Tuesday, February 18, 2020

An Open Letter to Harvey Levin of TMZ: Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month is NOT Woman Bashing Month

Dear Harvey, I've been meaning to write you for some time, but in between stalking breaks, I've been too shell-schocked to compose a sentence. After reading the most hateful, vicious comments on TMZ, I almost gave up. 

Fortunately, Prince Harry's naked buttocks took over my story just as I was about to collapse from sadness, but here's what I want to say:

As October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I need to finally tell the story of Cheri. I housed and helped rescue a battered woman who had been hit in the head with the claw-end of a hammer by her husband. She suffered a brain aneurysm as a result. A sweeter human being I have yet to meet. 

In September, when your website TMZ, released the story about me with the headline: "Psychotic Stalker Wants to Bash My Face In" and then posted the creepiest photo you could find of me, it inspired women-bashers to post such sweet comments as:  "She is so f--ugly she deserves to have her face bashed in" and "Whatever happened to that ugly bitch? She looks like she already had her face bashed in" you added a deeper cut than the ones I had already suffered at the hands of this abusive stalker.  

(FYI: I found out I was suing Kelsey when I read the headlines on Radar and Huffington post. My counsel put a gag order on me and threatened me. Then I found out the co-counsel in our case was a convicted felon who became my stalker!  On September 13, 2012, I was dismissed from the Civil case with prejudice. I  am no longer suing Kelsey Grammer, never wanted to sue him, and it is my sincere hope that any damage to Kelsey’s reputation is repaired.  
On Sept. 18, I won a restraining order from the stalker. It's been the weirdest, scariest journey. Facebook Fans, friends, witnesses, and 4 bodyguards showed up for the stalker hearing.  We celebrated afterwards at Pink Taco. 

Why couldn't I have a normal stalker like Sheryl Crowe's? Mine filed a one -hundred page restraining order against me claiming I'm really a man named Jason Meadows, a mafia criminal, a FEMA spy, and a sexual predator stalking his grandchildren in Tennessee. I have not been to Tennessee since I was nine years old for the Little Miss Cotton finals!

This stalker has been making the decisions in our lawsuit againt the organized criminals. You have no idea how bizarre this whole thing is. He pretended to be my friend, then when I found out the truth about him, he turned into a psychopath.)

Anyway, back to my letter -- you attacked the victim. By encouraging hateful comments like this, you reinforce the misogyny and bullying that provokes hate crimes. If I were gay or Black would you leave up comments like this?  You are not helping women or young girls. You're telling them that no matter what abuse they've been through, no matter what they've achieved in life, the only thing that matters is how they look. 

It would be one thing if I really looked like that (in which case, you would be even more cruel)  but why not post a realistic photo of me — the way I really look? 

And why is it okay to bash women for not looking "beautiful" in a photo according to  a lingerie model's standards? Don't you know that all human suffering is caused by Victoria's Secret? 

And it looked like someone doctored that photo by adding extra sweat glands, a meaty nose and a fat chin — or maybe it was just a bad angle. The point is, what was your point?  Do you think it's easy for women to get work in this town if they are over 30 or 40?  

Below are the most recent ones taken at charity events this past year, all unretouched.  

There are lots of disturbed people out there. I've met a few on Facebook. In light of the fact that I received death threats from Ann Coulter's fans (for writing a humor column on her "extermination speak" combined with the fact that this stalker posted my home address online and urged people to "shoot me" the way Rebecca Shaeffer was shot -- do you really think this is good business? 

I was going through a traumatic divorce in which my husband left me for Gene Simmons (KISS tour.)   This stalker, a fan I met on Kelsey Grammer's site, where I hosted a comedy-recovery show, seemed like a saint, a kindly mentor and "grandpa." He said he was a disabled veteran and that he met me in Beirut when I went for the USO at Audrey Meadows' behest. (Meadows played my grandmother on Too Close for Comfort).  He posed as my trusted friend, and because he was disabled, I assumed he was harmless. He was the first man I ever met who didn't come onto me or try to take advantage of me! LOL He has turned out to be the most abusive, malicious psychopath I could imagine. 

