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IMPORTANT: The military is recruiting prisoners now. A prisoner's father called the Ed Schulz show to report that his son was approached with an offer: join the military and get out of prison!

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THIS WEEK we interview Media Matters' Eric Boehlert on his report "If it's Sunday it Must be Conservative." Boehlert is the author of LAPDOGS: "How the Press Rolled Over for Bush." A look inside one of the great journalistic collapses of our time, this terrific book details how the corporate-owned news media utterly failed in their duties to the American people. Cowardly and clueless, the U.S. media abandoned its post as Bush led the country into a disastrous war. Question: why does the media appear to have a liberal bias to the conservatives? Hate to ruin yoyur party, but the truth is, THE TRUTH HAS A LIBERAL BIAS! Bad news out of Iraq is simply the truth, not a fiction, no matter how Bush and Fox News tries to propagandize it.

Upcoming: Congressman Charles Rangel will be our guest April 14. He will discuss his 30-year Congressional career and his new book, "And I Haven't Had a Bad Day Since: From the Streets of Harlem to the Halls of Congress." Recently our guest was Mark Green, one of the new owners of Air America, founder of New Democracy Project and author of "Losing Our Democracy." We've had some amazing guests the past 3 weeks: former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega, author of "U.S. vs BUSH" which is going to be a movie, a courtroom drama on the Bush Impeachment. We also had Media Matters' Paul Waldman, author of "Being Right is Not Enough".

Several disturbing items for readers to comment on:

1. In the Gonzo-gate scandal, Monica Goodling says she'll plead the Fifth Amendment. Who pleads the 5th? Only the guilty: criminals, mobsters, murderers, and crooks. You don't please the 5th unless you're guilty," as commenter Worfeus says.

According to the Courier Ms. Goodling's decision, which was not authorized by her superiors, invites one of three damaging conclusions:

1. One is that a top Justice Department official cannot testify for fear that she will be implicated in a criminal act.
2. Another is that the Fifth Amendment dodge is a smokescreen -- that the real concern of Ms. Goodling, who was a liaison between the Justice Department and the White House, is that she would have to make embarrassing revelations about the political motives behind the ousters.
3. A third possibility, of course, is that Ms. Goodling resolved not to be this scandal's Scooter Libby, an underling tossed to the wolves to protect higher-ups.

Well, apparently every administration nowadays has a Monica who causes it grief. (MORE BELOW)

MORE ON MONICA-GATE: Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales's senior counselor,a graduate of Pat Robertson's University (Regent U) yesterday refused to testify in the Senate about her involvement in the firings of eight U.S. attorneys who serve at the "pleasure of the president" invoking her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. The decision means a senior aide to the nation's top law enforcement official is in the remarkable position of refusing to testify for fear of implicating herself in a crime. Her lawyer portrays the move as strategic and says she has done nothing wrong. Apparently she has information so incriminating, she is afraid to testify. Source: Dan Eggen of Washington

Monica M. Goodling, who has taken an indefinite leave of absence, said in a sworn affidavit to the Senate Judiciary Committee that she will "decline to answer any and all questions" about the firings because she faces "a perilous environment in which to testify." Here's more from TPM Muckracker: Monica Goodling does have a good faith basis for pleading the Fifth Amendment - just not the ones in her lawyer's letter that are getting all the attention.

"Under the federal False Statements statute, 18 USC 1001, it is a felony to cause another person to make a false statement to Congress. Since McNulty has allegedly told Senator Schumer that he made a false statement to Congress based on information provided to him by Monica Goodling, Goodling could very well be prosecuted for a Section 1001 violation.

All the rest of the crap in her lawyer's letter is intended to sooth as much as possible White House anger at her for invoking the Fifth. Comment from Think Progress: “She could shed light on the extent of White House involvement in the dismissals." Yeah but she won’t. After all, being a “good little Republican” means putting them before God or country..."


* This has been bothering me: President Bush doesn't seem to mind that our military is dwindling and "not ready." Could this mean that he is only interested in bombing campaigns, eliminating the need for troops altogether? It seemed he delighted in carpet bombing Baghdad, and gleefully stepped onto the aircraft carrier declaring "Mission accomplished!" I have a feeling Bush doesn't think ground troops are as effective as nuking or bombing entire nations. I pray I am wrong.

* Haliburton is building a huge factory in Mexico that will be "cost effective" (translation: slave labor)

* 150 White House and State Department officials are graduates of Pat Robertson's Regent University. Bush replaced seasoned Harvard and Ivy League-educated career veterans with these young, inexperienced "Christian evangelical" graduates. I interviewed a young law student who attended Regent U. She was appalled at how they used the "n" word constantly, and were all very isolated young people who had been home-schooled. None of them saw anything wrong with using the "n" word and they call themselves CHRISTIANS! I will print her exact words in an upcoming article.

* Bigoted emails from Army recruiter outrage gay man: an Army recruiter combed the internet to find subjects, and found one on a job website. She wrote a letter trying to recruit a young man who had posted on this job website. He wrote back saying he was a gay African American. The Army recruiter ripped into him, declaring he was immoral for being gay and should "vanish" to his own country, apparently Africa -- or wherever he came from. See The Jersey Journal PLEASE BE PATIENT I AM RESEARCHING SPECIFICS ON THIS ARTICLE

Since this is a spiritual progressive blog, I have to put forth what I know is true - that hope really does spring eternal and we must keep our eyes on the good. What we focus on GROWS. At the Pentagon peace rally two weeks ago, a Republican protestor against the protestors held up a sign saying "PEACE SUCKS." I know it isn't sexy to stop arguing or fighting. I know it's more fun to gossip, vent, scream, yell and find fault with others. I know it is more exciting to watch a train wreck than a healing, but it doesn't help heal anything, in fact it keeps us stuck. Bad news proliferates because of our constant nurturing of it. I'm not saying stop shining a light on the bad guys like Rove, Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, Delay, and corrupt corporations. I'm saying let's also uplift each other by seeing the hope that is right around the corner. We need to see our innate goodness and know that truth will thrive as good people come into power. - Lydia


  1. As everything around the Bush Presidency seems to crumble, the words from Galatians 6:7 so aptly puts it" whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap."

    In more simpler terms, "be sure your sins will find you out."

    Bush is only at the beginning of all his lies and treachery catching up with him.

    He can swagger and smirk in front of every camera in America, but it won't save him from his untimate demon.

    That being himself.

  2. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Monica gate
    Gonzo gate
    Haliburton gate

  3. This is a great post.

    A lot to comprehend to be sure, but at the same time our President and his cronies provide us with a new scandal now on an almost daily basis.

    While neocon idiots talked incessently about a stupid blow job, we find their president almost daily brings us new and ever more agregious scandals.

    Question for my troll friend Voltron.

    Help me out here buddy.

    Is it usually the innocent people, or the guilty people, who plead the 5th?


    Like Alberto Gonzales, I can't remember.

  4. Seriously, which one is it?

    Is it the innocent people, or the guilty people, who take the 5th?

  5. Enquiring minds want to know.

  6. Hey folks:

    Regarding the latest news on Tony Snow, I posted something on Lydia's and my radio show blog. Thought I'd invite you to drop by and check it out. Some might call it controversial; I call it a completely honest "non-politically correct" opinion.

    Like most, I wish Tony well. But that's not the only sentiment I'm feeling. Am I the only one? And aren't we allowed to feel more than one sentiment? I believe we are.

