Wednesday, January 17, 2007


"You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note."
- Doug Floyd

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA: Ran into some old friends at the Celebrity Meet & Greet fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness on Saturday: Catherine Bach (the REAL Daisy Duke); Mickey Rooney (yes THE REAL MICKEY ROONEY!); Lori Petty; Ed Marinaro; Lorenzo Lamas; Brandie Roderick; Sandra Taylor; Dan Haggerty; Angela Cartwright; Heather Menzies (Sound of Music) all at an autograph show. Our host was James Engelby, Corporate Sales Manager of the beautiful Holiday Inn Buena Park Hotel & Conference Center in Long Beach, California. Holiday Inn Buena Park

Stretch and me at Chiller. Lorenzo Lamas at Dragon Con. Ran into both Stretch and Lorenzo in Long Beach this past Saturday too. Have a new photo with Catherine Bach to put up soon. Found this photo of Richard Belzer, Michael Imperioli in Barbados at World Travel Awards.

Beautiful Boracay, Philippine Islands

Welcome international visitors from the Philippines, Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Israel, Senegal, Belgium, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Cambodia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, China, Japan, Kuwait, Palestinian Territory, U.K, Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Singapore, Africa, India, Canada as well as all across the United States. Yesterday was an historic day in radio, as presented by Sutton Records went LIVE for the first time since it went off the air in 1987. Uniting the world through music — and connecting different cultures with one common goal: to bring hope, love and understanding to each other. We are all ONE and we need to join forces. If we put love in the center of every issue, miracles happen. (more below on WXB102)

I owe an apology for something I said on this blog about George Bush. I shouldn't call him an idiot or a moron. I struggled with my anger toward Bush, because I know it doesn't heal things. But I feel such agony over the deaths of our soldiers — young kids barely out of high school — and I am so horrified that Bush doesn't seem to care about human life, that I lash out. I am angry at the way Bush is expanding this senseless, insane "war" he created. But I know that thinking the worst of Bush, or anyone, never helps them. Our thoughts about people and situations have to elevate them. We have to see the good in people, even those we think are evil. This is prayer: seeing the good in others so overwhelmingly that our vision of them actually changes the situation. Even with terrorists, dictators, "deciders" — and in the environment, world affairs, financial crises — it works for our worst enemies. George Bush will be lifted up and he will do the right thing, the more we send him love.

WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW? is a wonderful metaphysical movie that describes the infinite field of possibilities that exist. This amazing film awakened countless thousands of ordinary people to the possibility of a quantum existence; the realization that things may be happening simultaneously on many planes of existence, encompassing all possible outcomes.

THE MIRACLE IN THE WATER: "One of the most outstanding images in the film were the subway pictures of Dr Masaru Emoto's magnified water crystals, because they appeared to assume perfect ice-crystal-like form when exposed to positive thoughts of love and compassion. The inference was obvious; that the expression of love and compassion can alter reality at an atomic level." (Ian Blair Hamilton) My translation: Dr Emoto photographed water molecules and prayed over some, cursed others. The ones he sent love to, blossomed into majestic designs of incredible beauty. The ones he cursed over with words like "I hate you!" exploded into ugly images.

If one sentence could change one water molecule -- and out bodies are mostly water, imagine what our thoughts can do to our bodies! I've known this for years, but have just begun again to apply it to daily life. In praying for the world, see healing taking place. I always pray for the orphans all over the world, and in war-torn countries. See them being taken care of by loving people, by God (Love.)

It is up to us to choose our thoughts wisely. We must reverse the material picture and focus on the beauty of life. We actually create our own reality by our thoughts about it. Thought is the energy; it is creative. This is the power of prayer and spoken words. We must be careful what we think and say. will prove to be the most revolutionary radio station in the world and there are great things to come.

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Olbermann: "Only this president, only in this time, only with this dangerous, even messianic certitude, could answer a country demanding an exit strategy from Iraq by offering an entrance strategy for Iran."

Open Thread


  1. Carl, Mike, Clif, Worf,

    Re: Global Warming

    You may throw a tantrum, call me names, tell me how stupid and selfish I am, declare that the "debate is over" (so now you must shut up), etc.

    But what you sophisticated, oh-so intelligent "scientists" can't do is reconcile this fact:

    The most dramatic increase in anthropogenic CO2 production in the 20th century corresponded to the same nearly 40 year period from 1942-1978 during which global cooling occurred.

    Here, try again. So good luck, all you chicken little lib intellectuals:

    Anthropogenic C02 Production

    Global Temperatures

  2. FF - I want you to be right about this. I hope you are right. Actually, we need to envision it the way we want it to be and not get mired in doomsaying.

    But we also need to be vigilant and careful with the planet, as we would with our bodies, our homes, any precious resource. Abusing mother nature out of greed is an automatic violation, and I can't see how our culture can produce so many plastics and so much waste just to fill shelves at WalMart and K-mart. There are so many ways to reinvent, recycle and help the earth mend itself. Global warming, the man-made kind, can be stopped right now by going back to basics in life. Simplify.

    I love the phrase Ted Knight used to tell me about acting: "Less is more."

  3. Olbermann: "Only this president, only in this time, only with this dangerous, even messianic certitude, could answer a country demanding an exit strategy from Iraq by offering an entrance strategy for Iran."

    i'm sure you would love to contine your talk talk to try and discredit global warming, but i think GWB's repeated threats and obsession with invading Iran and the Scooter Libby trial are far more relevant today.

  4. Anonymous11:16 AM

    FF, your interpretation of scientific data is irrelevant.

    The international scientific communtity says your an idiot.

    We're just passing the message along.

  5. Anonymous11:19 AM

    And what YOU oh so unsophisticated NON scientists can'd do is reconcile THIS fact:

    That the Carbon Dioxide levels in our environment are about a thousand times higher than they have been as far back as we can measure, which is 650,000 YEARS.

    So when you NON SCIENTISTS get your heads removed from your sphincters, maybe you'll start listening to the REAL scientists, who tell you you're an idiot.

  6. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Lydia Cornell said...
    FF - I want you to be right about this. I hope you are right.

    Well you can "hope" all you want.

    The international scientific community says global warming is a fact, and it is caused by mans impact on the environment.

    FF, who is a NON SCIENTIST, can specualte all he wants.

    He and Voltron can come up with tons of information from their right wing idiot pundits, who likewise have no scientific training on the subject, but at the end of the day, the only people in the world who doubt global warming, are a small group of right wing loyalists here in America, who sell their souls to a party that has sold its soul, to the big oil companies.

  7. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Belief one way or the other, won't change the facts one iota.

  8. Ms. Cornell, here's another thing I found; it's written urging kids to help prevent global warming but contains this caveat:

    One thing is certain: We do not yet know enough about how Earth works to accurately predict what the increase in greenhouse gases caused by humans will do to the planet. The relationships among land, water, air, plants and animals do not follow a simple pattern, where one action automatically leads to the same result.

    For instance, an increase in carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas) may warm the Earth, and with the greater warmth more trees might grow. Trees absorb carbon dioxide to make wood and grow larger. With more CO2 captured in trees and less CO2 in the atmosphere to hold in heat, the Earth would cool down. Right? On the other hand, trees are also very good at trapping the sun’s heat. So with more trees, the Earth would get warmer. Right?

    Global Warming is Hot Stuff!

    Also consider:

    We had a 0.6 degree celsius increase in global temperature during the 20th century, and nothing catastrophic resulted of which I am aware.

    Something natural is causing the dramatic 10 degree celsius swings in global temperature we find consistently every 50,000 years or so.

    No one is able to demonstrate how we could materially reduce greenhouse gasses without causing damage to our world economy. Economic damage to third world countries would leave these folks suffering in squalor.

    Kyoto represents a prohibitively high cost to humanity to try to fix a complex problem we don't fully understand, and can never fully control.

  9. Anonymous11:28 AM

    And what idiots like this fail to realize, is that we have no axe to grind.

    We have no vested financial interest, and no party interest in this matter, least I don't. I am not a democrat, nor do I sign on to democrat talking points.

    The fact that the ENTIRE GLOBAL SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY happens to present a position that the democrats tend to favor is moot.

    He on the other hand, is willing to risk the lives of his children, their children, and as Carl so aptely stated, probably many of us, and the entire planets future, so he can keep his party's line, which is CONTRARY to the ENTIRE GLOBAL SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY.

    Even NASA has stated, unequivocally that Global Warming and Man's role in it is a FACT.

    And while you don't need to be a rocket scientist to accept the scientific community's stance on this, you might want to actually listen to the guys from NASA.

    Cause they ARE the rocket scientists.


  10. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Fossil Fuel Fan said....

    why gee Mrs Cornell, thats a very lovely dress you have on today

  11. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Fossil Fuel Fan said....

    No one is able to demonstrate how we could materially reduce greenhouse gasses without causing damage to our world economy.

    No one has been able to demonstrate that moving to new technology would damage the world economy one tiny bit.

    Finland has moved to clean burning automobiles, so has Venuzaula.

    And because of it, their economy's are BOOMING.

  12. Anonymous11:34 AM

    The fact is, once we begin the moves, and do them sensibly, introducing new technologies will

    A. Create Jobs

    B. Stimulate Market Growth

    C. Invent vast new markets of supporting technolgies, creating countless offshoot branches of industry, technology and of course, JOBS.

    Just like the introduction of the personal computer.

  13. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Its as simple as A. B. C.

  14. FF, your interpretation of scientific data is irrelevant. The international scientific communtity says your an idiot. We're just passing the message along.

    An appeal to authority ... [is] a fallacy in regard to logic, because the validity of a claim does not follow from the credibility of the source.

    This logical fallacy is especially popular with condescending liberals who believe the common person is not qualified to think on his own, so must be told what to think by self-anointed intellectuals.

