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Back during the late ‘60s, there was a series of missions that would lead up to a manned lunar landing of Apollo 8. It was going to take humans to the moon and back. And that mission took place about the same time that there was much upheaval in the world. Soviet tanks had rolled into Prague, in Czechoslovakia; Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy were assassinated; the Viet Nam war was escalating. And yet they went ahead with this mission to the moon.

And on that mission, one of the astronauts looked back at the earth. He saw this beautiful, vibrant orb floating in black space. And it suddenly dawned on him, “This is home. That is my home.”

So when we see pictures of earth from space, it looks so peaceful and beautiful, and as we get back down to street level, it can remain that way if we bring in the element of prayer—if we see each other and our earthly home as representing the spiritual idea of Truth and Love. And that becomes evident to the degree that we do that in our personal and collective experience.

I had to really stop watching the news. I was seriously in danger of apoplectic shock at Bush and all the bizarre news lately. But I have to tell you this: nothing is as it seems. As a person who has overcome unbelievable tragedy through prayer, and experienced absolute miracles in praying for others -- I know it's our job to "stand porter at the door of thought" and seek out the good no matter how much false evidence appears real, which spells FEAR. All we have to do is consciously overcome our fear with love, especially for those who offend us and look like crazy maniacs! Don't give these guys too much power by focusing on their wrongs too much. On that note, I have to at least point out the wrongs -- because "silence is complicity."

Remember: Every moment is a choice between LOVE AND FEAR.

Congresswoman Lynne Woolsey's fundraiser with the brilliant Ilene Proctor
photos by Margery Epstein

So, what has happened to our beautiful nation? How could one administration take away our freedom, destroy our precious constitution, be bribed by anyone and everyone, blatantly lie, not care at all about the poor or the Katrina victims, condone inhumane torture and detention of innocent people, put us into eternal debt, buy off the media, get drunk and shoot someone in the face and not file a police report, destroy medicare, sell our ports to the UAE -- never be challenged and not seem to care? But we cannot lose our minds, we have to actually do something! We have to stand up to these corrupt people in the White House. And the un-American, immoral, un-Christian forces behind these people -- as well as the propaganda media. How could this happen in America? Read about how the votes were stolen below. And Hurricane Katrina has scattered thousands of people to distant parts of the U.S. where they are not registered to vote. Plus no absentee ballots! I listened to AM talk radio the past 3 nights -- and was horrified: no wonder middle-Americans have the wrong concept of Democrats/liberals! Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Rush, Al Rantell -- their sole purpose on earth is to "eradicate liberals"; every other word out of their mouths is about how horrible liberals are. At least some of them have lost faith in Bush, but that doesn't make up for their campaign against their fellow citizens. You can always tell who the good guys are though. Instead of discussing their corrupt president, they bash the other party! And they constantly talk about "killing" people who distrub them; Michael Savage actually said criminals should be rounded up, stripped naked and forced to run in the hot sun, chased by something...Isn't it perverse? The only real Christians I recognize have distinctly liberal values: tolerance, caring for the poor, equal rights, liberty, generosity, caring for the earth. LIberal means "progressive or enlightened." We must rise above this state of affairs, and it's time to take action!! We have to stop them from getting away with this. First we have to change our thought about the essence of evil; we have to stop the hatred in our own hearts, and then IMPEACH BUSH NOW!! He is not a republican, not a conservative, what on earth is he?

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Trey Wyatt just sent me this picture of us on Prince Albert's boat in Monte Carlo. Those jet-set days were wild!

308,000 cancelled registrations put Bush back in the White House? by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman
February 28, 2006

While life goes on during the Bush2 nightmare, so does the research on what really happened here in 2004 to give George W. Bush a second term.

Pundits throughout the state and nation---many of them alleged Democrats---continue to tell those of us who question Bush's second coming that we should "get over it," that the election is old news.

But things get curiouser and curiouser. In our 2005 compendium HOW THE GOP STOLE OHIO'S 2004 ELECTION & IS RIGGING 2008 (, we list more than a hundred different ways the Republican Party denied the democratic process in the Buckeye State. For a book of documents to be published September 11 by the New Press entitled WHAT HAPPENED IN OHIO?, we are continuing to dig.

It turns out, we missed more than a few of the dirty tricks Karl Rove, Ken Blackwell and their GOP used to get themselves four more years. In an election won with death by a thousand cuts, some that are still hidden go very deep. Over the next few weeks we will list them as they are verified.

All this, however, pales before a new revelation just released by the Board of Elections in Cuyahoga County, the heavily Democratic county surrounding Cleveland.

Robert J. Bennett, the Republican chair of the Cuyahoga Board of Elections, and the Chair of the Ohio Republican Party, has confirmed that prior to the 2004 election, his BOE eliminated---with no public notice---a staggering 175,414 voters from the Cleveland-area registration rolls. He has not explained why the revelation of this massive registration purge has been kept secret for so long. Virtually no Ohio or national media has bothered to report on this story.

Many of the affected precincts in Cuyahoga County went 90% and more for John Kerry. The county overall went more than 60% for Kerry.

The eliminations have been given credence by repeated sworn testimony and affidavits from long-time Cleveland voters that they came to their usual polling stations only to be told that they were not registered. When they could get them, many were forced to cast provisional ballots which were highly likely to be pitched in the trash, or which remain uncounted.

Ohio election history would indicate that the elimination of 175,000 voters in heavily Democratic Cleveland must almost certainly spell doom for any state-wide Democratic campaign. These 175,000 pre-2004 election eliminations must now be added to the 105,000 from Cincinnati and the 28,000 from Toledo.

Therefore, to put it simply: at least 308,000 voters, most of them likely Democrats, were eliminated from the registration rolls prior to an election allegedly won by less than 119,000 votes, where more than 106,000 votes still remain uncounted, and where the GOP Secretary of State continues to successfully fight off a meaningful recount.
The rest of the above is a long post, I will post a link to this instead of keeping it here.

** In addition, it seems evident that the Democratic Party will now enter Ohio's 2006 gubernatorial and US Senate races, and its 2008 presidential contest, with close to a half-million voters having been eliminated from the registration rolls, the vast majority of them from traditional Democratic strongholds, and with serious legislative barriers having been erected against new voter registration drives.

Here's a pic of Warren Beatty and me at Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey fundraiser 3 weeks ago, at the Sheinbaums. I admire Warren's work and have known him for years. He went to Northwestern with Nancy Dussault, who played my mother on Too Close for Comfort.


  1. Hey Lydia. What time is it?

  2. Its IMPEACHMENT Time.

  3. And btw, this is a great write.

    You are echoing the sentiments of a lot of us right now.

  4. Better is a poor and a wise child than an old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished.

    Ecclesiastes 4:13

  5. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Bush is a king. No one seems to do anything to remove him. and did you hear the UAE ultimately answers to a sultan? I don't think he'll be impeached.

  6. Well, technically that is not quite correct anonymous. There is a Sultan in the Chain, however they answer ultimately to a Khalifa.

    A Khalifa is a successor to the Prophet Muhammad's. This makes him the political, military, and administrative leader of the entire Muslim nation.

    The UAE is a Federal system of government, with an Executive, Legislative and Judicuary branch.

    The Executive branch is headed by a President or 'Chief of State'.

