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M*A*S*H Star Mike Farrell on our Show plus SPIRITUAL ARCHITECTURE

Quote of the Day: “If there isn't deep integrity and fundamental character strength, the challenges of life will cause true motives to surface and human relationship failure will replace short-term success." —Stephen R. Covey

One of the most inspiring stories of 2008: 'Good Samaritan' saves crying woman's foreclosed home (from But first some infuriating things my husband said that weren't so funny while they were happening...

Spiritual architecture

My husband and I went to a sports bar to watch the last Packer game of the season on Sunday. We had so much fun — but we have the goofiest relationship. Paul hates it when I use big words; he always wants me to act like a dumb blonde. So when the waitress came over to take our order I happened to be telling him an idea for a chapter in my book called "Spiritual Architecture" he got really embarrassed and told me to please not use intelligent words like that. "It might make the waitress uncomfortable," he said.

WTF?? Was he implying the waitress was stupid? No. What he meant was that he wanted me to fit into the Neanderthal crowd. Usually I have to use very pornographic language just to get his attention.

When we fight, we are talking to each other's wounds...not to each other. We fight over who’s being nicer. We strangle each other over who is doing the Golden Rule better. This reminds me of my favorite line from Dr. Strangelove: “You can’t fight in here, this is the War Room!”

By the way, when I first met my husband I was shocked at how much TV he watched. And it was always some celebrity tabloid show featuring the flavor of the month. I asked him, “Don’t you think we’re too obsessed with celebrities in this culture? He just stared at the TV and said, “No, it’s educational.”

My big question is, why am I experiencing life with this particular person? Oh yeah, according to Bob Lancer -- the purpose of marriage is to learn compassion!

So I asked him, “Tell me how, how is it educational to learn how many belly-button rings or mansions Britney Spears has? I think this is making us a nation of covetous, jealous, greedy, panicky zombies.”

He wouldn't answer. He was zoned out staring at the TV, and didn't hear me.

Over Christmas, my sister and I were going through all our old record albums, LPs. I have all the original Beatles, Jethro Tull ('Benefit' is the best, especially the song 'Sossity!') Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues, ELP, The Band, Zephyr, Fleetwood Mac ('Mystery to Me' - my favorite before Buckingham-Nicks came along...) We were reminiscing about how much fun it was to put the needle into the groove of the record, even if it would scratch the record. There was something so solid about “playing a record” on an actual turntable.

I began to think about the way we are becoming less material and more digital. Doing away with cumbersome record players, cassettes, and even CDs. We are becoming "thought" -- one mind. We are able to communicate and almost think directly to each other over computer signals and “text” messages – which is like grabbing words out of thin air.

Think of the invisible notes of music or the invisible numbers of mathematics. There is a divine harmony underlying everything. Everything is beauty and harmony. The physical picture is not the real story. Kind of like the inner software in a computer — the substance, the meat. Everything else is just temporary packaging. What's real is what's inside. The invisible.

Speaking of music, our kids blew our minds on New Years Eve. We took them to a party and they sat down at the piano and played the entire night. Each separately - Kevin, 13 played Cold Play and Muse. Jack, who is 14, played songs from the new Jack's Mannequin album (his favorite band) plus The Pink Panther, Sting and lots of other stuff. Jack wants guitar lessons too. A couple of years ago, I couldn't get them to even consider piano lessons. Now they each have a Yamaha in their rooms and they compose music everyday! You can plug in your laptop and compose as it creates sheet music.

My father was a violinist, my sister is a composer who wrote a new theme song for Extreme Home Makeover (and a major Gospel Choir is singing her composition!!) and my younger brother, who died a few years ago, was a prodigy with perfect pitch.
New Year's Resolutions

In 2009 I am going to try to be less sensitive. I am so sensitive I feel sorry for that little depressed egg bobbing around in the “Depression” commercial…

I am so sensitive, I cried at the violence in the James Bond movie and then jumped out of the car when my husband said I had “too much compassion." My son Kevin was upset that I reminded him to have a conscience after the movie – that I made him less numb to violence. In other words, I ruined his high... and therefore it’s a bad thing! …???
Jim Bullock put his face on my body when we were signing autographs. Fans actually bought this one: (Jimmy: Sorry you missed our Christmas party and we couldn't make it to your play in KC!)

Epiphany: I woke up on December 1, 2008 out of the ether and realized I was depressed. Usually I light a candle on this sad day, but I had even forgotten to call my mother — as it is the anniversary of my brother's death. I picked up Eckhardt Tolle's bestseller "A New Earth: Awakening to your Life's Purpose" and randomly turned to a page at the back, which said that the only times we are unhappy are when we are looking backward or forward — in other words, when we are not living in the present moment: RIGHT NOW. Right now, nothing bad is happening. It is only when we live in the past and future that we feel pain.

The book said that we must wake up and fully enjoy the present moment - be fully conscious and look at the joy we can create by being grateful for the tiniest thing. We must also see what we can do for others, for "Only a life lived for others is worth living." I realized I had two kids in the house who needed me -- and one in particular was in a lot of pain, hobbling around after his bone surgery, with his foot bent in a crooked position. He needed me to be in good spirits, to really care about him (which I always do, but sometimes I am focused on my own deadlines and projects and fear -- that I forget to "feel his pain." So I got up and made his breakfast with so much love. Then I made his lunch and put a note in it. Then I got his shoes and rubbed his feet with Tiger Balm. Then I offered to drive him to school. He was so grateful that I lifted his burdens for the morning. My whole world changed from this simple committtment to "stay in the present moment" and stay out of my head (it's a bad neighborhood.) Stay out of worry and fear -- for they are not real and do not exist. Only the GOOD is real.

M*A*S*H Star Mike Farrell was live on our show Thursday. Listen in the audio archives at Basham and Cornell Radio Show

Mike is best known for his role as Captain B.J. Hunnicutt on the popular television series M*A*S*H (1975–83). He is also a prominent progressive, political activist.

Mike narrates the new film, "The Life Penalty," which will screened at the British Film Festival Los Angeles, which takes place May 3rd thru' May 8th in Redondo Beach, California. Why does the United States rank with China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Vietnam in executions?

Support for ‘death’ centers in the former slave states, and “who must die” is not a question of justice, but of politics. Casting a revelatory and often uncomfortable light on the US justice system, The Life Penalty shakes the ethical and moral foundations of capital punishment.

Basham and Cornell Radio Show airs at 8 am Pacific Time on AM 1230 KLAV in Las Vegas and worldwide on the web.

