Sunday, January 21, 2007


"Our lives begin to end the day we
become silent about things that matter"

Martin Luther King

BLOODIEST DAYS IN IRAQ: 25 U.S. troops killed and hundreds of Iraqi civilians killed and wounded in twin car bombings. God Bless these poor souls and their families. Send love and help to them.

DARKNESS BEFORE THE DAWN: I wrote this right before the election, when Democrats took back Congress: "Listening to the news, I am apoplectic, constantly appalled at what’s going on. But why don’t Republicans see it our way? What is the basic difference between us? I got an email that deeply moved me, with this line at the end: "We are on the daybreak of a new dark age, I fear." At first I agreed, then something else came out of the keyboard. I actually think this is the most hopeful time to turn it around. All signs seem to point to darkness, but it's almost dawn. That's why our collective energy, thought and voices are so important. We need to stand firm and not let the "powers that be" and their manipulation of news spin us downward. Like Viktor Frankl, who overcame concentration camp torture with the power of love (by focusing his thoughts on love for his wife & children) — his torturers did not touch him. He emanated such a spirit of harmony that no one could harm him. Renowned Austiran logotherapist Viktor Frankl wrote "Man's Search For Meaning" the premise of which is that no one can take your thoughts away from you — and therein lies the secret. We can take our power back. We have to raise our thinking, keep the faith, and not let these people take America away from us.

All of a sudden I have more faith than ever that this is the perfect time to turn it around. In spite of our anger and agony over Iraq, we must lift our thoughts above the horrors we keep seeing; we must send love & healing to our troops and to the Iraqi nation. "Miracles can and do happen as the result of prayer. The way to pray is to dwell so strongly on the good in life, on love, beauty, joy — that you drive out the worry & fear. Shakespeare said:"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

Recently when I heard that Senator Tim Johnson might not make it after his stroke, and we would then no longer have a Democratically controlled Sentate, but one that was 50-50 (meaning Cheney would be the tiebreaker) I went back into that old fear. I immediately felt that sinking horror and paranoia of last year.

After the November election, I felt we had awakened from a national nightmare. I spent most of 2006 ping-ponging between severe paranoia, deep sadness and jaw-dropping paralysis. It was surreal and absurd. I fantasized that we were all on a great big reality show called "The Government," and Bush was just an actor-clown they hired to make us go crazy. The Blue team went crazier than the Red team because the neo-Reds all owned Haliburton stock and were in on the secret. I thought any moment Donald Trump would say "Bush, you're fired!"

copyright 2006 Lydia cornell (A slightly different version of this article was published in Macon Area Online)

"Every moment is a choice between love or fear."

Mr. Bush I'll never forget when you first said you would go to the ends of the earth to find Osama, then you turned around and acted like we were all crazy for asking if you'd caught him yet. You said, "Osama? I don't spend that much time (thinkin') about him.

And I'll never forget how you sat in a Katrina briefing, probably playing your Nintendo Gameboy under the table, as they showed detailed evidence of a catastrophic hurricane and levee breach on its way to the Gulf, and you had the nerve to later say: "I never knew the storms were gonna be that bad! I never knew the levees were gonna be breached till I saw it on TV four days later!"

Mr. Bush, please explain to me why you justify illegal spying on Americans, yet you were willing to sell our ports to the very people you were afraid we were talking to on the phone! My jaw dropped open last year when you said something like, "Heck other countries get to own parts of America, why not the United Arab Emirates, who've been our allies on the war on terror? Just because they harbored some 911 terrorists and cooked their books for them, and don't keep any paperwork and go on hunting trips with Osama and support the Taliban - is no reason for bigotry. We don't want them to think we don't like them just because they're Muslim. " But Mr. Bush, wasn't it only a short time ago that you said something like: "Any nation that does business with terrorists, or harbors terrorists, is a terrorist...” I guess you only meant that about your fellow Americans: Democrats or liberals - since Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage constantly bash liberals as being traitors! Why are we traitors? Because we value life so much we are horrified by this illegal war? Because we are pro-LIFE in the best sense of the word: we want our troops home alive? And this offends you?

Mr. Bush, my children have lost their innocence because of you. I keep trying to hide my tears from them during prayers for our dying troops, and the countless children lost in this war. I have to explain to my kids what good morals are: the opposite of yours, the leader of the greatest nation on earth. I would rather my sons have an appetite for love, not war. People who have morals do not do what our president does. You have destroyed the very definition of moral values. You say you're "pro-life" but that seems to only apply to frozen fetal cells.

Our president broke the law by not going to the FISA court to "legally" wiretap us; our Vice-president broke the law (shooting humans while drunk and waiting until the liquor wore off before filing a police report.) Our enemies hate us for our freedoms. Our troops are fighting for our freedoms; is this so we can be wiretapped so we can have no freedoms? Or are they fighting for our president to be able to break the law and sell our ports to a nation that funds terrorists? Does the Carlyle Group and the Saudi Royal Family get to be wiretapped too? Or just American moms and dads who might be wearing 'Peace' T-shirts? And by the way, does FOX News fall under Freedom of the Press?

And just for the record, your party's irresponsible Ann Coulter and Ken Starr-led witch-hunt/persecution/media blitz to expose the affair of Clinton and Lewinsky, two consenting adults, was in itself immoral and damaging to kids. In painstaking detail you paraded these blow-by-blowjob horrors for the press, not caring what effect it had on childhood innocence. And yes, we were all rightly appalled by President Clinton's behavior. But where was the right-wing morality brigade in keeping this porn out of the mainstream news for our children's sake? I still hear Republican mothers talk about how shameful Clinton was, yet they never see how the media salivated and profited at the sex appeal of it all. These same mothers never castigate you, Mr. Bush, for moral corruption on a life-threatening scale.

While you and Ralph Reed scour the cartoon channel for sexual immorality, seeing gays in square pants, how do I explain to my kids this pervasive news coverage of children being blown to bits because WE played the bully; we invaded a country that was pretty much under the world's watchful control? How do I explain your "Christian" morality of killing, invading and turning a blind eye to torture and corruption? Last week a little 3-year-old Iraqi girl died after the 3rd bomb hit her tiny apartment; the only piece her brother's found was her hand clutching her teddy bear.

I have to admit I'm a little more carefree these days, a little less paranoid that my phones are tapped or I might be taken away in the dead of night for e-mailing jokes about our leader - now that the whole world realizes that Bush is of questionable mental stability. In researching my book about Stalin, what horrified me the most were the pedestrian things that are now seeping into America: a woman, sitting in her communal kitchen in Stalinist Russia, said something about the Mediterranean Sea being as beautiful as Russia's Black Sea. A roommate overheard her, and reported this comment as being "unpatriotic." That night, a white "bread truck" came by and took the woman away; she was never heard from again. I also read about a young mother accidentally putting her coffee cup down on a newspaper photo of Stalin's face. Someone watching in the cafe, reported this as "defaming our great leader." A white "bread truck" took her away to a prison camp in Siberia. She left 3 young children behind. After I heard about James Moore, the author of "Bush's Brain" suddenly being on the "No -Fly list", banned from flying outside of America, and unable to get through the red tape to understand why, that's when I began to wonder what kind of country we are living in. I have a theory about when this all started, but that will take more space than I have here.

Uh-oh, spoke too soon; strange things are happening. This just in: Last night, March 15 at about 8 p.m., no joke, a white “bread truck” was parked outside our house. It didn't mean anything to me, until my little boy came running to the back of the house screaming, “There's a big man in our front yard looking through our junk mail-box, he came in the gate and he's wearing a knit cap.” I ran to the front door and peeked out. I saw a dark figure move through the lawn. I waited until I thought it was safe, and then opened the front door. Suddenly across the street, I saw this white van. A man wearing a knit cap was sitting in the driver's side, lights on, reading something. I immediately felt this person was reading addresses off my mail, maybe to see if I lived there. My son and I sneaked out the back door, and headed over to the van, but the van took off. Who knows? Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Again. But in light of the fact that Ann Coulter STILL has my home number on her website, it's not too far fetched to have a wingnut stalking me. After hearing Ruth Bader Ginzburg talk about the right-wing death threats she and Sandra Day O'Connor received, I have one question: WHY ARE RIGHT-WINGERS THE ONLY ONES WHO WANT PEOPLE KILLED FOR THEIR THOUGHTS? You never hear about Left-wingers threatening people's lives whose ideologies they disagree with.

After 911, we had the whole world on the brink of love. Everyone's heart was open. Most Muslims were shedding tears for us. At that moment, our leader had a choice: Love or Fear.

Worfeus, a commenter on this blog said: "Vladimir Putin actually CALLED Bush on the phone that morning and not only offered condolences, but offered to do whatever he could to help. He even assured him that even though Protocol required he raise the Russian Defense Condition in proportion to ours, he understood WHY we were raising ours and assured Mr. Bush that Russia would stand down. It was an EPIC moment in history, that one single phone call. Mr. Bush called it "nice of him".

