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The idea of resurrection has always appealed to me. A second chance, new life, rebirth, Spring. I believe we can start our day over, and our lives over, at any moment. We can choose to learn from our mistakes, say we're sorry, forgive others, forgive ourselves, leave the past behind and GO FORWARD. We are not meant to carry the burdens of the past or fear of the future. Don't look back. Don't live with guilt or shame.

We can also choose not to be a victim of anyone or anything.


I've had lots of Seders, even from early childhood. My best friend Susie invited me to my first. The hard-boiled egg, the matzo ball soup, the Gefilte fish, the radish, the brisket.. and my favorite part: the chocolate gold coin hidden in the house.

I also love Shabat, the Friday night dinners. I wish our kids had this tight-knit community, this sense of belonging to a group that takes care of each other. And I happen to love the Barmitzvahs! I love our local deli because it's so warm and cozy. I take my son there for chicken soup. There is something wonderful about the Jewish families in our neighborhood.

JUST FOR TODAY.. from Alanon

Just for today, I will be happy. This assumes to be true what Abraham Lincoln said, that "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be."

Just for today, I will adjust myself to what is, and not try to adjust everything to my own desires.

Just for today, I will exercise my soul in three ways: I will do somebody a good turn, and not get found out; if anybody knows of it, it will not count. I will do at leat two things I don't want to do — just for excercise. I will not show anyone that my feelings are hurt; they may be hurt, but today I will not show it.

Just for today, I will be agreeable. I will act courteously and criticize not one bit. I will not find fault with anything and not try to imporve or regulate anybody but myself.

Just for today, I will be unafraid. Especially I will not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful, and to believe that as I give to the world, so the world will give to me.


* Admit we are powerless over some things in life, and get into "acceptance." Acceptance is the key to serenity.
* Clean up the wreckage of our past by seeing our mistakes clearly.
* Share our darkest secrets with someone we trust.
* Surrender our burdens to a power greater than yourself, the universe, God, the sky or whatever you believe in. If you don't believe in a power greater than yourself, go to the ocean and try to stop the waves.

Sometimes I take an imaginary football, fill it with all my worries and throw it over a fence in my mind. Or I write down all my anger, worry and fear on a piece of paper. As I write I can feel the anger coming out of my heart, flowing down my arm, out of the pen and onto the paper. The anger is now out of my body. Then I say a quick prayer such as: I release my worries today and focus on the good. Then I tear the paper to shreds, toss it away, burn it or put it in a "God Box." This is a cleansing ritual and is very effective for moving forward. Sometimes we need rituals like this.

The point is to NOT TAKE THE WORRY BACK. Do not think of your problem again. In other words, problems that keep replaying in your mind are habitual worries or resentments. If there is no human solution and no action you can take to solve them, JUST LET THEM GO. Unless you can take concrete action to solve a problem such as modifying your mortgage or calling a Credit Counseling service, or hunting for a job, then the problem is simply a form of worry or fear. These may seem real, but they don't exist in the real world. Let go and let God.

Good Friday, also called Holy Friday, Great Friday or Black Friday, is a religious holiday observed primarily by adherents to Christianity commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Golgotha, an event central to Christian theology. The holiday is observed during Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday, and often coincides with the Jewish observance of Passover.

Based on the scriptural details of the Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus, the Crucifixion of Jesus was most probably on a Friday. The exact year of Good Friday has been estimated as AD 33, by two different groups, and originally as AD 34 by Isaac Newton via the differences between the Biblical and Julian calendars and the crescent of the moon.- Wikipedia


Glen Beck: "Believe in something even if it's wrong!"


Brad Blog Alert Franken Isn't 'Leading', He Won and Coleman Lost

With a 312 vote victory for the Democrat, and nothing left to count, the corporate media continues to misreport the facts of the U.S. Senate election in Minnesota...
-- Guest Blogged by Ernest A. Canning, with Brad Friedman

We'd ask not why the media fail to describe Coleman as a "sore loser", as they did Al Gore (who didn't actually lose) but rather, why is it that -- even with Tuesday's final count of any remaining, lawfully cast, previously uncounted absentee ballots -- the media fail to describe Coleman as the loser at all, much less a sore one.

From the New York Times to AP to MSNBC et al, despite all countable ballots having now been counted, and clear rulings having been issued by both the MN Supreme Court and the bipartisan three-judge panel overseeing the contest, the media seem to have developed an aversion to using the "L" word -- loser -- in their coverage of the MN contest. Perhaps it's because they're listening to only one side of the argument (Coleman's), but the facts of the case, and the many clear court decisions, leave no question that Franken is the winner, and Coleman is the loser. So why won't the media say as much?...


NBA 101: My good friend John Bendheim and me at the Staples Center with the Lakers!

Today's radio show was amazing!
The Basham and Cornell Show

Please listen in the archives to our weekly Friday roundtable with political consultants Peggy Maze Johnson and Dave Schwartz. We alleviated a lot of tension surrounding Obama's "wiretapping" decision. Listen to what one of our troops, who's awaiting his order for Afghanistan, has to say about this. He really put my mind at ease.


Gore Vidal on Bill Maher
Gore Vidal was on Bill Maher's show last night and he made a bit of a passionate statement on lost constitutional rights during the Bush era. Starts at about the 4:10 mark of this video, the last 6 minutes of the show, but the whole clip is highly entertaining.

He asks where was "the voice on television" speaking out about the loss of constitutional rights, besides himself. He seemed to be hearkening back to Edward R. Murrow's calling out of Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s. What is more frightening than the notion that no one was speaking out about the Bush administration's offences was that people were actually pointing them out the whole time. It took a while for the voices to multiply and create a tidal wave that led to Republican defeat. But you can certainly rattle off the names who were speaking in their own venues and with their own respective weight about what was happening (Olbermann, Turley, Balkinization, Cafferty, Horton, Greenwald, etc.). And there were lawyers in the courts pressing cases and winning (Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, for example) From

Also: RON HOWARD on Bill Maher!!


