Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Ann Coulter Mess

I am deeply saddened by the uproar caused by the Ann Coulter article I wrote and the subsequent posting of my phone number. I just hung up the phone shaking and in tears after the most vicious attack from a stranger who had gotten my number off Coulter's front page. I thought I had put my office number on the e-mail, but accidentally typed in my home number. My kids, the school and all our relatives are affected by this, and of course the number will be changed. But that still doesn't excuse Coulter posting it on her site. And the hate mail I've been receiving is very hurtful and personal. Thank God I know the truth in my heart, and will remain strong. And I want to thank all of you enlightened, wonderful people who have open minds and see beyond mere words, beyond the letter to the spirit. So many of you have written letters of support. I will reprint some of these e-mails and comments soon. I did get the most beautiful voice message from a woman whose voice was cracking as she told me how incredibly grateful she was that I spoke out in the exact words she had been thinking. I will listen to the message and transcribe it or download it later. Hey WORFEURS, you are so right! I would like to have a dialogue with you about scripture; you could educate me. Your beautiful letter about your adoption and your views on abortion show me that our side has many colors, and we don't have to put ourselves in a box with a label.

I never had any intention of creating more hate and divisiveness; in fact, I thought my article was just expressing frustration with humor. And the line "For Christ's sake" -- was a play on words; I was making fun of myself. Oh well -- In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, you can read all about it at: Click here to read my new article at BRAD BLOG! I have written a new book: "How to Talk to Ann Coulter and Other Hate-Mongers IF YOU MUST" Countering the Culture of Political Porn. I am collaborating on this book with the inimitable Brad Friedman and Dan Borchers.

I also did two radio shows yesterday: Radio America's Battle Line with Alan Nathan. He's a brilliant host (a centrist "with teeth")and I was quite nervous, but it went surprisingly well! When my book comes out you will see in-depth writings and some ideas I've never heard before, that seem to be writing themselves. I have been holding it all back until now -- and all this stuff with the Coulter article is a complete surprise. I never expected anyone to really notice the article that much. Editor and Publisher reprinted the brouhaha...

I had the most amazing spiritual journey and if there is one thing I know, the God of love is real and everywhere (and not at all political), we just have to open our eyes. I can't tell you how it has transformed my life (and one of my sons) from the brink of death several times. These absolutely mind-boggling prayer miracles will be in my next book "Falling UP", on the heels of the Coulter book.
God Bless! More very soon.... don't forget to check out BRADBLOG!


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Dear Lydia,
    Love your blog, you must keep writing these blogs. I believe it will help the world. Rock on!

  2. Anonymous6:38 PM


    This is fair game. You write an article with loads of hysterical accusations against Ann Coulter with no substantial fact to back it up.

    Your party is just a vitriolic and crass when it comes to arguments.

    If you or Brad really want your party to win, start with the nutcases on your side of this debate.

    What bothers people like you and Brad is NOT the alleged "hate" speech. It's debate! As liberals always do, you have put forth all of these hysterical accusations against Ann Coulter without making the case of guilt.

    You did your best, and wasted a lot of energy. You hit Ann, and she hit back....and did a better job at it without spending one tenth of the energy on you, that you spent on her.

    You wrote an email to her, included your information, and mis represented yourself to her. The tone in your email to Ann is nothing compared to the writings you have posted.

    What you did was sneaky, without merit, and unfair.

    Quit crying about it. Before this Ann Coulter never knew who you were, and I'm sure she has already forgotten.

    If you are going to put yourself out there in that way, you better expect retaliation.

  3. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Me again, I read all the articles you wrote (I am only commenting here for now) and I think you're fabulous.

  4. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I wonder what's really going on here? The enmity between Lydia and Ann Coulter seems to transcend the politics. It's the type of behavior one would expect to see from two women competing for the same lover....

  5. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Speaking of honesty.....I wonder if Ann Coulter is HER real name....

  6. Anonymous6:47 PM

    yeah it's her real name.

    it's actresses that adopt fake stage names.

  7. Anonymous6:51 PM

    "I was thinking about Josef Stalin and Ann Coulter came to mind"

    Mind you Josef Stalin was responsible for the deaths of millions. Estimates range from 10 million to 50 million. To give you an idea of how big that number is, the population of this country is not quite 300 million.

    On the basis of this argument alone, I'd say for slandering Ann Coulter this way, you got exactly what you deserved!

  8. Wow, guess I shouldn't be surprised you read your own blog, but it's kinda weird knowing Lydia Cornell is reading your words.