"And I think if the Taliban were part of the planning body of 911, then we should have invaded Afghanistan after 9/11, it seemed like the right thing to do. But the idea that they were hiding Bin Laden doesn't wash with me," Worfeus says. "If getting Bin Laden was the goal, WHY on earth did we BROADCAST for 2 months Exactly WHEN and WHERE we were coming, and WHAT we'd do when we got there? That's like calling up criminals and telling them you're coming over to arrest them later in the week. What idiot would possibly think they'd still be there when they got there?"

I went through agony when I lost my younger brother; I cannot fathom my mother's grief and heartache, having lost her only son. Her eyes well up with tears every time she hears my husband's name, Paul, which was my brother's name. It is too much to bear when I think of parents losing sons & daughters needlessly in Iraq. This is a war that was "sold" to us and shoved down our throats by a certifiable lunatic. George Bush has caused nothing but chaos, poverty, death, bankruptcy, bad global relations, division, hatred and sadness in the world. "By their fruits you shall know them."

Bush based his "evidence" for going to war in Iraq on LIES that Cheney and Scooter Libby had to cover up. He took money from corrupt lobbyists, grinned and lied about it, and he's still not helping the people of New Orleans! Guess why? Apparently certain "companies" don't want the people to come back; that's why the trailers are sitting empty, undelivered. These companies are waiting like vultures to clear the land for profitable building developments. A side benefit is that all these scattered homeless souls cannot register to vote, nor can they obtain absentee ballots. The longer the delay in rebuilding New Orleans, the better for the Corruption party.

Also, Bush's own mother said he shouldn't soil his mind with visions of poverty and ugliness. Weren't these the same parents who went to play golf when their baby daughter died? So Bush can't deal with death or grieving. Well he should have had some therapy before going to the White House. In fact, someone better be writing legislation to ensure that the next leader of the Free World has a brain scan to rule out mental disorders.

We must hold Bush accountable for causing, directly or indirectly, more deaths & destruction than anyone else has in this new century. If his goal is to spread democracy, he sure is killing a lot of people to do it.

Mr. Bush, your happy-blank stare is beginning to look like that of a Moonie. Have you had any visits from Rev Sun Yung Moon lately? I heard he poured billions into your party, hoping you'd call him Messiah.

Mr. Bush, couldn't you have tried to become evolved BEFORE you declared war? As eveyr alcoholic knows, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result." Keep sending more of our young troops to die.

People who are unable to say they're sorry when they've been wrong, have a deep character flaw. If only you had a 12-step program. This is the fastest route to actual character change. It helps to look at YOUR own part in a conflict, take some responsibility, and take a "moral inventory of your character defects". Did it ever dawn on you that YOU are the common denominator in most of the world's problems? The polite thing to do would be to remove your agenda from the world stage, save some lives and say you're sorry.

I have to ask you point blank — why did you so urgently have to invade a foreign land? Don't you feel guilty at all for lying to us? Aside from war-profiteering, was there really imminent danger to America from Saddam, even though the whole world was hovering over him, watching him? Weren't there more brainy, imaginative ways of gaining allies in the underground - attracting people to our light, who would gladly usurp Saddam from within? Even if it had taken a few more years of clever spy-work, wouldn't it have been creatively challenging and fun - to work out diplomatic solutions to grotesque problems? Christ waited over 2,000 years for someone to finally put his teachings to use. And when biggest challenge comes along, our "Christian" leader disses Christ! You don't even give his method a half-hearted try. Wouldn't it have been worth saving lives and winning hearts to the cause of true Democracy and true Christianity? And after all the Mission Impossible spy movies you've seen, couldn't you figure out a more clever way than carpet-bombing? Did you do it to show off your heavy metal machinery, your SHOCK and AWE capabilities so the "enemy" (or anybody who doesn't agree with you) would be scared off? Mr. Bush, you have single-handedly robbed the world of its hope and innocence. To say nothing of the mockery you have made of true Christianity: the most peaceful force that ever came to man. You have rearranged the fragile building blocks of this planet with your Neanderthal eye-for-an-eye fraudulent, militant "Christianity". Maybe you don't realize the word Christ is in the word Christianity because the vowel sounds are different. But eye-for-an-eye is the OLD TESTAMENT! Christ came with the new law: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES, BLESS THOSE WHO PERSECUTE YOU. RESIST NOT EVIL. This means, “Do not fight or resist evil; do not fight anyone or anything, it doesn't work. Most evolved people know this. Schools teach that you deal with bullies on the playground by not engaging them in battle, by walking away, not hitting them back.

There's a saying: If you're in the jungle and a jaguar is chasing you, get out of his way because he's going to eat you. It's nothing personal; it's just the nature of the beast. So go back to your house and stay out of his way. Muslim fundamentalists would not be killing us if we would get our footprints off their oil, mind our own business, and pray for them. They do not seem to know the God of love, but since love is all there is, evil has no real power, no matter how much you physicalize it by focusing on it. In other words, what you focus on GROWS!

Before the recent Congressional election, average Americans had no voice in the mainstream media, so we have been blogging, screaming, organizing -- the collective is roaring YOU MUST STOP YOUR INSANITY. "Evil triumphs when good people do nothing,” as Edmund Burke said (and we keep hearing over and over and over these days.)

Fortunately I believe in a power greater than ourselves and I know we're going to be all right. God did not give us a spirit of fear.

Einstein did say "goodness, truth and beauty are laws in the universe" as is harmony. Play the piano and you'll hear it. Kiss your child and you'll feel it. Go outside and breathe in the sunshine while playing with an amazingly beautiful striped animal or a butterfly. Bring coffee to someone who thinks you hate them.

Why do people keep arguing about God when God is simply love? Who can argue with human kindness? Asking to prove God is like asking to prove you love your kids. Love is actually the energy of our focused attention on Good, which I define as God. You can be attractive even if you're not "good looking" because if you radiate love, you attract people. This energy is molecular. Einstein's Unified Field therefore is love, which is God. Science proves God; the two are not mutually exclusive.

copyright 2006 Lydia Cornell

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  1. George Bush is a case study in hypocrissy and incompatible words and actions;

    He claims to listen to the Generals but fires any that just happen to disagree with him....

    He claims to be for life lies to get a war to send people to kill and die in just for HIS EGO....

    Bush claims to be a compassionate conservative, but he is neither...

    Not a true conservative when it comes to taxpayer handouts to big corporate and wealthy campaign contributors....

    Not a true conservative when it comes to HIS own campaign claim of never trying to do nation building ... hello, IRAQ you Idiot?

    No Keith Olbermann had it right, Bush has simply been making it all up as he went along, and since he is such an incompetent foole he is as bad at the lies spin and excuses as he is at the policy itself.

  2. It appears that "free speech champion" worf has locked me out of the blog. When I use my regular IP, I get "page not found".

  3. No foole I had a lot of problems posting, I had to use "google" to get the blog to come up, stop wearing your widdle tinfoil hat in here son, do that over at the pink pajama circle jerk fooles blog, damn son you cry like a chicken hawk who just got a draft notice before your daddy told you about ROTC to avoid serving in Vietnam.

  4. You see numbnuts, global warming doesn't mean that everywhere it will be warm. Global warming will cause cold where its normally warm, and warm where its normally cold. Go rent the movie. Cause you clearly aren't smart enough to figure it out.

    No thanks. I don't need your lib propaganda. But since you are clearly far smarter than me, perhaps you can explain this inconvenient fact:

    The most dramatic increase in anthropogenic CO2 production in the 20th century corresponded to the same nearly 40 year period from 1942-1978 during which global cooling occurred.

    Anthropogenic C02 Production

    Global Temperatures

    So good luck with that genius, since all the other libs failed to explain it.

  5. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Technically challenged said...
    It appears that "free speech champion" worf has locked me out of the blog. When I use my regular IP, I get "page not found".

    Sounds like you're experincing "technical difficulties".

    Please stand by.

  6. Anonymous5:23 PM

    The most dramatic increase in anthropogenic CO2 production in the 20th century corresponded to the same nearly 40 year period from 1942-1978 during which global cooling occurred.

    I'll take that one.

    Go check your facts idiot.

    CO2 levels in 1940 are no where NEAR today.

    Hit the books Dr Einstein.

  7. Need Anymore Proof?

    by Steven D

    Because here it is, another comprehensive report, this time sponsored by the UN, that global climate change is real, it's caused in large part by human activity and it's likely to get worse much faster than we expected:

    A major new United Nations report shows global scientists are more convinced than ever that human activity is causing climate change, the Toronto Star has learned.

    The rate of warming between now and 2030 is likely to be twice that of the previous century, it says.

    And it concludes that most of the global warming since the middle of the last century has been caused by man-made greenhouse gases.

    The report, to be released in Paris Feb. 2, should all but end any debate on climate change and compel governments and industries to take urgent measures to deal with it, scientists say.