  1. It almost is the day, the anniversary, the remembrance...of Jesus, Light of the World...Our savior's rise to complete the Holy Trinity. Everythings is complete. Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

    I feel when we make the sign of the protects reaffirms that we are Christian...and Our Savior was crucified to save us. He went willingly...through pain, torment, torture, humiliation...he endured the worst of the world for all of us...for me alone. This is the promise of..."no, I shall never leave you..." Nowadays, no man would do this. Only a mother for her child. For that is the blessed, so loved, and so connected and self sacrificed that I know no one would endure anything like that but my mom. And you Lydia would do the same, I'm sure for your kids.


    As we forgive those who tresspass against us...please forgive us our trespasses.

    For you alone are the Holy alone Our Lord...You alone Jesus Christ...

    Bartimeus spread the good word of our savior for he was cured of blindness...for he SO believed without seeing or without condition...

    "Jesus cast out demons everywhere He went, and He gave us authority to do the same thing, in His name if we believe in Him. (Mark 16:17)."

    'Now when Jesus had come into Peter’s house, He saw his wife’s mother lying sick with a fever. So He touched her hand, and the fever left her. And she arose and served them.

    When evening had come, they brought to Him many who were demon-possessed.'

    Demons are which, that I, Jim, belive are in the form of mental illness, horrible sicknesses of of skin, pain, and body...and the demon often found accidentally by those, in wine...or opium.(I truly belive) He cast out the disease of alcholism and addiction.

    And He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying: “HE HIMSELF TOOK OUR INFIRMITIES AND BORE OUR

    Who else could love me...and forgive me for all my faults...without price, barganing, condition or return. I just so believe...that I try to walk in his path everyday. I do not need further proof or evidence. Blessed are those who do not see...and yet believe. Blessed are those that have seen...and still believe.


    Happy Easter

  2. Happy and Blessed Easter to all. Be back on Monday.

  3. How beautiful Jim! Happy Easter to you.

    As you are a devout Catholic, I am interested in hearing your take on the abortion issue. Is the most important issue or does the death penalty also play a part?

    Lawrence O'Donnell slammed Pat Buchanan yesterday over Notre Dame not wanting Obama there. O'Donnell said they welcomed George Bush even though, as Governor of Texas, he personally signed many death sentences (with glee and jokes, I might add.)

    The Catholic Church is also against the death penalty. George Bush caused more deaths by invading Iraq and signing those death warrants. Even Pope John Paul begged him not to launch an attack on Iraq. So many innocent children were killed by our shock and awe bombings, especially in Falluja.

    This is not Christian, and yet he was welcomed with open arms at Notre Dame.

    Obama never killed a fetus or signed a death warrant on a fetus. Bush is liable for much more death.

    Strange for a religion that believes in a "culture of life."

    I believe God gave us each free will. And Obama's stance on abortion has nothing to do with being "pro-abortion."

    No one is pro-abortion.

  4. Lydia said "The Catholic Church is also against the death penalty."

    Theoretically the Catholic Church is also in favor of taking care of the poor and young ... and yet the church also keeps endorsing candidates who go out of their way to make life harder for the poor and do away with programs designed to help the kids they keep insisting be born. In the town next to ours, they had a 2 year fund raiser to build a new church that cost over a million dollars ... right next to the old church that is in perfectly good shape and is used for storage.

    How many houses could have been bought with that money? How many people could have been fed? How many out-of-court settlements for the victims of child molesting priests?

    Not a slam on Catholics, just on the heirarchy of the church itself. It was the pope who drove me away from Christianity. Thanks to him and a few select others, I am in a crisis of faith I've been dealing with for over 2 1/2 yars.

  5. No need for a crisis of faith,

    A crisis of organized religion on the other hand is quite prevalent now a days.

  6. MCH, do me a favor (actually, you'll be doing yourself a favor). Go to youtube and type in Cyd Charisse. Find the dance sequences to Band Wagon (with Fred Astaire) and Silencer (she's 45 in this number). One of the greatest bodies of all time, bro.

  7. Will: I read your apology, but I would really appreciate it if you'd remove that statement on your blog of April 8. The blog post is called "Textbook."

    It's in the first sentence. I've left this comment 3 times.

    It would really be appreciated. Thank you so much.

  8. Lydia, I usually don't like to censor myself. That was how I felt at the time. But, for you, I will make an exception. I rephrased the sentence as you requested. I also plan to craft a post that commends you for your change of tone and a willingness to reach out to me, a moderate. There, now if only the person who was behind the sock-puppet, Nicholas, would apologize to me.

  9. Well will, it seems crusty no longer posts anywhere, so that probably isn't going to happen.

  10. Lydia, sometimes you have to let people come to you in their own way. 3 times, 10 times. I didn't know that you were counting. Wasn't it obvious that I was trying to be conciliatory? P.S. I've been called a lot worse than a D-lister on my site. Just ask Cliffy.

  11. Widdle will still crying like a baby.

  12. So, you're not against viscious attacks against people, Clif? I thought you were against viscious attacks against people.

  13. UNWARRENTED attacks like you did to Lydia, ...... foole!

  14. Clif, we've apparently worked it out. Don't you think it's about time that YOU grew up?

  15. You know, I just realized something. That for me to think of "self" at all is not walking the path. For me to be insulted or hurt by another's actions is putting too much importance on my own pride or ego.

    I have no idea why you were angry or taking things out on me Will, because I did not "launch my henchmen" on you or anyone. I have zero control over who visits this blog and comments, and have never stepped in to get involved except last week in that horrible melt-down - which was truly wrong on all sides.

    Through the years I have not been able to read even half the comments and have left everyone to their own devices. We are all grownups and should be able to fight our own battles.

    I only step in when someone writes me an email stating they are being harrassed or I catch someone using really gruesome language involving the f-word or its variations.

    Last week I got an email from Jim (No Fear) and he was new at commenting on my site. He had been reading it for months or maybe years, but had never really gotten in touch with me personally until 2 months ago when he found me and wrote a letter saying I helped prevent him from committing suicide over ten years ago when he was a male model out in L.A.

