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  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Hey Lyd, awful about the earthquake out there. Hope everyone's ok.

  2. Anonymous11:30 PM

    When I talked about this years ago Voltron and his troll buddy's ridiculed the idea that Russia and China had formed a cohesive partnership that was a growing threat, or that Russia would invade a sovereign nation just to flex its might and challenge us.

    Remember what I said? I said " we showed the world our ass in Iraq and now everyone wants a piece"

    That's what I said, and as usual it went over their heads, they never bothered to look at the information I presented about the massive joint tactical war games they were carrying out. They just ridiculed the idea.

    Russia Deputy PM: BRIC will benefit the world
    2 hours 58 minutes ago 1:09

    Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, discusses Russia's relationship with China and explains why the comprehensive cooperation between the BRIC nations is necessary.

    Well, no ones ridiculing it now.

  3. Anonymous11:52 PM

    I'll be honest here, I'm a little frightened by the accuracy of that prediction. I predicted it would happen within 10 to 15 years and we're right on schedule. I hope the rest of the prediction doesn't come true. The rest of the prediction went something like this.

    When Russia finally is ready, they'll just go, launch a preemptive strike with tactical nuclear strikes on US nuclear missile sites and probably Norad, and most military installations. These strikes will come from their large fleet of Nuclear submarines parked off our eastern and western seaboards and from aerial strikes from Russian bombers. They'd be focusing on our silos and communications to take out our first strike capabilities. In turn Chinese killer satellites attack our communications satellites to down our Intelsat link and cripple our military's ability to communicate with itself. Meanwhile the Chinese move warships into the Taiwan strait and planes drop a few hundred thousand troops into Taiwan while their warships attack ours. At the same time North Korea overruns the DMZ and captures or kills our 38,000 troops there. Their submarines which already demonstrated their ability to sneak up on our carriers undetected (old diesels even) attack our ships supported by Russian subs and probably planes. Iran overruns Iraq and its over in a flash. A blitzkrieg.

    I hope I'm wrong, and not some sort of freaky last days prophet. T

    Because so far, I'm 2 for 2. Russia invaded a sovereign and challenged us. And Russia and China are joining forces and challenging the world.

    Right now, Russia high altitude heavy bombers (Bears) are actually just off our shores over Canada, "practicing targeted nuclear strikes on the United States".

    That's right. That's what they're doing, TODAY. As I type this.

    Russian fighters acted "provocative" to a Canadian ship. And Chinese planes acted provocatively to a Japanese vessel.

    So while I "HOPE" I'm wrong, and it was just a freak coincidence that I predicted both the Russian incursion and the "SINO\RUSSO" alliance challenging Europe and the US, .....its not looking that way.

  4. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Tokyo (AFP) - More than half of Chinese people think their country could go to war with Japan in the future, a new poll revealed Wednesday, after two years of intense diplomatic squabbles.

    A survey conducted in both nations found that 53.4 percent of Chinese envisage a future conflict, with more than a fifth of those saying it would happen "within a few years", while 29 percent of Japanese can see military confrontation.

    Remember, we are not just military allies with Japan.

    We are bound by international law to defend them from all aggressor nations.

  5. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Remember. This is today. This is happening right this very moment.

    It would take mere minutes to divert their bombers over US soil and unload live payloads, coordinated with live sea to surface missiles from all those subs sitting out there.

    We always like to think it can't happen here.

    Well, I don't know if its happening or not, but all of the necessary components are sure being put into place.

  6. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Russian Strategic Bombers Conduct More Than 16 Incursions of U.S. Air Defense Zones
    ‘Spike’ in Bear H flights over past week seen as test of U.S. air defenses

    August 7, 2014 5:00 am

    Russian strategic nuclear bombers conducted at least 16 incursions into northwestern U.S. air defense identification zones over the past 10 days, an unusually sharp increase in aerial penetrations, according to U.S. defense officials.

    The numerous flight encounters by Tu-95 Russian Bear H bombers prompted the scrambling of U.S. jet fighters on several occasions, and come amid heightened U.S.-Russia tensions over Ukraine.

  7. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Russia Is Building a Star Fort on This Strategic Arctic Island

    The Moscow Times is reporting that this is part of President Putin's plan to remilitarize the Arctic, bringing its defenses in the region back up to Cold War levels.

  8. Anonymous1:14 AM

    "Russia and China’s Scary New Alliance"

    Published Thu, May 22, 2014 | Christopher Eutaw, Managing Editor

    Yesterday, two of America’s biggest antagonists – Russia and China – struck a blockbuster deal.

    The arrangement, which will send natural gas from Siberia to China via pipeline, is worth approximately $400 billion and will tie the world’s biggest energy producer to the world’s foremost energy consumer.

    But more importantly, it solidifies an alliance that symbolizes a clear East/West divide… which could have scary implications in years to come.

  9. Anonymous1:21 AM

    The Tiger and the Bear: China-Russia Alliance Shrouded in Mystery

    By Paul D. Shinkman May 14, 2014 | 12:01 a.m. EDT

    “We’ve never had such trusted relations,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said of cooperation between Russia and China.

  10. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Russian military planes buzzed HMCS Toronto in Black Sea

    CBC News Posted: Sep 08, 2014 5:41 PM ET Last Updated: Sep 09, 2014 6:58 AM ET

    Russia's military acted in an "unnecessarily provocative" manner when its aircraft circled a Canadian ship in the Black Sea on Sunday, says Canada's minister of national defence.

    "The acts perpetrated by Russia were unnecessarily provocative and are likely to increase tensions further," said Rob Nicholson in a written statement, saying it did not matter if the aircraft circling HMCS Toronto had posed no threat.

    The ship was circled by one surveillance plane and two fighter jets, according to the defence minister's office.

  11. Anonymous2:12 AM

    Russian Jet Buzzes Navy Ship

    The Pentagon confirmed Monday that a Russian Sukhoi Su-24, known within NATO as a Fencer, made 12 passes of Navy destroyer the USS Donald Cook on Saturday evening. The jet came within 1,000 yards of the ship at an altitude of roughly 500 feet above sea level.

    "This provocative and unprofessional Russian action is inconsistent with international protocols and previous agreements on the professional interaction between our militaries," Army Col. Steve Warren told reporters Monday, according to The Associated Press.

  12. Anonymous2:15 AM

    U.S. official: 'Dangerous' Russian jet fly-by was 'straight out of a movie'

    From Jim Sciutto and Barbara Starr, CNN
    updated 4:19 PM EDT, Wed June 4, 2014

    (CNN) -- A Russian fighter jet buzzed dangerously close to a U.S. military plane in April, a U.S. official said Tuesday, describing the fly-by as "straight out of a movie."
    The Russian jet flew within 100 feet of the nose of a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance plane over the Sea of Okhotsk between Russia and Japan, a Defense Department official said.
    The fly-by "put the lives of the U.S. crew in jeopardy," the U.S. official said, calling it "one of the most dangerous close passes in decades."

  13. Anonymous2:25 AM

    The general consensus is they are "testing" US air responses. But there may be another, more ominous purpose here.

    Not just testing our defenses. Softening up our response times.

    The more used to their close proximity "drills" and their incursions and fly by's we get, ...the easier it will be to launch the real thing. After all, how do the crews of these vessels know until it actually fly's by?

    It'd be real easy to sink a ship that's letting you fly up to it.

  14. Anonymous11:33 AM

    To be clear, this isn't any prophetic gift, I just always simply put myself in the other persons shoes to figure out what they'd likely do. To do that, you have to first pretend in your mind to be them. Adopt their mindset. For that you have to know something about them. What did I know about Poootin?

    Well, I knew he was former KGB. I knew he is an ideologue who longs for the days of the Soviet Union. I knew he was egotistical and liked to be seen in "macho" ways by his people, often posing with his shirt off (even though he has man-boobies).

    He also IS macho, and is a black belt in Judo (no easy feat).

    So with all that, you pretend in your mind you're that person, then say "what would I do?"? How would I, were I Pootin, would I react to Bush's unilateral invasion and occupation of Iraq?


    I'd invade a place too.

    I'd say "Look people, I can do it too, and do it better than Bush and the weak Americans".

    Seeing us falter in Iraq, Pootin was emboldened.

    As I said about a hundred times years ago, Iraq didn't strengthen our position in the world.

    It weakened it.