    Should all but end debate? Compel governments and industries to take urgent measures? I wish that were true.

    Instead we are likely to be fed the same old tired strategies of "voluntary" emissions controls and market based approaches where one bad actor can buy another good actor's emission credits in some sort of perverted global trade in -- well, in gas. Methane, carbon dioxide, ozone, etc.

    Ever wonder why these are the favored approaches to deal with carbon emissions by conservative ideologues, Republican politicians and energy industry spokespeople? Because everyone knows that 1) if emission controls are "voluntary" than you need not volunteer. If you don't volunteer profits won't be affected. And 2) a market to control emissions is unlikely to be established on a global basis. We couldn’t even get the relatively meager restrictions of the Kyoto Protocol adopted by many of the worst offenders. What makes anyone think we could get every country on earth to accept a grand, comprehensive market in global emission trading? Corporations would just move their factories that emit greenhouse gases to countries that don't participate in the "market" on CO2 emissions, etc.

    Meanwhile, as the multinational corporations dependent on continued burning of fossil fuels fight their delaying action against the diminution of their unholy revenue streams, global temperatures (and the consequences thereof) will just keep accelerating:

    "Discernible human influences now extend to other aspects of climate, including continental average temperatures, atmospheric circulation patterns and some types of extremes."

    It is "very likely that hot extremes, heat waves and heavy precipitation events will continue to become more frequent." Storm tracks will move from the tropics toward the poles.[...]

    Rebutting one of the main arguments of climate change skeptics, it says observations of temperature increases and shrinking ice cover, "support the conclusion that it is extremely unlikely that global climate change of the past 50 years" was caused by solar flares or other natural events.

    Eleven of the past 12 years have been the hottest in Earth's recent history, it says.

    My guess, this won't make much difference to the see no evil, hear no evil, feel no evil climate change crowd. They have already been brainwashed by corporate propagandists and conservative blowhards like the inimitable Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and their brethren in the Mighty Right Wing Wurlitzer that global warming is either 1) a fairy tale by environmentalist crazies to scare the kiddies or 2) actually a good thing!

    My other guess is that the climate changes we are already witnessing (e/g., rising seas, droughts, loss of fresh water resources, more extreme storms, increases in disease and loss of species) will occur sooner and at a more rapid rate than even the scientists are predicting.

    But then I'm just one of those half glass empty, socialist-fascist-pinko, terrorist-loving, America-hating folks who have been right about so many things over the last few years (Iraq, Bush's lies, the indiscriminate use of torture, the loss of our most fundamental constitutional rights, the unreliability of electronic voting machines, et cetera). Based on my qualifications I don't deserve to have my voice added to those who belong to the media elites. Hell, I don't live inside the Beltway, and wouldn't know who officially belongs to the Gang of Five Hundred without a cheat sheet. I couldn't navigate my way around a formal Georgetown cocktail party even if I had a map. I'm a nobody posting on a blog, forgawdsakes! I'm not allowed to matter.

    And the trouble is, neither do those climate scientists who work for the IPCC and prepared this report. They know they are right. We know they are right. But the punditocracy? They're still are having too much fun playing the It's a Controversy! game. And as long as they and their corporate bosses insist on presenting this issue as uncertain, still a matter for debate, or worse, merely a liberal talking point, the longer it will take to start doing anything constructive to save our planet.

    So here's my suggestion. Pick out your favorite media hack (look for one here, here, here and here) , and if you have a spare copy of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" available that you've already shown to every family member, friend and neighbor you could, offer send it to them. Indeed, tell them they can keep it free of charge just so long as they promise to watch it one time. Sure, it's a small idea that has .00001% chance of changing the mind of one of these "Masters of the Universe." But like the slogan for the NY Lotto says: Hey, you never know.

  8. Yo draft dodger, this graph SHOWS the temps you screech about gutless, and it shows the temps were relatively flat for the time LIMIT you cherry picked but the total trend is UP from 1900 to 1940 and Up after 1980 to today.

    The temp(I am using the five year average line, the red one son) of the earth rose .4 degree from 1900 to 1940, and fell .1 degree from 1940 to 1978, then ROSE again .6 degree from 19787 till today, thus it is rising even though you as usual look for any anomaly to fight the facts and truth.

    Well son the great depression and WW2 caused a massive WORLD WIDE down turn in both industrial production for consumer goods, you can not JUST use the USA because many places were not back to the pre-war industrial production until into the 1970's.

    Damn man you ask for precise explanations about a .1 degree anomaly, but refuse to accept the totality of the evidence, bet you one of the re-pubie fooles who denied Nicotine was addictive because the re-pubies told you to do so.

    Son there are many explanations for why the temp temporarily decreased .1 degree in the fluctuation, but since the total 100+ year trend is UP and looks to be going up faster in the future, try denying gravity or the universe is billions of years old .... cause your just doing a similar exercise of refusing the totality of the science because it does NOT fit into your PRECONCEIVED views and the talking points you are sent in here to lie about.

  9. Go check your facts idiot. CO2 levels in 1940 are no where NEAR today.

    Yeah that's kinda the point, genius. C02 levels were increasing dramatically after 1942; so why did global temperatures decline for almost 40 years? Hmmmm?

  10. How about explaining why the earth is exceeding the 650,000 year old ice core samples in temperature, and CO2 concentrations, and why the North Pole Ice sheet is continuously retreating year after year, which it has NEVER done in the recorded history of man.

    How about explaining why average spring temperatures are beginning earlier every year, and the cold temps of winter take longer and longer to settle in?

    How about explaining why you fight science so hard when it conflicts with YOUR political views, just like the reichwingnut faux christians fight it for religious reasons.

    They demand the earth be just so old because some book written almost 2000 years ago did not scientifically explain in detail how every atom became exactly where it is at this moment.

    You look for unexplained anomalies to attack MOUNTAINS of evidence.

    You look for explanations by PAID politically motivated pseudo-scientists to try to derail the truth.

    Well son BUY an Inconvenient Truth, watch it if your NOT afraid of getting too much truth in one sitting, last summer you tried to get us all to watch Israeli propaganda , so I am saying why won't YOU and dolt watch a movie that has international acclaim as for it's scientific accuracy?

    Instead of looking for the next half truth to spin here try to understand the totality of the science. Unless that is inconsistent with your demands to be deluded for political reasons son.

  11. The temp(I am using the five year average line, the red one son) of the earth rose .4 degree from 1900 to 1940, and fell .1 degree from 1940 to 1978, then ROSE again .6 degree from 19787 till today, thus it is rising...

    Correct. Thanks for confirming that anthropogenic C02 production does not inevitably lead to global warming.

    Whatever the world was doing industrially is irrelevant. What is relevant is the measurable level of CO2 production in relation to global temperatures.

    Thus it can be demonstrated not to be a perfect causal relationship; other factors are clearly involved.

  12. I proved NOTHING gay-dalf,(and neither have you foole) there is no proof that a 40 year anomaly from the upward trend of the earths temperature from the 1750's to 2006, because some rich foole wants to bank roll lies and disinformation, and nobody here has a degree in climatology, you think YOU have proven anything? Where is YOUR proof when there is a full degree warming above a 650,000 year temperature shown in the ice core samples..., you have NOTHING but a cherry picked fact you got off some reichwingnut wanna be NAZI website, and are here trumping it to overturn mountains of evidence from REAL scientists not some gutless punk who hides from their OBLIGATIONS.

    Your just another delusional FRAUD son.

    And a gutless lying one to boot,

    Just like you FLIP_FLOP from making a veiled threat to turn ME into google because I spoofed you stupid moniker to claiming your not appropriation a copyrighted image from a Hollywood movie for your use and never have gotten permission to post it over 1000 times on the Internet.

    Just like YOUR lies you never thought about hiding from Vietnam after YOU had to register for the draft until you found out you could HIDE in the college ROTC program, and then were so gutless you asked for reserve duty in the REAR, you a foole son.

    Go back to your backwater pink pajama circle jerk blog with NO comments but from you and dolt son.

  13. Quit being so intellectually dishonest, lazy or insane for the reichwingnut Nazi's son.....

  14. BTW Gay-dalf which is it, your gonna tell Google on mean little ole me, or does the movie studio not have the same right YOU claimed when you were going to tell google I ... impersonated you .... with an image of an actor from the Lord of the rings which you never were in .....

    Am I going to have to fear the Google police son, did you get that one from Bill O'Liely son?

    Do you have rights to that image like you claimed when you claimed I used that image to spoof you idiotic rants here son, and PROVE it was possible .... Damn son your such a loser you proly think you have rights to a copyrighted image you do not own, but the people who do own it, have no right when you have used the image over 1000 times claiming it was your exclusive right to use it here.