    He had found peace after our talks and was able to help others.

    So when he wrote me last week that someone was going crazy leaving countless posts beating up on people on my blog -- I stepped in.

    We are not responsible for other people's behavior and cannot possibly know the reasons each person has for getting angry or lashing out.

    I cannot be a policeman here, although last week I responded to too many requests on all sides. After being admonished for responding to defend one person, the person who admonished me, then sent me emails attacking this new blogger whom I just got to know after 10 years.

    Anyway, this Easter we should all remember that we are all accountable for our own behavior and stop being victims of anyone — even politically.

    We all have power in our own lives to stand up for what's right, and to turn our lives around at any moment.

    Everyday we are able to have a rebirth or resurrection and make amends for our mistakes. The purpose of failure and tragedy is to learn that in the midst of darkness there is a way to the light. Then we can use our mistakes to go forward and help others.

  16. Lydia said...

    So when he wrote me last week that someone was going crazy leaving countless posts beating up on people on my blog -- I stepped in.

    No one went crazy in your blog or beat up on people.

    I was debating Will because as usual, he was trying to make it appear foolish to stand up to Limbaugh.

    MCH stepped in to help Will calling me a troll and threatening to leave until you banned me. Then when he realized he had overstepped, he deleted the comment and we had an exchange.

    I emailed you and asked you to restore the comment.

    You said you would. Then you wrote a second time freaking out, telling me to leave MCH alone, indicating he probably wrote you complaining.

    Then you admitted what you admitted, completely flooring me.

    I reacted. Perhaps over reacted, but nonetheless a REaction to being told I'd been deceived for a long time, and worse, been permitted to falsely accuse others without any attempt to correct the facts. So I reacted and you and me had an argument, in which you used your powers as blog admin to silence me and delete any comments that would exonerate me. Which you know was wrong, but hey, it's your blog.

    Then your friend Jim showed up minutes after our email exchange, berating me, calling me a coward and everything else under the sun.

    Once again, I responded to his unwarranted attacks.

    He in turn managed to turn that into him being victimized, and you're still helping him sell that non truth.

    And if you delete this like you did other comments of mine I'll just repost it on Voltron's blog because I have a right to defend myself against false accusations.

    I did not "go crazy". I simply was debating Will, and as Clif explained the other day MCH stepped in, then played victim, and your friend Jim did the same thing.

    It's your blog and you can do what you want with it but that's what happened.

  17. I realize that now, Lydia. I wrote that post a year ago and I see things in a different way as we speak. I also sense that you've changed and that's a good thing, too.

  18. And I don't plan on posting here so don't act so haughty taughty and turning on comment moderation like you need it to keep me out.

    I left on my own accord and will stay out on my own accord.

    I am just correcting false accusations about my "going crazy" that you chose to make here tonight. I have a right to defend myself from false accusations.

    But I do not have any desire to continue blogging in your blog so don't act like you're keeping me out.

    I left on my own accord and I have no intention of returning. Unless its like this quick comment to correct a false or misleading accusation about myself which I had to do tonight because I did not "go crazy" as your post implies and I was not "beating up on people" as it also implies.

    Will and I were debating his defense of Limbaugh and MCH and Jim both chose to attack me unprovoked. When I responded, they both came crying to you.

    THATS what happened.

    And you responded. I told you you should just stay out of it and that it was just usual blog nonsense but you never listen to me. Not now that your "friends" have you convinced I am evil.

    So you like MCH and Will, you can have them. I have no desire to blog with two mealy mouthed lying Eddie Haskells who can't even be honest about their true intent.

  19. Bart cried about >>Will and I were debating his defense of Limbaugh and MCH and Jim both chose to attack me unprovoked. When I responded, they both came crying to you.>>

    You have a hell of a lot of nerve whining about false accusations ... after the things you've said to and about me over the past 8 months, dont you dare whine about "unprovoked" attacks again!

    You called me a pervert -- and yet you claim I wasnt provoked?

    You've repeatedly called me a liar when I have been up front and truthful about everything ... including things I'd just as soon not discuss here -- and yet you claim I wasnt provoked?

    You've accused me of being other people -- and yet you claim I wasnt provoked?

    You twisted and turned my post about a friend who had just died into a supposed attack on you and Lydia -- and yet you claim I wasnt provoked?

    You called me a child molester -- and yet you claim I wasnt provoked?

    In what fantasy world do you live in where you are completely innocent of badgering people? In what fantasy world do you live in where you think I dont have valid reason to hate you? In what fantasy world do you live in where you think you have been Miss Mary Sunshine, sweetness and light, and above the fray?

    I came into this blog as a longtime fan of Lydia's and joyfully learned she and I share political beliefs ... then after a period of time when we were arguing about volunteering for Obama, you pulled some horrifying quote from some obscure website that DID NOT COME FROM ME and attributed it to me anyway. There was no reason to do that except to humiliate me, to alienate Lydia and the others against me, and to drive me away.

    WIth actions like that, you are no better than the right-wing wingnuts you proclaim to be against. YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN THEY ARE! In fact, you're even worse.

    Yes, Bart, I hate you. I have very good reason to hate you. I wish I had never come across you. You are the lowest form of pondscum I could ever imagine.

    And you sit there and proclaim innocence.

    You make me sick.

    Oh, and drop the Eddie Haskell whines. Being polite to Lydia is just and proper ... and sure beats your tactic of falsely accusing her and others of things.

    So if you're wanting to leave on your own accord .. THEN LEAVE ALREADY!!!!!

  20. Anyway sorry to intrude. Carry on.

    Just please stop calling me crazy, ok?

  21. Oh and MCH?

    Who's the angry one?

  22. And I didn't call you anything.

    You came in and started it junior.

    You just couldn't handle it. You never could. Which is why you spent the last year trying to get me out of the blog.

    You're lying again, which shows all to clearly your true character, or lack thereof.

