Wednesday, July 08, 2009


This is before the blink... when they were sweet:

I blinked and my kids were in puberty. I was too busy for a few minutes and they went from being sweet 10 and 11 year olds to obnoxious jerks!! I wish I had savored the sweet phase a little longer.

Regarding Sarah Palin, I think maybe she woke up in the nick of time and realized her blind ambition was destroying her family.

I am viewing her decision as a mother would. With so many people in the public eye dying lately, it brings home the point that life is too short to waste a moment at a job you despise if it is taking you away from your children and the things you love. I believe a parent with a stressful job can ruin children's lives more than being unemployed. I would rather do with less, and spend quality time with my family — than work long hours earning a lot of money. Time is not replaceable, nor is peace of mind and health.

At Max's Barmitzvah. Everyone is 13, except for me. I'm 12.

Charity King: Michael Jackson Holds Guiness World Record

I have always adored Michael Jackson and want to mention that he was in the As the world continues to mourn the loss of a great artist, the Basham and Cornell Radio Show! Guiness World Record book remembers Michael Jackson instead as the king of charity.

The Millenium issue listed the music legend under Most Charities Supported By A Pop Star, with a staggering 39 international organizations including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society. Those are only the known ones however, as Jackson was also prone to giving away impulsively and anonymously.

Jackson had been known to hand over the proceeds from concerts to local charities and hospitals as he did with the History tour in Bombay, or donate personal items for auction to organisations like UNESCO. It’s been estimated he may have given up to $500 million to charity in his lifetime.
Jolly Guinness World Record h

I get a kick out of this picture. I love Chris McDonald! Look at how cute his face is!

Lydia Cornell, Chris McDonald, Antonia Bennett (Tony Bennett's daughter); Lindsay Clubine from Deal or No Deal; and pop artist Steve Kaufman. The Mrs. USA judges together in Vegas.


In this photo at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas having dinner with Uncle Lou Tabat and Aunt Annie Tabat. Uncle Lou is 88, and is the former Constable of Las Vegas and retired boxing judge (Ali, Frasier, etc.) We love Uncle Lou and Annie!


UPDATE ON THE Basham and Cornell Radio Show!

To all our fans, sorry for the delay in letting you know that we had a family emergency and are on hiatus for July and August. We will be back in the fall, bigger and better than ever!

The Basham and Cornell Show broadcasts weekday mornings at 8 am Pacific (11 a.m. Eastern) on KLAV 1230 AM Radio live in Las Vegas. Again, all shows are simulcast worldwide on the Internet (and archived) and can be listened to at Basham and Cornell Radio


  1. Um will next time you wanna lie about Lyndon Johnson and the Gulf of Tonkin;

    Exclusive: McNamara deceived LBJ on Tonkin

    As usual the FACTS and widdle will never seem to meet up.

  2. The buck stops where? So, does this mean that Johnson allowed his administration to be "hijacked" (reference to Eisenhower and the Dulles Brothers)? And, really, if it was such as bad deception (as it apparently was), why didn't L.B.J. fire the miserable/sorry bastard's ass? He didn't. He kept him on til '67, for Christ!!!

  3. It appears, folks, that L.B.J. (similar to George W. Bush) allowed his administration (not to mention the country as a whole) to be hijacked by the zealots in his midst. Man, does that ever suck (in that, yes, tens of thousands of people can lose their lives) when that happens.

  4. Beautiful children, Lydia. It's easy to understand why you smile so frequently.

  5. Blogger Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

    The buck stops where? So, does this mean that Johnson allowed his administration to be "hijacked""

    NO.........wrong AGAIN Will.........LBJ didnt ALLOW his administration to be hijacked he was one of the key players doing the hijacking, and a fellow travelor with the military industrial complex, the oil men, and the wall street and banking elite.

    Outside of GWB and Nixon LBJ was probably the WORST president we've had since WW2........his excessive and reckless spending lead to the raging inflation, economic weakness and stagflation that Jimmy Carter took the blame for.