    Gay-dalf is definitly dishonest, (he steals others images for his own) intellectually lazy, (his explanations are weak ... both his claim for ownership of the image on E blogger, and his excuse of NOT getting a release to post a copyrighted image over 1000 times a year) and Insane to think we want to hear his catawalling about it and the rest of his illogical crap he spews as incoherant rants of false generalizations delusional translations you'd have to be a fascists to believe and straw man arguments which fit NOBODY here or else where on the tubes I have ever seen.

    Gay-dalf, Stercorem pro cerebro habes.

  15. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Clearly he's "stuck on stupid" Clif.

    It doesn't take a college degree to understand the simple concept that increased CO2 builds up under our atmosphere and traps the suns heat, which is refected off the earths surface, and keeps more of it from leaving the earths atmosphere.

    Thus the planet heats up.

    Only a complete idiot, or a reich wing hack could not grasp this simple concept.

  16. Anonymous7:36 PM

    And as for other factors contributing, no one is questioning that fact. The only one arguing that point is him.

    The question isn't whether there is a natural warming cycle. The issue is mans impact on that warming cycle.

    If a man goes running, then his heart rate is naturally going to go up. His heart rate will slow down when the man stops running.

    Natural, right?

    Now have the same man go running, only pump into him a gram of crack cocaine. That same mans heart rate could easily go so high, that his heart gives out.

    Now if Freedom Fan were the cheif inspector on the call, to determine the mans death, then according to his idiotic logic, he would rule the man died of "Natural Causes".


    It really boggles the mind.

  17. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Like I said, Freedom Fan and his brood of right wing morons, are literally, "Stuck on Stupid".

  18. Worfeus they are not stuck on stupid; they are purposefully ignoring facts for their personal enrichment and political power, he is NOT stuck on stupid, he is immorally ignoring facts for silver and gold. He thinks a few pennies on ther bottom line is good enough to put the entire ecosystem of this planet in jeopardy.

    He serves MONEY, no matter what he claims to believe in.

  19. His 30 pieces of silver is good enough for gay-dalf to bet the future of the ecosystem and generations to come.

    Thus he shrills for those who pay psuedo-scientists to spin half truths and down right dishonest half facts to attempt to hide the truth.

    I hope he lives long enough to see just how horribly wrong he was.

  20. Hopefully gay-dalf lives into his late 90's and witnesses the results of his purposeful ignorance .... and hopefully he never had to explain to any grand children why he was SOOOO greedy.

  21. He ain't playing real well in Kansas any more .... Toto ....

    Opposition to Iraq war simmers in America's heartland

    TOPEKA, Kan. - President Bush is losing the heartland.

    Conservative Kansas - home to the Army's Fort Riley, the U.S. Cavalry Museum, Republican icons Dwight Eisenhower and Bob Dole, and the place that gave Bush back to back landslide majorities - is turning against the Iraq war.

    Kansas Democrats are quicker to oppose Bush, but growing numbers of Kansas Republicans also are rejecting his plan to send more troops to Iraq and the war itself. That threatens Bush's hope to maintain a solid base of support for his war policies and undermines White House efforts to portray war opposition as partisan Democratic politics.

    "The president's war ideas are not very popular here," said Tim Shallenburger, the chairman of the Kansas Republican Party. "Even good Republicans are getting frustrated and believe the president is being stubborn. ... Seven out of 10 good conservative Republicans may not want to say it, but they oppose the war."

    If true, that would be a far more negative vote on the war than registered by Republicans nationally. Although Americans overwhelmingly oppose the Iraq war, 61 percent of Republicans still approve of Bush's handling of it, according to the Gallup poll.

    Their opposition is almost whispered among friends, largely under the surface in a state where Republicans are reluctant to protest or criticize the commander in chief, the title many use in discussing Bush.

    But it's there and it's growing, say locals from small prairie towns to the suburbs of Kansas City, a simmering opposition in the heart of conservative country that explains why some Republicans in Congress increasingly feel free to turn against the president over the war.

    Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., raised barely an eyebrow at home when he came out against Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq. Other Midwest Republicans also opposed Bush's troop plan, including Sens. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., and Norm Coleman, R-Minn.

    To be sure, many Kansas Republicans still support Bush and the war, though many do so with growing skepticism.

    "I probably support Bush for the extra troops. He's our commander in chief," said Karl Dix, an Army veteran and welder at a Goodyear plant in Topeka who voted for Bush and Brownback. "But Bush is losing a lot of popularity here because of Iraq. What are the 19-year-old Iraqis doing? Why don't the Iraqi people stand up? It's like Vietnam. Where were the 19-year-old Vietnamese?"

    "Probably Viet Cong," added a friend on the next barstool at an American Legion post across from Topeka's Goodyear factory.

    "I support the president. He's our commander in chief," said Dennis Jones, a county attorney in the west Kansas town of Lakin and a former state Republican chairman. "I wish we would get the war over and get our troops home. I see too many similarities to Vietnam. We're fighting using conventional methods. It's like the cavalry against the Apache Indians in the 1880s."

    Even those who think Brownback acted out of political opportunism to boost his shot at the 2008 Republican presidential nomination add quickly that they think he reflects shifting Republican opinion.

    "By the time next year's primaries roll around, we'll see a majority of Republicans opposing our continued presence in Iraq," said Kansas state Sen. John Vratil of Leawood, a Kansas City suburb. "That trend is gaining momentum, in Kansas and across the country."

    "More and more people think it's a mistake that we're over there," said Robin Jennison, a former speaker of the Kansas House of Representatives who supports Bush's war plans. "There are more Democrats who think that way, but there are many Republicans, too. There are more and more."

    They don't speak up publicly, he and others said, because it's not their way.

    "You're not going to see anti-war demonstrations here," Jennison said. "That's not reflective of Kansas. It's not in their nature. But that doesn't mean they want their friends and relatives in the military sent back to Iraq."

    Caroline McKnight, a hospital fundraiser in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, said the war has her fellow Republicans flummoxed.

    "Those who are with him are barely speaking up, and everybody else is keeping their lips zipped for fear of making an enemy," said McKnight, who opposes Bush's troop-increase plan for Iraq.

    "People are fit to be tied over all of this."

  22. Anonymous9:39 PM

    20 U.S. service members killed in Iraq

    Associated Press Writer
    Sat Jan 20, 6:50 PM ET
    BAGHDAD, Iraq -

    At least 20 American service personnel were killed in military operations Saturday in one of the deadliest days for U.S. forces since the Iraq war began, and authorities also announced two U.S. combat deaths from the previous day.

  23. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Who could continue to cheer this war on?

  24. Anonymous9:41 PM

    20 soldiers killed in one day.


    Who wants to keep this going?

  25. Worfeus if this article is true at all, we haven't seen nothing yet, and that is the scariest thing I can think of;

    U.S. plans envision broad attack on Iran: analyst

    U.S. contingency planning for military action against Iran's nuclear program goes beyond limited strikes and would effectively unleash a war against the country, a former U.S. intelligence analyst said on Friday.

    "I've seen some of the planning ... You're not talking about a surgical strike," said Wayne White, who was a top Middle East analyst for the State Department's bureau of intelligence and research until March 2005.

    "You're talking about a war against Iran" that likely would destabilize the Middle East for years, White told the Middle East Policy Council, a Washington think tank.

    "We're not talking about just surgical strikes against an array of targets inside Iran. We're talking about clearing a path to the targets" by taking out much of the Iranian Air Force, Kilo submarines, anti-ship missiles that could target commerce or U.S. warships in the Gulf, and maybe even Iran's ballistic missile capability, White said.

    "I'm much more worried about the consequences of a U.S. or Israeli attack against Iran's nuclear infrastructure," which would prompt vigorous Iranian retaliation, he said, than civil war in Iraq, which could be confined to that country.

    President George W. Bush has stressed he is seeking a diplomatic solution to the dispute over Iran's nuclear program.

    But he has not taken the military option off the table and his recent rhetoric, plus tougher financial sanctions and actions against Iranian involvement in Iraq, has revived talk in Washington about a possible U.S. attack on Iran.

    The Bush administration and many of its Gulf allies have expressed growing concern about Iran's rising influence in the region and the prospect of it acquiring a nuclear weapon.

    Middle East expert Kenneth Katzman argued "Iran's ascendancy is not only manageable but reversible" if one understands the Islamic republic's many vulnerabilities.

    Tehran's leaders have convinced many experts Iran is a great nation verging on "superpower" status, but the country is "very weak ... (and) meets almost no known criteria to be considered a great nation," said Katzman of the Library of Congress' Congressional Research Service.

    The economy is mismanaged and "quite primitive," exporting almost nothing except oil, he said.

    Also, Iran's oil production capacity is fast declining and in terms of conventional military power, "Iran is a virtual non-entity," Katzman added.

    The administration, therefore, should not go out of its way to accommodate Iran because the country is in no position to hurt the United States, and at some point "it might be useful to call that bluff," he said.

    But Katzman cautioned against early confrontation with Iran and said if there is a "grand bargain" that meets both countries' interests, that should be pursued.

