Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Depressed, sad, anxious? Read about the ultimate ANTIDEPRESSANT below. But first these items:

From HuffPo: 25,000 U.S. troops dead or injured since war began...

O.I.L. Do you know why Ari Fleischer had to stop calling the invasion of Iraq, "Operation Iraqi Liberation" (Oil)? Because it was too close to the truth; Bush was embarrassed that it spelled OIL. Hence the war slogan was changed to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Got this tidbit from Cenk and Jilly, THE YOUNG TURKS, on Air America this morning.

Did anyone see the brilliant Robert Dreyfuss on Hannity & Colmes last night? Last time he was on with Sean Hannity during the Israel-Lebanon strikes, Hannity said, "If I hear the word 'proportional' one more time I'm going to punch myself.' So Dreyfuss very dryly says, "Proportional." And Hannity just sat there; he didn't punch himself darn it. Another false Republican promise. But it was a hilarious moment. Dreyfuss is an Iraq strategist, investigative reporter for Rolling Stone, The Nation, Mother Jones — and good friend of mine. He also had a cover story in THE NATION last week. check out his latest article at http://www.tompaine.com/articles/2006/12/13/bush_v_the_two_majorities.php

THE ULTIMATE ANTIDEPRESSANT: helping others. Angelina Jolie said that until she found "her purpose", in being a mother and helping others — she was depressed, nihilistic, suicidal — as many of us are until we transcend our ego-centered selfishness and really look around at the world. As pain is the touchstone of all spiritual progress, we grow from our tragedies. Again, kudos to Jolie for her compassion, her humanitarian work -- and for using the gifts God gave her.

This is a spiritual-progressive blog, and after this week I want to get back to our true moral values: loving our neighbor as ourself peaceful solutions to conflict, and understanding our enemy. Or in the case of George Bush, SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL. On that note I have to say that I'm beginning to think Bush is a planted spy for Al Quaeda or the Taliban. He had plastic surgery and his Muslim name was changed from Al-Bushawi. He has got to be on their side because every move he makes empowers the enemy and enhances their cause. Definition of a narcissist or Neo-Con: Someone who is so full of self-loathing, he projects all of his self-hatred onto others. No one can live up to his perfectionistic standards because he is so unaccepting of himself — and his flaws. Ted Haggart, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Mark Foley come to mind, among many others.

The extreme right-wingers are the poor souls who need to be deprogrammed. They need a new view of liberals and a healing view of their fellow man. Of course you can’t propagandize someone who doesn’t want to be swayed or lied to. Neo-Republicans have been willing participants in a brainwashing, and this is because Bush and his hatemongers feeds their bigotry, anger and fear of their fellow man. It's a form of "getting high" by indulging in self-righteous anger.

The remarkable thing is that if we really love our neighbor as ourselves: we do unto others as we do unto ourselves. We hate others when we hate ourselves. We are tolerant toward others when we tolerate ourselves. We forgive others when we forgive ourselves. We are prone to sacrifice others when we are ready to sacrifice ourselves.
– Eric Hoffer

Los Angeles Times

WASHINGTON — After toppling the long-dominant Republicans in a hard-fought election, the Democratic Party's incoming congressional leaders have immediately found themselves in another difficult struggle — with their own supporters...

My letter to the editor regarding the above article

This article provides a perfect example for showing you why Americans no longer trust newspapers, one of the main reasons your circulation is declining.

First, you create controversy where there is none. Very few people, if any, in the Democratic base are demanding immediate action on anything other than what the Party promised in the campaign--raising the minimum wage, affordable health care, bringing accountability to Congress and the administration, and so on. We will lobby for other issues, but we're not demanding that Party leaders to shoot themselves in the foot the way overeager Republicans did just after 1994.

Second, you have an amazingly poor understanding of politics. I rolled on the floor laughing when I read your assertion that "Conservatives, though splintered over Iraq, immigration and other issues, had succeeded in keeping power since 1994 in part by forging a coalition built on compromise and shared goals — a practice that Democrats have yet to perfect."

How anyone who's lived in this country for the last twelve years could believe that Republicans built their coalition on anything other than lies, hate, fear, and corruption has just not been paying attention. There was no compromise in the Republican coalition. The leadership used blackmail, fear, bribery and coercion to force their members of Congress to do what the leadership wanted. And that led to some of the most god-awful legislation ever passed in this country. I sincerely hope the Democrats never "perfect" that kind of "compromise".

Carolyn Kay MakeThemAccountable.com


  1. Excellent post Lydia!

    regarding the term surrender, if your refering to "surrender" as letting go of all of the hatred, then i understand and agree, but if your refering to pulling out f Iraq as surrendering (which I dont think you are), then I dont agree, we were the agressor who invaded and attacked them, therefore I dont think pulling out is an act of surrender, but rather it is comming to our senses and accepting reality.

    Further while letting go of the hatred is good and acceptable that does not mean, not forcefully holding Bush and the repugs accounable and moving to impeach him if evidence of wrongdoing comes out in the hearings and investigations that will be neccessary to provide the accountability, oversight and checks and balances the public has demanded.

  2. posting more assine talking points Troll Tex, pulling out is not surrender when we were the agressor that invaded and attacked, it is utterly riddiculous to make such a claim.

    I see Coulter and Rove never tire of spewing their nonsensical assinine retarded catchphrases and dishonest talking points and mindless parrots like you never tite of parroting and regurgitating the latest drivel prepared for minions like you.

  3. There was no compromise in the Republican coalition. The leadership used blackmail, fear, bribery and coercion to force their members of Congress to do what the leadership wanted.

    And that was just against fellow Republicans!

  4. Hey, TT...no wonder Lydia treats you like crap! That's all you post!

  5. Oh...and welshed bets, I forgot about that...

  6. Lydia,

    Regarding conservatives and how to deal with them now...

    About the only intelligent thing Reagan ever said was "Trust, yet verify".

    Which was a stoopider way of saying, "Trust everyone, but cut the cards yourself."

  7. Didn't Lydia start this blog as a direct result of her little catfight with Coulter?

  8. TT is a piece of human waste a pathetic little troll that pretends to be legitimate, three guess's who prof chaos really is?

  9. You oughta know Troll Tex, thats why your here.........your trying to impress that stupid hasbeen.

  10. Mike, did you actually read Ghost Plane? If not, could you post a link.

    I read it and thought it was just blatant hit piece.

  11. No, I havent read it yet, i'll try to repost the review again though.

  12. Which "has been" are you trying to impress, Mike?

  13. Ann Coulter is hardly a "has been," and I doubt she even reads this blog.

  14. I dont try and impress anyone Troll Tex, unlike you.................better watch it my little green friend the mask is coming off and your true troll colors are showing.

  15. What mask, Mike? I am a proud Conservtive Republican. Have I ever tried to hide that fact.

    You're such a Liberal that you want money because you think I acted "slimey" toward you,, having failed at attempting to establish that we had a wager. I bet you'd really love to turn the country into a giant welfare state.

  16. Ann Coulter and Karl rove are "DONE" the public has made it clear they despise their lies and dishonest troll taqctics they are more done than GWB even whose legacy will be the worst president and biggest failure in our countrys history.......ever notice Coulter is Never on TV any more the public has spoken and said they are sick and tired of that pathetic lying troll.

    BTW TT i'm gooing to write a crystal ball piece about the future for Bush and the repugs tonight tune in i'm sure you'll enjoy it!

  17. The Dems will control Government for decades TT get used to it, you guys fumbled the ball every chance you got, America is sick and tired of the repugs and their lies and corruption........you guys are Finnished DEAL WITH IT!!!! and enjoy the next decade or two TT thats about how long you guys will be looking in from the outside.

  18. Mike said "GWB even whose legacy will be the worst president and biggest failure in our countrys history."

    Are you Nostradamus?

  19. Mike, if you want to read a good book (seriously), try Class 11. I read the first few chapters this morning and will finish it tonight.

  20. The Prof realizes Mike has a difficult time with the word surrender:

    Does the word mean?
    Give up?
    To give oneself up?
    To give in?
    To bend over and grab ones ankles?

    BTW Mike,am I wrong to think the Nazis invaded a few countrys?Did they surrender?
    Did the Japanese ever invade a country? Did they ever surrender?
    The Prof thinks you are a bit misguided.

  21. What is it about?

    By the way TT, as I said before i'm going to be in Austin on Business this week, i'm curious as to what a slimy political operative looks like.

  22. Prof/TT said "BTW Mike,am I wrong to think the Nazis invaded a few countrys?Did they surrender?
    Did the Japanese ever invade a country? Did they ever surrender?
    The Prof thinks you are a bit misguided."

    Ahh so you admit to following the Nazi model of invading Countries and your boy Dolt admited to wanting to convert or exterminate 1.6-1.8 billion people better start working OT on those concetration camps the secret prisons wont cut it.

  23. Do the surrender monkeys agree with all the points of the Iraqi Surrender Group?

  24. actually though prof jackass, you are showing your reading comprehension and ADHD problem just like your other alias TT, I never asked for the definition of the word surrender genius I asked for the definition for the retarded Surrender Monkey catch phrase you keep parroting that you have still convieniently failed to provide.

  25. Mike,you do always seem to prove just how misguided you are.How do you always manage to insert you foot into your mouth?

  26. It's about the experience and training of the first "class" of CIA operatives since 9/11. Very informative.

    Mike said, "By the way TT, as I said before i'm going to be in Austin on Business this week, i'm curious as to what a slimy political operative looks like."