    We showed the world our ass. We showed the world we CAN'T handle a simple occupation of a defenseless third world nation.

    So Pootin, spent 10 years building up his forces, perfecting those 5th Generation Fighter jets I wrote so much about back then that Voltron laughed at and said would never be up to our standards, ..(but now they are like I warned), ...and now he's doing it too. Invading and occupying a sovereign nation.

    In a nutshell, this is all about IRAQ.

    Pootin's invasion of the Ukraine, is ALL ABOUT IRAQ.

    The sooner our government and military figures that out, the better they'll be able to address it.

    Its all about Iraq.

  15. Anonymous12:49 PM

    and today's headlines? ....

    Putin promises new weapons to fend Western threats

    Associated Press By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV
    40 minutes ago

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russia will counter military moves by the U.S. and NATO with an array of new nuclear and conventional weapons, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday as the military successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile from a nuclear submarine

  16. Anonymous12:53 PM

    They laughed at me 10 years ago when I was warning and predicting this on a daily basis. They laughed at Romney last year when he said we needed to pay more attention to the rising threat of Russia.

    Well, ones laughing now.

  17. Anonymous11:34 PM

    China, Russia to build seaport: report

    AFP September 11, 2014 1:42 AM

    Beijing (AFP) - China and Russia will build one of the largest ports in northeast Asia on Russia's Sea of Japan coast, reports said, in a further sign of the powerhouses' growing alliance.

  18. Anonymous11:39 PM

    ...oh....., ..have I got your attention now?"

    - Alec Baldwin (Blake) "GlenGarry, Glen Ross"

  19. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Russia Steps Up Its Militarization of the North Pole

    Marina Koren National JournalSeptember 12, 2014

    Russia already has the biggest military footprint there of any Arctic nation, and it’s beefing it up at a much faster rate than the U.S. and Canada. The country’s Northern Fleet is getting new nuclear attack submarines. Restoration of Soviet-era defense infrastructure is underway. And this week, Russia announced it has begun building a complex of military bases in the region, The Moscow Times reports, the first new facilities in the area since Soviet posts were abandoned at the end of the Cold War.

  20. Anonymous9:27 PM about now?

  21. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Everything I said, for years about the SINO\RUSSO alliance which the trolls ridiculed, is happening real time as we speak. The SINO RUSSO alliance I warned of which the trolls denied even existed, now PLASTERS the front headlines.

    Its not difficult to figure out. It wasn't for me anyway.

    2 superpowers, one invades and occupies a nation for no visible reason, can bet your arse it won't be long before the other tries too.

    Its simple logic, something that eludes most because they're too busy trying to fit reality into their own ideological box.

    Once you abandon ideologies, and just "look".....with your eyes, ...just "look"....then you see.

  22. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Do you think Pootin just woke up one day and said "hey, I think I'll annex the Ukraine today"? When Pootin saw us go into Iraq, using the "Hitler Doctrine" (yes, that's what it was, we read about that in US Schools for decades after World War 2, and how we hung the Nazi high command for this great and "cowardly" evil as it was called then) of "Preemptive War and how we not only suddenly and out of the blue abandoned the Geneva conventions and everything that made America who we were since the dawn of our own Revolutionary War, .....but actually adopted the TORTURE tactics of the Gestapo, taken right from their own field manuals.

    Then, we spent a decade indoctrinating our youth with pure apathy for human life and the satanic concept that "evil isn't evil when the good guys are doing it" , and all the while....Russia watched.

    And learned.

    As did China, Pakistan, North Korea......all watched, and learned.

    France of course and other European Union nations called out our evil, ...but like evil men throughout time have done we merely silenced it with calls of "weak!" ...and "sissies".

    All the while telling ourselves and the world ""hey...we're the good guys....its ok when we torture, imprison and murder. Its only bad when the other guys are doing it."

    And now, the majority of American citizens, ...actually believes that great and evil lie.

    And it saddens me. Not all Americans are this way. But so many now are. Mostly right wingers like the foul vermin that infested this blog for so long, trying to drag others down into their own hellish nightmare of hate, spite, ignorance and apathy. But there are plenty on the left who think this way too. From Hilary Clinton to President Obama. They all sold out to the great lie. Oh sure Obama's great at making speeches on how "outraged and shocked" he is over the torture....right up to the point where he authorizes it.

    And he was "shocked, I tell you, shocked" when he learned that Americans were being spied on....made a lot of great speeches about it. Right up to the point where he authorized it, and signed off on immunity for the ones doing it.

    So who's left?

    They say God sends evil men to punish evil people, and now we see an evil man, a murderer and torturer and oppressor in his own right, coming after us. Poootin. And he's not stopping. That much is clear. Its all starting to come down on our heads. Karma is finding us.

    We really only have one chance if we want this evil to stop befalling us. Christ told us how 2000 years ago.


    Simple as that.

    Confess our sins, then "forsake" them.

    Repent. Its the only way back home.

  23. Anonymous1:23 PM

    And what can we do as individuals? Obama's not a great President, that much is clear. He really just extended every single Bush doctrine other than healthcare and a few relatively insignificant social issues. From the economy to war to domestic spying, Obama has held firm to the Bush doctrines for 7 years now. So how can we help make change ourselves?


    Live better lives. Be better.

    The Bible tells us in Romans that we get the government we deserve. The leaders represent our own values.

    We need to stop selling hate. Stop worshiping guns and war. No ones removing the 2nd Amendment. We have a right to own firearms if we want to. But we don't have a right to build private armies in our homes. We're citizens of the United States. We have an army. We have law enforcement. We don't need machine guns. We don't need Kevlar vests and silencers. We don't need assault style weapons to shoot geese. We don't need to play "Rambo" every weekend.

    We need to get back to the task of WORK.


    Not playing wannabe hero-soldier-rambo-dude.

    Everyone now wants to drive around with a gun, waiting for a chance to play homespun hero.

    That's NOT WORK.

    That's NOT LIFE.

    That's FANTASY.

    Work is creating, doing. Not firing a gun or blowing crap up. Americans used to work. Americans used to build. Create. Our clothes reflected our values. Now look at our clothes. Everyone's wearing military style clothing. Everything we wear and use has a military style to it. Our entertainment went from musicals and comedies and gut wrenching dramas to literally "blowing shit up".

    That's what we watch now. Just like in the movie "Idiocracy". We watch shit blow up. That entertains our simple, infantile minds.

    We are frightening to look at. Imagine how Europe looks at us. Like a bunch of Chimpanzees with clubs, ...smearing poop on ourselves and bonking each other over the head. THAT is America now. Nothing more. At least to anyone other than ourselves.

    We need to get our heads out of our rear ends and get back to work. We need to change our values, toss our "24" and "WANTED" and "CAPTAIN AMERICA" and all the rest of that infantile warmongering crap, and start acting like an evolved species again.

    Or, we can wallow in our filth, ...until the world straitens our sh$t out for us.

    Think they can't? Watch.

    Poootin cuts off Europe's oil. Europeans suddenly go to the table with Russia and "work out a solution".

    That solution?

    Well.....lets just say it won't likely be in our favor.

    Mark my words people. I warned you almost 10 years ago of the coming SINO\RUSSO alliance, and their inevitable "copy-cat" aggression in the world. And its played out exactly as I warned. (Unfortunately).

    Poootin's not stopping at the Ukraine. China's not stopping in the Sea of Japan. Korea's not stopping at "threats" and "tests". Pakistan is not our ally.

    And at this point, ...I wouldn't put money on the EU being there for us in the end, either.

    The way backs not always easy, but its simple.Repent. If we as a people turn from our hate, drain the murder from our hearts and our public discourse, end the gun worship, stop brainwashing our children with ignorant, violent video games and movies and shows and start being good people again, giving them GOOD values, ...not evil ones and calling them good, ....then we'll start to heal. And we'll see God soften the hearts of other wicked men, like Poootin, and the world will start to heal again with us.

    If we want better leaders, we need to be better people.

  24. As I said in my April 9th post to Worf are you girding up for WWIII?

    Worf was skittish about this, but you would think he would be right.

    Who would fight a war to NO survivors, just a DEAD spinning rock, that would disintegrate form NO life.

  25. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Well I'm not sure the point of your comment Clippy, but this isn't about girding up for WWIII. What's to gird up for? What you have a radiation proof bunker stocked with non perishables?