    Just kinda weird thats all. Well hey, while I have your attention, I thought you were great on Two Close for Comfort.(I'm 45, so I saw the originals when they came out, even had a lil crush on you, like every other red blooded American boy did, your a STAR Lydia. You'll always be a star!)

    Don't worry about the hate and divisiveness. In his entire life, Jesus only said one thing, (recorded at least) that could be twisted to imply he was promoting violence.

    "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword" - Matthew 10:34

    Relgious right have been using this scripture for years to imply Jesus advocated war, and violence.

    Of course, thats not correct.

    In fact, all anyone has to do is read the next verse to find the actual and clear meaning of that poetic discourse.

    " For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

    He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me"
    Matthew 10:35 thru 37

    Its clear that Jesus understood the inherint devisivness his gospel would bring.

    This passage warns of the divisions in families that will come, when some family members accept and follow his teachings, and some do not, particularly when there are high stakes, like religous persecution, or war.

    Most scholars, including Farrar, agree on this.

    He warned his message would not be a "popular" message, and he warned that few would heed it.

    So it is not surprising that so many posts in here, as you find in most blogs, are so vicious.

    There is real dying going on in the world now, and were causing most of it.

    Someone think were not?

    Just attempt to try this case for war in Tort law with the Iraqi people, you would never win.

    People are angry, on both sides, but peace is worth talking about, and open debate, is what this country is about.

    So don't give up. Remember what he said,

    "he who has ears to hear, let him hear"

  9. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Hey Lydia, Just to the left of your innocent looking picture on the Brad Blog, stands a pair of male feet bound by chains in a sexual connotation. (advertisement from

    Just right of that sexual image is your message talking about Christ and his real message.

    Good grief!

  10. Just forget about Ann Coulter and all of her apologists. They're not worth your time or aggravation, which is really all they want when it comes right down to it.

    Don't let them get you down, Lydia. The muck they spew is why I left the Republican party almost 15 years ago. They became the intolerance party back then and they haven't stopped since. They cling to "conservatism", but they've forsaken the concept entirely. And now their elected and appointed officials at the highest levels have resorted to criminal activity. Their slide into oblivion continues. Good riddance.

    Stay the course, Lydia, and don't be afraid to speak your mind. Peace!

  11. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Attention Lydia, Worfeus, et al.

    There is an enormous difference between spirituality and religion.

    Quoting scripture is not spirituality.

    Conversely, one can attain spiritual heights without ever having consulted a bible, koran or other such writing.

    When you attempt to embellish your arguments with help from Jesus, you wind up diverting attention from your origianl arguement, and the debate degrades into "My god is better than your god"


  12. Prophet,

    I for one am not embellishing anything. I do not belong to a religion, nor do I consider myself a “Christian”. I just happen to know the bible better than Falwell, Roberston and the entire group of right winged pseudo intellectual holier than thou conservative movement.

    Having studied the bible as a young man, with particular emphasis on the life of Christ, I was shocked to see the twisted, corruption of concept of “Christianity” being pushed by this goosestepping right winged crusade to kill Muslims.

    I am not trying to convert anyone to anything, and I am not saying Jesus’ words prove MY arguments.

    I am however saying that Jesus’ words DISPROVE yours.

    Christ was a pacifist, like it or not. He believed the best way to beat your enemy was to never go to war with him. He was not a fan of the Mighty, nor was he a fan of the Proud.

    Those who the right winged neo-cons like Frau Brau….er I mean Frau Coulter, call cowards and sissies, are the same people Jesus called his sheep. And he warned them, to be as “wise as the wolves, but as harmless as doves”.

    So if you guys want to spread your doctrine of blood and horror, oh yea, you call it “shock and awe” on the planet, killing those who your demi-god Bush has labeled evil, after all he’s the President, and he alone knows the hearts of men, then go ahead.

    Just don’t try to hide behind the purple robes of Christ doing it.

    There are those of us out here, who know his words a little better than you, so you may want to start looking to another God to support your wars.

    Perhaps you can try MARS, I hear he’s looking for a Gig.

  13. Anonymous1:56 PM


    Well excuuuuuse me! I guess thou art holier indeed.

    You are so absorbed in your own rhetoric that you just assume that I am opposed to your politics because I dare to criticize your use of Jesus.

    Go back and read my earlier comments very carefully (move your lips if you have to). All I said was that you are softening your arguments and your points are getting lost in the Jesus noise.

    [ let's think for a minute....If I were opposed to your politics why would I try to help your strengthen your arguement?]

    But you respond with "So if you guys want to spread your doctrine of blood and horror, ......blah, blah, blah". You're just a like a tape recorder. All I have to do is push the right button, and you play the whole tape of rhetoric (that you seem to have memorized by rote)regardless of whether it's in context or not.