He posted my home address on public websites and stated that I was a hooker and a criminal that must be punished...  and much worse.. (things I can never repeat.) He urged people to "shoot me" the way Rebecca Shaeffer was shot. All because I rejected his romantic advances. This was BEFORE I found out he was a convicted felon and career criminal posing as a war hero and JAG C federal attorney in the "Kelsey Grammer case. " This stalker has been making the decisions in our lawsuit againt the organized criminals. You have no idea how bizarre this whole thing is.  

I will make a statement soon about Kelsey Grammer to set the record straight. When I found out the truth, he went after me.  

Please reconsider your policies. I do think you are a good person, and you have some enlightened ideas. But last week when you pointed out the hate-Tweets that Stacy Dash received (and even highlighted the worst comment: "that she should kill herself for supporting Romney) I wish you had realized that TMZ did the same thing to me.  (And so did Ann Coulter when she pubished my home address and phone number on her website and told her fans to go after me when I stood up to her 'extermination speak.')

Harvey, I don't mean to sound so harsh, but maybe your influential magazine and website could help us with a joint effort to stop the hatred and the bashing all around -- of everyone, every race, tribe, gender, sexual preference and political leaning.. 

Would you please join me in eradicating BULLYING by starting a Cyber stalking site to help women and other defenseless victims who have no resources, can't afford an attorney and can't navigate through the tangled maze of legal documents and hearings required to obtain and enforce restraining orders?  There is a gap here -- between online cyber bullying, which my police deparment doesn't seem to take seriously, and the actual serial killer with a hatchet who is at a woman's front door. They don't seem to have an "in-between" or a good deterrent to this kind of insidious, life-draining stalking in which a predator undermines your entire existence, your age, your looks, (mine posted close ups of my wrinkles, my neck with  and told everyone I had sexually transmitted diseases, etc. 

What category does this fall under?  Domestic Violence or Civil Harrassment?  Shouldn't they call it a hate crime?  This man destroyed my peace of mind, my son's high school graduation, my ability to get a job, to meet writing deadlines, to earn income, to live, breath, pay my bills, and function. This is called stalking.  I have to run back and forth to court to fight frivolous lies that he keeps filing because he knows how to abuse and game the court system. 

I noticed you helped Ellen Page when her stalker attaked her online. I went through a court process that gave the Stalker (a known criminal) more rights than I had. They actually allowed him to abuse the Courts by filing lies and more lies and perjured statements in  continuance based on the most flimsy, provable lies. He has perjured himself in several states and continues to ruin perjure himself and when my heariing finally came about, the Stalker was given more air time than I was, even thought he lied about everything. 

The stalker is now trying to appeal the restraining order (LOL! That's a funny sentence) and is violating it by harassing me with early morning doorbell ringing by some "process server".  He never stops! I am afraid to answer my front door, afraid to go outside, and have to stay away from my own house, out of town. 

Isn't serving me with another fake legal document a violation in itself? He was ordered never to contact me again and not to serve me anymore "fake legal paperwork" by the judge!  During the court hearing he actually told the judge "But I am the Private Attorney General for the State of California and I have to protect the Citizens of CA from Lydia Cornell!  

Is Domestic Violence Month Woman Bashing Month?

I offered to help him and I had no idea who he was and have been in mortal terror. 
And I have been suffering unbelievable cruelty at the hands of this stalker, a fan I met on Kelsey's site, whom I thought was disabled veteran, whom I was trying to help — but who turned out to be a convicted felon. He tricked me into believing he was a war hero and an attorney, whom I finally got a restraining order against. 

He is trying to appeal the restraining order. LOL 

I say we join forces and stand up against my best friend, a gay man, has an anti-bullying campaign.. suffered 

By the way Harvey, I do need your advice on some legal matters. The stalker is abusing the legal system and filing appeals my restraining order.

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