    The current President of the UAE is KHALIFA bin Zayid al-Nuhayyan, the literal successor to the Prophet Muhammad.

  7. However one of the Deputy Prime Ministers, Zayid al-Nuhayyan, is a SULTAN.

  8. But today we just found out the UAE government was infiltrated by Al Quaida as recently as 2003!

    So I don't care if Donny Osmond was their President, I wouldn't give em the ports.

  9. The striking similarity here of course to Christianity is this role and the role of the Pope, who likewise is the literal successor of Jesus Christ.

    Now Pope John Paul God rest his soul, was a peace loving man, and condemned all forms of war.

    The new Pope, Benedict the 16th, who is a former Nazi youth member, seems to be anti-war, although he seems harder, and more friendly with Bush. In fact, in August of last year lawyers for Benedict requested Washington grant Benedict immunity in a Sexual Abuse trial.

  10. Pope seeks immunity in Texas abuse case
    August 17, 2005

    Lawyers for Pope Benedict XVI have asked President Bush to declare the pontiff immune from liability in a lawsuit that accuses him of conspiring to cover up the molestation of three boys by a seminarian in Texas, court records show.

    The Vatican's embassy in Washington sent a diplomatic memo to the State Department on May 20 requesting the U.S. government grant the pope immunity because he is a head of state, according to a May 26 motion submitted by the pope's lawyers in U.S. District Court for the Southern Division of Texas in Houston.

    Joseph Ratzinger is named as a defendant in the civil lawsuit. Now Benedict XVI, he's accused of conspiring with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston to cover up the abuse during the mid-1990s

  11. Holy crap. Bush may have done something right.

    He just signed a nuclear deal with India.

    It still has to be ratified in Congress, and we have to hear the details, but this was a smart move I think.

    India can provide us an ally against China, and also against Pakistan if we end up going to blows with them.

    Of course, the flip side of this is he may be setting up that scenario now.

    This deal is bound to antagonize Pakistan, and stir up animosity even further.

    But if we play it right, we can keep Pakistan semi happy, and still have India as a strong ally.

    If played right, this could be a great move.

  12. They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God;

    They have provoked me to anger with their vanities:

    And I will move them to jealousy with those which are not a people;

    I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation.

  13. For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains.

  14. I will heap mischiefs upon them

    I will spend mine arrows upon them.

  15. They shall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with burning heat, and with bitter destruction:

    I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the poison of serpents of the dust

  16. The sword without,

    And terror within,

    Shall destroy both the young man and the virgin,

    The suckling also with the man of gray hairs.

    Deuteronomy 32:20 - 25

  17. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Hey Saudis caught 4 leading Al Queda terrorists today. Does this seem a little fishy? UAE wants a deal for Dubai, and suddenly Saudis are catching the bad guys.

  18. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Yes I agree IMPEACH BUSH NOW. But how?

  19. Anonymous12:30 AM

    FREEDOM FAN have you ever even read Christ's words? They have nothing to do with anything the "religious right" says. NOTHING AT ALL.

  20. Anonymous12:33 AM

    The only sins Christ condems are "pride & arrogance". He told us to take care of the poor, and love one another and love our enemies. That's it! And he said not to cast stones and judge one another, but to leave judgment and vengeance to God. I don't know who these "Christians" are following but it isn't Christ.

  21. Those are great pictures Lydia.

  22. Better is a poor and a wise child than an old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished.

    Ecclesiastes 4:13

  23. Anonymous12:52 AM

    This blatent denial of the primary right of a citizen to vote in Ohio, during the 2004 election, is reminisint of the same tactics in Florida where George Bush beat Al Gore by only by 537 votes, or 0.01%, out of 6 million cast. In this same election Katherine Harris had Choice Point cut as many as 57,000 mostly african american voters from the rolls has been a well documented fact.

    The story starts with Floridas felon voter law, enacted in 1998, which denies a person convicted of a felony of the right to vote. One thing that is interesting is that Florida is the only state that pays a private company to "cleanse" voter rolls.

    Florida has had to correct its felon list five times since 1998 due to errors.

    In May 1998, state hired a firm for this program was Professional Analysis, a local Tallahassee company, which charged $5,700 for the job. That company was apparently unable to perform satisfactorily and, in July 1998, the DOE issued another bid request, howeverprocess no award was made to any company.

    In September 1998, the job was assigned to DBT Online's, inspite of the fact that it was the most expensive bid (several thousand percent over competitors) $2,317,800. In the files about the DBT bid there appears a handwritten note which reads "don't need" next to the listing of verification databases, though this work was included in the price. The contract stated that DBT was to compare the Division's Central Voter File with a number of public record databases, from various Florida agencies, other states, and federal agencies, to help the Division determine whether disqualified persons appeared in the Central Voter File. DBT Online later merged into ChoicePoint, of Atlanta.

    A database company like DBT/ChoicePoint is typically hired for their accuracy assurance expertise, with the sole purpose of improving the accuracy of the database, primarily through database cross-checking.

    The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has said that the national figure for "standard" margin of error for legal disenfranchisement is about 2 %.

    Database experts consulted by Greg Palast (including DBT's vice-president) told him that in order to obtain 85% accuracy or better, one needs at least the following three things:

    * Social Security numbers;
    * Address history;
    * A check against other databases.

    ChoicePoint, in contrast, used virtually no Social Security numbers, did not check address histories, and used no database cross-checking, although it had 1,200 databases that could be employed for the task.

    At first, Florida specified only exact matches on names, birthdates and genders to identify voters as felons. However, state records reveal a memo dated March 1999 from Emmett "Bucky" Mitchell, a lawyer for the state elections office who was supervising the felon purge, asking DBT to loosen its criteria for acceptable matches. When DBT representatives warned Mitchell that this would yield a large proportion of false positives (mismatches), Mitchell's reply was that it would be up to each county elections supervisor to deal with the problem.

    In February 2000, in a phone conversation with the BBC's London studios, ChoicePoint vice-president James Lee said that the state "wanted there to be more names than were actually verified as being a convicted felon".

    The first list DBT Online provided to the Division of Elections in April 2000 contained the names of 181,157 persons. Approximately 65,776 of those included on the first list were identified as felons.

    In May 2000, DBT discovered that approximately 8,000 names were erroneously placed on the exclusion list, mostly those of former Texas prisoners who were included on a DBT list that turned out never to have been convicted of more than a misdemeanor. Later in the month, DBT provided a revised list to the Division of Elections (DOE) containing a total of 173,127 persons. Of those included on the "corrected list", 57,746 were identified as felons.

    Then, on February 16, 2001, DBT Senior Vice-President George Bruder testified before the US Civil Rights Commission that the company had misinformed the Florida Supervisors of Elections regarding the usage of race in compiling the list.
    According to the Palm Beach Post, blacks accounted for 88% of those removed from the rolls, though they make up only about 11% of Florida's voters.

    Because some of the source databases used did not list race, the matching criteria did not require a match with the voter's race for inclusion in the felon list. However, the decision was also made to enlarge upon this decision, and rule as ineligible the voter in question even if there was an explicit disagreement between the races listed on the source database and the voter list. According to the Palm Beach Post, more than 1,300 registered voters were matched with felons although their races or sexes were different. [3]

    Meaning if a guy named Jeffrey Steven was convicted of a felony, a black guy named Steven Jeffrey would get cut, while a white guy named Steven Jeffery would not.

