Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Anonymous left a comment saying that all was well with my marriage, and at home. Anonymous: I thank you for reminding me of the Law of Life. That good is the only reality. You must be a metaphysician (which is the way of Christ) -- seeing reality as the opposite of the limited, negative mortal view.

You are correct and this is how I should be seeing my formerly "gloomy" situation — for I am a student of metaphysics. There are no problems, only challenges that show me what needs to be healed. I am seeing the opposite of love in our arguments, and these are all fear-based concerns. Fear of death, loss, abandonment... fear of being out of control, of not having enough, of losing what we have, of not getting what we want. All this fear makes us live in the future or the past, but never in the present reality — where everything is fine. Now, this actual very moment is all there really is. There is no guarantee we'll be here tomorrow.  The Haitian earthquake, and that car accident proved to me that life can be over in an instant.  My precious brother's death showed me how fragile and temporal life is.  And all that remains are the good memories. Only love and goodness are real.

There is lovely teacher/angel sleeping on our couch and my teenagers do use the "F" word. But they are using it less and less, the higher I hold them up.


  1. I believe in the power of positive thinking and I believe that what we focus on we gravitate towards, or attract in our lives.

    I do however think there's a difference between leveraging these forces, phenomena, whatever, and just closing our eyes.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are routinely prosecuted in court for the latter. Pretending that every thing is alright when it is not is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes in life we must confront issues, recognize and deal with them. Not pretend they're not there.

  2. Poor Fox News is crying because the "heroes" they pushed for their little ACORN sting just got popped on a federal rap for attempting to Wiretap a United States Senators phone lines.

    Poor Fox News. They seem confused.

  3. Poor Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX).

    He wasted our tax dollars sponsoring a bill to honor these two low life's.

    Fox News hailed them as heroes.

    Over and over and over.

  4. Fox does seem worried.

    So worried in fact they had their assistant manager Tim Gaughan trying to downplay the news and stifle Shep Smith from talking about it.

    I wonder why?

  5. I mean, everyone's been wondering who's been funding this guy.

    Could it be....I mean is it possible that there's a ...you know.....money trail to Fox or someone at Fox?

  6. Lydia, I know you are going through a hard time, but be happy to be alive and that's all. For now... Please understand, We did not bring anything when we came to this world, and we will carry nothing physical when we leave. Things/people have to run their own courses, from hard times to disease to death. Don't stress over them as they all came to Earth to do many things... their own things, so don't fight too hard to change people.
    When you stop path A from proceeding, then you do not get the good results of that path later down the road. You end up on path B and a different set of results. Change what you can within reason, If you try to save everyone from themselves, including the teenagers, you will be doing them a disservice as they will not get into the bad situations that they need, to learn things, you will be putting them on their path B...instead, leave them on their path A...within reason. I learned about life the hard way, and it works, the bad things teach you...sometimes. Regarding the hubby, let things stay quiet for some time, give him time and space, to feel his inner self, while you do take time for your own self,then things usually gradually unfolds and you both see your paths more clearly. Which could mean staying together or not, but remember that life is the more precious thing... not relationships. Some people are dependent on relationships to live instead of being dependent on living in order to have many relationships. Can't you love someone else or are you dependent on him for happiness? Happiness comes from within, not from a relationship with anyone...including lovers, children or parents.

  7. Many at Fox, Will, and 31 senators as well, are running from this guy as if he had the plague.

  8. Teeluck, I love your advice, and agree with you completely.

    Thank you.

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  10. The real world includes both the good and the bad. But whatever makes you feel good.

    I keep it simple. Focus, Think, Understand.

    My Blog: deltanism.blogspot.com

    I can see your 'focus' but you can truly open up whole new ways of thinking and viewing this world with 'objectivity.'

    I've noticed that 'objectivity' is lacking with both hard core Conservatives and Liberals alike.

    God is Love, but he is all Just. Good and perfect and must punish any evil. Yet many choose to ignore this.


  11. Lydia,
    We are co-creators with Spirit; and not just with our thoughts, but with our actions in this physical world.
    And so, in addition to the metaphysical methods for achieveing Unity with the Divine Presence of our Being, it is important for us to learn the structure of the creative process.
    So many people on the metaphysical path have no method for developing strategic action plans for creating the results they want, for generating sustainable energy for implementing those plans and following through to completion.
    There is a yin & yang to the path of mastery...
    > Aligning and opening to Spirit to allow your good to happen.
    > And using the structure of the creative process to actively create your desired results.
    This is co-creation.
    And the primary structure of the creative process is to consciously choose your desired result, and also see your current reality very clearly.
    The human system -- subconsciously and spiritually -- responds to the discrepancy between your desired result and your current reality, and begins providing energy, ideas, and a thirst for learning and action.
    And so it is important to describe both your DESIRED RESULT and your CURRENT REALITY to yourself very honestly.
    Many people on the metaphysical path find it difficult to be truly honest about their current reality, but it is so important in the creative process.
    And when we use this structure, of creating the discrepancy in our minds between our chosen desired result and our honestly perceived current reality, the full resource of our system becomes available to us to use in changing our current reality to become or include our desired result.
    In shifting to this creative orientation we truly become co-creators with Spirit.
    To learn more about the structure and method of the creative process, your readers can go to http://www.wheeloflife.liferesultswisdom.com
    I truly believe this active and honest co-creation approach is the way forward for those of us on the spiritual path.