    Doug Basham

  7. "For one who willingly turns from his lord and takes the side of the Turk can never stay under the Turk with a good conscience, but his own heart will always speak to him and rebuke him thus – “See, you were faithless to your overlord and deprived him of the obedience that you owed him, and robbed him of his right to rule over you; now, no sin can be forgiven unless stolen goods are restored; but how shall you make restitution to your lord, when you are under the Turk and cannot make restitution. One of two things, then, must happen; – either you must toil and labor forever, trying to get away from the Turk and back to your overlord; or your conscience must forever suffer compunction, pain and unrest (if, indeed, it does not result in despair and everlasting death), because you submitted to the Turk willingly and without necessity, against your sworn duty. In the latter case you must be among the Turks with your body, but over on this side with your heart and conscience. What have you gained then? Why did you not stay on this side from the first?"

  8. Hey, Doug, Ive never forgotten that segment you did in Decenber 2005 on "Specialist Douglas Barber"..... his suicide was truly tragic.

    I dont know why, but that story kinda haunted me for awhile?

  9. Volt

    Regarding your 5:02pm post.

    Sounds like another one of lifes shitty catch 22's......LOL!


  10. A big one Johnny!

  11. Wow Doug, ghat's a pretty controversial stance. I made a comment on our blog about it.

  12. Oh, and Worf? In this day and age where the guilty are running the show the innocent have to protect themselves...

  13. What does "ghats mean Volt? Arent they like little flies or something?

  14. Doug, no, you're not the only one. I posted similar sentiments in ThinkProgress this morning, however looks like they deleted some of them. Here is one they left.

    But look, do you remember the day after the Edwards announcement, Snow said he was going to get a spot looked at, and that he had been putting it off.

    Now maybe he just decided to go because of the Edwards announcement, and he was worried.

    But at this point, I haven’t seen his chart, and I don’t know what he does or does not have. It may be some benign pollop that they’re blowing out of proportion. It may be nothing.

    But one things for sure.

    The Edwards announcemnet had thrust John Edwards into the spotlight, and brought a huge and positive reaction to his campaign for President.

    Tony Snow’s announcement, that came less than 48 hours after the Edwards announcement, has deflated the Edwards story.

    Whether it was Tony’s intention or not, the outcome is the same.

    Sorry, but my antenna are up on this one, and I just don’t think we are getting the straight dope.

  15. It's better than the "Lancelot" study...

  16. Its not that I'd wish anything bad on Tony, I wouldn't. But come on.

    2 days after the Edwards annoucments, suddenly the White House Press secretary suddenly says "hey, I've got cancer too"?

    I know he used to have it, but 48 hours after the Edwards announcement Tony Snow "decides to have a pollop looked at"?

    Ok, so maybe Elizibeths problem might have spawned it, but ask yourself this?

    Why did he make a press annoucment of it? Why? He was just going in to get a pollop looked at. Why a press annoucment?

    The fact that it turned out to be a problem, well, lucky he checked.

    But make no mistake about it, Elizibeth Edwards has BONE cancer. Its in her ribs. She is dying.


    How long does she have? Who knows. But she knows she is dying.

    Tony's issue doesn't come close.

    As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in Terminator 2, "He'll live".

  17. Voltron said...
    Oh, and Worf? In this day and age where the guilty are running the show the innocent have to protect themselves

    There you go folks.

    There is the great and righteous right wing.

    Every fifth grader in this country knows that when someone takes the 5th, they're guilty.

    See, the 5th ammendment is so a person doesn't have to IMPLICATE THEMSELVES IN A CRIME.

    Here let me say that again.

    The 5th ammendment protects people from IMPLICATING THEMSELVES IN A CRIME.

  18. You know who takes the 5th?

    Mobsters take the 5th.

  19. Rapists, crooks, con artists, muggers, child molestors,killers....

    they all take the 5th.

  20. Yes, and what do you do if the ones prosecuting are going to go out of their way and manipulate everything you say to pin one on you?

  21. The ONLY time a person takes the 5th, is when they are guilty of a crime.

    A crime that would be revealed if they were forced to testify under oath.

  22. You don't give them the ammunition.

  23. But don't worry Volt.

    The judges and attorneys aren't as stupid as you.

    THEY know what it means to take the 5th.

    And thats all that matters here.

  24. Voltron said...
    Yes, and what do you do if the ones prosecuting are going to go out of their way and manipulate everything you say to pin one on you?

    You're so full of shit its coming out of your ears.

    Do you honestly think anyone in here, or anywhere, thinks that if this were a democrat, say Bill Clinton for instance, you'd be screaming from the rooftops.

    Give me a break.

  25. Better yet, give yourself a break.

    Try opening your eyeballs.

  26. Like I said Matlock, it doesn't matter two turds what your feeble mind believes.

    There isn't a judge or trial lawyer in the US who doesn't know that taking the 5th ammendment is as good as an admission of guilt.

  27. Worf said

    "The ONLY time a person takes the 5th, is when they are guilty of a crime."

    This is a ridiculous statement!

    You havent taken manufactured evidence or higher power into consideration.


    I may plead the fifth simply for reasons of protecting my family from harm.

  28. You're full of shit too moo moo.

    Ask ANY trial lawyer, ask ANY judge.

    They'll set your inbred canadian ass straight.


  29. Worf, I simply wouldn't talk period at a fishing expedition. Charge them with something first.

  30. And by the way stupid, thats NOT what the 5th ammendment is for.

    Protecting your family from harm?

    Thats as stupid an answer as I could expect from you.

    Of course, what the hell would you know about it anyway, being you're supposed to be in Canada?

  31. "My accusers know better, but God and His Word to the contrary, they pretend not to know better, and seek occasion to speak evil of the Holy Ghost and of the truth that is openly confessed, so that they may earn the reward of hell and never receive repentance or the forgiveness of their sins."

  32. The 5th ammendment as it applies to not testifying in a case, has NOTHING to do with protecting ones family.


    In fact, this is what you say.

    "I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might INCRIMINATE MYSELF"

    You'll make a fine attorney, lol.

  33. Yes, and with the likes of Nostrilitis doing the questioning, it's a certainty that it will be made to be seen that way.

  34. Voltron said...
    Worf, I simply wouldn't talk period at a fishing expedition. Charge them with something first.

    By refusing to testify the Supreme Court has ruled, while although it is not criminal to take the 5th, a person CAN BE FOUND GUILTY BY THEIR SILENCE.

    Anyway, you freaking republicans, you haul Bill Clinton, all of his advisors ENDLESSLY THROUGHOUT HIS TWO TERMS in front of congress and Grand Jurys for BULLSHIT, Like WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS CARDS, and BJ's, and they all testify, but when the dems are in power, well oh no, you guys won't say nuttin.

    Your guilt is evident in your cowardice to testify, and your lies.

    And if you're too trailer park stupid to know that someone wouldn't take the 5th to KEEP FROM INCRIMINATING THEMSELVES IN A CRIME, that first, they'd have to have COMMITTED A CRIME, then I can't help you.

    I doubt anyone can.

  35. He can't make her guilty of a crime dimwit.

    She has to have committed one first.

    Go back to that shithole you call a blog and come back when someones beaten some sense into you.

  36. OMG! NO! I've brought up Bill Clintoon again!....

  37. Gimmee a break!

    Your actually trying to convince me this aspect of law is an exact science......grab a brain.

    I am not going to testify at any hearing if theres no chance of me winning due to overwhelming powers beyond my control.

    Certain testimony could affect the life of my family by way of threats, slander, etc....therefore taking the fifth may be the only option.

    However, I do acknowledge credence to what your saying.

  38. Johnny thats the most convoluted, contrived line of horseshit I've seen from you.

    You've got to be kidding me right?