    Between May 1999 and Election Day 2000, two Florida secretaries of state (Sandra Mortham and Katherine Harris, both protégées of Governor Jeb Bush) distributed the scrub lists produced by the cleansing process to counties, and ordered the 57,700 people identified as "ex-felons" to be removed from voter rolls. Together the lists comprised nearly 1 % of Florida's electorate and nearly 3 % of its African-American voters.

    At the time of the election, the purge list contained an inordinate number of false positives — people identified as felons who were not actually felons.

    On 17 April 2001, James Lee testified, before the McKinney panel, that the state had given DBT the directive to add to the purge list people who matched at least 90 % of a last name. DBT objected, knowing that this would produce a huge number of false positives (non-felons).

    Lee went on saying that the state then ordered DBT to shift to an even lower threshold of 80% match, allowing also names to be reversed (thus a person named Thomas Clarence could be taken to be the same as Clarence Thomas). Besides this, middle initials were skipped, Jr. and Sr. suffixes dropped, and some nicknames and aliases were added to puff up the list.

    "DBT told state officials", testified Lee, "that the rules for creating the [purge] list would mean a significant number of people who were not deceased, not registered in more than one county, or not a felon, would be included on the list. DBT made suggestions to reduce the numbers of eligible voters included on the list". According to Lee, to this suggestion the state told the company, "Forget about it".

    "The people who worked on this (for DBT) are very adamant... they told them what would happen", said Lee. "The state expected the county supervisors to be the failsafe." Lee said his company will never again get involved in cleansing voting rolls. "We are not confident any of the methods used today can guarantee legal voters will not be wrongfully denied the right to vote", Lee told a group of Atlanta-area black lawmakers in March. [1]
    Mark Hull, the former senior programmer for CDB Infotek, a ChoicePoint company, said the state and ChoicePoint could have chosen criteria that would have brought down the number of false positives to less than a fragment of 1%. George W. Bush's officially received fewer than 600 more votes in Florida than Al Gore (2000 Election), and thus the purging of thousands of elgibile African-American voters, who had a 90% Democractic vote rate (, THE GREAT FLORIDA EX-CON GAME, How the 'felon' voter-purge was itself felonious, Harper's Magazine, March 1, 2002) was quite significant for the outcome of the election.

    The only reliable measure of accuracy of the felon list comes from Leon County (Tallahassee), whose in-house experts checked each name in their county one by one. Out of the 694 named felons in Tallahassee, they could verify only 34 of them, or 5%. Statistically, this sample tells us that there is a more than 99% chance that at least 90.2% of those listed as felons in the 2000 Florida Central Voter File were, in fact, eligible voters.

    Thus Katherine Harris used a list that was obviously extremely eronious to disenfranchise a large number of ethnic voters who had only voted for George Bush at a 10% rate, and this was before her antics on election night and weeks after.

    In a related matter some 179,855 ballots were not counted in the official tally. These were ballots which were mistakenly filled out, however, in some counties the voting machines (Accuvotes) would return the ballot and allow voters to try again, whereas in other counties the reject mechanisms were not enabled, thus giving voters only one chance to mark the ballot correctly. As a general trend, reject mechanisms were disabled disproportionately in counties with Democratic Party county leadership and African American and Hispanic populations.

    The butterfly ballot nor Ralph Nader are not what cost Al Gore Florida and the election, but a particin securtary of State who also wore the hat of chairperson of the Bush campaign for President in the state of Florida. In a state where at least 50,000 voters about 90% democratic are illegally disenfranchised, 537 votes for a winning margin is immoral as well as criminal.

    Sorry this is so long but the data won't condense much further and tell the full story.

  24. The wise shall inherit glory

    But shame shall be the promotion of fools.

    Proverbs 3:35

  25. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Sleezy in the state house, state administration positions she held, sleezy in congress, at least she's consistant;

  26. Great Blog Lydia!!, I couldnt have summarized my feeling better.BTW, I like the pictures also.

  27. Gotta luv these hollywood types. They are so wise, so courageous, so progressive.

    They totally ignore the death of fellow Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh, who was viciously murdered by the islamofacists for his film depicting the harsh lives of women suffering under the thumb of Islam. The author of the film, Muslim apostate Hirsi Ali lives in fear for her life. Does anyone in hollyweird even mention their plight? Naaah.

    Don't the wise liberals and feminists who pretend to care about womens' happiness and liberty even dare to talk about the oppression of women under shariah? Naaah. They're too busy shrieking for more partial birth abortions.

    If anyone in hollyweird had real balls he would make an authentic film about the life of Muhammad. It would be a huge success and he would become immensely famous...also dead.

    Gee I hope I don't miss the oscars this year (again). They will no doubt be honoring the brave progressives who brought us that box office smash, broke back mountain.

  28. How much more do we need to realize what an arrogant ass this man whom we call President is? I don't care what party you affiliate with, there has to be a point where you say, "alright, OK, he is incompetent." Although Worf likes the India deal--even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.

    THe problem comes that when you finally realize what an oaf this man is there's nothing you can even attempt to do about it until November. I don't think anyone is convincing FF that he needs to vote democrat in order to Impeach. The 20% of Americans who "somewhat approve" of Bush in the most recent Rasmussen poll are the ones who need convincing. The 20-23% who "strongly approve" need to all go ahead and move to Texas and start secession proceedings for all I care.

  29. Ann Coulter said something like:

    Both Democrats and Republicans must run campaigns as Republicans. Once elected, Republicans sometimes break campaign promises; Democrats always do.

    Democrats can't just come out and announce that they support snuffing babies anytime before actual natural birth, gay marriage, confiscatory taxation, banning all guns, a tsunami of job-killing frivolous lawsuits to enrich all their lawyer buddies, appointment of arrogant judges who legislate from the bench, and dhimmitude by our islamo-facist enemies.

  30. Democrats can't just come out and announce that they support snuffing babies anytime before actual natural birth,

    I don't support abortion on demand. I think it's been abused quite often in this country. But if my daugter gets to HS and gets raped by her coach-- she deserves the right to an abortion.

    gay marriage...... I hold these truths self evident..... that all are created equal, and they are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights... that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Tell me again how Bob and Fred getting married are a threat to the family? And what right do I have to deny them these basic rights?

    confiscatory taxation..... beats "trickle down" where the poor get trickled on.

    banning all guns... a lie. Dems don't believe in banning all guns. We just draw the line in a different spot. We can argue where the line is all you want. But the assertion is a lie.

    a tsunami of job-killing frivolous lawsuits to enrich all their lawyer buddies.... I think Republican economic policy has killed a few more jobs than any "tsunami of lawsuits". Gimme a break.

    appointment of arrogant judges who legislate from the bench..... Antonin Scalia. Everyone who either side disagrees with is "legislating from the bench" It's a catchy sound byte....but it's a BS premise.

    and dhimmitude by our islamo-facist enemies. So now that we have brought "freedom" to a secular islamist nation where do we go next? "ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS?" more like... THEY"LL KNOW WE ARE CHRISTIANS BY OUR BOMBS"

  31. None of us here do support abortion on demand, nor for that matter were we even discussing it.

    Its just FF ranting on it because he can't talk to the issues we are discussing, because the Bush administration that he and his buddies have put into office and supported for the last 6 years, has made the right wing look like a Monkey Fu#@king a Football.