    Another example: "Having studied the bible as a young man, with particular emphasis on the life of Christ, I was shocked to see the twisted, corruption of concept of “Christianity” being pushed by this goosestepping right winged crusade to kill Muslims."

    Well, I did use the Koran word, so maybe your comment has context after all :)

    [The problem with the comments section of this blog, by the way, is that we can't go back and modify what we've written after it's been posted....unlike Lydia's blog where it seems that her words have been changed nearly everytime I visit]

    And then your closing argument: "There are those of us out here, who know his words a little better than you, so you may want to start looking to another God to support your wars".....Brilliant! I hear that as "My god is better than your god". Excellent reasoning, except for one tiny point......I didn't identify with any religious beliefs!! You're talking just to hear the sound of your own voice, because now nobody's listening to you.

    But that's OK....keep coming back. Bring the body and one day the mind will follow.

  14. Anonymous2:10 PM


    One more point....I can't let this one get by without comment.

    There's an obvious problem in referring the "the words of Jesus". Jesus did not write them down, nor were there any contemporaries of Jesus that transcribed his words (perhaps there were, but there is no archeological evidence therof).

    In fact, the earliest written evidence of the words of Jesus are from 100 years after his death. His "ords" and teachings had survived orally until then.

    Have you ever played the childhood game of "telephone"? You know where one person tells the next, and so on and so on, and then the first person and the last person compare the information.

    So you may well know the bible better than "Falwell, Roberston and the entire group of right winged pseudo intellectual holier than thou conservative movement", but unless Jesus has been speaking to you directly, I claim you know nothing of his words.

  15. Then if that is true, no one knows anything, and all of the religious should just "shut up".

    But the facts are that we do know the 4 Gospels are likely fairly accurate, as far as his words go.

    There are many thousands of ancient manuscripts preserving versions of the New Testament in languages other than Greek versions which our King James version was translated directly from, including the Old Latin and Syriac (Aramaic) versions, both of which originated well before A.D. 200.

    There are also other texts including the Armenian, Georgian, Coptic, Ethiopic, Arabic, Gothic, and Slavonic manuscripts.

    The 4 Gospels are supported by other evidence as well, like the Library at Nag Hammadi Egypt, or the Dead Sea Scrolls. Even certain phrases by the Judeo-Roman Historian, Josephus, validated many assertions in the 4 Gospels.

    Josephus as you know did the ole, switcheroo at a Masada like struggle, and was rewarded by Rome with an Apartment, citizenship and a good job, and he was anything but a believer. (hint, no "axe to grind")

    But if you are saying you don't believe ANY of it, that’s fine. Just say so. This Blog I assume is for believers, agnostics and atheists, and idiots.

    It’s a public forum. Just don’t try to impress me with your understanding of when the first versions of the words of Jesus were finally recorded in a permanent fashion. If you don’t believe them, then you don’t have to argue them. They should all be moot to you.

    I am not a member of a Church, and I DON'T claim to speak for Christ. I have no axe to grind either, other than to correct those who would use the bible to spread hate, violence and deceit.

    And I am happy to correct them.

    In fact, it’s my pleasure.

  16. In fact Prophet, that’s the problem with the US today with regards to how we have allowed the religious right to steamroll over our constitution, and wage war with executive directive, something the constitution never intended.

    Muse back to the Gustave Gilbert's interview with Riechmarschall Hermann Goering recorded in his jail cell at the Nazi War Crimes trials, in Nurmerburg.

    Gilbert was replying to Goerings statements on how easy it was to coerce the general population into unnecessary war when he said;

    "There is one difference. In a democracy, the people have some say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the United States only Congress can declare wars."

    Gilbert was clear, as were all Americans, that one of the major differences between our free society and the imperial rule of the Nazi society, is that in America, the Executive Office does NOT possess the power to wage war.

    This kept the US from falling back into the same old trappings that historically exist in monastic or single rule empires.

    In fact, the father of our Constitution, and the 4t President of the United States, James Madison said;

    “The executive has no right, in any case, to decide the question, whether there is or is not cause for declaring war”
    James Madison

    He also understood the absolute importance of keeping religion, now matter how well meaning and no matter how widely accepted, out of American politics.

    “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe with blood for centuries”
    James Madison

    But with one felt swoop the so called Christian right have merged their twisted, version of Christianity with politics and passed the power for the Executive to wage war, to a religious President.

    Our very Constitution now dangles by a thread, and the greatest threat to our democracy is not terrorist bombs, but it is those who would trade it away, for their own fear.

    See if people would just read his words, none of this would happen.

