, there is nothing dishonorable about Masons, your conspiracy theories notwithstanding.

  183. A poor man in America has about as much chance of becoming President as Scott Mclellan has of saying something truthful.

  184. I Dunno FF,

    Did YOU check out the URL I posted?

  185. OK FF so you are saying that if a computer is the same price but with twice the processor speed it is twice as good and we should "PRETEND" its really half the price, are you saying thats legit, then atre you saying its legit to count something you buy every 5-10 years the same as stuff you buy everyday when calculating the CPI IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING??

    and i'm not even talking about the PPI where they strip out food and energy (all the things that have risen dramatically in price) because they claim they are too volatile.

    who has the lame argument know FF??

  186. Oh now, I wouldn't want you guys to cut off my head now would I???

    I know the orders, I know the rites. I know about Adam, and I know about being kings of the earth. I know about the covenants of blood, and I know about the compass and the sqaure.

    And its all some pretty scary stuff once you start really looking at it.

  187. It's not JUST the Masons though Worf,
    Check out the Bilderbergs and Trilateralists. They're ALL intertwined.....

    (even Skull and Bones)

  188. I figure the masons are like any other religion, and it is a religion, though they don't see it that way.

    But thats interesting your dad was a Dem.

    So let me psychoanalyze you for a sec.

    You subconciously hate your dad, see him as weak, and are in here railing on him by proxy.


  189. FF said "But okay say it started in the mid-90s -- why did gold continue to fall reaching a low in 2000?"

    Gold continued to fall till the 2000's because there was no excessive (meaning over 3%)inflation to mask till then. gold is rising for a reason FF and i've laughed all the way to the bank the last 4 1/2 years. gold is the number one indicator of dishonest government and inflation that we have ever had.

  190. OK FF so you are saying that if a computer is the same price but with twice the processor speed it is twice as good and we should "PRETEND" its really half the price, are you saying thats legit...

    The CPI is necessarily adjusted for changing technology; to do otherwise would indeed be foolish. It is also weighted for how often someone buys an item on average.

    The "core" CPI, which excludes oil and food, is sometimes stated along with the full CPI. However the full CPI is almost always used for anything important.

    This is my point: If you claim that inflation is understated, then why did the price of gold fall for 5+ years after implementing your so-called "hedonics"?

    In reality, there is nothing special about "hedonics"; the market basket comprising CPI is continually adjusted for our dynamic economic and technological circumstances.

  191. If you look at the skull and bones initiation, and the rites of passage at the 3rd degree of the masonic rituals, they are clearly related.

  192. At the third degree a free mason is struck on the head, falling back into a coffin. When he opens his eyes, a human Skull is facing him, and he is warned about spreading what he knows at pain of death.

  193. YES! and almost everyone who is a higher up in Masonry OR Skull and Bones are also members of the Trilateralists and Bilderbergs! DEMS and REPUBS alike!

  194. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Voltair it is MUCH worse than youy thought,

    David Ovason, working from the fact that there are some twenty-three depictions of zodiacs incorporated into the architecture of Washington DC, and that many of the city's architects and sculptors were either freemasons or knowledgeable in astronomy, has created a foundation of supposition and imaginative wishful thinking to prop up his belief that the city was designed for a specific astrological purpose. He provides an entertaining read but no concrete proof.

  195. They direct the course of not only OUR country but of the entire world!

  196. Skulls and bones.

    Secrets oaths, convenants and threats of death.

    Yea, guys getting into crap like this is who I want running the country.

  197. think how much the price of food, heating your home and putting gas in your car has gone up FF and then try and say with a straight face that inflation is only 2%.

    gold has more than doubled but the talking heads at the fed say inflation is only 2%, maybe if you repeat the lies enough you will really start to believe them, just because a government suit says something doesnt make it true FF

  198. Weird stuff Voltaire, where did you find that link?

  199. You subconciously hate your dad, see him as weak, and are in here railing on him by proxy.

    You have consistently been wrong about me at every attempt; why stop now?

    I don't hate anyone because of their beliefs, and I love my parents, who have flaws as everyone does.

    In polite company, you can't discuss politics and religion. In the blogosphere, you can remove the mask and say exactly what you feel. In the meat world, you must consider the feelings of your family, friends, co-workers; so you temper your words to avoid shredding relationships and losing something more valuable than the joy of "being right". In the blogosphere, if someone is a fool you can demostrate that they are a fool; only the truth matters.

    Only a shallow person would chose their friends, or shun their parents, based upon their political beliefs.

  200. Mike,

    Just do a google search.

    Freemasonry.....Skull and Bones......Bilderbergs........