  32. Having said that..... I do have to ask........... Why the silence from Hollywood at the death of Theo Van Gogh? Lydia you walk in these circles every day. How about a little self-examination. Ask your friends in Hollywood if they even know who he was.

  33. Hey Clif,

    You here? It looks like I got banned at TP.

    They deleted a bunch of my posts and now I can't post at all.

    Go in there and ask Judd and Faiz what the hells wrong with them.

  34. I didn't realize that Warren Beatty went to Northwestern (as well as Nancy Dussault). I spent two glorious years there in graduate school. Had a great time. And I learned a bit, too!

    Keep up your good work, Lydia, and hang onto your positive outlook on things, even when it may look pretty bleak at times.

  35. Drewl,

    I wish you would be less of a stranger. You're posts are some of the best in here.

  36. FF Said
    Don't the wise liberals and feminists who pretend to care about womens' happiness and liberty even dare to talk about the oppression of women under shariah? Naaah.

    Naaah...we got enough problems in this country. And personally, I don't really care about womens issues, cause I'm not a women.

    That doesn't mean I like to see men beating their wives, but when the people of that country have had enough of that type of garbage, they will stop it.

    We did here in America, unless of course you're counting trailer parks.

  37. Market Bombed in Iraq; Sunni Escapes Attack
    AP - 1 hour, 9 minutes ago
    BAGHDAD, Iraq -

    A bomb ripped through a vegetable market in a Shiite section of Baghdad, and a leading Sunni politician escaped an attack on his convoy Thursday as at least 36 people were killed in unrelenting violence pushing Iraq toward civil war.

  38. Ok, Ok, so I was wrong. Geeesh.

    Well, I guess I'd better look at that Michael Moore crap.

    Maybe he has some ideas how to fix this mess.

  39. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Freedom Fan your post is weak considering the post I put up about Florida even though it took several years for a lot of people to dig all the facts out proves one thing,


    They knew they were STEALING the right to vote from over 50,000 people. That is how the CHRISTIFASCISTS operate, they violate the ten commandments while demanding they have the right to rub our noses in them.

    You know what really GALLS me, with the 50,000 voters who had their vote stolen in Florida 2000, combined with the 308,000 voters from Ohio that had their right to vote stolen in 2004, the ODDS of at least ONE of them having ended up in the Military, serving in either Afghanistan or Iraq and ending up having been wounded or killed. But if the GOP stole their vote that doesn't count because it has not been directly proven and since the election is over the point is moot, about the same attitude George Bush has shown for the fallen veterans, which he has never attended ONE funeral or even bothered to offer to.

    Well I guess that is how the operators who shrill support the troops really think about them. They vote to spend less per veteran this year with MORE severely wounded veterans from the Global War On Terror, not less. They raise the deductible and copay for retired veterans while demanding more and larger tax-cuts. Also they want some members of the National Guard not only to give their time, but pay the bills also.

    Sorry your rant using Ann Coulter, while good for unsubstantiated rhetorical shrill has no factual basis to back it up and everybody knows it. She is not the best person to put forward to defend the points of this thread namely the GOP in close election states using undemocratic means to deny voters who may not agree with them the right to vote, while killing people and possibility getting some of the people whose votes they stole killed in the name of spreading the democratic principles.

    Instead of ranting along with unchristian and undemocratic Ann, how about explaining how the GOP principles are lived up to by denying more and more American citizens, SOME OF WHO ARE VETERANS their GOD given right to vote. Didn't Jesus say, give to caesar(George Bush) what is ceasers and give to GOD what is Gods, and since the right to vote is god given, isn't stealing it an act against GOD also?

  40. GOP principles....... JUST WIN BABY

  41. CLIF Said

    That is how the CHRISTIFASCISTS operate, they violate the ten commandments while demanding they have the right to rub our noses in them.

    Thats well said. They have a hard time with the Ten Commandments, which was the Old Law from the Pentetauch, a law which Christ, who they claim to follow, fulfilled.

    Christ gave them a new law, a new gospel, and it went a lot further than an eye for an eye.

  42. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Worfeus with the new law Christ gave then they couldn't have their precious death penalty which Christ takes away morally with hsi"let ye with out sin cast the first stone", so they deny the christian message and hurl the old ten commandments not the christian version.

  43. Thats right Clif.

    Thats exactly what they do.

    That whole, turn the other cheek thingy doesn't bode well for a industrial military complex, so they often revert to the eye for an eye concept.

    Unfortunately, the King James version from which most evangelical Christians work, also prohibits killing in the 10 commandments.

    The 6th Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill, pretty much puts a damper on the whole Bush war thingy.

    Of course the original word used for Kill, the Hebrew "Ratsach", which refers not to killing as in war, but killing as in murder.

    But either way, the Jesus they say they follow said turn the other cheek, and that dog just won't hunt in DC.

  44. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Worfeus said...

    Unfortunately, the King James version from which most evangelical Christians work, also prohibits killing in the 10 commandments.

    Worfeus I have discussed the ten commandments with right wing Christians and am amazed with the Houdini type contortions the go through to justify how their beliefs and the 10 commandments are aligned with their christian values.

    It is more entertaining than Judge Judy................LOL

  45. LOL.

    I know exactly what you mean Clif.

    It never ceases to amaze me the line of bulls@$t they concoct to justify whatever sin they are committing that day.


  46. Lydia will tell you.

    What Jesus said was pretty damn simple to understand, and apparently pretty damn near impossible to do.

  47. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Worfeus, you don't understand as one of them told me with a straight face, it is not a sin if it is done in the name of Jesus.

  48. LOL, unfortunately I do.

    Like some of the mighty and holy works done in the name of Christ, by Pope Innocent, or Gregory, or Charlemene, or Tomas Torquemada, or Benedict XV1, who is the current holy father who has petetioned the Bush administration to help him skate out of a child molestation case in Texas.

    Yea, they lie, scheme, torture, murder, rape, and then they bless the wine.

  49. If I see a Priest standing over me when I'm dying, and giving me any last rights or anything, I'm taking him with me.

  50. So Clif, you never said anything about my little hoo hah over at TP this morning.

    Not like you to do a no comment.

  51. I know you saw it.

  52. Oh well, maybe I should let it go.

    It just pissed me off when they did that without bothering to drop me a note.

    They did the same thing to Ryan Neat.

  53. Guess I'm just trouble.

  54. Course, whats funny is the day I got banned, was the SAME day I got into a long discussion on the 911 attacks, and the manner in which the towers fell.


  55. Well, I'm sure they are not connected.



    I wish you would be less of a stranger. You're posts are some of the best in here.

    Thanks. I'll try to pop by more frequently. But every time I've been by, Worfeus seems to have morphed into another form. Perhaps you should change your handle to MORPHEUS?

  57. I'm the morphing worfeus

  58. When they said the levys were going to overflow, I thought they meant we were talking about a large Jewish family....heh heh


    Rep Duncan Hunter is introducing legislation to ban foreign ownership of assets critical to national security.