    You might say all the nicey nice polite things when you're schmoozing Lydia but I know you for what you are, and that's why you hate me and that's why you worked to get me out.

    And the funny thing is, you won.

  23. If you can call it that.

    later, worm.

  24. "Oh and MCH?

    Who's the angry one?"

    I freely admit to being angry. You've given me plenty of reason.

  25. Bart lied "And I didn't call you anything."


  26. Well if you'd stop lying, then no one would call you on it and you wouldn't have to get angry.

    But don't worry about saying you hate me, or I make you sick, or calling me the lowest form of pondscum.

    You're just echoing sentiments I've held for you since the first day you crawled in here.

  27. At least Clif isn't fooled by you.

    He knows what you are.

    And I bet Mike does too.

  28. "At least Clif isn't fooled by you.

    He knows what you are.

    And I bet Mike does too."

    Well, if they think the same as you do, then they dont know me at all.

    For somebody who claims to be leaving, you sure do stick around a lot.

  29. Now I need to get to bed so I can get up and properly Easter the kids ... and at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that they someday will grow up ... unlike Bart/Worf/Jackie.

  30. Good night, everybody, and Happy Easter.

  31. Well you're the one who started talking to me.

    Clearly if you didn't want me to respond you wouldn't even address me.

    Especially when you're lying, and trying to muddy the facts.

  32. Lydia I agree with you on one thing.

    It was wrong on all sides.

    Sorry to intrude.

    Carry on.

  33. Happy Easter, y'all. And I have a special Easter treat for you. As my final contribution to this year's Blogswarm Against Theocracy, I've put up a post on Roger Williams and the Founders. If you're not familiar with Williams, check it out; he was a profound influence on the thinking of the Founders of our country.

  34. Happy Easter Everyone!

  35. Ok, Ive decided to start my own blog. Im borrowing (stealing if you prefer) an idea from Keith Olberrman and doing a best person and worst person format. The people chosen will be from all walks of life and professions.

    Lydia, I hope you dont mind but Ive chosen you as my first Best Person.

  36. I forgot the link

    You can also get there thru my Blogger profile.

  37. It's my honor :)

    Of course, it goes without saying you're more than welcome to visit anytime. I doubt much will come of the blog but I imagine I'll have fun with it.

  38. Lydia Cornell said...
    How beautiful Jim! Happy Easter to you.

    As you are a devout Catholic, I am interested in hearing your take on the abortion issue. Is the most important issue or does the death penalty also play a part?

    Lawrence O'Donnell slammed Pat Buchanan yesterday over Notre Dame not wanting Obama there. O'Donnell said they welcomed George Bush even though, as Governor of Texas, he personally signed many death sentences (with glee and jokes, I might add.)

    The Catholic Church is also against the death penalty. George Bush caused more deaths by invading Iraq and signing those death warrants. Even Pope John Paul begged him not to launch an attack on Iraq. So many innocent children were killed by our shock and awe bombings, especially in Falluja.

    This is not Christian, and yet he was welcomed with open arms at Notre Dame.

    Obama never killed a fetus or signed a death warrant on a fetus. Bush is liable for much more death.

    Strange for a religion that believes in a "culture of life."

    I believe God gave us each free will. And Obama's stance on abortion has nothing to do with being "pro-abortion."

    No one is pro-abortion.

    Thank you Lydia...

    I'd be happy to tackle this one by what I was taught by nuns and lay people when I was growing where I, personaly, took it through many where I am now with it.

    I have always found great comfort, amazing energies and forces, and the real "Divine" love in the sactuary of a church. I love being in a church alone. I kind of whisper my conversaion out God. I ask questions. I reveal my "sins". I have always prayed, ALWAYS, for Huge Love...sometimes I feel so connected to "the really big picture, plan or secret" I get teary...not sad...maybe facing the world one more time from the sanctuary of the Catholic Church. Yes, Mass was a chore when I was a kid. Ask Sister Mary Alice. She approached me in a crowd of family friends and other worshipers after mass. She walked directly up to me and my brothers and cousins... Habits flying like a huge bat in the wind...all of us boys 7 and under. All eyes were on her and I as she asked, "well, hello, Jimmy." I repied, "Hi Sister." She then asked, "and how old are you now?" Proud of being the oldest and 7 years old, I proudly boasted, "I'm 7!!! Sister!!!" Then to my great embarrasment she horrifyingly screeched at me while shaking my shoulders, "7!?!?! MMM-HMMM. AND YOU ACT LIKE THAT IN GOD'S HOUSE...COME WITH ME AND TELL HIM YOU'RE SORRY...!" She told my family to wait a bit as she dragged me back in church for an Act of Contristian!!!! I LOVE nuns though. I met one the other day. She appeared as miracle...just as I was in "Mary's Santuary" at St. Anthony's on my beloved grandmother's 1st anniversary of her death. I was doing my usual prayers, thoughts, feelings, unspoken. I asked for a nun to God or me, I don't know...I always saw and stopped everything at work in the airport and held their little hands while she would pray for something specific or just the world.I would always have them near for some odd reason when they were around. When I saw a Sister in full habit or lessend. I would be working a flight.

    "Jesus, Mary, Save Souls". Those 4 words I use often when I'm nervous, upset, or just need to chant.

    For Mass, I now attend often. I left the church for years (I was lied to) but kept my spirituality and Catholic teachings. The true teachings...and the whole "productions" for they are just reminders. Now I am old enough to listen and learn and appreciate...I kind of "get it now"...or am learning to.