  15. Anonymous11:38 AM

    But instead of listening to the ENTIRE GLOBAL SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY on the subject, lets just listen to a guy in a blog who has not training or certification on the subject, and his right wing counterparts who likewise have no training or experience in the matter.

    Never mind these are the SAME people who told us that if we didn't invade Iraq, there'd be "Mushroom Clouds Over Washington".

    Never mind all that.

    Lets just risk the fate of the entire planet, on this bunch of geniuses.


    That oughta work.

  16. Published on Wednesday, May 28, 2003 by the New York Times
    Exxon Backs Groups That Question Global Warming
    by Jennifer Lee

    WASHINGTON, May 27 — Exxon Mobil has publicly softened its stance toward global warming over the last year, with a pledge of $10 million in annual donations for 10 years to Stanford University for climate research.

    At the same time, the company, the world's largest oil and gas concern, has increased donations to Washington-based policy groups that, like Exxon itself, question the human role in global warming and argue that proposed government policies to limit carbon dioxide emissions associated with global warming are too heavy handed.

    Exxon now gives more than $1 million a year to such organizations, which include the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Frontiers of Freedom, the George C. Marshall Institute, the American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research and the American Legislative Exchange Council.

    The organizations are modest in size but have been outspoken in the global warming debate. Exxon has become the single-largest corporate donor to some of the groups, accounting for more than 10 percent of their annual budgets. While a few of the groups say they also receive some money from other oil companies, it is only a small fraction of what they receive from Exxon Mobil.Frontiers of Freedom, which has about a $700,000 annual budget, received $230,000 from Exxon in 2002, up from $40,000 in 2001, according to Exxon documents.

    Exxon's backing of third-party groups is a marked contrast to its more public role in the Global Climate Coalition, an industry group formed in 1989 to challenge the science around global warming. The group eventually disbanded when oil and auto companies started to withdraw. As companies were left to walk their own path, Exxon shifted money toward independent policy groups.

    "Now it's come down to a few of these groups to be the good foot soldiers of the corporate community on climate change," said Kert Davies, a research director for Greenpeace, which has tried to organize an international boycott of Exxon.

    Exxon's publicly disclosed documents reveal that donations to many of these organizations increased by more than 50 percent from 2000 to 2002. And money to the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative group that works with state legislators, has almost tripled, as the policy debate has moved to the state level.

    Critics say that Exxon and these groups continue to muddle the debate even as scientific consensus has emerged, and as much of the industry has taken a more conciliatory stance toward the reality of global warming. As Exxon has become isolated from its peers, it has faced increasing pressure from shareholders and environmentalists. BP, Shell and ChevronTexaco have developed strategies that incorporate renewable energy, carbon trading and emissions reductions.

  17. Anonymous11:39 AM

    That you are a "common person" is not in doubt.

    That you have right to believe what you want, is not in question.

    But that WE should listen to you, and gamble the entire worlds future on an knucklehead that thought Iraq was gonna blow up the world?

    Not likely slappy.

    But nice try.

  18. Anonymous11:41 AM

    We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

    Albert Einstein

  19. As one of the world's most profitable companies, ExxonMobil has the power to move the world toward a more sustainable energy future. Instead, ExxonMobil is consistently moving our country backward on energy by blocking efforts to stop global warming, funding front groups that produce junk science and disinformation about global warming, refusing to invest in renewable energy and lobbying to drill in America's most sensitive areas. WHY EXXONMOBIL?

  20. Report: Big Money Confusing Public on Global Warming
    ExxonMobil Tactics Similar to Tobacco Industry, Group Found
    Jan. 3, 2007 — - A new report details what it calls an "enormously successful" disinformation campaign by ExxonMobil that used tobacco-industry tactics to fund groups who cast doubts and deceive the public on the scientific consensus regarding global warming.

    The report was released today by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), a nonprofit environmental advocacy group based in Massachusetts. Much of the information contained in the report had been previously uncovered by, a database run by environmenalists at Greenpeace.

    ExxonMobil spokesman Dave Gardner, in an e-mail to reporters, initially called the report an "an attempt to smear our name and confuse the discussion of the serious issue of [carbon dioxide] emissions and global climate change."

    Gardner later deleted that portion of the statement about the report, but reiterated that "many of the conclusions are inaccurate."

    The UCS report found that between 1998 and 2005, ExxonMobil has funnelled about $16 million to 43 advocacy groups and 16 individuals in an effort to "manufacture uncertainty" and ultimately stall government action that would require a mandatory cut in greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. The group said the figures in the report were compiled from ExxonMobil corporate reports.

    "ExxonMobil has, in a cynical and manipulative strategy, helped create a kind of echo chamber to amplify the views of a carefully selected group of spokespeople whose work has been largely discredited by the scientific community," said Seth Schulman, the report's primary author, in a conference call today with reporters.

    The strategy is built on the notion, the report found, that "public opinion can be easily manipulated because science is complex, because people tend not to notice where their information comes from, and because the effects of global warming are just beginning to become visible."

    The report compared the company's efforts to the strategy used by tobacco companies to downplay the effects of smoking.

    The vast majority of the world's climate scientists agree that human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels, are contributing to a greenhouse gas effect that has warmed the globe at an unprecedented rate.

    ExxonMobil has acknowledged as much.

    "Even with many scientific uncertainties, the risk that greenhouse gas emissions may have serious impacts justifies taking action," Gardner said. "What is clear today is that greenhouse gas emissions are one of the factors that contribute to climate change, and that the use of fossil fuels is a major source of these emissions."

    The UCS report, however, calls the financial connections between ExxonMobil and a number of organizations -- including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the George C. Marshall Institute, Heritage Foundation and the Media Research Center-- part of an effort to obscure the scientific evidence on global warming.

    ExxonMobil has said it is reviewing the organizations the company funds and has noted in the past that the Competitive Enterprise Institute did not receive any Exxon money this year.

    "Our support extends to a fairly broad array of organizations," Gardner said in his email today. "Our financial support does not connote any substantive control over or responsibility for the policy recommendations or analyses they produce."

    The UCS report also found that ExxonMobil has, through various organizations, funded a number of climate science contrarians. In the conference call, several were singled out, including Dr. Sallie Baliunas of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

    Baliunas coauthored a widely criticized 2003 article that suggested natural cycles, not human activity, are causing the planet to warm. The report was widely cited by groups that receive funding from ExxonMobil, according to UCS.

    Contacted by ABC News, Baliunas declined to comment on the UCS report because she had not yet seen it.

    In October, Sens. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, and Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., wrote a letter to ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, asking the company to "come clean about its past denial activities."

    A month earlier, Britain's scientific academy -- the Royal Society -- criticized ExxonMobil for funding groups that "misrepresented the science of climate change, by outright denial of the evidence that greenhouse gases are driving climate change, or by overstating the amount and significance of uncertainty in knowledge."

    The company responded in a statement, saying "we know that carbon emissions are one of the factors that contribute to climate change -- we don't debate or dispute this."

    Tillerson also acknowledged the issue of global warming in comments to a group of business executives in November, saying "the potential risks to society could prove to be significant, so despite the areas of uncertainties that do exist, it is prudent to develop and implement strategies that address the potential risks."

    The full Union of Concerned Scientists report can be found here.

    Copyright © 2007 ABC News Internet Ventures

  21. Lets see the oil companies conducting their own study that basically says what they want it to say is similar to the fox conducting a study that thechickens are perfectly safe with him guarding the chicken coup as he wipes the blood, feathers and chicken bones off his snout.

  22. Lydia Cornell said...
    FF - I want you to be right about this. I hope you are right.

    Well you can "hope" all you want. The international scientific community says global warming is a fact, and it is caused by mans impact on the environment.


    Remaining scientific uncertainties include the exact degree of climate change expected in the future, and especially how changes will vary from region to region across the globe. A hotly contested political and public debate has yet to be resolved, regarding whether anything should be done, and what could be cost-effectively done to reduce or reverse future warming, or to deal with the expected consequences.

    Two British news reports could not have come at a better time for Fred Singer, a scientist and global-warming denier, who has incurred the wrath of global-warming guru and former Vice President Al Gore.

    The Independent reported Sunday that a new U.N. report found that livestock is responsible for 18 percent of global greenhouse gases. In other words, in the universe of global-warming alarmism, cow gas does more damage to Mother Earth than SUVs. (American cars are responsible for some 6 percent of greenhouse gases.)

    The Sunday Telegraph reported that the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is downgrading its predictions as to how much sea levels will rise due to global warming. The IPCC lowered its upper estimate for sea-level rise by 2100 from 34 inches to 17 inches.

    In "An Inconvenient Truth," Gore warned that global warming would cause sea levels to rise by some 20 feet.

    ...If there's one thing that irritates [Fred] Singer, it is Gore's belief that there is a scientific "consensus" about human-induced global warming, even as Gore incessantly complains about scientists who deny global warming.

    For his part, Singer believes that higher CO2 levels follow higher temperatures. Singer also understands that if enviros want to halve greenhouse gases, there are two ways to do it. "You can collapse the world economy," or, as the cow-gas story suggests, you destroy half the population. "Then you could reduce emissions by 50 percent."

    -The cows missed the movie

  23. So Foole, according to your theory we should all just quit whining about being addicted to oil and the greenhouse gasses an oil based economy produces that cause global warming and eat a hamburger and we'll be ok and doing our part to fight global warming.

    Your delusional as ever Foole!

  24. Worfeus your arguing Global warming with a FOOLE who has posted the SAME bogus intellectually dishonest sophomoric rant against liberals on at least four blogs in at least six variations in the past year, with NO factual backup, just his deluded rants and false generalizations.

    He is a deluded propagandist for the ever shrinking base of the party of corruption and dishonesty, which he practices here on a daily basis.