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Listen to our recent interview with legendary White House Press Correspondent HELEN THOMAS in the archives on our radio website. THIS IS AN AMAZING INTERVIEW. Helen Thomas has covered every president since John F. Kennedy. Barack is her 10th. She flew on Air Force One with JFK and has been in the front row of the White House press room with ten U.S. presidents. She served for fifty-seven years as a correspondent and, later, White House bureau chief for United Press International (UPI) for 25 years.

Thomas was the first female officer of the National Press Club, the first female member and president of the White House Correspondents Association, and, in 1975, the first female member of the Gridiron Club. She has written four books; her latest is Watchdogs of Democracy?: The Waning Washington Press Corps and How It Has Failed the Public.

The Basham and Cornell Show broadcasts weekday mornings at 8 am Pacific (11 a.m. Eastern) on KLAV 1230 AM Radio live in Las Vegas. Again, all shows are simulcast worldwide on the Internet (and archived) and can be listened to at Basham and Cornell Radio

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Ways we can all help: I was devastated by the news that California is cutting hot lunches from schools, firing teachers, closing down arts and music programs and closing several public schools. I started Googling Food Banks and supplemental programs to see which non-profits can pick up the slack. Some churches in under-privileged communities offer after-school snacks and places to hang out. Think about ways in your community in which you can mentor a young person who is having a hard time in school, or doesn't have enough to eat. Join the Boys' Club or your neighborhood YMCA.

Found this on
This just sounds funny: “This week, Yahoo announced a deal with Bebo that will help it compete with Google. I had to wiki Bebo to find out it’s kind of like Friendster and Woofie. Gosh, I hope they can all band together to save Fuzzelton village from the evil Snords. Grow up. If I want to see uncaring, money-making machines with cutesy names, I go to a strip club.”

Dick Cheney: Through the Cracked Moral Compass, Darkly
by Brian Ross HuffPo

Should it be surprising that Dick Cheney, the guy who is the chief architect of the morally and ethically bankrupt Bush Administration policies on everything from the Iraq War to torture to padding Halliburton's pockets to shipping jobs overseas to the gelding of the media now wants to use his Fox News mouthpiece to try and spin a positive light on his misdeeds in office? It is as if he is daring the Obama Administration to put him on trial. The question is, why?
Read more at:

Flashback: CHENEY'S HALLIBURTON/KBR WAR PROFITEERS: Dick Cheney's Haliburton influence during the Bush administration: Apparently, no-bid contracts awarded to Halliburton skyrocketed, enriching the oil giant by billions.

"Halliburton's CEO also enjoyed an incredible personal gain from Iraq and the commensurate rise in gasoline prices. A HalliburtonWatch analysis reveals that CEO David Lesar's stock holdings in Halliburton increased by a stunning $78 million since the Iraq invasion."

Now, a bribery conviction spurs call to terminate KBR contracts.

BREAKING: Could former Bush administration cabinet members like Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Alberto Gonzales face charges that could result in prison terms or worse? A new report from the Senate Armed Services Committee — of which John McCain is a member — says there is growing proof that Bush Senior officials ordered torture, inhumane treatment of prisoners, and other criminal abuses...

Trickle-Down Torture: Rumsfeld Memo Used to Justify Torture in Gitmo, Afghanistan and Iraq
By Susie Madrak

WASHINGTON — A newly declassified Congressional report released Tuesday outlined the most detailed evidence yet that the military’s use of harsh interrogation methods on terrorism suspects was approved at high levels of the Bush administration.

The report focused solely on interrogations carried out by the military, not those conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency at its secret prisons overseas. It rejected claims by former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and others that Pentagon policies played no role in harsh treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq or other military facilities.

The 232-page report, the product of an 18-month inquiry, was approved on Nov. 20 by the Senate Armed Services Committee, but has since been under Pentagon review for declassification. Some of the findings were made public in a Dec. 12 article in The New York Times; a spokesman for Mr. Rumsfeld dismissed the report at the time as “unfounded allegations against those who have served our nation.”

The Senate report documented how some of the techniques used by the military at prisons in Afghanistan and at the naval base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, as well as in Iraq — stripping detainees, placing them in “stress positions” or depriving them of sleep — originated in a military program known as Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape, or SERE, intended to train American troops to resist abusive enemy interrogations.

According to the Senate investigation, a military behavioral scientist and a colleague who had witnessed SERE training proposed its use at Guantánamo in October 2002, as pressure was rising “to get ‘tougher’ with detainee interrogations.” Officers there sought authorization, and Mr. Rumsfeld approved 15 interrogation techniques.

The report showed that Mr. Rumsfeld’s authorization was cited by a United States military special-operations lawyer in Afghanistan as “an analogy and basis for use of these techniques,” and that, in February 2003, a special-operations unit in Iraq obtained a copy of the policy from Afghanistan “that included aggressive techniques, changed the letterhead, and adopted the policy verbatim.”

Months later, the report said, the interrogation officer in charge at Abu Ghraib obtained a copy of that policy “and submitted it, virtually unchanged, through her chain of command.” This ultimately led to authorization by Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez of the use of stress positions, “sleep management” and military dogs to exploit detainees’ fears, the report said.

“The paper trail on abuse leads to top civilian leaders, and our report connects the dots,” Senator Carl Levin, Democrat of Michigan, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said on Tuesday in a conference call with reporters. “This report, in great detail, shows a paper trail going from that authorization” by Mr. Rumsfeld “to Guantánamo to Afghanistan and to Iraq,” Mr. Levin said.

Dave N.: Suzanne Ito reports reaction from the Senate, including Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich:

In my judgment, the report represents a condemnation of both the Bush administration’s interrogation policies and of senior administration officials who attempted to shift the blame for abuse — such as that seen at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, and Afghanistan — to low ranking soldiers. Claims, such as that made by former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz that detainee abuses could be chalked up to the unauthorized acts of a “few bad apples,” were simply false.

....The abuses and the dangers do not end with the torture memos. Americans still know far too little about President Bush’s decision to illegally eavesdrop on Americans — a program that has since been given legal cover by the Congress.


Harman begins to backtrack denials of wiretap story
John Byrne -- Wednesday April 22, 2009

The California Democrat who was allegedly caught on an FBI wiretap promising to aid accused Israeli spies in 2005 has begun walking back her original denials after requesting the transcript of the wiretapped conversation be released.