  60. Don't bet on it chump.

    He needs to get with the program.

  61. Worfeus said" Oh well, maybe I should let it go.

    It just pissed me off when they did that without bothering to drop me a note.

    They did the same thing to Ryan Neat. "

    sounds like a bunch of crap to me that someone would delete your posts and ban you without even letting you know what you "SUPPOSEDLY" did wrong, sounds like censorship, i'm sure they will claim you spamming, but I'm glad your here full time.

  62. Worfeus said "Rep Duncan Hunter is introducing legislation to ban foreign ownership of assets critical to national security."

    Its actually refreshing to see that some of the Repugs are actually human and can think for themselves and dont just blindly support the Neo Cons like robots.

  63. Now as if Dubai wasn't bad enough now we find that they are selling CHECKPOINT to an firm in Israel.

    This is bad on several levels.

    The keyboard cowboys out there will know what I'm talking about. For the rest of you, Checkpoint is a bastion of Cybersecurity in the US on all levels, from commerical to Federal to DoD. Checkpoint makes the number one Application Layer Firewall in the world, Firewall 1. Firewall 1 can be found throughout Federal and Military computer networks throughout the world.

    Letting go ownership of this firm opens a hole in the middle east to tens, even hundreds of thousands of networks in the US. Even though Israel is an ally, it is an unstable third world nation, owning the most powerful security software firm in the US.


    What exactly does this CIFUS do again?

  64. Hey Mike.

    Thanks yea it was crap. Its not that they deleted posts so much, as blocking my IP without notice.

    Its stupid, but I'm making too much of it. I was mad then, now I'm not.

  65. Worf, I could be wrong, but I though Ckeckpoint allready was an Israli company???

  66. Yea I should have put that in the past tense Mike.


  67. It was developed by David Bloomberg but he sold it to Israel or something, they were doing a story on it tonite but I only caught part of it.

    The point is it doesn't make sense for companies like this to have such a hand into national security.

    Checkpoints everywhere.

  68. Talk about mad, I had planned on spending the entire night on the blog last night, and when I got home I found out that my phone and Internet had been shut off, I was livid, I went with SBC which has since become AT&T about 6 months ago when I built my house and so far they have billed me every 3 months and then slapped me with 3 months late charges 3 times while this time they actually shut my phone off and hit me with a reconnection fee as well. then they claim that they sent the Bill every month and i'm lying because I have no record to prove what I say. I thought of quitting and moving to cable, but cable is more expensive and I really dont want to be without TV or Internet for a week or two. I think the FCC and the SEC really need to start doing their job more and deciding if these mergers are good for consumers, because either AT&T is in complete disarray due to the merger and thats why there are all these problems, or they know they are a little cheaper than cable and are just playing games to nickel and dime their customers to recoup the money, but either way we need an administration that looks to protect the people and promotes competition rather than looking out for the greedy special interests and the elite.

  69. Mike, You will find Firewall 1 in DoD and Federal networks all across the country, including Military bases.

    It seems we could have a US based firm make our cybersecurity products. Checkpoint code was written in Israel, so how do we know there is not back doors in it, or if the code has been comprimised by terrorists?

    It makes more sense to stay with US based security products.

  70. Wow that sucks Mike.

    No, I mean that you're on dial up. :D

  71. I know, I think next year i'll move up to broadband unless AT&T pisses me off anymore, then it may be next month.

  72. Nahh, move now.

    Its a whole new world baby.

    Broadband is a must.

  73. I had planned on getting DSL this summer because I HATE DIAL UP, but with all the crap thats been going on AT&T have to prove themselves to me. I've always supported the telecoms over cable company's both as a user and investor, but I might have to reevalute that if I have anymore problems, I signed up for them to electronically bill my Credir card and I think that will create a paper trail and solve the BS, but i'm still in wait and see mode.

  74. I know, my cable company's billing sucks too. They are always screwing crap up.

    But the speed rocks. 3 to 5 MB.

  75. Well you did something right by bringing Clif over here before you got banned. There's a great group of people over here, With Lydia, You, Clif, Kirk, Drewl, Rene etc...

  76. Worfeus,

    It's unbelievable. I just read your post.

    Email me at

  77. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Worfeus a biker buddy came by and we went to dinner, I didn't have time to work out what I was going to say about TP.

    They must not like the pics, I don't know why, but everytime very many show up they take them down. also late one night Ryan Neat posted and I read it as I refreshed his post dissappaered,

    I can't understand why they seem to want to cut out some stuff but MA, IRI, and a new troll calls himself Sam Alito, but people think it's NeD, they don't.

  78. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Maybe we will have some fun compoany soon...:

    MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla., March 2, 2006 – The widespread use of Web logs, or "blogs," by online writers has proliferated information on topics as varied as the authors.

    Blogs, in essence, are online journals or forums for their authors, known as "bloggers."

    Public affairs officials here said thousands of blogs are created each day, and they estimate that more than 21 million blogs are posted on the World Wide Web today.

    Blogs sometimes include information -- accurate and otherwise -- about the U.S. military's global war on terror.

    U.S. Central Command officials here took notice and created a team to engage these writers and their electronic information forums.

  79. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Let's see 21 million blogs, about 500,000 people in the army, somebody's working overtime.........

  80. Hey Unbelievable. Welcome to the friendliest little blog around.

    You will find we are open, frank, and Lydia does not ban people.

  81. CLIF Said;

    They must not like the pics, I don't know why, but everytime very many show up they take them down. also late one night Ryan Neat posted and I read it as I refreshed his post dissappaered,

    Yea, I think it was too many pics.

    What Judd failed to mention was that no one was talking.

    It was a dead thread!

    So we just started clownin around a little, and everyone was getting into it and doing it too, I just sorta started it. (Like I always do:).

    So anyway it didn't really bother me as much that he deleted the pictures although I wish he had given us a warning first, it was that he banned me from posting without even giving me a warning.

    He was being a JERK. And in case he didn't notice we are supporting his blog. He acts like its a privliege to let us post in his blog, when in reality he's lucky to have dedicated posters.

    Blogs die when they don't have regulars. Like you just said theres millions of them, but about 75 percent of them have a hard time making 10 comments per thread.

    The ones that do get nominated for awards, like Lydia's blog.

  82. But I have no hard feelings really with TP.

    I am pissed at how it went down, but I still think TP does good work.

    Its a good blog, Judd should have treated me with a little more respect, so for me, its just a personal thingy.

    I never stay where I'm not welcome.

  83. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Worfeus a website, the title explains;

  84. Thats pretty funny Clif.

    Lets see..I'll take the Chimp.

  85. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Worfeus declassified briefings told Bush the aluminum tubes were not used for Uranium and Iraq would not attack,

    Funny the American people start to see the chimp as he is and the video on Katrina, these memo's, and a hell of a lot of former neo-con and repug supporters are jumping ship, seems to be a "civil" war in the power camp, I have a funny feeling that some are trying to sabotage Bush and the neo-cons before he can ramp the country up to war with Iran.

  86. Lyd

    Dont worry, I havent abondoned ya. You are my first blog and will always be number one in my heart. Afterall, you need an atheist to keep the fake Christians in check :D

    Ive been lurking the blogosphere checking out some really strange and often disturbing blogs, thus, discussing a wide variety of topics.