    He has NO compulsion to defend his rants or verify the basis of the truthiness he spews here, since when he has to defend his delusions against people who actually know the real science he fails miserably....just like he did trying in vains to say that the grandfather of the current president NEVER aided the Nazi's during WW2 or that he was a director of a bank seized by the US government during 1942 for dealing with the enemy, to wit Nazi Germany.

    Prescott Bush did aid funding Adolph Hitler before WW2 and the bank he was a DIRECTOR for was seized in 1943, but the FOOLE still wants to deny that also.

    He is simply one of the people who will be defending the present system of economic suppression of billions of people for the benefit of a few tens of millions of super rich on this planet, and thinks that is the best we could ever do. Gaydalf HATES Global warming science because it corporate multi nationals do not care for the planet any more than they care about the people on it.

    Talk about an elitist, he fits the definition to a T, like BUSH who he still defends even with all his failures. Only somebody who has a monetary reason or political party who is pandering to it's base still refuses to have an open mind to ALL the evidence accumulated since the 1990's till today about the worsening situation concerning the Earth and what it means for us and the future generations...he is simply an apologist for the radical right which wants to underpay workers where ever they can and ignore the environment for a few extra pennies on the bottom line.

    His fall back position is always it will cost money cause that is what he reads from the people making billions with the system we have, but do NOT want open competition for the best system we could get as far as energy is concerned.

    Argue with him and he will continuously repost the dishonest information he got from some right wing disinformation site to deflect the truth of the Earth and what is happening to it. Just like this last election he will refuse to accept the truth until; it slaps his right across his puss. Then he will screech we are all unpatriotic or traitors or "libs" who want to destroy capitalism, instead of people who want as good a environment for future generations as we were given. And we want a way to sustain the requirements for energy and a life style for all instead of sub-sustenance living for 2/3 of the planet so a few can have gold faucets and a new Porsche, Merchedes or Hummer every year and a summer home in Kennibunkport Maine and a non ranch in Crawford Texas....along with 30+ days of continuous vacation every year instead of 14-16 hour days for below minimum wage 7 days a week just to long as he is one benefiting from THIS system the rest of the planet will have to suffer for his comfort....

  25. BTW Foole when the northern Ice pack and the Greenland ice pack melts away and Antarctica Ice melts way back I hope your high enough in San Diego to stay dry son, but large parts of Florida, Louisiana New Jersey, Oakland California, New Orleans, Venice Italy, Holland, Bangladesh, the Entire Atlanic and Gulf Coast fo this country might just have a very real problem...which you idiotic defense of junk science from paid propagandists for the oil industry has offered NOTHING to solve these problems...just a few more years of indecent profits and multi million dollar CEO bonuses, and a stock price to stay up until the oil runs out about the same time Global warming starts to flood the low lying coast line lands all over this planet.

    But by then it isn't gonna matter will it son, cause you will be OLD and have enjoyed YOUR life so everybody will just have to deal with it won't they?

  26. Anonymous2:22 PM

    clif said...
    Worfeus your arguing Global warming with a FOOLE who has posted the SAME bogus intellectually dishonest sophomoric rant against liberals on at least four blogs in at least six variations in the past year, with NO factual backup, just his deluded rants and false generalizations.


    He's a waste of keystrokes.

  27. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Maybe he should just stick to telling Lydia what a nice dress she's wearing today.

  28. But note his so called solution to global warming it is representative of his credibility, he's basically saying dont worry about big oil, just slaughter more cows and we'll all be fine, thats the scientific genius's might want to save and repost that article about the dumbing down of America Worf, thats a keeper!

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Anonymous2:37 PM

    What's so funny is they think it has to be hot everywhere to convince them of global warming.

    What they don't realize is that it can precipitate an ice age in various regions, but don't try to tell them that.

    It will make their wittle heads hurt.

  31. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Beauty fades, dumb is forever

    Judith Sheindlin

  32. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Mike said...
    you might want to save and repost that article about the dumbing down of America Worf, thats a keeper!

    Thanks Mike.

  33. Baghdad:

    Explosion outside a Baghdad university killed 65 today.

    Attacks in various parts of Baghdad killed more than 100 people today.

    4 U.S soldiers were killed near Mosul.

    Maybe Eddis Haskell would rather talk about that than Global Warming.

  34. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Nahhh, I bet he'd much rather get his ass kicked on global warming.

    God knows he doesn't want to talk about their failure in Iraq, or the fact that the Vice President of the United States Chief of staff is testifying before a federal grand jury on crimes that could net him 30 years in prison.

    God knows he doesn't want to talk about that.

  35. Anonymous2:47 PM

    In fact, judging from the "11" comments over at the super cool Voltron Ruffian Blog, the same 11 comments that have been there for days, I'd say they haven't much to say about anything.

  36. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Perhaps they'd like to discuss the Golden Globes?

    Oh wait, thats right.

    Thats just more liberals who believe in Global Warming.


    They're kind of like a ship without a port, huh?

  37. Anonymous2:48 PM

    In the middle of a storm.

  38. Only 11 comments. I bet they are busy voting for that 11 post blog at Koufax.

  39. Anonymous2:56 PM

    They have nothing to say to each other. Their job was to try and interupt liberal blogs, to please their beastmaster, Ann, "Berlin Betty" Coulter.

    But instead they just ended up getting their asses handed to them.

  40. Libby Trial Day 1:

    Potential juror dismissed because he said"there is nothing the Bush administration could say or do that would make me think anything positive about them."

  41. I see the usual lib gaggle has stooped to more smears and insults, but has failed to address my question posed in the first comment.

    Don't you folks realize that if global cooling occurred despite massive emission of anthropogenic C02 in the last century, that it could well happen again in the next, even if we do nothing?

    So if global warming cannot be predicted by measuring our CO2 emissions, then you're not going to be able to convince any country to forego its economic progress.

    The irony is that your lib solutions would make matters worse because countries with the most economic progress also are the ones which treat their environment with the most care.

    Properous nations can afford to worry about their environment because their people are not worried about where to find their next meal.

    The best solution for protecting the environment in general, is encouraging free elections, free enterprise, and economic prosperity.

  42. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Fossil Fuel Fan said...

    I see the usual lib gaggle has stooped to more smears and insults, but has failed to address my question posed in the first comment.


    Go back and read if your brain is capable.

    I not only addressed your bullshit, non qualified assessment, I am STILL waiting for you to address the fact, that CO 2 (Carbon Dioxide) levels are higher than they have EVER been.

    Scientists, (you know, guys with brains and degrees, unlike neocon idiots like yourself) have been drilling the Anartic Permafrost for a long time now, and they've measured CO2 levels dating back 650,000 years.

    NEVER, has CO2 been so high as it is to day, in over half a million years!

    And we are not talking about a slight increase. The levels are now so high that they're off the charts.

    But don't take my word for it.

    Go read a scientific journal. Not one of your right wing inbred rags.

  43. Blog Czar:

    Isn't this the same dribble he has been spewing for two days?

  44. Anonymous3:11 PM

    F@#$2ked up Fan said...

    Don't you folks realize that if global cooling occurred despite massive emission of anthropogenic C02 in the last century


    The levels in the 1940's don't even come any where NEAR where they are today.

    Not even close.

    And CO2 trapped by the atmosphere keeps heat from the sun from escaping out of the atmosphere, which in turn causes the earths temperature to rise.

    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand this simple concept.

    Even though the rocket scientists also are endorsing this simple fact.

    Course, you idiots probably think you're smarter than NASA.

  45. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Larry said...
    Blog Czar:

    Isn't this the same dribble he has been spewing for two days?

    Yea. I know I'm wasting my time.

    While the CO2 emissions are trapped in the atmosphere, causing the planet to heat up, his thick skull keeps any real knowledge from entering in.

    You couldn't beat a sensible thought into this inbred rube.

  46. Gaydalf the foole thinks solutions to scientific problems is free elections like the ones the repugnants held in Ohio and Florida where they throw off the voting rolls people that do NOT vote for them... free enterprise,where the rich dictate the terms of that "free enterprise" and economic prosperity, where if the rich are making money the economy is good no matter how well anybody else is doing.

    But seems like science relies on theory's and experimentation instead of Gaydalf's stupid rants which is lucky for us, because limited to his delusions scientific break throughs would NEVER happen ... because those free elections never found a cure for cancer neither did they invent too much either... and freedom is well and good for people but it does not influence the atmosphere like the unmitigated release of carbon dioxide does.

  47. Anonymous3:15 PM

    God could you imagine if republicans were in charge of everything for any length of time?

    Instead of going to the moon, we would have ended up somewhere outside of detroit.

  48. Naw Worfeus if the republicans were in charge in 1776, we would still be a British colony, and Detroit would not even exist at all.

  49. They are conservatives after all and would definitely would have disagreed with those liberal revolutionaries who wanted to change EVERY thing.....

  50. Perhaps Freddie Haskell would rather discuss why Brittany's baby seems to have disappeared.

    Maybe that would be enough Global Warming for him.

  51. The SAME type of conservative mentality put Galileo on trial for his life to dare to say I see something and am using science to see it, the foole would have held a vote and told Galileo to STFU, he lost a vote.

  52. Hey I want to congratulate Worf on writing a great article. It was compelling, insightful, and a well written piece.

    Kudos Worf!

  53. Experimentation is NOT a ballot, but either is proof of a theory or the repudiation of it, and the VAST majority of scientists who WORK in the field agree that the Idea of Global warming is real, and human activity has a real affect on it, thus we contribute to the global warming that is affecting the planet we live on and off of, but since they have their bank accounts and fluffy life styles the reichwingnut trolls haven't a care at all.

  54. I mean look what gaydalf prances around in.....

  55. Fluffy if you ask me...LOL

  56. Worfeus:

    Blog Czar and Team Partner and now successful writer.

    Impressive Blog Czar Worfeus.

