Wednesday, November 08, 2006


"Everyone is walking around smiling and grinning and happy like the bright light of the sun just destroyed all the bloodsucking vampires." - A Comment from Mike, celebrating the Democratic win in Congress 2006.

Happy Veterans Day! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND LOST LOVED ONES... and a special THANK YOU to John Conley, Marine Combat Vet who sent me his Purple Heart for speaking out against the invasion of Iraq.

Two articles I wrote on this administration, "Bush's Last Will and Testicle" and ""Death is Sexier than Sex (to Ann Coulter), will be reprinted here soon -- or you can find them in various news journals in the sidebar. The books HOW TO TALK TO ANN COULTER, IF YOU MUST ; BLOGGING WITH THE DEVIL and FALLING UP are in the pipeline, not necessarily in that order.

"Watch FOX the day after the election. It is like watching Soviet TV after Brezhnev died." Quote from my friend Steve Kelly, head of programming over at KPSI, the ABC affliiate in Palm Springs.

Thank you to all commenters on this blog. Your committment and unrelenting troll-bashing have actually helped win this election in some small way, in this blog. Every single voice counts. Every prayer counts. And we actually made a difference. Also, after doing over 30 radio shows across the country from a spiritual-progressive perspective, and in the South and Southeast — I know for a fact that we changed some hearts and minds. Everything we do makes a dent in the machine.
Love & Peace xoxo

Jim Webb who defeated George "Macaca" Allen, is a Naval Academy graduate and decorated Vietnam veteran who served as Navy secretary under Reagan, bitterly opposed the war in Iraq and switched to the Democratic Party.

"I can't help but notice the history channel is showing 'The Fall of the Nazi party'.
Wonder if this was scheduled, or impromptu?" - Doctor Von Worfeus

WE ARE ALL ECSTATIC!! Corruption was defeated and America's glory is back. Our esteem in the world has a chance now.

Good always wins over evil, because evil has no real power. There were almost too many text-book scandals on the republican side. It seems like divine intervention.

Pelosi promises to work with Republicans to move America forward, out of corruption and out of the quagmire in Iraq.
Boxer's PAC for change says:
No more rubber stamp Congress
No more free passes to the Bush Administration on Iraq
No more arrogance
No more give-aways to the most powerful
No more cozy corruption

Yes to accountability on Iraq
Yes to consumers
Yes to our families and our children
Yes to the environment
Yes to energy independence
Yes to affordable health care and stem cell research
Yes to an increase in the minimum wage
Yes to the recommendations of the 9/11 commission

Can we get it all done? Yes, if our colleagues in the Republican Party recognize that this is what the American people want -- and in a democracy, it is what they should have.

I am hopeful because the people have spoken very clearly. By electing a Democratic House and, if all goes as it it looks now, a Democratic Senate, the American people have clearly spoken out for change -- and with your continued help, that's exactly what they're going to get. - Senator Barbara Boxer (D. Calif)