    I met a wonderful, progressive, gruff, opinionated priest last year. He was a military lifer and received God's calling...he entered into the seminary late in life...and is now retired except for a mass every other weekend. He visits prisons, homless shelters, hospitals...he really does God's work. In fact is was the first Mass on the weekend after my grandmother's passing. You know my grandmother and I... I sat listening to this bearded loud priest...probably about 70 years old. He spoke with great strength and conviction. He spoke right to me. He looks people directly in the eye...speaking the God honest truth. He spoke about mothers having the hardest jobs in the world. And as he pointed from the podium and banged it a little bit, he loudly beseeched to the parishoners, "Jesus Christ Never CONDEMNED ANYONE...HE REACHED OUT TO RICH AND POOR...HE LOVED WITH OUT CONDITION...HIS BEST FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS WERE THEIVES, MURDERERS, POOR, SICK, ADULTERESSES, AND ALL THOSE THAT WERE "OSTRISIZED" OR BANISHED FROM VILLAGES TO DIE BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T FIT THE NORM...LOOKED DIFFERENTLY...CASTAWAYS". Then he asked, "Who here among us thinks they are the new messiah...or thinks Jesus our Savior's work and teaching were all a lie? Who here are so much better then Jesus that they can condemn others? Because you have more money? Is it because she has a mixed race child...AND IS UNMARRIED? Do you look down on someone because of their life situations or lifestyles? If you are in the wrong place, so kindly leave!"

    As I sat with my mouth agape...I said, to my mom..."I gotta talk to this guy."

    After Mass I approached him...introdued myself...and tears came as I said, I was Mary Ford's Grandson...and I have a few questions. He told his ride to wait. He took me to a quiet place to chat for a few. The questions I had came. "I have no problem with being Catholic but, why does the Catholic Church have such problems with me based on whom I love and share my home and life with? Why are divorced women not able to recieve communion? What happens to devout Catholic young women that aborted a child...on and on I asked. I wanted to know why I or people like me were cast out..."excommunicated". He asked me to go on...I told him I never missed a Mass until I was in my parish in Beverly Hills and heard that I was an abomination that should return to hell by prayers.

    He answered each question.

    He said many of my grandmother's words...I was even the way she had with words.

    1. Jesus never condemned don't let anyone EVER make you fell like you don't belong here...or anywhere else for that fact. We are all God's children...all the same. Don't let anyone push you around, or make you ashamed of who you are...don't be silenced or hurt...and DON'T allow ANYONE to Condemn YOU!!! You are a true follower of Jesus. Your in a blessed relationship."

    2. Divorced women are all caught up in the ancient rules of the texts or Chaticism. They are NOT excomunicated. The problem "Rome" has with all of this...they are like laws. From these rules are the "marital vows" that they take very seriously. It's one of the sacred 7 sacraments of a Catholic. (baptism, penance, communion, confirmation, marrige, the last rites, annointing of the sick...I forget all of them really) So the problems really start when the divorced gets remarried. They may NOT recieve the host but they belong. There are ways around it but it's very difficult to get an "Annulment" it's like the court of Rome against blackeyed Mrs Smith and her 6 little children. Well, Mrs Smith left her wife beating husband...and if she persues an annulment, then the children would be bastardized....etc. All politics.

    HE said I or people like me aren't ever excommunicated. Don't listen to that "bul...." ahem, stuff coming from Rome, Politicans, Religous Zealots, and all that are quick to condemn...but never point the guilty finger at themselves.

    3. The abortion issue. He told me that there is a certain rite in the Catholic Church exclusively for women that have had abortions. HE said, no, we don't condemn or excommunicate these ladies either. He said, "this is all I will say of this for now, the Doctors are one's taking the life of the child."

    Think about that.

    I've met him for "God Talk" several times. His path was not easy either. In an Italian neighborhood outside of Boston...he and his famliy were the subject of cruelty, know, the worst kind of prejudices.

    I am VERY Spiritual in my own way. Alway have been. I've always been the lead in my own band... I know right from wrong. I'm also not a saint...
    I get upset and try not to think with hate and instead pray for all the bombastic blowhards on the tv and in the airways...getting paid to commit the most heinous crimes of biggotry, hate, greed, those that are the WORST OF SINNERS are reeking of what they condemn. Rush...want a nice 80 oxy line? Haggard...we got a nice blond 14 year old and some meth...wanna drop by? Ann...come talk on Oprah to a woman that aborted a baby she's weak and shy...Anyone got a Senate seat for sale? "God Damn America?" Hey,'s all white under your nose again...and your mouth twiches really bad during your speeches. I dunno, Dick, how 'bout just lettin em all have guns and blow themselves away...OK, GW...Good, moral, christian thinking...hang on while I answer a couple more of your memos...kill more little innocent kids overseas...send more of our guys and girls over to get wiped out too...we can't afford em. By the way...did you answer any of these death penatly orders? Never mind, I know your own signature better than you...done...bye, bye...and I don't care if you had an unfair trial...tell it to God.

    I sometimes wish I continued my showbiz carrer. Then I would have a louder voice...and screech on TV...and build this whole image...have a ton of followers and fans...and teach them what I know. But, God took me to do something...I needed to get weight...get the hell out of the gym or a studio...and go to my grandmother's house because she and my mom miss and need me to get strong again to hold this whole thing together...and I do it quietly, efficently and with great honor.

    I had a very odd path...and it brought me here. Sometimes I wish I didn't see, feel or go through some of the horror and terror. Then I always, remind myself...the path brought me to where I am today. Yeah, it sucked sometimes and it was euphoric at times...and it all brought me here.

    And I'm the happiest, luckiest guy today.

    Whew. I'm long winded. I need to go rub some Lanacane on my knuckles. They ache. Well...I guess they should... for yesterday I just left my 20s!

    Much love,

    Happy Easter.

    It's all around, inside, outside, everywhere.

    Bless you all.

  39. Jim,

    When you were in the public eye, were you somebody I would have known about? If it helps, I'm 40.

  40. MCH said...

    When you were in the public eye, were you somebody I would have known about? If it helps, I'm 40.

    4:32 PM

    Maybe...but probably not. I was the guy that uttered a few stupid lines...and just walked out. Period. I got my biggest break at one of the lowest periods in my life. I was in a really, really bad relationship...I wasn't feeling good about me...or much of anything. I was kind of kept hidden by this person. This person's mom was a famous actress that just died a year or two ago.

