Sunday, November 27, 2005

Death is Sexier than Sex (to Ann Coulter)

I was thinking about the narcissism of Josef Stalin and Ann Coulter came to mind. Click here to read my new article at BRAD BLOG! More about narcissism, charisma and the cult of personality in "How to Talk to Ann Coulter and Other Hate-Mongers IF YOU MUST" Countering the Machinery of Political Porn. I am collaborating on this book with the inimitable Brad Friedman and Dan Borchers. The most ground-breaking place to find out the secrets they don't want us to know is It's the best site for investigative news the mainstream media keeps hidden from us. Below I have posted more in-depth writings on peace, war and faith. My mission is unification, finding the common ground between opposing forces.

Some of you have mentioned my hypocrisy in having these vintage sexy/FHM-type photos on my website. Well the truth is, I'm in withdrawal from cleavage. I'm not spiritually evolved enough yet to stop dressing like a hooker, but I did try on a turtleneck the other day. Some of you may not realize that's a joke; I've written a whole book and produced a comedy (Venus Conspiracy) on this humiliating phenomenon -- the objectification of women (and men and FLESH) and how hard it is to extricate oneself from cultural & corporate addictions. It's materialism run amok. Most of the bikinis/sequined bathing suits are shots from the 80's that fans collect. With 3 boys to raise, these photos don't represent my politics or mood anymore, but as a tribute to fans of Too Close For Comfort, they are staying on the website. The film "Venus Conspiracy" -- which I wrote about a plot to make women into IDIOTS with big boobs and noodle bodies -- is about the struggle of a woman who knows better but can't quite give it up -- because you can't get a job in Hollywood without "lap dancer" on your resume (and that's just the screenwriters.)

This website was owned by a celebrity "broker". After buying back my name, I have yet to put up all the new stuff because my web designer is not responding, and I don't have time to learn Dreamweaver! DVDs of the new films and comedy I wrote will be for sale soon too. Proceeds go to children's charities.

America has an embarrassing history of dropping bombs on people, but always assuming everyone knows we’re really still the good guy. This is how I act with my family: I try to control them and hurt their feelings, then say I'm sorry (thank God for the 12-steps; at least I try to see my part in the conflict). But secretly they think I'm a wacko. In the words of Stuart Smalley, "It's easier to wear slippers than to carpet the whole world."

Hope you all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I have to remember that the antidote to depression is generosity. Love to Mom, Chuck, Kath, Jack, Paul, Kevin and Chazzie...and my brother and father in heaven (which can also be a state of mind). And God Bless all the people who are desperate for kindness, all the people displaced by the hurricanes... and God Bless our troops!


  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Hey Lydia -- GREAT article on brad blog. Thank you for telling the truth in such a humorous way! I have felt the same frustration with the right-wing. It boggles my mind. You put it so clearly --the pain and frustration we feel. We need you out there to counter the hate-mongers.

  2. Anonymous12:39 AM

    With reluctance I read your post on I visited Brad's blog a few months ago after a fellow conservative sent me a link in a joking manner that said "some blogger" had "debated" Ann Coulter on a radio show and was announcing himself the winner. I followed the link to bradblog and listened to the exchange.

    For a few weeks later, I was a good sport. I donated money to Brad's site, I posted comments debating many of his fellow bloggers and alast in a typical loving display of liberal tolerance, Brad threatened to yank my posts [though they contained nothing in terms of profanity or degredation to him or any of his fellow bloggers as they used to describe me]. For more on the exact exchange, please see for yourself

    First off Brad had announced himself the winner on the basis that Ann left half way into the show [even after Ron Insana reminded him that Ann had told the producers in advance that she was only scheduled for 30 minutes]. Secondly, Ann refuted every argument that was brought to her. If you listen to the debate objectivly, I think any person could indeed figure out who the real winner was. The Tom DeLay part where Ron Insana came back, after fact-checking Coulter's claim that all of DeLay's admonishments from the Ethic's committee were disposed of, and informed Brad that Ann was correct was my favorite part :-).

    I find it odd that you would attach "death" and describe it as "sexy" in regard to Ann Coulter. Often times, I find myself defending Ms. Coulter as she herself defended Senator Joseph MCCarthy.

    Ann Coulter is no hatemonger. For you to be spewing this, as an actress, or someone in the limelight is shameful. What could this possibly say for celebrities? You trash a political commentator for what? In search of love, peace...the things you say about Ms. Coulter in your writings are hardly peaceful or loving.

    Ann Coulter is an Ivy League graduate of Cornell University. Ann Coulter has written 4 New York Times bestsellers. Ann Coulter has indeed thrown flames to the flame throwing left. Next time you get a chance, read a book by Al Franken or Michael Moore.