    This is not about me selling some ideological viewpoint, or some sort of plan. This is about me pointing out what's happening right before our eyes, and something that I warned endlessly about for years. Something I seemed to see, and not a lot of others for some reason.

    As I said its not prophesy or ESP or anything like that. Its simply reading Pootin for who we know him to be. Its about reading people. I told you he'd do this.

    I gave it a 10 to 15 year window. Its been 11 years.

    Pootin's doing what Bush did, invading a place because he can. Not because he has a need. But because he can. That's all this is about. Iraq, and our showing the world our ass in the process. Showing them we're not as invincible and capable as they thought we were after Desert Storm.

    And until we're able to recognize that as a people, and recognize the great evil we committed in attacking a sovereign nation, imprisoning and torturing their people, slaughtering nearly a million of them....until we man up and own up to our actions and take responsibility and turn from them, then we'll see America continue to fall out of favor from God and man, and our power as the world leader, with it.

    We have to somehow turn it around, let China and Russia know we are NOT an invading and occupying country. That we DO have respect for rule of law. That we're not oppressive bullies who pick on those who can't defend themselves. Before that dead spinning rock scenario I warned about becomes a reality, and there's no one left to argue about it on the internet. Because that's where WWIII, can quickly take us.

    Detonate 20 of their multi-megatons here, and 20 on their continent, and we can along with most wildlife can bend over and kiss our asses goodbye. For time and all eternity, as the planet becomes something akin to Mars.

    The worlds always followed our lead. All they're doing now, is following the lead we gave them in 2003.

  26. Anonymous8:57 PM

    And for those of you who still haven't woken up yet,'s the alarm bell.

    Ukraine's defense minister said on Sunday that NATO countries were delivering weapons to his country to equip it to fight pro-Russian separatists and "stop" Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  27. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I'm hoping that this fizzles out. That Pootin wises up and cuts his losses and pulls out.

    But so far, everything I wrote about is happening, exactly as I warned it might.

  28. Anonymous9:16 AM

    This mornings headlines....

    World War 3: Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Threat Has Ukraine Discussing Restoring Nukes

    Ukraine is apparently preparing for the possibility of World War 3, with Ukraine’s defense minister responding to Russia’s nuclear weapons threats by claiming they may consider restoring Ukraine’s nuclear weapons programs.

    In a related report by The Inquisitr, Vladimir Putin has been escalating tensions lately with the announcement of a Russian nuclear weapon test launch of an ICBM from a nuclear submarine. Putin has also promised the Western world that there will be “corresponding countermeasures” to any sanctions, and is already working hard on improving Russia’s nuclear weapons programs.

    Due to recent world events, Catholic leader Pope Francis has declared that World War 3 has already begun in a “piecemeal” fashion in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Gaza, and Africa.

    “War is madness,” Pope Francis declared. “Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction. War is irrational; its only plan is to bring destruction: it seeks to grow by destroying. Greed, intolerance, the lust for power. These motives underlie the decision to go to war and they are too often justified by an ideology.”

    I don't expect anyone to listen to me, but hopefully they'll listen to the Pope.

  29. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Pay close attention to this statement by Pope Francis.

    "Catholic leader Pope Francis has declared that World War 3 has already begun in a “piecemeal” fashion in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Gaza, and Africa."

    Time we all started taking a look at what's happening, before there's no one left to wonder what happened.

  30. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Everyone needs to take a long, hard look at Jon Huntsman I think. He's a republican, true, but he's also a moderate, and a peacemaker, a "reacher across the aisle", an advocate for the poor and homeless, and most important, an INTERNATIONAL leader. Huntsman has something Nixon had, the respect of China. But even more than Nixon, because Huntsman actually speaks fluent Mandarin.

    Here's a leader who could unite us. Work with both sides, see the good in all sides, focus on the positive, the building aspect, move from war and towards global peace.

    He's not flamboyant like a lot of characters. Won't be the first black man or first female President. But he will be the first honest one we've seen in a while. I'm not saying it has to be him, but we need to start looking at men (and women) like this. Not loudmouths like Hilary Clinton for whom this is a career move, and being President a notch on her resume. Not reckless feckless chest beaters like Rick Perry or Paul Ryan who'll bring us to the edge and probably past of nuclear war, by overreacting and alienating Russia and China.

    We need a "Mister Smith" to go to Washington. Someone who is there for the SERVICE, not the servants.

    Someone who is interested in improving the country for everyone, not just their base.

    Someone who is a peacemaker, not a warmonger. A smart person, not a throw back idiot with archaic nonsense in place of science.

    Huntsman's that sort of man. I'll never forget how he threw the election by refusing to raise his hand when the other RNC candidates were asked if they believed the world was 6000 years old and evolution was false.

    Hunstman stood there, dignified, full of integrity to the truth, unwilling to be swayed by the pressure from the crowd. When everyone laughed and chortled over the idea of someone without insurance dying, he stood firm in his convictions of human decency.

    Huntsman's boring to these people, but that's because these people who vote now are imbeciles, children appeased by shiny boots, loud pomp and folksy one liners pretending to be wisdom.

    They don't want a leader, they want an entertainer.

    We need to be better people, and we need to admire better people, and stop turning for the cheap, political hacks who say what we think we want to hear and who substitute foolish showmanship for character.

    I'm not sure if he's going to run again, but if he does, and given no other Mister or Misses Smith's out there, then he's got my vote.

  31. Anonymous9:40 AM

    The reason the right wing ostracized Hunstman is because of his best qualities, qualities that Americans used to honor and embrace.

    He refused to pretend to believe in baby-talk about the age of the earth and evolution.

    When called on to serve his country he stepped up, again and again, REGARDLESS of which party the President asking him to serve belonged to.

    He put COUNTRY, over Party.

    And unfortunately the modern day republican will have none of that.

    And also unfortunately the modern day democrat refuses to look outside of their own party when the candidate pool in their own group is so utterly dismal.

    Americans, abandon your parties. Ignore them.

    Look outside the box. Look everywhere and anywhere.

    Elect the man or woman on their character, not their party affiliation.

    And if that leader happens to be in the opposing party, then REACH.

    You can do it, ...just stretch yourself. You're bigger than a political party.

  32. Anonymous9:47 AM

    And for the trolls out there desperate to put Huntsman out of the game early by finding policies that I or other independents may not agree with, .....LISTEN UP.

    You will NEVER find a candidate with whom you agree with every position on. NEVER.

    If you think you have then you know one thing about that candidate.

    They're lying to you.

    Real people, human beings that is, are going to have differing opinions on different things.

    And adults know and accept that. So yes, there will be things I disagree with Hunstman on, lots of them. I know of a few already.

    But that's ok. I'm not voting on which policies he promotes. I'm voting on the quality of the mans character.

    Because of all the things lacking in political candidates these days, THAT one is the most lacking.

    Huntsman has character. He tells it like it is, and lets the chips fall where they may. He serves across the aisle, looks for the best solutions regardless of who's promoting it, and doesn't let the crowds boos sway his positions. Even if it means losing.

    THAT'S character.

    The rest of the pack are just a bunch of characters.

  33. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Know this, whomever you choose. This issues we're facing today isn't gay marriage.

    It isn't illegal immigration, or abortion. It isn't date rape, and when no means no. It isn't women's issues, or race relations. It isn't Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, liberals or conservatives.

    And it isn't terrorism.

    These are all diversionary issues. Things we focus on when the big problems are under control.

    You don't put a womans right to abortion, over global thermonuclear war.

    Can't have an abortion, if you're dead.

    You don't put gay marriage above global thermonuclear war.

    Can't get married, if you're dead.

    You don't put illegal immigration over global thermonuclear war.

    Can't whine about Mexicans, ....if you're dead.

    And you don't put terrorism, like ISIS, over global thermonuclear war.

    Terrorists can't kill you, if you're already dead.

    The issues facing our country now are;

    1. Global conflict and the threat of WWIII

    2. Climate change, and the massive damage to our countries being caused by it

    3. The economy. You don't worry about gay marriage if you can't afford to get married.

    ISIS = boogie man. Its a distraction. Obama's chasing ghosts in Iraq, while Russia sets the United States up for a first strike.

    We need to get our heads out of our asses, stop being played by slicksters on both sides with issues that pale in comparison to the real issues of our time, and start thinking like our parents and their parents did. Start thinking with our heads, and not our so called hearts.