    What a friendly offer. I'll think about it. Where will you be staying?

  27. Surrender Monkey.....key word SURRENDER.

    Give up!
    To give oneself up!
    To give in!
    Or in your case,to bend over and grab ones ankles!

  28. Mike, I am not Prof. Chaos, but he's making some very valid points today.

    BTW, you never denied posting as "Big Ed," but I emphatically deny posting as anyone other than "TalllTexan" or "Tall Texan."

    Do you deny posting as "Big Ed"?

  29. Hey Prof wasnt that ISG group dominated by repugs like Baker et al.

    so let me ask doesnt it eat you alive that your own people, men like Gates, Baker, Bush 41, Scowcroft etc............are saying what fools you and GWB are and how his ignorant policy is doomed to failure...........looks like Iraq is not the only entity having a civil war.

    But my question to you is what will you do little troll when the Mainstream repugs take their party back from the Neo Con fools that hijacked it and it is clear to all that fools like you backed the wrong horse.

    is it safe to say you support Rummy and the Neo Cons and are against the Mainstream repugs Like Bush 41, Baker and Gates?

  30. Havent booked a hotel yet any suggestions?

  31. I told you before on SEVERAL occasions TT, I Am not big Ed and have posted as Mike since the day I came in thisblog.

  32. Getting back on point though, Lydia, I agree that I despise the way the media feels the need to sensationalize news and always create and push what they want to be the big story.

    I long for the days when the MSM just reports stories and facts objectively and lets "US" decide what the big story is rather than rams a story down our throat ad nauseum to the exclusion of almost everything else.

  33. I think it's suspicious that you've planned trip and haven't booked a hotel, but try the InterContinental or the Hilton.

  34. "Mike said...
    I told you before on SEVERAL occasions TT, I Am not big Ed and have posted as Mike since the day I came in thisblog.

    1:27 PM"

    But you never denied posting as "Big Ed." You you deny posting under that alias.

  35. I meant to ask if you denied posting under that alias.

  36. I havent decided if i'm staying overnight yet i'm leaning towards it but not sure, i'm driving from there to Houston.

  37. Mike, just post your email address and if I think of any other suggestions, I'll email you.

  38. TT what is your opinion of the current MSM

  39. The MSM leans left for the most part.

    If I have time later, I'll try to dig up link to a study that showed that in 1996, of all the reporters in Washington, DC, 95% voted Democratic.

    Anyway, I'll be back later. Don't forget to post your email address.

  40. TalllTexan said...
    The MSM leans left for the most part.

    If I have time later, I'll try to dig up link to a study that showed that in 1996, of all the reporters in Washington, DC, 95% voted Democratic.


    Examining The Liberal Media Claim

    The findings include:

    On select issues from corporate power and trade to Social Security and Medicare to health care and taxes, journalists are actually more conservative than the general public.

    Journalists are mostly centrist in their political orientation.

    The minority of journalists who do not identify with the "center" are more likely to identify with the "right" when it comes to economic issues and to identify with the "left" when it comes to social issues.

    Journalists report that "business-oriented news outlets" and "major daily newspapers" provide the highest quality coverage of economic policy issues, while "broadcast network TV news" and "cable news services" provide the worst.

    In particular, the conservative critique of the news media rests on two general propositions: (1) journalists' views are to the left of the public, and (2) journalists frame news content in a way that accentuates these left perspectives. Researchers and analysts have discovered persuasive evidence against the latter claim. Content analyses of the news media have, at a minimum, shown the absence of any such systematic liberal/left tilt; some studies have found a remarkably predictable press usually reflecting the narrow range of views of those in positions of power, as well as a spectrum of expert opinion that tilts toward the right.

    The norms of "objective journalism" and the powerful corporate interests which own and sponsor the news media ensure that news content never strays too far, for too long, from protecting the status quo. You don't understand the corporate ideology of General Motors by studying the personal beliefs of the assembly-line workers, the argument goes. Ideological orientation is introduced and enforced by those high in the organizational hierarchy who have the power to hire and fire, to reward and punish. Working journalists, despite their sometimes high visibility, usually do not call the shots in the nation's media corporations. (The documentary "Fear and Favor in the Newsroom" provides vivid illustrations of this situation.) Consequently, the private views of individual journalists often matter little.

    In consultation with the Survey and Evaluation Research Laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University, a 24-question self-administered survey was sent by mail to Washington-based journalists (n = 444). The initial mailing was followed by a reminder postcard. A second copy of the questionnaire was later sent to non-respondents. Finally, reminder phone calls were placed to remaining non-respondents and replacement surveys were mailed as requested. Data was gathered from late February through April 1998.

    The journalists surveyed (who were not bureau chiefs) were chosen based on the following criteria:

    1. They were listed in the Spring 1998 News Media Yellow Book.

    2. They were listed in the "Assignment Index" portion of the Yellow Book under one or more of the following categories: "Congress," "federal government," "national affairs," "politics," "White House," "business," "consumer issues," "economics," or "labor."

    3. They were based in the Washington, DC area as indicated in their Yellow Book listing by a telephone area code of either 202 (Washington), 703 (northern Virginia), or 301 (Maryland).

    4. They worked for a national or major metropolitan US news organization that potentially reaches the general public.

    The bureau chiefs surveyed in this project were chosen based on the following criteria

    1. They were listed in the Spring 1998 News Media Yellow Book.

    2. Their position was listed as "bureau chief" or its equivalent.

    3. They were based in the Washington, DC area as indicated in the Yellow Book listing by a telephone area code of either 202 (Washington), 703 (northern Virginia), or 301 (Maryland).

    4. They were at a US news organization that potentially reaches the general public and that has a listing in the Yellow Book with at least 10 staff people (including the bureau chief). These criteria yielded a targeted population total of 33 bureau chiefs and 411 other journalists (total n = 444). Questionnaires were mailed to the entire targeted population.

    Male journalists (66%) outnumbered female journalists (34%) by about two-to-one.

    89% of respondents were White, 5% Black, 3% Hispanic, 2% Asian, and 2% chose the category "other" when describing their race.

    Only 5% of the respondents were not college graduates. 50% had bachelor's degrees, 14% had some post-graduate training, and a full 31% had post-graduate degrees.

    Only 5% of respondents reported annual household incomes under $50,000. 43% had household incomes between $50,000 and $99,999; 21% were between $100,000 and $149,999; 17% were between $150,000 and $199,999; and 14% had household incomes of $200,000 or more.

    One of the basic findings of this survey is that most journalists identify themselves as being centrists on both social and economic issues.

    This survey shows that it is a mistake to accept the conservative claim that journalists are to the left of the public. There appear to be very few national journalists with left views on economic questions like corporate power and trade—issues that may well matter more to media owners and advertisers than social issues like gay rights and affirmative action.

    The larger "liberal media" myth has been maintained, in part, by the well-funded flow of conservative rhetoric that selectively highlights journalists' personal views while downplaying news content. It also has been maintained by diverting the spotlight away from economic issues and placing it instead on social issues. In reality, though, most members of the powerful Washington press corps identify themselves as centrist in both of these areas. It is true, as conservative critics have publicized, that the minority of journalists not in the "center" are more likely to identify as having a "left" orientation when it comes to social issues. However, it is also true that the minority of journalists not in the "center" are more likely to identify as having a "right" orientation when it comes to economic issues. Indeed, these economic policy views are often to the right of public opinion. When our attention is drawn to this fact, one of the central elements of the conservative critique of the media is exposed to be merely sleight of hand.

    In other words, Mike, and to make this short, TT is about to parrot the party line...

  41. Mike said...
    You oughta know Troll Tex, thats why your here.........your trying to impress that stupid hasbeen.

    Small correction, Mike: not "has been", "was man"

    Or didn't you know she's a transsexual?

  42. I mean, you never wondered why a 40 year old single woman who's never been married and never had kids, who dates pornographers, is lecturing you and I about the sanctity and sacrity of a father-mother-child household?

    It's because she doesn't have a womb.

    I guess you should know now that some 20 years ago Arthur Coltrane’s doting mother Darlene, heiress to a hog farming fortune, sent her unhappy teenage homosexual son to Copenhagen for a sex-change operation by the world-renowned surgeon Dr. Magnus Johansson. The ever-obliging doctor acceded to Darlene Coltrane’s request, and following the operation gave her the severed penis in a jar of formaldehyde. She keeps it in her bedroom. Talk about a weird family.

    There are pictures...

  43. great post Carl!

  44. I was talking about the MSM post.

  45. Had to backpedal from the transsexual stuff, huh? :-)

  46. Olmert's nuclear slip stirs uproar in Israel

    Israeli officials urge silence on country's nuclear capability one day after PM’s remarks on subject.

    Looks like Olmert is just as incompetent at keeping the secret that Israel HAS nuclear weapons as he was fighting a war last summer.

  47. Perfesser Carl asks,

    Why can't Kayakass explain why he hates one anti-Semite, yet sucks the cock of another?

    C'mon, Professional Kayakass...enquiring minds want to know! Self-hating jew or just a selective bigot?

  48. No, but i was refering to the MSM post and just wanted to make that clear..........believe me i'm no coulter fan!

  49. Clif,

    So on top of that news comes this today...

    Russia To Ship Nuclear Fuel To Iran in Spring


    Arab states to explore joint nuclear research facility...you know, for "peaceful purposes" only...

  50. Oh, Mike, I was teasing. I wasn't blaming you for putting a little distance between what is clearly a rumour designed to get TT's goat and yourself.