  57. Anonymous3:29 PM


    Here's a "keeper" from Fossil Fuel Fan's article last night, from "the LAKE TAHOE NEWS", (lol) that he "thought" made his point.

    broad global weather pattern predictions are trustworthy



    Good ole FF.

    He's his own worst enemy.

  58. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Here, lets print it again.

    broad global weather pattern predictions are trustworthy


    The quote so nice I printed it twice.

  59. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Lydia Cornell said...
    Hey I want to congratulate Worf on writing a great article. It was compelling, insightful, and a well written piece.

    Awwww shucks....

    Thanks Lydia!

  60. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Thanks Larry.

    Don't know about the successful part, but I sure had fun doing it.

  61. Anonymous3:32 PM

    And I owe the "Blog Czar" promotion to Freedom Fan.

    It was he who appointed me to this lofty position.....


    I wonder if I'll get some serfs?

  62. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I love serfs.

  63. Anonymous3:33 PM

    As my first offical act as Blog Czar, I declare Ann Coulter to be the offical "Court Jester".


  64. I thought the promotion to Blog Czar was because of the insightful guarding of bloggers freedom.

  65. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Or she could continue as the "royal pig slopper".

    She's done pretty good in that role so far.

  66. The Rude Pundit has something to say about bush which fits gaydalf also;

    George Bush Has No Soul:

    When you watch the absolutely bone-chilling 60 Minutes interview with President George Bush, there is only one conclusion you can come to: the man has no soul. No, it's not that he sold his soul to the devil (the children of the wealthy can laugh when Beelzebub shows up at their doorways). It's that he was actually lives without a soul, without anything that would denote his humanity more than flesh. Things like that happen sometimes in this crazy universe. Probably it was the result of dry, desperate sperm from H.W. heaving and wheezing its way up Bar's desert-like fallopian tubes to her shrunken, bitter egg. Or, if he was born with it, it more than likely said, "Oh, f@#%k, I'm so outta here" after a toddler W. killed his first baby bird.

    For what person that actually feels things for human beings can say some of the sh*t Bush tried to con Scott Pelley with. Things like, "Our economy's good and people are, you know, helping their neighbors. And so I'm not saying that the danger the country felt after September 11th has slipped." You see that? It's a cuddle, then a slap. (It's not to mention the stupid factor of people "helping their neighbors," like the United States is one happy goddamned block in Mayberry.) Things like the much-quoted, "I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude, and I believe most Iraqis express that," which makes one wonder if he still thinks this is like the liberation of Paris, 'cause the Rude Pundit's pretty f%@#kin' sure that the French women would not have been throwin' their perfumed pussies at American troops if the Nazi collaborators were blowin' sh*t up every day. Things like, "Everybody was wrong on weapons of mass destruction," a lie that Bush used to answer a question on whether or not the administration lied. Things like, in response to Pelley's question about whether or not Iranians supplying the insurgency is an act of war, "I'm not a lawyer. So act of war is kind of a . . . I'm not exactly sure how you define that," when he had earlier spent part of the interview madly emphasizing his Commander-in-Chief/decider status when it comes to anything to do with the war. Toss in his insistence that we should only worry about the now "rather than debating the past," and you've got insight into a man without a soul to worry his little heart.

    Most disturbing was Bush's constant refrain that everything is now up to the Iraqi people and their corrupt, vengeful, string-wrestling puppet government that can't even hang a man right. What is it with conservatives that they seem to believe that it only takes a short time for people whose lives they have f#@*ked up to improve their lot. It's like the conservative attitude towards civil rights and affirmative action: sorry, black people, that we bought and sold you, broke up your families, suppressed you, lynched you, and generally made you just above dogs but just below mules in our nation for so long - but, hey, you're equal now because we say you are. If you bomb the living f*#$@k out of a country, wreck its infrastructure and its government, and allow forces of destruction to be unleashed almost without check, then maybe you shouldn't be surprised if it takes a little while for that country to get back on its feet. Or to figure out where its feet are.

    Unless you don't have a soul. Then you can just smarmily smirk your way through everyone else's pain and misery, without a worry about conscience or consequences or damnation for you or anyone else.

    Gaydalf seems to be soul deprived as well.......

  67. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Larry said...
    I thought the promotion to Blog Czar was because of the insightful guarding of bloggers freedom

    Nahhh, Freedom Fan and Voltron appointed me the other day.

    And of course, always willing to serve, I gladly accepted their gracious appointment.

  68. Clif:

    I liked your post on Kay's blog. I wasn't aware of that one.

  69. They were hoping you would turn it down so they could grab THAT also....since they want to own the idea of what patriotism and science is, they proly wanted to be the blog czars also.

  70. Anonymous3:40 PM

    clif said...

    The SAME type of conservative mentality put Galileo on trial for his life to dare to say I see something and am using science to see it

    And therein lies the heart of the matter.

    Fossil Fuel Fan, and his lowbrow brood of neocon stooges are nothing new.

    They've been around for thousands of years, halting the spread of knowledge, and scientific acheivment wherever, and whenever they could.

  71. I thought that they had a Blog Czar on that 11 post blog Worf was referring to.

  72. Larry I just put it up, and YES that is scary, real scary if you think about the mischief that political operatives can do in those destroy people's lives for years for nothing more than a whim, sort of what the reich wing did to Clinton from 1994 until 1998....

  73. They are planning on fighting like they did in the 1990's but in many more arena's than just the White House this time it looks like....

  74. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Larry said...

    I liked your post on Kay's blog. I wasn't aware of that one.

    Clif has written some excellent peices over there.

    He is an excellent writer, and I always read his stuff over at VoiceCrackinDissent.

  75. Better hide what you have before the emperor gets out of office.

  76. Worf this book compliments your article nicely.

    Attention Deficit Democracy
    by James Bovard
    by James Bovard

    Is American democracy in a death spiral? Why do Americans tolerate so many lies and abuses from their rulers? Why have Americans permitted the U.S. government to shred their rights? Why have so many people been willing to assume that foreign empire and presidential supremacy are the highest forms of American freedom? Why are politicians not held liable for conning the nation into wars that leave scores of thousands of people dead and maimed? Why do most Americans not recognize that Leviathan Democracy will be the end of individual liberty?

    I wrestle with these and other questions in my new book, Attention Deficit Democracy. Following is the book’s Introduction. More information on the book is available at my website. The book itself is available through Amazon.


    "The forms of our free government have outlasted the ends for which they were instituted, and have become a mere mockery of the people for whose benefit they should operate."

    ~ "Americus," 1775

    Delusions about democracy are subverting peace and freedom. The American system of government is collapsing thanks to ignorant citizens, lying politicians, and a government leashed neither by law nor Constitution. While presidents and pundits harp on democracy’s inevitable spread around the world, it is perishing at home.

    Victorious politicians routinely invoke the "will of the people" to sanctify their power. But voters cannot countenance what they do not understand. The "will of the people" is often simply a measure of how many people fell for which lies, how many people were frightened by which advertisements, and which red herrings worked on which target audiences. Rather than the "will of the people," election results are often only a one-day snapshot of transient mass delusions.

    Many Americans have little or no idea how government works or who is holding the reins on their lives. The majority of American voters do not know the name of their congressman, the length of terms of House or Senate members, what the Bill of Rights guarantees, or what the government is actually doing in the vast majority of its interventions. A survey after the 2002 congressional election revealed that less than a third of Americans knew "that the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives prior to the election." Recent polls show that almost two-thirds of Americans could not name a single Supreme Court justice and that 58 percent of Americans could not name a single cabinet department in the federal government.

    Americans are assured that they are free because rulers take power only with the people’s informed consent. What does "informed consent" mean these days? It means knowing the names of the president’s pets but not knowing his record on key issues. It means knowing the sexual orientation of family members of candidates for high office, but falling prey to their rewriting of history. It means recalling the phrases the government endlessly repeats, and screening out evidence of government atrocities.

    The political ignorance of scores of millions of Americans prevents them from recognizing the consequences or dangers of government actions. The citizenry is increasingly on automatic pilot, paying less attention to each new war, each new power grab, each new dubious presidential assertion.

    The rising gullibility of the American people may be the most important trend in U.S. democracy. With each passing decade, with each new presidency, it takes less and less to snooker Americans. And a candidate only has to fool enough people on one day to snare power over everyone for four years.

    Attention Deficit Democracy begets a government that is nominally democratic – in which elections are boisterous events accompanied by torrents of deceptive ads and mass rallies. But after the election, the president returns to his pedestal. Attention Deficit Democracy lacks the most important check on the abuse of power: an informed citizenry resolutely defending their rights and liberties.

    In 1693, William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, wrote what could be the motto for modern American government. "Let the people think they govern, and they will be governed." Rulers endlessly assure people that they are in charge – while creating agency after agency, program after program that people can neither comprehend nor control. Americans’ political thinking is becoming akin to the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance – a series of bromides that sink into the mind and stifle independent, critical thought.


    President George W. Bush calls democracy "the most honorable form of government ever devised by man." Americans are taught that the sum of American democracy is vastly greater than its parts. Regardless of how often the candidate withholds information or how many false claims he emits, no matter how deluded the average voter, and no matter what manipulations occur before and during voting – election results are sacrosanct.

    The same types of myths have grown up around democracy that long propped up monarchs. In the 1500s, peasants were encouraged to believe that the king was chosen by God to serve His purposes on Earth. Today, Americans are encouraged to believe that Bush’s reelection victory is a sign of God’s approval of Bush’s reign. In the 1600s, English yeomen were told that any limit on the King’s power was an affront to God. Today, Americans are told that any restraint on the president’s power thwarts the Will of the People. In the 1700s, the downtrodden of Europe were told that their king possessed the sum of all Earthly wisdom. Today, people are encouraged to believe that the president and his top cadre practically know all and see all – their insider information transcends the petty facts unearthed by the CIA, congressional committees, or the 9/11 Commission. In the early 1800s, people were encouraged to believe that their kings automatically cared about their subjects, simply because that was the nature of kings. Now, people are taught that the government automatically serves the people, simply because a plurality of voters assented to one of the politicians the major parties offered them.