  6. Great pictures Lydia......but you forgot to post before and after pics

  7. In other words will LBJ was a piece of crap but like GWB a war mongering piece of crap that knew how to ram key legislation Bill Maher said Obama could learn something from pieces of crap like LBJ and GWB instead of spewing the pie in the sky bi=partisan crap he's been spewing.

  8. I was putting it in the form of a question, Mike (Clif seems to want to exonerate L.B.J.). I actually agree with you completely. Your bottom 3 are my bottom 3.

  9. Once again dimwitted Mike tries
    to revise history with his undying
    admiration for the slug Jimmy Carter.
    Mike has got to be one of the
    three or four people on earth who
    think the peanut farmer was anything other then the failure that he in fact was.
    Carter was the worst president of the 20th century,hands down,no contest.If not how can anyone justify him losing in a landslide
    after one term.If the american voters were indeed that stupid how did they elect Clinton,Bush and Obama?
    Mike,get off that horse,Carter was an ignorant fool.

  10. Notice in his first comment the concern troll asks a question, and in the second comment he states the question as if it was a fact,

    That is classic concern trolling in action by a closeted reich-winger,

    ... widdle will come outa de closet.

    Admit your inner reich-wing, most everyone already sees it.

  11. Clif seems to want to exonerate L.B.J.

    wrong again closet boy;

    I just posted a historical fact to show ya LBJ wasn't the person spinnin' the facts back then.

    (Like Cheney tried to force people to do)

    But keep a lyin' closet boy, it is one of the best concern trollin' tricks you got left ..........

  12. Blogger Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

    I was putting it in the form of a question, Mike (Clif seems to want to exonerate L.B.J.). I actually agree with you completely. Your bottom 3 are my bottom 3."

    Remember this day Will..........its a hstoric moment that we both agree!

  13. Slither back under your Rock crusty you you inbred bootlicking right wing moron!

  14. Like I said, Clif, 1) L.B.J. was the actual President back then and 2) he never fired that miserable McNamara. Add to that the fact that I've never once heard you critize L.B.J. and, well, you get the picture.

  15. I'm a concern troll one minute, a right-wing troll the next, and an attention-seeker the one after that. Man, I wish you'd just make up your mind there, Gomer.

  16. All three, an attention seeking concern troll channeling his closeted real persona.

    Damn are you dense.

  17. Sorta like the just log cabin repubies if ya ask me.

  18. Carter was the worst president of the 20th century,hands down,no contest.If not how can anyone justify him losing in a landslide
    after one term.

    You frigging idiot. You are way past too stupid to take seriously, and so I don't. There were a lot of little problems back in the later 1970s that were leftovers from your idol, Nixon. Sort of like the problems we're dealing with NOW are leftovers from your Lord and Savior, and his teacher, Saint Ronnie.

  19. New definitions in the Urban Dictionary;

    "Pullin' a Palin,"

    1. Quitting when the going gets tough; abandoning the responsibility entrusted to you by your neighbors for book advances and to make money on the lecture circuit.

    2. Bizarre move that will damn ambitions for higher office.

    Not to be confused with;

    Pull a Palin

    To avoid answering questions directly because you don't know the answer, or you don't want the person to talking to knowing the real answer, and talking about another subject you do know something about, or something to flatter or distract the other person, instead. Also resorting to speaking in talking points, folksy colloquialisms, or buzz words to avoid answering questions while trying to look like you know what you're talking about and to keep from having to give an honest or valid answer.
    "I didn't do any research for my oral report on raising chickens so I pulled a Palin and started talking about how to make fried chicken."

    "I knew that car salesman was full of crap when he pulled a Palin on every question I asked about the car. The last straw was when I asked him about gas mileage and he just said, 'Little lady, I can tell you all day about how few times you'll need to take this pony to the trough but we ought to close the barn door on it before some eagle eye rustles it up from ya. Why don't we just talk about it in the office while I get the papers ready' I ran as fast as I could.