  51. TalllTexan said...
    Ann Coulter is hardly a "has been," and I doubt she even reads this blog.

    I bet she reads every word and wanks her teeny l'il peeny every time you post, TT. In fact, I'll bet this blog is why she sicced her minions, yourself included, to hack Lydia's computer and website.


    The media these days leans to the right (corporate-owned) That's why blogging has become a necessity.

  53. Carl there might be a kernel of truth in Tiny the Gutless Liar's post, I'll help you find it.

    Tiny the Gutless Liar said...

    Ann Coulter is hardly a "has been,"


    I doubt she even reads............

    this blog

  54. Lydia said "There is no LIBERAL HEGEMONIC MEDIA. IT'S A MYTH.

    The media these days leans to the right (corporate-owned) That's why blogging has become a necessity."

    Exactly!!! I couldnt have said it better, anyone who states otherwise is either lying, ignorant or delusional!

  55. The Prof will offer this to Carl:

    One anti-semite is just an entertainer whos work you are free to support or not.

    The other anti-semite is the president of a country not only seeking nuclear weapons but who also seeks to exterminate the state of Israel.

    Bit of a difference there sparky.

  56. Lydia,

    The kindest thing you can say about the media is that their agenda is driven by profits.

    Why else would Rupert Murdoch try to air an interview with OJ Simpson? Obviously, he's not part of the liberal media, and yet, that's precisely the kind of charge the knownothing wingnuts here would accuse you or I of.

    No, if anything, the media has demonstrated, time and again, it's conservative bias: never report anything at odds with a Republican admministration, but tar the living hell out of any Democrat bold enough to even think about running for office.

  57. Carl asks,

    Why is Prof Kayakass ducking the question? He mentions the anti-semitic rantings of a loon as liberal fodder, yet fully supports those same "kill the jew" views coming from a white fascist.

    Perfesser Carl wants a real answer, not a duck.

  58. Perfesser Carl thinks Professional Kayakass should go finish clipping his toenails. Professional Kayakass's commute home will be much easier if he can swing from tree to tree without breaking a nail.

  59. the MSM clearly leans to the right, Disney lost me for good after that piece of Reich Wing propaganda they put out on 9/11 to sway the election, I had actually wanted to see Disney Land, this winter after that propaganda piece I will never support Disney again and I told them so.

    That being said ABC news was absolutely ripping the Bush Administration and the War In Iraq last night.

  60. The Prof asks:

    Are you libs delusional?
    Have you ever watched ABC,NBC,CBS? Have you ever read the LA Times,the NYT,the Washington Post,the Atlanta Constition? You people are kidding with that,arent you?

  61. Prof. Chaos said...
    The Prof asks:

    Are you libs delusional?
    Have you ever watched ABC,NBC,CBS?

    NBC = Owned by defense contractor General Electric

    ABC = owned by protonazi organization Disney

    CBS = Owned by antisemite and fascist Sumner Redstone


  62. Perfesser Carl thinks Professional Kayakass ought to put down his club when he scratches his head...

  63. Dolty Boy give up the moronic sock puppet routine son, It just makes you look as stupid as your gutless son.

  64. The Prof asks Mike:

    You actually thought about leaving OZ to visit Disney Land?

  65. When did he say he wants to exterminate Israel, thats a dishonest lie on your part.

    He said "one day Israel will cease to exist like the Soviet Union"

    Since the Soviet Union was NEVER exterminated but rather disolved, broke apart and had a new government and leadership take over it would appear to me that he was refering more to political change than anililation...........................but keep trying to push your dishonest spin and rhetoric it only shows what a slimy liar you are and that you have no credibility.

  66. Anonymous2:35 PM

    You know TT, everytime Mike says you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground and I defend you, you end up proving him right.

    What type of hubris, just what type of bile does it take, to post that ignorant BITCH Coulters work at the opening of a new thread. I'm thinking of asking Lydia to delete it, not because we don't allow that ignorant bitch with her head stuck up her ass's words in here, but to open up like this is her blog.

    Screw that ignorant slut. She sells hate speach for money and posting her bile is a slap in the face to everyone here.

    I know that you losers who can't think of anything else than driving our soliders up and down the road waiting to get blown up now want to turn your failure into our failure, but its YOUR WAR ASSHOLE.

    Your war.

    You started it. The Iraqi's finished it.

    You want to keep sending our soldiers over there for the Iraqi's to kill, and the rest of the sane people on the planet say no.

    Instead we should send YOU over there to get killed. I know you're a coward, but we should do it anyway. Send you, that big mouthed bitch who you serve, and the rest of you who support the war. Stick you in a humvee, and watch you get blow to smitherenes.

    Then we'll all drink a toast to the demise of some worthless traitors and cowards, and get on with our lives.

  67. Carl, you forgot Fox owned by that Neo Con fool Rupert Murdock.

  68. Nice to see the leader of Israel admitting they HAVE nuclear weapons in violation of the non-proliferation rules of the US, nice to see Bush is such a puss he has NO balls to call him on it.

  69. Anonymous2:36 PM

    And ever summer I'll bring my dog out to the cemetary to visit Coulters headstone, so he can relieve himself on it.

  70. I for one would love to see that drivel deleted, first he's posted it more than once in other threads and second and most important he posted it just to be a slimy troll because he has nothing else to say.

  71. I would prefer if God deleted the useless whatever it is...permanently.

  72. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Well its bs to see it at the top of the thread like that. I makes me sick that TT would insult everyone here so strongly, then play the nice guy when he talks to us.

    Ann Coulter is perhaps the most worthless peice of shit to ever get crapped onto the planet. She is a murderer, and she deserves the same fate she has sent so many off to experience. She deserves to get sent to Iraq, and get blown up when she gets there.

    She is a pig. A goosestepping Nazi pig, and she dosen't deserve to breath free air.

  73. And TT this is the last time i'm refering to that stupid bet you weaseled out of, but since YOU brought it up I would like an answer as to why you would feel compelled to correct and clarify the terms of a bet between us you allegedly felt did not exist......................it boggles the mind why anyone would take the time to correct and clariffy the terms of a bet if said bet never existed in the first place?............I await your response with baited breat TT!

  74. Anonymous2:51 PM

    You want to know Bush and the republicans strategy?

    Its easy.

    They started a war that they can't finish. They know its lost, so they decided to just "STAY".

    Endlessly stay, KNOWING full well that they can't win.

    There goal?

    Stay long enough so that sane people step forward and end it for them. Then they can simply sit back and say, "See, the liberals surrendered"?.

    What a great plan. Imagine if we could play football this way. Instead of scoring the game based on successful delivery of the ball into the end zone, one team could just "outlast" the other.

    The losing team could just stay on the field, for days if necessary, until the winning team decides they have to actually go do stuff, and leaves the field.

    Then the losers could say, "see, they surrendered".

    TT, if you subscribe to this strategy you can subscribe to my ballsack.

  75. Anonymous2:56 PM

    You already lost the war when you couldn't control the country.

    Americans have been backed into Baghdad the same way we were backed to the 38th parallel in Korea.

    We didn't win. We lost. We have NO control over anywhere in Iraq, not even the green zone.

    We LOST.

    And now the asshole republicans want to blame it on us that THEY lost.

    Well screw em. I'm sick of their crap. We're gonna impeach that peice of shit they elected, we kicked the lame fat bastards out of congress and in 08 we'll take the White House too.

    They LOSE.

  76. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  77. You know, the repugs would have far more credibility in 2008 if they would just act like men and say we screwed up, we made a mistake and we were wrong, lets try and fix things.

    but instead they continue with the lies deceptions and dirty tactics that led to them getting voted right out of office last month.

    every time you guys get an opportunity you screw up in EVERY way possible and NEVER learn from your mistakes.

    Lucy pulling the football away from Charley Brown every time is a perfect analogy for the repug party they just never learn from their mistakes.

  78. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Hey everyone, look.

    Voltron messed up.
    Here, lets post his mistake before he deletes it.

    Voltron said...

    3:00 PM

    See this post? Does it "sound familiar"?

    Like maybe Clippy, or Rusty should have said this one? See Voltron FORGOT to change handles when he posted this disembodied rant.

    He cleary MEANT to post as one of the rogue handles in here, that post such one liner profane rants.

    But instead he accidently used his REAL handle, and now the cats out of the bag.

    Voltron IS Clippy. He IS probably Rusty, and might even be Moo Moo.

    Gigs up Voltron.

    But it will be fun to watch you dance.

  79. Anonymous3:23 PM

    When this things over, lets shave ann coulters head, tattoo the words TRAITOR BITCH across her big fat mouth, then give her to the Iraqi people to do with what they will.

    Hopefully they'll have electricity by then, so they can televise what they do to her.

  80. Anonymous3:25 PM

    In fact, lets do likewise to anyone still supporting the war who's not busy fighting it.

    Lets just hand them all over to the Iraqi's.

  81. Well Worf, I caught what you are refering to also, I think Volt and TT are sharing the prof chaos handle, I think Volt is Hippie Joe and Junkyard Willie, I think several people are using the Clippy handle but I dont think he's Rusty or Moo Moo.

  82. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Well he's somebody, thats for sure.

    That post clearly was supposed to be a "clippy" or "prof chaos" post. I guess he might not be moo moo but he's definatley one of the others.

    You guys were right. They're a bunch of liars.

  83. Anonymous3:30 PM

    They talk fancy when in their own handles, but then sneak in like little wimps and leave a foul post under one of their made up handles.