    You understand what the 5th is?

    It has nothing to do with your family.

    And if you haven't committed a crime, then can't incriminate yourself.


  39. Here, let me say it again in case you forgot.

    I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might INCRIMINATE MYSELF!!!!!


    Boggles the mind.

  40. Anyway I gotta go. Dinners waiting.

    Besides, I can't be seen talking to someone like you.

    You know.


  41. You know, they're right about one thing. You libs do seem to like to classify everyone.

    Although you guys are supposed to be all for gay marriage, Carl like to attribute homosexual acts to those he disagrees with as a term of derision.

    And although your all for the poor and down trodden You like to use "trailer park" as a catch all for stupid, inbred and redneck.

    Is there no bias you guys DON'T have?

  42. Keep convoluting and twisting, and rationlizing it into infinite minutia.

    Argue anything but the facts.

    Pull esoteric bullshit out of your ass, change the topics to attack some other supposed shortcoming, but whatever you do, don't acknowledge that GUILTY PEOPLE TAKE THE 5th.

    And you and Johnny can bathe in each others ignorance.

    Anyway, gotta go.


  43. Yeah, but they can take what you say and twist it to incriminate you to the press, the people and any prosecutor they hire after they already know you're innocent.

    Look at the Libby thing. Fitzgerald KNEW beforehand Armitage had outed Plame not Libby. They had their little show trial and who's facing prison? Armitage?

  44. Yeah, I think I'm gonna turn in as well. The neighbors dog kept me up late yapping.

    It's as dumb as a rock and shrill too. I think it's an Olbermann.

  45. You see Worf, I may plead the fifth not so much that Im afraid I could incriminate myself, BUT I may incriminate someone else through my testimony, thus possibly pissing off several interested parties.

    Man your dumb...LOL!

  46. I think Worf forgot about the baloney slices sizzling on the frying pan; a little beef gravy on top & voila....a meal fit for a king!

  47. Probably having Quiche and a salad...

  48. Quiche is grosssssssss......I like salad though!

    Suicide chicken wings rule....big time!

  49. What is it with you republicans?

    Listen to you.

    Whenever one of your people are in trouble, you pull out the most convoluted and contrived answers you can imagine.

    No matter who did what, you guys are in here saying "nuh uh", and coming up with explanations that would make a 3rd grader blush.

    Forget Ockhams Razor. With you guys, its like an anti-Ockhams Razor.

  50. I wonder if the libs have ever tried suicide tofurkey wings? Do they make such a thing?

    I know PETA was pushing Tofurkey the last two or three thanksgivings...

    (I think thats...


  51. DOLTRONS RAZOR: If a republican is suspected of any crime, deceit or skullduggery, all things being equal, the most convoluted and far fetched answer, must be correct.

  52. Geez, first he has to leave to eat dinner, now he's talking about shaving....

  53. Johnny moo moo said...
    You see Worf, I may plead the fifth not so much that Im afraid I could incriminate myself, BUT I may incriminate someone else through my testimony, thus possibly pissing off several interested parties.

    The 5th ammendment as it applies to refusing to testify only protects a person from "SELF INCRIMINATION".

    Look it up jackass.

    You can not employ the 5th to keep from incriminating someone else, particulary a subject of investigation.


    I'm dumb.


  54. When you're not playing with your model tanks, try reading the consitution which you come in here to try to subvert.

  55. Subvert? I had to put a new one under my driveway because the old one collapsed and the water kept backing up in the ditch.

  56. If you two knucleheads think you're going to fill the blog with rambling bullshit, think again.

    That goes for you in particular moo moo.

  57. It's called "humor" Worf.

    Actually you oughta take some of that cash and buy a sense of it.

  58. No, its called derailing the thread.

    When you're in a blog, making a joke about some topic of discussion or debate is humor.

    Vain rambling babble about pork pies and crap when you can't win an argument, is derailing a thread.

  59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  60. It's alright Worf. I'm leaving anyways. I can't stay up late EVERY week night. It makes work hell the next day....LOL

  61. Alright.

    Chow for now.

  62. Gee, Volt, sorry to hear about your driveway.

    Call me if you ever need a hand.

  63. Moo Moo.

    Based on your extensive knowledge of hobo-cuisine, as displayed by your imaginings of my meal fare we can safely assume it is you who eat "fried baloney" and gravy.

    If you're that concerned about what I had tonight, I had chicken and rice, with a sauce I make with cambells soup and some other stuff.


    You happy?

    Can you sleep now?

  64. Thanx Worf

    Im countin the sheep!

  65. WORFEUS said...
    No, its called derailing the thread.

    When you're in a blog, making a joke about some topic of discussion or debate is humor.

    Vain rambling babble about pork pies and crap when you can't win an argument, is derailing a thread."

    Thats exactly what it is Worf......that retarded jackass is intentionally trying to derail the thread with his inane gibberish and retarded insults and no other blog would tolerate this type of horseshit........this is a political/spirituasl blog not a forum for some retarded asshole to talk about his smelly crunchy socks or how to make pork pie.........this blog needs a moderator to delete that BS if he wants to babble then the fool should go to a chat room or start his own blog but Lydia has stated no insults, inane babyu talk gibberish to derail the thread or blatent lies and thats ALL this fool does.

  66. Moo Moo said "I may plead the fifth simply for reasons of protecting my family from harm."

    Although the halfwit did raise this one interesting point...........interest isnt that some one woiuld be afraid of the rethugs killing or injuring themselves or their family merely for telling the who would kill or hurt a person or that persons family for telling the truth idf they werent a bunch of criminal thugs with much to hide and much to lose.

    So the moo meister just basically admitted the repugs are a bunch of criminal thugs that would kill , hurt or intimidate other to maintain their criminal empire and culture of corruption.

  67. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  68. Calm down Mike, we all cant be serious and focus on the bad everyday like you.

    Anyways, Im gonna watch a show.


  69. Actually no Mike. I'm not being stubborn, its just that Johnny's answer that you can take the 5th to protect a family member or someone else, is just false.

    The 5th ammendment is designed to keep people from being forced to testify against themselves. In the old day, subjects of the crown could be tortured into confession (remind you of anything?). The 5th therefore, as it applies to testimony refusal, has to do with incriminating ONLY oneself. You cannot take it to keep from incriminating someone else.

    That is why you say "I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself", which the courts cannot legally make you do.

    If however, your real reason is to protect someone else, and not yourself, then you just lied to the court, and are guilty of trying to mislead the court and obstructing justice.

    Then, you will go to jail.

    Johnny didn't have a valid point.

  70. Oh look a fact was posted that makes him look stupid so the Reich Wing liar runs away run you sack of crap...........go curl your 110 pounds od balsa pusey boy!!!!!!!!

  71. Then again, when does he?

  72. Your right I agree with you..............I was just trying to take what he said and say........."so you are saying that Goodling is admitting crimes were committed and she fears for the life of herself or her family if she tells the truth.

    I was basically saying Johnny was admitting the repugs were criminals and thugs. And thats probably why he ran away.

  73. Its cool. I just wanted to be clear, because I just wasted a half hour trying to explain to him and doltron that his explanation was bullshit, but they just are too slow to get it.

    Thats 30 minutes of my life I'm not gonna get back.

  74. BTW, Clif raised an Excellent point if the justices serve at the pleasure of the President and Bush has "CLAIMED" he knows NOTHING about the firings...........then either Bush is lying and should be impeached or Gonzalez violated the Constitution and should be removed..........but either way executive privilige does not exist if Bush knew nothing about this.........and thats what he said.