    But like in 1937 Germany, rulers are free to set themselves up as Christian moral leaders, and thereby deceive the masses, who like to think of themselves as Christians, but never bothered to read the words of Christ.

  17. Anonymous3:13 PM


    Dude.....I don't have an agenda. I just come to this sight because it's so GD amusing!

    Thanks for entertaining me.

    You've impressed me with your academic prowess, yet your reasoning skills could stand some improvement. Put down the bible and go buy a book on logic.

  18. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I think now I'll go surf a Britany Spears blog, or maybe the Gay Conservatives.

  19. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Dear Lydia

    We love talking about how silly you are about Ann Coulter and your most recent boo-hoo-hoo spin! LOL!

    We dare ya;

  20. But hey, thanks for throwing out that red herring.

    It gave me some great talking points. :|

  21. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Hook, line and sinker Worfeus, hook....line....and sinker.

  22. Oh and BTW, Prophet, as for logic, you actually have to imply some, before you can argue mine.

    You, like most chuckleheads I deal with in these things, have not said one intelligent thing,(ok, I'll give you credit for the vague reference to the delayed "pen to ink" on the 4 gospels, although that one has been around for ever, and holds little water, see word of mouth back then was quite accurate, try taking an archeology class in whatever "special" college you are currently enrolled in)to counter my assertations.

    That was a good Red Herring, one most neocons turn to when someone points out their inability to coincide their wars and brutal actions with the teachings of Christ.

    No arguement is not an argument, thus your logic, or lack thereof, is revealed.

    Oh and I have plenty of books on logic, but thanks for the idea.

    And rather telling you to go buy a book on logic, as you so cleverly instructed me, might I suggest you actually read one?

    asta Seneca

  23. Anonymous3:59 PM


    Read several, thanks.

    That's yet another reason to implore you to cease with ad hominem arguements based on Jesus (or Ann Coulter for that matter, or Bush, et al).

    BTW...I tried to surf over to the Ann Coulter blog, but you know what? She doesn't have one. Imagine that.....none of this caotic embarasing and potentially damaging blathering going on at her site.

  24. Thanks for the suggestion, but until the owner of the blog tells me otherwise, I will post what I like.

    Oh and Coulter doesn't have a Blog, she has a "CHAT ROOM".

    There are 34 members online right now! Hurry up, maybe you can log on.

    See a Chat Room is safer, she doesn't want anything they say in there PERMANENTLY written down.

    Permanent posts makes things kinda messy, know what I mean?

    see ya buddy

  25. Anonymous4:22 PM


    So let's figure out how to salvage this mess and get this chick all fixed up again. I'm really kinda fond of her, you know (duh.....why would I be hanging out here in the first place?). But she says some dumb stuff sometimes and has indeed brought this firestorm upon herself.

  26. You mean Mrs Coulter?

  27. Lydia is doing fine. (I know you meant her, I was waxing sarcastic)

    She's writing a book, acting, living and looking great, and this blog is just an extension in her belief in free expression.

    Lydia is smarter than people think. She jests more often than not, like Frau Coulter.

    But unlike Coulter, Lydia does not have that malicious bitter streak in her, so she is often seen as vulnerable.

    Coulter is happiest when she's making others miserable.

    You know, they say we get the faces we deserve.

    If thats true, put a mug shot of Frau Coulter and Lydia side by side.

    Bet a picture speaks a thousand words.

  28. Anonymous5:14 PM

    "Coulter is happiest when she's making others miserable."

    "When everyone of your arguments is characterized as an attempt to bring back slavery or resegregate lunch counters, it's a little hard to have any sort of productive debate"....Ann Coulter

    It doesn't matter what she could possibly say. She's a conservative and liberals cannot stand the fact that she has the ability to have such a strong voice.

    Coulter is doing just fine as well. She's thin, gorgeous, blond, and was just paid $30,000 to give a speech in Florida...ask Lydia.

    Plus, she's on her 4th NY Times bestseller.

    She's on O'Reilly tonight to discuss these liberal smear sites. Can't wait to hear/see it.

  29. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Chairman Ann herself wrote that last comment. I swear to Allah.

  30. My disdain for Coulter is not because of who she is, how she looks, or anything else.

    It's for what she says.

    She's going to talk about smear site? I'm watching O'lielly now, I will stay tuned.

    Here, let me give you an example of why people hate Ann Coulter.

    From here site


    Dear Mr. Rice: -

    p.s. you are a girl.

    Yea, I can see what you mean. She has a some real, intelligent, important things to say.

    She's a hatemonger, nothing more.