    But now Volt messed up, and I see him for what he is.

    He's crap to me now.

  84. Worf,

    I don't NEED a sock puppet to post what I think.

    I suppose if I had Clif's morals and character I could have just insulted his daughters.

    But I think whatever has Cliffy so wound up should STAY between him and me.

    I'm not sure what's going on with him. I haven't posted thoughts any different than I have since the beginning, but if he wants to make it personal all of a sudden that's fine, but I'm not going to stoop to his level. I'll take it out on him personally.

  85. Anonymous3:33 PM

    The Professor Worfeus has a question.

    How long will it take for Bush and the FAT CATS in Congress to come up with a solution to the Iraq problem is we stuck THEM over there, and made them stay until they come up with an answer?

    Stick them in Baghdad and make them rot there until they come up with a idea.

    How long till they come up with one then?

  86. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Voltron said...

    I don't NEED a sock puppet to post what I think.

    Thats because you ARE a sock puppet.

  87. Anonymous3:34 PM

    You don't need one because you ARE one.

  88. Anonymous3:35 PM

    If you think for two seconds I think that post was meant to be under your own handle you're a bigger inbred than you sound.

    Sell it to someone else asswipe.

    I got your number.

  89. TT said "Which "has been" are you trying to impress, Mike?"

    they are slimy liars, look how many times TT lied in the last thread and said he apologized for the foul comments and personal attacks on Lydia and said how civil and reasonable he is, then look what he said above.

    Its pretty clear what TT was getting at and its nothing more than a slimy disrespectful veiled potshot at the person allowing him to post his hateful foul drivel and dishonest talking points on this site.

  90. I've seen examples of what you call "thinking". I'm not impressed or threatened.

  91. Anonymous3:39 PM

    The spelling is identical to Clippy, and so is the lack of context.

    Clif wasn't talking to you, you weren't having ANY conversation.

    In fact, you have NO POSTS in here. NONE!

    Yet suddenly, using the EXACT SAME GRAMMATICAL SYNTAX AS PROF CHAOS AND CLIPPY, you suddenly BLURT OUT a silly, random PROFANE attack, completely UNPROVOKED.

    You even used the F Bomb, something you never do under your own handle.

    That post was CLEARLY CLIPPY or PROF CHAOS, not you. But you accidentlly used your handle.

    Sell it to someone else asswipe, cause I got your digits.

  92. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Oh and don't worry lamebrain. Your post WILL be deleted for using the F Bomb after Lydia told you not to.

    You're a hack.

    A punk.

    With a big mouth and a bigger ego.

    And I'm gonna bitch slap you everytime I see your pathetic self crawling in here.

    You messed up chump.

    Now you're mine.

  93. What did Clif say to Volt that made him curse like this?


    clif said...

    Dolty Boy give up the moronic sock puppet routine son, It just makes you look as stupid as your gutless son.

    2:32 PM

  95. Worf Clif did post that prior to Volts post, but i still think Volt "might" have responded under the wrong handle.

  96. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Group seeks probe of evangelical military video
    By Kristin Roberts
    Mon Dec 11,
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) -
    A watchdog group that promotes religious freedom in the U.S. military accused senior officers on Monday using their rank and influence to coerce soldiers and airmen into adopting evangelical Christianity.

    Such proselytizing, according to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, has created a core of "radical" Christians within the U.S. armed forces and Pentagon who punish those who do not accept evangelical beliefs by stalling their careers.

    "It's egregious beyond the pale," said Mikey Weinstein, president and founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. "We apparently have a radicalized, evangelical Christian Pentagon within the rest of the Pentagon."

  97. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Well yea, but Clif was talking to Prof Chaos and calling him Dolty, cause Clif KNEW it was Dolt.

    Then, ACCIDENTALLY, DOLT posts under his OWN handle.

    It was beautiful.

    The idiot meant to post under Prof Chaos or Clippy, and leave the F BOMB so he could get away with it. He knows that word is not allowed anymore, and he would NEVER had intentionally posted it under his own name.

    But whats more telling is the SYNTAX.


    Its EXACTLY like Clippy and the rest of the anonymous trogs.

    This is CLEARLY Clippy\Aka Prof Chaos, and Volt messed up.

  98. Sorry Lydia, Just got me a little hot under the collar. I'll delete it.

  99. Anonymous3:50 PM

    And CLIF KNEW, which is why Dolt was so pissed off, and wanted to leave an F BOMB without being held accountable.

    He probably had TWO posts ready to go. The first one, the one with the F BOMB, he would post under Prof Chaos or Clippy, and the second, which probably denied needing "sockpuppets", he would post at the same time, under Voltron.

    That way it would appear they were two people.

    But he messed up, and copied and pasted the message that was supposed tobe posted by Clippy, or Chaos, under the handle Voltron, thus giving away his true identity.

    I know I'm right.

  100. I think thats how it played out as well, Volt is rarely here in the day under his Volt handle, he probaqbly had two browsers open with both handles open and posted with the wrong handle.

  101. Worf, This is why I question your thinking. There is NO logic to your assertion.

    1. Cliffy cannot KNOW that I am posting under another alias for two very good reasons, one of which is known only by me.

    a. You can't verify where the posts originate.
    b. I am not. (although you will deny that)

    2. Cliffy directed his post to ME. WHY would someone else respond?

    3. IF I had another alias and responded with it, you would have PROOF that I did in fact have another alias.

    4. I am not afraid to answer under my own name. I do not NEED another alias.

  102. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Clif knew and tried to tell me. I should have listened to him.

    Well now I know.

    Now we all know.

  103. AND if you're that wrong about ME, why should I trust your judgement on geo-global politics?

  104. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Voltron said...
    Worf, This is why I question your blah blah blah blah blah.

    1. I am a liar

    a. I am an idiot.
    b. I am a liar and an idiot.

    2. Clif knows I am a liar.

    3. Clif knows I am an idiot.

    4. Clif knows I am a liar and an idiot.

  105. Hey Volt how do "YOU" know we cant verify where the posts come from thats a question i'd like to hear you answer.

  106. Looks like the little trolls are mad LOL.

  107. Anonymous5:11 PM


    Each time we piss them off, down goes the Blogger.com server.


  108. Mikey, IF you could, there'd be absolutely NO DOUBT about my identity on this board.

  109. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Clippy said...
    Mikey, IF you could, there'd be absolutely NO DOUBT about my identity on this board.

    There IS NO DOUBT about your identity on this board.

  110. Mike, that was rude of you to suggest that Lydia is a "has been." In point of fact, I was referring to one of the Liberal bloggers here that you were trying to impress. Tsk tsk.

    Lydia is gracious enough to host you on her blog, and you insinuate something ugly about her. A gentleman doesn't do that.

  111. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Better to be a has been than a never was TT.

  112. Anonymous5:23 PM

    And what the hell would you know about what a "gentleman" would do?

  113. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Hey Mike.

    Whats dumber than a hacker?



  114. I never said any such thing you slimy troll, i posted what you said the otheres can interptet it anyway they want i KNOW what you were saying.

  115. Worf, in your analysis of the wager situation, I debated whether or not to thank you. You see, you were trying to be impartial, and I think you were impartail, but to thank you, initially, seemed like thanking a judge for doing his job. The judge might take it the wrong way, but, upon further reflection, I think there is no problem is saying "Thank you" for your dispassionate analysis. Thanks.

  116. Worf said "Hey Mike.

    Whats dumber than a hacker?



    I would have said TT, but they are one and the the same?

  117. Hey Troll are you going o answer my question or should I post it again for you?

  118. And TT this is the last time i'm refering to that stupid bet you weaseled out of, but since YOU brought it up I would like an answer as to why you would feel compelled to correct and clarify the terms of a bet between us you allegedly felt did not exist......................it boggles the mind why anyone would take the time to correct and clariffy the terms of a bet if said bet never existed in the first place?............I await your response with baited breath TT!

  119. Mike, this is my last comment on the subject (I hope!), but I believe I was clarifying the original wager offer that I proposed to Worf. Now, may we close the subject?

  120. Well TT I would love to close the subject and stick to the real topics of this thread, but YOU keep bringing it up to derail the thread fromthe real topics which are the MSM and should we impeach GWB.

    I for one would love to see that loser impeached, in fact if and when that day ever comes i'll throw a party.

  121. My O My, has The Profs questions to the Surrender Monkeys generated all this contention.

    Lets see,what have the monkeys said today,paraphrasing of course.

    Mike thinks Ahmadinejad doesnt want to wipe Israel off the map.

    Carl thinks Mel Gibson and Ahmadinejad are the same.

    Clif calls Volts son a gutless coward.

    Carl thinks Gibsons new movie is a failure at the box office.

    Its seems Worf has a secrete crush on Ann Coulter.

    Mike and Worf think Im Volt.

  122. It was bad for the country when Nixon was forced to resign (with the threat of impeachment looming), it was bad when Clinton was impeached (it distracted him from catching Osama), and it would be terrible to distract Bush in the the middle of a war that happens to be going MUCH, MUCH better than the MSM reports you Libs are lapping up like little poodles.

    Whatever Nixon did wrong, he could have ended the Vietnam War much earlier. In fact, we could and should have defeated the North in about two weeks with massive carpet bombing, but the Democrat Congress cut the funding off (for the war) making the 57,000 American troops' death all for naught.

  123. Why are you Libs pissed at Bush for eavesdropping on terrorists, but not pissed at Clinton for listen the phone calls of Diana, Princess of Wales.