Pelosi tipped off to wiretap after intelligence mutiny
John Byrne -- Thursday April 23, 2009

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was told that a fellow Democratic congresswoman had been wiretapped because intelligence officials were irate that then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had blocked a probe into the congresswoman's involvement related to an Israeli espionage case, CQ's Jeff Stein revealed late Wednesday.

Holder says 'no one is above the law' as calls for special prosecutor mount
Jeremy Gantz -- Wednesday April 22, 2009
Hours after being presented with more than a quarter million signatures demanding that he appoint a special independent prosecutor to investigate Bush-era torture practices, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday that "no one is above the law" and that his department would "follow the evidence."

Fox anchor: 'This is America! We do not f---ing torture'
David Edwards and John Byrne -- Thursday April 23, 2009
Fox News' Online Webcast

Quote of the Day: "Reagan proved deficits don't matter. We won the midterms, this is our due." - Dick Cheney

So why, Mr. Cheney, are you attacking Obama for a the deficit you helped create that you are now blaming on Obama?

From TPM: "I mean...long before 9-11, Cheney laid out the plans to invade Iraq, detailing the locations of Iraq's oil fields in the infamous Energy Task Force memos. A founding member of PNAC. The CEO of Halliburton, who, during his tenure, not only sold Saddam $26 million worth of illegal oil drilling equipment, but oversaw their Enron-style hiding of $100 million worth of debt from the books, their auditors and their stockholders. He bought Grace, CO, which was then under siege by dozens of lawsuits for asbestos poisoning of entire Montana cities, and then as VP, conveniently muscled through legislation limiting said asbestos lawsuit claims. All aside the obvious no-bid contracts to his former company while his stock was held in a so-called 'blind trust'.

Finally, this is the man who directed George W. Bush's Vice President search team, and found the one man who could satisfy his discerning viewpoints perfectly - himself.

BOMBSHELL #2: from Senate Armed Services Committee report: Bush torture team ordered the abuse of detainees to manufacture a link between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 attacks. But despite their failure to do so, President Bush and his water carriers continue to perpetuate that myth to this day.


  1. Very simple, apply the law, and if people committed war crimes they should be tried,

    Justice is supposed to be blind,

    So we can't use claims of national security or some supposed faux patriotism to prevent the full weight of justice for any War Criminals.

    We demanded the same for the criminals at Nuremberg and Japanese, so we should demand the same here.

    Otherwise we aren't the people we claim to be.

  2. EXACTLY put all the cards on the table give these evil more a fair trial which is MORE than they CLAIMED others deserved then if they are found guilty they NEED to be held accountable........and since CHENEY admits even brags about his torturing policys it seems like an open and shut case.

  3. We said over and over again over the last 4 years that the Bush cronnies were spying on people to blackmail them and they were torturing and EVERYTHING we have said has proven true...........have you noticed how almost everytime a person regardless of whether they were a repug or democrat spoke out against or opposed the Bush syndicate on a key vote the almost always reversed course and fell right into line with the Bush War Criminals JUST LIKE THEY WERE BEING BLACKMAILED..........i've pointed this out numerous times over the last several years and now we have MORE evidence this was true with Harmon.

  4. Yes, and Jane Harmon was blackmailed.

    Does anyone know the details of this case?

  5. Does anyone know the details of this case?Here is a good rundown of what happened, and possibly who and why.

    She doesn't appear to be near as innocent as she originally claimed.

    Possibly might even have to resign in the end, because she might have committed criminal actions herself, when she got caught in a wiretap against an Israeli agent.

  6. Thanks Clif. But what about Alberto Gonzales?

  7. Murphy Now Ahead By 401 Votes In NY-20.

    Sources say Tedisco concession likely.

    Paging Micheal Steele,

    Paging Micheal Steele,

    Ya'll lost another one,

    Get ready to kiss limpballs FAT posterior,

    To try to save your job for a while longer.

    Paging Micheal Steele,

    Ya'll lost another one ....

  8. AHH..........the gift that just KEEPS giving...........keep on keeping on repuggies!

  9. Hey Mikey!

    I was in your neck of the woods yesterday. Very pretty country.

    Had to pick up some stuff at one of our suppliers in Bryan.

  10. NY-20 Tedisco concedes! Has the Michael Steele Watch begun?.

    Paging Micheal Steele,

    Paging Micheal Steele,

    Ya'll lost another one,

    Get ready to kiss limpballs FAT posterior,

    To try to save your job for a while longer.

    Paging Micheal Steele,

    Ya'll lost another one ....

    .... Senator Al will be seated also .....

  11. Blogger Voltron said...

    Hey Mikey!

    I was in your neck of the woods yesterday. Very pretty country.

    Had to pick up some stuff at one of our suppliers in Bryan."

    Hey did you stay over night or grab a backhaul and hit the road right away...........if you stayed overnight i probably could have met you for dinner or a beer i'm not that far from Bryan.

  12. No, it was an emergency. We needed some parts right away.

    I left here at 12:00pm on Wednesday and spent the night in Texarkana.
    Got up at 7:00am Thursday drove down and picked up at 1:30pm and got back here at 6:30 this morning.

    From thursday I drove about 1300 miles in 23 hours! (don't tell the

  13. I did take quite a few 2 lane highways to get there from Texarkana though, there doesn't seem to be a good direct route there.

  14. Couldn't happen to a slimier neo-nazi;

    Former KKK leader detained in Prague3 years in a Czech prison, sounds too good fur him.

  15. They finally catch Robert Byrd?

  16. yeah thats some nice country from Kentucky down to Texas, particularly this time of year the 65 is a nice highway.

  17. No numbnuts, David Duke, damn can't ya read son?

  18. Actually Clif, that's pretty weak.

    As much as I despise Duke, I don't think anyone should be thrown in prison for a belief or opinion.

  19. Well I stayed on the interstates all the way to Texarkana, but from there I went south on US 59, west on I-20, south on US 259 and 79, south on I-45, then south on Texas 190.

    Lots of hills and curves all beautifully tree lined...

  20. Sorry their law, not ours,

    We demand people who come to this country to obey our laws, then he should have obeyed theirs,

    Hope they give him the max.

    He is a reich wing turd from way back. He knows you cannot deny the holocaust in Most European countries, but decided like most reich wingers and republican'ts laws don't apply to them;

    From thursday I drove about 1300 miles in 23 hours! (don't tell the you son.

  21. David Duke got arrested. Wow!

    Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy. While I agree a person shouldnt be arrested for opinions - I also dont live in the Czech Republic. Like Clif said, you have to obey the laws where you are.