    She is making her money off of taking the easy course, blowing the war horn and feeding of the bloodthirsty frenzy in this country to kill arabs, intellectuals, pacifists, and anyone else who won't goosestep to the beat of her drum.

    She is not the devil, she is just the one who runs in the 7-11 to buy the devil a pack of smokes.

    She's a cheap hack.

    She's Berlin Betty with a book deal.

    She's the grinch.

    And I wouldn't touch her, with a 39 and a half foot pole....

  31. Anonymous5:36 PM

    LOL I wish I was Ann Coulter. I'd be having a load of fun with you guys.

    "Mr. Rice" is much like Lydia. He tried opening a can of worms to jumping to conclusions, and she is responding in the way he'd expect her to. It's called sarcasm. Like Lydia, the man was basically begging for a response, for some attention....and she gave it.

    Worf, why can't you see who the real victim is here? If "Mr Rice" or Lydia had written something untrue about you and had compared you to Stalin, what would you have done. Then how would you feel is someone like this was being patronized by someone like you.

    This holier than thou attitude of yours of passing judgement of hate onto others is unbecoming of a biblical scholar.

    Call me crazy, but wouldn't Jesus say "those without sin, cast the first stone" LOL.

  32. yea, good thing I ain't Jesus huh?

  33. And BTW,

    I don't care if Ann gets on CNN. I would never endorse a deal to stifle her speech.

    This is America. EVERYONE has a right speak. Whether we like it or not.

  34. Frau Braun mean...Ms Coulter.

  35. Ann is now saying on O'lielly that Liberal sites are encouraging Liberal males to rape her.

    Yea, she has a lot of intelligent things to say.

  36. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Worf, it's true, what about the pie throwing? What about the smear? What about comparing her to Stalin? LOL

  37. I never said I agreed with any of that.

    Glad to see you are watching it, because you got to see how O;lielly classifies all so called "liberals" in the same actions.

    I no more support the attempts to stifle Herr, oops, I mean Frau Coulter than I do their attempts to stifle others.

    Free speech goes for everyone, and throwing food at her to silence her speech was WRONG.

    I might not like what Frau Brau...there I go again, I mean Frau Coulter has to say, but I would fight to defend her right to say it.

  38. Anonymous6:04 PM

    LOL, well you have a sense of humor so that's okay.

    So you must appreciate Ann's poke when in response to O'Reilly's comment about her being hit by pies, Ann said that though pies were thrown at her, they missed because "liberals throw like girls".


    So, now I wonder if that's going to be labeled as hate speech?

  39. Anonymous6:06 PM

    A picture says a thousand words:

  40. No, that's what I call, "baby talk"

  41. She has nothing important to say, so she recants 2'nd grade schoolyard taunts.

    I listen to both sides of any debate. And I make my decisions on the facts, not the person.

    Coulter has nothing. The repubs are not just on the ropes, they are reelin from the asswhoopin they are taking in the media, so they put out their little pit poodle to stir up the radical liberals, and take the attention off the issues that are slowly twisting that ever tightening noose around their scrawny necks.

    But you won't find my name on any petition to keep her off of CNN, or anywhere else for that matter.
    (Unlike O'lielly charged every liberal with, now you see why I call him, O'lielly)

    When she has something important to say, I will be all ears.

  42. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Thats interesting Worf, you have said more on here than anyone else, and watched Coulter's interview.

    Would hate to see how much webspace it would require if you were truly interested in someone.

  43. Anonymous6:39 PM

    A picture says a thousand words:

  44. Actually ASCII text takes up very little space on an HTML webpage :).

    What's your point?

  45. Anonymous7:08 PM

    You know the point, and I'd make it again, but you'd probably just avoid it again. ;-).

  46. Anonymous7:10 PM

    LOL regarding a picture, notice how both of Lydia's photos are touched up and we have one of Ann close up, and one of Ann in the infamous Time Magazine article that she herself ranted about. That was intentional by the photo editors, which was pointed out.

    Mediamatters a lib site said she was lying about that LOL.

  47. Yea I saw that picture of Coulter, Adams apple and all.

    You know why she's always grinning like that, right?

    It's because she knows everyone still thinks shes female.

  48. Anonymous7:49 PM

    This picture is fair: why doesn't liberal websites show ones like this?

  49. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Sorry that link doesn't work...

    this is a good one for Ann pics.

  50. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Who cares about her appearence. She looks as if she could suck a golf ball down a lenght of garden hose.

  51. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Okay I worked hard to find this. Click on my name "CoulterCouricCatfight" to see the full 10 Minute interview (require windows player) it starts playing immediately. Worf, this is a good explanation of how conservatives are mis characterized. This is just to provide you with another perspective. I'd like your comments on it if you don't mind. Thanks. (Courtesy

  52. And you know anonymous, whoever you are, I wish you were Ann Coulter too.

    Cause if you were, I would love to debate you in here, or on your site if you like.