    As people became more literate and better informed, they lost their faith in monarchs. But new delusions have replaced old superstitions. Democracy multiplies the number of people with a vested interest in delusions about government. Americans are supposed to sit back, confident that voting cures all political evils – as if the process for selecting rulers vaccinated the political system from harm. People are told that as long as they can cast a ballot, they will be safe. In a democracy, people are led to believe that they can easily apply the brakes to government, no matter how unstoppable it becomes.


    It is a common saying among political campaign consultants: "In victory, all sins are forgotten." Unfortunately, the sooner citizens forget the lies of the campaign trail, the sooner they will be victimized by new government failures and sacrificed in more unnecessary wars.

    Losing a certain percentage of the voters who understand issues or recall facts is now simply a "transaction cost" for a political campaign. The only lies that are unforgivable nowadays are those that repel more voters than they con. And regardless of how brazen a politician’s howlers, the media rushes to repaint him as worthy of respect and deference.

    The biggest election frauds usually occur before the voting booths open. Bush is upholding a long tradition of presidential deceit. He was reelected in large part due to mass delusions about Iraq. An August 2004 poll found that "among those who wrongly believe that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, 81% think going to war was the right decision. Among those who correctly know that Iraq had no WMD, just 8% think the war was right." Bush and Cheney successfully inoculated tens of millions of voters against reality, linking Saddam to Al Qaeda and 9/11 and portraying the invasion of Iraq as a necessary part of the war on terrorism. A University of Maryland October 2004 poll analysis concluded, "It is clear that supporters of the president are more likely to have misperceptions than those who oppose him."

    For many voters in 2004, Bush’s presumed personal goodness was all that they needed to know. When Bush acted like he was incorrigible, many voters hailed his conduct as proof he was steadfast. When Bush refused to admit any mistakes, many voters assumed his record was impeccable. The more Bush boasted of his consistency, the less attention many Americans paid to reality. Bush "almost never entertains public doubt, which is part of the White House design to build a more powerful presidency," the Washington Post reported. To breed blind faith in the ruler, people are encouraged to see the president as infallible. When Bush stumbled in the presidential debates, many supporters felt a bond with him as someone also not weighed down by excessive intellectual baggage. Floridian Lynn Farr, a 43-year-old former restaurant owner, explained his vote for Bush: "The guy wears a cowboy hat. He cuts brush. You always see [news] clips of him driving a big ol’ Ford truck and working on his ranch. He’s one of us."

    Bush has proven that a president can get away with far more hokum than previously thought. Unfortunately, this was also the lesson of the Clinton presidency. Even though Americans often recognized that Bill Clinton lied, many still believed him when he promised to "feel their pain." Clinton’s case for bombing Serbia in 1999 was as dubious as Bush’s case for invading Iraq. But for both Clinton and Bush, their self-proclaimed good intentions made unjustified U.S. killings irrelevant.

    "Presidents have lied so much to us about foreign policy that they’ve established almost a common-law right to do so," history professor Leo Ribuffo observed in 1998. From John F. Kennedy lying about the Bay of Pigs debacle in Cuba; to Johnson lying about the Gulf of Tonkin resolution; to Richard Nixon lying about the secret bombing of Cambodia; to Jimmy Carter lying about the Shah of Iran being a progressive, enlightened ruler; to Ronald Reagan lying about terrorism and Iran-Contra; to George H. W. Bush lying about the justifications for the first Gulf War, entire generations have come of age since the ancient time when a president’s power was constrained by a duty of candor to the public.

    Unfortunately, many citizens’ minds are sponges, soaking up whatever government emits. Lies almost always turn out to be duds, as far as detonating any backlash against political abuses. Self-government is vanishing because of black holes in citizens’ heads where connections are not made and sparks do not fly.

    Ironically, despite the government’s long record of deceits, distrust of government is more dangerous than government power itself – at least according to the conventional wisdom of today’s Establishment. Private doubts are supposedly a greater threat to America than official lies. Trust in government becomes mass Prozac, keeping people docile and compliant.


    The government is exploiting public dread to redefine the relation between rulers and the American people. White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, in a talk to Republican National Convention delegates in September 2004, praised Bush’s role as the protector of the nation and assured them that "this president sees America as we think about a 10-year-old child. I know as a parent I would sacrifice all for my children." Card’s comment generated almost no controversy. Yet viewing Americans as young children needing protection makes a mockery of democracy. Is servility now the price of survival?

    The more ignorant the populace, the easier it becomes for rulers to frighten people into submission. Bush was reelected in part because his administration, policies, and statements, helped by many dubious alerts and warnings, boosted the number of Americans who feared a terrorist attack during 2004. Each time the feds issued a new warning of a terrorist threat after 9/11, the president’s approval rating rose by an average of almost 3 percent.

    As long as enough people can be frightened, then all people can be ruled. Politicians cow people on election day to corral them afterward. The more that fear is the key issue, the more that voters will be seeking a savior, not a representative – and the more the winner can claim all the power he claims to need.

    We now have the Battered Citizen Syndrome: the more debacles, the more voters cling to faith in their rulers. Like a train engineer bonding with the survivors of a train wreck that happened on his watch, Bush constantly reminded Americans of 9/11 and his wars. The greater the government’s failure to protect, the greater the subsequent mass fear – and the easier it becomes to subjugate the populace. The continuing follies and flounders of the war on terrorism were irrelevant compared to the paramount promise of protection. The craving for a protector drops an Iron Curtain around the mind, preventing a person from accepting evidence that would shred his political security blanket.

    In recent years, Americans have devoted far more effort to spreading democracy than to understanding it. Bush, echoing Clinton and earlier presidents, says that America is "called" to spread democracy and freedom around the world. Forgetting the warnings by early presidents about the dangers of foreign entanglements, the U.S. government is charging forward to remake the world in its own image.

    Americans have been taught to view U.S. intervention abroad as the equivalent of a holy man touching a sick person, instantly healing whatever ails them. Even if the person isn’t sick, getting a holy nudge can’t but help them. "Fixing" elections is doing a service to foreign peoples since the U.S. government knows what is best for them. And if foreigners object to U.S. interference, that just proves that they are deluded and must be protected from themselves.

    In his second inaugural address, Bush issued a revolutionary challenge to every government in the world: "We will persistently clarify the choice before every ruler and every nation: The moral choice between oppression, which is always wrong, and freedom, which is eternally right." Bush is correct that freedom is "eternally right." But that does not confer upon Bush or other U.S. presidents the right to act like the World Pope of Democracy, entitled to appoint rulers in each nation upon Earth. The notion of American uniqueness has gone from a point of pride to a pretext for aggression.


    President George Washington declared in 1790 that "the virtues and knowledge of the people would effectually oppose the introduction of tyranny." But today’s Americans do little to justify the confidence of the nation’s first president. The federal government has been rapidly adding new coercive penalties to its statutory arsenal for decades. Americans have acquiesced to politicians and bureaucrats taking over one area of their lives after another.

    President Washington may have also been confident that his fellow citizens and their offspring would not forget his warning that "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence – it is force." Unfortunately, as long as recent American presidents continue to praise freedom, they are usually permitted to seize as much power as they please. On November 13, 2001, Bush announced that he had the right to nullify all rights. Bush decreed that he had the power to label as an "enemy combatant" anyone suspected of involvement with terrorism. The president need provide no evidence for such designations; there would be no access to courts to challenge such a label; and people could be detained forever on the president’s accusation. And "enemy combatants" need not be combatants. Bush administration lawyers have made clear that even hapless donors to foreign charities can be seized and held without charges if their contribution ends up in the wrong hands. In July 2005, Bush’s solicitor general announced in federal court that the entire United States is a "battlefield" upon which Bush has absolute power to have people – including American citizens – seized and detained indefinitely.

    In 2002, Bush’s top legal advisors informed him that, as commander-in-chief during wartime, he was above all the laws Congress enacted. Bush’s legal whiz kids also redefined torture so that CIA agents and U.S. soldiers could brutalize detainees without fear of prosecution. Americans were assured that the Abu Ghraib photos that leaked out in 2004 were the result of "a few bad apples." However, details later emerged that CIA operatives or U.S. soldiers had killed dozens of detainees during interrogations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Reviving a hallowed tradition from the Middle Ages, the administration announced that it could use "evidence" gained from torture to prosecute detainees in its military tribunals. Americans’ scant response to the torture scandal signaled their growing tolerance for absolute power – as long as the president promised it would be used to make them secure.

    This is the age of Leviathan Democracy. Leviathan was the Biblical term that English philosopher Thomas Hobbes used in 1651 to describe a government absolute and far superior to its subjects, whose task was to obey and, when ordered, die. The United States was an anti-Leviathan at its founding – the first government to be created with strict limitations on its power enshrined into the Constitution to protect citizens from their rulers in perpetuity.

    But in recent decades, government power has become unbounded. The U.S. government still has the formal trappings of a democracy – candidates, elections, congressional proceedings, judges draped in long black robes. But we have fallen far from the Founding Fathers’ ideal of a Rule of Law. Today, when the president’s desires extend beyond legal boundaries, the Constitution and the statute book be damned.

    Attention Deficit Democracy begets Leviathan because rulers exploit people’s ignorance to seize more power over them. The bigger government becomes, the fewer citizens understand it, the less representative it will tend to be. The contract between rulers and ruled is replaced by a blank check. As long as presidents and their appointees recite the proper phrases and strike the correct poses, they can do as they please.