    "When I asked my boyfriend about the rumor he was doing gay porn, he pulled a Palin and mumbled something about my friends trying to pull a smear campaign."

    "If he asks you what you were doing afternoon, pull a Palin and talk about your new car and how cute his kids are."

    That sorta compliments the Sanford offering of last month;

    Hikin' the Appalachian Trail

    Cheating on your wife or girlfriend, especially if in the process of cheating, you disappear for a few days and say you are going someplace where it is impossible to be reached. Can also be used on a woman to say that she's cheating.

    Same meaning as the other two entries here at "Hiking in Appalachia" and "Hiking in the Appalachian Mountains", except that that "hikin' the Appalachian Trial" sounds better.
    guy 1: "Where's Dave? I thought he he was going to play golf with us today."

    guy 2: "He told his wife he had to work the weekend, but I think he's hikin' the appalachian trail. He was flirting all week with that new chick in accounting"


    guy 1: "Where has your girlfriend been lately?"
    guy 2: "I dumped her ass! Caught her hikin' the appalachian trail, and that was it for that slut!"

    Given the current revelations about the graft and payola for dippin' his joystick in somebody else's wife, along with the parents paying the bribes for covering it all up, it seems like Ensign is a wantin' his own personal page also.

  20. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Artfull Dodger a true jamook
    chimes in with another of his insightful comments.In this idiots
    eyes there has never been an
    unsuccessfull democratic president...any problem they had were caused by the republican in office prior to them.I'm guessing
    the complete failure of Obies
    stimulus package is the fault of someone else....I'm gonna take a
    wild stab and say Bush.
    Artfull,you should truck on back to that "popular" hate blog of yours.You really are an ignorant
    small person.

  21. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Artfull feels todays problems are a direct result of Reagan.I'm sure the fool was huffing paint prior to making that comment.There can be no other explanation.Well,of course he could be getting signals from the mother ship through his tin foil hat.

  22. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I hide as anonymous of course because otherwise my moderate cover would be blown.

  23. I'm a member of the pro gay-marriage/anti-war wing of the right-wing movement.Of course, while we may small in number, we more than make up for it in tenacity. LOL

  24. Only 10% of my postings are done here. The other 90% are done either on my blog or on other blogs. Now, please, keep in mind what Oliver Stone Jr. is saying here. He's literally saying that I waste 90% of my time being one thing - THIS, only to hide (from him) my real identity, WHICH ONLY HAPPENS TO COME OUT HERE!!!! And, AGAIN, I didn't even know that Cliffy existed until April 2008. Un-be-friging-leivable!!

  25. Anonymous8:22 PM

    who is oliver stone jr?

  26. Anonymous8:24 PM

    it looks like ur talking to urself dude

  27. Anonymous8:26 PM

    like one of those crazy people u see at the grocery store just like ranting at no body

  28. Sarah Palin is campaigning for Democrats.

  29. I think she should do a talk-show, Lydia. I mean, think about it. Even the folks who hate her are fascinated by her. The ratings would be enormous, I think. Hell, I'd probably watch it at first(yes, Clif, I find her extremely hot - sue me).

  30. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Will cheney be indicted?

    Will cheney be frog marched to prison?

    stay tuned

    same bat time

    same bat channel

  31. If you watch the low-brow news programs and entertainment shows, it's embarrassing for America. We sound like a bunch of idiots. No one reads books, we seem like a nation consumed by 7th grade values: who's hot, who's thin, who's popular, tit for tat, who said a wrong word.

    I just can't believe how dumbed down our country is.

    I copied this a while ago from a very smart blog:
    "I will never understand how anyone can advocate war or gun use and still call themselves a Christian. Anyone in the Bible Belt who is pro-war and pro-gun or who thinks life is in a piece of fetal tissue is the opposite of a Christian.

    Talk about focusing on the letter and not the spirit!

    They have completely ignored Christ, and in fact, they've left Christ out of Christianity altogether!

    They go by the Old Testament, which is an eye-for-an eye Mosaic law.