    Russia is on the move. Just like I warned they'd be.

    Time to wake up kids, schools about to begin.

  34. In "girding up" I meant that to mean, that according to the Book of Revelation all is set for WWIII.

    Are you ready for the worst catastrophe in Worldwide Human History?

    1. Anonymous2:15 PM

      Well first, the Book of "Revelations" doesn't say anything at all about WWIII. The Book of Revelations was disciples of John addressing the persecution of the Christians by the great "antiChrist" , Emperor Nero.

      As for the worst catastrophe in Worldwide Human History, what's to prepare for?

      We're all going to die. Our own deaths from our vantage points are the worst catastrophe in human history. Death is unavoidable, so as individuals it matters little where that death comes from.

      Other than avoiding too much pain and suffering, (which a 100 megaton blast ought to take care of) what's to prepare for? If it happens, you won't even need to worry about leaving something for your loved ones.

      Insurance companies won't be around, to pay out.

      If Russia launches, and we launch, and even 1 percent of 1 tenth of our arsenals hit continental soil, then the resulting radiation will envelop the globe within a year. In other words, within a year, every man, woman and child, along with every bird, above ground mammal and most of the reptile kingdom will perish, from radiation poisoning.

      And those of you with your "Duck Commander Steel Panic Cages" buried in your back yards will run out of food, and oxygen, long before the radiation dissipates sufficient for life to exist. In fact, over time it will seep into the soil, and you'll see your Harry Homeowner Geiger counters going off like a cellular ring tone.

      Its been almost 30 years now since Chernobyl, and the radiation levels are still off the charts. Nothing grows, nothing exists. No birds, no insects, .....nothing.

      And that was just one small reactor spill.

      Imagine 30 or 40 20 megaton warheads detonating across the US and Russia, ...even North Korea will probably manage to drop on on their own heads.

      India, Pakistan, they'll want to launch too. Europe probably will want to fire then too.

      So in answer to your query, am I geared up?

      Geared up for what?

      I'm ready to go if that's what you mean. Got a lawn chair I'll place right here up in the mountains. I'm near a prime target so I'll get a birds eye view. Maybe I'll even treat myself to a beer. Should be a helluva show.

    2. Anonymous2:19 PM

      I'm serious, you really should go onto Amazon or something and rent the movie "ON THE BEACH".

      Not the old one. The one they did back in the 80s or 90s with Armand Asante as the Nuclear Submarine Captain. It'll clue you in on what an actual nuclear war will do.

      Its 4 hours. Four of the most depressing yet engrossing hours you'll ever spend.

      But when you finish, I think even you Clippy, might have a change of heart about ever even getting close to it.

      We're a space faring people now. Its time for us to come together as a planet before there's no planet left to come together on.

    3. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Let me put it this way.

      All those guns you guys are stockpiling are going to be worth more to you than the food.

      You know why?

      Not because you will need them to "fend off other survivors" in some new "Mad Max" world you all dream about.

      Nope, reality, you won't be able to leave your panic cage. Radiation levels would fry you in a matter of hours, whether you stayed out there or not. Nope, won't need them for that.

      But they'll still be worth more than the food.


      Because when the radiation sickness takes hold, you won't be able to keep the food down.

      But the guns will at least give you something to off yourself with, before the physical pain and cellular degeneration becomes too painful to stand any longer.


      That good ole gun will give you way to catch up to the rest of us without having to endure the long 2 to 4 week death that awaits those who have the panic cage, but not the gun.

  35. You are right, those silly California issues don't mean anything in comparison to an all out brutal showdown.

    1. Anonymous2:23 PM

      Well if it comes to an all out brutal showdown, then there won't be any great battles. Your AK47 and Duck Commander camo vest won't be of much use. It'll just be a watchers war. The machines we've made will take care of this one.

      As for calling the issues "California Issues" and "silly", that's just another prime example of why you're part of the problem. You can't see past your own ignorant partisan ideology, to think with your brain.

      Partisan hackery is all that is. No one called them silly. Its just a matter of priorities. Taking care of the real problems at hand so you can go back and deal with the social issues.

      That statement, shows you've heard nothing that I said.

  36. WWIII is the start of what will culminate with the Second Coming of Christ.

    1. Anonymous2:28 PM

      No, again that's just uneducated bible thumping by people who don't know the bible. Christ said the kingdoms not coming from war, in fact he said when you see these signs don't worry, they do not mean the end.

      Christ said the Kingdom of heaven is inside us. Each of us. We have the power to make this earth the kingdom of heaven, now. Its in each of us. In every kind, decent and generous, selfless and tolerant act that we can perform.

      The more kind we are to others, the more we care for the poor, the needy, the troubled and even the criminals, the closer we'll move this world towards the kingdom of Heaven.

      And the more we worship war, lust after our weapons of death, fixate on guns, death, war, hate, bigotry, spite, pettiness, selfishness, greed, and prejudice, the further from God we move, and his kingdom, and the closer to hell we take ourselves.

      The kingdom of heaven's within each of us. All we have to do is let it out.

  37. Anonymous2:55 PM

    This evenings headlines?

    NATO Chief Warns Moscow: No More Stealth Invasions

    "Russia is now threatening NATO allies in the Baltics. If Moscow tries another invasion of commandos and spies, the alliance is prepared to act, NATO's top general said.

    On Monday, NATO Commander Gen. Philip Breedlove had a not-so-subtle message for Russia: it will consider stealth and unofficial invasions to be a trigger for war.

  38. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Yesterday, at 1:23 PM I wrote this;

    "Poootin's not stopping at the Ukraine"

    Today, the headlines read;

    ""Russia is now threatening NATO allies in the Baltics"

    When you look with your eyes, and remove the ideological blinders,'ll see things like this clearly too.

  39. Anonymous3:14 PM

    .. before they happen.

  40. Anonymous5:06 PM

    And by the way Clippy, you called it "the worst catastrophe in Worldwide Human History".

    That's wrong.

    If it happens, the earth will be quickly turned into just another lifeless rock, ..slowly spinning into the Sun, maybe a few parasites still clinging futility to life in the dark enclaves of the scarred surface. Nothing that will have a chance to develop though, as the radiation cloud will block UV rays from the sun, and without photosynthesis, plant life will quickly die off too, as will ocean life as sea algae withers and dies, as that feeds the smaller fish which in turn feed the larger ones.

    Nothing will survive.

    People always think about the initial blasts, ...their bunkers and gas masks, ...their guns and MRE' if THAT was going to spare them.

    They make foolish movies about survivors crawling out of their bunkers, only to meet each other in armed combat for the last remaining morsels of food.

    Well, never mind the fact that people if they survived would be so stupid as to not have learned a damn thing after nearly everyone on the planet is dead that they'd simply go right back to shooting at each other that they wouldn't survive long anyway given that, ....but the fact is they'd never get to that point, because they won't be able to come out of their buried bunkers and panic cages long enough to shoot at each other.

    And they won't last more than a few weeks in those things anyway. They'll just die more slowly and miserably than the rest of us.

    There'll be no last great gun battles you're all "gearing up for". There'll be no Mad Maxes, no Dawns of the Dead.

    There'll just be, ....dead.

    So no, it won't be the worst catastrophe in Worldwide Human History.

    If it happens, then it will be the end of Human History. And the end of this world.

  41. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Looks like we'll have to repost this Notice for those who haven't figured it out yet.

    People who come in here for the purpose of harassment, insults, ridicule and spite are not welcome, and will be instantly removed and their comments discarded.

    People who come for the purpose of disruption and bellicosity will be instantly removed and their comments discarded.

    People with handles crafted to insult other blog members, or icon graphics designed to insult or ridicule others either in this blog or elsewhere, will be instantly removed, and their comments discarded regardless of content.

    Pirates and be warned...

  42. Anonymous9:29 AM

    And for those who doubted us when we warned had the people of Alaska not been dumb enough to move into the governors mansion, would have been little more than a regular guest family on the Jerry Springer show, .......BEHOLD:

    Sarah, in all her REAL glory. Sarah, all her true colors.

    Take a long hard look at Ole Sarah in that washed away from sweat, booze, fist fighting and probably the camera the middle finger.......

    A far cry from the made up painted up circus clown she played in the 2004 elections.

    I wonder how many guys that got excited when she winked at them, still feel that "twinge" now....

    Imagine if we'd let her near the nukes.