    What seems to be happening to Ann Coulter, seems to be the same thing liberal types did to Dr. Laura back in 2000 when the gay establishments deemed her another "hatemonger".

    I have news for liberals. Conservatives who are able to obtain great education, and articulate thought to promote conservative ideals does not equal a "hatemonger".

    This type of nonsense is exactly the type of thing Ann described in her book "Slander". The idea that conservatives can be characterized as hatemongers in a lazy attempt by liberals to avoid debating the ideas logically is the oldest trick in the book.

    I'm tired of these people coming out, using a name like Ann Coulter, to draw attention to themselves in the names of love and truth. As a gay man, who is fed up with the left wing, I find Ann Coulter refreshing.

    I'd love to see Brad or yourself in a REAL debate with Ann Coulter. It'd be hilarious.

    By the way, in terms of Ann spewing hate....aren't you guys a little late in the game? Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Al Franken, every prominent liberal journalist has been making this claim since 2001!

    Al Franken even wrote a book and devoted an entire chapter to her! Once his fact checkers seemed to be, well, not so fact worthy, liberals just jumped on his bandwagon of extreme hysteria without demanding anything substantial.

    Seems to me, as Brad on his site and you in your writings have pointed out in terms of what Ann is paid for a speech (I doubt you or him would turn it down) is derived more out of jealousy rather than concern, he used the same tactic to denounce lesbian-liberal Tammy Bruce (who has recently came out that's not a joke).

    I am sorry....if Al Franken couldn't do it, if Bill Maher, Katrina Vandenheuvel, Alan Colmes, Katie Couric, etc. etc. etc. are all unsuccessful at tearing Coulter down, I think it's safe to say that your mission to demonize Coulter in an effort to make a buck (by the way, will your book be for profit? Or will it ALL go to charity?) are just as predictable as the 2006 Senate and the 2008 Presidential elections coming out in Republican's favor.

    If you want those results to change, you guys seriously need to come up with some new ideas real quick. This stuff is rehashed and has been attempted by bigger, better, and more powerful. [Ala George Clooney's latest film "Goodnight and Good Luck" in response to Coulter's book "Treason" that defended McCarthy].

    I certainly hope your fact checkers are better than Al Franken's! I also hope that you start out your book tour in Mississippi, Georgia, or Alabama.


  3. Ann Coulter isn't even worth the time it takes to say - or write - her name. The same goes for Michelle Malkin. Both are right wing blowhards who would justify murder to suit their twisted political viewpoints. Ignoring them is probably the best course of action.

    Enjoyed your BradBlog article. I went to college in Gainesville, FL, and was actually a Republican at the time. But that was 20 years ago, and the Republican Party - and its views - have taken a decided turn down the toilet since then. I grew up in a Republican household, but even my parents have changed their stripes in their senior years. Economic conservatism is one thing, but the beliefs and actions within the current brand of "conservatism" are downright shameful. In fact, for them to wrap themselves in the flag as they do is an embarassment to everything this country should stand for.

    If you ever get the chance, read last year's book by Thomas Frank, "What's the Matter with Kansas?" It's an interesting look at how that once-populist state's residents have turned 180 degrees to supporting things that are anathema to their heritage and their self-interest. A good read.

    Keep up the good blogging. I'll catch you later around the blogosphere! :-)

  4. Anonymous4:44 PM

    "Ann Coulter isn't even worth the time it takes to say - or write - her name."

    If this is true, start with Lydia, Brad Friedman, or Al Franken. They seem to disagree with you.

  5. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Wow...bimbo blog banter becomes bellicose blatherfest!

  6. "But it's so twisted and malevolent that Bush called himself a Christian and did the exact opposite of what Christ would do by rushing to war with 'shock and awe' -- and claiming he had an audience with God in this decision!"

    Mattew 10:34-25
    Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
    For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

  7. Anonymous12:26 AM

    "Wow...[BORING] bimbo blog banter becomes bellicose blatherfest!"

    lol! Had to make one correction to it. :-)

  8. Anonymous10:54 AM

    God Bless you Lydia, you are fighting the good fight and as a fellow Christian, I applaud your courage, your wisdom and your words. You write beautifully! Thank you for your effort to shine a lght on evil and speak up! Please never stop. Christians who understand what Christ came to teach us, would never justify hatred or war from these words: I come not to bring peace, but a sword. He is talking about cutting the hatred out of your own heart first. The sword is spiritual, as everyone knows who reads Christ's entire Sermon on the Mount/ The Beatitudes. As you said, Christ admonished us to focus on the spirit, not the letter. Can't wait for your book.

  9. Lydia:

    Surfed on in via Brad Blog. I'm always in hearing what celebrities have to say about politics, since I am (unlike my wife) a political junkie.