    How sick that these people didn't bother to understand the New Law that Christ came to give us: the Beatitudes, the law of love and forgiveness and redemption in the New Testament.

    It's insane. Why do we let them blather at all? They should not be allowed to be taken seriously the way they act like the Serpent/Satan and turn every thing into its opposite. They say up is down. That is the lie of the serpent.

    How dare these circus freaks like Rush Limbaugh try to paint Sotomayor as the racist!! THEY TWIST THE TRUTH EXACTLY THE OPPOSIT OF REALITY.

    Chris Matthews said: Not all Republicans are Klansmen, right-wing terrorists and racists, but all Klansmen, racists and right-wing terrorists are Republicans.

    Sorry I have to rant about this but extreme right-wing "Christians" and political greed mongers in this category are the very pharisees who crucified Christ. They are petty, superficial, not at all deep or intelligent or caring. They don't understand anything about Christianity: they judge, wreak vengeance on their fellow man and hurt every good thing in the world including our planet Earth.

    Right-wing fundamentalists are not Christian. It's time to take back the word Christian. These people are going to be the first in hell, if there is such a place.

    They have no faith. Faith means you trust God and have no fear.

  32. Anonymous6:08 PM

    I have no fear

    I also think Chris Mathews is a cool dude.

  33. Anonymous6:10 PM

    You speak the truth about Christianty being twisted by buffoons like rush limbaugh.

  34. The main point I was tyring to make is they are calling Sotomayor a racist, but they are the ones obsessed by her race! They twist everything to a lie. Very evil type of politics.

  35. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Thats beem "right wing" politics as usual for the last 100 years.

    Just like the nazis they lie and accuse their opponents of being exactly what they truly are.

  36. There goes another RNC daily talking point LIE;

    Ex-CIA agent: Zubaydah waterboarded before DoJ memos approved

    So they broke the law before they rewrote the rules to break the Geneva convention.

    And GOPers will continue to lie and deceive us about it.

  37. Remember when David Letterman made a JOKE about Palin's 18 year old daughter, and the GOPer paste eaters lied who the joke was actually about then went batsh*t crazy over it.

    Screeching 24 - 7 until David apologist twice?

    .... well they are hypocrites of the first order;

    Freepers refuse to apologize for calling Malia Obama 'a typical street whore'

    But then again we already knew that.

    BTW not a peep outa the reich-wing or concern trolls about this one;


    Although they all could pile on Letterman and even his wife who didn't do anything ....

    ..... freakin' low class hypocrites to the bitter end it seems.

  38. Any poster who would refer to an 11 year-old child as a "whore" is beneath contempt. Nobody in his right mind would ever defend that, Clif. As for Letterman, I think a few more people saw what he said. And he NEVER apologized for the "slutty flight attendant look". I mean, not only did he lambast Palin on that one. He insulted an entire group of hard-working Americans.

  39. Yo dipshit saying slutty flight attendant look is NOT the same as saying flight attendants are slutty you freakin IDIOT

    Normal straw-man argument destroyed

    Now moron, try conflating the two again;

    BTW how about YOUR personal trashing of Mrs Letterman numbskull?

    To wit;

    widdle will shows what a hypocrite he really is

    Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

    "Probably because he "knocked up" that beauty queen of a girlfriend of his. I don't think I'd be very happy about THAT situation, either. LOL"

    Can you explain why you had to drag Mrs letterman into this?

    What did she actually do to deserve your hypocritical judgement son?

    Or are you are just that shallow?

    ..... and such a putz that the surface image is all YOU ever see in a person,

    seems so,

    given the crap you write in your word salads.

  40. Thats been "right wing" politics as usual for the last 100 years.

    Just like the nazis they lie and accuse their opponents of being exactly what they truly are.

    You are exactly correct. It's called "projection," and we see the local troll brigade engage in it every day.

    It doesn't matter. We understand them for who and what they are, and all of the strawmen they set up and tear down can't change their essence, nor can it fool even one sentient being.

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