  43. To most Christians death is a release from this Earth to join again in Heaven!

    At the end of time and,within a split second God will disintegrate this Universe, and set up Christ's kingdom on Earth

    Listen to Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe

  44. Religion is a subjective each His own

  45. So "gird up" somethings about to give

  46. Anonymous10:37 AM

    I hear you Clippy, and you're correct, religion is a subjective point, and each person has to define their beliefs themselves.

    All I can do is tell you what the Bible actually says, in contrast to what Bible thumpers like the Van Impes tell you.

    Religion is subjective, but the TEXT of the manuscripts of the Bible, are not. Revelations written after John's death by his disciples, was an address to the persecutions of the Christians at Rome by Emperor Nero.

    Nero had been using Christians as "Garden Lamps" to illuminate his garden parties. Christians would be impaled, alive, on wooden spears lined up like Street Lamps in this gardens. Then while still alive with a spear up through their rectums, along their spines and protruding out their upper backs, they'd be covered in hot pot ash tar, and lit on fire.

    Diners at Nero's parties would enjoy cocktails, entertainment and even treated to a few tunes from Nero himself, who fancied himself a great opera singer, all to the wretched, agonizing screams of the burning dying Christians lined up before them.

    Such evil as this was no doubt of Satan, and John's disciples labeled Nero as the great "beast".

    The number "666" was used to identify Nero in this texts, as coming right out and calling him by name would bring his wrath down on the authors.

    666 was the resulting calculation from using a common code used by the Hebrew scribes that relied on the numerical equivalent assigned to each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

    Hence, "666" was the great beast, i.e Emperor Nero.

    That is not "subjective" to "belief", that's just historical fact.

    Problem with Bible thumpers like the Van Impes, they replace their own fanciful dogmas for what is actually written. That's why we have ten thousand sects of the same religion.

    What was written, is usually a far cry from what's being preached on Sunday morning.

  47. Anonymous10:51 AM

    And as I said, gird up for what? What the "end of days" thumpers like you never stop to consider, is you're gonna die anyway.

    That's right Clippy, I don't know how to break this to you but you're mortal. Death isn't as far away as you think. It comes like a thief in the night, to ALL of us.

    So whether that death comes from some massive nuclear war, a car accident, a mugging, a terrorist attack, cancer, or old age, the fact is its the "end of the world" for the individual dying.

    So why do you people get so worked up about "getting ready" for this final showdown you think is coming?

    Christ is not a military leader. He does not embrace nor endorse war. He opposes it. He condemns it.

    His LAST words to Peter, his lead apostle, was "he who lives by the sword will SURELY PERISH BY THE SWORD".

    He said resist not evil.

    Turn the other cheek. Be wise as wolves but HARMLESS as doves.

    But the preachers you embrace, say "git yer guns ...cuz Jesus wants ya to".

    God doesn't reward the murderer. He doesn't reward fear. He doesn't reward hate, spite or war.

    God asks for a broken and humble heart, and a contrite spirit. That's what Christ said.

    Christ also warned that in the last days that most preachers would be preaching ANTICHRIST doctrines, .."teaching for doctrines the commandments of men". He said wolves in sheeps clothes would bastardize his Gospel of peace into something unrecognizable.

    So while I agree with you "religion is subjective", ....know this.

    Christ's words, ...are not. They're there in 4 books and 4 books only. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

    Preachers who spend their time thumping the Old Testament or Revelations and such are deceiving the flock.

    Flocks that no doubt choose to be deceived. Because they're not interested in Christ's Gospel.

    They're "ashamed" of it. Its embarrassing.


    "Turn the other cheek? ...resist not evil? your enemy? ..... this is sissy talk to the modern day Christian Evangelical.

    So they mock it. Ridicule it. Call libruls "sissies" for telling us to care for the poor.

    And in doing, they mock and ridicule, ...Christ.

    Remember, .Christ warned you, ..."..inasmuch as ye have done unto the LEAST among have done it unto me" ,....and inasmuch as ye have NOT done it unto the LEAST among you, have NOT done it unto me.

    You see him naked, hungry, prison...every single day.

    And what do you evangelical "Christians" say?

    "F#$k em....let them get a job.......they deserve what they got...."


    Threw money on a man with Parkinsons who's lost everything. Laughed at the idea of a man without insurance being left to die. Laughed at the idea of executing prisoners.

    Then dare to call themselves Christian.

    So yes Clippy, ...."Religion" is subjective.

    Christ's words, are not.

  48. I truly read your post Worf, and I must say it is well written, and my subjective point is, that I agree.

  49. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Even Phil Robertson's starting to figure it out. His bellicose nature is giving way to a more Christlike attitude. He talks more now about loving each other, not hating each other. He even told Fox news he loves the terrorists, and hopes they'll come to Jesus. Seems in his old age, he's starting to focus more on Christ's words, and less on the political discourse that's replaced them.

    He's still confused as to libruls, mostly I think because he comes from a different world, a different time, and has a different way about him there that's more archaic and outdated. Yet I think ultimately for the most part benign.

    We're all different. But even Phil Robertson's figuring out that you cannot read Christ's words, and come away with war, spite, prejudice or hate. Those are "antiChrist" sentiments, and Robertson's starting to see that.

    And if "Duck Commander's" starting to figure it out, ....who knows?

    Maybe there's hope for this world yet.

  50. I would never be a hawk for war, or believe in the death penalty, or believe abortion is acceptable, I have always believed in the sanctity of human life.

    It makes your stomach turn to hear about all this senseless slaughter in the world today

    Death came easy to Robin Williams, who Pat Robertson called a heathen.

  51. Anonymous11:42 AM

    As for your predictions that something "big" is coming, I do agree its possible. All too possible. As I've been predicting now for nearly a decade, Russia is turning on the US, joining with China and creating a massive superpower of their own, which will include the BRIC nations to leverage against the US and possibly even attack us with a first strike designed to cripple our ability to launch nuclear war.

    Now understand I don't "know" this is going to happen. I'm not even sure I think its going to happen.

    I merely look at the signs, read the man, ....especially his face....(try reading Poootin's face sometime, it tells volumes) and call it like I see it. And I saw Russia and China getting together and threatening the US, years ago, and now its playing out exactly as I warned it might.

    This morning's headlines?

    Only grimmer....

    Russia completes dry run of nuclear bombing attack on America

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014 by: J. D. Heyes
    Tags: Russia, nuclear bomb, Obama

    "Gen. Yuri Yakubov, a senior Defense Ministry official, was quoted by the state-run Interfax news agency as saying that Russia's 2010 military doctrine should be revised to identify the United States and the NATO alliance as enemies, and clearly outline the conditions for a preemptive nuclear strike against them," the Free Beacon reported.

    Among other necessary doctrinal changes, Yakubov said, "it is necessary to hash out the conditions under which Russia could carry out a preemptive strike with the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces," which are the Russian army's nuclear forces.

    So you darn well may be right. Something "big" may be coming, sooner than we think.

    But if it does Clippy, just log on, send us some pics from where you are of you holding a beer and giving a final cheer, and we'll all do the same.

    I'll take one of me kissing me arse goodbye, you'll love it. I'll draw a smiely face on my butt cheeks.

    It'll be a party.

    What else are we going to do?

    Can't eat radioactive ash. Might as well embrace it.

    The only "girding up" we need to be doing, is making sure we're ready to meet our maker. Making sure we've addressed our own transgressions and sins, and made peace with God as we feel is best and right.

    So we're ready, ...not to die, but for what comes after.

    MRE's and spare ammo, won't prepare you for that.

  52. Exactly Worf, "girding up" is making peace with God.
    It doesn't mean stockpiling or kissing the ass cheeks goodbye, but to be "ready" as to what follows this.... "Only God Knows"

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Agreed 100 percent. So now knowing that's what you mean, I can say honestly, ..., uhmmm...well.......I'm working on it?

  53. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Clippy said....

    I would never be a hawk for war, or believe in the death penalty, or believe abortion is acceptable, I have always believed in the sanctity of human life.

    It makes your stomach turn to hear about all this senseless slaughter in the world today

    Death came easy to Robin Williams, who Pat Robertson called a heathen.

    I agree, except I don't think it came easy for Robin Williams. I think he suffered a lot of mental anguish for many years before finally succumbing to his despair. I'm sure God is more forgiving on that stuff than we think.