    So Executive privilige is moot........and if Sampson and Goodling dont have to worry about incriminating themselves that is moot as well.

  75. Legally, the only way Monica Goodling can "take the 5th" is if she believes that her testimony might incriminate herself of a criminal act.

  76. And all Voltrons vain imaginings, and all moo moo's uneducated inarticulate bullshit won't change that.

  77. Therefore, my original statement to Voltron, which he spent half an hour trying to refute, was correct.

    At the end of the day, guilty people take the 5th.

  78. I had that same discussion at is most certainly guilty people that take the 5th.

    My co-worker watched a federal prosecutor discuss this issue yesterday and when asked who in his experience take the 5th he said criminals......when pressed further to give specific examples the man listed mobsters and repugs!@

  79. Volt, pork pie and crunchy socks casserole aside — how do you feel about Haliburton building a factory in Mexico instead of the United States? Why won't they employ American workers? Because labor is practically free in Mexico. Profits go to the billionaires.

    Bush, Cheney, Rove et al ARE THUGS and they will do anything to retain power.

    You all have to read John Dean's amazing book CONSERVATIVES WITHOUT CONSCIENCE.

    This explains EVERYTHING - their authoritarian mindset, their lack of ethics, compassion or morality. The fringe lunatics are the new conservatives. They are now mainstream. They are seriously defective at the core.

    REad this book; it's pretty spooky. Yet mainstream America is finally waking up and good is rising. Good people are rising.

  80. This should explain just about everything Johnny the idiot was LYING about

    DJ Allyn, Admin says:

    The Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution:

    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation. [emphasis mine]

    When a person refuses to answer a question pursuant to the Fifth Amendment, they are attesting to the fact that a crime has been committed and that they personally are partially or fully responsible for it. They cannot use the Fifth Amendment to refuse to answer or testify in order to protect someone else.

    There are a couple of ways you can compell this person to testify:

    * Offer her immunity based upon her testimony;
    * Force her firing because she is admitting to the possibility of having committed a crime;
    * Hold her in contempt of Congress;

    It is a kinda silly tactic to use if you think about it. Suddenly everyone in the Admistration starts using the Fifth Amendment as a reason not to testify under oath? It is the same as telling the world that everyone in the Administration can’t talk because they have all committed crimes and they don’t want to incriminate themselves.

    Besides, a good prosecutor can get around the Fifth Amendment thing by asking questions in such a way that the witness isn’t talking about themselves. There is no protection from a person giving up information that might incriminate someone else.


    So GOO GOO wrong again son.

  81. Damn.

    Tag teamed his ass.

    Thanks Clif.

  82. Its the nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, that is the pertinent component there with regards to refusing to testify based on the 5th ammendment.

    A person cannot be forced to testify against himself in a criminal matter.

    But what did Johnny Wishbone say?

    Johnny moo moo said...

    You see Worf, I may plead the fifth not so much that Im afraid I could incriminate myself, BUT I may incriminate someone else through my testimony, thus possibly pissing off several interested parties.

    Man your dumb...LOL!

    6:56 PM

    I rest my case.

  83. Now run moo moo.

    Scurry away and hide.

    Since we know you never admit when you're wrong (which is pretty much always), you will have to disappear for a while, like you always do right about here.

    But don't smash all your model tanks.

    You'll need something else to play with tonight besides your dick.

  84. Exactly Clif........thats EXACTLY what I meant just ask questions about what other people said and did.

  85. I see Dolty boy was REAL quite about THIS ALSO

    British backtrack on Iraq death toll

    British government officials have backed the methods used by scientists who concluded that more than 600,000 Iraqis have been killed since the invasion, the BBC reported yesterday.

    The Government publicly rejected the findings, published in The Lancet in October. But the BBC said documents obtained under freedom of information legislation showed advisers concluded that the much-criticised study had used sound methods.

    The study, conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the Al Mustansiriya University in Baghdad, estimated that 655,000 more Iraqis had died since March 2003 than one would expect without the war. The study estimated that 601,027 of those deaths were from violence.

    The researchers, reflecting the inherent uncertainties in such extrapolations, said they were 95 per cent certain that the real number of deaths lay somewhere between 392,979 and 942,636.

    The conclusion, based on interviews and not a body count, was disputed by some experts, and rejected by the US and British governments. But the chief scientific adviser to the Ministry of Defence, Roy Anderson, described the methods used in the study as "robust" and "close to best practice". Another official said it was "a tried and tested way of measuring mortality in conflict zones".

    I wonder if Tony Blair can muzzle his government scientists who spill the beans about his disinformation just like Bush tries to do?

    Sucks to be SO WRONG all the time doesn't it dolty boy?

    But then again I figger your used to it by now.

  86. Lydia these people are so brainwashed they would support the Neo Cons even if it went against their best interests............if the democrats pledged to give give tax cuts to everyone making less thasn $150,000 and repeal the alternative minimum tax and said they would pay for this by raising taxes on the top 2%

    and the repugs said they would give more of Bushs huge tax cuts to the ultra wealthy they would still vote repug............they are brainwashed goosestepping fools.

  87. Monica has done more damage to Gonzales and Bush then her testimony probably would have.

    Regardless of what idiots like moo moo or doltron think, people know what it means to "take the 5th".

    People use it jokingly all the time when asked about something we know we did. I take the 5th we say.

    Everyone knows what it means.

    But Doltron and Moo Moo come in tonight, to TELL everyone else what it means according to the reichstag wing.

    Well, I can take some solice that even doltron saw tonight just how much of a zombied yes man he has become, in here arguing that innocent people take the 5th.

    Surely even he saw just how brainwashed he has to be to say uneducated ignorant garbage like that.

    And worse yet, to expect others to believe it.

  88. its laughable to imply that an innocent person would take the 5th...........only a brainwashed fool could EVER imply such a thing.

  89. Mike.

    If tomorrow it came out that Bush was back on the crack pipe, they'd be in here defending it by telling us how good smoking crack is for you.

  90. Can't you see Voltron now?

    Well, lots of important people smoke crack.. ...blah blah blah....


  91. Mike;

    I wonder what crusty will say about THIS ONE;

    Gulf economies to 'drop the dollar'

    Gulf economies will move away from a dollar currency peg and shift foreign exchange reserves away from dollar to other currencies, including the Chinese yuan, the chief executive of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has said.

    Nasser al-Shaali noted that the UAE central bank had already started buying euros - part of its strategy to move about 10 per cent of its reserves into the single European currency before the end of the year.

    "We've seen, for example in the case of the UAE central bank, a movement into the euro," al-Shaali told the Reuters Middle East Investment Summit.

    "In the future, most likely, we predict some of the economies in the region will adopt the Chinese yuan currency as well," he said, noting that he was not aware of that happening at the moment.

    He said the appetite of the region as a whole was to increasingly diversify exposure.

    "The investment strategies of Dubai Holdings entities, Kuwait Investment Authority and so on ... you will see a lot of these bodies start looking at Eastern Asia more aggressively along with a lot of institutional and private investors in the region," he said.


    Oops there goes the petro-dollar hegemonic control of the worlds economy........

  92. Wasn't Dubai the country Bush wanted to run our ports?

    Nice to see their such good business people then.

    At least they would run the ports efficiently then.

  93. And moo moo would be in here insulting people, talking about his smelly socks or how he scratches his balls or discussing recipes to derail the discussion.

    They just cant face the fact that Gonzalez will soon be gone and that their idiot "DECIDER" is losing his snake oil voiuce and people are sick and tired of him and his pack of fools.