    I worked, and I say this a lot...from Romper theater...bigger theater...then, I not knowing (I was sooo innocent) I went with an agent in Boston that represented models or models with any talent. Acting was my whole thing...I ate, slept, spoke at all times as if I were on stage. I read, I studied, I had coaches, I went to Emerson...I left for LA at 20. I had 2 episodes of Spenser for Hire under my belt...commercials...runway...and a lot of print. Too much print. I was not taken very seriously at times because I had my big advertisements in my portfolio. I was looked at as...uh-oh, empty head, nice white teeth though. Oh, alright!!! Put him here. I was lost in a big agency. I worked the beat. I had a friend that was a courier for my agency. So in the early morning I'd drive over the canyon...get in her car and she'd hand me all her big manila envelopes. In these envelopes I would add my pictures and resumes. We went to the studios for tv, film, soaps etc... Cool. I got a lot of auditions. I did get some work. I got caught. I went with a smaller agency that was eager to work with me. This was about the time things got really bad. I was finally cast in a series. I did 6 out of the 8 episodes filmed for pilot season. They asked before the airings did I want to comeback? I told them I would think about it. I had a small part in Beverly Hills Cop III 3am downtown LA the next morning. I have honesty got to say, I don't think I've ever been there. The farthest I would go East was probably to La Brea.
    I didn't know that area at all. Offices and crime.

    I never showed up for my role in that film. Took no calls. This is called being "blacklisted".

    I left soon after...

    I did do one more runway a BIG favor for an old client. I did the runway for Canyon Beach Swimwear in 2004. My kind of FU to Hollyweird.

    I have never worked in the industry since.

    NO...I did a PSA. But, that doesn't count.

    On and on I go. I met Lydia when I was 20. My 1st year there.

    I'm 1 year older than you. I just googled my different names. I just saw Lyd and I on page 1. Haha.

    Honestly though. Probably not because you blinked.

  41. Happy Easter to all!

    Consider this.
    Instead of the traditional resurrection story how about a daily Resurrection? Every day let Jesus and his teachings come to life in our hearts. Let the Resurrection be an ongoing process for after all God is a verb. So is Jesus.

    Blessings to you all.

  42. It looks like the US Navy seals and snipers did exactly what I thought they would to end the stand off with the pirates.

    Take them out ......

  43. I'm glad the Captain is alive and well.
    Happy Easter Clif

  44. Lydia, your friend Clif here has a serious personality problem (apparently immutable to change, as most personality disorders are). He continues to leave unprovolked invective laced tirades on my blog. Do you have any influence over him or is he strictly an insect/parasite operating on his own? Definitely not a happy fellow, is he?

  45. Glad the Captain is OK!

  46. Blogger clif said...

    It looks like the US Navy seals and snipers did exactly what I thought they would to end the stand off with the pirates.

    Take them out ......"

    Yep I agree we should take em out and put em out of business..............this is the difference between all arrogance and bluster like GWB and the Neo Cons and walking softly but carrying a big stick.

  47. Hey Will I dont see any slanderous posts on your "blog" fact I dont see many posts on your blog period..............I thought you CLAIM to not be a guilt by association guy............if thats the case whats with the concern troll routine where you KEEP trying to subtly infer your being attacked at Lydia's direction by her've made that claim for the last year despite being told its not true now your STILL trying to make it subtly.

    Further YOU keep CLAIMING its CLIF even though clif didnt have power when you claimed it was him.............too embarrassed to admit your "buddy Crusty was the one attacking you.

  48. Mike, he could dish it out, and refused to admit he was WRONG for over a year, but when someone returns him the favor, he cries like the petulant attention seeker he has always been.

  49. Frickin' cry baby

  50. Jim, Fantastic posts! You really explained it so well -- and I'm so glad you had that wonderful priest.

    I can't believe I missed your BIRTHDAY!!!

    You didn't tell me, did you?


    Love you

  51. Um, Mike, this time (because I no longer allow anonymous posts) Clif had to leave the bile under his own name. It's comment #22 under Sheik Yer' President. And are telling me that it was Rusty trying to set Clif up - ALL of those anonymous/Clifolaus postings? Yeah, that's a real strong possibility. Hell, there were a couple of nights when Rusty and Clif (er, I mean, Nick) were going at it strong. Are you trying to tell me that Rusty was wasting his time staging an argument with his own sock-puppet? Do you have any idea how idiotic you guys sound? P.S. And, no, Mike, I don't care about the number of comments I get. That's superficial and I'm totally not into that. Plus, I don't go around the net slumming for readers. I share it with my co-workers and piss on the rest of you.

  52. piss on the rest of you.Will, the rest of us figured that out, say about a year ago, when your don Quixote routine for attention stopped here.

    Seems you are the one who seems a little angry eh son?

    PS I have NEVER posted as Nicholas


    have a nice say.

  53. Franken Wins Election ContestThe three-judge election trial court unanimously rejected Norm Coleman's challenge to the validity of the election.

    I wonder how much longer the national GOP will fund the Coleman attempt to stop seating the elected senator from Minnesota, Al Frankin?

    He won so seat him.

  54. Franken wins A Minnesota court confirmed Monday that Democrat Al Franken won the most votes in his 2008 Senate race against Republican Norm Coleman, who had already announced plans to appeal the decision.

    Coleman has 10 days to appeal to the state Supreme Court. Once the petition is filed, it could further delay the seating of Minnesota’s second senator for weeks.

    After a statewide recount and seven-week trial, Franken stands 312 votes ahead. He gained more votes from the election challenge than Coleman, the candidate who brought the legal action.

    The state law under which Coleman sued required three judges to determine who got the most votes and is therefore entitled to an election certificate, which is now on hold pending an appeal.

    “The overwhelming weight of the evidence indicates that the November 4, 2008, election was conducted fairly, impartially and accurately,” the judges wrote. “There is no evidence of a systematic problem of disenfranchisement in the state’s election system, including in its absentee-balloting procedures.”
    He won, so seat him

  55. And what exactly is YOUR routine, Clif - an extreme paucity of nuance, an extreme paucity of decency, an extreme paucity of even attempting to figure out other people's views? I hate to tell you, Clif, but you, me-bucko, are every bit as bad as Limbaugh and Coulter. Even worse, in that those two are at least humorous from time to time. P.S. How 'bout you taking a lie-detector test? I would love to see the results of that, young meastro..