    I picked a fight with a foul mouthed Republican at MC Hammers blog who apparently lives to crush Liberals, therefore, I directed him show! Sorry guys, I thought you would have fun playing with him :|

    Need more pics on your site....and dont forget Tiddles.... your dog.

    I see you are with Warren Beatty; I have a few surprises myself.

    My ex-wife took modelling for years as a pre-teen and teen with Jill Henneesy; the actress from Law and Order. I have the Kodaks here right now of them together looking dweebish in gym suits.

    I almost ran over the actor who portrayed the President of the United States in the movie "Air Force One" with my 5.0 litre Mustang.

    My ex and I upset the filming of FX-2 with Brian Dennehy and almost appeared in it.

    I attended the same acting school as James Carey before he was famous; I failed miserably even though they called me back. :|

    Take care

    P.S. Whats this I hear about you and Freedom Fan getting married or something??

    Also, I suggest Rene could perhaps apply his ambtions towards helping the children of his community rather than focusing on protecting the well being of an 80's actress. Ahhhh...fake Christians.

  87. Kirk

    I suggest America should pull out of Iraq and allow the chrysalis to run its course. A quarter of a trillion dollars and thousands of American lives is more than enough.

    Its time you guys looked after your own.

    Let these fatheads battle it out amongst themselves...PERIOD! Ahhh...religion.

  88. Oh look, its Johnny Screw Yoo

  89. How they hangin punchy?

  90. Not bad froggy.

    Glad your not an evil demon anymore.

  91. Anonymous6:08 PM

    worfeus, come over to check out the Lydia site on your recommendation, good stuff here. I'm sorry to hear about your ban by TP - I think it was rough considering what others post. Please don't give up on TP though.

  92. I repented of my wicked ways

  93. Hey British Gary,

    Nice to see you.

    Thanks for dropping in here. Don't be a stranger!

  94. Cool Worf!

    Does this mean Saddam can repent and be forgiven of his evil ways too...despite putting humans into shredders head first?

    Oh goody, I can be evil all my life and merely repent sincerely in the end.

  95. I thought that was your plan all along anyway, wasn't it?

  96. And Rene. If you are truly concerned about humankind , Im sure you will find endless opportunities in your community....Lydia and her husband can take care of themselves.

  97. Actually Worf, I thought this was your plan. I didnt invite people to stir things up.

  98. Is there something else you want from me Worf? Ive already agreed this war is futile.

    Perhaps I am negligent in writing essays about it.

  99. I didnt invite people to stir things up.

    Well, I will admit I have not yet acquired your feigned erudite delivery of visceral jibes.

    I'll work on it.

  100. Or should Rene appreciate your subtle quips?

  101. I have studied enough war and indescriable terror without the need to discuss it with people who simply dont care; I am simply dismissed as a war freak.

    Im sorry, you just seem to be someone who craves attention more than anything; your cause is merely a disguise for something deeper.. be it right or wrong.

    Nevertheless, I have never invited anyone here to stir things up. But!! Your followers will dismiss this because your consistency is far more attractive.

    If Lydia tells me to go away I will never come back, however, she will just have to trust Rene's at her comedy shows.

  102. Rene, who has posted three or four times on this blog, is treated like some kind of buddy.

    He feels compelled to protect a Hollywood actress.....wake up Worf. I thought you could smell B.S a mile away.

    And, suddenly he wants to catch her show?

    Im simply saying, I would have more respect for him if he told us how he recently helped starving children.

  103. LOL, whatever my furry lil punchy friend.

    But I have no followers, and as for attention, if I wanted that I'd post my real picture and my name.

    As for my cause? I'm blogging, just like you there slappy.

    Oh and as for wanting attention?

    Thats a little presumptous don't you think, coming from a guy displaying a boxing cat and spinning tales of running over movie stars and acting school?

    Glass houses you know?

  104. But I never dismissed you as a war freak.

    In fact, having put in some fairly indepth study of WW1 and 2 myself, I find your discussions of war fascinating.

  105. When you're actually talking about war, instead of insulting some blogger you have identified as your lesser.

  106. And Lydia is not going to tell you to leave.

    This is an open blog, and anyones welcome here.

  107. Hey froggy

    Of course I would be lying If I didnt say I like some sort of attention myself, however, I dont go to incredible lengths to achieve it.

    Nor do I pretend to like suspicious individuals who want to protect Hollywood actresses.

    Because they sound nice, that must mean they are okay 100%.

    Duhhhh....Im a Christian.

  108. So maybe I'm naive.

    Enlighten me.

    What do you think is wrong with Rene?

  109. Sorry Worf, Lydia will tell me to leave if I get to heavy.....she e-mailed you about your profanity.

  110. Johnny:

    I agree we need to get out of Iraq. Are we really making it worse by being there now though? It seems most attacks are Sunni/Shiite these days. Is our presence decreasing this? I don't believe so. But God... what a quagmire this idiot and his puppetmasters have created. The worst part about all this is that we could elect ethical leaders who treat people with respect and truly "love thy neighbor" for the next 100 years and we won't win back any respect in a lot of places.

    Having said that...... these people want us dead... all of us. And they are as wacko as any kamikaze or suicide bomber the world has ever seen. So we better start using our brains and doing what we can to keep the skunk inside our tent pissing out instead of outside pissing in.

    And besides.... there's too much money to be made off invading Iraq. These people are so screwed up they can't even invade and suppress a poor country in order to make $$$$$. That should tell you how truly incompetent they are.

  111. Worf said

    "What do you think is wrong with Rene?"

    You mean I have to explain it to you again?

    C'mom Worf!

  112. We got em on the run. They insurgents are beginning to crumble.

  113. I don't know Johnny. I try to take people at face value.

    I've been trying to take you that way for 3 months now.

  114. I'm a happy little dancing green frog.

    What do I know?

  115. Kirk

    No essays! I dont care about Iraq! I want to see Am3erica take care of its own for once. I love you guys..Seriously!!!


  116. Baghdad Dick: Didn't you say that the insurgency was in it's final throes in May of '05? Jesus those are long throes!! I'm glad the final throes of my first marriage didn't last that long!!!!!!!

  117. Johnny: Why don't we nuke the crap out of them and put all the Halliburton workers in radiation suits when they go to work on the oil platforms?

  118. See here is a prime example.

    It is difficult to ascertain the position which you are advocating.

    Elaborate, sans the passion, and with a bit more pragmatic detail and toss in a little clarity for the masses, and then you'll be serving up a platter thats easier to digest than what you are serving up now.

  119. Democracy takes time man, don't you know nothing?These peeple hate us for our freedom, and they are not giving up anytime soon.

  120. I dont think that anyone reasonable would disagree that invading Iraq was a collossal blunder, now the tough question is how best to fix the Quagmire Bush got us into.

    BTW what do you guys think of his popping in in Afghanistan and vowing to capture Osama, looks like he is trying to deflect the heat and do a little damage control.

  121. Smoke and mirrors Mike, smoke and mirrors.

  122. But I think what he's doing in India and Pakistan may be laying the foundation for WW3.

    I hope I am wrong.

  123. I was just watching whats going on in Pakistan, you could be right. It does seem that making illegal money via perpetual war is what Bush is all about.