    The Neo Con criminals are losing their credibility, their grip on power and most likely their sanity and that eats their minions and brainwashed followers up inside.

  94. I dont think the idiots smart enough to comprehend what that means Clif...........after all Rusty is the moron that said Interest rates are at 40 year lows when they have risen over 500%

    He cant even comprehend basic 3rd grade math!

  95. BTW Hannity is a gutless big mouth punk, and HERE'S the proof;

    Sean Hannity Chickens Out of Debate with Salt Lake City Mayor

    Oh but they are crumbling at Fox News. There's this little sordid episode, for instance. After challenging the wildly popular Democratic mayor of Salt Lake City to a debate on Iraq and impeachment, Sean Hannity has backed out of the debate and tried to foist it on Anderson.

    Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity has claimed on his syndicated radio program that Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson is putting up roadblocks to get out of their proposed debate.
    But it is Hannity who is balking, and here is the proof, based in part on e-mails between Anderson's office and Hannity's staff that I obtained through an open records request:
    * Hannity said on his radio program Monday: "First, he [Anderson] said he wanted a joint press conference instead of a debate. If it's just a press conference, I might as well just send a video."
    * But here is a March 12 e-mail from Eileen Lofrese, Hannity's producer, to Patrick Thronson, Anderson's communications director: "For the sake of bipartisanship I think it is best to refer to this as a 'Joint Press Conference' and not a 'Debate' and I will relay that to all parties intending on broadcasting this educated and civilized forum for the voicing of opinions and conflicting viewpoints."
    * Thronson responded: "Mayor Anderson cannot agree to any other format than a structured debate format, with a moderator. Mr. Hannity has repeatedly expressed his desire for a debate on the Iraq War and impeachment, not a 'press conference.' We are mystified as to why he has now apparently changed his position." Lofrese then apologized and said the misunderstanding was her mistake.

    The whole Fox News charade is coming apart. According to Mark Mellman, surveys he did showed that the audience of Fox News is the single most Republican voting block in the country. People like Sean Hannity (whose spokesperson refers to bipartisanship when discussing a debate with a Democrat... hmmm) are unwilling to confront their opponents or follow through on their public commitments out of fear their bluster will be exposed. And Democrats have moved out of their 1990s induced torpor, bringing a new hard-edged attitude that we are right, they are immoral fools, the public is sick of them, and calling Fox News Republicans out is a productive strategy.

    Hopefully we can be done with the Fox News fight at some point soon. I hadn't realized the depths to which the Democratic establishment is still split over the news channel, and how productive an open debate can be. Hannity is worth understanding as a public figure. He is an important Republican surrogate, and his attempts to lie about this debate and about Rocky Anderson are a tremendously weak cover to the role he and most Repulbican leaders played in operating as lackeys for Bush.


    Not only is Hannity welshing like Tiny the Liar did here,

    but like Speedy Gonzo and KKKarl Rove, he is getting a Woman to cover for them.(big bad widdle boys they are and all)

  96. Chimpy is insane. I think 40 years ago he could legally have been institutionalized against his will. Unfortunately, our mental-health system has gone right to the crapper since those days.

    What is even more disturbing is that so many Americans seem to share Chimpy's pathologies. There are a serious number of them (today I went back and forth with one of them for quite awhile at Reconstitution-she might be a fake, but the sentiments she expresses are all too real for a lot of Chimpletons.) How is it we created so many angry people who want no part of any idea not their own?

  97. If anyone like V for Vendetta, you need to go out and rent the movie "Children of Men".

    Incredible story.

  98. Lydia

    You need to see "Children of Men".

  99. Jolly Roger - the explanation for the psychology of the "Authoritarian Right Wingers (neocons) - how they took power, how they think, their mindset, rise to power, lack of conscience, amoral behavior - all of this is explained in riveting detail in John Dean's book "CONSERVATIVES WITHOUT CONSCIENCE"

    Mike, these people vote against their own interests for a reason. 25% of the population follow authoritarians, and these are the most actively recruited for conservative causes. Add that to the so-called "moral majority" of brainwashed evangelicals...

  100. Lydia, great post!! You might be interested ti learn that Goodling took her pre-law at Rat Robertson's Bible college in Pennsylvania. No wonder she's such a good fit for the Bush Regime.

  101. Hiya Doug. I read your take on Tony Snow, and found no problem with it. Politically, Tony Snow is an enemy. Personally, I wish him a complete recovery. Although he is a snake, we would not wish upon him the kind of care that his master inflicted on our heroes in Bldg. 18. One would have to be overtaken with evil to wish such a fate on anyone.

  102. Clif, thanks for sharing DJ's excellent analysis of the 5th.

  103. In a way, I feel for Snow. It's not easy walking around with a death sentence and he was pretty gracious to Elizabeth Edwards in his comments, when you know he knew he was already relapsed.

    On the other hand, well...

  104. Voltron said...
    It's alright Worf. I'm leaving anyways. I can't stay up late EVERY week night. It makes work hell the next day....LOL

    yea, those Tonka trucks don't drive themselves!

  105. Johnny moo moo said...
    Hey, Doug, Ive never forgotten that segment you did in Decenber 2005 on "Specialist Douglas Barber"..... his suicide was truly tragic.

    I dont know why, but that story kinda haunted me for awhile?

    Uhhhhh, because your fat ass never picked up a gun and stood a watch, asshole?

  106. Voltron said...
    Oh, and Worf? In this day and age where the guilty are running the show the innocent have to protect themselves...

    Are you saying Bush and Cheney are guilty?

  107. Johnny moo moo said...
    I may plead the fifth simply for reasons of protecting my family from harm.

    Give me an example.

    Oh. I see. You can't. Why? Because pleading the Fifth is SPECIFICALLY FOR SELF-INCRIMINATION.

    So you taking the Fifth means, say, you've molested your daughter.

    Now, have you? Or are you going to plead the Fifth?

  108. Voltron said...
    Although you guys are supposed to be all for gay marriage, Carl like to attribute homosexual acts to those he disagrees with as a term of derision.

    So playing with Tonka trucks like you do is gay????

  109. Voltron said...
    Worf, I simply wouldn't talk period at a fishing expedition. Charge them with something first.

    Contempt of Congress. Better bring cigarettes to prison with you, or be prepared to spend a lot of time "showering"...

  110. In spite of the passionate plea by Joe Lieberman to let Bush continue his never ending war, the Senate voted to uphold the proposal in the Iraq bill for a troop withdrawal.

    Bush and Lieberman lost a big one today.

  111. Alberto Gonzales scurried out of a press conference early to avoid being asked about his many scandals.

    He must have learned that from Cheney.

  112. An FBI agtent was warned to keep quiet about the dismissals of the U.S attorneys, after he told a newspaper the firings would hamper investigations, and it was political.

    More White House censorship.

  113. The subpoenas are authorized and ready to be given to Rove and Miers.

    What are they waiting on?

  114. Republican pedophile Mark Foley is out of rehab and prosecutors are preparing a case against him.

    Another pardon coming to Florida.

  115. The Veterans administration backdated a key document and violated other rules, as it pushed through a $100 million security contract that resulted in inflated prices and duplicate payments.

  116. The White House denies they are stirring up tensions with Iran, by increasing military exercises in the region.

    Is that why Russia says the U.S is set to attack Iran Easter week?

  117. If General Barry McCaffrey thinks things are going bad, you probably lost already.

    General Barry McCaffrey who commanded the 24th Mech Inf div during Desert Storm, and rose to command Southern Command during the 1990's, has spoken to Thomas Hicks, who wrote an article for the Washington Post.