  22. Oh and Cliffy,

    It's pretty unfair to call Duke a "reich winger".

    Most "reich winger"s are colorblind.

    People who place labels on others and categorize them into groups to be dealt with are called "liberals".

    AND I think if you look at it historically, most KKK members were Democrats.

  23. It's pretty unfair to call Duke a "reich winger".

    No it is not, him being a registered republican't who held office as a republican't, and was a card carrying member of the KKK in Dehnam Springs Louisiana, he is the epidamy of a "reich winger".

    Most "reich winger"s are colorblind.

    Sorry but they definitely are not colorblind, otherwise their hate filled messages wouldn't work.

    They knew why Reagan went to Philadelphia, Mississippi, and Jim Jones U to start his 1980 campaign, they knew why states rights was more about stopping true equality then a constitutional issue, they know the republican't arguments about voting fraud is not a legal argument but an slimy attempt to stop people not of the proper european right leaning christian ideology from winning ....... they are not colorblind at all.

    AND I think if you look at it historically, most KKK members were Democrats.

    Sorry duncetron, but those FORMER democrats SWITCHED parties during the late 60's thru the 80's so now they are firmly republican'ts.

    Remember the southern strategy of Nixon specifically designed to get the hate filled Dixiecrats to join forces with the rest of the hate mongers to build a political machine to undermine the real ideals of America?

    Are you intentionally this stupid all the time?

    Oh right, you only play this dumb on the tubes trolling hate and narrowmindeness ................

  24. See duncetron Ronald Reagan (a former democrat), went to Philadelphia Mississippi, on the advise of Trent Lott (a former democrat), to show southern republicans(mostly former democrats) he was with them, a bunch of bigoted right wing republican'ts, who left the party because Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights legislation.

    Doesn't matter most of the political leadership of the new right wing southern republican'ts (all former democrats) the northern republicans helped pass that legislation, people YOU call RINO's and the reich wing has hounded out of the republican't party.

    Cause image and spin has always been more important then the whole truth .... as you use here daily, image and spin over the whole truth.

    So keep a throwin' out your delusional half truths and hounding the remaining RINO's as you call them away, and slither into a smaller more vindictive minority, thunkin' if you chase enough people away you will win again.

    Cause the demographics surely ain't workin' in you delusional clowns favor in the next coupe of decades.

  25. Neocons are former Democrats too. They turned against democracy in a backlash against the 60's -- the Civil Rights movement and the hippies...

  26. "As a matter of fact, the record shows that since 1933 Republicans had a more positive record on civil rights than the Democrats.

    In the 26 major civil rights votes after 1933, a majority of Democrats opposed civil rights legislation in over 80 percent of the votes. By contrast, the Republican majority favored civil rights in over 96 percent of the votes."


    "[Bob] Kerry also maintained that all the Dixiecrats became Republicans shortly after passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, another big lie. Richard Russell, Mendell Rivers, Clinton's mentor William Fulbright, Robert Byrd, Fritz Hollings and Al Gore Sr. remained Democrats till their dying day.

    Most of the Dixiecrats did not become Republicans. They created the Dixiecrats and then, when the civil rights movement succeeded, they returned to the Democratic fold.
    It was not till much later, with a new, younger breed of Southerner and the thousands of Northerners moving into the South, that Republicans began to make gains."


    "In fact, very few party switches came about right after the Civil Rights Act was passed. Some exceptions who did switch were Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms."


    "Kennedy and LBJ understood that a bipartisan coalition of Republicans and Northern Democrats was the key to the bill's final success.

    Remember that the Republicans were the minority party at the time. Nonetheless, H.R.7152 passed the House on Feb. 10, 1964. Of the 420 members who voted, 290 supported the civil rights bill and 130 opposed it.

    Republicans favored the bill 138 to 34; Democrats supported it 152-96. Republicans supported it in higher proportions than Democrats. Even though those Democrats were Southern segregationists, without Republicans the bill would have failed. Republicans were the other much-needed leg of the Civil Rights Act of 1964."
    What you neglect to mention is many of the Dems who DID switch to Republicans did so because they SUPPORTED civil rights, NOT because they were against them.
    They refused to continue to toe the party line.

    Educate yourselves.In the meantime perhaps you can tell me how Robert Byrd and Al Gore's daddy weren't racists.

    Or explain why Dr. King was a Republican...

  27. Lydia Cornell said...

    "Neocons are former Democrats too. They turned against democracy in a backlash against the 60's -- the Civil Rights movement and the hippies..."Hardly, though there are one or two notable exceptions such as David Horrowitz. You should read his article on how his mind was changed. Tammy Bruce has an interesting story too.

    Using that same logic you'd have a harder time explaining why the most ardent supporters of democracy
    are people in the former Soviet bloc countries.

    Maybe they learned something you haven't yet.

  28. "We’re confiscating shampoo from carry-on luggage at airports while at the same time handing out high-powered weaponry to criminals and psychotics at gun shows."

    We must stop gun violence in this country.

    The NRA is unbelievable.

  29. While more than 12,000 people are murdered with guns annually, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (using the latest available data) tells us that more than 30,000 people are killed over the course of one typical year by guns. That includes 17,000 who commit suicide, nearly 800 who are killed in accidental shootings and more than 300 killed by the police. (In many of the law enforcement shootings, the police officers are reacting to people armed with guns).

    And then there are the people who are shot but don’t die. Nearly 70,000 fall into that category in a typical year, including 48,000 who are criminally attacked, 4,200 who survive a suicide attempt, more than 15,000 who are shot accidentally, and more than 1,000 — many with a gun in possession — who are shot by the police.

    The medical cost of treating gunshot wounds in the U.S. is estimated to be well more than $2 billion annually. And the Violence Policy Center, a gun control advocacy group, has noted that nonfatal gunshot wounds are the leading cause of uninsured hospital stays.

    The toll on children and teenagers is particularly heartbreaking. According to the Brady Campaign, more than 3,000 kids are shot to death in a typical year. More than 1,900 are murdered, more than 800 commit suicide, about 170 are killed accidentally and 20 or so are killed by the police.

    Another 17,000 are shot but survive.

    I remember writing from Chicago two years ago about the nearly three dozen public school youngsters who were shot to death in a variety of circumstances around the city over the course of just one school year. Arne Duncan, who was then the chief of the Chicago schools and is now the U.S. secretary of education, said to me at the time: “That’s more than a kid every two weeks. Think about that.”