  124. Bull TT Bush is a criminal and a thug, he's an enemy of freedom and democracy, he tried to destroy the constitution, he lied NUMEROUS times and he supports torture, he wants to turn this country into a police state where Habeous Corpus, Due Process and rules of evidence are "OPTIONAL" to the president and his brownshirted thugs.

    We need to impeach him to insure what he has atte,pted never again happens in this country as well as to attempt to restore our tarnished international reputation and credibility.

  125. Anonymous6:08 PM

    TalllTexan said...
    It was bad for the country when Nixon was forced to resign (with the threat of impeachment looming),

    Yea, bad that he was a DIRTY ROTTEN LYING CRIMINAL.


    Sure was bad.

  126. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Its always bad for the country when the President turns out to be a DIRTY ROTTEN LYING CROOK.

    Very very bad.

  127. Anonymous6:10 PM

    TalllTexan said...
    Why are you Libs pissed at Bush for eavesdropping on terrorists, but not pissed at Clinton for listen the phone calls of Diana, Princess of Wales.

    He wasn't eavesdropping.

    It was a party line and he was trying to pick her up.

  128. He's listenting to every citizens calls with out a warrant tt not just terrorists

    1) I dont want my damn phone calls listened to.

    2) its a collossal waste of resources.

    3) there is too much potential for abuse the information gleaned from those calls can be used for blackmail and political advantage.

  129. Worf, jokes aside, isn't listening to terrorist chatter a little more important than Clinton authorizing the monitoring of Di's phone calls?

  130. No Real American wants or supports a police state where our calls are monitored without warrants, torture is condoned, and Constitutional rights are trampled by a halfwit criminal claiming it is to keep us safe.

  131. Anonymous6:13 PM

    And it violates the Constitutional prohibition against unreasonable search.

  132. I guess Diana, Princess of Wales, posed a greater threat than al-Qaeda. Yeah, that must be it.

  133. Bush is a bumbling moron, 'd sooner choose Don Knotts to protect me that the Idiot in Chief GWB!

  134. "Mike said...
    No Real American wants or supports a police state where our calls are monitored without warrants, torture is condoned, and Constitutional rights are trampled by a halfwit criminal claiming it is to keep us safe.

    6:13 PM"

    This has been going on since the 30s. Don't be naive.

  135. Anonymous6:16 PM

    TalllTexan said...
    Worf, jokes aside, isn't listening to terrorist chatter a little more important than Clinton authorizing the monitoring of Di's phone calls

    Mike. TT wants me to soften up his skull...hand me the Bosch Hammer.

    No snoopy, see Clinton can't do ANYTHING to us right now.

    That traitor you elected can.

    I know its hard for you to understand but Bill Clinton isn't President anymore.

    George W Bush is.

    Bill Clinton can't "order" anything any longer.

    George W Bush, can.

    Are we learning yet snoopy?

  136. monitoring our phone calls is an invasion of privacy akin to having your home invaded without a warrant and the Constitution CLEARLY protects against this.

    the Constitution is the Supreme law of the land far more important and powerful than an arrogant, ignorant self important wanna be dictator punch drunk on his own powerr and omnipotence......history will not look too kindly on GWB.

  137. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Now you people see the problem with a republican?

    They're always trying to diffuse a bomb "AFTER" its gone off.

  138. Mike said, "history will not look too kindly on GWB."

    They said the same things about Truman.

  139. who is "THEY" TT, can you support your statement with facts or is this another Sean Hannity type talking point.

  140. Anonymous6:22 PM

    And there you have it people.

    Irrefutable proof that TT STILL supports George W Bush, and is a 100 percent Anti American Pistol Packing Star Spangled NEOCON.

    He is also one of the 172 people left in the world that still sees Bush as anything other than a Dictator, a Tyrant and a Fool.

  141. Bush is a failure, he has failed at everything he has ever done and daddy has bailed him out, whats truly sad and pathetic he's he's around 60 and daddy is still trying to bail him out and clean up his messes for him..................pretty said Bush 41 still has to change his 55-60 year old sons dirty diaper for him.

  142. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Comparing Bush to Truman is like comparing Dogshit to Meatloaf.

  143. What I find AMAZING is that fools like you have the audacity to compare GWB to FDR, Lincoln or Truman.............the buck doesnt stop on GWB desks thats for sure!

  144. Mike, ask Clif to find it; he has lots of time on his hands. I'd like to finish Class 11 tonight, so goodnight for now.

    I'll look for those comments about Truman later. (They also said similar things about FDR, Charles Lindburg for one.)

  145. Anonymous6:28 PM

    There is not one news channel, not one reporter left (Fox pundits don't count as reporters), not one columnist, no one left, that supports Bush.

    Everyone has finally woken up, and seen what an abosulte IDIOT Bush is, and what a mess he has made of everything he's touched.

    They voted out the right wing BUMS, the 109th congress which has been labled the WORST CONGRESS IN AMERICAN HISTORY, and the LAZIEST.

    LAZY foul republican, working about 2 days a week, and complaining about spending time with their families while the soldiers they sent to Iraq are not only not seeing their family,s but are dying.

    And as far as history being kind or not to Bush? Its already been written TT. Bush IS the worst President in History.

  146. Anonymous6:30 PM

    You can look for your reich wing crap all you want TT.

    Bush is no Harry Truman.

    Bush isn't even Bess Truman.

  147. Hey Worf I watched ABC nightline last night and I was in shock, they were absolutely ripping GWB and the War.

  148. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Everyone is Mike.

    CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The New York Post, the New York Daily News, The New York Times, The Boston Herald, etc...

    They ALL are condemning Bush.

    ALL of them.

    TT is like one of the last little dingleberries on the asscrack of the republican party. He's stuck up there good, obviously, cause he's not dropping.

    He's the last little turd on the bum.

  149. He's a paid operative Worf, i couldnt see anyone slinging that much manure and BS unless they were paid or retarded or mentally deficient like Moo Moo or Rusty.

  150. They had soldiers in the army ripping the war and their names were listed, no one is afraid of GWB or speaking out against the war anymore.

  151. Anonymous6:46 PM

    I believe he is too Mike. He must be. And he's got an agenda, so does Voltron.

    Both right wing losers with their nose stuck so far up the GOP's ass they can't breath the air for the crap.

    Then they open up and start swallowing.

  152. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Oh btw, this is the newer, kinder Worfeus.

  153. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Anderson Cooper just reported on CNN that Bush's approval rating is down to a measly 28 percent.


    Thats quite a mandate you've got their TT.

  154. Anonymous7:05 PM

    28 percent.

    And what does the idiot in Chief do about the war in Iraq? Does he listen to his own commisions report? Does he listen to the generals on the ground, or the troops, or almost ALL of the American people?


    He stalls for more time, and in January, he will send in MORE troops.

    Like I said before. The only way for Bush to honor the sacrifice of the troops, is to sacrifice more troops.

  155. Who on earth are the 28 percent who still like Bush? What can they be thinking?

    28 percent seems high to me. It should be 0%.

  156. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Oh hey Lydia.

    You're not reading this stuff are you? lol

  157. 28% seems high to me as well, you KNOW things have to be bad if the MSM is finally speaking the truth and calling him on his lies.

  158. BTW, thanks for deleting the Coulter drivel Troll Tex posted at the top of the thread, I felt it didnt belong, afterall. do you think Coulter would leave one of your posts up at the top of HER blog!

  159. I think Bush is a planted spy for the Taliban. He had plastic surgery and his Muslim name was changed. He has got to be on their side because every move he makes empowers the enemy and enhances their cause.

  160. Osama has to be smiling when Bush talks or takes action, Bush is the best recruiter Osama could ever hope for he inflames the world with hatred everytime he speaks.

    the one truth GWB spoke was when he said he was a a uniter, he has united almost the entire world against America and United every decent American against him anmd his Neo Con cabal LOL :D

  161. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Damn Stewarts on his game tonite!

  162. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Lydia if you missed it you need to see Stewarts monologue.

    He railed worse than me.

  163. Anonymous8:16 PM


    I'm outa here.

  164. Poor Poor Dolty Boy, gets outed and doesn't even have the balls like the good Rev Haggard and admit it, however he did have something in common with the good rev, he has peeked out of the closet with his deleted comment in a way...................LOL

  165. It is quite funny to see you getting your panties in a twist Dolty Boy, you used to treat Kayinmaine MUCH worse here son, but I guess your a typical repug, can dish it out, just can not take it eh son?

    Just like your hero Georgie Boy?

  166. BTW son don't get too twisted Olmert finally admitted the truth about Israel's nuclear bombs, they have had them for YEARS, nice to see they can finally find some truth.

    Seems they are only as much a hypocrite, as the Bush regime, and the GOP is here eh son?

    Deny the truth for years, and call others on what they are being such a hypocrite about?

    Seems to be something in the neo-con mindset it does the same all the time also, like about IRAQ, denied the truth until it is almost impossible then denies they denied the truth.

    The neo-cons are almost in Bush territory as to denibility son.

    The Bush's have been denying their true roots since Ole Prescott aided and abetted the Nazis.........

    and Georgie's daddy helped ARM in Iran in the 1980's;

    Why do they always seem to be helping the enemies of this nation behind our collective acks?

  167. BTW son Bush's approval is at 75%, so less than 25% approve what he is doing, has the backwash gotten even smaller son?

    Feeling lonely at your local suck to a wanna be fascist son?