  26. Anonymous1:29 AM

    God help us all

  27. Gorgon said "Idiot.

    Go rent "The day after tomorrow" one time. I realize its only a movie but its probably the only way you can figure it out.

    You see numbnuts, global warming doesn't mean that everywhere it will be warm.

    Global warming will cause cold where its normally warm, and warm where its normally cold.

    Go rent the movie.

    Cause you clearly aren't smart enough to figure it out."

    Good point buddy, BTW, I like your pic, maybe you can turm some of these trolls to stone, they allready have rocks in their heads, so their half way there.

  28. I think the key to understanding conservatives is to remember they have no heart and precious few brains in its stead.

  29. Freedom Fan said...
    It appears that "free speech champion" worf has locked me out of the blog. When I use my regular IP, I get "page not found".

    Ooooh, the paranoia from your keyboard, Gaydalf. You almost sound as if you felt you deserved it.

  30. Freedom Fan said...
    The temp(I am using the five year average line, the red one son) of the earth rose .4 degree from 1900 to 1940, and fell .1 degree from 1940 to 1978, then ROSE again .6 degree from 19787 till today, thus it is rising...

    Correct. Thanks for confirming that anthropogenic C02 production does not inevitably lead to global warming.

    Apparently, you cannot do math.

    0.4 - 0.1 = +0.3, not a negative number.

    Thanks for playing.

    PS By the way, carbon emissions WERE reduced during the 40s. Thanks for playing. Again.


    *doing Dead Troll Dance*

  31. Freedom Fan said...
    Go check your facts idiot. CO2 levels in 1940 are no where NEAR today.

    Yeah that's kinda the point, genius. C02 levels were increasing dramatically after 1942

    No they weren't, as I demonstrated to you this week, Gaydalf. I realize math is not your forte, so I put up pictures, which ought to be somewhere closer to your level of comprehension. If you'd like, I can draw some cartoon characters.

    Maybe Tinky Winky you'll appreciate?

  32. Carbon Emissions Dropped Around 1940

    Disney's working on the Little Mermaid version DVD just for you, Gaydalf. This is for the rest of us.

  33. Now, perhaps YOU'D like to square YOUR comment about CO2 emissions "rocketing upwards" with this graph, shithead?

    If not, shut up.

    There's no cure for "stoopid", Gaydalf, there's only treatement.

  34. Anonymous6:56 AM

    What a fantastic article! This must be distributed in school books.
    thank you

  35. Anonymous11:48 AM

    See FF, the when the little line on the graph goes up, that means "more".



    Its simple.

    But it is funny to watch you knuckleheads write endless tripe explaining why up is down, and down is up.

    Of course I have always loved clowns.

  36. Anonymous12:17 PM

    And by the way, I need to post a correction.

    Yesterday, I said there was 20 US soldiers killed in Iraq on Saturday.

    I was wrong.

    There were 25.

    25 American soldiers slaughtered in one day so Bush and right wing pricks like FF can keep from admitting they're wrong.

    25 dead Americans in one day.

    Heckuva job.

  37. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I imagine FF and the gang are off celebrating.

    After all, they now have 25 more patriots they can drink a toast to down at the VFW.

  38. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Oh wait a second. That was wrong too.

    They probably won't serve FF as he didn't bother to fight in the foreign war he had a chance to fight in.

  39. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Guess he had "better things to do".

    Just like every other right wing chickenhawk.

  40. Anonymous12:26 PM


    They're great at beating the war drums.

    As long as they don't have to go themselves.

  41. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Maybe they could send Ann Coulter over to Iraq.


    They could use her to clean out cannon barrels.

  42. Anonymous12:47 PM

    From FACE THE NATION this morning.

    SCHEIFFER: Let me ask you this, Senator. Vice President Cheney says this sort of thing undercuts the troops. What’s your response?

    CHUCK HAGEL: Let me tell you this. I served in Vietnam in 1968. Others did too. Jim Webb, John McCain. John Kerry. Other members in the House.

    In 1968 when I was there with my brother, worst year, deaths, I would have welcomed the Congress of the United States to pay a little attention as to what was going on. I would have welcomed that. That is complete nonsense to say we’re undercutting the support of the troops. What are we about?

    We’re Article 1 of the Constitution. We are co-equal branch of government.

    Are we not to participate? Are we not to say anything? Are we not to register our sense of where we’re going in this country on foreign policy?

    Bottom line is this: our young men and women and their families, these young men and women who are asked to fight and die deserve a policy worthy of those sacrifices.

    I don’t think we have one now.

  43. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Now lets see.

    Chuck Hagel. Republican. Served in the military. Served in combat in Viet Nam.

    Thinks Bush's plan is a fools plan.

    Guess that makes him just another traitor, huh?


  44. UBER WORFEUS said...
    Maybe they could send Ann Coulter over to Iraq.


    They could use her to clean out cannon barrels.

    I dunno she'd even be able to do that, Worf. I've used thicker Q tips...maybe she could scrape out Rush pilonidal cyst?

    I hear he's still looking....

  45. Anonymous1:52 PM

    In order to be a hero to the right wing, you need to have never served in combat.

  46. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Damn its cold! Is it ever going to warm up.

  47. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Well its always cold up there isn't it rusty?

    I think the real question is are you ever going to grow a pair and post under your own handle?

    Instead of being a little puss and hiding under anonymouse?

    Squeak Squeak

  48. Anonymous said...
    Damn its cold! Is it ever going to warm up.

    You're supposed to take her to bed, not slice her up and bury her in the backyard...

  49. UBER WORFEUS said...
    In order to be a hero to the right wing, you need to have never served in combat.

    And white.

    And male.

    And Christian.

    And rich.

    And Ivy League.

    ...even tho descended from the Mayflower doesn't carry as much weight as it used to, so there's hope yet in the next three hundred years they'll run a black lesbian from UCLA...

  50. Is that Dusty Springfield?

    C'mon, Dusty, just once...sing your big hit...c'mon, I'll start you off....

    o/~ You don't own me
    I'm not just one of your many toys
    You don't own me
    Don't say I can't go with other boys o/~

  51. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Hey Carl.

    Is it true that Rusty Shackleford really does share a bed with his mom?

    I know you showed me those pictures, but I've never seen a boy close to his mom, like that.

  52. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I know his mom used to be, well, you of those , er... 'working girls'.

    I wonder if she charged Rusty?

  53. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Probably not.

    She probably doesn't take small change.

  54. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Then again, from that picture you showed me, she might.

  55. Anonymous3:22 PM

    I felt bad for the family pet like that though.

    He really looked uphappy.


    Even though he was on top.

  56. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Or was that rusty?

  57. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Ok. I'm sorry Rusty.

    Didn't mean to mock your family secrets there.

    Tell us another story Rusty.

    Tell us the one about how you work in Vegas and all.

    You know how we love that one.


  58. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Hi Lydia! We are freezing out here in the midwest but all your fans are here to say hi!

    Where's Jim Bullock? You and Jim and Deborah should have your own show.

    We love you!


  59. Carl check THIS graph out, It includes ;

    Monthly average temp.

    Annual average temp.

    Five year average Temp.

    El nino's and la nina's, and the pinatubo volcano eruption which blocked some of the sunlight.

    Gay-dalf and his brokeback pink pajama circle jerk partner, dolty boy, will never correlate the info, but it might be useful to you.

  60. Anonymous4:32 PM

    clif said...
    Carl check THIS graph out, It includes ;

    Monthly average temp.

    Annual average temp.

    Five year average Temp.

    they can't read that there are no pictures

  61. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Hey Gorgo.

    How's it going?

    I didn't see a link with your post.

  62. Anonymous4:44 PM

    But I'll warn you know, if there are no pictures, I doubt FF will want to look at it.

    (he's still working with the Speak-n-Spell)

  63. Anonymous5:36 PM

    UBER WORFEUS said.

    I didn't see a link with your post.

    the link didn't copy.

    don't know why

    speek n speell


  64. Gorgon, that is why I directed the post to Carl, not the intellectualy challanged pink pajama circle jerk crowd.

  65. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Hola Pickleheads

    Do you like the new me?

    "I've changed - I'm unplugged - a new man, so to speak, like you, apparently free."

    Agent Smith

    Nevertheless, dont worry, JMM will be around to rip some turban...... the Master needs rest after serious partying in Cancun.

    Oh, Worf and Mike, after I post the pics of my vacation, I kindly request you refrain from playing with your sausages. When you witness the nice/beautiful girl I was drinking with, your blow up dolls will be working overtime.....LOL!


    Also, of the approximately 15 cool Americans I met, only one knew who Ann Coulter was?! They ranged in ages 18 to 60.


  66. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I am curious about this difference between your parties. I will read and study more.
    thank you

  67. Hey Gorgon, are those sonic booms your pitching or some type of electric shock, maybe you can pitch one at Moo Moo and it woill treat his schziophrenia.