    Your view of Ann Coulter and the associations she dredges up are similar to my own except I couch my terms in much saltier language.


    You seriously are in need of a reality check, dude. How can you possibly defend someone who is obviously a hate-monger such as Ann Coulter, someone who would summon McCarthy's bones from the dead, if she could?

    Have you read any of Coulter's books or her articles? Need I remind you of some of the hateful, inflammatory things she's said in the past? If she isn't a hate-monger, then who the hell is?

  10. Wow Steve, you sound like Andrew Sullivan.

    And hey, thats pretty good Jurrasicpark.

    As for me, when I want to wax surly, I somtimes wax biblical.


    …They are all gone out of the way,

    They are together become unprofitable

    And there is none that doeth good, no, not one

    Their throat is an open sepulchre

    With their tongues they have used deceit

    The poison of asps is under their lips

    Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness

    Their feet are swift to shed blood

    Destruction and misery are in their ways

    And the way of peace have they not known…

    Romans 3:12

  11. Oh and Fremont, that scripture, the one and only scripture where Jesus seemed to the casual reader to be advocating violence, has been misused over and over to support war as opposed to peace.

    The Christian right, when they want to kill people, love to pull that one, poetic verse, that one obcscure passage, and twist it into something it is not. Because of course they can't find ANYTHING else, at least in the words of Christ, to support their notions of holy war.

    Fact is, every bible scholar from since Frederick Farrar understood the obvious reference Jesus was making to the spriritual divide in ones family, that would be created when some family members believed in Christs teachings and followed them, and some did not.

    No where did Christ ever advocate violence, in fact, he always promoted it's opposite.

    As promised and dubbed by the Prophet Isaiah, thousands of years earlier, Jesus proved to be, the "Prince of Peace".

  12. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Bravo to Steve for pointing out non-compelling nonsense when any normal person sees it.

    Jurassic, you seriously do not know a real hate monger? Try Saddam Hussein who stuffed hundreds of thousands of his own into mass graves. Try members of Al Queda who murder everyday. Try Osama Bin Laden. Have dinner with any of these characters, then have dinner with Ann Coulter, come back and tell me "who the hell is [a hate monger]"

    Lastly for all of this twisted Bible lingo to denounce war, I'm just curious, should the Civil War or WW2 been passed on by your scriptual wisdoms?

    Hello people! This isn't Heaven!

  13. See, Mr. Anonymous is it?

    Your damn slappy this ain't heaven, but the republican party has been steamrolling over America for the last 5 years forcing their twisted, warped version of Christianity down Americas, and the worlds, throats.

    So I think it's time someone who actually KNOWS the Bible, speak up.

    Hitler launched his Blitzkreig based upon an new Christian order, "die tausend jarh reich", which was the 1000 year reign of Christ here on earth.

    Now Bush and his bully boys, who think Jesus wants them to kill Muslims, the same way Bin Laden and the boys think Allah wants them to kill Christians, are waging their new and improved version of the Knights Templar, waging our holy war in their lands, killing them enmasse with our fire of God weaponary.

    And men who support them are dumb, blind sheep, being led by blind wolves.

    So if you don't like the Christianity references, (particularly after reading Lydia's, after all it is HER blog)
    then I suggest you return to that all night bald lady porno cam you wandered in here from.

    But until Lydia tells me to do otherwise on her blog, I'll mention religion, the good and the bad of it, anytime I want.



  14. Anonymous1:24 AM

    This last anonymous post seems to have figured it out. As Christians, we cannot love war. We must strive for peaceful means to a peaceful end, but unfortunately this is not always possible. Evil exists; it must be fought and it rarely responds to peaceful means. I don't think I have heard of Christ openly approving of war, though there are instances in the Old Testament where God commands the Jews to defend themselves. Sorry, I don't have any specific verses but I think we all know what I'm talking about.

    Also, Jesus= NOT a bleeding heart liberal. Yes, he loved everyone more perfectly than any of us ever could. However, there are many "bleeding heart liberal" ideas that Christ would be strongly against, i.e. abortion, gay marriage, fornication. Though Lydia claims to want to unite people, it sure doesn't help when she keeps pushing the "God's on my side" idea. In short, Lydia is an idiot who was said nothing new, noteworthy, impressive, or intellectually redeeming. She says that conservatives have twisted Christ's message; meanwhile, she continues judging and demonizing them. There is also the fact that she says she is very anti-porn, but that the racy photos on her page are due to materialism run amok and the inescapable world of male chauvanism. Whatever.

    The next time I want some forgotten Hollywood actress to do my thinking and theology work for me is...oh wait, that won't happen. Stick to your job making movies and TV shows nobody watches. If you're going to talk politics or theology, get it straight. For now, leave those arenas to people who know what they're talking about and can write from both there head AND heart. We'll come to you if we want to ignore some sentimental blubbering.