    His assesment, based on a recent round of meetings there with Gen. David H. Petraeus and 16 other senior U.S. commanders.

    "The population is in despair," retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey wrote in an eight-page document compiled in his capacity as a professor at West Point. "Life in many of the urban areas is now desperate."......

    ....., his bottom line is that the U.S. military is in "strategic peril" -- a sharp contrast to his previous views. In 2005, he concluded in a similar report that "momentum is now clearly with the Iraqi government and coalition security forces." In a 2006 assessment, he wrote: "It was very encouraging for me to see the progress achieved in the past year."

    The retired general, who on his latest visit also interviewed a U.S. intelligence official and some Iraqi officers, is especially critical of the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. It is "despised" by the Sunnis, he writes, is seen as "untrustworthy and incompetent" by the Kurds, and now enjoys "little credibility among the Shia populations from which it emerged."

    The government lacks dominance in every province, he added. One result is that "no Iraqi government official, coalition soldier, diplomat, reporter, foreign NGO [nongovernmental organization], nor contractor can walk the streets of Baghdad, nor Mosul, nor Kirkuk, nor Basra, nor Tikrit, nor Najaf, nor Ramadi, without heavily armed protection."

    Militias and armed bands are "in some ways more capable of independent operations" than the Iraqi army, he added.

    McCaffrey is gloomy about the continuing strength of the insurgency. At this point, he said, about 27,000 fighters are being held, and at least 20,000 others have been killed, yet enemy combatants continue to produce new leaders and foot soldiers. The result, five years into the war, he said, is that "their sophistication, numbers and lethality go up -- not down -- as they incur these staggering battle losses."

    Which means another US Military General is publically willing to go on record questioning the continuous upbeat assessment that the White House and some senators want to put on the Fiasco which is Iraq.

    Pat Lang has his own take on this one;

    It is late in "the game" for Mccaffery to "get religion" but it is welcome news that this well respected (if not liked) soldier has finally gotten past the psychological barrier that causes so many senior officers to insult the public's intelligence by indulging themselves in the boosterism and "rah!-rah!" talk that evidently makes them feel that they are still "on the team." (and likely to continue to be "consulted") This man is highly intelligent and skilled. It took him all this time to figure out the god-awful mess that US policy has made of Iraq and the Middle East? I hope his students at USMA will take note of both the accuracy of his present analysis and the egregious crap that he has been shoveling until now. Perhaps a few more officers need to "examine their conscience" about this matter.

    And this is very important to understand why senior former military officers are so reluctant to openly state their personal opinions. First of all almost all officers have an optimistic view if US Military, it’s troops and it’s capabilities. Second they are very reluctant to say the soldiers can not do the impossible, because they are used to asking soldiers to do exactly that. So to openly question ongoing operations of the US military is against every thing a military officer is trained to do. Every member of the military is a TEAM player, and the Generals have lived this for at least three decades of their lives.

    However the situation inside Iraq is so Dire at this point, even people like General McCaffrey have to accept the truths that their military strategic training and army war college education has taught them. A truth which is toxic to the reichwing; ... the Iraq Invasion was the wrong military move for the wrong reason, ... ill planned, ... poorly lead by the Pentagon, ... and the worst military fiasco the US has even been involved in.

    Scott Ritter has written an excellent article(Scott Ritter: Calling Out Idiot America) explaining why the US leadership hasn’t a clue about the deep seated feelings and hatreds of the Sunni and Shiite factions. He also explains why the Saudi meddling in Iraq is working against the US, and of course the US is trying to please the Saudis at the same time prop up the maliki government. Reading Former Marine Capt Ritter’s article will allow those reluctant to say the attempt to force democracy on Iraq from the bomb tank and Gun is a fooles errand, and doomed to fail. (Which of course, it has continued to do since day one)

  118. It is about time he came around. He was on MSNBC weekly spouting the opposite.

    Now Lou Dobbs needs to kick David Grange to the curb instead of letting him campaign for a job as a Bushy.

  119. Ahhhhh Justice under the Bush administration,

    It ain't his daddy's justice system.........

    Justice Guantánamo Style

    David Hicks, the Australian man that has been held in Guantánamo for five years, (the last year or so in solitary confinement) agreed to plead guilty yesterday. There are a few things you should know about his plea. First, and most importantly, Hicks is pleading guilty to a crime that did not exist on the books until September of 2006.
    All of the original charges (the serious ones) were dropped against Hicks because the military had no evidence against him. Mr. Hicks was confined at Guantánamo until a new law could be passed that he could then be charged with. Never mind the fact that our constitution prohibits ex post facto (retroactive) laws, I mean that is why we are holding him at Guantánamo right?

    The other thing you should know is what was clear to anyone paying attention: there was never going to be a hearing. The most recent evidence of that was when Hicks stepped into his arraignment yesterday and the first thing that happened was that two of his three attorneys were removed from representing him. Hicks' civilian attorney was removed because he refused to sign a statement agreeing to abide by military rules that had not yet been drafted and another attorney was removed because she supposedly did not have the correct credentials for the commission. That left Hicks with only one attorney, his military attorney, Dan Mori. Although Mori has been doing an exemplary job for Hicks, there was a little cloud hanging over Mori: the prosecuting attorney has suggested that Mori should be brought up on charges of misconduct for his zealous defense of Hicks. Mori was still trying to figure out how that threat by the prosecuting attorney would affect his representation of Hicks. Mori sought a short continuance to get legal counsel on this issue but that request was denied.

    So yesterday, after two of his three attorneys were removed from representing him and the prosecuting attorney was attempting to intimidate the third, Hicks asked the military judge for additional counsel to help level the playing field. That request was denied... leveling the playing field is not what the military had in mind. The writing was clear on the glistening red, white and blue walls of the commission hearing room and David Hicks did the only thing that could possibly make sense in this abhorrent proceeding. He pled guilty to something that was not even against the law when he was arrested. Hicks' only hope is that he will be sent to Australia to serve his sentence and that perhaps, in time, a court in Australia will agree that pleading guilty to a crime that did not exist when he was arrested should be considered a nullity. Only problem is, Australia does not have a constitutional prohibition against ex post facto laws... I wonder if that is how the phrase "kangaroo court' first came to be?

  120. Clif, this is getting more morbid everyday. Do the soldiers or their military attorneys have any rights in Bush's America?

  121. The Iraq war costs taxpayers $5,500 per second.

    If they used that money to feed, clothe, and house the poor and homeless, and create jobs for them, wouldn't it be better spent?

  122. Lydia and I (sorry Lydia) are old enough to remember the die-hard Nixon supporters.

    I am stunned by the resemblance to Chimpletons today. Even a lot of the same talking points (like "no charge no crime") have been recycled.

    If memory serves me correctly, about the same percentage of the population was also a Nixon-worship set.

  123. At least Nixon had the sense to get out while he could.

    The Emperor installed today will never leave.

  124. Nixon wasn't going anywhere. He would have toughed it out if he hadn't known he was going to get a pardon for anything that he did or MAY HAVE done.

    Chimpy's present problem is that there's no one close to him that isn't guilty of a felony themselves. And who in the Gopper Congress could Chimpy elevate to the VP position that isn't tainted? The era of honest Goppers like Gerald Ford is long gone.

  125. James Dobson says Fred Thompson isn't a Christian and shouldn't receive Republican votes.

    Dobson says Newt Gingrich is a real Christian with moral values.

    Did Dobson forget what the Bible said"judge not that ye be not judged?"