    BTW I wasnt saying Bush was sincere with his vow to capture Osama, I just said he must know he's on the ropes if he's trying to deflect all the scandals

  124. But I did think it was particularly brave for him to go into afghanistan.

    Insurgent activity is up there, and the Taliban has regained a lot of power.

    He flew a chopper in, and that was fairly risky. They knock those things down with shoulder fired missiles all the time so flying in was a risk.

    Of course, if he really wanted to get a wow he should have landed in Baghdad.

  125. Worf: I was being sarcastic when talking about nuking. I don't advocate splitting the atom for anything unless there's a chance it will get me laid.

    Mike: What would cause one's approval rating to go up more now than finding Osama? Though I think it won't happen till fall. He's sowing the seeds of the capture right now. ("Back in March, when I went to Afghanistan, we had several briefings in regards to the fact that we were making progress....." and so on. That's how he'll frame it when it happens.)

  126. IM SAYING! IMPEACH BUSH BRILLIANTS and let the Iraq's deal with their own turmoil. New Orleans needs attention!

    MY GOD! A quarter of a Trillion dollars towards another country????

    The port deal sucks big time...IMPEACH!!!

    I cant believe it hasnt happened already????

  127. But why the hell he took Laura with him I'll never know.

    I would not have risked her life taking her over there.

  128. Kirk said

    I don't advocate splitting the atom for anything unless there's a chance it will get me laid.


  129. Im tired of big talk, but no action!

  130. Kirk said "Mike: What would cause one's approval rating to go up more now than finding Osama? Though I think it won't happen till fall. He's sowing the seeds of the capture right now."

    Youre absolutely right Kirk probably early fall right before the elections. bush is so transparent its sickening, why cant the rest of the nation see what a manipulator he is.

  131. He's sowing the seeds of the capture right now.

    Thats another really scary theory, and a common one. If that happens that will be a freak. I have been saying Bin Ladens in or near the disputed region between India and Pakistan, so he needs both sides permission to send in the military, as well as their escorts.

    On the other hand he also may be laying the ground work to invade Iran using India and Paksitan as US launching points and maybe even some military support, and promising them the world in exchange.

  132. Impeachment won't happen.... they won't let it. There's a better chance that a wacko Catholic billionaire will try to build a town in Florida and impose his 12th century views on the citizenry. I'm going to open a Planned Parenthood right on the outskirts of that town and give out free condoms and morning after pills there.

  133. Johnny moo moo said...
    Im tired of big talk, but no action

    We're all ears big guy.

    So whats the plan?

  134. If it were up to me Johnny, he would have been impeached a LONG TIME AGO, unfortunately the wheels of justice turn very slowly, hopefrully we can add some grease to them though.

  135. As for the Iraqi's, if we just got up and walked away Saddam would likely be back in power tomorrow.

    Then we'd really be screwed. We can't leave as long as Saddam is alive and in Iraqi custody, and we all know that.

    If we take him with us, then maybe.

  136. See the problem is, we told them this was going to happen, and they didn't listen.

    Now, its a mess, and they want to toss it back to us and say ok, so fix it if you're so smart.

    Well that sounds all well and good, but perhaps the best way to start is to get rid of the jackasses who wouldn't listen to us in the first place, and made this bloody mess.

    Thats a good place to make a smart start, in my book.

  137. Personally I think he's going to Pakistan to show them that we know EXACTLY where in Kashmir Osama is. And that we'll decide when we want to go in and get him (for max political effect). Do we need India and Pakistan for an invasion of Iran? Don't we have enough with Afghanistan and Iraq.

  138. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I have been saying Bin Ladens in or near the disputed region between India and Pakistan,

    The military has beef up the American forces to levels of the 2002 war in afgahnistan, and pakistan has 100,00 troops operating along the border. Bush knows that about the only thing he can do to recover his image is snach Bin Laden, so it actually is important now after he already got to invade Iraq and waste 3 years

  139. I dont know if there is a good solution Worf, I want to get our troops out of that Quagmire Bush created as much as you do, But if we pull out and another crazy seizes power, is that the answer after all those deaths and all that money spent??

  140. Worf said "Well that sounds all well and good, but perhaps the best way to start is to get rid of the jackasses who wouldn't listen to us in the first place, and made this bloody mess."

    My sentiments exactly

  141. Kirk12 said...

    Personally I think he's going to Pakistan to show them that we know EXACTLY where in Kashmir Osama is


    FINALLY someone who shares my theory!

    Kirk, I have beleived Kashmir is where Bin Laden has been since 02.

    Its the logical place for him. Its sorta like an Al Quaida resort town.

  142. The plan is: IMPEACH if your so vehement and convinced! I want to see more people at the gates protesting this insanity.

    I want to see Lydia and Worfs little shiny faces at the gates...Am I asking to much?

  143. Who cares Mike ! Get out now and worry about your own. LET THEM BATTLE IT OUT!

  144. I think your right Clif, but thats pretty sad that Bush is going to finally do something he should have done 4 1/2 years ago just to burnish his tarnished image.

  145. There is only one logical solution to the Iraq problem.

    Its not a perfect solution, in fact it could classify as a work-a-round. But from my lowly chair its the only one.

    We need to divide up the country into sectarian States, and institute border security. There isn't much left other than a really bloody civil war.

    And even if we do this it will be a bloody process to be sure.

    But now, thanks to DUMBYA, thats the deal.

  146. at the gates ?

    What gates?

    The Pearly ones?

  147. Anonymous8:42 PM

    The india move is a gambit to oppose China in the region and remove them as an obstacle for moving on Iraq, of course the deal comes with the US selling arms to India, gotta help the neo-con military based industry make more profits along the way

  148. And we can't do it Sunni enough, cause it's all gone to Shiite.

  149. Worf I've been in agreement with you also that that is most likely where he is, those are extremly remote regions in politically unstable anti western countries, theres not many better places to hide that I can think of.

    And Johnny, I've said many times we should clean up our own backyard before we worry about someone elses, and I am also strongly against the invasion of Iraq, however my point is we went in there with absolutely no thought or planning whatsoever, if we do pull out (something I am for by the way) it should be well thought out and planned rather than a typical Neo Con kneejerk reaction.

  150. HELLOOOOOOOOO.......let them battle it out.

    You guys cant be there forever. Pull up a chair, pop some buttered popcorn, and enjoy the show in the mideast.

    Meanwhile, you can take glory in helping your fellow countrymen.

  151. Clif, I think thats about the size of it for the India deal.

    Its clear the Nuclear Technology we are promising them is in the form of refining Uranium.

  152. The only wrench in that plan Worf is possession of the oil like Clif said.

  153. Once again Johnny your sarcasm is apparent, yet slightly obtuse.

    You know that is not my position, perhaps it is truly yours.

  154. Bloody civil war it is. You should concern yourself with KATRINA.

  155. The right crapped themselves.

    Now we gotta clean it up.

  156. And change their diapers.

  157. HEY EVERYONE -- Did anyone listen to Air America today, and hear them talking about Bush actually having a brain disorder related to unrecovered alcoholism in which your mind takes pieces of information and draws completely erroneous conculsions? This was discussed by a doctor apparently earlier on NPR and then in a book. I don't know whether to feel sorry for him or be angry. I kind of have sympathy right now. Also he was brought up in such a privileged lifestyle that he has no ability to connect with the suffering of others. His baby sister died and the parents kept their golf date that day. I'll research it. That's why he doesn't want to show funerals or coffins of our soldiers.