  56. You seem a wee bit unhinged, me bucko .................

  57. BTW, I have never posted as Nicholas .......


  58. I've got a new post on my blog defining Eric Schumacher (pastor of a Baptist Church in Cedar Rapids) as today's worst person. Let me know what you think.

  59. Care to say that on a polygraph, Clif?

  60. Don't have to cause I know I am not Nicholas, cry baby, and that is all that matters to me.

    Beside how you gonna get me to take one?


    I ain't puttin one penny in your desperate need for attention son, like traveling to onneticut.

    I also ain't giving you any personal info cause you seem quite unhinged, and have show you carry a grudge and have attacked people in an unwarranted manner.

    remember, I wasn't the person who spammed your blog when I was living with no internet or electricity son. But for some reason you wanted to accuse me with no proof .... sorta what you do to get your attention fix.

    You just have a problem because you finally realize we were right and YOU were wrong in attacking Lydia for something another wrote.

    But you need the attention so desperately you keep bringing this up to get attention.

    Pathetic I know, but you do what you must for the attention you desperately seek, like begging at Media Matters, for months, for traffic for your waste of bandwidth which you never got ....

  61. If you can figure out how to get your desperate need for attention in the test you so desperately seek, with out me revealing any personal info or spending any money well I might think about it son.

  62. Other wise whine about something else son,


    I have NEVER posted as Nicholas .....



  63. Blogger Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

    Um, Mike, this time (because I no longer allow anonymous posts) Clif had to leave the bile under his own name. It's comment #22 under Sheik Yer' President."

    Uhh Willy theres NOTHING there to support what YOU CLAIM!

  64. Mike, widdle will's just angry cause I said he was pathetically dumb.

  65. Blogger Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...
    And are telling me that it was Rusty trying to set Clif up - ALL of those anonymous/Clifolaus postings? Yeah, that's a real strong possibility. Hell, there were a couple of nights when Rusty and Clif (er, I mean, Nick) were going at it strong. Are you trying to tell me that Rusty was wasting his time staging an argument with his own sock-puppet? "

    As USUAL Will YOU cant back up a single claim you about a link and quote to support what you are CLAIMING ...................Hell even if you COULD support your claim who's to say an unstable slimeball troll like Rusty DIDNT stage an argument with itself to try and pit you against his enemies.

    Like I said a link or quote wouldnt PROVE what you are saying is true but at least it would be something........i've known you for probably 1 1/2 years now Will and you NEVER back up or support any of your outrageous CLAIMS with a shred of factual evidence.............and thasts very telling.

  66. Blogger Will
    "take no prisoners" Hart said...
    Do you have any idea how idiotic you guys sound?"

    You need to calm down and take a good long look in the mirror Will............YOU have NEVER backed up a single CLAIM you make with a shred of supporting factual evidence........that sounds pretty idiotic to me LOL :D

  67. Mike that is coming from a guy who Pretended to be a liberal at media matters just to get some attention then denied he ever said he was a liberal when Voltron became his BFF.

    He is so desperate for attention he keeps coming here cause nobody wants to go to his word salad dominated waste of bandwidth.

  68. Blogger Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

    P.S. And, no, Mike, I don't care about the number of comments I get. That's superficial and I'm totally not into that. Plus, I don't go around the net slumming for readers. I share it with my co-workers and piss on the rest of you."

    You cant just make shit up and lie.......ALL you do is troll the Internet "SLUMMING" for readers trying to bait people to your blog with insults and taunts to satisfy your craving for attention.

    YOU went from blog to blog insulting and baiting people and causing trouble then when you finally got some idiot troll who you pissed off enough to bring the fight back to YOUR "blog" and start sliming you you cry like the little punk who kept harassing all the smaller kids at the play ground till someone punched him in his snout and sent him home crying.

    You cant go looking for a fight and then cry when someone finally takes you up on your offer.............maybe that troll is Rusty and maybe its some blogger you pissed off with your Don quixote routine who knows all i know is it couldnt have been Clif.

    Have you EVER considered that since you were WRONG about attacking Lydia for something Larry wrote that maybe your also wrong denying its Crusty and blindly assuming its Clif when the FACTS are clearly against you.

  69. This is just TOO Funny;

    Dana Perino the bubble head press secertary for Bush has just joined the public-relations firm Mark Penn, the idiot who screwed up hillary's run for the white house, BTW Karen Hughes already works there.

    It seems twits of a feather do attract to each other.

    If I was Hillary, I'd tell Penn to piss up a rope for the money he claims she owes him, for the utter failure he gave her ......

  70. Look at your blogs over the last year i'll bet at least half of them are focused on people that blog here..........yet your NOT trying to bait people to post on your blog no have ZERO credibility Will you cant back up a single CLAIM you make and you continually make absurd statements that only an imbecile could possibly believe.

  71. Penn's a lying Right Wing hack and Hillary lost because she came acrosss as a Right winger running a slimy Right Wing Smear and Fear campaign ..........when America is clearly sick and tired of the Right Wing BS!

  72. Mike. will lives in a fantasy don Quixote world where he attacked bill O for over a year and I bet bill o to this day doesn't even know the pathetic cretin even exists.

  73. Lydia those are some GREAT pictures.

  74. Isnt it pathetic how they are trying to stifle and silence the will of the people to elect their representatives.....I mean how long Will Coleman and the repugs obstruct Minnesota from having proper representation to play partisan slimeball politics.........its like they've learned absolutely NOTHING from getting their asses handed to them in the last 2 elections.