    Democracy unleashes the State in the name of the people. Yet citizens are assured that their government will protect liberty, no matter what. Democracy automatically reins itself in so that it does not gorge on power like a horse eating too many oats, stopping only when it explodes.

    Government is an elective dictatorship when voters do little more than select who will violate the laws and Constitution. Bush, like other U.S. presidents, perpetually equates democracy with freedom. But if the purported consent of voters confers upon the winner the right to nullify citizens’ rights – they are voting for a master, not a representative. Elections become little more than reverse slave auctions, in which slaves choose their masters.

    Voting is now a way of conferring power and honors on politicians, rather than a method of reining in rulers. In the early American Republic, candidates would stress their fidelity to the Constitution. But the Constitution has vanished from the campaign trail, replaced by competing promises of new handouts and new protections against the vicissitudes of daily life.

    The Founding Fathers did not design a "Great Leader" democracy. The ultimate principle of the American system of government is strict limits on the power of all branches of the federal government. Yet Bush, like earlier presidents, has swayed many people to view checks and balances as a peril to their personal survival.

    Attention Deficit Democracy lulls citizens into thinking that they have nothing to fear from the rising number of sticks and shackles that politicians and bureaucrats can use on them. The peril of rising U.S. government power is stark to foreigners, who see U.S. aggression around the globe. It is stark to many people who hear the president talk of military killings as "bringing justice" to the deceased. It is stark to those who fear the United States may invade their country next. But it is not stark to too many Americans.


    The more authoritarian the U.S. government becomes, the louder presidents praise democracy. Unfortunately, democracy is a magical word that permits speakers to automatically fog the minds of many listeners.

    By what standard could American democracy be considered a success? Simply because referendums on rulers occur without widespread violence? Because most Americans acquiesce to whomever the political system ordains as the winner? Because the majority of people continue obeying, and paying taxes? Simply because there have not been Albanian-style mass violent attacks on government office buildings?

    Bogus fears can produce real servitude. Politicians stampede people with one dubious terror attack warning after another; one constitutional right after another is decimated; one barrier against absolutism after another is breached.

    Is our era coming to resemble medieval times, when people were so suffused with fear that they formally signed away their rights and pledged fealty to whoever promised to protect them? There is scant glory or dignity in panicky national referendums to choose a Shepherd-in-Chief.

    Are Americans free simply because they are permitted a perfunctory choice on who will molest their rights and liberties? How much of a facade of democracy is necessary to placate the public? Is it the "will of the people" – or at least the majority – to be deluded? Does self-government now mean anything more than showing up once every few years to ratify one’s rulers? Is the sole question remaining in American politics – how to find a good master for the American people?

    It is naive to trust to the ignorant preferences of frightened people to preserve freedom. In America today, all leaders have to do is brazenly deny obvious facts and they become entitled to commit new abuses. Bush has demonstrated how easily tens of millions of people can be conned into contented subjugation and marching lockstep behind a president whose falsehoods have already left thousands of Americans dead and maimed. The more lies that a government gets away with, the more it will assume that it can get away with anything and everything.

    People need defenses against democracies as well as tyrannies. The road to political ruin is paved with positive thinking. The issue is not whether democracy is good or evil, but that seeing democracy as an absolute good opens the gates to great evil. Because of Clinton’s and Bush’s invocations of democracy to consecrate their power and sanctify foreign aggression, it is vital to analyze democracy now.

    At this point, the de facto American theory of government consists of trusting to the good intentions of those who hold nearly boundless power over us, trusting that they will not violate any laws that don’t really need violating, that they won’t bomb any foreign countries that don’t really need bombing, and that they won’t torture anyone who doesn’t really need torturing. And if they do violate laws, bomb foreigners, and torture innocents – then it is all harmless errors and folks should just move along because there is nothing to see here.

    This book examines the rising ignorance of the electorate, the fearmongering tactics of the 2004 and other presidential campaigns, the profusion of lying and how it fundamentally changes candidates’ relation to citizens, the ways in which contemporary elections are degenerating into a tawdry trading of votes for handouts and subservience, and the current Messianic Democracy push. The ongoing torture scandal will be considered in depth as the arch-example of what happens when the government is permitted to grant itself absolute power, when "due process" consists of nothing more than long-delayed coroners’ inquests. We will briefly consider popular delusions on the inevitability of democracy and the inevitability of democracies keeping the peace. Finally, we will look at some reforms that can curb politicians’ damage and recapture the blessings of representative government for ourselves and posterity.

    It would be a mistake to view Bush as an aberration in modern political history. There are far more parallels between Bush and Clinton than either Democrats or Republicans would like to admit. And most of Clinton’s abuses followed precedents set by Bush Sr., Nixon, Johnson, and earlier presidents. Bush is more a symptom of the decay of American democracy than a first cause.

    To detail current failings is not to idealize the past. There was no Golden Age in America in which all politicians were honest, most citizens were politically savvy, and government strictly obeyed the Constitution. And yet, the deterioration on all fronts in recent years is a fundamental change, not simply a brief pause in the annals of national greatness.

    A democratic government that respects no limits on its own power is a ticking time bomb, waiting to destroy the rights it was created to protect. The more people who believe democracy is failsafe, the more likely it will fail. Attention Deficit Democracy produces the attitudes, ignorance, and arrogance that pave the way to political collapse.

    This book will deal with democracy as the term is currently understood. Democracy is commonly used to describe a political system that involves regular elections, opportunities for citizen involvement, and purported limits on government power. There are other definitions that are more philosophically pure or intellectually stout. However, it would be a waste to spend hundreds of pages condemning the current system solely for failing to measure up to one abstract definition. Instead, we will examine what democracy in the real world is becoming, using the statements and standards of earlier centuries to vivify how times are changing.

    January 26, 2006

    James Bovard [send him mail] is the author of the just-released Attention Deficit Democracy, The Bush Betrayal, and Terrorism & Tyranny: Trampling Freedom, Justice, and Peace to Rid the World of Evil. He serves as a policy advisor for The Future of Freedom Foundation. From Attention Deficit Democracy by James Bovard. Copyright © 2006 by the author and reprinted by permission of Palgrave Macmillan

    Copyright © 2006 James Bovard

    James Bovard Archives

  77. They do Larry but he is still trying to figger out why he needs to spell czar with a "z" when he can't member another word with that letter but zebra, his keyboard is stuck since he uses the "z" key so rarely....that and the GOP central is trying to find the memo for blog czars they must have lost since they ain't too sure what it means, so the pink pajama circle jerk blog czar is still waiting for the daily talking points hence the lack of posts ever since....

  78. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Larry said...
    I thought that they had a Blog Czar on that 11 post blog Worf was referring to

    I post over there once in a while....throw em a bone as it were.

    As neocon nutcases go, Voltrons ok, when he's not preaching right wing garbage.

  79. Anonymous3:47 PM

    And that picture he posted of Adolf Hitler on the front page of his blog, I thought gave it a nice, homey touch.

    Whenever I see it I think of them.

  80. Dolty boy proly would be cool if he would ween himself off the kool aid, gaydalf and Tiny the liar not so much, gaydalf proly thinks his moniker is cool...............LOL

    It is fluffy though gaydalf....

  81. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Gathered around their burning cross, and clad in their white robes, holding hands in a circle, singing "We shall Overcome".


  82. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Then I barf.

  83. Worf:

    You shouldn't be over there posting on that 11 post blog.

    Don't you know that gives them a false impression that you value their opinion, and it also gives a false count on the number of posts they have.

  84. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I know Larry, but I try to be a nice guy when I can.

  85. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Even Jesus descended into hell to try and save a few of the damned.

  86. How very noble of you to feed the swine from time to time.

    It's easy to see why you are Blog Czar and Team Member.

    It's because you look out for the little guy.

  87. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I'm a legend in my own mind.

  88. Your 3:58 post will come back to haunt you Worfeus, you know Tiny the Liar already has it saved and is figgering out how to best use it......

  89. Looks like ole Volty is designing another blog.

  90. Anonymous4:18 PM

    clif said...
    Your 3:58 post will come back to haunt you Worfeus, you know Tiny the Liar already has it saved and is figgering out how to best use it......

    Like I said. Gotta throw em a bone once and a while.

    After all, they were nice enough to appoint me "blog czar".

  91. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Mike said...
    Looks like ole Volty is designing another blog.

    Guess the old one wasn't working out too well?


    You'd think with a whopping 28 percent of the country favoring them they'd have done better.

  92. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Gee only 107 people lost their lives today in Iraq.

    Only a another 250 were seriously wounded.

    FF must be so proud.

  93. Anonymous4:36 PM

    What a success.


    Hope we don't get any "successes" like that over here.

  94. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Oh yea, "we're fighting them there, so we don't have to fight them here".


  95. This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

  96. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I heard his nose grew several inches too.

  97. Lt Gen Dan Halutz, chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, has resigned amid ongoing investigations into Israel’s botched invasion of Lebanon. Imagine, someone in government actually taking responsibility for a failed military adventure. What a concept!

  98. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Bet that was the longest "60 Minutes" of his life.

  99. Naw Worfeus, his head shrunk, after getting all that HOT AIR out, bet if Bush would shut the F@&^#K UP the earth would be cooler, ... or at least more peaceful.

  100. Anonymous4:50 PM

    You might be onto something there.

    Imagine how much hot air we could reduce if we could convince all the right wingers in the world to just shut up for one day.


    We could cool the planet overnight.

  101. Think how much better the air would smell also with out their foul stink all over the place.

  102. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Here. A quote from the Voltron blog.

    So if you are a Jew or Christian or someone who fails, to embrace the secular humanist agenda as championed by the ACLU, then you might be a fascist.


    So lets see if I have that right.

    If you're a Jew or a Christian then you're not a liberal?


    So what are all those Jews doing in Hollywood, supporting us rotten liberals?


    Guess they don't count, huh?