    I would not mind debating you on the validity of the Christian right views on our illegal occupation of Iraq, or that matter, the legality of the doctrine of "pre-emptive" war.

    I am nobody, a armchair hack, a mediocre Joe Shmoe.

    And I bet I would clean your clock.

  53. I'll take a look at it.

  54. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I'm not Ann Coulter LOL. She was on O'Reilly tonight remember?

    We talked about it. Debate on, we've been shooting comments back and forth. I'm waiting for your comments on the interview.

    I'll keep checking back.

    My giving you the interview was part of my point of mischaracterizing Ann as a hate monger. You think she is, I don't.

    What else would you like to debate?

  55. Ok I looked at it.

    Sorry it took so long, I had to watch Stephen Colbert's interview with Richard Clarke.

    I watched it and I thought Ms Coulter carried herself well, debated intelligently, and got her clock cleaned by Katie on the facts, at least that one excerpt from the book.

    I also think she made some good points. There is a lot of radical left wing hate speech, and I don't support it.

    But when I do things like, draw comparisons of our current relaxing of our own liberties to "keep America safe" and the rise of the Third Reich, I am not preaching hate.

    I am drawing vital comparisons that are clear to so many, of the similar strategies employed by the Bush Administration and neo-conservative Christians in the house and the senate, to draw us along like sheep, non questioning patriotic 25 cent Walmart flag waving sheep.

    The idea is to “learn” from the mistakes of history, so as not to repeat them. Nazi Germany did not start up the ovens overnight. It took lots of time, work and a hell of a lot of “sheep”.(and I don’t mean kosher sheep).

    Why was little Heinrich Himmler and his servants like Koch and Pister, Hoess and others, able to get away with massacres? Because the people of the village just outside of Dachau and Buchenwald did not care, did not dare ask questions. That’s why.

    And that’s why they were cleaning the camps in their Sunday best, when the allies finally liberated the camps.

    Questioning ones own governments actions was a pivotal concept for our founding fathers in forming our Union. In fact, Washington was so afraid of regressing into a Monarchy, did not want to be called President. He thought it sounded too imperial.

    Our founding documents were clear on this concept the capability to protest peacefully ones own government.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”

    1st Ammendment of the US Constitution Ratified December 15 1791

    Indeed the very father of the Constitution who also happened to be the 4th President of the United States, James Madison, warned us of the trappings of becoming beguiled by religious zeal, and righteous indignation;

    “Of all the enemies of public liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other

    “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe with blood for centuries”

    “Liberty may be endangered by the abuse of liberty, but also by the abuse of power”

    “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare”

    James Madison

    But perhaps President Madison’s prophetic capabilities were best expressed by this glimpse into our time;

    “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy”

    James Madison

    And of course he made it clear the defining safeguard against these identified pitfalls was the checks and balances of our 3 tiered Federal hierarchies.

    “The executive (President) has no right, in any case, to decide the question, whether there is or is not cause for declaring war”

    James Madison

    In 1995 the House defeated, by a vote of 217-201, an amendment to repeal the central features of the War Powers Act, or Resolution P.L. 93-148, that have been deemed unconstitutional by every President since the law's enactment in 1973.

    But even the War Powers Act required there to be a “Clear and Present Danger” of Imminent Hostilities, or Armed Conflict.

    But Since 911, the Right wing of the Republican party, including the executive office, have told us how “everything’s changed” and we need to make new laws, like the Enabling Ac…., er,, I mean the Patriot Act, laws that may restrict freedoms, but will “keep us safe”.

    They changed the requirements of the War Powers Act and essentially suspended the “clear and present danger” clause of the War Powers Act and convinced us that “because of 911” he must be able to launch “pre-emptive” war in order to secure America.

    If you and Frau Bra…er, there I go again, can’t see the similarities here between these, and many, many other events, and the meteoric rise of the little mediocre Corporal from Austria, who used Kristallnacht and what he called, Polish Terrorists to launch his “pre-emptive” strike on the defenseless country of Poland.

    Bush used 911 to launch his pre-emptive war on the tiny country of Iraq.

    And I could go on but if you can’t see the similarities between the two, then you just don’t want to see them, and probably never will. But that doesn’t mean everyone else who sees them is a traitor.

    A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.