    I say GOOD DAY

  15. Anonymous3:56 AM

    I love how god and/or jesus is brought forward as the rationale for any idea one cares to defend, be it conservative, liberal, or whatever.

    Anyone who argues this way is either addled by their rapture, or at best deficient in critical reasoning skills.

    God bless you all!

  16. Anonymous10:38 AM

    We already knew Ann Coulter would say anything no matter how nonsensical or irrational, now we know she will do anything as well. It's really getting to the point where ignoring her is the only strategy. Of course, it's not as if I pay to much attention to any rightwing pundit (and I doubt most reading this do either), but some folks stray to far from participating in respectful, informed debate that you have to just let them be.

  17. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I would not rule out the chance to preserve a nucleus of human specimens. It would be quite easy...heh, heh... at the bottom of ah...some of our deeper mineshafts. Radioactivity would never penetrate a mine some thousands of feet deep, and in a matter of weeks, sufficient improvements in drilling space could easily be provided.

  18. Anonymous11:45 AM

    So I am listening to the White Rose file with you on the Kincaid show and I just had to have the kind of self control I will never have. I would fly out there and beat up Coulter's entire entourage, and hire someone female to beat her too...and you know, her female entourage members...because even though I think I am progressive I am really old fashioned. So, you know, I like to beat people up and won't hit women. So I guess deep down I am not at all progressive.

    Nevertheless, Grrr, you know? Grrr.


  19. Anonymous12:11 PM

    For those of you who think Coulter is not a hate monger, I direct you to today's entry on her blog (she doesn't provide a permanent link; I wonder why) where she says, and I quote, the following:

    "The Democrats are giving aid and comfort to the enemy for no purpose other than giving aid and comfort to the enemy. There is no plausible explanation for the Democrats' behavior other than that they long to see U.S. troops shot, humiliated, and driven from the field of battle.

    "They fill the airwaves with treason, but when called to vote on withdrawing troops, disavow their own public statements. These people are not only traitors, they are gutless traitors." (Emphasis mine)

    Apparently, American citizens who air their displeasure at the administration's conduct of this war are "gutless traitors." If that's not hate speech, I don't know what is. Of course, my interpretation could be off (I don't think so,) so any rightie here is welcome to refute it.

  20. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Lydia, comparing Ann Coulter to Joseph Stalin is just about laughably absurd!!! If you live during Stalin's time, utter a cute dissenting commentary about him would get you one way ticket to Siberia gulag or a shot in the head...guaranteed. Ann Coulter never advocate violence or murder against anyone who dissent or disagree, even childish liberals and gutless cowards.

    It's convenient enough for you to attack Ann Coulter directly just because she's such an easy, convenient target of derision and criticism from childish liberals and gutless cowards (and traitors) that make up the majority of the left-wing spectrum. Sure, the words of Ann Coulter are just fighting words, no different than those fighting words of Al Franken, Howard Dean, Bill Maher or any moonbat celiberal who love being parrots for the left.

    As a right-wing smart-ass Republican, I don't hate you. You are allowed to dissent or put up fighting words and we'll do the same for you and your liberal ilk. It's called DEBATE.

    So, Lydia, you like being a parrot for the left? Here's a yummy cracker for you.

    By the way, if Ann Coulter lives in Stalin's time, she wouldn't survive him either. More than 60 millions didn't survive under him as well. No amount of revisionism will change that fact.

  21. I bring up the Jesus or religion, because the so called Christian right, and the repubulicans are constantly quoting from the Bible.

    Leaders like Rick Sanitarium, and Herr Busch, preach the bible from the bully pulpit every chance they get. So I will be here to counter it, like it or not.

    And as for knowing what I'm talking about, well, after studying the bible everyday growing up, and learning under the auspices of some of the finest minds at Catholic University here in DC, I would say that I have a thing or two to say about it.

    Don't like it?
    Don't have to read it.

  22. And for all the picking on Lydia you do, calling her forgotten and all, funny you seemed to have remembered enough to find your way to this blog.

    Least she's doing something, and letting you speak.

  23. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Did Ted Kennedy really drive that girl off the bridge and leave her to drown? The lion of the senate my ass.

  24. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Hey worfeus,You may want to think about upping the Prozac.Watch out for those black helicopters.

  25. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Is Harry Reid really boinking Nancy Pelosi?

  26. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Why is the right-wing so hated? After all.We are right.If not the Democrate''s would win a national election.

  27. Anonymous7:22 PM

    From janeaneat air america;

    Call Bill O’Reilly at 1-877-9-NO-SPIN from 12-2pm eastern time, mention Keith Olbermann, get harrased by Fox security, and win a special Majority Report prize!