  68. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Actually he usually looks that way right after eating at Taco Bell.


  69. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Those are gas balls.


  70. Anonymous11:41 PM

    I think they call it, "Taco Shock Syndrome" ..... or something like that.


  71. Johnny moo moo said...
    the Master needs rest after serious partying in Cancun.

    No one wants to know about your sordid pedophilias or WHAT his name was...

  72. UBER WORFEUS said...
    I know you showed me those pictures, but I've never seen a boy close to his mom, like that.

    Now you know why she calls him "Butthead"....

  73. A Schizo said "Oh, Worf and Mike, after I post the pics of my vacation, I kindly request you refrain from playing with your sausages. When you witness the nice/beautiful girl I was drinking with"

    So your resorting to getting your daughter drunk now ?

  74. Lydia

    Shakespeare's Sister finally got around to featuring TCFC this morning...

  75. Mike said...
    A Schizo said "Oh, Worf and Mike, after I post the pics of my vacation, I kindly request you refrain from playing with your sausages. When you witness the nice/beautiful girl I was drinking with"

    So your resorting to getting your daughter drunk now ?

    Maybe she's old enough to say "no" now....

  76. Anonymous8:49 AM

    It is funny that a blog sight that from the posts I read appears to be very anti-Israel should seek approval in an award named after the most famous Jewish athlete

  77. Anonymous said...
    It is funny that a blog sight that from the posts I read appears to be very anti-Israel should seek approval in an award named after the most famous Jewish athlete

    Not all Jews are Israeli, and not all Israelis are Jews.

  78. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I am a Democrat and am getting a little nervous thinking Hillary Clinton is going to be the front runner for the Presidential nomination. She is too liberal. Her book It takes a village to raise a child turned a lot of people off. Parents should raise their owns kids. What's in future free private schooling and Harvard eduations for illegal immigrant children. I would rather see Bill Clinton run again.

  79. Anonymous said...
    Hi, does anyone know what Lydia's husband does for a living or if he even has a job.

    Hi, did you need a map of the stars' homes?


    Anonymous said...
    I am a Democrat

    No, you aren't

    and am getting a little nervous thinking Hillary Clinton is going to be the front runner for the Presidential nomination.

    Are you sweating nervous, or just need to cut back on caffeine?

    She is too liberal.

    And that's a bad thing, how, precisely?

    Her book It takes a village to raise a child turned a lot of people off. Parents should raise their owns kids.

    Truth hurts. Deal with it. A one-generation family is a relatively new occurence in society, starting in post-war America. It's screwed up more kids than we've even had time to sort out. Multi-generational extended families do a much better job of providing balanced role models and a safety net for kids whose parents are just plain crappy. Like yours.

    What's in future free private schooling and Harvard eduations for illegal immigrant children.

    One can only hope. It sure would beat seeing yet ANOTHER generation of Bush kids get in on white affirmative action

    I would rather see Bill Clinton run again.

    So would I, but that damned Constitution....

  81. But since Bill can't run again, we get the next best thing: A Bill Clinton co-Presidency.

    Which would make it the SECOND greatest Presidency of the nation's history, if you go by the White House website.

  82. Anonymous said...
    This is some loser who probably saw Return of the Jedi 187 times back in 1980

    I keep telling you, it was 189 times...

  83. Oh look at the cowardly trolls taking their pot shots as anonymous, looks like Crusty and Troll Tex are too gutless to use their real handles, although in Crusty's case that might be hard to determine since the troll has at least 20 sock puppet alias's.

  84. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Another foul mouthed loser in Worfeus calling me the P word on a sight run by a lady. Real classy. And God forbid Carl should read a book. Bill Clinton can run again. It can't be two consecutive terms.

  85. Mike,

    Children will play.

  86. Anonymous said...
    Bill Clinton can run again. It can't be two consecutive terms.


    Gaydalf, you don't fool anyone for a second!

  87. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Its just two people.

    Moo Moo and his buddy rusty, and their friend in Idaho.

    Translation "I - da - ho".

    She da ho.

    And we all know who she is.

  88. Amendment 22 - Presidential Term Limits
    1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice.

    See, Gaydalf? Wrong again.

    Wrong wrong wrong wrong, wrong-wrong, wrong-wrong!


  89. I would delete the sock puppets BS, if he cant post anything intelligent or respectful, it oughta disapear.

    we have no use for slimy blog trolls.

  90. UBER WORFEUS said...
    Its just two people.

    Moo Moo and his buddy rusty, and their friend in Idaho.

    Translation "I - da - ho".

    She da ho.

    And we all know who she is.

    o/~ Oh mama, I'm in fear for my life
    From the long arm of the law
    Lawman has put an end to my running
    And I'm so far from my home o/~

  91. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Yea Mike, but we're gonna leave the one where the idiot thinks Bill Clinton can run again.

    That way we can spotlight his absolute hillbilly ignorance.


  92. I wonder. We ought to hold a "Stupid-thon" for these trolls, like Gaydalf, who think FDR caused the Depression, global warming stopped in 1940, and Bill Clinton can be elected a third time.

    I bet we could raise a nickle or so

  93. Anonymous9:47 AM

    In fact, thats the funniest post of the morning. Its the idiot ex-wife. She's as dumb as she was ugly.

    You know, the one camped out up there outside of Coeur D Alene?

    The one who thinks she's untouchable?


    That dumb bitch.

  94. Anonymous9:48 AM

    She actually is so homeschooled inbred she thinks a President can serve more than 2 terms.

    The funny part is they have the constitution engraved on their compound walls.... right next to the chicken coop.


    You'd think inbetween molesting the kids she'd read it once and a while.

  95. Well Carl, i certainly like your taste in music, Styx was my first concert and Renegade is one of my all time favorite songs, Styx, ACDC, and Floyd rule.

  96. UBER WORFEUS said...
    In fact, thats the funniest post of the morning. Its the idiot ex-wife. She's as dumb as she was ugly.

    You know, the one camped out up there outside of Coeur D Alene?

    The one who thinks she's untouchable?

    STDs will do that to a broad.

  97. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Course I imagine it takes a long time to make all that ammo by hand.

  98. Anonymous9:50 AM

    There was no greater rock group than Pink Floyd.

    Floyd is the stuff.

  99. Mike,

    That's one of the few Styx songs I know by heart. I like a lot of their music, but when Tommy Shaw and whatsisface started wrestling for control, they lost a lot off their fastball.

  100. Must be something in the water from all that mining that adds to the stupidity, at least she's good at something, too bad its being a stupid troll.

  101. Oooh, a discussion we can have all afternoon long!

    Floyd's good. In that area, tho, I gotta give props to my boyeeeez, America


  102. Carl, I saw them in concert last year, Styx was my first and last concert.

  103. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Mike said...

    Must be something in the water

    Probably those idodide tablets they have to drop in the barrels before its potable.

    Rots the brain.

  104. lets see how dumb these trolls are:

    1) they dont believe in global warming

    2) they believe a president can serve more than 2 terms

    3) they claim reagan appointed Paul Volker

    4) they claim to love freedom yet blindly support those destroying and sacrificing our freedom.

  105. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Oh I'm sorry Ms anonymouse.

    Did I break your concentration?

  106. Fascist Foole said "It appears that "free speech champion" worf has locked me out of the blog. When I use my regular IP, I get "page not found".

    Interesting post pops, BTW, since you claim your REGULAR IP doesnt work, exactly how many IP's do you have for your questionable internet troll activities?

  107. Mike,

    I was going to call him on that at some point.

    Can you imagine the hubris of these trolls, thinking that because anonymous comments were re-enabled by Lydia, that she's doing it for THEM!?

    See, this is what really pisses me off about these so-called "fans of freedom": they're not in it for the freedom, they're in it to ABUSE the freedom. They're in it because they're oversized children who believe the entire world revolves around them and they should be entitled to anything they want, with no responsibility or fealty to anything.

    Like, say, serving this great nation when this great nation calls them to do so.

    Or not abusing a freedom, just because they can.

  108. Oops, seems Senator Warner just became another "traitor" right reichwingnuts?

    John Warner Introduces Anti-"Surge" Bill

    Think Progress:

    BREAKING: Sen. John Warner To Introduce Resolution Opposing Iraq Escalation Sen. John Warner (R-VA) will introduce a resolution today “making clear that he does not support the President on increasing the troop levels in Iraq” and calling escalation “a mistake,” CNN’s Dana Bash reports. Warner’s resolution will be cosponsored by Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Ben Nelson (D-NE).

    Warner, the former Armed Services Committee chairman, is a “very influential voice when it comes to military matters,” Bash reports, and until this fall had been “whole-heartedly behind the president and the war.” His new resolution “certainly…is not going to sit well with the White House.” Watch it.

    I wonder if this is the "compromise" measure that, over the weekend, pundits predicted that Warner would introduce ... i.e., a softer, gentler opposition than that introduced by Senators Hagel, Biden, Kennedy, et al. Otherwise why would he introduce his own?