  126. James Dobson says Fred Thompson isn't a Christian and shouldn't receive Republican votes.

    Dobson says Newt Gingrich is a real Christian with moral values.

    Did Dobson forget what the Bible said"judge not that ye be not judged?"

    I feel a Jesusistan post coming on. By the grace of Haggard, it'll be an angry one.

  127. By the way, Lydia, cute pun:

    ANOTHER MONICA MIGHT BRING THE PRESIDENT DOWN opposed to going down. Or bringing one up.

  128. Larry,

    Did he substantiate (or even transubstantiate) his rationale for picking a two-time divorcé over a one-time divorcé?

  129. Larry said...
    The subpoenas are authorized and ready to be given to Rove and Miers.

    What are they waiting on?

    Well, see, Alberto left swords on their pillows...

  130. tommy choo choo12:40 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  131. Carl said...

    Johnny moo moo said...
    I may plead the fifth simply for reasons of protecting my family from harm.

    Give me an example.

    Oh. I see. You can't. Why? Because pleading the Fifth is SPECIFICALLY FOR SELF-INCRIMINATION.

    Exactly Carl.

    As you can see, and as I predicted in here last night, the mooster is sufficiently humilitated and off hiding and sulking.

    He always runs away and sulks when someone hands him his ass.

    Once he's smoked enough crack and spent enough time in his happy place, he'll be back.

  132. Even the mighty doltron had a peice of that turd.

    I assume he is likewise out shopping for a new keyboard today.

  133. Oops.

    Speak of the devil.

    I forgot to mention that sometimes when moo moo has his ass handed to him he comes back in under an assumed name, like, oh gee I don't say, say, Tommy Choo Choo?

  134. Tommy Choo Choo

    Johnny Moo Moo


    You do the math.

  135. The Republicans have sucked the tits of America long enough, now give us some milk back.

    Republicans have always been known to appropriating funds in their own name, to the expense of all the hard working Americans who have to struggle to get by.

  136. Your absolutely right about Moo Moo Worf, you have been from day one he is nothing more than a pathetic slimy reich wing troll out to discredit Lydia and insult and attack people thats all him and Rusty do is use alias's when they get their ass handed to them.

    But lets ponder a moment what troll troll was trying to distract from...............could it be the Congressional vote was passed that keeps the specific timed withdrawl of troops by Fall 2008 in the spending you think thats what had moo moo all upset???????????

  137. BTW Larry that is a great post at the top of the blog!

  138. Anonymous1:14 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  139. Mike, you stupid inbreded son of a bitch.

    "inbreded?" What kind of a word is this?

    The kind of a word I'd expect some unintelligent inbred to use.

  140. Anonymous said...
    Mike will get his ass handed to him, by the way of MY FOOT!!!!

    What is this fixation you have with his ass?

    Maybe you need some of Sam's Club Original Organic Degaying Solution?

  141. Dorkius Flavius1:24 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  142. Larry said "The White House denies they are stirring up tensions with Iran, by increasing military exercises in the region.

    Is that why Russia says the U.S is set to attack Iran Easter week?"

    If Bush attacks Iran it could destroy our country, our economy and our way of life as we know it.

    I would stock up on food and water because If Bush attacks Iran and gasoline goes to $5-$10 a gallon we will have chaos and anarchy and will not be able to run to the store to buy food.

    Bush will likely use this to declare martial law and install the dictatorship he has always wanted.

    See Bush is a simpleton that when he can no longer think of options......((and believe me he doesnt think to0 hard, too long or too well)......resorts to brute force, thats the classic sign of a small weak mind and a big ego.

    Attacking Iran is one of the most dangerous thinks that can happen to this country.

  143. I WORFEUS said...
    I forgot to mention that sometimes when moo moo has his ass handed to him he comes back in under an assumed name, like, oh gee I don't say, say, Tommy Choo Choo?

    He makes great shoes.

    Oh. Wait. That's Jimmy error.

  144. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Goo Goo's meds ran out again

  145. Mike,

    I've been pondering what a coup like that would look like, and how likely anyone, even Fox, would defend Bush's right to subvert the process that badly.

    You know, I don't think it can happen and I know I can't wrap my brain around what it would look like if it was to happen, but then I couldn't wrap my mind around the concept of Americans committing widescale torture...

  146. Johnny Choo Choo said...
    ....Some self-referential homophobic nonsense.

    Fixed your post go find reVolting and maybe he'll let you take his...truck...out of the Fisher Price garage.

  147. Keep running yer mouth punk because its about to shut.

    your comments are gonna disapear like farts in the wind punk and there's not a damn thing you can do about.

    Just like there's not a damn thing you can do about Gonzalwez being FORCED to resign soon, and his pack of fools being FORCED to testify and lets not forget the specific withdraw date being passed by congress into the spending bill.........doesnt that eat you up inside little troll???????????

  148. Can't the cow do anything original?

  149. Carl, think what would happen if gasoline got that expensive......our economy and the fabric of our society would short circuit.

    people making less than $10 an hour which is close to half our country would not be able to afford to drive to work, thus most service sector businesses could no longer operate, many trucking and shipping companies would go out of business and food and supplies would not be moving.

    with huge ammounts of people out of work with no money and food not getting through there would be mass looting, and violence as the starving population try to survive and/or steal from the "haves".

    And through it all Bush would use the chaos to seize power and use a national army/police force like Hitler had with the SS!

    If you REALLY think for a minute about how the economy works its not that far fetched.

  150. Anonymous said...
    Thanks to Carl and others, they will just repeat what I write.

    GooGoo, new surprise is in the works for you!

  151. Jolly, I was just a little kid but this decade REALLY reminds me of the 1970's and Bush and his cronnies REALLY remind me of Nixon and his cronnies.

    Many of the same cronnies were around both times like Cheney, Rumsfeld etc......

  152. Mike,

    Sorry, I really can't see that happening like that.

    Not that it couldn't, I just can't imagine that Congress wouldn't step in and release the SPR first, and then put mandatory price caps in place.

  153. Make the surprise a memorable and permanent one.

  154. I remember the 70's Mike, and I can tell you this is on a totally different level.

    I can't remember anything like this.

  155. iWorfeus,

    Do you recall that eventually even Republicans stopped defending Nixon when it became clear he was breaking the law and defying Congress?

    That didn't happen this time around. I wonder why?

  156. Bush is inching toward declaring Marshall Law.

  157. I see your point to be sure, but people didn't feel the way they feel now.

    Its different.

    I think its the fact that its starting to become apparent that the far right neocons, like moo moo and voltron, want to usher in armegeddon, and force a showdown between what they believe is the power of good and evil.

    Us being the good, and anyone who won't take up our cause being the evil.

  158. Carl, I would think in an instance like that the SPR would be saved for the military and national security.........besides Bush has shown a disdain for the common working class from day one why would he care if it would destroy the working class and besides the chaos and pain that would result would be just what he needs to seize power and become a dictator.

    Dont forget Bush controls the Military and Blackwater in Bush's mind guns trump a piece of paper even if that piece of paper is the US Constitution, and Bush has just as much contempt for what he feels are the empty powerless suits mentioned in that so called piece of paper otherwise known as Congress.

    I hope i'm wrong Carl I really do............but I think Darth Sideous is trying to make his move!

  159. iWorf,

    That could be very true. I'd like to think not. After all, Armageddon can't happen until the temple of Solomon is rebuilt in Jerusalem, which means man cannot bring about Armageddon with war in Iran.

  160. Sorry, that was for you Mike.

    Yes Larry, I remember that.