    Actually, that’s our problem. We don’t really think about it. If the crime is horrible enough, we’ll go through the motions of public anguish but we never really do anything about it. Americans are as blasé as can be about this relentless slaughter that keeps the culture soaked in blood.

    This blasé attitude, this willful refusal to acknowledge the scope of the horror, leaves the gun nuts free to press their crazy case for more and more guns in ever more hands. They’re committed to keeping the killing easy, and we should be committed for not stopping them.

  30. "America is an insanely violent society, and the worst of that violence is made insanely easy by the widespread availability of guns."

    In response to Bob Herbert's brilliant NY Times article "A Culture Soaked in Blood"

    "I have lived most of my life in Japan. Japanese are just as wacky as Americans and there are some pretty horrible murders every year. But, almost no one has access to a gun and these murders require knives or something similar (swords are just as tightly controlled as guns). The result is that only the most determined, angry and psychotic commit a murder because you have to actually club or stab your victim to death. Guns make it far too easy to kill: just pull the trigger and walk away.

    — Victor, Yokohama, Japan

  31. Back in the 70's when hijacking airplanes was the rage, Johnny Carson made a joke during his monologue about how they should pass out guns before boarding, because who could hijack a plane if all the passengers were armed.

    How many of these idiots you read about in the paper would have been able to commit such atrocities if everyone around them had a gun?

  32. Someone once said that "guns make for a polite society".

    Seems to me people would be a lot nicer if at any moment they might have to defend their actions and words with their life.

  33. Ever notice how violent crime rates have DROPPED in every state that passed a concealed carry law?

  34. ""We’re confiscating shampoo from carry-on luggage at airports while at the same time handing out high-powered weaponry to criminals and psychotics at gun shows."What you're decrying here are law abiding citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

    CRIMINALS cannot legally buy guns ANYWHERE. Neither can KNOWN psychotics.

    IF you ban guns, law abiding Americans for the most part will give them up. The true criminals will not.

    Do you think murderers, thieves and gang bangers are going to suddenly say "well shucks, now I have to give up my gun" just because you passed a new law???

    Cops typically arrive at a crime scene after the fact.

    What you would effectively be doing is making law abiding Americans PREY.

  35. Elliott Abrams former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    Richard Perle former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    Frank Gaffney former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    Jeane Kirkpatrick former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    Paul Wolfowitz former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    Doug Feith former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    Strom Thurman former democrat who left because of his racism.

    Jesse Helms former democrat who left because of his racism.

    Phil Gramm former democrat became a republican,

    Floyd Spence former democrat became a republican, because of his racism.

    Albert Watson former democrat became a republican, because of his racism.

    Richard C. Shelby former democrat became a republican,

    John Connelly was a democrat when Kennedy got shot but abandoned the party for the republican'ts before Nixon got elected.

    Sonny Perdue former democrat now republican't

    That is the national politicos, many state politicos also switched, as well as a good majority of the voting public.

    Which were the people Trent Lott wanted Reagan to play to with his announcement in Philadelphia Mississippi where three civil rights workers were murdered in the 1960's shown in the movie Mississippi burning. the racist rednecks Reagan played to KNEW why he was there. States Rights was a code word for racism to them.

    But keep spinnin' yer lies dunce, it is all ya got left.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. And regarding Reagan, David Brooks did an excellent piece in the NYT of all places...

  38. Elliott Abrams
    -not an elected official
    -teenager during the civil rights era

    Richard Perle
    -not an elected official
    -not active during the civil rights era

    Frank Gaffney
    -not an elected official
    -adolescent during the civil rights era

    Jeane Kirkpatrick
    -not an elected official
    -not active during the civil rights era

    Paul Wolfowitz
    -not an elected official
    -not active during the civil rights era

    Doug Feith
    -not an elected official
    -teenager during the civil rights era

    Strom Thurman
    -wow you found one!

    Phil Gramm
    -not active during the civil rights era

    Floyd Spence
    -not in office during the civil rights era

    Albert Watson
    -ok, you found another one

    Richard C. Shelby
    -not active during the civil rights era

    John Connelly
    -can't find anything racist here

    Sonny Perdue
    -teenager during the civil rights era
    -can't find anything racist here

    First Cliffy,

    "States rights" isn't ALWAYS a code for racism. Some people actually believe that the federal government is way too intrusive into the lives of local citizens.

    A lot of the problem was not about racism specifically, but that IF the federal government can do THIS it creates a precedent for OTHER major intrusions into local politics.


    You neglect to mention that quite a few of the above switched parties LONG after the civil rights debate was over. Some decades later.

    Maybe they were just being sneaky, Repubs are like that you know...

  39. AND as far as I can tell, your party is the ONLY one with a former KKK leader as one of it's members...

  40. From which has a good definition:

    "Neo conservatives" are mostly former leftists/liberals who converted to conservatism during the '70's and when Ronald Reagan became President. In domestic policy they tend to be moderate "welfare" Republicans. However, their major concern is foreign policy. They strongly favor US military interventions overseas and becoming the world’s policeman. They promoted the First Iraq War and are constantly the instigators for more confrontation with Iraq, Iran, the Sudan, and other Moslem states.

    Neo conservatives are pro-bombing, pro-empire heavyweight intellectuals who have filled the vacuum on the Right, where most Americans have little interest in foreign policy. They dominate Republican foreign policy because they care about it, whereas most Americans don't. NATO expansion was an example; most Americans don't think about it and don't care. "Neo cons" do.

    Also they heavily influence the Democratic Party from whence they came. They are close to European Social Democrats, many of whom have also now favor pro-interventionist wars, since the collapse of communism.

  41. From an extremely Liberal website in England:

    In contrast to the "old" Conservatives, the Neo conservatives had often come from a liberal Jewish background. Instead of being anti-Semitic, they were rabidly pro-Israel.
    According to an article by Michael Lind in the New Statesman, the Neo conservatives are:-
    "products of the largely Jewish-American Trotskyist movement of the 1930s and 1940s, which morphed into anti-communist liberalism between the 1950s and 1970s and finally into a kind of militaristic and imperial right ."
    James Zogby, the President of the Arab American Institute, defines Neo conservatism thus:-
    "Neo-conservatism is the secular political philosophy that defined the reaction of a group of former liberals to what they felt was the Democratic party's policy of appeasement toward the Soviet Union--most especially the USSR's treatment of its Jewish population and its relations with the Arab world. They were a small but influential group of writers, commentators and government officials."
    This definition is of importance in one respect: it highlights that fact that there are few Neo conservatives who could be defined as original thinkers, they are mainly journalists, media pundits from New York intellectual circles and people from what is sometimes referred to as "official Washington", the people who inhabit Georgetown and the beltway and seek administration places or advisory functions with contractors to government.