    But you're right in not being for the death penalty. GOOD ON YOU.

    I also am completely against abortion in all cases except when the mothers health or childs health is at stake.

    I was adopted. My mother had me in the late 1950s, at a time when an unwed woman did NOT be seen in public pregnant.

    Had she been like the selfish, apathetic women of today she'd have "offed me" for convenience sake.

    Because she wasn't "ready" to have a baby yet.

    Well, she wasn't ready. She couldn't afford me. And society no doubt shunned her and blacklisted her for walking around preggers without a husband.

    But she stood firm, and had me and gave me up to the Catholic Nuns who took good care of me and found me a forever home with wonderful loving and Godly people.

    I've never met this woman who bore me. Never known her name. Never seen a picture of her. Know almost nothing about her, other than she was 23, pregnant, and poor in 1959, a time when that was not acceptable.

    So there's one thing I know about her. She was a GOOD woman, who gave me life.

    I pity the women who off their unborns out of convenience, or emotional issues, not being "ready".

    They're lazy, apathetic, selfish and weak. If they'd simply bring the child to term and give it up for adoption, then the child gets life and they get their souls.

    Murder the child, because you're too selfish, lazy and apathetic or weak to go the 9 months to bring him to term, ...then my guess is you'll meet that child again in the next life, who will be crying to God for justice for your robbing them of the right to life that someone was kind enough to give you, but you weren't kind enough to give them.

    I'm all for a womans right to choose. And I'm all against the government intervening and controlling a womans (or a mans for that matter) right to address their own body and health, including their right to choose abortion if they so choose.

    Man must be free to choose, so God can be free to judge.

    But that doesn't mean I think its not a great evil, and one they will be held accountable for (as will the man who encourages it, and the doctor who performs it) for offing your own young out of "convenience".

  54. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I was in an minor argument in another blog a few months back with some liberal women who were pro abortion, and were listing things like "wanting to finish school" and "wanting to go to college first" as reasons to have an abortion.

    I was disgusted. How could someone place going to college, over a human life?

    Yet this is the mentality that has permeated society in this endless "partisan" fight going on that pretends to put everyone into two camps. Either you're for everything liberal. Or you're for everything conservative.

    I knew I didn't fit into their camps, so I refuse to join. Any of them.

    When you sign onto a political party, you hand them your morals, mores', conscience and reason.

    Both sides have good. Both sides have evil (yes, wanton abortion, is evil. Abortion by itself is not, but doing it for
    any reason other than the health of the mother or child, and in some cases rape and incest, IS).

    And I too get sucked in to siding with others sometimes just to side against someone else when really I don't agree with everything they're selling.

    Which is why you have to stand for yourself, and let your conscience guide you.

  55. Anonymous12:44 PM

    The thing is with our leaders, is we need to support them. That's the missing key here in the US.

    We don't have to like them. We don't have to believe in them. We don't have to agree with their policies or decisions.

    But we do have to support them. At least that's what the New Testament says.

    Christ said to support your leaders, not to offend them. Pay taxes and tributes and obey the laws.

    He set the example, and later Paul wrote the final word on the subject, in his Epistle to the Romans, Chapter 13.

    I'm going to suggest you take another look at it. Because its something that needs to happen here in America if we're going to get it together.

    Like I said, we need to "repent". That's the commandment from Christ. Repent. And that doesn't mean just our leaders. That means us.

    We need to pray for our leaders, encourage them to go good and pray that they make wise decisions.

    In the meantime we need to also lead better lives. Stop fighting among ourselves. Work together as a country, stop worshiping war, guns and violence and instead embrace honorable qualities like WORK, COMMUNITY and CHARITY. The things Christ commanded of us.

    Romans 13 spelled it out.

    We get the leaders we deserve.

    If the leaders are bad, its because we're bad.

    If we want better leaders, then we need to be better people. Lead better lives. And of course vote better.

    Don't vote for the loudmouthed partisans like Cruz, Palin and Hilary. They have no solutions. They're not interested in you, or making things better. They're just interested in appeasing their base and keeping America at odds with each other.

    This country was built on COMPROMISE.

    The founding fathers set it up that way. So that it would FAIL, UNLESS WE COMPROMISE.

    So now what do we have?

    A bunch of right wing Tea Partiers REFUSING compromise, and a bunch of whiny left wing partisans who leverage that and play it up to the worst.

    For example, the Tea Party controlled republicans in Congress refuse to raise the budget, and demand cuts.

    So what do the liberals do? Cut unnecessary and discretionary programs?


    They cut infrastructure and DEFENSE.

    So that they can then say "see, republicans cut defense!".

    That's not compromise. And that's not governing. That's CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING.

    Nothing more.

    They're inventing boogie men on each side, and herding their fan base out to battle.

    The country will NEVER succeed like that. It can't. It wasn't built that way.

    So when you vote, forget the loud mouths.

    Forget the ones who say what their base wants to hear.

    Vote for the quiet guy (or gal). The one who says what THEY KNOW IS RIGHT.

    The one who is willing to COMPROMISE with the other side to get things done.

    The one who is not an infantile baby trying to grab power for a notch on their resume, but the one who wants to actually HEAL the country.

  56. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Being a biblical man, I know you're familiar with the account of the two woman claiming both to be mothers brought before King Solomon to determine maternity.

    Both mothers claimed to be the childs mother, so Solomon pondered it, then declared "let the child be cut in two and give half to each mother".

    The one mother said "fine".

    The other one said no however, and said she'll give up the baby then to give it life.

    Solomon then knew who the mother was. It was the one who put the CHILD, above themselves and their own interests or spite to the other woman.

    The one willing to sacrifice for the sake of the child, even if it meant she didn't get to keep it or enjoy it, was the true and deserving mother.

    Now, picture the same scenario, only the candidates are the mothers, and the child is the country (all of us).

    Which candidate, is willing to sacrifice being President, for their values for the better of the country?

    Which one is willing to reach across the aisle, partisan complaints from their base be damned, to make things work?

    Find THAT candidate, and you'll find America's true deserving mother.

    That's the one who will save the country.

    All the rest, are just tearing it apart.

  57. One other thing Worf, you made a great point in saying:

    Murder the child, because you're too selfish, lazy and apathetic or weak to go the 9 months to bring him to term, ...then my guess is you'll meet that child again in the next life, who will be crying to God for justice for your robbing them of the right to life that someone was kind enough to give you, but you weren't kind enough to give them.

    Sometimes I feel, even to save the mothers life, it's Gods choice, but again an extremely difficult choice for anyone.

  58. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Russia to send troops to Crimea as NATO holds exercises in Ukraine

    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia threatened to send more troops to its newly-annexed territory of Crimea on Tuesday, after NATO began exercises in western Ukraine while Kiev's forces are fighting pro-Russian separatists in the east.

    Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the escalation of tensions in Ukraine and the presence of foreign military near Russia's borders made the deployment of troops a top priority in Crimea,

  59. Anonymous11:12 AM

    World War 3: We are on the brink of a third World War, experts warn

    September 17, 2014

    World War 3 is inevitable and some experts agree that there are a number of assumptions to conclude that it is only a matter of time until the third World War is here. Many analysts believe that sooner or later, the US will attack Syria. And according to a Sep. 17 report from The Inquisitr, the restoration of Ukraine’s nuclear weapons could potentially be the match that lights the flames of World War 3

  60. Anonymous11:50 AM

    In 1939 Hitler leveraging recent "terrorist attacks" on Germany launched what he called a "Preemptive war" against Poland, annexing the nation, imprisoning and torturing and murdering its people.

    At the wars end, we hung the NAZI High Command at Nuremberg, for two charges and two charges only.

    1. Abuse of prisoners
    2. Preemptive (aggressive) war

    In 2003, Bush and Dick Cheney told us that America was afraid of the tiny nation of Iraq, even though his father had decimated their military a decade earlier.

    They said we are so afraid of this tiny, defenseless nation that we have to for the first time in history, abandon our "non aggressive" doctrine brought here by our founding fathers and permeating the people of America for 200 years.

    They said we had to do what Hitler did, and invade, occupy and annex the country, so they did. The rest of the world balked, but afraid of us given we were just attacked on 911 they turned their eyes away.

    We went in, murdered a MILLION people, imprisoned and tortured tens of thousands.