    I hope Warner's resolution has SOME bite to it. All the measures are "symbolic," but should be firm in their language and meaning. Perhaps, given Warner's great influence and standing, more and more Republicans will sign on, and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell's threatened filibuster of the earlier-introduced resolutions will be bypassed.

    God knows it's needed. U.S. headlines say 85 were killed in Baghdad market bombings today, but BBC World Service just reported that the number has risen to 100, with hundreds more injured. BBC also reported that the areas bombed were in the most impoverished neighborhoods where "junk" electronics are sold.

    Then there were the 25 deaths of U.S. soldiers over the weekend.

    [One correction it was 27 US soldiers who died for Bush's ego and the reichwing neo-cons.]

  109. Warner AND Hagel?

    Gee...I'm thinking McCain probably won't win the nomination, at this rate.

  110. McCain is starting to fall behind the cheating husband Giuliani, and he is not even talking about his stupid idea of an even larger escalation then the gutless drunk draft dodger fell for.

  111. Clif,

    I doubt Giuliani can win the nomination.

    I look at the Republican party as being about thirty years behind the Democrats.

    You can call it "retardation." Goodness knows, I do.

    So the identity crisis we went through in the 70s and 80s, they've just now hit.

    Smooooooth sailing for a while, boys! Break out the rum!


    Right Wing Discovers Hillary Is Pro-Abortion!

    Oh dear, and she tried to hide it soooooooooooooo hard....

  113. Surge

    The first of our troops landed there yesterday. Gee...coincidence?

  114. As if things could get any worse in that region...

    Warnings of Iraq refugee crisis

    For many the refugee trail starts in makeshift shelters in Baghdad
    Aid workers have warned of a growing crisis for refugees who have fled Iraq.

    A humanitarian spokesman told the BBC that neighbouring countries where most Iraqis have fled to are closing their doors "one by one" to Iraqis.

    About 2m Iraqis live in increasingly difficult conditions in countries like Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

    The rest of the world has almost completely ignored the problem and the crisis is coming to a head, spokesman Kasaram Mufarah said.

    So when DO we start to acknowledge the US has committed genocide?

  115. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Warner leads effort on second resolution criticizing Bush's Iraq plan

    Monday, January 22, 2007

    Sen. John Warner, the former GOP chairman and influential member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is set to introduce a second resolution Monday that expresses criticism of President Bush's call for a troop increase in Iraq, a move Bush Administration officials have scrambled to avoid.

  116. Anonymous12:40 PM


    Isn't Warner a republican?


  117. Answer:

    Why, yes. He is!

  118. I guess he's a little pissed he lost his Armed Services chairmanship...

  119. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Funny, this sight wants a Koufx award which awards blogs to the left or liberal. Yet all of the everyday posters on this sight are a bunch of anti-semetic wackos calling people gay at every turn.

  120. Anonymous said...
    Funny, this sight wants a Koufx award which awards blogs to the left or liberal. Yet all of the everyday posters on this sight are a bunch of anti-semetic wackos calling people gay at every turn.

    Yes, well, we can't be responsible for Johnny Moo Moo or his psycho girlfriend.

  121. Bet the re-pubies wish they hadn't counted on the anti immigration southern strategy to win elections, since they are losing all the minorities, the majority of women and even a significant portion of White men, guess they can learn something being a minority in Washington, like for the NEXT 40 years, since they learned NOTHING the last time they spent 40 years in the minority.


  122. Funny the troll can't remember his name or the sock puppets he used to post under.

  123. Clif,

    There's an article in the current Time magazine about how the Republican southern evangelical strategy will get them clobbered in the mountain states, and how those states are quickly turning blue, enough that if the 2000 election were held today, Gore would pick up 31 electoral votes there.

  124. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Single men get no respect. The only thing we are good for is to go off to war and die. If a man is unemployed he is considered lazy. It is almost impossible for him to get government help with rent or food stamps or free health care. Women and children are considered more valuable to society and all men looked at are oxes to be worked until they keel over and die.

  125. I know what some reichwingnut will try to call the democratic primary next year;

    Hillary and the seven dwarfs, Kerry, Dodd, Edwards, Obama, Vilseck, Kucinsh and Richardson.

    Too bad they all tower over the pubie candidates who spent a lot of time going after that illegal pubie, like

    1. McCain cheated on wife #1 with wife #2

    2. Guiliani Who cheated on Wife #1 with wife #2 and then cheated on wife 32 with wife #3.

    3. Newt who cheated on all his wives with whoever.

    Damn man if Bill's "Blowjob" was good enough to impeach him over these guys would have to be impeached as soon as they got elected.

  126. Anonymous said...
    all men looked at are oxes to be worked until they keel over and die.

    Shaddap and get back under the yoke! My shoulders are hurting!

  127. Remember the long-delayed National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq that the Bush Administration managed to push off completing until after the election? Well, the Administration has slow-rolled completion of the NIE past the introduction of the surge and the State of the Union address, according to Ken Silverstein at Harper's:

    The situation came to a head last week, during a closed-door session of the Senate Armed Services Committee. This committee expected to be briefed on the long-awaited NIE by an official from the National Intelligence Council (NIC), which coordinates NIEs by gathering input from all of the nation's various intelligence agencies. But the NIC official turned up empty-handed and told the committee that the intelligence community hadn't been able to complete the NIE because of the many demands placed upon it by the Bush Administration to help prepare the new military strategy on Iraq. He then said that not all of the relevant agencies had offered input into the NIE process, and thus it had proven impossible to put together a finished product.

    Why, yes, of course. They were too busy rolling out what they're calling a new Iraq policy to prepare the NIE which should inform creation of that new policy. That tells you everything you need to know about the surge.

    -- David Kurtz

  128. I like THIS quote;

    Lately I've been leafing through Bob Woodward's State of Denial. And here's one choice quote. It's chief weapons inspector David Kay on Condi Rice. "She was probably the worst national security adviser in modern times since the office was created."

    -- Josh Marshall

    It's a keeper, thanks David Kay......

  129. This was too GOOD not to post here...................LOL

    Disgraced Pastor Tells Filmmaker Evangelicals 'Have the Best Sex'

    Before stepping down as pastor of a major evangelical church amid a drug and gay sex scandal, Ted Haggard told a documentary filmmaker that evangelicals had the best sex life of any group.

    Next weeks interview will include his opinions on Meth enhanced sex with a gay hooker, the re-pubie trolls can't wait I'll bet.

  130. Maybe Chris Wallace should STOP carrying the water for the GOP, and trying to ambush democrats then he could STOP looking so stupid.....

    Biden: Name One Single Time Cheney’s Been Correct

    Carl Levin and Joe Biden appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace yesterday to discuss the situation in Iraq. Who knew Fox would invite two Democrats to speak unopposed? Chris Wallace sets up the familiar Rovian framing that the Democratic plan is playing right into Bin Laden's hands by playing a clip of Cheney. But good ol' Joe was ready for the pitch and knocks it right out of the park.

    All you Democrats, pay attention, this is what you should be saying EVERY time you're on the air.

    WALLACE: "Sen. Biden, I know this is not your intent, but in fact, wouldn't your resolution send a message that would embolden our enemies and discourage our troops in the field?"

    BIDEN: "Absolutely not. And not only does Carl Levin and Joe Biden and Senator Hagel and Senator Snowe but the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Iraqi Study Group, every single person out there that is of any consequence thinks, knows the Vice President doesn't know what he's talking about. I can't be more blunt than that. He is yet to be right one single time on Iraq. Name me one single time he's been correct. It's about time we stop listening to that ideological rhetoric and Bin Laden and the rest. Bin Laden isn't the issue here, but Bin Laden will become the issue. The issue is there's a civil war, Chris…"

  131. Ted Haggard told a documentary filmmaker that evangelicals had the best sex life of any group...

    ...of underage kids.

  132. Oh look the trolls are spaming now, first Troll Tex pulls his gutless anonymous antisemetic BS, then Rusty, Johnny and brain damaged ex wife pull their troll crap, i've never seen a more pathetic group of losers in my life..........i'd make the trolls as irrelevant and impotent on this blog as they are in real life.

  133. Joe Biden said "every single person out there that is of any consequence thinks, knows the Vice President doesn't know what he's talking about. I can't be more blunt than that. He is yet to be right one single time on Iraq. Name me one single time he's been correct."

    Any chance we can impeach Cheney for being an incompetent moron, if you think about it, just like the brainless trolls like TT and Ff, when has Chenney EVER been right, he's been WRONG about EVERYTHING!

  134. Mike, Cheney has one slight difference than the brainless trolls here, abit a big on e for Cheney. He has made millions being wrong, the trolls here are just stupid low middle class losers who strive for attention. And Cheney always goes first class on their dime.