  103. Anonymous4:58 PM

    And Lydia, didn't you know you can't have this Christian Blog?

    You're supposed to be a liberal.

    You can't be a liberal and be a Christian too, at least according to the Voltron Ruffian Blog.

    The Guys with the "Facts"

  104. Anonymous4:58 PM

    So knock it off Lydia.

  105. Anonymous5:00 PM

    You know, I can't let this one go.

    According to Voltron, if you're a Jew, you can't be a liberal.


    I wonder if he knows Jon Stewart is Jewish?

    Guess not, huh?

  106. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Must be nice to be a conservative blogger.

    No need to worry about tiny details, like the facts.

  107. Anonymous5:02 PM

    You know guys, this is almost getting too easy.

  108. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Hey, Keith Olbermann is FINALLY talking about the TV show, 24, being a right wing propaganda show.

    I posted about that a year ago, when I saw them portraying the presidentital contender as a weak willed liberal, too afraid to defend the nation.

    They showed a campaign sticker, and it was IDENTICAL to John Kerry's campaign sitckers, right down to the color.

    And this weak willed liberal presidential hopeful's name?

    John Ketchum.

    And in the shot, they showed only his first name, and the "KE" of his last name.

  109. Sorry Worf, but I think the Foole deserves the credit for that BS rant!

  110. Well they couldnt have made that reference any more obvious unless they called him John Ketchup or used his real name.

  111. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Mike said...
    Sorry Worf, but I think the Foole deserves the credit for that BS rant!

    You mean FF wrote that on Voltrons blog?

  112. YES Worfeus Dolty Boy needs help with the CRAPOLA he posts....

  113. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Mike said....

    Well they couldnt have made that reference any more obvious unless they called him John Ketchup or used his real name


    I mean, I watch the show. I kinda like it. It's like a comedy.

    And it is pretty realistic with regards to how the right wing "protects" the country.

    For example, they are constantly "torturing" people, and they NEVER get any answers from their torture, even though they horribly torture lots of people.

    They even tortured a senators 16 year old son "to keep us safe".

  114. Anonymous5:13 PM

    And just like our right wing "protectors", they're ALWAYS a day late, and a dollar short.

    Jack Bauer ALWAYS shows up to catch the bad guy, one minute AFTER he's left the place.

  115. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Jack Bauer, the most inept secret agent of all time.

    Even Maxwell Smart has a better track record at stopping the bad guys.

  116. Well Worfeus 24 has to be fiction, because if jack Bauer watched a large Nuke go off in any American City he has a few weeks at best to live, but I bet the show lasts all season with no ill effects for Herr Bauer.

  117. Anonymous5:15 PM

    clif said...

    YES Worfeus Dolty Boy needs help with the CRAPOLA he posts....


    With help like that, who needs sabotage?

  118. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Remember when Jack Bauer SHOT his OWN DIVISION DIRECTOR in the head???


    He took him out of the car, made him get on his hands and knees, and shot him, right between the eyes, like he was shooting a dog.

    Just because a terrorist told him to do it.


  119. Anonymous5:21 PM

    It was clear they were trying to validate Dick Cheney's dogma that we have to "do evil to stop evil".

    And the right wing grubworms lap it up.

  120. Well Worfeus, considering they think Bush is a great pResident, 24 is sort of high level thought processes for them...between 24 and Fox Lies, no wonder they have such a problem dealing with reality...

  121. Anonymous5:25 PM

    24 is on Fox.

  122. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Olbermann just did a great story on 24, exposing it for what it is.

    Right wing brainwashing for right wing idiots.

  123. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Cheney and Rummy said it was the best show on television.

    That ought to tell us something.

  124. Fox entertainment channel not Fox lies to the American people channel.

    I distinguish between the channel they say is fiction and the one they claim is not.

  125. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Jack Bauer.

    Maxwell smart with a GPS.

  126. Fox entertainment does not claim 24 is the truth but Fox lies claims Orally does tell the truth.

  127. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Jack Bauer.

    Guarunteed to get there just in time to watch the bomb go off.

    Guarunteed to get there just in time to watch the criminal escape.


    Well, at least its realistic.

  128. Fox lies claims they are "fair and balanced", which if you think 24 is reality then fox is balanced I guess????????

  129. Anonymous5:30 PM

    He's as inept as our current administration.

  130. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I meant realistic in the sense that Jack Bauer is a bumbling, criminal idiot.


    Just like our current adminstration.

  131. Anonymous5:38 PM

    You know who I'd like to see hanged?

    That guy who kidnapped that little boy last week, and had the other one for years.

    I'd like to see that rotten son of a bitch hanged till his eyes spurt out of his foul sick head.

  132. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Not to liberal of me I guess, but I'd still like to see him hung.

    Hung in the public square.

    They should sell tickets to it.

  133. Sure Fox Lies is a drunk trying to walk a tightrope!

  134. Well I'd like to see Bush and Cheney and all their Neo Con minions hanged for treason and i've said that for years.

  135. Mike I would personally like to see Bush and Cheney in adjoining cells in Spandau prison.....Rumsfeld down the hall...

  136. Well Clif it would be more of a punishment to THEM to rot in jail for the rest of their lives, but it would send a louder message to the world and to future wanna be dictators to see the traitors swing.

    Think of the children studying history 50 years from now when they hear the name GWB they will clearly recall the picture of him being hung for treason from their 5th grade history books.

  137. Much worse for the people WHO think they might want to try to pull another bush, to know he is still serving 30 years from now, and after he passes, they will know how long he was a guest of the state after he thought he RULED the state.

    Better lesson there....

  138. The Pink Pajama Party looks almost comatose, what a shame Volt does design a cool blog but he lets the Fibbing Fascist spew his dishonest BS!

  139. Wow Clif, I just read your article, about the DOJ, do you think Congress will repeal that before 2008 or will they leave it in place so the new Democratic president can get rid of all the ReichWing fools?

  140. The Democrats in control of congress are looking for ways to return the DOJ to complete congressional over sight.

    NO president should ever have that much power unchecked.

  141. This is swirling around the tubes so in a day or so it will break into the public cable news cycles, whether it makes the nightly news shows is anybodies is not good if it gos unchecked.

  142. Good, its about time they start slapping the idiot in Chief down to size, he's ridden high for way to long, i'd love to be a fly on the wall when his iron fisted edicts start getting challenged.

  143. He needs to have his wings clipped.

  144. Actually they just need a new nanny who will make him mind the constitution.

  145. The house of cards that Karl and Dick built is crumbling, thats while the trolls like the Foole and Troll Tex become more delusional and slimy by the day.

  146. Oh how far Bush has fallen...

    In November 2004 Bush claimed political capital which he lost as fast as he ever bankrupted any company he ever lead..

    Soon he was losing a fight over Social security..even though he had majorities in both chambers of congress, then the Terry Schiavo fiasco and then Katrina destroyed his myth of infallibility for most Americans, to be followed by calling Harriet Meyers the bets candidate for the supreme court, hell even Barney didn't even buy that one.
    Then Bush got exposed for the spying little freak he is, then got caught trying to reward some of his Arab buddies with the ports deal.

    He just sunk lower and lower into both the fiasco in Iraq and his denial of that fiasco, until election day slapped his face and released a few republicans to think for themselves once again...

    Thus to the moral of this story..

    Bush can't get the GOP national committee to approve his selection to chair the party he is supposedly leading now.

    The week after the Republicans were handed a series of devastating election defeats, the White House announced that Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) would take over as RNC chair. The RNC has historically rubber-stamped sitting presidents’ choice for party chairman, but Martinez was immediately controversial. The Republican base immediately labeled him the “Harriet Miers of RNC chairs” and went to work.

    It is the ultimate in both irony, Bush has lost control over Iraq and the GOP in the same election.

    His capital is long gone, and thew GOP seems determined to show the world not only is Bush a lame Duck in the Government but also the party as well.....

    Or as the carpetbagger report put it so well

    In the bigger picture, if the RNC rejects Bush’s choice for party chairman, the president will have fallen to a humiliating position of weakness. It’s one thing to fail to convince a Democratic-run Congress about escalation in Iraq; it’s something else to fail to convince your own party’s committee about the choice for chairman.

    It should be fun to watch.


  147. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Chances are Clif, they've secretly emailed each other and started a "secret blog" where they can talk to each other without s liberals 'spying' on them.

    I know old crusty rusty shackleturd got his ass whipped so badly last night that I can safely speculate that we will not be seeing him any more.

    I am sure he wants a place to go where us mean libs won't pick on him by exposing the lies out of his mouth as he types them.

    Well, we in contrast post our views for all to see, and our comments. We stand by them, and we WELCOME conservative bloggers to voice their own opinions, even if we don't like them.

    Thats the difference between us and them.

  148. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I for one am glad old crusty rusty is gone.

    He was just a space filler that they tossed in here whenever FF, Volt or TT got their assess handed to them, to insult us, get us worked up, and distract from the embarrasment of his buddy's.

    I won't miss that little punk one little bit.

  149. The Prof asks Mike and Clif:

    Is Bush telling you libs to stick the election up your asses?

    Was'nt the election a mandate to bring the troops home now?

    Did Bush give you libs the finger?

    Does congress have the balls to stop funding the war?

    Do all liberals sit down to pee?

  150. You mean crusty the sockpuppet master is gonna wimp out on us all?

  151. We do welcome opinions Worf, but we dont get much honest ebate from these lunkheads, just insults, babble about their smelly socks to bury the debate, personal attacks and contrived smear jobs etc,,,,,,,

  152. Oh lookie a sock puppet to try to derail the blog once again right after a post about what a pathetic LOSER Bush really is because the GOP is telling him to stick his choice where the moon don't shine....

  153. Anonymous6:47 PM

    The blog Czar asks, is professor Chaos really ole Crusty Rusty?

    Incogneato perhaps?