  42. AND THE BEST FOR LAST: The Christian Science Monitor, which is an excellent unbiased media, has this:

    Irving Kristol. Widely referred as the “godfather” of Neo conservatism, Mr. Kristol was a part of the “New York Intellectuals”, a group of critics mainly of Eastern European Jewish descent. In the late 1930s, he studied at the City college of New York where he became a Trotskyist. From 1947 to 1952 he was managing editor or Commentary Magazine, later called the “neo con Bible”.
    By the late 1960s, Kristol had shifted from the left to right on the political spectrum, due partly to what he considered excesses and anti-Americanism among Liberals. Kristol built the intellectual framework of Neo conservatism, founding and editing journals such as The Public Interest and The National Interest.
    Kristol is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and author of numerous books, including “Neo-Conservatism: The Autobiography of an idea.” He is the father of the Weekly Standard editor and oft quoted neo conservative William Kristol.

  43. "We have 32 people being murdered by guns every day in this country," said Michael Wolkowitz, a board member of the Brady Center, which lobbies for tighter gun restrictions. "If peanut butter or pistachio nuts or spinach killed that number of people once in one day, they'd be pulled by the [Food and Drug Administration]."

    America is not the same nation I learned to love and respect. I have zero respect for anyone who defends the abberational use of guns in America.

  44. "Hardly, though there are one or two notable exceptions such as David Horrowitz. Elliott Abrams former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    Richard Perle former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    Frank Gaffney former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    Jeane Kirkpatrick former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    Paul Wolfowitz former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    Doug Feith former democrat turned neo-con, republican't

    to which you responded;

    -not an elected official
    -teenager during the civil rights era
    Moving the goal posts again, I see duncetron.

    Two lost elections and a shrinking even more ignorant base, but you still are pushing the same tired old crap.

    Damn are you either a very sick reich wing kool-aid addict or one of the most dishonest trolls I have ever met.

  45. No moving goal posts Cliffy.

    You and I were talking about republicans and civil rights.

    Lydia brought up "neocons", and my David Horowitz reply was to her not you.

  46. (as you SHOULD have noted from my inclusion of her quote)

  47. Lydia said :"I have zero respect for anyone who defends the abberational use of guns in America."

    Hear Hear!

  48. USS INCHON reunion - Welcome back!!

    The shipmates of the USS Inchon (the aircraft carrier I visited on my USO trip to Beirut, Lebanon) laid a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery for one of their lost shipmates and visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as well.

    I was supposed to join them for this reunion, but may catch up with them in Baton Rouge in 2010 for their next one.

    I'll post more photos from our trip to the war zone, shortly before 250 Marines of the 24th MAU were blown to bits by a suicide bomber.

    So tragic.

    USS Inchon (LPH/MCS-12), an Iwo Jima-class amphibious assault ship, was a ship of the United States Navy named for the battle of Inchon, a turning point of the Korean War.

    In October 1982, the Inchon, flagship of Amphibious Squadron 6, relieved the 32d MAU on station in Beirut, Lebanon. For their service, the ships of MARG 3-82 were awarded the Navy Unit Commendation and the Navy Expeditionary Medal.

    ince severe damage occurred to her boiler plant the Navy made the decision at that time to decommission her, rather than repair her. Inchon was decommissioned, 20 June 2002, at NS Ingleside, Texas.

    She was laid up in the Atlantic Reserve Fleet, at Philadelphia, PA. She was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register 24 May 2004 and sunk, on 5 December 2004 at 36°42′30″N 71°40′0″W, in 2,150 fathoms (3.9 km) of water, 207 NM (383 km) east of Virginia Beach, VA.

    On October 19, 2001 the USS Inchon suffered a Class Bravo (fuel oil) fire in the main boiler room while conducting inport steaming for engineering trials and assessments.

    A fuel oil leak had sprung from a faulty gasket on one of the main fuel pumps. This resulted in fuel oil leaking into the bilge. At some unknown point the bilge caught fire most likely a result from filling up underneath the boiler which provided ample heat to ignite.

    The actual cause of the ignition to the fuel oil remains unknown. The entire bilge caught fire, and the space immediately filled with smoke.

    There were nine enlisted sailors operating the space, only eight made it out.

    Petty Officer Third Class Ronnie Joe Palm Jr., age 21, of Houston, succumbed to smoke inhalation just after helping one of his fellow sailors out of the space.

    PO3 Palm had been in the Navy for two years, and was cited for his bravery in the face of the blaze. He was posthumously awarded for his heroism with the highest peacetime honor the Navy could bestow, the Navy and Marine Corps Medal. - Wikipedia

  49. USS INCHON was the last ship in the IWO JIMA class of helicopter carriers.

    USS INCHON was specifically designed to conduct amphibious force landings by providing helicopter support to transport troops and assist in establishing air superiority in the designated landing area.

    Helicopter detachments that embarked aboard INCHON included the CH-53E Super Stallions, CH-46 Sea Knights, UH-1 Hueys and AH-1 Cobras. Additionally, a U. S. Marine Corps Battalion Landing Team (BLT) consisting of 2,000 troops and their equipment, embarked for INCHON's deployments.

    INCHON, the first ship to bear the name, was named in honor of the highly successful historic amphibious landing by General Douglas MacArthur at Inchon, Korea on September 15, 1950.

    I find it so interesting that they sunk her in the Atlantic and there she lays...

    I wonder how many ships as big as steel cities have been laid to rest in our oceans...

  50. I was going to address Dolty's idiotic "racists are all Democrats" claim, but he's said so many stupid things that I feel like a history lesson (something Rushpublican parrots know NOTHING of) is in order.

    Most southern "Democrats" were dems because Lincoln was a Republican. Period. End of discussion. They never did embrace any of the traditional Democratic commitment to civil rights, and anybody who tries to claim that southern dems were dems in anything but name is either completely brain dead, or a liar, or both.

    Furthermore, dolty has to know that the Rushpublican Gopper scum of today would never tolerate people like Wayne Morse, or Everett Dirksen, or even Gerald Ford in their ranks. dolty, who the h*ll do you think you're trying to lecture here with your idiotic, easily debunked Rushpublican radio show material? This is insulting to the intelligence of nearly everyone who posts here.

  51. Duncetron is either stupid or completely dishonest, he made the comment, and I responded with the neo-cons FIRST so he tries to change the subject when his LIE er I mean talking point was shot down.