    --Edward Abbey

    And it’s not that I think were there, yet, it’s just that we seem to be “testing the waters” in the very least. And we certainly have been responsible for a lot of death, pain and misery already, and most likely war crimes. There are other countries out there, real enemies, who as they see our own international morality erode, may decide to institute a little regime change of their own. Can you say China-Russo alliance? Coming soon to a theatre near you?

    The world is watching, and just because some of us have not yet learned the lessons of the holocaust, does not mean they didn’t. War breeds war. And Saddam had about as much of a chance of doing any real damage to America, as Don Knotts would have in a boxing match with Mike Tyson.

    Over the holocaust museum here in DC, there is an inscription,

    “So we may never forget”.

    That’s what some of us are trying to make sure we never do.

    But all in all I thought Ms Coulter handled herself well, made some valid points, and got her ass handed to her by Katie “Navy Seals are cool” Couric.

    If she would make reasonable arguments like that (I’m referring to liberals trying to stifle her right to free speech, what is essentially what some of them are trying to do) more often she will get more respect from people like me.

  56. __________________________________

    All the water in the world, however hard it tried,

    Could never sink the smallest ship

    Unless it got inside

    And all the evil in the world

    The blackest kind of sin,

    Can never harm you the least bit

    Unless you let in

    Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  57. And BTW,

    Please don't use that "were at war" Red Herring.

    This is not a war. This is a police action, an occupation, it's not a million men fighting to keep the enemies from overunning our shores.

    When theres a war, there will be a draft.

    When theres a war, every man, women and child will be working for the war effort, and the war effort alone.

    When theres a war, you won't have to tell anyone theres a war.

    You'll know it, I'll know it, we'll all know it.

  58. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Ms. Cornell

    Definite MENSA material, I'd love to read your "Trotsky Assassination" tome, you volunteer the source of your flawed logic in the latter part of your blog: "feeling" rather than "thinking." Apparently your functional uterus and fashionably leftist assumptions have granted you some esoteric insight into reality in general. Anybody who doesn't agree with you must of course be a theocratic right-wing nut. Some thoughts:

    -Some leftist think that free speech is the left spouting their propaganda without fear of recrimination or criticism. Right-wing criticism equals "hate speech" in the leftist lexicon, e.g., Ann Coulter's "Hate Speech". Leftists doesn't seem to realize that everyone is free to be an idiot, but there is no constitutional right to not being identified as one in a public forum.

    -Christ was not a Marxist & therefore would never be a modern Democrat. Christ was a traditional Liberal as in "libertarian" who valued the individual whereas Democrats value "groups". Jesus detested "Evil" where as Democrats detest perceived "Inequality." Just for kicks, ask any overtly rabid Democrat if they view themselves as being in either the:
    +"To each according to his needs" column: this will be the majority, i.e., "Sheeple" who feel morally superior in their entitlement mentality due to group membership

    +"From each according to his abilities" column: this will be the minority
    -Utopians: well meaning people who think that social engineering can change basic human nature (very dangerous people, these are the human secular "theocrats")
    -Disingenuous Elitists: Leaders of the "Party"

    -A few laughable Theocrats (e.g., Pat Robertson) notwithstanding, the Republican party is more inclusive than the Marxist dominated Democratic Party. In fact, Bush's political philosophy would conform to any "Christian Democrat" Party platform in Europe: social conservative, economic liberal.

    -Ann Coulter is no more or less a "Bomb Thrower" than Al Franken.

    -Since we're talking about unrealistic "perfect worlds", my utopia is Libertarian Society where:
    + Only the people who actually paid income taxes are allowed to vote
    + No progressive income taxation rate that harms the productive
    + The "State" does not control the education of the young
    + Women are expected & encouraged to exercise reason & accountability just like any man (I would call this the "Equal Responsibility Amendment" to the U.S. Constitution)
    + Morality is not legislated, but amorality is not subsidized
    + Acknowledgement that individual choices have consequences, both good & bad
    + Acknowledgement that human secularism is a religion and in its most virulent form, Communism, has been the most destructive force in the history of mankind
    + People will be judged via merit as individuals and not by group membership...

    - The Nazi's were leftists of the National Socialist variety & the only difference between the Democratic Leadership (e.g., Howard Dean,Ted Kennedy, etc.) is that they are leftists of the International Socialist variety. WRT abortion, Both Hilter and Margaret Sanger (founder of "Planned Parenthood", responsible for 30% of all abortions in this country) were eugenists that admired each others views about the extermination of "lesser" races. Hitler would fit in well with the Sierra Club, PETA & any number of leftist organizations because he shared their charming views.

    -People pay $20,000 for eruditic, thoughtful political humor. This is why "Air America" is such an abysmal failure and will soon be cast onto history's ash heap.