  158. Johnny said;

    Bloody civil war it is. You should concern yourself with KATRINA

    Well, unfortunately thats wrong.

    Colin Powell was correct when he told Rummy and Cheney, "you sure you want to do this? Cause you know, if you break it, you bought it".

    We own the mess now. Its up to us, we owe it to the people of Iraq, to find a way out.

    But I am convinced that part of that is removing our imbedded troops, and divide up the nation into distinct sectarian and political States.

    Give them a semblance of the Soverignty we promised them.

  159. Lydia said;

    Did anyone listen to Air America today, and hear them talking about Bush actually having a brain disorder related to unrecovered alcoholism in which your mind takes pieces of information and draws completely erroneous conculsions

    No but I think I have that disorder.

  160. Lydia:

    Its not fair to point out someones past alcoholism.

  161. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I wonder about his unresolved guilt for all he has failed at?

  162. I would like to see us pull out as much as anyone, however something you are forgetting Johnny is that we crteated a power vacum by removing Saddam now everyone in Iraq and possibly Iran and other neighboring countries want to claim the oil resources. look how this looks to the rest of the world we go in there bomb the crap out of them, bring in Haliburton et al to make a buck and pull out and leave the country in civil war and chaos, is there a RIGHT solution at this point???

  163. Who said anything about fair?

  164. Iraq needs to be at a minimum, 3 distinct States.

    And its a safe bet that UN PeaceKeepers will be playing a role somewhere in there.

    Also UN protection of Iraqi Oil Resources. Its the only way.

    Or were we just going to throw our balls up on the table and take over permantant security of the Oil wells ourselves?

  165. Clif do you really think Bush is capable of feeling guilt? I think at this point, he is motivated by arrogance and id worried about his image and how he will be remembered in history books.

  166. I have thought about that Worf...I DONT CARE! Let them fight it out. The Iraqis could have done something before if dissatisfied with their previous government.

    Your contribution is far exceeded.

  167. Worf, I agree three seperate counties is probably the only solution, but you still have to divide up the oil revenues some how, because that is what they will be fighting over.

  168. Anonymous9:04 PM

    As insecure he looks so much of the time his guilt must be almost as large as his self loathing

  169. Worf said :

    "Who said anything about fair?"

    No kiddin!

  170. Anonymous9:05 PM

    One solution which I do not see the Bush administration taking is to bring our Arab allies like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt into the fold, give them an actual say in the matter of what happens to one of their neighboring countries, a fellow Arab nation. We could have each bring a portion of their military forces into the country and replace American troops. Then we could have the Arab Council and Iran work with the separate factions in Iraq the same as the Dayton accord was done for the Balkans, or the peace talks in Paris brought the Vietnam War to an end. First of all the Arab presence in the negotiating would raise the trust factor for most Iraqi civilians. Second the replacement of the American face with an Arab face on the troops that maintain order would go far to defuse the foreign fighters claim of jihad, and probably also lead to the insurgency coming to the table as the viet cong did in the Paris peace talks did.

    We would have to give up the idea that we can dictate the path of Iraq in the future. It is actually an Arab regional problem. They know the problems of Iraq much better than we do and can work for a solution that all peoples of the region can live with both inside Iraq as well as the surrounding region. Not to place the solution in the hands of the people of the region is at best a willful ignorance of the cultural, political historical, problems we have in trying to formant a solution and imposing it on the situation, and at the worst smacks of an delusional arrogance that we always know better and everyone should just get used to it.

  171. And don't let them kid you with the Ethanol Red Herring.

    Ethanol is just a subsidy promise to farmers who grow corn.

    While Ethanol does burn cleaner, it takes 1 Gallon of Oil to make 1 Gallon of Ethanol.

    In fact, it takes 70 percent MORE energy to make Ethanol, than Ethanol actually returns.

  172. Contribution may have been a bad word in this case.

  173. Lydia, i'm not discounting what you say, in fact your probably right about Bush's brain being impaired, but I dont think bush was ever the brains of the Neo Con agenda, I think he is the cheerleader or figure head that Rove and Cheney trot out to sell the agenda of the day. In his mind i'm sure he is more important and plays a larger role, but in reality I doubt it.

  174. Mike

    but you still have to divide up the oil revenues some how

    Yes I imagine we will. With UN international oversight Oil proceeds will be divided between the separate nations based on demographics. Iraqi caclulators as far as I know are capable of compliling percentages. :P

  175. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Bingo mike

  176. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Move the regional arab nations in let them replace us and we move out, simple and then they resolve it, so they will live with it.

  177. I agree as well Mike.

    Hey, he was already a Cheerleader in College!

    Thats why they picked him.

  178. Clif said "We would have to give up the idea that we can dictate the path of Iraq in the future"

    With the current administration I think this will be a major sticking point Clif, from where I sit, they are all about dictating and war profiting.

  179. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Worfeus It had more to do with pappa Bush keeping his hand in the till for carlyle.

  180. Cliff said :

    "We would have to give up the idea that we can dictate the path of Iraq in the future. It is actually an Arab regional problem."

    Thanx Cliff! Finally someone who understands me.

  181. Anonymous9:16 PM

    That will be their down fall in the end hopefully they will not be in power then.

  182. Well Clif, your is not only the best solution i've heard, its the only real solution, I just dont think this administration would ever give up contrl, power and control is the air they breathe.


  184. Clif said

    Worfeus It had more to do with pappa Bush keeping his hand in the till for carlyle.

    I agree with that but you gotta see the symbolism there.

    They needed a figure head, a spokesman, a cheerleader.

    You gotta see the symbolism.

    I bet they did.

  185. Johnny said

    Its not a video game Johnny.

  186. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Yes but Bush not dictate his will, Rove not manipulate, Cheney give up control of the oil in the region? Not likely, what we need to do is heresy to the neo-cons

  187. I agree we should pull ASAP as well, all i'm saying is we should not just jump the gun and pull out until there is SOME KIND OF plan to keep order, Clif's is the best i've heard, I think we are doing more harm than good over there, but a kneejerk pull out with out a plan may be a mistake as well.

  188. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Symbolism with a veto for pappa

  189. Well we need to admit we have failed at unifying the nation, (kinda like here at home), and start making plans for sectarian states.

  190. Exactly Clif. I couldnt agree more, the only solution I see before January 2009 is impeachment.

  191. Anonymous9:24 PM

    We don't make the pland the arabs in the region do. It's their block if you will.

  192. Great posts tonight peeps, I'll BBL.

    Chow for now.

  193. Thats cool too Clif. Let them decide, but whatever we do we need to do it fast.


  194. Worf said :

    "Its not a video game Johnny."

    Are you suggesting American presence in the Middle is is justified because of a certain kind of twisted loyalty for being their for so many years.

    Get out and help Katrina victims.

  195. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Yes maybe two or three months left?

  196. No Johnny. I am saying it needs to be an UN thingy. Give it to the UAE if you want, but someones going to need to protect the oil.

    If we pull out, Irans pulling in.

  197. Now I really am gone.

    I'll be back a little later tonight.