    I vote for stupidly dishonest.

  52. Volt - you have to admit that saying Klansmen are Democrats is crazy!

    Please explain in the most honest, transparent way, what on earth you are talking about!

    Voltron said...
    Oh and Cliffy,

    It's pretty unfair to call Duke a "reich winger".

    Most "reich winger"s are colorblind.

    People who place labels on others and categorize them into groups to be dealt with are called "liberals".

    AND I think if you look at it historically, most KKK members were Democrats.

    8:05 PM

  53. Okay, okay.
    I will take off the tin-foil hat!

    Who thinks Alex Jones is a wacko?

    Anonymous said...
    The U.S. is waging a "drug war" inside Mexico you know. And most of us hope "we" aren't using biological warfare on the Mexicans.

    What's your opinion as to whether the U.S. is using, or plans to use, swine flue virus in Mexico? - Op-Ed News

  54. Just answer this: who believes the "swine flu", which is a combination of bird, pig and human flu of unknown origin in Mexico - is natural or bio-engineered?

    Is it man-made?

    Just taking a survey.

  55. I asked that very question Friday...........reminds me of SARS and Bird Flu..........wouldnt surprise me a bit if some evil scientist "INVENTED" these flus/viruses to make BIG PROFITS from the cures......JUST LIKE THE SOFTWARE hackers and security theives do.

  56. 50% of Americans think our country is under the right track now under President Obama vs 8% who thought that in October under GWB a 500% me crazy Volky but i think thats more than a coincidence.

    Wonder if the Right Wing demagogues would screech that the 92% of our country that thought we were on the WRONG TRACK under GWB were "Anti-American" and "hated their country"

    LOL..........92% Volt is that a lot..............BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    Keep on becoming more irrelevent!

  57. Swine Flu has been around for over a century,

    Swine influenza virus (referred to as SIV) refers to influenza cases that are caused by Orthomyxoviruses that are endemic to pig populations

    It is what caused the pandemic of 1918, and in 1976, it killed an army recruit at Ft Dix, causing a smaller panic, because the virus which caused his death was shown to be related to the strain that caused the pandemic of 1918.

    The conspiracy theorists will be mentally masturbating all over this, however it is naturally occurring and has existed long before Obama got elected.

    Asia has had more instances, however in crowded places with poverty and large sprawling slums where people and animals live in close proximity the flu viruses of birds and swine come ion close contact daily with humans. The random mutations that evolutions states occurs will sometimes allow transference to human and if the mutation has the correct characteristics, transference between humans also, which seems to be the case here.

    One theory is that Asian and European strains traveled to Mexico in migratory birds or in people, then combined with North American strains in Mexican pig factory farms before jumping over to farm workers. The Mexican health agency acknowledged that the original disease vector of the virus may have been flies multiplying in manure lagoons of pig farms near Perote, Veracruz, owned by Granjas Carroll, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods.No tin foil hat or conspiracy theory needed, just a little biology and understanding of the conditions which cause the flu to arise and spread.

    Hell there is a very good wiki page on it already;

    2009 swine flu outbreakI still believe in science including biology and evolution as the simplest explanation over tin foil hats.

  58. Speaking of conspiracy theories Ed Schultz just stated a higher percentage of people admit to believing in ghosts than they do to supporting or belonging to the repug party...........Not a good sign repuggies!

  59. Yeah Clif there was an outbreak of swine flu when i was a little kid.........probably 1976 like you said.

  60. About 50% of our population believe in ESP, and that there were conspiracies behind both 9/11 and that there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK............while only 21% of our country admit to being repugs.

    Think about that one for a second the amount of people that believe in ESP and that the JFK assassination and 9/11 were conspiracies is about 250% larger than the amount that admit to being repugs.

  61. I mean seriously think about that a minute we only have a two party system and only 21% support the repug party.........not very promising when significantly MORE people admit to believing in ghosts than to believing in the repug party of NO!

  62. Lets look at some disturbing yet comparable polls to see just significant the demise of the Party of "NO" really is:

    The percentage of people who admit to having driven drunk, masterbated, had road rage, dropped out of college, and even the percentage of women between 18-30 who admit to having been sexually assaulted is about DOUBLE the percentage and in many cases MUCH more than double that admit to being repugs.

    If the percentage of people that admit to being repugs fall much further the percentage of women who admit to being raped might be higher than than those who admit to being repugs.............lets HOPE not though lets hope both of those figures go down significantly in tandem.

  63. Anonymous5:37 PM

    There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know, and who hate what is inevitable to be.

  64. Yep anonymous you nailed those deluded repuggies.

  65. hey lydia-
    much good stuff here...
    thank you so so much for blogging all of this...
    thank you for being brave.
    we are at a critical moment in our history as a Country.....

    I have posts up on Swine Flu and also extensive posts on the Torture and Bush Crimes...over at Watergate Summer....
    top two are Swine, and the ones below- esp top 4 are Torture...they contain data and photos not seen before.

    We must face this truth together...
    there must be War Crimes Trials demanded for by the People, US- WE THE PEOPLE...

    what Clif said is so that first comment...

    thank you....

  66. Hey Enigma...........your very knowledgable about Watergate how do you think TortureGate will compare to Watergate.

    Originally i thought this would get swept under the table and the treasonous asshats and war criminals of the Bush admin would get away with not so much, I think this will be as big as Watergate and some of these clowns will very likely go down for this.............I mean Cheney is STILL not only admitting to torturing but BOASTING ABOUT IT!

  67. Wonder if Susan Collins is scrubbing her website like many of the Bush war criminals did when "inconvienient" information comes out.

    If I were her I wouldnt be boasting about being the reason almost a billion in funding for flu epidemics was removed from the stimulous because Karl Rove and the repugs CLAIMED it was useless pork..............why do those repuggies ALWAYS want to give money to the wall street cronnies instead of helping the public welfare.

  68. Wow the repug war criminals and their bootlicking supporters and enablers are all spinning like tops TRYING to JUSTIFY torture................ here are some of their justifications trying to make torture ok

    1) Rummy said they put some of our military (Navy Seals) though similar torture.............course that was when he actually ADMITTED that those acts were torture before they brought in the crack Reich Wing legal team to write memos saying it isnt torture.

    2) The crack Reich Wing legal team or war crimimals take your pick wrote memo after memo trying to put lipstick on this pig and justify torture.