    Don't worry son, After W2@ the German people's did not carry their anger at the ubermenchen for long...and we will not either son.

  168. BTW nice to see the idiotic MORONS at TSA have not removed their heads from their asses quite yet....

    Troy Smith can't take Heisman home yet

    A haggard Troy Smith's Heisman Trophy was shipped home because airport security would not allow the Ohio State quarterback to take it on the plane Tuesday.

    Smith, who won the award on Saturday night, arrived at Port Columbus International Airport from New York on Tuesday -- without the most prestigious individual award in college football.

    But in TSA's defense they could say OJ won a Heisman, so they all need to watched very closely...right?

  169. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Speak for yourself Clif.

    I plan on carrying mine for a while.

  170. Worfeus,the Germans figured out somewhere in the 1950's that they needed to forgive by then and move forward, that doesn't mean they ignored their past, even NOW Nazi paraphernalia is illegal in Germany.

    So we could take a lesson from them....

  171. We promise to forgive them in say five or six years if they STFU until then....

  172. And the GOP paraphernalia is OUTLAWED

  173. Including their Hate filled bloviating talking heads....

  174. As such the Trolls here should keep quite unless they want to own up their culpability, and any Trolls who want to pay their losing bets......

  175. That should read "Keep quiet"

  176. One MORE victory dance to do,

    Rodriguez Wins District 23 Runoff

    SAN ANTONIO -- Former U.S. Rep. Ciro Rodriguez defeated seven-term Republican incumbent Henry Bonilla in a runoff on Tuesday, adding another Democrat to Congress and deciding Texas' final congressional seat.

    With 94 percent of the precincts reporting in the state's largest district, Rodriguez had 55 percent to Bonilla's 45 percent.

    The two were the top vote-getters in a special election held Nov. 7, but neither got 50 percent, prompting the runoff.

    A double wammy for "tom the bug man", his Blog goes flat, and loses another TEXAS congressional election......LOL

  177. NO CAUSE for celebrating anything in Iraq today;

    U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits 2,939 -- Within 34 of 9/11 Total

    With four more deaths reported today, at least 2,939 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to the Associated Press count. The AP count is six higher than the Defense Department's tally, which often gets updated.

    The most often cited number for those killed in America on Sept. 11, 2001, is 2,973, leaving the Iraq tally just 34 short.

    At the current rate, the 9/11 number will be eclipsed within a week.

    Since the start of U.S. military operations in Iraq, 22,229 U.S. service members have been wounded, according to a Defense Department tally.

    Another 352 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan.

    Of the total killed in Iraq, only 139 died in the invasion in 2003.

  178. Clif said "And the GOP paraphernalia is OUTLAWED"

    What would be considered GOP paraphenelia??

    A duncecap, a strap on, a brownshirt and a pair of jackboots??????????

  179. Well Mike you could start with them, but include the screeching media spin meisters

  180. FromTPM

    So, Democrat Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX) upsets Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-TX) to settle up the last outstanding race of the 2006 midterms. Rahm Emanuel has a statement out tonight saying, "Voters sent a message in November and they sent another one tonight, that change is coming to Washington." Absolutely. But there's another wrinkle to this story. We pick up the story from Chris Cillizza in the Post ...

    Rodriguez's victory is doubly sweet for national Democrats, since they not only pick up another seat but also scored another direct hit on the legacy of former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas). DeLay engineered the congressional re-redistricting in 2003 that led to a six-seat Republican gain in Texas in 2004. But those gains came at a price. Portions of the 2003 map, including the removal of 100,000 Hispanic voters from the 23rd District, were ruled in violation of the Voting Rights Act by the U.S. Supreme Court last June. The resulting changes in the district's boundaries reinstituted a strong Hispanic presence in the 23rd and led to Bonilla's loss.


    -- Josh Marshall

  181. BTW that is a pick up of 30 seats...eh Tiny dumb and dumber, your and Dusty Stupidturd's predictions about this election eh son?

    Stick to throwing a discredited lying wanna be somebody's tired old columns but please go to the Iowa-chicken hawk's website to do that son.

  182. BTW Dusty hope Romney is the choice as you screeched for the other day son;

    Pres '08 Rasmussen Dec 12 Gore (D) 48%, Romney (R) 39%

    Pres '08 Rasmussen Dec 12 Clinton (D) 48%, Romney (R) 40%

    Even Hillary leads him....LOL

  183. Lets take a look in the Crystal Ball and see what the future is likely to hold over the next several years of this Decade.

    first lets look at Iraq, I think GWB is an arrogant delusional man, punch drunk on his own power and omnipotence, he is unlikely to admit his mistakes in invading Iraq and change course as in his view he can do no wrong and admiting mistakes and changing course based on analyitical reasoning and new information is a sign of weakness. This man is more concerned about HIS ego and HiS legacy and place in history rather than our nations best interests, our soldiers well being, creating sound policy or using our limited resources wisely and insuring that America remains a bastion of Freedom, goodness and democracy, respected, liked and looked up to by the world. We will most likely have a military pressence in Iraq until GWB's Reign of Terror is over either via serving out his term for the remaining two years or via impeachment.

    Now lets look at GWB, most former presidents are well respected men in great demand in the corporate and academic worlds, they go on to write books, do frequent speaking engagements, sit on many corporate boards of directors and become executives, what will be GWB's legacy............my prediction is one of absolute failure, i dont think he is capable nor intelligent enough to write a book, as for speaking engagements he is barely articulate enough to form a semi coherent understandable sentence there is no way he could captivate and entertain the best and brightest in the corporate or academic world with his so called rambling incoherent halfwitted frat boy BS. As for landing on the board of a major corporation, other than Halliburton who owes Dubya and Cheney big time for all the no bid contracts in Iraq and other various cronnyism I dont think any legitimate major corporation that isnt owned by or doesnt owe his daddy a favor would want, no less put up with little Geogie the wanna be boy king.

    As for America I think in 2009 we will be almost bankrupt due to the money squandered by GWB and his illegal war as well as the rubberstamping repug congress that gave him everything he wanted. our deficits that were once surplus's before King Georgie's Reign of Terror will be sky high, our military and economic might that was the envy of the world will be in shambles due to one man's ignorance and arrogance. our Country will be much LESS SAFE than it was in 2000 before Lil King Georgie seized power. The greater part of the world will hate and despise the United States our International reputation and credibility will be destroyed for decades.

    Our Military will be in shambles, after 2009 the majority of our military will be out of Iraq but we will be faced with the quandry of keeping a military presence in Iraq to defend the opulent and extravagent billion dollar embassies and military bases GWB is errecting as monuments and tributes to his legacy or abandoning and writing off those investments to a ignorant failed policy and admitting it was all a collossal blunder.

    The light at the end of the tunnel is that I think the repug party has shot themselves in the foot and crippled themselves for decades, they have lost the military vote, they have lost the GEN Y the largest generation since the Baby Boomers and they have lost the nation as a whole, they are completely out of touch with the will of the people and that will create a tremendous opportunity for the Democrats or even a thhird party to get our Country back on track over the next decade, get us back to being America again a good country who respects and cherishes freedom, respects other people's and other countries point of view and does what is best for the country or the world as a whole rather than JUST the wealthy elite and special interests. We need to be a country that helps and takes care of the poor and fights to protect the least among us first at home domestically then abroad.

  184. Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee, who was ousted this past election, appeared on The Daily Show with John Stewart and here's what Lincoln Chaffee didn't say that was so hysterical to me:

    Stewart then asked Chafee: Can you think of anything in the last five years you think Congress should be proud of?
    Chafee hesitated and did not come up with an answer as Stewart thanked him for coming on the show.
    Hey Lincoln! We can't think of anything either!!! We've got....nothing.
    posted by KayInMaine at 10:45 PM 0 comments links to this post

  185. Tuesday, December 12, 2006
    Saudi Arabia is still the Bush Regime's daddy...
    Here's what ole Dicky Cheney talked about with the Saudis a few weeks ago:

    Saudis Give U.S. a Grim What If
    Published: December 13, 2006

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 12 — Saudi Arabia has told the Bush administration that it might provide financial backing to Iraqi Sunnis in any war against Iraq’s Shiites if the United States pulls its troops out of Iraq, according to American and Arab diplomats.

    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia conveyed that message to Vice President Dick Cheney two weeks ago during Mr. Cheney’s whirlwind visit to Riyadh, the officials said. During the visit, King Abdullah also expressed strong opposition to diplomatic talks between the United States and Iran, and pushed for Washington to encourage the resumption of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, senior Bush administration officials said.

    The Saudi warning reflects fears among America’s Sunni Arab allies about Iran’s rising influence in Iraq, coupled with Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. King Abdullah II of Jordan has also expressed concern about rising Shiite influence, and about the prospect that the Shiite-dominated government would use Iraqi troops against the Sunni population.

    A senior Bush administration official said Tuesday that part of the administration’s review of Iraq policy involved the question of how to harness a coalition of moderate Iraqi Sunnis with centrist Shiites to back the Iraqi government led by Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki.

    The Saudis have argued strenuously against an American pullout from Iraq, citing fears that Iraq’s minority Sunni Arab population would be massacred. Those fears, United States officials said, have become more pronounced as a growing chorus in Washington has advocated a draw-down of American troops in Iraq, coupled with diplomatic outreach to Iran, which is largely Shiite.
    Read the rest of the article...HERE.