    America has yet to repent of this evil. We have not acknowledged it, in fact we "double down" and try to excuse away these evil, ungodly and cowardly actions.

    And we think God will just ignore the blood of a million souls crying from the sands of the desert for justice for what we did to them. God doesn't.

    God is no respecter of person, nations, principalities or kingdoms. All are as a "drop in the bucket, ...and vanity" to him.

    So, ...when we look at the non stop calamity and hate coming our way ever since 2003 and scratch our heads and say "gee, why does everyone hate us"....we're just fooling ourselves.

    We know why.

    God knows why.

    And until we find a way to confess our sins in Iraq, make amends, repent and forsake any such evil in the future, then nothing will get better for us. It will just get worse. Because that's how the law of repentance, works.

    God allows evil men to punish evil. He sends them to punish the wicked. When we refuse to acknowledge our sins, or turn from them, we fall into the "wicked" category, which is why we see Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang, ..all ganging up against us.

    It won't stop. We may put it off for a while, but sooner our later the piper will demand payment for Iraq.

    The sooner we as a nation realize that, the sooner we can move back into God's favor as a nation, and away from this path of destruction we've chosen for ourselves.

  61. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Vladimir Putin Threatens World War 3, Says Russia Could Invade Europe Within Two Days

    Vladimir Putin allegedly threatened World War 3 during talks about Ukraine, claiming that Russia could potentially invade and take over the capitals of many European countries within two days.

  62. World War 3 will take more than half of the worlds population

  63. We will have our asses blown back to the stone age.

  64. Anonymous9:51 AM

    No Clippy, if a joint launch occurs, it will take ALL of the worlds population.

    ALL of it.

    Detonate 20 here, 20 on Russian soil and 10 or 20 in Europe, and there within a year there won't be a Sparrow left to fly in the sky.

  65. Anonymous4:45 PM

    All we've seen so far is the damage done by isolated radiation discharges. And that's been serious. But the ones we have now are much larger than those to begin with. The Bikini Atoll tests were nothing like what we're sitting on today.

    If we let loose along with a few other nations, the sun will be blackened out by the ensuing radiation and ash cloud. I remember back during 911, I lived near Washington DC. The smoke and ash cloud from New York, reached us several states away and darkened the skies for days. The smell of smoke and ash was choking, and people were advised to stay indoors. This was right outside of DC. And it wasn't from the Pentagon, it was from New York. It was the dust cloud, from the towers. We breathed it. We lived in it. And we were several states away. It was weeks before the air cleared up.

    If we detonate 20 or more, and Russia does likewise along with the EU and China, then the ensuing cloud would last for years, long enough to extinguish all life. Radiation causes rapid cellular degeneration. Our bodies literally break down. You can't live in it. Trust me.

    I know you think you and the rest of your compatriots are going to be the "lone survivors" out there in some sort of Mad Max wasteland blowing away zombie radioactive mutants and living off of MRE's, but the fact is you'll just be more radioactive debris.

    A dead, lifeless object, on a dead, lifeless rock.

    There'll be no Dawn's of the Dead.

    Just dead.

  66. Anonymous10:53 PM

    U.S., Canadian jets intercept 8 Russian aircraft

    Associated Press
    5 hours ago

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Two F-22 fighter jets intercepted six Russian military airplanes that neared the western coast of Alaska, military officials said Friday.

    Lt. Col. Michael Jazdyk, a spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, said the U.S. jets intercepted the planes about 55 nautical miles from the Alaskan coast at about 7 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday.

    The Russian planes were identified as two IL-78 refueling tankers, two Mig-31 fighter jets and two Bear long-range bombers.

  67. Anonymous11:11 PM

    55 miles from the Alaskan coast. The Russian Bear, (Tupolev TU-95) long range bomber is a heavy lift high speed prop plane with a top speed just under 600 mph. That's about 10 minutes off the coast.

  68. Anonymous11:12 PM

    ...maybe Sarah Palin saw them from her house.

  69. Anonymous11:21 PM

    The thing about the Russian nuclear strike logistics as compared to ours is quite different. They approach the problem completely different. Where as we appear to have the main focus on fixed location long range intercontinental ballistic missiles along with mid range missiles stationed at strategic allies and of course our nuclear subs. We do have stealth bombers of course but these carry limited tactical nukes from what I can tell, where as the Russian Bear is capable of carrying a much larger payload as well as their ground ICBM's are mobile. They move them constantly, negating our ability to take them out before launching them.

    We really need to find a way to back this thing down.

  70. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Russian Bombers Fly Within 30 Miles Of Canadian Coast As Vladimir Putin Threatens Wider War

    Two Russian bombers came within miles of Canada’s coastline this week as President Vladimir Putin reportedly makes threats of a wider war across Europe.

    The incident near Canada created some tense moments as two “Bear” bombers came within about 30 miles of Canada’s coastline in the Beaufort Sea, CTV reported. The bombers were detected in the early morning hours on Thursday by NORAD, and two Canadian CF-18s were scrambled to intercept them.

    The Russian bombers turned back when they saw the Canadian planes, reports indicated

  71. The war will start in Iraq!

    According to Revelation 9:14, the prophesied war will originate from the area of the Euphrates River. The Euphrates River is located in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Iran. Since fighting is raging along the Euphrates today, we have to ask if the Sixth Trumpet War might already have begun.

    A war that kills two billion people will obviously be a World War, making it World War III. James Woolsey, CIA Director during the Clinton administration, says that World War III began on 9/11. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times agrees with him. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich also believes that World War III started on 9/11. Finally, President Bush has added his voice to those who contend we are now in WW III. On May 6, 2006, he stated that the revolt of passengers on Flight 93 was, “The first counter-attack of World War III.”

  72. Remember, speculations vary on deaths, it will be in the billions

  73. Anonymous9:33 AM

    When I met Voltron and the trolls for the first time in here I was in my mid 40s. I predicted that within 10 to 15 years, but "probably closer to 10" that Pootin would leverage the Sino\Russo alliance to move for new superpower status for his country and invade somewhere like we did.

    And today these predictions are playing out with startling accuracy.

  74. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Now I'm in my mid 50s, and as these predictions are coming true just as I warned, no one still listens to me.

    They're rather trust in their ideological beliefs, than listen to simple fact. Like my pal Clippy here.

    He's hooked on the idea of the evangelical nonsense about end of days. The prophesied war in Revelations dealt with matters of the time. It had nothing to do with today.

    And he also doesn't understand that radiation is terminal, to all forms of life. There won't be survivors, because a year after the blast radiation will still be at PEAK LEVELS.

    We know this from Chernobyl.

    In fact we know that YEARS after the blast, radiation levels will be at peak still, and blanketing the globe in a radioactive dust cloud.

    Life doesn't breath radioactive dust.

    But Clippy like the rest of the right wing doesn't like modern life, so they dream of some sort of nuclear war where the bombs dropped kill all the "libruls" and leave them standing with their guns and MRE's, so they can "shoot it out" with the other survivors for the last few morsels of food.

    They don't seem to understand that radiation poisoning is not discriminate.

    It's not going to "miss" some of them. They're not going to stand around and do anything.

    They're going to watch as their ears fall into their Corn Flakes, and their teeth fall out, and they're going to feel the excruciating agony as their organs break down and decay in a matter of days and weeks, until all they're doing is vomiting blood, and dying.

    So yea,"billions dead" is right.

    All 6 billion.

  75. Anonymous9:44 AM

    You won't be wearing buckskins, and living off venison sausage.

    There won't be any deer. They can't breath radioactive dust, ...either.

  76. Anonymous9:48 AM

    But he does have one thing right. This is all about Iraq. In fact, the final war did effectively "start in Iraq".

    If this does in fact turn into the "final war".

    Because everything Pootin is doing right now, is about our invasion of Iraq.

    All of the calamity and hate coming our way, is from our actions in Iraq.

    We showed the world we were not good people, but frightened, wicked murdering and torturing people.

    People who lash out in cowardice when attacked.And the world took note.

    And so did God. God saw what we did to those people.

    So yea, the war did start in Iraq.

    We started it.

  77. Anonymous10:22 PM

    The problem is people "wishing" for it. Most of these survivalists love this stuff and want it to happen. Life's too humdrum or whatever so they want to be Mad Max.

    Wish for something long enough and you turn it into a goal.