    3) They CLAIMED Pelosi and a few Dems knew about which is it if its legal what difference does it make who knew about it and if it is ILLEGAL which it is then ANYONE knowingly condoning or enabling this needs to be removed from power......its wrong regardless of who does it, what reason they use or what their political party is..........and if the repugs are SO CONFIDENT its legal why are they so damned afraid of a special prosecutor invesigating.

    4) They tried to justify torture saying there were doctors present to oversee the torture.........and who could cut the victims throat if they started drowning and death was likely.

  69. there were doctors present huh.........wasnt there another famous doctor that was present during torture......what was his name again?????

    Oh yeah Doctor Joseph those poor nazi war criminals that were according to the Reich Wing wrongfully convicted of war crimes against humanity........if only......if only the Nuremberg prosecutors would have known that Dr Joseph Mengele was overseeing much of the torture that would have changed EVERYTHING.

    Well at least Dulles and the CIA saved a bunch of the war criminals and brought them into the CIA.........birds of a feather aye.

  70. The Right Wing screeches when they get compared to the Nazis but yet they shouldnt use the very same playbook talking points and propaganda if they dont want the comparisons.

    Lets look at the similarities The Nazis and Right Wing both

    1) tried to use and justify premptive war.

    2) tried to use and justify torture in fact both even had doctors present during torture.

    3) both used fear and smear propaganda, demogoggery, and dismanting Constitutional freedoms, protections and privacy in the name of safety.

    4)Both used a common enemy for the people to fear and hate, false flag wars and phony patriotism and nationalism to seize more and more power.

    5) Both embraced a cronny capitalist/fascist business model were the elite friends of the ruling cabal were given lucrative no bid contracts, virtually no oversite and regulation and overwhelmingly unfair and uncompetitive advantages over small business or competitors.

    6)Opponents were smeared as "hating their country","hating the military" unpatriotic or "in league with the enemy"

    The Right Wing not only supported and funded the Nazi's but they saved many from prosecution and brought them into the CIA.

  71. Oh man its almost too easy kinda like shooting fish in a barrel...........there were doctors present so torture was does that saying go those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.........your boy Adolph and the 3rd Reich allready used the doctor thingy with Doctor Joseph Mengele..........wonder how it worked out for the little goosesteppers?

  72. Can you say 60 Democratic US Senators?

    Sen. Specter changing to run as a DemocratIsn't that a filibuster proof republican'ts are now officially irrelevant majority?

  73. What happened foole?

    four years ago it was KKKarl’s permanent republican’t majority,

    NOW you clowns are officially irrelevant

    Total losers.

    Can you say LOSERS

    Na na na

    na na na

    hey hey hey

    good bye

    Is johnny Bohner gonna cry again?

    Na na na

    na na na

    hey hey hey

    good bye

    Is Mitch the moron gonna lose his MINORITY position since he keeps losing members?

    Na na na

    na na na

    hey hey hey

    good bye

    Good job Micheal Steele, way to build the party of losers and criminals

    the trolls are gonna be mad cry babies.



    enjoy being even more irrelevant

  74. Arlen Specter: Recovering Republican

  75. Why oh why couldn't Arlen hang on just long enough to take John McCain and his twit daughter with him?

  76. Oh and Cliffy?

    I wouldn't lay this at Michael Steele's feet either.

    I used to think he'd be good as RNC chair, but since he got the position he hasn't done crap.

    Maybe now he'll get off his duff and clean the rest of the house and give Olympia Snowe and a few others their walking tickets.

  77. OK duncetron, make the GOP smaller nationally, that will make "winners" of you clowns.

    Damn are you interesting,

    You lose two national elections in a row and still want to throw people out of the party while sinking further in the minority.

    Hope your insanity doesn't extend to your day job son.

  78. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I assert that nothing ever comes to pass without a cause, and no cause is as filled with hate as the bigotry exhibited among everyone here

  79. Clif,

    REAL conservatives can win. Wishy washy Republicans can't.

    Case in point: John McCain.

    Halfway into the 2008 election his campaign was broke and didn't know if he would have enough money to finish. He was barely above Ron Paul, had ONE pool reporter assigned to him and his rally's were drawing crowds of what, maybe 20 people?

    So he nominates a CONSERVATIVE as his VP candidate. Money comes pouring in. Rally attendance goes up into the tens of thousands. He finishes the race losing by only 6 or 7 million votes despite the barrage of media attacks against him.

    Had it not been for the media he very well might have won. Had he been an actual conservative more of the base might have turned out for him and he very well could've won. I mean really, the people at CPAC had to be warned NOT to boo him when he spoke there.

    I read a report recently where even Dem strategists claimed the media gave Obama a 15% edge. The article claimed IF you subtract that edge, he would've lost in a landslide. I can't recall specifically, but they claimed he'd only carry two states and something like 26 electoral votes.

  80. I might also add that the very same media who couldn't praise him enough for the primary were the same ones who attacked him mercilessly in the general.

  81. If your rant was correct you clowns wouldn't have lost the elections in 2006 and 2008 in many house and senate races.

    Allen would have beaten Webb in Virginia

    Talent would have beaten McCaskill in Missouri

    Burns would have beaten Testor in Montana

    Santorum would have beaten Casey in Pennsylvania

    DeWine would have beaten Brown in Ohio

    in 2006

    Nor would Udall beat Schaffer in Colorado,

    Shaheen beat Sununu in New Hampshire,

    Hagan beat Dole in North Carolina,

    Warner beat Gilmore in Virginia, this election cycle,

    let alone Al Franken beating Norm Coleman

    And the democratic party wouldn't have picked up 52 seats in the house in just two election cycles beating right wing republican'ts

    Sorry but all these elections shows your basic premise wrong.

    Keep a spinning, as you always try to do, but the facts how how delusional your spin really is.

  82. Hey Lyd...
    I am blogging the Swine flu, as a Nurse at Watergate Summer..... I am trying to update every day with newest information - and my goal is that if all of us know enough and share the imfo - we can take care of each other- and be prepared....spread it along- thanks...

    plenty of info....

    ( and yes, the Hog waste at the Smithfield farm in Vera Criz County is being looked at as part of the infection chain...)


  83. Enigma - thank you. I have visited your site and will check back right now.

    I'm having trouble posting.

    Thanks everyone for your patience.

  84. Hey everyone, I posted a blog on "A Gay Woman in Love" about my sister's sad point of view on gay marriage.

    Also you can discuss this bizarre swine flu. I am posting some updates from Enigma's blog.

    Please leave comments on the new thread.

    Thank you!