    Here's an interesting twist to all of this....the Saudi Ambassador has abruptly resigned his postion, because he wants to spend more time with his family. Yeah right. Something is going on and I don't think it's going to be pretty.
    posted by KayInMaine at 11:01 PM 0 comments links to this post

    by Ann Coulter
    December 6, 2006

    The "bipartisan" Iraq panel has recommended that Iran and Syria can help stabilize Iraq. You know, the way Germany and Russia helped stabilize Poland in '39.

    Now that Democrats have won the House, they can concentrate on losing the war. Despite all the phony conservative Democrats who got elected as gun-totin' hawks, the Democrats will uniformly vote to dismantle every aspect of the war on terrorism. They've started a runaway train and can't stop it now.

    The Democratic base is at a fever pitch with visions of storm troopers listening to their phone calls and ruthlessly torturing innocent accountants at Guantanamo, where the average inmate has his own lawyer, his own prayer rug and is wondering what to do about that extra weight — known as the "Gitmo 20" — he's put on since being captured. They are oddly copacetic about actual storm troopers' daily harassment of actual citizens at airport security checkpoints. Liberals have no problem with government oppression as long as it's mandatory and applied equally to all Americans.

    In a broadcast on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, NBC's Matt Lauer tried to nail down the Manhattan portion of his audience by aggressively questioning President Bush about the possible use of "waterboarding" against terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks.

    Lauer said ominously, "It's been reported that with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, he was what they call 'waterboarded.'"

    At NBC, they apparently expected most Americans to react to this fact by exclaiming: They did WHAT to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? Wait — are you sure about that? OK, that's it. I will never vote Republican again!

    President Bush refused to discuss techniques used on terrorists, saying, "We don't want the enemy to adjust." But Americans "need to know," he said, "we're using techniques within the law to protect them."

    While normal people would be happy if we were using cattle prods on the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Lauer was testy about the possible use of waterboarding against him. "I don't want to let this 'within the law' issue slip," he said.

    "I mean, if, in fact, there was waterboarding used with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — and for the viewers, that's basically you strap someone to a board, and you make them feel as if they're going to drown. You put them under water. If that was legal and within the law, why couldn't you do it at Guantanamo? Why'd you have to go to a secret location around the world?"

    In point of fact, we strap people to wooden boards and make them feel like they're drowning all the time in this country. Mostly at theme parks like Six Flags.

    Bush again said he wasn't going to talk about techniques. But Lauer's relentless grilling was getting to him. If he'd been at Gitmo, at this point Bush would have demanded a lawyer, another copy of the Quran and a couple of chocolate eclairs.

    Lauer continued to pester the president, demanding to know whether these "alternative techniques you use ... if they are used, are you at all concerned that at some point, even if you get results, there's a blurring the lines of — between ourselves and the people we're trying to protect us against?"

    Hey, I forget: When did Khalid Sheikh Mohammed use aggressive interrogation techniques against a known mass murderer in an effort to thwart another 9/11-style attack on thousands of innocent civilians?

    There are few better examples of how out of touch liberals are. They go right to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and expect Americans to be outraged that he may have been waterboarded.

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks and is believed to have played a role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the Bali nightclub bombings, the filmed beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, a thwarted 2002 attack on a bank tower in Los Angeles, and Operation Bojinka, a plot to blow up 11 commercial airliners simultaneously. Oh, and he took home the coveted "world's craziest terrorist" prize at al-Qaida's end-of-season office party last year.

    I think waterboarding should be a reward for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: OK, you've been good, Mohammed, we're only going to waterboard you today. Let's get you out of those cold electrodes and onto a nice, warm waterboard, OK?

    Now that they're our new best friends, how about we turn to Iran and Syria for help on our interrogation techniques?

  187. Ann Coulter Launches Head up her Ass Daily in her columns.....

    Tiny does his own personal impersonation on this blog among other places....

    Neither is HONEST.

  188. BTW Tiny, nice to see how a repug welshes on a bet, no more character there than anywhere else in the party of Greedy Odd Perverts eh son?

  189. But of course Anny Tranny proly has NOT learned how to vote legally yet either......

  190. Romney bats off question on gay marriage.

    Conservatives attacking Mitt Romney’s (R) past support for same-sex unions say “the Massachusetts governor has some explaining to do. For now, at least, the potential presidential candidate isn’t talking. … The governor’s office issued a brief statement last weekend…[saying] the governor has been a ‘champion of traditional marriage.’ At a gathering of San Diego County Republicans Monday night, Romney brushed aside a question from The Associated Press. ‘Thanks, I have other people to talk to right now,’ he said.”

    I guess he really does not want to answer the question.

    I guess the repug party will just have to trust him.

  191. The "Iraq Memorial" should go on the White House Lawn

    Where will we put the Iraq Memorial?

    Eventually, there’ll be a memorial to the men and women who died in Iraq, so where do we put it?

    Should we annex land in the capital so that veterans and family members can flock to Washington DC to see the etchings on a marble wall that are the last memento of a friend or comrade?

    Should we build a little park with Sycamore trees and disabled access so the thousands of amputees, paraplegics and trauma victims can huddle together while they try to cope with the surge of emotion; or amble about in stunned silence trying to make some sense of what they’ve done, or what they’ve seen, or what they’ve lost?

    I have an idea. Let’s tear down the rot-iron gates surrounding the White House. Let’s remove the cement abutments and the cyclone fencing.

    Let’s put up a 10 ft high crescent of black marble on the White House lawn skirting both sides of the presidential walkway. That way, we can be sure that any future president will be forced to pass by the stone monuments that bear the names of the men and women who lost their lives in Bush’s Folly.

    We need a proper burial for the people who gave their lives in Iraq. They had nothing to do with the policy and they deserve our gratitude.

    Why were they flown in from Germany in the dead of night? Why were they hidden from the public?

    Are their deaths just an “inconvenience” for the Pentagon warlords?

    Or was it because the photos of 3,000 flag-draped coffins didn’t fit with Rumsfeld’s public relations strategy; a strategy designed to make butchery look attractive and patriotic?

    Rumsfeld made that decision. Rumsfeld decided that Americans who were killed in action should be treated like lepers. He decided that they should be buried without fanfare.

    It’s a disgrace.

    We should bring them out. We should put their caskets on caissons and march them down Pennsylvania Ave so that people can see the terrible cost of Bush’s war. They didn’t start this war; they only served in it. They are the blameless victims of Bush’s insatiable ambition. They deserve better.

    They have nothing to regret. They served their country and they paid the price. So, why are they being shunted into graves without proper tribute?

    Is it because their deaths’ could erode popular support for the war?

    It’s outrageous. These people gave everything and now they're being discarded because they can't be used as part of some shabby promotional scheme.

    Every generation makes blood-payments for the fools it puts in office. Ours is no different.

    The war in Iraq is winding down and the nation needs to take stock of its losses. We need to remove our dead from the shadows and let everyone see the real price of arrogance.

    We have destroyed Iraq, killed our young people, and created a legacy of hatred towards America. We’ve been led into a moral swamp by demagogues and liars.

    We need a memorial to remind us of our stupidly, our inaction, and our indifference. Tens of thousands died needlessly because we were unable stop Bush’s senseless war.

    We can only blame ourselves.

  192. U.S. dollar facing imminent collapse?

    Fed in bind as Paulsen, Bernanke head to China

    By Jerome R. Corsi

    12/12/06 "WorldNetDaily" -- --

    12/10/06 -- Even as the stock market is hitting new record highs almost every day, the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department are quietly coordinating a devaluation of the dollar that the Bush administration hopes will be a slow decline rather than a dollar collapse.

    This week, in an unusual move, the Bush administration is sending virtually the entire economic "A-team" to visit China for a "strategic economic dialogue" in Beijing Dec. 14 and 15.

    Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke are leading the delegation, along with five other cabinet-level officials, including Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez. Also in the delegation will be Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, Energy Secretary Sam Bodman, and U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab.

    The Bush administration wants to get China's cooperation in preventing a dollar collapse. That's the conclusion of John Williams, an experienced professional econometrician, who writes the "Shadow Government Statistics" blog.

    Williams has re-created M3, a money-supply measure whose data the Federal Reserve simply stopped publishing after issuing a technically worded March 2006 announcement.

    Williams reports M3 is currently growing at close to a 9.6 percent rate and trending higher, compared with an 8 percent rate early this year, when the Fed quit reporting the measure.

    "The Fed is pumping liquidity into the U.S. economy," Williams told WND, "and the Fed evidently did not want the markets to follow too closely what the Fed was doing with the money supply."

    China today now is holding a historically unprecedented $1 trillion in foreign exchange reserves. During the Thanksgiving holiday, an announcement by China that their central bank planned to diversify foreign-exchange holding away from the dollar caused the dollar to drop in value on international currency markets. Since then, the dollar has hit a 20-month low against the euro.

    "This was almost an orchestrated announcement," Williams claimed. "Around Thanksgiving the markets were thinly traded. I'm not sure who was playing games there, but the signal was clearly heard."

    "You're dealing with mass psychology here," Williams argued. "The central bankers around the world know they are going to take a hit on their dollar holdings. None of the central bankers want to start a dollar panic, but none of the central bankers want to be the last out of the dollar, either."

    Williams explained that the Federal Reserve is in a bind.

    "Raising rates would kill any chance of avoiding a recession, but in terms of the dollar, we can't raise the rates fast enough when the dollar starts to slip quickly."

    Are we experiencing a dollar collapse?

    "Not yet," Williams answered. "I believe we're going to have a dollar collapse, but the Fed is going to do its best to slow play the dollar's decline in value, so that it takes a year or two for the dollar value to reach its low point."