  78. Anonymous12:21 PM

    What we need to do is simply acknowledge our mistakes, and work to correct them. That's it. That's all we can do. God will see to holding individuals accountable for specific evils and actions, but as a nation, as a people, all we can do is acknowledge our mistakes and work to correct them.

    So far, no one, ...and I do mean NO ONE, talking about that.

    No one seems to want to confront our transgressions in Iraq, nearly a million dead......the country in ruins, .....false imprisonment, one wants to address that.

    When we're ready to address that, and forsake it, then we'll find ourselves on the way back from this negative path we're on. Then we'll find God's favor returning to us as a people.

    But as long as we choose to fixate on other things, ignore what we did, refuse as a people to repent of thing that Americans hadn't done since we drove the American Indians from their homes, then we'll not see any real success. In anything.

    No one said this is going to be WWIII. It "could" be. As I pointed out Pootin is doing EXACTLY what I predicted years ago that he'd do. Exactly as I said he would, right down to the Sino\Russo alliance.

    But none of that means WWIII. It could. But it doesn't have to. All we have to do is turn from our evil ways that we adopted in 2001 under Bush and have continued ever since. Stop making excuses for Iraq. Stop doubling down on our right to invade there. We HAD NO RIGHT to invade there. It was a lie. An act of pure evil.

    We need to repent, so that we can find our way back into God's favor. Until we do, all the smug, arrogant wanna be tough guys and their tough talk, is merely the babble of the damned.

  79. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I'm not saying anything I didn't say back then. I always said we'd have to take accountability and responsibility for our actions in March of 2003 either sooner or later. And sooner or later we will own up to it, although it will probably be our kids kids that finally acknowledge and apologize for it, make restitution and pass some sort of laws to keep it from happening again.

    Seems like Pride, one of the "7 deadly sins" dominates this generation to the point of being unable to confront their own mistakes.

  80. Anonymous2:11 PM

    And looks like we again have to post a reminder.

    Comments that are attacking other members with insults, profanity or meant to disrupt will be immediately removed.

  81. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Anyway that's what I said back then and I was right, unfortunately. Lets hope i'm wrong about where it might be going. So far though Pootin seems bent on proving me right.

    And in the words of Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that.

  82. Anonymous8:29 PM

    The US just started bombing Syria.

    Updated by Max Fisher on September 22, 2014, 10:17 p.m. ET @Max_Fisher

    The US is now launching its first-ever air strikes in Syria against the terrorist group ISIS, the Pentagon announced at about 9:30 pm EST, revealing that the US military is "using a mix of fighter, bomber, and Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles" along with the air forces of Middle Eastern allies.

    The US is now launching its first-ever air strikes in Syria against the terrorist group ISIS, the Pentagon announced at about 9:30 pm EST, revealing that the US military is "using a mix of fighter, bomber, and Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles" along with the air forces of Middle Eastern allies.

  83. Anonymous2:23 PM

    So let me see if I have your latest unwarranted attack right.

    To you, warning about war, studying the signs, mean "endorsing" it.

    So if you're a police officer for example, and you study serial killers, ......your keen, keen mind tells you that police officer must be endorsing it?

    That's your story, ...that because I "warn" of impending war, ......and endlessly advise on ways to "avoid" it....that means I'm "endorsing" it?

  84. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Constant attacks like this where you simply invent accusations to antagonize and slander other members is the collective trademark of your troll-band. Which is why your nonsense is no longer tolerated here.

    Slandering someone calling for an end to war a "warhawk" is not just a lie, its why your 15 minutes are up here.

    You want to post here? Fine. Don't lie, don't attack other members.

    Don't like it?

    There's the door.

  85. Anonymous4:40 PM

    ....and if you can't find it by yourself, ...we'll help you.

  86. Anonymous5:10 PM

    And if you're under the delusion of your pal and partner in spite, that somehow you're "needed here" and anyone cares if you post here or not, we advise you not to kid yourselves. We don't care. We'd rather have no comments, than fill it back up with your venom.

    So you'll have to find other tall grass to hide in.

    We mow here.

  87. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Israel downs Syrian warplane it says violated its Golan airspace

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel shot down a Syrian warplane on Tuesday, saying the aircraft crossed the battle lines of Syria's civil war and flew over the Israeli-held Golan Heights, perhaps by accident.

    The Israeli military said its U.S.-made Patriot missile air defence system shot down a Syrian Russian-built Sukhoi fighter plane that had "infiltrated Israeli airspace" over the territory, captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war.

    It was the first time in three decades that Israel had downed a Syrian warplane.

    View galleryAn Israeli soldier scans the area from his tank positioned …
    An Israeli soldier scans the area from his tank positioned in the Israeli annexed Golan Heights, on …
    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks violence in the civil war, said the warplane had been bombing areas outside Quneitra, a Syrian town near the Israeli-held side of the frontier, at the time it was shot down. It said the pilot had bailed out.

    Syria described the downing of the aircraft as an act of aggression.

    If the BRIC states bring Syria into the fold, ...that's when it'll be time to start dusting off the lawn chairs.

    Or the panic vaults, ....whatever your tastes may be.

  88. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Another thing I warned about both strongly and repeatedly was the abandonment of the F-22 Raptor. Remember that? Congress was trying to cut the Raptor, saying we didn't need that sort of plane because future wars would be smaller wars on multiple small theaters against mostly ground forces. They said we'd need A-10's, maybe F-35's for its vertical takeoff capabilities and due to its being designed for ground attack. But they said we didn't need F-22's.

    So did some of the trolls (but honestly I don't recall which ones) and I even recall Clif debating me on that one.

    But I knew we'd need the F-22 and shouldn't cut the funding for it.

    Now, they're singing its praises as it enters combat as a superior fighting aircraft, and we're ordering more.

    How I knew that one, I'm not sure, but one things for sure. I sure was right.

  89. Anonymous8:37 PM

    We're going to need about 100 of them if we're going to dominate Russia in the air.

  90. Anonymous8:48 PM

    And by the way Clippy, that's not an endorsement of war. That's being strong so you don't have to fight a war. Russia is a bully. The one thing about Russia that will keep them from invading you is being stronger and at least seemingly smarter than they are. That's the only thing that's kept them at bay all these decades since VE day.

    But in Iraq they saw something in us they hadn't seen in us before.


    First we beat them to the moon, which made them think then we were technologically superior, and we held that for decades.

    Then they had foundered in Afghanistan for 10 years finally pulling out and leaving behind a complete mess, their military broken down, battered and depleted from a long 10 year desert war.

    Then they saw us go into Iraq in 1991 in Desert Storm and brilliantly executing a blitzkrieg like invasion with a massive and effective military force and watched us in days drive Saddam's armies from Kuwait and capture hundreds of thousands of prisoners in the process. All with a minimum casualty count. This made them think we were even stronger than they ever knew.

    But then Bush and Cheney invaded in 2003 and that all changed. They watched as we foundered exactly as they had done in Afghanistan.

    I predicted back then this would embolden Russia. It would make them reach out in the same manner, within 10 to 15 years. I predicted they align with China and other BRIC nations to form a global alliance as we've done to counter ours.

    11 years later, here we are.

  91. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Vladimir Putin Has Been Planning World War 3 For The Last Decade, Former Adviser Warns

    September 26, 2014

    Vladimir Putin has been planning for the past decade a plan to spark a major war in the Baltic region, a former adviser to the Russian president said, with the invasion of Ukraine and capture of Crimea the first step.

    Speaking at a conference in Lithuania, former presidential adviser Andrey Illarionov said Putin has been planning for a major war since at least 2003.

    So today we read a story where a former Pootin adviser confirms what I've been saying since 05. Pootin's been planning this one since Bush invaded Iraq in 2003.

    Its all about Iraq.

  92. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I even suggested it would likely be the Baltic states. You gotta admit its kind of freaky to see an article confirming that Pootin did in fact immediately start planning for an invasion of his own in 2003.

    You gotta admit, that's kinda freaky.

    Even freakin me out a little...

  93. Anonymous1:39 PM

    The CIA could do worse than me for an analyst.

    The ones they got now see it now.

    I see it ten years in the future.

  94. Anonymous1:19 PM

    . As of 09-29-2014 the individual using the name "Clippy" is permanently Banned from this blog.

    Any future comments will be immediately removed and logged and documented in accordance with Federal SPAM and Internet Harassment laws.

    You just posted your last comment in this blog.