  135. Poor poor Tiny the Liar too gutless to post under HIS old tired handle....

  136. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Anonymous are you a nut? No one on this blog is anti-Israel except for you, spewing propaganda.

  137. The Gutless pathetic Troll Tex is hiding behind anonymous and pulling his antisemetic BS because the stupid punk has nothing left to say because the buffoons and criminals he supports have been so discredited and humiliated.

    You show me one example where anyone is antisemetic on this blog you [pathetic lying troll.

  138. Hey James, good to hear from you.

  139. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Rusty, Moo Moo, Lydia's hubby's x, damn.

    Looks like the toilet backed up again.

  140. Anonymous said...
    I am a Democrat and am getting a little nervous thinking Hillary Clinton is going to be the front runner for the Presidential nomination. She is too liberal. Her book It takes a village to raise a child turned a lot of people off. Parents should raise their owns kids. What's in future free private schooling and Harvard eduations for illegal immigrant children. I would rather see Bill Clinton run again.

    "It takes a village" has nothing to do with parents not raising their own children.

    Read the book, it's a very wise and compassionate book.

  141. Get ready for the reichwingnut to go batsh*t crazy, and to screech like baboons about something they really know very little about;

    Report has 'smoking gun' on climate

    Human-caused global warming is here — visible in the air, water and melting ice — and is destined to get much worse in the future, an authoritative global scientific report will warn next week.

    "The smoking gun is definitely lying on the table as we speak,"said top U.S. climate scientist Jerry Mahlman, who reviewed all 1,600 pages of the first segment of a giant four-part report. "The evidence ... is compelling."

    Andrew Weaver, a Canadian climate scientist and study co-author, went even further: "This isn't a smoking gun; climate is a batallion of intergalactic smoking missiles."

    The first phase of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is being released in Paris next week. This segment, written by more than 600 scientists and reviewed by another 600 experts and edited by bureaucrats from 154 countries, includes "a significantly expanded discussion of observation on the climate," co-chair Susan Solomon a senior scientist for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. She and other scientists held a telephone briefing on the report Monday.

    That report will feature an "explosion of new data" on observations of current global warming, Solomon said.

    Solomon and others wouldn't go into specifics about what the report says. They said that the 12-page summary for policymakers will be edited in secret word-by-word by governments officials for several days next week and released to the public on Feb. 2. The rest of that first report from scientists will come out months later.

    The full report will be issued in four phases over the year, as was the case with the last IPCC report, issued in 2001.

    Global warming is "happening now, it's very obvious," said Mahlman, a former director of NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab who lives in Boulder, Colo. "When you look at the temperature of the Earth, it's pretty much a no-brainer."

    Look for an "iconic statement" — a simple but strong and unequivocal summary — on how global warming is now occurring, said one of the authors, Kevin Trenberth, director of climate analysis at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, also in Boulder.

    The February report will have "much stronger evidence now of human actions on the change in climate that's taken place," Rajendra K. Pachauri told the AP in November. Pachauri, an Indian climatologist, is the head of the international climate change panel.

    An early version of the ever-changing draft report said "observations of coherent warming in the global atmosphere, in the ocean, and in snow and ice now provide stronger joint evidence of warming."

    And the early draft adds: "An increasing body of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on other aspects of climate including sea ice, heat waves and other extremes, circulation, storm tracks and precipitation."

    The world's global average temperature has risen about 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit from 1901 to 2005. The two warmest years on record for the world were 2005 and 1998. Last year was the hottest year on record for the United States.

    The report will draw on already published peer-review science. Some recent scientific studies show that temperatures are the hottest in thousands of years, especially during the last 30 years; ice sheets in Greenland in the past couple years have shown a dramatic melting; and sea levels are rising and doing so at a faster rate in the past decade.

    Also, the second part of the international climate panel's report — to be released in April — will for the first time feature a blockbuster chapter on how global warming is already changing health, species, engineering and food production, said
    NASA scientist Cynthia Rosenzweig, author of that chapter.

    As confident as scientists are about the global warming effects that they've already documented, they are as gloomy about the future and even hotter weather and higher sea level rises. Predictions for the future of global warming in the report are based on 19 computer models, about twice as many as in the past, Solomon said.

    In 2001, the panel said the world's average temperature would increase somewhere between 2.5 and 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit and the sea level would rise between 4 and 35 inches by the year 2100. The 2007 report will likely have a smaller range of numbers for both predictions, Pachauri and other scientists said.

    The future is bleak, scientists said.

    "We have barely started down this path," said chapter co-author Richard Alley of Penn State University.

  142. That NEW report is proly why this also happened;

    Executives push Bush on climate change

    The chief executives of 10 major corporations and business groups, on the eve of the State of the Union address, urged
    President Bush on Monday to support mandatory reductions in climate-changing pollution and establish reductions targets.

    "We can and must take prompt action to establish a coordinated, economy-wide market-driven approach to climate protection," the executives from a broad range of industries said in a letter to the president.

    Bush, who in the past has rejected mandatory controls on carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse" gases, was expected to address climate change in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, but has repeatedly argued that voluntary efforts are the best approach.

    Major industry groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers continue to oppose so-called "cap and trade" proposals to cut climate changing pollution, mainly carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.

    But the 10 executives, representing major utilities, aluminum and chemical companies and financial institutions, said mandatory reductions are needed and that "the cornerstone of this approach" should be a cap-and-trade system.

    The officials, expected to elaborate on their plan at a news conference later Monday, include the chief executives Alcoa Inc., PB America Inc., DuPont Co., Caterpillar Inc., General Electric Co., and Duke Energy Corp.

    In the letter they urged Congress to enact legislation "to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

    The first days of the new Democratically controlled Congress has seen a rush of legislation introduced to address climate change, all of which have some variation of a cap-and-trade approach to dealing with climate change.

    Among those pushing cap-and-trade climate bills are two leading presidential aspirants, Sens. Barack, D-Ill. and John McCain , R-Ariz.

    Essentially such a mechanisms would have mandatory limits of greenhouse gas emissions, but would allow companies to trade emission credits to reduce the cost. Companies that can't meet the cap could purchase credits from those that exceed them or in some case from a government auction.

    Also signing the letter to Bush were the executives of Lehman Brothers, PG&E Corp., PNM Resources, FPL Group and four leading environmental organizations.

    A bunch of dirty f*@&%king hippies and tree huggers there right gay-dalf?

  143. I mean if they are worried enough to LISTEN to the people before they lose much more and get run over by the people of this country who are getting sick and tired of the uber rich buying off politicians just to pad their bottom line.

    Like they have done ever since the reichwing took power of congress in 1994 and Bush has done for then since 2001.

  144. Bet your gonna get a whole NEW set of kool aid induced talking points because the OLD ones will be outdated and destroyed by the NEW report ... Can't wait for you cranium in the rectum delusional rants this time from you boys at the pink pajama circle jerk chat room.

  145. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Alberto Gonzales (George Bush's pet monkey) said that the constitution does not provide for Habeus Corpus.

    So listen up people.

    For 200 years more than a billion people had it wrong, but now, thanks to little mr Gonzales has set everyone straight. Thanks to this guy, and his president, we now know that every American who ever lived got it wrong.

    Habeus Corpus, schmorpus.

    No such thing.

    Cause Speedy Gonzales told us so.

  146. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I theeeenk

  147. Anonymous9:03 PM

    God, so many colleges out there are just teaching crap. In fact all of them. And so are all of the public schools.

    There IS no right of Habeus Corpus.

    Everyone turn in your polysci credits to the short guy in the sombrero.

  148. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Hey I got it, maybe speedy and the president could just write a new one. You know, a constitution.

    After all, we've all been so wrong about the old one apparently, for the last 200 years, at least according to these two scholars, so we might as well let them just write a new one.


    Then we'd all be as smart as them.

  149. Can we all say free fall without a parachute at this point?

    Poll: Bush Approval Rating At New Low

    On Eve Of State Of Union, President's Approval Rating Falls To 28%, A New Low

    Mr. Bush’s overall approval rating has fallen to just 28 percent, a new low, while more than twice as many (64 percent) disapprove of the way he's handling his job.

    Damn man you'd a thunk he invaded a country based on a lie, or allowed a city to be destroyed and ignored it. Maybe cried wolf a few too many times, or blatantly used everything for pure political purposes ....

    28% the rats are jumping real quick now a days, even St John has begun to criticize Dead Eye .... too bad for him he sucked up to Bush as bush was beginning to flail about and flip flop like a fish on the carpet.

  150. I look at people like Gonzalez, Alito and Hannity and its like they were all hatched out of a pod or something, they are a bunch of foul condescending pretty boy eliteists, not fit to run a lemonade stand yet they are all in positions of power and influence, GWB is just a retarded brain damaged coke head, although he is also an eliteist pretty boy.

  151. clif said...
    On Eve Of State Of Union, President's Approval Rating Falls To 28%, A New Low

    I'm just trying to figure out if there are 84,000,000 retards in America....

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