    Williams explained the risk of collapse the dollar faces:

    "There will be a central bank, most probably in Asia, who will start the move away from the dollar and when it happens, you're going to see other central bankers covertly trying to follow. The move will magnify very quickly and it could become a full-fledged panic and a dollar collapse."

    The Fed is struggling right now to contain inflation and stimulate economic growth. All the Fed is doing right now with all their grand policy shifts is using a lot of propaganda and market massaging to try to prevent a financial panic."

    Recent reports have shown that U.S. gross domestic product growth slowed to 1.6% in the third quarter, the lowest in more than 3 years.

    Will a declining dollar help narrow the U.S. trade deficit with China?

    "You could take a 30 percent decline in the value of the dollar," Williams argued, "and it wouldn't make much of a dent in our trade deficit with China, not as long as Bush administration trade policy continues to be one-sided in favor of China."

    "The Fed is faced with an impossible circumstance with the trade and budget deficits being run by the Bush administration," Williams told WND, "and they are just playing games with the markets and the public by not publishing M3, the broadest measure of money supply and the best indicator we have of long-term activity."

    M3 is the broadest measure of the total money in the economy, including checking and savings accounts, cash, time deposits, and money-market funds. Economist Milton Friedman, one of the key economists contributing to the conservative theories that led to the development of "Reaganomics," argued that money supply is a key measure correlated both with economic growth and inflation.

    © 2006 WorldNetDaily.com

  193. China Has U.S. By The Purse

    Danny Schechter

    December 12, 2006

    Who has real power over U.S. decision-making? If you think it is the White House, or even the Congress, think again. There has been a power shift underway for years and, believe it our not, our future and fortune rests in the hands of bureaucrats on the other side of the world. Sorry folks, but our red, white and blue economy is afloat because of members of the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party.

    Yes, the Red Menace that we spent so many years fearing as a military threat now represents a far more serious economic threat. Mao must be turning in his grave with the news that no less than six U.S. Cabinet members are on their way to the Middle Kingdom on Wednesday to beseech, beg, lobby and try to persuade the new mandarins not to sell off their vast reservoir of dollars.

    There’s an old saying that a person can be in trouble when he owes a bank a hundred bucks. But if he owes $100 million, the bank could be in trouble. We owe China billions, but they realize that collapse of American capitalism—once a goal—could also trigger a collapse of Chinese “communism.” That’s how mutually intertwined we have become, and how complicit we are with a government which the Committee to Protect Journalists says now jails more journalists than any other.

    The New York Times reports on the big trip that will bring Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and company on their ballyhooed "excellent adventure" to Beijing. Yet it doesn’t look like much will happen:

    “...Pressure is mounting on [Paulson] to produce results or face a wave of protectionist measures in the new Congress next year.

    Mr. Paulson conferred this week with business leaders urging him to bring about changes in China’s economic practices, particularly its regulated economy, manipulation of currency levels to spur exports and its failure to crack down on piracy of software, pharmaceuticals and other items.

    At the same time, Mr. Paulson’s aides were also conferring with Chinese representatives preparing for his Dec. 13-15 trip. Both sides cautioned not to expect breakthroughs on the big issues, in part because the Chinese cannot be seen as kowtowing to American pressure."

    So we will hear a lot of rhetoric in the days to come about China’s failures to honor agreements and violations of trade regimes. They will all be true—but besides the point. Who has the power to bring China into line? We don’t. We are as dependent in Beijing as we are in Baghdad.

    The Times reports that “Pascal Lamy, director general of the World Trade Organization, said in a recent interview. ‘There are constituencies and vested interests. You can’t deal with the Chinese by banging on the table, going to the balcony and saying, ‘This is what I want.’ ”

    What’s really going on? It looks like this could be the opening stages of a trade war, revolving in part around the shrinking power of the dollar.

    And that war could do more damage to the U.S. than the defeat in Iraq.

    Already, as I have reported , the Treasury Department has opened a global crisis management center that sounds very much like an economic war room. It is headed by none other than Jim Wilkinson, the GOP info warrior who ran the Coalition Media Center during the opening days of the Iraq War, when great victories were all we read about in the news.

    What we are not reading today is how serious this is. And how our national and consumer debt is at the center of it. Reports The Economist:

    America’s growth has been driven by consumer spending. That spending, supported by increased borrowing, is clearly unsustainable; and the consequent economic and financial imbalances must invariably unwind. As that happens, the country could face a prolonged period of slower growth.

    The bill is coming due. The piper must be paid. And all the financial wonks and gnomes and commissars worldwide know it. In many quarters, the euro looks like a better bet than the dollar. Why? The Economist says productivity growth is going down in the U.S. and up in Europe. The U.S. structural budget deficit has widened and American savings has gone down. Their cover story speaks of illusions in Washington. Sound familiar?

    A slump in the American economy is likely to be cushioned by banks and investors overseas because it could bring them down, too. What this means is that we are dependent on what others do or fail to do. Washington is actually undermining the dollar in hopes it will make our exports cheaper and thus ease the deficit. It’s our way of pressuring the Chinese and try to get them lower the value of their currency.

    Clever? Don’t be so sure. They are not fools.

    If China’s wise men decide that propping up the dollar is not in their interest, they can move more money in euros. And then the real battle begins. Already their finance minister said they are “diversifying” their currencies. That’s not in “our interest” and yet our monetary manipulations could backfire, as Robert Sinche of the Bank of America suggests. Listen to this:

    Let’s say China revalues by 10 percent overnight. The prices at Wal-Mart go up 10 percent. So we then see worse inflation, the Fed tightens monetary policies and we end up with higher inflation, higher prices and higher interest rates. Remind me again why that’s what we want.

    Forget the Beijing Olympics. This is the real game in town.

    So if you didn’t trust this administration on the war, why should you trust them on economics? When you know the war casualty figures have been downplayed, why do you think the jobless figures and “misery index” are not? Would you give your money and your destiny over to con men? Of course not, if you knew what the con is.

    Unfortunately, the real news about these manipulations is buried in the labyrinth of the business pages, where many claim of having the "MEGO” (My Eyes Glaze Over) effect.

    So that’s why it's time to pay attention to the dropping dollar, the China game and the housing “train wreck,” as experts call it. It feeds into the global credit crunch and affects all of us, and we need our media to explain it all more clearly—with less of a big business bias and more of a “who wins and who loses” framework.

    While we watch one war go up in flames, the matches are being lit for another one.

  194. It's interesting when World net Daily and Tom Paine.com agree that China is in the drivers seat in reference to our economy...

    there must be some truth in there somewhere.....

    Like the dollar is really shaky, and the Chinese who hold a trillion dollars in our currency in their foreign exchange banks could decide to change curencies to something like the Euro, and dump dollars...

    Even CNBC is following this closely.

  195. Looks like the Saudi's and Israelis might just be determining that the Idiot has screwed up the Middle east so badly, that they will have to get along to unscrew it.......

    That is telling.

    Juan Cole has the lowdown.

    Saudi Arabia is equally frantic about the possibility of a nuclear Iran, and is moreover apoplectic that the US delivered Baghdad into the hands of Iraqi Shiite fundamentalists allied with Iran. Saudi Arabia fears Hizbullah in Lebanon as an Iranian cat's paw in the Arab world. The Khomeinists of Iran and south Lebanon believe that Islam is incompatible with monarchy (Khomeini said, "there are no kings in Islam.")

    Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and (de facto) the 14 March Bloc in Lebanon are ranged against Iran, Shiite Iraq, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas. Neither Israel nor Saudi Arabia can openly admit to the tacit alliance for fear of anger from their own publics because of objectionable parties to it. But this is how things are shaking out.

    Now the Saudis are openly saying that this new Cold War in the region could turn hot. If you don't own a bicycle, I'd buy one, because a regional war of the sort Saudi Arabia said it feared would potentially cut off 20 percent of the world's petroleum.

    It must be bad if the Saudis and Israels have to ally themselves to clean up the Idiots mess.

  196. Excellent post, but I'm with GWB on the polls, I don't believe them either.
    Who, in their right mind, after the Decider, can't decide, really take him seriously?
    As for Christianity, that they continue to skew their news, continue to steal from the Tax payer, for the 103rd to work fewer than 105(?) days this past year, doing nothing even at that......
    And to fall behind GW putting off tomorrow what he should have done 2 yrs ago ; (
    I feel sorry for us in the US, but even more so for the poor Iraqis, who never asked for what has transpired, but that their loss's continue in the 100s everyday.
    What true Christian would stand by to let this go on without a thought?
    GW, the Village Idiot, to be sure.

  197. clif said...
    It's interesting when World net Daily and Tom Paine.com agree that China is in the drivers seat in reference to our economy...

    And they're starting to tighten their grip. The last Treasury auction, they practically dropped out, forcing England to buy an excess to prop up our economy.

  198. Lydia Cornell said...
    Who on earth are the 28 percent who still like Bush? What can they be thinking?

    Didja ever look at what percentage don't believe in evolution?

    Bush is actually LOSING ground with the base!

  199. TalllTexan said...
    Mike said, "history will not look too kindly on GWB."

    They said the same things about Truman.

    And largely, they were right. There are few signal accomplishments Truman had, certainly in the foreign arena, that were his alone. Korea? Hardly a blazing victory, and sixty years later, we're still there.

    is that Iraq? It will look doubly bad on Bush for not taking the lesson fro Truman.