  75. I'll comment more later on your articles.

  76. Here's how it works, Clif. You take the polygraph. If you pass it, I'II PAY!! If, however, you don't, then you pay. That sounds very fair, you lunatic. And, Mike, Clif deleted comment #22 (he did repost it later, though). I've networked a half-dozen or so places in 2 years. If you can prove that I've done nothing but "slum" the internet, then prove it Mr. I.Q. 95. I delete Nicholas's comments, Mike. Wouldn't you? Rusty is Nicholas? That one still makes me laugh. Two threads back, you said I falsely accused you of saying that I was criticizing Obama. I GAVE YOU THE EXACT FRIGGING COMMENTS and I heard nothing back from you. Busted!!!!!!!! Oh, and remember when you accused me of lying when I said that I was accused of being called a member of the Obama police, Volt went into the archives and proved it. No apologies. I challenged you to show one instance of where I said that Obama wanted to "occupy" and "carpet-bomb" Pakistan. Nothing. You're the one who pulls things out of clear air, you partisan lunatic.

  77. You exaggerating piece of crap, Mike. I've had TWO controversies in two years. One with you lunkheads and one with the nearly as vacuous 1138.

  78. As for apologizing to Lydia, I just couldn't win for losing on that one. If I didn't, I'd get hammered. But then when I do, I get hammered just the same. Look, bozos, Lydia was trying to be conciliatory to me and I reciprocated. I still think it was a vile post and if somebody on my site hade posted it (or had said something just as vile about Obama or Hillary), I would have IMMEDIATELY disavowed it. She didn't. But that was a year ago and it's time to move on. You guys are the lunatics who paranoiacly hold on to grudges.

  79. You'll bet that at least half of my posts over the past year are about people on this blog? O.K., I'll take that bet, Mike. Talk about not being able to factually back something up. I mean, what's next, you're going to accuse me of trying to "occupy" and "carpet-bomb" this little piece of blogosphere?

  80. I tried to be the bigger person here, Lydia. I've apologized for my part and have really tried to be conciliatory. But these guys are just so vile and bellicose that they're apparently not going to allow it to continue. They want you all to themselves, it seems. Good luck, sister. That's all that I can really tell you at this point.

  81. "Why have you spent the last 2 years criticizing O'Liely and Olbermann, and Obama a man who just came to office..." Those are your words, Mike. "Show me where I said you were critical of Obama in this thread." BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. AMAZING I ask you a simple request to provide either a link or quote to back up the CLAIM you JUST MADE............and as USUAL I get then after providing NOTHING ask me to Prove stuff to you I NEVER said I NEVER accused you of attacking Obama in the last thread thats a lie..........I never called you the "Obama Police" I believe that was Clif so thats a lie just as your CLAIM Volt "Proved" this is a lie.

    As for your CLAIM I said YOU said Obama wanted to occupy invade and carpet bomb was YOU my friendly neighborhood concern troll that tried to imply that was what Obama said when what he really said was that he would launch a tactical strike into remote regions to target known terrorists based on actionable intelligence.

    How can someone go through life and pretend to be a functioning human being while being so factually challenged and inept and/or CONTINUOUSLY DO WHAT YOU CLAIM OTHERS DO WILL.

    How about you back up the CLAIMS you just made and apologize for your lies or being dead wrong as USUAL then i'll provide a link and/or quotes of the Obama Pakistan thread you just refered to sound like a plan slick?

  83. You sound angry Will..........those pesky facts get you every time huh?

  84. Since Sept. 11, 2001, nearly 120,000 Americans have been killed in nonterror homicides, most committed with guns. Yet the idea of doing something about the insane number of guns is a nonstarter.

  85. Or the insane ways people can get them and sell them to people who aren't supposed to have them.

  86. Hey, if our Navy can't stop the pirates, maybe we can borrow a little of God's immense navy forces;

    Dolphins block pirate attack on ChineseBizarre: Thousands of dolphins surface between pirates and Chinese vessel.

  87. Interesting poll from the Politico,

    a center right media org;

    1. How much do you trust the United States government to do what is right?

    63 A great deal/Some
    37 Not very much/not at all
    Hmmmm the citizens trust the government now that commander codpiece is gone?


    2. How much do you trust corporations to do what is right?

    37 A great deal/Some
    63 Not very much/not at all
    But it seems the crooks on wall Street and the boardrooms not so much.

    How much do you trust each of the following individuals or institutions to identify the right solutions to the problems that we face as a nation?

    The Democratic Party ..

    52 Trust

    42 Do Not Trust
    Not bad considering what the reich wing has been screeching about the democratic party.

    The Republican Party

    40 Trust

    54 Do Not Trust
    Well, it seems you wingnuts need to spend more time improving your own brand instead of trying to tear down the brand Obama represents.

    As for the president;

    Barack Obama

    66 Trust

    31 Do Not Trust
    Pretty good

    Sarah Palin

    38 Trust

    53 Do Not Trust
    Oops not so good .....

    and the best one of all;

    Rush Limbaugh

    28 Trust

    58 Do Not Trust
    Lookie, Rush has sunk to the Dick Cheney area of public trust and Sarah last great hope of the reich-wing is fast getting there also. BTW if I don't trust a person I also usually do not believe what they say.

    Keep having the liars on Fake news and the rest of the delusional reich wing spin machine doing what they have done the last 5 months, it is working so well,

    FOR the DEMOCRATS ………………………………………………….LOL

  88. Hope you had a good Easter Volt!

  89. I have no idea what is going on or why you guys are fighting.

    And I have no idea what post or blog you're referring to Will -- which one is it and what date?

    Honestly, I don't understand anything going on here.

    New blog is up. You can read the blog but still comment on several breaking news stories:

    1. THE TEA PARTIES!! These are the biggest joke. I bet if they knew what they were really protesting against -- lower taxes for the super-rich banking thieves -- they'd realize how they are being manipulated.

    2. Al Franken's win and Norm Coleman's wrong-headed moves.

    3. The six that will be inditcted for torture at Guantanamo by Spain. Also, the pirates, Obama's speech, and all the other outrageous things going on.

    I hope you all to leave comments on the new post please. Thank you.

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