  154. Sucks to be a loser backing the loser who is about the lamest duck well as the worst president ever

  155. Anonymous6:48 PM

    The blog Czar asks, if "the professor" is ole crusty rusty, how is it he shows up exactly ONE minute after his name was mentioned?

  156. Yeah my posts about Carters brilliance and Reagan's incompetence really threw ole Crusty for a loop.

  157. Must suck to have to defend such a fraud he acts all dumb and countrified, but when his daddy was running for pResidewnt...Bush didn't have that speech impediment, neither did he during his first run for congress when he LOST or even when he is talking when he doesn't realize he is being recorded.

  158. Anonymous6:49 PM

    The Blog Czar asks:

    How is it, just ONE minute after ole crusty rusty is ridiculed, the nutty professor just happens to "show up"?

    Could it be they are really one in the same???

  159. Seems that soon the republicans will ALL be more worried about their own asses than Bush idiot legacy and give him the finger with that thought son.

  160. Anonymous6:52 PM

    No secret blogs Worf, and we rarely email each other.

    And I don't recall running anyone off, neither you or Clif.

  161. Worfeus, along with "Bruno", and "Wufuss Dufuss" since "crusty" can't always remember which lie he spins as which sock puppet.

  162. Anonymous6:54 PM

    The blog Czar asks;

    why is crusty rusty such a coward, that he has to pretend to be someone else?

    Could it be he's really just a little right wing hack, either paid or volunteering (most likely volunteering because who would pay for his crap?) to come in and harrass liberal bloggers?

    Could it possibly be?

  163. Do all liberals sit down to pee?

    Yes Rusteeb, Muhammand has required this of liberals:

    It is Makrooh (disliked) in Shari'ah for a person to stand and urinate without any valid excuse. In the situation mentioned herein, it is a question of doubt that you are not sure whether the seat is clean or not. To eradicate the doubt, you may clean the toilet seat with toilet paper.

    and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

    -Mufti Ebrahim Desai

  164. Lookie Dolty boy claims he is NOT any body else but he and the stupid chaos are usually HERE together...sort about as honest about that as he was about having a kid of his own...

  165. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Voltron said...
    No secret blogs Worf, and we rarely email each other.

    And I don't recall running anyone off, neither you or Clif.

    Fair enough.

    But your blog sure did get quiet all of a sudden like.

    But I have no reason to doubt you my friend. So I will take your word for it.

    My apologies.

  166. and of course Fluffy is tagging along with dolty boy as well, like they just finished over at the pink pajama circle jerk again...

  167. They are such girl friends like that..they travel the tubes together....

  168. Yes Ms. Cornell and WR are very close...

  169. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Freedom Fan said...
    Do all liberals sit down to pee?

    Only if rusty's face is available.

  170. Sorry gaydalf but your the one who dresses all fluffy for you time in the tubes for your girlfriends at the pink pajama circle jerk blog.

  171. Bet you were such a hit in ROTC in that get up also....

  172. When you were defending the parade grounds from the Viet Cong and all....

  173. Anonymous7:00 PM

    But that is nice of you to speak for your wittle friend FF.

    He obviously is too afraid to speak as himself.

  174. Anonymous7:01 PM


  175. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Unless of course he's disguised as "the professor".

  176. Worfeus they rarely email each other, like they never had the word Krista as a code word either....

  177. and gaydalf asked for Infantry and Active duty and all.....

  178. Anonymous7:04 PM

    My guess is crusty isn't a vegas bookie at all.

    My guess is he's a little wannabe computer nerd, sitting in his moms basement, drinking Jolt Cola and reading Hustler mags in between threats and insults.

    He sure "talks tough".

    But we know better.

  179. Like they never rely on pseudo scientists who know the results of their articles but need to find enough disjointed facts to make the weak cases they spew as research to allow Exxon ET Al to deny the facts of 650,000 years of ice core samples and 99% of the scientific community....

  180. Hell dolty boy proily "thinks" the Grand Canyon was formed 4800 years age by the "great flood" instead of millions of years of erosion....

  181. Dolty surely thinks all heavier atoms were individually formed 6000 years ago instead billions of years ago in the heart of a star.

  182. and dolty boy is sure dinosaurs were just formed by God as fossils to trick non believers into thinking science is real....

  183. And that the oil was put ther BY God and when we need more he will majically put some more in the earth....

  184. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Sorry gaydalf but your the one...

    Uh no thanks GIJoe; I'm already married. I'm pretty sure PP finds you and the other lib boys vewy attractive tho.

  185. Since who ever your talking about has never seen me stupid you asinine comment is as idiotic as your long winded delusional rants gutless.....

  186. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Lydia Cornell said...

    Who is PP?

  187. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Well lets review how we reacted to Krista...

    "Voltaire said...
    Is this "the other place"?
    10:25 PM

    Freedom Fan said...
    Hi Volt.
    10:28 PM

    Voltaire said...
    Hi FF.
    Do we know Krista?
    10:30 PM

    Freedom Fan said...
    No Krista had me fooled too. I guess I'm a little slow sometimes.
    10:49 PM

    Voltaire said...
    LOL, no problem FF.
    I was here first.
    10:55 PM"

    Does it look or sound like either of us knew Krista, or what he/she was talking about regarding "the other place?

    (and in the interest of space I did condense those posts and omit 1 where I may have made a derogatory comment about you guys...LOL)

  188. Anonymous7:15 PM

    PP is a derogatory name for Carl.

  189. Anonymous7:15 PM

    And that the oil was put ther BY God and when we need more he will majically put some more in the earth....

    Oh look GIJ, God just made some more oil like you said:

    Sept 6, 2006
    WASHINGTON - A trio of oil companies led by Chevron Corp. has tapped a petroleum pool deep beneath the Gulf of Mexico that could boost the nation’s reserves by more than 50 percent. A test well indicates it could be the biggest new domestic oil discovery since Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay a generation ago.

    -Oil companies see big Gulf of Mexico discovery

  190. Dolty boy your either an IDIOT or a liar or maybe even BOTH if you can't see how gaydalf gave it away when he said "Krista had me fooled, BTW here is the post You decided to leave out LIAR..whioch outs you as the dishonest foole you are son.

    Voltaire said...

    BTW, I'd still be careful here.

    They may seem like pretty dim bulbs, but I bet they remember this place too.

    10:34 PM

    see son it proves you were NOT quite as honest as you want everybody to believe you are, the whole post is HERE son

    Google is really a cool tool isn't it son?

  191. Anonymous7:21 PM

    I'm certain the libs will start a lawsuit to prevent drilling however. They proly figger the sea cucumbers will get upset.

  192. BTW dolty boy why were YOU worried about US libs remembering Tiny the Liar's pathetic blog, it is almost what you clowns do at the pink pajama circle jerk place.....

  193. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Hey Clif...

    "(and in the interest of space I did condense those posts and omit 1 where I may have made a derogatory comment about you guys...LOL)"

    "BTW dolty boy why were YOU worried about US libs remembering Tiny the Liar's pathetic blog, it is almost what you clowns do at the pink pajama circle jerk place....."

    Exactly Clif, except I hadn't know FF that long then and wasn't sure what he'd say that might set you guys off...

  194. well gaydalf that discovery will not help much son if you actually read all of it and used your head for something besides a bigot spigot;

    Chevron on Tuesday estimated the 300-square-mile region where its test well sits could hold between 3 billion and 15 billion barrels of oil and natural gas liquids. The U.S. consumes roughly 5.7 billion barrels of crude-oil in a year.

    It will take many years and tens of billions of dollars to bring the newly tapped oil to market, but the discovery carries particular importance for the industry at a time when Western oil and gas companies are finding fewer opportunities in politically unstable parts of the world, including the Middle East, Africa and Russia.

    • Oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico?
    Deep-water test wells in the Gulf of Mexico indicate there may be huge new untapped oil reserves. CNBC asked Brian Hicks of U.S. Global Investors and Branko Terzic at Deloitte and Touche about the impact of the discoveries.

    The proximity of the Gulf of Mexico to the world’s largest oil consuming nation makes it especially attractive. And it could bring pressure on Florida and other states to relax limits they have placed on drilling in their offshore waters for environmental and tourism reasons.

    The country’s reserves currently are more than 29 billion barrels of oil equivalent, according to the U.S. Energy Department. But the U.S. imports most of its oil from abroad and its overall supply is tiny when compared with, say, Saudi Arabia, whose reserves exceed 250 billion barrels.

    Chevron’s well, called “Jack 2,” was drilled about 5.3 miles below sea level.

    So the "find" of the century according to you "clown in drag"
    Is just THREE years worth of OUR current needs... and is dwarfs in comparison to what the Saudis and Kuwaitis have and what Iraqis possibly have son....

    It is helpful son but no wheres near what the Mexicans are soon to lose with the peak and drop of production from their fields which we get a lot of oil from....

  195. We import over 50% of our oil NOW and even with that supposedly BIG find son it is a drop in the bucket for what we need unless we change some things here real soon son, but we may have no choice if the Burgan field has peaked and the Mexican field has peaked like most experts think, and the Kuwaitis admit....

  196. Volt said "Exactly Clif, except I hadn't know FF that long then and wasn't sure what he'd say that might set you guys off..."

    Better watch it with this one Pinochio, you've known Freedom Fan since you came in here over a year ago, dont give me that BS that in August you didnt know him that well!@

  197. BTW gaydalf tour deluded if you think the oil companies are ever gonna find another Gahwar or Burgan field out side of the middle east...and the Mexican field peaking is about the end of easy cheap oil,m here in the American continent both north and south....

  198. Anonymous7:32 PM

    And I guess maybe I am an idiot then because I figured FF meant the same thing I had assumed when Krista posted here.

    That it was someone we knew, (wrong)
    That the "other place" was TT's, (wrong again)

    So we were BOTH fooled.