    -""It is usually futile to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance." (Thomas Sowell) This would apply to you, Ms. Cornell.


  59. Demosthenes

    Are those pebbles in your mouth, or are you just happy to see me?

    Nice dissertation, or should I say Philippics?

    But you lived 300 years before Christ, so what would you know about his politics?

    If you can't see the sarcasm Lydia had implied, then you are free to rant on waxing pompous as you do, but your suppositions are moot.

    While the fact that the Nazi's were considered leftists does not demonstrate any ties to the leftwing Democrats.

    In fact, if you have not already done so, I suggest you read a copy of "Mein Kampf", by good ole "dolph".

    Mein Kampf, which literally means, "My Struggle" or "My Battle", was chocked full of good lil republican values, like the condemnation of Homosexuality, and pre-maritial sex (He should have given Eva Braun a promo copy I guess).

    I know, I have read most of it.

    As for debate, in the words of your little OberFurher, "bring it on". I’m all ears.

    But as for pertinent discourse?
    Some of your bullet points, which are all over the board, have reasonable merit. But you would be hard pressed to show myself, or Lydia I would wager, in disagreement with the logical bullets like “People will be judged via merit as individuals and not by group membership”.

    In fact, you said nothing of real merit, and brought nothing of value to the table.

    You write well, but your points don’t really say anything. They sound nice, but are empty of merit, aimless rhetoric.

    Talk to the points. This is not a philosophy class, and expounding on your views on social stratification and categorization is pointless.

    I for one am NOT a Democrat, and I don’t know if Lydia calls herself one or not, but I do not subscribe to party lines, and yet I happily consider myself a Liberal. Liberal, is a derivative of the word Liberty, so I don’t have a problem with that. Liberty works for me, you know,,,,Pat Henry and all that “give me Liberty stuff”?

    Trying to draw associations using excerpts from your Ann Rand Soc 101 manual while impressive, does little to forward any viewpoint you may want to communicate, and only takes away from the real debate, the real issues.

    It is a Red Herring, a distraction, a debate on social orders and philosophys, and the proper designations to be applied to a group, to which I say, "who gives a crap?"

    See., it’s the war, stupid.

    Muse on my earlier post if you want some talking points, I gave you plenty to argue if you have some intelligent counters, but debating the fact that Lydia called Jesus a Democrat, get a clue there pebbles, she was joking.

    Isaeus of Chalcis

  60. Now wheres my ten thousand drachms?

  61. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Lydia Cornell is one of the funniest and most insightful comediennes around; she did a hilarious show at a Westside playhouse, based on her humiliating adventures as an actress and the desperation so many of us feel -- I laughed so hard, then I found myself crying. She's a true humanitarianreally speaks from experience and you're going to find it all out when her books come out. I was an editor on her personal book, which is not yet released.

  62. Anonymous7:24 PM

    So Lydia, are you basking in your 15 minutes of fame? Bet you have never had this much activity ever!

  63. Sounds like someone is jealous.

    Least Lydia is doing something.

  64. Anonymous10:39 AM

    You Lib's make me chuckle,supposedly tolerant,supporters of free speach,support womens rights but your attacks on Ann Coulter lead me to believe there are quite a few you not practicing what you preach.Or perhaps its a bit of jealousy with Ann just being so damned smart and whitty,not to mention pretty damn good to look at.Plus,she has more "balls" than most of the Allen Alda type liberal men who sit down to pee.

  65. Anonymous6:26 PM

    What does "whitty" mean? I am talking to you in the above post. Are you really Ann Coulter trying to fake us out?

  66. Anonymous10:21 PM

    I need a second opinion.Has anyone else noticed that in most every still photo of Nancy Pelosi she has this sort of wide eyed surprised look on her face as if someone had snuck up behind her and unexpectedly stuck a broomstick up her ass? Am I wrong here?

  67. Anonymous10:00 AM


    Mein Kamf also had little tidbits like suppressing religion, disarming the public, and limiting speech. Arguably leftist tenets. Another good book in leftist literature is the Communist Manifesto, Carl Marx. You will find some interesting parallels there as well between the current Democratic Party objectives and those ideas. There are no direct ties, but it does get a little to close for comfort occasionally.

  68. Anonymous5:37 AM


    Take a look at your rhetoric from an objective standpoint. It combines much of the rhetoric of conservative christians(God is love, belief in the power of prayer etc) and combines it with the same tired categorizing of people that so manyl iberals(not progressives since that suggests progress) like to do with conseravtives and the like. In the end you have become what you say you hate. God is love, by the looks of your rhetoric , are you sure you got the message?

  69. Anonymous9:44 PM

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