Friday, June 12, 2009



There is one thing I agree with Sarah Palin on: the sexual exploitation of women. Calling women "sluts" or the other degrading terms has got to stop. Referring to women as nothing but body parts de-values us, and it hurts young girls.


Is Sarah Palin exploiting her 14-year-old daughter by dragging her into this whole David Letterman fight. No one brought up Willow or anyone younger EXCEPT the Palins. Is this because they need attention and must always stir up controversy to keep Palin's name in the news?

She is right about women though. I have been mentoring teen girls in our neighborhood and I am distressed at the low self-worth they have (the suicide rate of 10-15 year old girls has skyrocketed) and I'm astounded at the way young girls are treated by their male peers.

Something drastic has to be done.

When I was on "Too Close for Comfort" I was told to put on a bikini and pose in suggestive ways as part of the sales campaign to sell the show. I was too timid and too green to say no. I had to dumb myself down in order to fit into Hollywood. So many stories you will not believe! Coming soon..

Now it seems women are being objectified more than ever. Check back for update including photos.

Right is Left' as Mainstream Denialists Spiral Towards Madness

TPM's Eric Kleefeld offered this 'Deep Thought' gem yesterday:

How long will it be until white supremacists claim that the shooting at the Holocaust Museum never happened?

But it's not just the fringe extremist wingnuts we need to worry about. The mainstreamers seem to be going over a similar cliff of late, now arguing that James von Brunn, the Obama-hating, Rush Limbaugh-loving, neo-Nazi accused gunman from Holocaust Museum assassination is lefty!!

A "lefty" - a Democrat, advocates for peace, environment, diplomacy, equal rights, (gay rights, civil rights, women's rights) homeless veterans, education, public services - all the things that build up a nation. If everyone is thriving, crime and unemployment go down. Everyone must be given the tax breaks that giant corporations get, or the tax breaks must trickle down. But they never have trickled down as the CEOs keep all the money at the top.

James von Brunn, the Obama-hating, Rush Limbaugh-loving, neo-Nazi accused gunman from Holocaust Museum assassination is a right-wing fascist extremist.

Left wing "extremists" make movies, not war.


Has anyone seen the freaky 'PRISTIG COMMERCICAL FOR DEPRESSION? he woman gazing at the weird walking doll like a Stepford wife in a trance? And the bizarre music?!