    Why is unclear to me but it seems to be some form of fear, and considering 1 quarter of the country, or 100 million Americans, believe in the "rapture", and that this is the time of the second coming, that people want to usher it in.

    They want to force the hand of anyone who dares to refuse to submit to our almighty will, and destroy them.

    And who knows, armegeddon could become a self fullfilling prophecy.

  161. Mike,

    I remember the gas crisis in the 70s. Gas shot up from 35 cents a gallon to over a dollar. Proportionately, a higher leap than from $3 to $5.

    It didn't cause that much chaos back then. Some confusion, a lot of anger, and some inconvenience.

  162. Worf said "I remember the 70's Mike, and I can tell you this is on a totally different level.

    I can't remember anything like this."

    Sure it is, this time the Constitution and our whole way of life is at stake........anyone that could side with these Neo Con Fools is evil and is and enemy of freedom and democracy.

  163. John Hagee has another book out declaring there will be a war with Iran to bring the end times.

    He had a similar book about mIraq before that mess started.

  164. Carl said...

    I remember the gas crisis in the 70s. Gas shot up from 35 cents a gallon to over a dollar. Proportionately, a higher leap than from $3 to $5.

    It didn't cause that much chaos back then. Some confusion, a lot of anger, and some inconvenience."

    Carl things were VERY different back then Carl back then we had a 10 million or so barrel a day spare capacity to cushion those type of shocks today no such cushion of spare capacity exists its less than 1 million barrels a day, look what happed during Katrina which was nothing...........also consider that over 70% of the worlds oil exports pass through the strait of hormuz, Iran would blow up any and all oil tankers passing through the strait of Hormuz they could.

    I honestly think worst case that oil could go to $300 a barrel and gas $10 a gallon if the worst case scenario actually happened.

  165. Carl said... Armageddon can't happen until the temple of Solomon is rebuilt in Jerusalem, which means man cannot bring about Armageddon with war in Iran.

    Well, thats not necessarily correct. While you are correct in that most evangelicals believe the temple described in Ezekiel will be rebuilt before the advent of armegeddon, there is no scriptural confirmation of this idea.

  166. Also Carl, debt levels are MUCH MUCH higher than back then, salaries and wages are much lower and there is much more poverty and low paying jobs and savings are nonexistant for most it would be far worse than the 1970's............also consider a falling dollar and the inflation and destruction to savings it would propogate.

  167. iWorf,

    The Rat-purists believe that, since Jesus cleared out the Temple of Solomon of moneychangers and merchants, that's the temple that Ezekiel refers to.

  168. In fact, you'd be surprised at how much crap evangelicals believe that has no scriptural foundation to support it.

  169. Whats wrong with these evangelicals, is they have too many answers, and not enough questions.

  170. And indeed, the Rapture doesn't even appear in the Bible, anywhere. There's some nonsense about God taking 144,000 of the Twelve Tribes to His Graces, but that's it. No bright lights, no invisible elevators, nothing.

  171. Mike,

    That's true, no doubt, but then again, we survived the Crash of '29 and we're still a democracy and stuff.

    Thngs will change, but I really have a hard time imagining they'll turn that evil.

    But, I do have my two passports, just in case :-)

  172. The evangelicals are like kids playing a make believe game and making up the rules as they go.

  173. BTW Lydia, thats one creepy picture of you in google!

  174. Do Dobson, Hagee and Falwell actually think they can bring about Armageddon by promoting Bush's wars?

  175. Carl in '29 our economy was growing, we produced almost everything we needed, and had more than enough domestic oil,

    this time;

    Not So Much........

  176. Kyle Sampson will be questioned by the Judiciary committee about the attorney firings.

    His former boss Oren Hatch is telling Republican Senators to be kind and easy on Sampson.

    Is this a prelude to Sampson lying for Gonzales?

  177. A Thank you note from Pete Domenici's office to Rove indicate Rove was heavily involved in the attorney firings.

  178. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I think Tall Texan and Johnny Moo Moo should be banned forever.

  179. The wingnuts will get many MILES outa this one;

    Hillary Clinton's latest amendment in the Senate was just introduced, as senate amendment 666,

    enjoy fooles.......

  180. This comment has been removed by the author.

  181. They wouldn't understand the significance.

  182. Mike - Thank you! You mean the one in Blood Tide, in the coffin? That was the film I did on the Greek Isles with Jose Ferrer and James Earl Jones. We lived in a Byzantine monastery for 10 weeks, on the Agean Sea.

    Jolly Roger - can you please send me a link that verifies the white supremacist connection to current evangelicals? Did you say Tony Perkins and Dobson are somehow connected (Is it Christian Identity, which you directed me to?)

  183. The location was beautiful, but it was hard dying with my mouth open and sea water coming in. Had to hold it for a long time and look dead.

  184. Yeah, thats the one Lydia! LOL!

  185. Truck bombs with deadly gas seriously injure fifteen U.S and Iraqi troops.

    Music to Bush's ears.

  186. AP:

    Kyle Sampson in prepared remarks to be delivered Thursday to the Judiciary Committee, says the eight attorneys were fired because they didn't support Bush's priorities.

    It's gonna be a long hard fall Bushy!

  187. Its not looking too good thats for sure.

  188. Its looking like criminal acts were committed, irregardless of our resident trolls perceptions.

    Maybe its time to put up the suicide prevention hotline number again?

    Just in case.

  189. From the latest batch of documents we just got today, it looks like Sampson acting in his role for Gonzales offered up false information to DOJ officials in an attempt to mislead Congress.

    uh oh

  190. Also, it turns out that since the knuckleheads at the White House used a insecure 3rd party email, (their RNC accounts), instead of offical White House email, that they cannot be protected by Presidential Privilege.


    uh oh

  191. Now I see why Johnny had his panties in a knot.

  192. And also, the fact that Rep, Issa's letter to Carol Lam may have violated House ethics.

  193. Uhhhhhhhh...........Worf, you stupid moron. You didnt hand anybody’s ass to anyone buddy. I clearly said in my 6:38 pm post:

    “However, I do acknowledge credence to what your saying”

    Taking up your old bad habits again I see......hmmmmmmmm?

    Now, its up to you to admit that you were wrong tomatoe head?

  194. Worf said

    “If however, your real reason is to protect someone else, and not yourself, then you just lied to the court, and are guilty of trying to mislead the court and obstructing justice.”

    Then, you will go to jail.”

    No shit professor......but that doesnt stop people from using it for their own justifiable your stupid!

    You can also receive a hefty ticket for going over the speed limit, but that doesn’t stop the great majority of people from breaking the posted limit.

    Imagine that, using the fifth to protect someone even though your innocent. Well, at least now we know Worfs a RATTTTTTTTTTT!

  195. Attending the court hearing & completely innocent of the charges against her, your daughter may plead “The Fifth” for several reasons.

    1. She may want to avoid a well publicized & embarrassing story.

    2. She has no desire to rat on her friend who begged her not to tell due to the bikers own brand of justice.

    3. She has no chance of winning against ten witnesses who are convinced of her guilt.

    You really are a stupid mo*******ker, aren't you? It's hard to believe an ignorant piece of s**t like you is so desperate to believe in his wet-dream monkey Lord that he'd go to these lengths to deny what the Fifth Amendment is there for.

    News Flash, Sh**lock-it ain't there for any of the stuff you mentioned. It cannot be invoked for any of that.

    What a colossal dumbass you are.

  196. Saying you add credence to what I am saying while at the same time stating unequivocaly that a person can plead the 5th to protect their family members, is being WRONG.

    And you were wrong.